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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 16, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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breaking news. thank you for joining us. reuters is reporting that isis has released a new video threatening attacks here on washington, d.c. this as the french are fighting back after the terror attacks. they raided 150 locations overnight and in syria, french war planes slammed isis targets
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with bombs. >> reporter: thousands across paris shared an emotional moment of silence, honoring the lives of those killed in the terror attacks on friday night. french police are moving aggressivery, arresting two dozen people 0 overnight during more than 150 raids across the country. security forces in belgium are also on the move searching for 26-year-old salah abdeslam. police say he's the only attacker who escaped. french reports say abu bakr al- bagdadi is the mastermind of the operation. he's a belgian citizen. french war planes targeted in syria overnight. u.s. intelligence is helping the french locate targets. >> isil is the face of evil.
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our goal many times is to degrade an ultimately destroy. >> reporter: many parisians have returned to work. there's still sadness and fear. this man still can't believe his friend was gunned down during one of the attacks on a paris cafe. >> she died. >> reporter: his other friend is recovering after being shot at the bataclan theater our reporter joins us with the embassy with more. >> reporter: we've been here all morning long. i can tell that you secret service police have -- you that secret service police have been guarding the embassy. some folks just dropped by. there is a young lady with flowers reading some of the
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cards that are here. one woman i spoke to said when you see this display in person, it takes your breath away. >> this is the day after 9/11 for me. >> reporter: this memorial spread after the attacks. this man works next door and was drawn to the flowers, cards, balloons, people uniting to pray for paris. cooperrer met french artists at the embassy this summer. >> wanted to e-mail and see if they are okay. >> reporter: americans know the pain and fear that following such terror. >> she got on the bus. she went to new york and -- anything can happen. we can't let them know we're afraid. >> reporter: of course, police
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remain on high alert. the chief reminding residents if you see something, say something. back to you. >> thank you. 34-year-old arno was at the bataclan the night of the attacks. he was shot in the chest and is no a medically induced coma. he's expected to survive. his father lives on martha's vineyard. >> a bullet went under his right arm. it punctured his lung and got fairly close to his heart. luckily, it didn't touch any vital organs. >> it was seven hours, though, before his family learned that he would be okay. his surgery is complete and he will be taken out of a cuomo within a day or
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the presidential candidates are focusing more on what needs to happen to keep america safe. there are 18 declared candidates left in the republican and democratic race combined for president. one of them will be the next president of the united states. all of them are now trying to figure out how to deal with isis and the threat of terrorism at home in light of these attacks in paris. >> attacking paris, reminds us that there is no middle ground in going after these terrorists. >> isis has not hidden their intention, the islamic state has stated their intention to murder americans. >> the obama administration officials insist no syrian refugees will come to america without first going through a very thorough screening process. for the latest
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developments, download the wusa9 app. the campus of washington college in chestertown is closed as plif police look for a student threatening violence. they claim the student was going home in pennsylvania to get a firearm. the only details we know, the student was driving a green range rover. students living in the resident halls have been moved so police have search those buildings. a barricade situation at k and 19 streets in northwest d.c. police had the building surrounded and several streets were shut down. nikki is live with more on how it has progressed. nikki? >> reporter: that's right, mike. the scene is now cleared. the situation is over and that woman is now in custody. but d.c. police have still not told us who she is or why she did this. downtown d.c. had been shut down for hours, turning a typically congested area into a
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ghosttown. the streets and sidewalks that were open were filled with people trying to get to work. >> everybody else is ready to go to work. >> what are you gonna do? >> hang out for 20 minutes and then go home and work from home. >> hope flip nobody is hurt and it will be cleared up -- hopefully nobody is hurt and it will be cleared up soon. >> reporter: police got a call about a call about a woman in a mental health crisis. when they arrived, a shot came but it did not come from them. there's not a lot of information and people were stuck thinking the worse. >> i was thinking about what happened over the weekend. little conveniences don't bother me because it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: i asked d.c. police why there was such a
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huge response to one woman. they said it was for the safety of everyone involved. there are still a couple of road closures where we are right now at 19th and i, it's reopened. but the building at 19th and kay is still closed and will be closed for the rest of the day. that's the latest a+$ffĂ­from back to. >> you -- all right. thank you. firefighters battled a burning home in gray falls. the flames broke out at 1:00 a.m. no one was hurt. you can see the video. they are still trying to figure out what sparked the fire. virginia's governor is reviewing the rules for compensating people who were involuntary sterilized by the state under the sterile ily station act. those were performed at six state institutions. the general assembly has budgeted $400,000 to compensate the victims and the families. they are expected do get
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$25,000 each. still ahead -- a smartphone app that may have helped terrorists in france keep their deadly plot a secret. but first, high anxiety at 30,000 feet. find out why this jetliner
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welcome back. an engine fire in decatur spelled and emergency landing. it was traveling from israel to los angeles when the right engine fire alarm went off. once on the ground, the crews didn't find any issues but they still requested another 747 to continue on. the fbi is investigating a break-in at an army facility in massachusetts. officials confirm that several weapons were taken from the lincoln army reserve center
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over the weekend. they say there's no reason to believe it was connected to terrorism. beautiful day outside. allyson, take it away. >> reporter: i'm out here without a jacket. temperatures are already in the mid-50s right here in d.c. 66. check out baltimore, 68 degrees. it does not feel like november. we'll take a look at the seven- day forecast and when it will
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winter is coming. a lot of you hate it but you know who loves it? topper, heat predicting how cold it will be and how much snow we'll get. don't miss his winter forecast -- tonight at 11:00. welcome back. now back to the terror attacks
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in france that killed at least 129 people. investigators are trying to figure out why the plot for the attack in paris did not pop up on any surveillance. he's more on how technology may have helped the attackers coordinate. >> reporter: the paris attackers may have pulled off their plot in part by keeping their plotting secret. isis uses so-called dark apps to hide their messages from surveillance, the same apps many use to keep information private. former fbi deputy director timothy murphy -- >> it's caused a huge, huge blind spot for intelligence agencies and law enforcement to get insight into what they are. >> reporter: even the app makers can't get the data. brill bratton. >> these app, these devices that allow the terrorists to operate effectively without
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fear of penetration by intelligence agencies. this is the first example of this. >> reporter: in brussels, searching for accomplices, investigators reportedly discovered a playstation 4. belgium leaders say communications on the gaming console are also difficult to monitor. >> it's a huge, huge prob problem. they will go off the social media platforms into encrypted platforms and have further conversations about travel, if you can't travel, take action against your own country. >> reporter: and isis is already using the paris attacks to build its brands online. >> this event is similar to the ones of 9/11 inner terms of the game-changing as special of it. >> medical and legal professionals use this information to keep it private. british intelligence reportedly uses them for its own communication. back to you. >> for the latest developments on the attack in paris,
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breaking news and live yub dates -- dash and -- news and live updates, go to our website. a double-decker hit two beds and smashed into several people. 20 people were hurt. katie bailey, a stunned witness said after the bus hit it kept going. >> the bus was going quickly through the intersection. it looked like it was going out of control. >> investigators are trying to find out whether or not the cause of the crash was mechanical or the result of driver error. the bus driver is in hot -- is in the hospital. two california deputies are on paid leave. this is disturbing video. it shows the officer from the san francisco bay area beating a man with batons. this happened after a car chase that lasted a half-hour. police say the suspect was spotted with a gun in a stolen
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car. they say the man ran into the officer with the car before taking off. an investigation has been launched to determine whether the force was justified. and there it goes. 26-story skyscraper in china goes crashing down in minutes and it all went directly as planned. there it is go. 380 feet of concrete steel came down and the other buildings nearby barely got a sketch. engineerses used about 1.5 tons of expressives to brick it -- bring it down. we wanted to know who makes the medal of honor and the other top military awards before they are presented to
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america's war heroes. the companies in texas and rhode island mold the medals and they are sent to a team to grave and assemble them. mark albert went to philadelphia to meet the team. >> reporter: chris mcdaniels uses technology to engrave. >> does it ever give you pause? >> sometimes. sometimes. i put myself in their position, would i have been brave fluff to do what they -- enough to do what they did. >> reporter: they engraved 21 medals for the army and assemble 131 in all. along with a medal of honor, such as the one bestowed this week. the unit processed 23,000 medals last year. those numbers are drawn since the drawdown forces in iraq and afghanistan. staffing shortages have increased a backlog.
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this general oversees the unit and army logistics worldwide. >> is it a priority? >> yes. we want to get them to them as quickly as we can. >> reporter: a line of purple, seemingly without end. would your father be proud of what you do today? >> definitely. definitely. >> reporter: he served in one way, you are serving in another. >> yes. yes. i guess it's a family thing. >> reporter: mark albert, cbs news, philadelphia. >> 3496 medals have been given since i awards started back in 196 -- 1861. excuse me. toss it is weather. it's gorgeous. you can't believe it's november and thanksgiving is ten days away. >> reporter: it's hard to get in the spirit. >> yes. >> reporter: it is gonna be different. it feels like spring out there.
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it's in the mid- to upper 60s. thinking about our 3-degree guarantee. join topper tonight at 11:00 and also he has that all- important winter forecast tonight at 11:00, too. take a look how we're starting off. not a cloud out there. it's just beautiful thanks to high pressure and high pressure is go only gonna stick with us for a while longer. tomorrow is not gonna be as pretty. if you want to be outside, enjoy this afternoon. it's so comfortable. i was out there without the jacket on. you don't need a jacket at all. it was cool. we're already at 66. the wind are out of the northwest. they will be more southwesterly later on tonight. take a look at this. laurel, 1 degree shy of 70 degrees. 64 for fairfax. 66 for springfield. our record highs are in the mid- 70s. i don't think we'll be breaking record highs but we know it's gorgeous. that's for sure. we'll stay sunny and dry. this evening as the sun sets, probably be sun glare on the way home. , cautious of that -- be
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cautious of that. we'll have a weather alert day for thursday. showers, a thunderstorm and it will impact the morning commute on thursday. the weekend shaping up to be okay. it will be nice. 68 degrees by 3:00. we'll stay in the 50s by 6:00. this evening, still in the lower 50s. first thing tomorrow morning, not as chilly as it has been. we are at 5:00. no problems except for the sun as it begins to set. tomorrow morning we're starting off with cloudy skies. that will keep the temperatures out of the 60s tomorrow into the upper 50s. we'll have moments of sunshine that will help warm us up. it won't be as pleasant as it is today. it will be dry for most area. we'll see a couple of stray showers and that will be the case on wednesday. still cloudy. the wind will turn more
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southerly on wednesday. that will help us get wack to the 60s -- back to the 6. showers ahead of the front on wednesday ahead of the blue ridge. that's not the main rain chance. here it comes on thursday. notice the time here. 6:00 in the morning. heavy downpours. we'll see about an inch of rain or so from this for some areas. this will impact the morning commute about the lunch hour. but it does get out of here in time for the evening. tupper 60s today -- upper 60s. take it all in. we know days like this don't come by often in november. 59 for tuesday. cloudy and cool and with the low clouds tomorrow, we could see a couple of sprinkles. by wednesday, showers, isolated showers. mainly for areas off to the west. showers. perfect football weather this
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there was a daring escape over the weekend in philadelphia. it was not from a prison. two circus animals ran for their lives. they broke out of the universal circus during the afternoon. anna couldn't believe what she was seeing. >> came around and came around and shot right by. it shot across. i was like is that a zebra? [laughter] >> is that shirt hysterical considering the story? the zebras were found one and a half, two miles away. they were not hurt. it's still unclear how they got out of there. >> we do know that animal print will never go out of style. >> it's all good. very, very funny. how did they find that woman for the interview? [laughter] >> hope you have a great day.
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that's if it fors news -- that's it for the news at noon. and don't forget our app. it's where it's at. >> absolutely.
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>> chelsea: i love doing that. >> adam: mm. me, too. you know, if i knew we wouldn't be interrupted -- >> chelsea: i know. damn those nurses and doctors -- always interrupting. [ sighs ] >> adam: they're pesky. >> chelsea: the nerve. very pesky. oh, what are you reading, hm? >> adam: this? uh...i thought it would be best to bone up on elise moxley. >> chelsea: oh, the judge ruling about your appeal. >> adam: yeah. she's one half of genoa city's -- it says right there -- foremost power couple. >> chelsea: [ chuckles ] oh, really? don't tell victor and nikki that. >> adam: mm. >> chelsea: let's see. oh, she's married to senator moxley. let's hope she has a heart. billy. uh, hey. >> billy: hey. >> chelsea: i thought you'd be busy today preppin


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