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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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breaking news right now reports of two air france flight diverted because of bomb threats and one of those flight left a from washington's dallas airport. it was on its way to paris. that flight was diverted to in airport in nova scotia where it landed safely. a flight headed from los angeles was diverted to salt lake city after a bomb threat. it is not clear if the threats are connected. keep it right here for the latest developments. tonight there is a lot the breaking news on the attacks in paris including word that some of the terrorist were known to american intelligence. house members say all but one of the attackers were on a no-fly list. and new information that there may be a second man on the loose.
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surveillance video obtained indicates a team of three carried out the shootings at the cafi. >> security forces are on high alert. german officials evacuated a soccer stadium and canceled the game after authorities received what they thought was a credible threat. john berner in has said -- john brennan says isis probably has plans for more tax. >> tonight at the attack on paris has led to a debate on the president's plan to resettle 10,000 syrians in the united states. >> the president accused republicans of being scared of "widows and orphans" the president says leaders calling for a ban on refugees are using rhetoric that is a potential recruiting tool for the
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islamic state. it is a debate that is spreading across the country. >> reporter: they taste of the rhetoric coming from both sides on this debate that is split along party lines. republicans in opposition of settling refugees here. democrats, pushing for the program to continue. paul ryan added his voice to the chorus of republicans calling for a temporary halt in the resettle the of -- in the resettlement of refugees. >> we cannot let them take advantage of our compassion. >> reporter: the opposition to allowing in refugees echoed that of 31 governors. the vast majority of them republicans. >> we will not allow them into alabama. >> reporter: the candidates all
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oppose the resettlement. >> we don't even know who they are. >> reporter: jeb bush defended his preference for allowing only christian refugees. >> you can prove you are a christian. >> how? >> if you can't you air on the side of caution. >> reporter: the democratic candidates support the program. back in washington the attorney general defended the 18-20 form of the screening process for refugees. >> certainly there are challenges because of the situation in syria. i would now we have the benefit of having a screening process in place. they process that europe has not been able to set up. >> reporter: tonight the white house held a conference call with 35 governors to address of their issues with the program.
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late tonight word from one of those governors said he came away unconvinced. reporting live, jared hayes, wusa9. >> it is a debate that a debate that will continue. tonight we spoke with a syrian man who is looking for asylum right here in washington dc. >> reporter: he says he understands security concerns in this post 911 world that we live in but he insists all syrians are not terrorist. that most of them are the biggest victims of the humanitarian crisis. >> i have my job. i had my career in syria. i had a life. >> reporter: he is a a father, a husband, but he wants us to know what he is not, a threat. >> we understand the security
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concerns. there is an indirect accusation of all syrians that they are terrorists. >> reporter: he says most of them are victims. >> they are fleeing because of the death. because of the destruction. >> reporter: he fled in 2011. he says, the civil war is now we world war. after leaving syria he joined his wife and child in the u.s. he applied for asylum in 2014. now, he waits on the decision, his status is pending and the timeframe is uncertain. do you think being syrian is complicating matters? >> apparently, yes. >> reporter: but he does not
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blame americans. >> when you move to another society you start from scratch. >> reporter: to a country built on starting from scratch. >> this is a real nation of migrants. now, this nation of migrants is refusing migrants? it does not make sense. >> reporter: he questions those 35 governors and wonders why some of them are calling for an intensive vetting process for migrants. he says what he has gone through tubes that we have some of the strict west and most exhaustive vetting around the world. >> he believes to do this next
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layer of bedding is unnecessary? >> he said it is already a very rigorous process. >> we will see what happens. thank you. schools in several states have postponed field trips to dc because of safety concerns. school leaders as close as maryland are saying it is too risky to visit the capital right now. officials say they have not noticed any sudden drop in visitors. but for bus drivers told us it is much quieter than usual. police pulled four passengers off a spirit airline playing this morning. they say a fellow passenger notified the crew because she was alarmed that one of them was watching a news report on his phone. police searched the aircraft and found nothing dangerous. police later released all four passengers. >> for the latest coverage of the attacks download our new app.
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>> we now have a special a special page devoted to the attacks. that is where you can get the breaking news you need. new tonight, a virginia man due in court to face charges of stalking, masturbation in public and indecent exposure. police arrested michael edwards for allegedly taking pictures of women while he shopped in two different stores. they also continue to investigate him involving a case in which a woman was hit with his bodily fluid. a teenager has been found safe six days after vanishing. the mother of the girl posted a facebook message calling her daughter a hero after surviving six days by herself in the forest. she is a former student at wilson
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high school. washington college has closed its campus and evacuated it students until further notice. the school is on high alert as police search for a student they say has a gun. prosecutors say jacob marberger is wanted on gun charges connected to an incident that took place three weeks ago on campus. yesterday police in baltimore released a report from the 2015 civil unrest in baltimore. the report was done by an outside agency. it outlined major shortcomings in the police response to the riots. so, what has changed? ellison barber tonight with a man many refer to as he eyes of baltimore. >> reporter: he is well known in baltimore. he grew up here. but he is known for photos like
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this. he took his first photo inside of the store almost three years ago. the plan was to put the pictures on t-shirts and sell them. now he is here. taking photos as the city burns. he cap should children raising their hands. people blocking the streets and it officer crying. >> as a black artist i i knew i could tell the story better than the media outlet. >> reporter: that is what he tried to do posting countless photos. they were shared thousands of times. >> i got on twitter and i read about myself. >> reporter: even after that he does not consider himself a journalist. >> i consider myself a dialogue creator. >> reporter: his work is far from finished. he takes photos every
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day. he still sees the hurt, the frustration and the problems from seven months ago. >> nothing has changed yet. it is still the same. >> reporter: but in every photo he finds glimmer of hope. -- but in every photo he finds a glimmers of hope. >> we are slowly getting back. >> reporter: he plans to do what he can to keep the conversation moving forward. >> only love can dispel hate. hate causes so much suffering. we have got to learn how to love each other. >> reporter: in baltimore, ellison barber, wusa9. >> he still freelances with "time magazine" and just came back from austria.
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a gofundme page has raised $30,000 for victims of the church be in crash that killed four. the large yolo was carrying 16 people to church services when it crashed in november 8. the pregnant woman suffered serious injuries and had to have emergency surgery. sally, she lost her baby. several of the others remain in the hospital. tonight there is one less candidate in the race for president. bobby jindal has dropped out. he says it is not his time. he says he will support whatever becomes the nominee. do you recognize this? that is yours four years ago saying you would pay this woman. >> a six year battle to get her money back finally comes to an end thanks to our team. see what it took for the woman to get her money. that is up next.
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a judge tries to hit uber with a 50 million-dollar fine. see what happens now. can make and? we have some clouds that could lead to showers. upper 40s to mid-50s tomorrow. a couple showers are possible. we have issued for the girl scout meeting...
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okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant. our call for action team is standing up for a widow who lost her belongings. >> reporter: her money to a moving company -- and her money to a moving company. >> reporter: before we tracked down the man inside the truck we want to to know our victim repeatedly asked for her money
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back. >> because my husband had passed away. i wanted to move. >> reporter: the war medals he earned in vietnam were the few items she intended to move. she just not -- she could not continue in the home, the here they shared for 33 years. she hired alan cook's junk refund because he agreed to remove the clutter, to sell the valuables and split any proceeds with her. a promise six years ago. >> he kept promising me he would pay me. it never happened. >> reporter: in his receipt for items sold and services never rendered he promised her more than 20 to hundred dollars. >> i got $150 in cash in the mail. >> reporter: after we started to call he started to make payments but then he stopped. that is your writing, four years ago saying
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you would pay this woman. he also stopped answering our questions. we caught up with him again. >> i paid her the money. >> reporter: how much money do you own her? -- how much money do you over? workers a show dozens of other complaints that he does not want to discuss. you need to pay this woman. two days later a check for $500 showed up at her front door. then a check for $100, then today another check, more than he sent since all of this began. she says right now the balance due is $697. back to you. >> we have some good news for her, the real estate company that referred her is also sending her a check for the rest of the money
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old. they tell us they have stopped doing business with cook. if you have a problem you want hour team to investigate go to and click on call for action or you can call the hotline. texas and pennsylvania -- judges in pennsylvania want to find uber for operating without approval. it is now up to the public utility commission to decide whether to impose that $50 million fine. it is the moment in the show when you find out what you are made up. >> yes it is. i was a little nervous today. we had more sun this morning than i thought we
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would. we went for a high of 63. well, the high was are you ready? it was a bull's-eye. i am sorry, it was 61. i am going 63 tomorrow. we are 63 and 66 and we are going 63 tomorrow. a live look outside, it is mild, it is still 50. it is a little windy and the wind will continue tonight and tomorrow. some showers on wednesday. bus stop temperatures up to 55. you probably won't need an umbrella. yellow weather alert on thursday, no doubt about that. good news, cooler but nice on friday behind the cold front. tomorrow morning most of us have clouds. a couple of showers to the west.
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look at the temperatures. it is still 51 downtown. that is a good deal for what is now late november. by 9:00 a.m. we still have some showers. everything is light, check out -- check it out, it is all light activity. 1:63 downtown. 63 in manassas. even fairfax is at 62. at 6:00 a few showers and we are still mild. by 10:00 p.m. some showers but look back to the west the where the front comes in. by 8:00 in the morning it went commute for everybody. notice the yellow, that is heavy activity. i think we may hear some funder on thursday. -- i think we may hear some funder on thursday.
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i would prepare for a slow commute on thursday morning. the good news is everything is gone quickly. overnight, mostly cloudy, really kind of mild. 50s to start. 60s by 11:00. yellow weather alert thursday with showers and storms. we will keep an eye on it for you. cooler but nice on friday. nice for the terps on saturday. coldest day of the season on sunday. back there 60 on tuesday. so it will stay cold for long. >> speaking of terps. it got a little nerve-racking. >> this is only a two your deal between these two but if it keeps up like this they have to keep of this rival.
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most of those had filled up the student section weren't even alive to remember what arrival we was like between the terps and to hoyas. the crowd was crazy tonight in college park for what turned out to be an incredible game. rivalry renewed tonight. the coach heading out. john thompson all serious. copeland hits the floater here. but, the terps but not back down. stone hits the job are here. later, terps in transition.
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rasheed sulaimon to carter junior. it would be back in forth in the 1st half. this game would be tied at 33 at the half. hoyas put up a fight in the 2nd half. the freshman with the big three- point shot. late in the 2nd half terps down three. big triple from mellow to tie the game at 61. look at those students loving it. later, rasheed sulaimon hits the huge three-point shot. 75-71 terps. it was a good one. the defending champion duke against kentucky tonight. 2nd half murray splits the defense. kentucky wins this one 75-63. there was another
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basketball game being played. the wizards snapped a losing streak this saturday. they try for a winning streak tonight. wizards hosting milwaukee and it was all john wall. very early in the game he gets the dunk. later wizards go on a roll. john wall with the triple. 19 points for wall tonight. 115-86. >> nothing has changed in the college football polls. iowa we made at five. oklahoma state moved up to the six spot. so, just a couple of weeks left in the regular-season for college football.
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let's talk about the forecast. >> some showers tomorrow. yellow alert the weather on thursday it back a nice finish to the week. then it gets cold on sunday and monday. we will be following the details of the diversion on those two flights, passengers taken off a fight to the terminal, no word yes if the planes have been searched. we will be tracking that. >> thank you for
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