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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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in france police trying to track down two suspects in the attacks that killed 129 people. kenneth craig has the latest. >> reporter: several developments of the past tonight where police are working to trace the footsteps of that missing attacker and revealing another is on the run. french police looking for a second fugitive who was involved in the attacks. they are already on the hunt for solah abdeslam. his brother, urged him to surrender. the best thing he says, was for him to turn himself in. french media are reporting solah abdeslam rented two hotels in paris. there are reports he used a credit card and was not alone. in paris a group of muslims gathered, some held up signs. >> it is not about terrorism.
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>> reporter: this memorial has become a public gathering place to remember the dead. some express themselves through music. a russian violinist played a tribute to the victims outside of the theater, where most of the carnage occurred. >> i wanted to play for the people. >> reporter: tuesday russia ordered one of its missile cruisers to work with france. just as paris is a starting to wind down another frightening development at germany where several major events were canceled including a soccer match. at this point police in germany have not found any explosives. reporting in paris, kenneth craig, wusa9. >> in the wake of the attacks
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the president will meet with francois hollande at the white house next week. the white house says the visit underscores the friendship and cooperation between me two countries. vladimir putin and francois hollande has agreed to step up coordination to combat isis. a group affiliated with isis has claimed responsibility for the airplane that went down in russia. today the russian military launched a new airstrikes against the syria. >> maryland governor larry hogan requested authorities to stop sending refugees from syria to maryland until the government can make sure they pose no threat to public safety. at least one of the terrorist in paris carried a
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syrian passport. republicans bought a closer look at the process of keeping syrians coming in. >> we cannot let terrorists take advantage of our compassion. this is a moment where it is better to be safe than sorry. more than 25 governments -- today dick black called on the governor to stop syrian refugees from coming in. peggy fox spoke to a local muslim to get his perspective. >> reporter: with the knowledge that a terrorist in the french attacks took over the border posing as a refugee the senator says it would be irresponsible for virginia to take any syrian refugees. but, he says that would be un-
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american. american muslims are feeling the backlash after the attacks in paris. these muslims praying at the mosque say violence has no place in islam. >> we see a minority of extremists who are giving a bad name to islam. >> reporter: because they have different believes they are often persecuted in muslim countries. >> i came here to this country on the basis of asylum. >> reporter: he fled persecution in pakistan when he was 15. now, he is a father a professional and a leader in his community. he thinks it is wrong to close the door on refugees. >> this country is built on people of all races and religions. if we say that everybody who belongs to this religion is not allowed is
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completely wrong. >> reporter: not far away a sanctuary is filled with food for the poor. >> i am just glad i live 9in virginia. our faith lls us we are to receive those that are refugees. >> reporter: he has strong words for politicians who want to keep refugees out. >> we have a long history of welcoming the stranger. >> reporter: the president has pledged that the u.s. will take 100 thousand refugees. so far, virginia has taken 20 for. peggy fox, wusa9. >> those who support taking refugees says the government has safeguards in place. >> school trips being canceled
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in washington. schools claim it is too whiskey to visit the capital right now. at the white house we found a refugee who said he escaped several terror attack and feels more secure in washington. >> it is very dangerous in afghanistan. >> tourism officials said they have not noticed a drop in visitors. for the latest on the attacks we have an entire section dedicated to it on hour -- on our free app. police pull four passengers often airplane this morning. they say a fellow passenger notified the crew because she was alarmed that one of them was watching a news report on his phone. a witness appeared -- a witness says the four people seem to be of middle
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eastern dissent. massachusetts state police say a drunk passenger tried to open in exit door in midflight. the flight from london to boston had to be stopped. when the plane landed police took the woman into custody. why charlie sheen decided to put the rumors to rest now. we are less than three hours away from the basketball game. we are going your life for a preview. we issued a yellow weather alert for thursday. thursday, look at the red, we are looking at big thunderstorms. we will come back to tell you the timetable and what it means for your friday. up next,
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washington college is closed until further notice. the school is on high alert as police search for a student they say has a gun. prosecutors say jacob marberger is wanted on gun charges.
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investigators won't give away the details of an incident until they find jacob marberger. a judge in massachusetts ordered a resource when a teammate suspect would not enter the courthouse. the student is accused of killing his math teacher. he refused to go back to the courtroom because "he was about to explode and did not want to hurt anybody." police in minneapolis praising for protest following the deadly shooting of a black man. the man died last night about the same time officers were arresting 51 protesters. police say clark was a suspect in an assault investigation and was shot to a fight with paramedics. we are learning more about the man who stashed six bodies on his property. police say william
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hudson befriended the group after he helped th pull their car out of the mud. it is believed he returned later and killed of them. he is being held on to million dollars bond.
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acela. take off. i thought i had a brain tumor. i thought it was owner. after tests -- i thought i was a god or. after tests they told me what it was. >> the former "two and a half men" star in the drivers saying he was diagnosed four years ago. he says he told his three ex-wives about his diagnosis but he has paid millions to keep other people quiet. he says many more are still trying to extort him. he claims his medication has amount the -- he claims his medication has made the amount of the virus detectable in his body almost nothing. >> we have heard the story can
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be a help or a hindrance. he says he has lived with hiv for four years. he has lived with the virus that could lead to aids for more than 20 years. >> he decided to spend money to keep something like this secret. what i thought about were our patients. the ones who don't have those resources. >> he says scores of men and women are being treated for hiv. it is no longer the death sentence that it was. >> people without resources many times of stigma results in them not getting tested. not taking their medicine. >> there are roughly 16,000 people living with hiv in washington
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right every year. it is roughly a 50% drop from prior years. >> i think i released myself from this prison today. >> his celebrity is putting hiv in conversations again and that is a good thing say advocates. >> i have a responsibility to better myself and to help other people. >> it is easier for your doctor to manage hiv then it is diabetes. >> we heard numerous times at the clinic that safe sex is the best protection against hiv. also, there is a drug that greatly reduces the chances of acquiring the virus. >> charlie sheen had a very a dick lifestyle but hopefully people
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know you don't have to have that kind of a lifestyle to be at risk. >> absolutely, that is true. the fastest growing groups for hiv are seniors and young people. the favorite panda cub is about to go public. officials announced bei bei will go on public exhibit on january 16. in the presidential race another candidate has dropped out. republican governor bobby jindal says it is not his time. which means there are still 14 candidates in the race. how are you doing on the 3 degrees guarantee?
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>> i think we are okay today. i am a little concerned. we went for a high of 61 today, which, by the way is average. we will let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. all you have to do is download our app to follow it. it is 55 right now. reality -- relative humidity at 72. tonight, a shower is possible after midnight. no worries if you want to take a walk after dinner. a couple of areas could be wet, nothing heavy on wednesday, thursday is a different story. a yellow weather alert for thunderstorms. some of those could be heavy.
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at 10:30 tonight 53 downtown. 50 in the suburbs. by 6:00 showers in culpeper. gaithersburg you are at 48. by 9:00 tonight some showers crossing over 95. temperatures in the 50s. 55 in leesburg. at 1:00 a.m. most of the showers are out west and most are still light. thursday we will have showers. look at this, do you see the red and the orange? that is some heavy activity rolling in. so, clouds to start tomorrow. 60 at 11:00. 63 at 1:00.
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thursday still near 70, it is gorgeous on friday with a high near 60. saturday, it is nice for the game. sunday we are in the 40s. back near 60 on tuesday. georgetown and maryland squaring off tonight. let's go to the xfinity center. >> reporter: it is very exciting. it has been 40 years since i have played each other. fans havbeen lined up for hours. they are actually waiting to get in. -- they are anxiously waiting to get in. sports is next. the widow of a war hero wants the money from the
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he to -- welcome back. we are live at the xfinity center for the showdown between maryland and georgetown. this game tonight has been sold out for a very long time and for good reason. this is the first time in 20 to years they have met in a regular-season game. ea40 yrs since i have played here in college park. >> i don't know i don't know how many tickets we could have sold. i am sure we could have sold 60,000 tickets for
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this game. so, it is great. it will be on national about television too. -- it will be on national television too. >> the head coach said they had been trying to get this done for years. >> it gives us the opportunity to do it it gives us the opportunity to do it we are excited. we have not played them in how many years? a couple of years. so, we are excited. >> there is a moment in the history of this rivalry that most fans remember. the guy at the center of that has now gotten back to his root. >> reporter: he was on the 1993
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team that beat the big dogs. >> maryland pulls off the upset. >> that was their home game. we were do. >> reporter: he thinks back on the game a lot, these days he is an assistant coach at george mason university. back then he was a sophomore, point guard. he said the day after thanksgiving he felt like something good was going to happen. when the game went to overtime it did and he was at the catalyst. >> as a point guard you see the play developing and i knew when i got past brown there was an opening it was just a matter of making the play. >> what a big win for gary williams!
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the terps are back! >> reporter: he credits the head coach with helping players believe in the process. that game catapulted maryland to prominence. >> that event helped shape me as a person in terms of the importance of preparation. >> reporter: but does he think about this game? >> maryland will beat georgetown this year. >> a reminder coming up at 7:00 we have special coverage with gary williams. we hope to see you then. back to you in the studio. have a great night . for the girl scout meeting...
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>> pelley: tonight, from paris, the manhunt widens. the search is on for a second terrorist who go got away. france launches more bombing raids against isis. secretary kerry tells us the u.s. and russia may join forces against the terror group. and how do you explain evil to the most innocent among us? a dad's tender words of wisdom. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. reporting tonight from paris. >> pelley: the president of france ordered a third round of attacks on isis targets in syria tonight. inspired, he says, by the faces that don't leave his mind. the


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