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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  November 13, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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right now at 7:00 we're following breaks news out of paris where at least 60 people are dead after a series of attacks. >> this is a live look. security forces are where hostages had been taken. >> thanks for joining us. i'm bruce johnson. >> the attacks happened at several locations in what appears to be a coordinated attack of terrorism. >> here is more now from the newsroom with the latest. >> this is already shaped up to be the deadliest attack in france in decades and the most recent confirmed number is 60. at least 60 people are dead in three different locations and one of the three deadly scenes we're told appears to be over at this point. we're talking about the concert venue in paris where there were reportedly about 100 people
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held hostage. at least 15 we're told were killed there. that went on for several hours. the president hollande confirmed they were launching an assault on the site and there were reports of automatic gunfire and blasts and now we're hearing that hostage situation, that deadly hostage situation may appear to be over. cnn reports some of the hostages while the hostage situation was going on were texting people outside the venue saying the gunmen were shooting people one at a time. we're told two gunmen are dead. one is in custody. that scene appears to be over. the second scene outside a french stadium where two massive explosions were heard, listen closely and you can hear those explosions. you hear that explosion there and there are tens of
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thousands of people watched france play germany in a friendly match but it happened outside the stadium. it is unclear how many victims there. a third scene was at a french restaurant where a shootout happened. that left about a dozen people dead. we're told here in the last few minutes a fourth scene, a refugee camp outside of paris, is reportedly on fire. it is unclear the victims. it is unclear how that fire began. it is unclear if it is related but, again a lot of things going on in paris right now. a lot of things going on in france right now and it is hard to make sense of them all and not at least imagine some of these things might not be connected. the first place the minds go is terrorism. the attacks have been said they were acts of terrorism.
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just about an hour ago, still that has not been confirmed. attackers have not been conferredment fortunately we have gotten to the point we know what a terrorist attack looks like on the surface and this does look like one of those and the french folks know all too well. jan. is paris on lockdown right now? i'm hearing reports where french people are in the streets waving the flag and will not be afraid and locked inside. >> state of emergency has been announced by the president. boarders closed. a curfew will be put into place, though it is unclear what time that curfew is and it is unclear when it will be enforced. a lot going on. they still have scenes being investigated. they still have adjust finished hostage situation that is being
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looked into. certainly a lot of things happening all at the same time on the ground there, not only in paris but it is extending outside of paris but a state of emergency has been declared for the french state. thanks. we'll continue to check in with you as events continue to unfold there in paris. also, one of the explosions appears to be a suicide bombing lending more credence that this was a terrorist attack. a city cure few now in effect in paris. that is live outside the embassy tonight where the a fax on the minds of a lot of people there. scott, what is going on there? >> they are on the minds of people and security is first and foremost on the minds of people although there is no apparent nexus between what is going on in paris and anything here in the united states according to security officials who spoke to "cbs news" and
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others. rear guard less of that you can see outside the embassy, there is a police officer on duty. it is a gated entry, double gated with a keypad. there are not security personnel there and there is an event at the embassy this evening, a fashion to fight poverty event. i talked to a couple participants and people are coming and going. there has been some very stone faced and almost stunned looking staffers moving in and out of the embassy. a couple of them passed by a few seconds before you came to us. they are not talking to us. they are clearly shaken by the days' events. we did hear in front of the embassy speak to a student at georgetown university, a young man who is from france and here are some of the thoughts he offered us this evening. >> my first reaction, why france again? yes, there is a feeling not
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again, but the difference -- paris is a war zone now. people are terrified. all the places where people would go out it is completely abandoned right now. it is a war they can't win. but it is definitely -- this idea of a conflict. >> reporter: he is here in the united states looking at his home as if it is a war zone. he mentioned charlie hebdo, the attack earlier this year at the offices of the satirical newspaper. ten people were killed. that he said to us was in his mind a symbolic attack. what is going on in his home city and home country tonight feels to him like a war on the french city and the nation of france as well. the boarders are closed as you have reported.
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that may impact travelers moving to and from the united states to france. we'll monitor that situation with international flights this evening here in the united states as well. outside the french embassy here, there is an elevated security posture with an mp d officer here, but otherwise no dramatic security presence here this evening. we have had a few curious passersby but no demonstrations of support or sympathy for the french people outside the embassy, at least not yet. scott broom, w u.s.a. 9. we have a couple answers to the young man's question, why paris. we heard a retired u.s. army general say on cbs tonight, paris because it is closer than washington, than new york. also because the french, like us, leading the attack against
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al-qaeda and isis. also right now, there is heavy fighting going on and teaming with the kurds against isis in iraq. >> paris is one of the easiest capitals to get to there in europe. we have been checking into see if there is extra security in the area and you're making calls also. >> our department is aware of the situation in paris but say they have nothing to add right now. obviously, there are always things they are doing they can't tell us. they are stepping up security. they wouldn't tell us that for obvious reasons. >> u.s. capital police say you could see enhanced patrols tonight. they are out of abundance to caution. there is no threat to the capital complex at this point. >> and we have alive map showing traffic over france right now. if we can go to that. as you can see there is very
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light traffic right now. very few flights over france and that is the french president that announced boarders will be closednt it is unclear where flights are in route to france where they are. we're headed out to dulles airport. >> all those planning to make a trip to paris stranded right now. but where will they land? that is the next question. >> they are trying to fly out of elsewhere. >> it does not begin to describe what they are feeling right now. >> one man describing what happened when he was getting off the subway. >> i just came off the metro and there were a lot of sirens going off, people were shouting and running and we were told to get off the viet so that is what we did. now we're here in a home of people having a beer and just
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like waiting here. >> what happened? i understand that you were told to get off the streets. >> yes. people told us there was gunfire, multiple guns were hurt and people told us it is not safe. get off the street right now. >> did you actually hear that gunfire? did you see what was going on as you came out of that metro exit? >> no. we just came out after it happened, but the stop before the metro stop we got off, people were like yelling and shouting like leave the metro but i don't speak french so i didn't get off. >> but you are safe now. >> yes. i hope so.
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>> what was the atmosphere? >> the atmosphere. i'm kind of tense because i've never been in a situation like this, but people here, it is very close to charlie hebdo. people that live here kind of have been through this, so the atmosphere is kind of people are having a beer and watching tv and just waiting what is going to happen. >> he was talking about the french subway. it is so easy to use and you don't have to speak the language. i was thinking about when the police laid siege to the concert. there was an american group playing there and there were casualties there. >> i'm seeing all these tweets online and information coming in right now is that, i want to read this. a french radio reporter inside that theater when the gunman entered he said two men dressed
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in black started shooting ak- 47s and after wounded people fell to the floor, the two gunmen shot them again execution style. the two men didn't wear masks and they didn't say anything. they had no fears of showing their face. the gunfire reportedly lasted about 10 to 15 minutes and that set the crowd into a panic, but the good news is right now paris police have taken back that concert hall that was once a hostage situation. two of the gunmen were killed and one was taken into custody. >> we should be reminded this city was on alert. they were expecting trouble. they know someone thousand french nationals have gone to fight in iraq and a lot of them returned home and they were responsible for a lot of terrorism in the past. they are on alert but they were still trying to lead theirs. >> at the one restaurant, there
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was a cambodian restaurant that two gunmen stormed in and guns a blazing and one of the ones who survived the attack said one of the gunman yelled this is for syria and started shooting. >> we have seen in past attacks it turned out to be terrorists. these gunmen are expecting to die. >> president barack obama talked about the attacks a short time ago. let's listen to what he said. >> i just want to make a few brief comment about the attacks across paris tonight. we have seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize. this is not just on paris or not just on the people of france but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share.
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we stand prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance that the government and the people of france need to respond. france is our oldest ally. the french people have stood shoulder to shoulder with the united states time and again. we want to be very clear that we stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism. paris itself represents the timeless values of human progress. those who think that they can terrorize the people of france or the values that they stand for are wrong. the american people draw strength from the french people's commitment to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. we're reminded in this time of tragedy that the bonds of liber
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they are not only values that the french people care so deeply about, but they are values we share and those values will endure far beyond any act of terrorism or the hateful vision of those who perpetrated the crimes this evening. we're going to do whatever it takes to work with the french people and with nations around the world to bring these terrorists to justice and to go after any terrorist networks that go after our people. we don't yet know all the details of what has happen. we have been in contact with french officials to communicate our deepest condolences to the families of those who have been killed, to offer our prayers and thoughts to those who have been wounded. we have offered our full support to them. the situation is still
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unfolding. i have chosen not to call the president at this time because my expectation is he is very busy at the moment. i actually by coincidence was talking to him earlier today in preparation for the g20 meeting, but i am confident that i will be indirect communications with him in the next few days and we'll be coordinating in any ways they think are helpful in the investigation of what happened. this is a heartbreaking situation and obviously those of us here in the united states know what is it's like. we have gone through these episodes ourselves and whenever these kinds of attacks happened, we have always been able to count on the french people to stand with us. they have been an extraordinary counterterror rhythm partner and we intend to be there with them in that same fashion. i'm sure that in the days ahead
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we'll learn more about exactly what happened and my teams will make sure that we are in communication with the press to provide accurate information. i don't want to speculate at this point in terms of who was responsible for this. it appears there may still be live activity and dangers that are taking place as we speak and so until we know from french officials that the situation is under control and we have more information about it, i don't want to speculate. okay. >> thank you very much. and it turns out that the french president hollande and president barack obama are going to talk in the next several days. >> it will end on monday. the civil war in syria and others refugees trying to leave, that was supposed to be a point of contention and huge discussion point for the g-20 summit there. >> he goes on. the two presidents, i think president barack obama is
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supposed to be in paris in a couple weeks. you can imagine what the security will be, a nightmare. we have new sounds from residents and they are taking the attacks into perspective. >> i think it is horrible. i guess -- you know, i tend like most people don't think of terror attacks on a day to space day basis. >> i lived in france. thene frch love being in the streets but that doesn't sound like the sort of thing they like. >> does it scare you being in another nation's capital? >> no, it doesn't. except for the longtime the fact what is in new york, the two united states ground zeros. >> and thoughts and prayers from around the world have been flooding the internet over the attacks and hostage situation
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in paris. >> joni has more on how the situation there has really joan e ney taken over social media and the internet. >> we're seeing a couple things on twitter right now. the top trend is paris. it started with people sharing videos from the streets and chaos going on. just really heartbreaking. people sending out what is happening. share the #. here is some video shared from someone witnessing everything happening. we have a photo of what appears to be the refugee camp explosion on twitter and from in tsidehe soccer stadium as well. lots of people sharing their prayers. and this is the number two trend. that means open door. people are tweeting locations where tourists and people who need a safe place to find tweeting out locations. tourists tweeting they need
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somewhere to stay so people are communicating over twitter with that #. we'll monitor the tweets and follow us at wusa 9. thanks so much. >> being in the capital city like this, it is an incredible tourist destination. >> can't get in, can't get out. >> we'll continue to bring the latest on what is happening throughout the
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always watching, always tracking. wusa 9's first alert weather. dc's most accurate. we'll be tracking strong winds right on through early tomorrow morning winds up to 30 miles an hour. temperatures in the 40s. 42 at 7:00 the these are downtown temperatures. 46 at 9:00. up to 51 at 1:00. 53 downtown. upper 40s in the suburbs. nice for the burgundy and gold. ravens. the start of a mild week. next seven days, monday mid- 60s. tuesday mid-60s with sunshine. then low 60s on wednesday. a stray shower. not a big deal. a stray thunderstorm on thursday. not a big deal. then rain and thundersto
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we are continuing to follow the terrorist attacks in paris. we have seen a report where there has been a new figure released of those who have been kid. killed, at least 100 people
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inside were killed inside a concert hall in paris. >> what else do you know? >> well guys police raided that with in the last 20, 30 minutes or so. we were expecting some pretty terrible numbers. those expectations are being confirmed. 100 people at that concert venue alone have been confirmed dead. 100 were held hostage. that number is 100 people are dead. at least 100 were being held hostage. 100 people dead. police raided that venue. two gunmen were killed. they took one into custody. someone who escaped said it was a blood bath inside. there were reports people were being killed one by one. 100 dead there in addition to the other deadly scene at a restaurant shootout went down there. about a dozen people were killed. a third scene that saw two explosions outside a soccer
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stadium where tens of thousands were watching. the explosions happened outside. unclear how many were injured there. another scene 30 minutes ago, a sue din nez refugees camp on
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we turn and she is there. >> attacked on a hollywood street. >> we have her only on camera interview about her alleged assault. >> it's what's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." >> he got me. he told me he was going to kill me over and over and over again. >> our exclusive from the scene with the sketch that led to an arrest. >> i was alone. i was terrified. >> did you think that you might die? >> then, why caitlyn jenner was just confronted as gwen and gavin come under siege. >> did gavin cheat with the nanny, gwen? >> what kristina knows about her romance for blake. >> i feel for them. >> also, our 35th birthday flash back with stars at 35.19ñ >> i don't kwh


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