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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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on edge tonight as officials still not sure if violent raids led to the terrorists they're tracking. and on edge here in virginia, as tension turns to hate at a meeting to discuss a new mosque. thank you for joining us, i'm leslie foster. >> a meeting in a plan to build a mosque turns into a vicious attack on muslims and a community feeling the fear. peggy fox joins us with the story. >> reporter: the local islamic community has outgrown this building and is proposing to build a mosque nearby on property they own. at last night's presentation, things turned ugly fast. >> right now. is this a evil. >> reporter: it was a level of hostility that he did not expect at this community meeting. >> it was almost like a mob type think. people pointing fingers. >> reporter: a civil engineer and business owner, he was
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making the presentation about a new mosque on behalf of his religious organization, when he was shouted down, and called a terrorist. >> everything within our power to make sure this doesn't happen. because you're terrorists. every one of you are terrorists. i don't care what you say. you can say whatever you want, but every muslim is a terrorist. >> reporter: the woman taking this video was on the front page of the freelance star. >> it was horrible. it was really horrible to be called a terrorist. it is so sad that people are so ignorant. because of people who did what they did are not muslims. >> reporter: some of the people in the meeting were concerned the mosque would take in refugees from syria. >> why did you come here? for religious persecution, and that's exactly what you're
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doing to us. >> reporter: the instigator continued to shout. >> how does it feel now that you know some of your neighbors think you're a terrorist? >> it's very concerning. it's scary in a way. >> we tried to do everything nice to please god, to please humanity. >> reporter: when it was clear the insults were not going to stop, a sheriff's deputy broke up the meeting. wuas9. the latest from the white house over the debate of the refugees is a warning from the president. obama says he will veto attempts by house republicans to increase screenings for syrian and iraq refugees before they enter the united states. speaker paul ryan says the proposal is quote common sense. the current process can take as long as three years, and include security screening and biometrics. debate over the refugee cry has intensified since friday's
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paris attacks. french authorities still looking for suspects, as they launched more than 400 raids across the countries. >> it is not clear if they found the ringleader of friday's attack. live in the satellite center with the latest information. >> reporter: tonight authorities are still working to identify the suspects in that hour long raid today. it was a fierce shootout on exchange of more than 5, 5,000 bullets between police and the suspected terrorists. at at least two people were killed in an overnight police raid at an apartment building on the outskirts of paris. but it's unclear if the man police were targeted is among the dead. police were targeting abdelhamid abaaoud. one of the dead was a female suicide bomber, abaaoud's cousin. >> we know there are at least
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two. but there could be more. because the building where this took place collapsed. so it is difficult right now to come up with a conclusion as to how many bodies have been found. >> reporter: police say they did find was a terror cell operating out of an apartment ready to launch more attacks. they arrested eight people not including salah abdeslam. new surveillance video from the paris restaurant that friday night has been released, showing gunmen open fire and patrons running and ducking for cover. outside the restaurant, someone seen holding a gun and shooting at people passing by. >> we will try to keep as usual, but things as chance. >> reporter: as police raids continue around france, looking for anyone connected to friday's attacks, the world remains on high alert. authorities in honduras say they arrested five syrian men
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with fake passports. >> why honduras? >> reporter: authorities say they were ultimately headed for the united states. france continues to operate under a state of emergency tomorrow. tomorrow, the french parliament will consider extending that state of emergency for at least three months. that will give authorities in the country, extented security powers, including the right to search property without a warrant. the right to set curfews and the right to order house arrests. thank you. the french government now says that all 129 people killed in friday's attacks have been identified. of the more than 360 people injured, nearly 200 are still in the hospital. and right now, police in france's second largest city, marseille, are looking for three men who attacked a jewish school teacher. police say the men were riding scooters, as they approached the teacher in the street. they shouted anti-sematic insults, pledged their allegiance to isis and stabbed
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the teacher at least three times. he is expected to survive. french president hollande has closed the country's border but that has not stopped people from traveling. >> one french couple arrived today. >> reporter: this couple came to d.c. for a fun trip like many tourists do. we met them because they're here doing a new travel exchange called night swap, but their thoughts are focused on paris. studying abroad in cincinnati. she has been there since august. her boyfriend flew in. it's already much different than they imagined. >> we all know people that have been hurt, like one of his friends his ommate has been wounded. like got shot in his leg. we also know some people that
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have been killed, and see all over our facebook profile, or all over the news what happened. >> reporter: in deals with that isn't easy. >> we have all the experience something like that in january, but it was worse this time, all of these people were mostly students. >> reporter: when he left paris, he hoped to get away from it all. >> wanted to get rid of it, like not to see this anymore. >> reporter: but he left one city under a cloud of terrorism, for one facing a threat of its own. they didn't know about that video, but none of it's changing their plans. and nothing that happened in paris, the threats, the violence, the death, none of it will keep them away. >> despite all of the acts, we feel more close to our country
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and we want to support it. we won't consider staying here, we will be back in france. >> reporter: they plan to go to new york and spend a few days there. reporting live, outside of the french embassy, wusa9. for the latest coverage of the paris terror attacks, download our new w usa9 app. we now have a special page where you can get the breaking news, the live events and all the information you need whenever you want it. we're looking at the heaviest rain now just crossing the divide. it's now in garrett county. just about to cross over to places like romney, and allegany county. a couple of sprinkles are found wrest of town. get ready, by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, rain across the board. here's a look at the future cast, 6:00 a.m.
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rain everywhere, even down into southern maryland. 61 downtown. 57 in gaithersburg. 58 in silver spring. by 8:00, we still have rain and showers everywhere. notice the yellow and orange. that's areas of heavier rain. we think by late morning, early afternoon, the officer will be just unstable enough. look off to the west. look at the solid line of orange there, that is a line of thunderstorms. we'll come back and track that for you, and talk about an even stronger cold front over the weekend. >> we'll see you then, thank you. have crime and violence become the biggest problems facing the district of columbia? >> today, for the first time in a decade, that is what most of the respondents to a citywide poll told the washington coast. the economy, and inequality, for the first time since 2006. but is the city actually more dangerous? he talked about this swith chi
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cathy lainier. >> reporter: while the perceptions may be worsening here, e thdistrict has never been safer. >> our population has grown over 12% during the same timeframe our violent crime has dropped dramatically. so as population grows, and violent crime goes down, let's not try to spin the public into thinking violent crime is out of control, because that's just not true. >> reporter: showing violent crime dropping, even as the district gets bigger. the only exception, homicides, which have spiked nearly 60% over last year. lainier argues that focus on high profile crimes contributes to a false perception of a city undersiege. when you take the bad events,
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even if they're extremely rare but you show them over and over again, it changes the safety perception of the public. i'm not saying that having robberies on capitol hill, or murders anywhere in the city are acceptable, but we don't want to scare people with facts that are just not accurate. >> reporter: the majority of residents wanted a tougher police response with a sign the public backs more active policing. >> i think we have to support our police officers, because they're working awful hard, and i think the public is kind of trying to say that in this poll. >> reporter: district residents we spoke to linked crime to economic inequality. the second biggest product in the district according to the post poll. >> i believe the income inequality issue has really touched home here in washington, because the rent's too high. >> education is definitely a big one that i'm aware of and housing inequality is also a
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big one, also on my radar. >> reporter: both lainier and bowser took hits to their approval in this poll, but only small ones. a sign while residents are frustrated, they still trust these two to fix these issues. washington college will remain closed through the thanksgiving holiday as police search for a student who might have a gun. the school of maryland's eastern shore has been shut down since monday, when officers started looking for 19- year-old jacob marberger. police say he showed off an antique gun on campus last month. because of that, his fraternity kicked him out and the school suspended him. on monday, his parents say he drove home, grabbed a rifle, and then vanished. >> he may be a danger to himself and to others. >> at this point, washington
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college plans to reopen its campus the sunday after thanksgiving, but that could change. ice settled on a thursday. it rained that weekend, and i had a huge flood in the basement. >> code violation. danger zones. lawsuits. how homes that passed inspections turned dream homes into nightmares. the story you'll see only on 9 up next. >> and would you pay to share the same dining experience as a homeless person? it's no laughing matter. the important message in tonight's event. >> and it's time to give it some thought. we want to hear from you during these
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4,000 new district residents, home sweet home isn't so dreamy. in this hot real estate market, many say they're flipped by developers into a costly nightmare. >> the faucet's not attached in any way. >> reporter: the problems in
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stephanie wolf's home are costing her in repairs and stress. >> it rained that weekend, and i had a huge flood in the basement. >> reporter: a few blocks away in per pet worth neighborhood, james shot this home video of rain water streaming through the electrical panel box in the renovated house he bought. and brian jacobsen had no idea his home would have housing violations. >> the place is only permitted for 25 lights. >> how many lights do you have? >> at least 70. >> so this is a fire hazard. >> it is a fire hazard. >> reporter: he is called to correct what is wrong in spaces where looks have been deceiving. >> a lot of these developers are motivated to cut corners and do projects without permits, or without the proper
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permits. >> reporter: a house flipping couple purchased, gutted and constructed and sold them to unsuspecting buyers. the documents show how they were hit with multiple code violations and fines. even after d.c.'s attorney general ordinaried them to stop selling and constructing homes they continued to do so. they aren't the only small developer ace accused of breaking building codes. court records show they're sued by a d.c. couple. when it comes to house flipping in the city, one told me there's an entire network based around misleading home buyers about the biggest investment many will make in their lives. >> absolutely, they know what they're doing. >> reporter: melinda bowling says the agency is trying to
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tackle the problem more aggressively. >> we have had people arrested for flagrantly trying to violate the construction industry. >> reporter: hoping the people responsible for their heartbreak are held responsible too. >> lloyd jordan, who also happens to be a former director of dcra says she is defrauded by the contractor she used in the process and the evidence will show it. this week, the hauffguards face a judge in fines they are trying to get reduced by the city. if you are looking seriously at a flipped house, or condo unit, go to our d.c. 9 app. we will walk you through the steps to take to protect your investment. tonight, our colleague dialia gonsol.
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>> your meal is determined by the luck of the draw. each guest receives a ticket that assigns them to an economic class for the night. the quote unquote rich sit at tables with nice linens and a sumptuous meal. the middle class sit at tables and have a buffet. the poor sit on the floor and eat rice. they have inspired thousands of people to dedicate themselves to the fight against hunger. you're a busy man today, because we've got something on the way tomorrow. >> really nasty in the morning. rain, showers, thunderstorms. a slow ride to, woo, then trying to get a bite to eat, going to be kind of nasty. a little concerned about this. i thought it was going to be too low, actually, we went for a high of 63. 65 was the high, we made it.
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64, 67. we're going to go 70 tomorrow, despite the clouds and the showers. it's crazy warm. still 62. our average high is 57. so things are kind of topsy- turvy. winds southeast at 10. but gusting over 20 miles per hour. nothing around the immediate metro areas. light showers to the west. way off to the west, we've got showers across the divide that will roll in by dawn. these showers are light. a couple showers in fairfax county. not far from chantilly. yellow weather alert on thursday. bus stop temperatures mild, mid- 50s, to mid-60s. but going to be wet. take your umbrella. morning commute, wet, afternoon commute dry. the best chance for storms will be 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. don't confuse that with the best chance of rain. it will be rainy and showering in the morning. we're talking about
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thunderstorms. 6:00a.m., boom, there you go. showers and rain down to la plata, by 9:00, we're in the low 60s. 61 in silver springs. look at this line of showers start to develop along i-81. that rolled through during the the lunch hour. mild, 64 at 11:00, 66 at 1:00 p.m. a bright, but brisk finish to the week. 57, sunshine, and then mid-50s, even colder, or even cooler on saturday. check this out. even colder over the weekend. sunday, in the 40s. burr. monday in the 40s. it doesn't go long. 50s and 60s next week. we've made something called the wall of gratitude. hundreds of you have shared comments and photos like this.
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christine says she's grateful for being cancer free for almost 3 years. >> and you can add to the wall of gratitude by tweeting, and instagraming, #wallofgratitude. or email we'll keep sharing the wall and your stories through thanksgiving. we even wrote down a few things we're grateful for too. so your wife and three girls. my hubby, my friends, good health and chocolate chip cookies, of course. >> you can go and if you want to take a picture of what you're grateful for and send it in with #wallofgratitude. we'll be able to share it with everyone. the capitals back in the motor city, looking for redemption, while alex ovechkin
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still looking to make history. plus, washington looking to take down carolina this sunday. but mo
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so the last time the caps played in detroit, which was eight days ago, we were all watching to see if alex ovechkin would break the record held by sergei federov in most goals scored by a russian nhl player. this evening, the caps and alex have another chance. back in detroit, ovechkin still chasing the goal scoring mark. redirecting the pass into the net. the game is tied. late 2nd period, braden hopey keeps it that way. incredible plays. check out the save. just saves it. he was great tonight. in ot, tied at 1. getting in behind the defense, and beats him. the caps win in ot, 2-1 the final. still looking for that record
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however. kurt cousins snagged his second player of the week award. the burgundy and gold if they stand chance against the carolina pan tears, cousins is going to need to bring it on the road. this week, they have a dual threat to worry about in cam newton. >> this week is a little different with the threat of him running the ball as often as he does. not only designed runs, but the quarterback scrambles. >> all right, so maybe i'll get home, i'm really trying to understand the outrage. newton is taking a lot of flack for his touchdown dance last week, so much so that an angry mom wrote a letter to the charlotte observer saying his celebration set a bad example for her daughter. here's cam's response. >> if she feels offended, i apologize to her. but at the end of the day, i am
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who i am. >> he was dancing, come on. this isn't foot loose people. dancing is not banned. >> why should he have to apologize? >> i don't get it. >> maybe she's upset that she can't dance like he can. >> maybe, but he's getting all kinds of flack. >> we've seen a lot more ridiculous things unfold after touchdowns. [door knocking] [door bell ringing] ♪ come on-a my house, my house, i'm gonna give you candy. ♪
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