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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 13, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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. hello, thank you for joining yous. i'm andrea roane. the pentagon now said it's sure an american drone strike killed one of the world's most wanted
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terrorists. the notorious isis executioner known as jihadi john was targeted in syria. here's more. >> reporter: a u.s. official tells cbs news that they are almost certain a u.s. strike killed isis terrorist mohamed emwazi. a u.s. drone was tracking him, known as jihadi john, since wednesday, waiting for a clear shot. a missile was fired thursday night as emwazi entered a vehicle in syria. britain's prime minister praised the u.s. mission. >> he was intent on murdering many more people. >> reporter: emwazi is believed to us about be responsible for hostages, including american journalists james foley and steven sotlo if, f and american aid worker peter kassig in syria in 2013. the gruesome videos he was in presented the world a terrifying image of a islamic state and more propaganda tools for the islamic group. emwazi, a british citizens,
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believed to us about be in his mid-20s was born in kuwait and raised in london. he had a degree in computer programming and disappeared from the london's family home two years ago travelling to us about syria. the video massacres he staged turned him into a sim bombic leader of the islamic state and a top u.s. target. -- . >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry said the strike against emwazi should serve as a warning to us about all extremists that their days are numbered and they will be defeated. kurdish fighters are making good progress against isis forces in the key iraqi town. it shows pec-- peshwerga fighters. it was too soon to us about declare the town fully liberated. and back in this country, a suspended secret service agent is due in court and is in court this afternoon. the 37-year-old lee robert moore is accused of sending
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sexually explicit messages and pictures of himself to us about what he assumed was a 49-year- old girl. in reality, it was an undercover detective in dover, delaware. moore has been stripped of his badge, gun, and security clearance and his arrest is the latest in a series of embarrassing episodes for the secret service. moore faces 10 years in prison if convicted. and one of the two women connected to us about graph vike is due in court shortly. iana mite, from las vegas, is the woman in the tape who can be seen trying to us about grope a man in a d.c. gas station last month. her dancing partner has not been found. knight is facing third-degree sexual abuse charges. >> and costco is not giving up on plans to us about bring a large gas station to us about montgomery county. the retailer is going to us about court to us about try and life out the plans to us about bring a 16-pump facility to us about wheatland. despite the board of a, peels rejecting the gas station. and this is a fight going on
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for five years. so many pumps would endanger the health of people lives in the area. costco argues that air quality standards don't apply to us about why it and that they're meant for big power plants. police are looking for clues to us about the latest homicide in the district. a man was shot in the chest along the 1300 block of adam street. the victim later died from the wounds. no word on any suspects or a motive in this case. the homicide rate is up more than 55% over what it was the same time last year. and a third man connected to us about an alleged racist plot in virginia is due in court. the 30-year-old, along with robert doyle and robert beasley cheney plan to us about incite a race war. holderman is charged planning to us about rob a jeweler to us about finance the operation. they reportedly planned to us about bomb black churches and jewish synagogues. we know about a month
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groomery county man found the dead in his home. he is identified as 35-year-old ethan gomez. the resident was found dead in his home on wednesday night. and police say -- [ indiscernible ] marijuana growing in the home along with chemicals commonly associated with the manufacturer and other drugs. and he had long-term health issues and foul play is not suspected in his death. and democrats are preparing for the second national debate. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders and o'malley by a wide margin. here's more from des moines, iowa. >> reporter: bernie sanders and o'malley have a lot at stake when they take the stage in des moines saturday night. the latest cbs news poll shows hillary clinton with a big lead over her rivals. as dr. rachael, a political science professor at drake university explains, the poll
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is just a temporary snapshot. >> and with the november in november of 2011, herman cane -- [ laughter ] >> was doing well. newt gingrich was doing really well. >> reporter: the former maryland governor has his own challenges. he has to us about figure out a way to us about stand apart from his opponents while still attracting voters. they will moderate the debate. >> he signalled he is going to us about go after hillary clinton and bernie sanders aggressively. that is a big switch for him from the last debate. >>y vex though know though -- even though this is a nationally televised debate, they will focus on the voters in iowa and he will be the first to us about vote on number 1st. >> and other people are starting to us about tune in and pay attention to us about the race. in iowa, this has been an ongoing process of getting to us about know who they are and what they stand for. >> reporter: viewers at home could have own questions answered if they submit them via twitter, a partner in the
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debate. and you can see the democrat's presidential debate from des moines, iowa, saturday night beginning at 9:00. have you spoken to us about the president? >> a number of times. >> since you became speaker? >> uh-huh. >> and the substance of the conversations has been what? >> on a number of dif rip issues. much of it discussed about things we can work together on and get done by the end of the year and just, you know, courtesy issues. >> and talk about having teenage daughters, too. >> but you found the man you can work with? >> sure. this is the job. and absolutely. >> it hasn't -- . >> the president of the united states is my president, too. >> the job hasn't been getting done the last few years. >> i agree. >> this government has to us about work. >> on your first day as speaker, you said you were going to us about wipe the slate clean. >> uh-huh. >> and in your first news conference you said the president, quote, proved himself untrustwortho immigration.
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that is blowing chaulk dust in the president's face. >> and i think wiping the slate clean was in congress and giving congress the house, functioning again. on this particular issue, he tried to us about go around congress and write the law unilaterally violating the separation of powers. on that particular issue, he's proven he doesn't want to us about work with congress but work around congress and that is not how laws are written. >> and that is the new house speaker paul ryan talking with scott pelley about his contact with president obama. you can see more of his interview with house speaker ryan this sunday on "60 minutes" here on wusa 9. donald trump launched a stunning attack on his republican rival candidates in iowa in addition to us about dr. ben carson and president obama, the developer even took aim at iowa voters. major garrett is at akdre university in iowa with more. >> kasich, i have a headache from this guy. i am telling carly, whatever the hill her name s will you stop cutting?
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>> reporter: john kasi consider, h and carly fiorina are not gaining on trump but marco rubio is. >> rubio, ready? weak on immigration like a baby. >> reporter: trump saved the lowest blows for ben carson, referencing the retired neurosurgeon's description of himself as a patho logically angry youth. >> and he said he has patho logical disease. now, if you're pathological, there is no secure for that, folks. if you're a child molester, a sick puppy, you're a child molester and there is noy cure for that. there is one cure and we don't want to us about talk about that cure. that is the ultimate cure. there is death and the other thing. >> reporter: for carson, the story of anger is part of his journey to us about redemption. >> and he plunged it into the belt and amazingly the belt stayed totally flat and the night broke. how stupid of the people of iowa. how stupid of the people of the
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country to us about believe this crap. >> and there was this reference to us about isis. >> and i know more about isis than the generals do. believe me. i would bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. >> reporter: trump went on for more than an hour with little regard for the fallout. >> and i don't care. i might leave here and you might say that is not nice what he says. who cares. i go back to us about my life. >> wow. >> amazing, isn't he? >> reporter: trump arrived more than 30 minutes late and the crowd was largely subdued. mother nature is not subdued and she's giving us lots of wind, especially in the high elevations and the wind advisory was expanded east and until six this evening. it -- western rhode island, and even into frederick and carol
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counties west. the higher elevations from the blue ridge to us about the i-81 corridor, western maryland and potentially 40po 50 miles per hour and we're looking at lots of gusts there, 30 to us about 40 and 47 in petersburg. 38 marlinsburg. in town, and gusting the 25 to us about 30 miles an hour range across the metro and you can see it. flags are steph outside of the washington monument at this hour and we're going to us about have the wind with us this afternoon. tonight, and tomorrow and looks like sunday. and first the temperatures about where they're going to us about be for the day before i that tale off someone this afternoon and by 3. the 50s this evening and the 40s. and a couple of regional high school football games are chilly and tomorrow could be the coldest day of the season and we have warmer weather heading our way again next week. >> that is a roller coaster. coming up on wusa 9news, a good cause, a good read.
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a local author's generous gift to us about a local school. >> plus, co no, i can't wait until the end of the week to see the doctor. because of... rabies. i was, i was, in the i was saving some children from a coyote and it bit me. well, what would you have me do
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. dancing cheek-to us about- cheek on dancing with the stars. as the show prepares to us about group the latest champion, the network is embroiled in controversy. they wanted two men to us about dance a song about men falling in love with each other. the network mixed the request saying it would allow men to us about dance near each other and not with each other. and general motors will reportedly bank account first automaker to us about sell cars made in china. the wall street journal reports that gm will start selling the buick envision in the u.s. next year and the uaw came out strongly against the plans to
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us about import cars from china. and a d.c. author inspired by a story she watched here on wusa9 is don eating copies of her book to us about a store. herb story is -- her story about a diverse group of young, talented lawyers and their ability to us about do extraordinary things speaks to us about local students with too few examples. >> if you use your opportunities that are given to us about you, you can do anything that you want to us about do. i think that that is the message that juice prudence relays in this book. >> reporter: it's a small book with a big message of what within can do with hard work and determination. the main character of the briefcase is an 11-year-old girl by the name of juris. a young lawyer who wants to us about give other kids the right to us about vote. e from diverse backgrounds and the story is based where the author lives. >> i wanted to us about write a book about a little girl who was smart and spunky and
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resourceful. >> reporter: the book's author is the passionate about inspiring young people. and when she came across our story about inner city charter school needing books that reflect the lives and experiences of students in the classroom, she knew what to us about do. >> and i reached out to us about miss waters and donated a set of books to us about her class based on your story. >> reporter: they were dropped there days ago and they're on the shelves of the library. >> and that will be cool hearer to us about to us about offer us juice prudence after hearing from her. >> reporter: donating 15 books to us about her is a smell gesture, especially if the students will grow up using lessons they learned. >> and she intends to us about make donations to us about every d.c. public school. and coming up on wusa9, robbers with an appetite for
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. we're back new with disturbing news out of hollywood. you'll recognize the phase. one of the stars of the cbs television show "ncis," polly perrette. it happened outside of her home last night. in an emotional tweet, the 45- year-old actress who said her life changed that night described how a homeless man attacked her. he told her, quote, i am going to us about kill you as he pinned her down and punched her repeatedly. she managed to us about get away. the suspect was later arrested. she said a guy walked by on his 15, his dog licked her on the face and kept going. they didn't stop to us about help her. police are new looking for two suspects connected to us about a home invasion in california. they have excellent surveillance of the criminals, thanks to us about their -- the
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homeowner's kitchen. they helped themselves to us about. >> us and soda from the victim's refrigerator and all caught on tape and clear tape. >> and these subjects clearly were not intimidated and threatened and they were leisurely going about their business. >> the police got a big break. the burglars never knew they were caught on camera and made no attempt to us about disguise their faces. one suspect is in custody and is talking when it comes to us about rating out on his accomplices. it's friday the 13th and more importantly, the weekend is upon us and it's not a bad day. >> and opened food, obviously. >> really? friday the 13th. nice except for the wind. i think we're going to us about salvage sunday. a good day and tomorrow, if you're outside early and picking up the scouts for food -- yeah. thirty to us about 35 in the
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windchills it remembering. talk about the -- tomorrow morning. it's a beautiful day and the gusts in some cases, 40 miles per hour right new in the mountains. the temperatures about weather peeking and i don't think we're going to us about get much more. maybe a degree and more so into the 40s and afternoon dark. 35 to us about 40 tonight with windchills closer to us about 30 in the morning. the wind advisories still up until 6:00 and i know i showed this at the top of the broaddaft. -- broadcast. showing it again in frederick and western louden. the gusts could be up to us about 50 in the high elevations and we're seeing gusts near 50 in petersburg and east of davis. high country there, closer to us about home and gusting to us about 31 in gaithersburg; 38, marlinsburg and we have gusts in the 20 to us about 25 range. i see no reason why they're not staying up into the rest of the afternoon and evening hours and
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tomorrow, looks like it's going to us about be a blustery day and 61 in washington. one of the warm spots. we have 34 in the mountains. you can imagine the windchills there are brutal for november and with temps in the shenandoah valley and the gusts in town up to us about 22 and 61 degrees. and really dried out. and you have to us about be careful and something like this could spread and driven by a combination of the deep, deep storm and this area of high pressure in arkansas. the difference drives the wind. we have that with these lake affect rain showers. the cold air moves in and that is turning into lake affect snow showers to us about the evening and ma i get some flakes in western maryland and
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virginia. not a lot of moisture to us about work with. as the high pressure works toward us, saturday night into sunday morning, the winds will relax and they will be southwesterly. 10 miles an hour or so on sunday. sunday we'll get off to us about a is going to us about be a fantastic finish. today, windy, 62 and 40 tonight. still on the breezy side with mid-30s in the outer suburbs. only 52 tomorrow. blustery and i wouldn't be surprised if some stayed in the upper 40s before we recovered nicely on sunday and 60 in baltimore and d.c. the home football games and should be great weather for that. cool for the tailgaters and next week, november? >> yeah, november. mid- to us about uppe z1=&
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>> well, yeah. yo. >> what are you doing? >> oy. >> oy. [ laughter ] >> a new sculpture in brooklyn is up for interpretation. some feel it's yo. others see it as oy. the artist was inspired by her jewish upbringing for the sculpture and -- she's leaving which it is up to us about you. the creation was erected earlier this week and will be on display in brooklyn bridge park through next august. >> yo. >> oy. >> we're getting a sneak peek at the new noaa's arc attraction in kentucky. the -- noah's arc attraction in kentucky. it's the $90 million first phase of a planned religious name park in williamstown. it's expecting to us about attract 2 million visitors a year and is scheduled to us about open july 7th. who knew. >> who knew. >> yo! >> that is it for wusa 9. we'll be back at 5:00 or -- any time day or night on our mobile app
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and wusa and enjoy your friday. have a great day. >> watch the win. we'll see you tomorrow night. have a great weekend.
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>> victor: i'm glad you've decided to come home. >> nikki: well... there's just been so much sadness and loss. i couldn't stay away. i need to be at the ranch with you. >> victor: missed you. the days will be much brighter. and then i'll be able to sleep at night. >> nikki: ah. now, watch out. >> victor: [ chuckles ] >> nikki: we may not agree on certain things, but... >> victor: yeah. >> nikki: ...we're very good for each other in other ways especially a time like this. >> victor: baby... you and i have been through so much. but i think we draw strength


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