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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  November 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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42 degrees, high pressure is here. we're starting off 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. you probably need a light coat. it's cold. manassas and culpeper, 30 degrees. lower 40s as you head into southern maryland and part of prince georges county. highs well above average. we're talking 62 by noon, highs about 65 degrees. we'll talk about the changes heading your way coming up with larry. >> good morning, allison. we heard about a situation in northwest d.c. under control. we have closures in place on k street between 19th street and 21st street and 20th and m streets so commuters will need to be mindful this morning. no issues prince georges county and p.o.w. parkway and free and clear of issue. sky 9 will have a look at the beltway in ten minute. we'll talk about where that is
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located shortly. over to you. we begin with several breaking stories. a police barricade situation ongoing at 19th and k street northwest. >> nikki burdine is live on the scene with what we know so far. >> reporter: d.c. police now have the person in this barricade situation contained. exactly what that means is not clear because this is still a very active scene, a very active investigation, as you can see behind me. we have road closures in may. here's how we got to this point. this started around 1:15 at 19th and k streets northwest. initially d.c. police said the person had a mental health crisis when the barricade started. it is at 1999 k street northwest where this started, an office build of some sort, although it's not clear what is in the building. d.c. police said the person was armed at first but that's not confirmed since. police said there are no injuries but s.w.a.t.
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and d.c. police responded to the scene. road closures in place, 18th street northwest to 21 street northwest is closed as well as m street to k street, all closed down. that's about 12 square blocks affected by this. traffic already starting to build up and will only get worse as rush hour starts to fell underway in northwest d.c. as soon as we get an update on the barricade, we'll pass that to you. nikki burdine, wusa 9. we're following another breaking story out of northwest where a man was stabbed outside a club on connecticut avenue. >> it happened at connecticut and rhode island around 2:30 this morning. all police will say is the victim is a man and his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. no arrests have been made so far in this. more breaking news out of northern virginia. a house in great falls has gone up in flame. firefighters have been patting
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the flames for hours. at this noon hour ey're observing a minute of silence to remember the victims and survivors of friday's terror attacks. we're learning the suspected mastermind of the attack is a belt january, abdelhamid abaaoud. one of the terrorists is reportedly from syria. panic swept through the heart of the city yesterday. the noise people heard was just fireworks. >> we don't know if we should be afraid and stay home or if it's better to show resistance and go to paris. >> french jets struck the heart of i.s.i.s.-controlled territory yesterday in the first retaliation to these attacks. many americans feel the pain of paris and they know all too well the fear that follows. >> you have seen it everywhere
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-- online, phone calls, outside. local tributes are growing as security increased at local airports. delia phon calves has the story and a huge memorial behind her. good morning. >> reporter: let's take a look. one sign reading "washington, d.c., stand with paris." this is outside the gate of the embassy. americans a world away felt the pain of paris, knowing terror could hit home. passengers an american airlines flight got that less son when two men were pulled from a flight for acteds suspiciously. they were question and released. >> given what happened, i can appreciate why they were cautious. >> reporter: there's a secret service agent standing guard outside the french embassy. we'll tell you what else d.c. is doing to step up security.
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leaders attending the g-20 in turkey will respond vigorously to the attacks. turkey's president pledges leaders will produce a strong message about fighting global terrorism. around 10:00 this morning, president obama is expected to discuss the attack america's response. to continue to follow the latest on the paris attack, download our wusa 9 mobile app. five yemeni men held more than 13 years at guantanamo bay have been released. the men have been accepted for reunited acceptance at united arab emirates. they no longer pose a threat. 6:05 now. when is the last time you remember the redskins putting up 47 points? everything people will talk about -- cousins, 20 for 25, 324 yards, 47-14 redskins beat the saint.
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combine that win with the dallas loss, a giants loss -- sunday was a great day. >> eagles loss. >> eagles loss. sunday was a great day to be redskins fan. the team now 4-5 and there's still a chance -- >> is that right? we did something for you, beating the giant and cowboys. do something for us. carolina is next and won't be easy. all right, 6:06. paris is expected to be a key topic in the philippines. the fbi is investigating a break-in at an army facility in massachusetts. allyson? it's cool out here. at but not this afternoon. we're heading to the mid-60s in november? yeah. it's going to be absolutely gorgeous. sunshine, high pressure -- not for long, though. things change as soon as tomorrow arrives. i'll have details coming up. a great start this morning around the beltway, at least. this is a live shot right now at 95 and 495 in college park. computers traveling on the inner and outer loop won't find problems but we have problems on metro with a delay on the
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>> welcome back to "wake up washington." 10 minutes after 6:00. we're in store for a beautiful day. if you thought yesterday was good, today is even better. temperatures will increase a little bit more. here are the temperatures as
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you step out the door. 45 for columbia. white oak, 39. same thing for fairfax and alexandria -- yeah, a little cold this morning but not the case this afternoon. 44 as you get the kids to the bus stop and on the way home, we're talking mid-60s, sunshine. it will be beautiful. however, clouds are here as early as tomorrow and a lot of them -- those annoying low- level cloud. we'll explain when showers arrive in the forecast in just a bit. here's larry miller. all right, allyson, thank you. we want metro riders to know we have a delay on the red line to shady grove road because of an earlier issue on the track. give yourself a few extra minutes to get to your destination this morning. buses are running on schedule. sky 9 in the air right now getting a live look at how traffic is shaping up on the inner and outer loop, close to college park, making its way to the next exit with a rolling shot. you can see the volume on the inner loop at this point so, again, commuters need to be
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mindful as they head out the door. we want to take the maryland camera and show how things are shaping up 270 from frederick towards the capital beltway. no issues -- volume fairly light for the most part. we'll have drive times on the metro and look at market and b.r.e. over to you. a plane is force to make an emergency landing in montana. and one year after buying a company for $3 billion, apple said, you know what? we'll shut it down. we'll explain in a moment. "wake up, washington" is back after this gorgeous 6:11 sunshine. happy monday. good morning, guys. people react to the evenover paris over the weekend on social media and some people are in hot water because of it. we'll have it coming up on wusa 9.
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track where you put the sunscreen because you will need it. it's hard to believe thanksgiving is ten days away. >> you forget to wear sunscreen sometimes in winter and you always have to wear it. today will be very sunny and, yeah, you need the sunglasses, the sunscreen. tomorrow, oh, a little cloudy but we have changes this week. no two day will be the same.
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today is the best-looking day of the week. take a look outside. not a cloud to be seen. we'll see temperatures increase throughout the afternoon into the 60s, mid-60s. yesterday, we topped out at 64 and think we will beat that by a degree or two. 42 and a little cold when you step outside this morning but you're not going to need a jacket after lunchtime. 30 degrees for manassas, only 29 culpeper, 37 frederick and clarksburg, 30s as well. no problems for your drive home. tomorrow, an easterly wind, cloudy day, and sprinkles possible. high in the 50s tomorrow. it will drop down. for wednesday, we'll have the wind turn, we'll get in mid-60, but clouds don't budge, showers west of the blue ridge. by thursday for your drive in, showers, even a thunderstorm possible. it does set us up for a really
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nice weekend so we enjoy sunshine for the weekend. 65 today. picture perfect out there. 59 for tomorrow and you know what? 59 is optimistic if those clouds move in earlier. 64 for wednesday. showers and storms on thursday. the weekend -- yeah, perfect fall weather. laurie, over to you. >> allison, thanks. police tweet information about the road closures, that it's now on 18th and 21st street and between m to i so commuters need to be mindful. no problems on the train and b.m. doing well, day viewing their new stop in spotsylvania. 22 minutes on the capitol beltway, picking up on 66 eastbound between prince william parkway to the 7th northwest. 33 minutes. on the virginia side is fairly quiet for the most part. volume picking up from dale boulevard to 395, 13 minutes,
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and on the inner loop from annapolis to kepler road, 13 minutes. let's take sky 9 and show you up above. this is the beltway here -- got confused for a second -- beltway at university boulevard. no issues on the beltwa . it's been really well with no accidents but volume starting to pick up on the inner loop so commuters traveling, be mindful you will see volume this morning. from our traffic cam, we have a look at suitland making your way towards town. you won't have an issues. traffic still light in that corridor. over to you. there are conflicting account over what happened when police in minneapolis shot a man. authorities say officers were responding to report of an assault very early yesterday. they said the suspect got involved in a physical altercation with emergency responders and that is when an officer's weapon discharged. however,ne witsses disagree with the police department's version of events. >> this man was in handcuffs.
6:18 am
i cannot just imagine when what he went through before he was shot dead like a dog. >> family and friend identify the man shot as jamar clark and said he's on life support in the hospital. two officers have been played on leave and the mayor promises an independent investigation. sheriff's deputies in san francisco defend their actions in the beating of a suspect. two deputies beat the suspect with a on the in an alley but officials say before this video, that man had led officers on a chase in a stolen car with a gun and that he had already struck one officer with the car. the fbi is investigating a weekend break-in at an army reserve center in central massachusetts. ten pistols and six rifles were stole from the lincoln reserve center in worcester. the fbi said they do not believe there is a threat to the new england region and say terrorism is not suspected. the paris terror attacks are expected to be a key
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topping of discussion at the asia-pacific economic cooperation summit in the philippines this week. president obama and the leaders of china, japan, mexico and other nation in the 21-member apec bloc will meet with the ceo of several major companies. a two-day summit of leaders begins sunday in manila. a los angeles-bound plane from tel-aviv, israel, was forced to make an emergency landing in billing, montana. once on ground, crews didn't find an issue with the engine after a safety alerted them. none of the 300 passengers on board was injured. one retirement plan that serve about 5,000 higher- education workers in virginia is getting a new manager. just a heads up. the virginia retirement system plans to switch management from t.i.a.a. cref and fidelity to international city management association retirement corporation. the change will be in effect
6:20 am
next fall. a federal federal transportation bill has become the target of a lobbying frenzy. and a new look wrangler may catch you off guard. allyson? it's cool out here but not a lot of wind so pretty comfortable, as long as you have a jacket on. we're looking at a really great day. take a look at your planner. 60-degree and sunshine is here and here to stay this afternoon. mid-60s. we'll talk about 65 degrees. the sunshine will not be here tomorrow. we'll talk about a cloudy day heading your way coming up. many interstates e arissue- and problem-free, what you want to hear from the monday commute. here's a look at the beltwa
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it's an inside deal, hurry for a limited time get $750 dollars black friday bonus cash on select vehicles, on top of all other low ford friends and neighbors offers. it all ends november 30th. in your money at 6:23, congress may have come to a budget agreement but another deadline could affect your commute. friday is the deadline to pay for the law that pays for transportation programs. if lawmaker don't act in time, government's authority to process aid payments to state will expire. kia is recalling more than 265,000 soul compact suvs over steering issues it covers models between 2014 and 2016. the automaker said the adhesive holding steering part together
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may not be strong enough to keep it together, causing loss of steering. owners are told to contact kia dealers for replacement parts. so far, no accidents or injuries have been report. jeep is unveiling a special edition wrangler back country offered in extreme purple. the back country is based on the sahara model but with 17- inch wheel and unique decals and come in purple. ravens purple? >> could be. >> jeep hopes it will be more attractive to city dwellers. there are less vibrant colors available if that's too extreme including blue, black, white, and gray. apple is shutting down beatz music, the streaming service the tech giant bought for $3 billion last year. users can transition to apple's music, which launched in june. apple will cancel all subscriptions to beatz on november 30 so be aware. spaghetti os recalling 355,000 cans because of a
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possible choke hazard. have you heard this? campbell's soup said a piece of red plastic on the can's lining was found in some 14.2-ounce can. they have a date on them february 22, 2017. that's stamped on the pace theirs for a full refund or exchange. the country's first usda organic fast food restaurant opened its door in a suburb of san francisco. the organic coop said 95% or more of its ingredientses come from certified organic growers with chicken, breads and soda. they will open more location in the next few months. more parents are having trouble finding child care. and we're less than a week from topping of the hottest winter display in town. it's also very cold, allison. >> sound like an oxymoron. looking like a great day today. enjoy the sunshine but it won't
6:26 am
stick around tomorrow. 60s through the rejoin colluding kentucky, pennsylvania and carolinas. we'll look at changes heading your way. the morning commute shaping up nicely with no issues on the commute, what you want to hear for monday, but we're keeping a close eye on several issues, one around k street, where we have the barricade situation. plus we have a delay on metro. we'll get you around trouble spots after the break. tt2watx#@nd p bt@q8bp tt2watx#@nd p "a@q(n4 tt2watx#@nd p bm@q#e8 tt4watx#@nd r dztq mgé tt4watx#@nd r entq =c< tt4watx#@nd r gzt& $dd tt4watx#@nd r hnt& 4j( tt4watx#@nd r iztq í#p r @nd
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redskins fans are waking up in washington very happy this morning. thank you for joining us. >> and patriots fans are happy -- tooth and nail, it came down to. i'm andrea roane. i still lover my saints. we begin with first alert meteorologist allyson rae with another great-for-november forecast. >> absolutely. if you enjoyed yesterday, you will enjoy today and i don't think there are too many complaint about the weather. today is looking perfect. temperatures are cool this morning. you may need the light jacket and don't need it this afternoon. wait until you see high temperatures. 39 for rockville. leesburg, 36 degrees. high pressure is here, nothing but sunshine through the afternoon. barely any clouds on the camera so we're looking okay. highs 62 by noon. we'll top out at 65 degrees. we'll talk about a cloudy and cool day headed your way but,
6:30 am
first, here's larry miller. all right, allyson, thank you. metro riders nursing that delay on the red line because of an earlier train malfunction. this is the shady grove. give yourself a few extra minutes to get out the door and to get to your destination on time. we have been telling you about the barricade situation on k street but right now, we have an update from d.c. police that 18 street as well as 21 streets are closed and m to i are also closed as a result of the situation. we'll hear from nikki burdine in a bit on that. let's take sky 9 if we can show you the beltway, out along university boulevard. look, we're doing really well on the inner and outer loop. we had earlier congestion, to so to speak, and volume on the inner loop of the beltway. we're good to go there. from our traffic lam cam, we're showing you how things are shaping up from suitland towards the 11th street prises bridge. the next traffic update in roughly ten minute. over to you. we begin with breaking
6:31 am
news. a police barricade situation still undergoing at 19th and k. >> there has been progress in the investigation. nikki burdine has the latest. >> reporter: there has been some progress and d.c. police said the person involve in the situation has been contained but we have quite a bit of road closure and sidewalk closure. if you live or work on 19th and k, you will not be able to get in. people can't get down the street to go to work. police stopped woman who tried to go through the police tape. do not try to go through that. this started around 1:15 at 1999 k street northwest. that's at the corner of 19th and k street, an office building of some sort. initially there was a person who was armed but it's not clear if that's the case. the person was in a mental health crisis. d.c. police and s.w.a.t.
6:32 am
responded. we saw helicopters swirling above. there were no injuries at this point but this is still an active investigation. we still have a lot of road closures to tell you about. 18th street northwest to 21st street, closed, and m street to k street northwest, that is all closed, no indication as to when that will open back up but we're already seeing backups in northwest d.c. so avoid this area if possible. i tweeted a helpful picture of the road closures, 12-block area that is blocked off so avoid if at all possible 37 we'll pass an update as soon as we get one. nikki burdine. now for the latest of the terror attacks in paris. the u.s. embassy is sending e- mails every two hours to americans. i just got my e-mail from my brother-in-law who lives just outside of paris.
6:33 am
authorities identified one of the suspect in the attacks as ismael mostafai. police received no response from france until after the attack. law enforcement official in many cities are beefing up security at the start of the work week. >> there's not a city in america that has the resources that we have here in new york, understandably, based on the 9/1 experience, so we're constantly on alert. >> homeland security officials said there's no known credible threat to the united states at the moment. it could have been us. that's the reaction to many mourners at the french embassy. >> delia goncalves has more on the story. >> reporter: a police officer is guarding this growing memorial and, indeed, people are still coming. a gentleman has dropped off
6:34 am
flower and take pictures of this growing memorial outside the gates of the embassy. >> to know people around the world are watching and thinking of you is nice. >> reporter: police stepped up security in light of the attacks. at reagan national airport, two men were question and released after acting suspiciously on a boston-bound american airlines flight. there is no specific threat, however. police remain on high alert in d.c. the chief reminding people if you see something, say something. we're live outside the french embassy, delia goncalves. leaders attending the g20 in turkey said they will respond vigorously to the attacks. turkey's president pledges leaders at the group of 20 will produce a strong message about fighting global message. around 10:00 a.m., the president will discuss the
6:35 am
attacks and america's response to them. to continue to follow the latest on the paris attack, download our mobile app. police identified the body of a woman found on the washington-baltimore highway and said it's lisa renie weisch. she ran out of gas on route 97. the 46-year-old woman needed dialysis but day of searching turned up no sign of her. hunters found her body early yesterday on the parkway near the p pawtucket river bridge. >> 6:35 now. a significant jump in the demand for affordable, quality child care. "the washington post" report than i font and toddlers are the fastest-growing age group. the number of children younger than 3 jumped 26% from 2010 to 2013. d.c. council members are trying to find out how to address problems. workers from china are creating is expected to be the
6:36 am
hottest and coolest display this holiday. we're talking about ice at the gay lord hotel and national harbor. "santa is coming to town," is the theme, based on the 1970s special. over 2-ton of ice is transformed to art. >> "santa claus is coming to town" is based on the 1970s movie. >> indeed it is. ice opens at national harbor this saturday -- just to remind you again -- through january 3. >> what it is based on again? >> the tv show. >> 6:36. the paris attack were the number one trending thing on social media all weekend long. >> not a surprise. millions of people expressed sympathy for the french people but one celebrity's tweets got him in hot water. i'm here on the weather terrace. it's cool with not a lot of wind. it's not too bad with a jacket on but, hey, you will be able leave the jacket in the office this afternoon with mid- 60s. here's how it is as you step
6:37 am
outside. a little cold, though, from manassas and culpeper. 42 for d.c. and 40s as you head through southern maryland. laurie, over to you. we have volume pick up on i- 66 eastbound before the capitol beltway but once you're inside the beltway from key bridge into georgetown, you're looking at a light commute this morning but we have some trouble spots going on around parts of the metro. we'll walk you around those spot after the break. stay close. and the hash tag is #petpics 9. look at what we have here, frankie back to his regularly scheduled programming. thank you. >> aw. >> look at seth. >> aw. >> mini schnauzer. >> going for a ride. d.c. rocks. heidi is ready for thanksgiving. good morning, heidi. #petpics 9. send them in. we love this is black friday. oh my god. does anybody want to be part of this? nooooo.
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>> welcome back to "wake up, washington." it is 6:41. we're off to a great start. here's a look at the cameras. not a cloud in the sky. it's going to be beautiful today. if you thought yesterday was good -- well, today is just as good if not better. your high today is 65 degrees. clouds are on their way for tomorrow. i'll have that futurecast coming up. here's larry miller. metro riders still have issues on the red line. expect delays to shady grove. think if you add ten minutes to the commute, you should be able to get to your destination on time. a live look shows you how things are shaping over the 14th street bridge into town. volume certainly a factor but not going to slow you down much. we'll have much more coming up in ten minute. over to you. one day removed from their blowout win over that other team in black and gold, redskins prepare to give back
6:42 am
to the local community. and california dad turns his home into a scene from "star wars." 6:42. "wake up, washington," is back after this. when the redskins got it done, it was must-win game to stay in the division. a victory over the saints. cousins? the controversy talk with over. a victory over the saints. they will have to be better next week as they visit undefeated carolina on sunday
6:43 am
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6:45 am
[ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. >> 6:46 now. a family took their halloween decorations to a
6:46 am
galaxy far away. >> they built a 20-foot tall death star. neighbors were so impress the family decide to leave it up until the movie opening next month. >> there wasn't a really good reason to do it a couple of years ago but with the new movie, we thought it was time to do it. >> a lot of ask you like, "why is your dad so crazy?" there's a gigantic thing on our roof. >> yeah, look just like han solo. >> isn't that outfit cute? the whole thing is made from electrical conduit coupler and suffer us parachutes -- we have plenty of surplus parachutes in the garage. it weighed 400-pound and had to be hoist by crane. >> good times. let's check in "cbs this morning." >> charlie rose has a preview. good morning. i hope you're a "star wars" fan -- i don't know if you have a death star on the roof of the condo.
6:47 am
>> i am and spent the weekend talking with george lucas about what he create and what the new "star wars" may be in comparison to what he may have done. >> amazing. > [ laughing ] let me talk about paris. we have scott kelly and our team of correspondents covering the mega overnight developments. we're also in iraq and traveling with the president in turkey as he work with world leaders on a new plan of attack against i.s.i.s. and we'll talk to mike morell about the technology change making the fight against terror more difficult. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> busy morning, charlie. thank you. have a good show. allyson has been tellings just good news about the forecast. >> absolutely. tuesday will be the easiest day. we'll have changes as early as tomorrow. today is beautiful. so you can enjoy comfortable temperatures, and
6:48 am
by tomorrow, changes drastically. we're looking good today with lots of sunshine through the afternoon. very similar to yesterday. we get a little bit warmer, even. 42 out there and we're going to have light wind. as we head through areas around the region, we're at 36 leesburg, 37 front royal, manassas and culpeper, you're below freezing at 30 degrees. 44 for baltimore so some temperatures mixing up across the area. today, high pressure will stay in place, no problems tomorrow. here come the changes already. an easterly wind will make it quite cloudy out there and will keep our temperatures into the 50s for tuesday. even a sprinkle will be possible as the low lying clouds make it not the prettiest day. by wednesday, we return to the mid-60s ahead of the cold front so wednesday, maybe a few stray showers areas west of the blue ridge. here come showers thunderstorms midnight on thursday so wednesday into thursday, this
6:49 am
will arrive for the morning rush. it will be very wet out there so today is the best day of the work week. 65 degrees, at for tomorrow, pretty cloudy and cool, sprinkle possible. 64 by wednesday. the rest of the week, we'll get warm ahead of the front, 56, but we cool back off by friday. it will be a gorgeous weekend but a very typical fall weekend, a very typical november weekend with highs in the 50s. all right, larry, over to you. commuters traveling in northwest d.c. need to be mindful of road closures. nikki burdine told us that there are delays, barricade situation on 18th and 21st street and m to i so you need extra time to account for that. we're doing well on the train. 270 towards the capitol beltway, 26 minute commute.
6:50 am
and 27 street northwest, 46 minute commute and increase of eight minutes. northbound 995 from dale boulevard to 395, 14 minute commute and eye annapolis to kepler, 13 minute commute. give yourself a few extra minutes. many celebrities are chiming in on the paris attack. >> not all positive reaction. tommy mcfly joins us fr7]o studio with more noteworthy moment. >> reporter: good morning, guys. >> many celebs stuck to the thought and prayer with those in paris on social media. some took it up a notch. check out what "snl" did with their cold open. >> paris is the city of light and here in new york city, we
6:51 am
know that light will never go out. >> reporter: justin bieber was performing at the halo award when he prayed for paris. >> we thank you and we just trust you even though it's hard, hard -- we just trust you. amen. >> reporter: rob lowe is under fire this morning for a couple of tweets he sent out. take a look. he criticized the french president, saying, "oh, now, france close its borders?" he defended himself, saying he use to live in paris and this is devastating and sad for a place he loves. you can keep up to date with the incident in paris at and the news app. an international manhunt is underway.
6:52 am
abdelhamid abaaoud is involved and salah abdeslam is the only one of eiwho survivor the attack. i.s.i.s. claimed responsibility for the attack and french war planes began hitting targets in a syrian stronghold. officials agree to share more information and plan to launch more strikes against the terror group. secret service police continue to keep watch here and you can see the growing memorial outside the front gate. people have been expressing their solidarity with the people of paris. there's no specific threat. d.c. police remain on high alert. nikki? d.c. police tell us the person involved in the
6:53 am
barricade situation has been contained. we have several road closures around here. take a look. traffic already building and it's been like this all morning. i want to tell you 18th street northwest to 21st street is closed and this started when a man barricade himself at 1999 k street northwest. it's not clear what happened since then but police tell us the person is contained and there are no injuries. we'll keep you updated on our wusa 9 mobile app. baltimore's homicide count has passed 300 for the first time since 1999. in the latest case, a 27-year- old man was stabbed to death in west baltimore, a 22-year-old was shot to death. both happened over the weekend. that accounts to more than a murder a day. a train stop in
6:54 am
spotsylvania, virginia today. the station is near the intersection of u.s. 20 in crossroads parkway, southern- most stop on the fredericksburg line. the official ribbon cutting is 10:00 a.m. planners are one step closer to realizing a national world war i memorial. that will be located near the white house at persian park on pennsylvania avenue as designated by the president and congress last year. today's meeting is hosted by the national civic arts society. the newest medal of honor recipient will be on the late show with stephen colbert tonight. president obama awarded retired army captain flo globerg the highest honor. groberg was leading a group of soldiers in 2012 when he spotted man with a bomb strap
6:55 am
to his chest. four people died in the explosion but if groberg hadn't tackled the bomber before the blast, the casualties could have been worse. the world's most fake famous spy is not shy. "spectre" is in first place for the second week, starring daniel craig. it grossed $35 million more state side. soit rt of is lagging behind the last film, "skyfall." "peanuts" was second place. "love the coopers" was third place and after more than a month, "the martian" is in the top five with fourth place. today the redskins will give back to their communities. several players will be on hand at suitland high school this afternoon where they're going to distribute turkeys to 250 families. they're partnering with the food bank and fixings for a complete thanksgiving meal for those families. i can can't believe thanksgiving is a week we way.
6:56 am
65-degree. it's beautiful. enjoy it. tomorrow, clouds will move in with showers and storms. we'll get in the thanksgiving day spirit with 50 and a lot of sunshine. larry? we have those delays on the red line to shady grove. thankfully, bus have been running on schedule, which is good. sky 9 showing us volume on the southbound side of from montrose road towards the spur. you'll see that pickup. it starts to aleaveuate itself on the outer loop of the beltway so there is an end in sight. just add the commute time. cbs has the latest on the search for the suspect in the paris terrorist attack. and awareness of antibiotic and how they are overused. if you haven't gotten the wusa app, download it because it's free and amazing. >> the app >> is where it's at! >> we'll see you in 25 minutes
6:57 am
with a local update. have a good morning. >> thank you for waking up with us, washington. ♪ ♪ every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. x
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good morning. new tails on the international manhunt to track down terror suspects. >> france retaliates with air strikes in isis in syria. president obama meets with president putin and other world leaders to coordinator strategy. >> what is being an attack here. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. an international manhunt undey r wafor a 26-year-old man who allegedly grove one of the get-away cars. >> france fights back aga


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