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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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and most importantly, how to protect yourself. >> thank you. hello and thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. positively identified. french prosecutors confirmed today that the belgian
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jihaddist, the alleged instigator of the paris terrorist attack is dead. he was killed in yesterday's raid. dna findings also confirmed the female terrorist killed by a suicide bomb was his cousin. air strikes in syria continue today. coalition air strikes destroyed fuel trucks. the coalition was doing more to inhibit the generation of the oil revenues in syria and iraq. government estimates put the revenue between $1 million and $1.4 million a day. the vatican follows a warning from the state department that st. peters basilica could be a potential target for attackers. that and the opera house could come under attack. a security message for u.s. citizens said militants may possibly try similar methods used in the recent paris
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attacks. some 700 soldiers were being deployed in rome for security following last week's paris attack. house lawmakers are expected to improve a measure aimed at inkressing screening for syrian and iraqi refugees headed to the u.s. it includes your requirement for new fbi background checks. democrats say the changes would amount to shutting down the nation's refugee program. a wet day across the dmv making for a soggy lunch break. take a look live at the cloudy sky. you can barely see the washington monument, howard. >> we've got light rain and drizzle. temperatures are now in the low 60s. they've been struggling to move much under the cloud cover and on first alert doppler, you can see all of this activity which is going to track toward us. i'm going to show you we've got the light showers now. if you are west of the blue ridge, we're seeing pictures out of west virginia even and the shenandoah valley where
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sunshine is breaking through. here we've got the light showers ind.c. east of fredericksburg, too, that's going to be lifting up 95 and in charles county over toward quantico and over toward us, we'll probably be seeing some improvement late this afternoon. then we'll clear out tonight. so just getting in toward southern montgomery now. we've got to get all of this batch of rain before we see better weather. temperatures have dropped a degree, now 62 in town. it is it going to get a lot cooler here, especially by sunday and monday. i'll be back in a few minutes with a look at the weekend forecast. andrea, back to you. a structure fire is out at arlington that's causing traffic problems along columbia pike. the fire is believed to have started in the basement. a triple shooting in mount vernon happened in the
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apartments off audubon avenue off route 1. niki burdine has the latest from the scene. >> reporter: police say the shooting happened in this apartment building here behind me. when they got here, they found two victims. both were taken to the hospital. a third man actually drove himself to the hospital. one didn't make it. >> then we heard the gunshots last night, and i am not really used to stuff like that. >> reporter: pj and her husband woke up to gunshots at 10:00 last night coming from the apartment above her's on audubon avenue. >> two minutes after we heard the gunshots, police were all around looking for answers. >> reporter: they weren't alone. rosa garcia was outside. >> i couldn't get inside and my son was freaking out. i was walking here and my son called me freaking out. >> reporter: what'd he say some. >> he was like, mom, there's police everywhere. >> reporter: police say there is no public safety threat to the community at this point.
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still, this isn't the first time they've responded to this neighborhood for a shooting. >> yeah, i heard about a month ago somebody else was shot in that same apartment. >> reporter: upsetting for those who call this home, forcing some to make a difficult decision. >> move. it's not the first incident around here. like i said it was right next to our apartment, right next to our building. >> reporter: niki burdine, wusa 9. one person is dead after a shooting in southwest around 4:30 this morning. the fun fair rang out at mlk avenue. an adult man was found unconscious and suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest. neighbors say they were told it stems from a domestic dispute. >> i think they knew each other, something went wrong, you know, the die got upset and unloaded. >> anyone with information can help and can text anonymous
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tips to 50411. two people are dead after the atv they were ride on crashed into an suv in bowie. the crash happened at old chapel road around 11:00 p.m. police say the suv and atv collided into each other. the victims have not been identified and that road remains closed for accident reconstruction. who should get to see video shots from police body cams here in the district? that could be decide as a revised plan is set to come up for a vote. the plan would allow the public to have much of the video shot by body cameras, which means people of dc could get much more access compared to other cities. the campaign trail makes its way into our town this afternoon. rand paul plans to greet supporters in a rally in about an hour. it starts at 1:00 at george washington university in the marvin center grand ballroom.
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around 2:00 p.m., bernie sanders will be at georgetown university. senator sanders will speak at historic gaston hall. this event is only open to georgetown students, faculty and staff, but the school will stream it on their web site. metro will have a new boss later today. paul whedafeld is a former top official at marshal bwi airport and the maryland transit administration. he is credited with overseeing expansion work at bwi and helping grow passenger traffic there. metro's board could also vote to repeal a ban on alcohol and on its trains allowing ads for alcohol expected to bring in $1 million a year. it's been shown to put youth at greater risk of drinking. the fight to help save lower regional hospital is kick nag high gear todayp right now,
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a press conference is being discussed to halt pressure. dimensions management, the operator of the facility, will also be questioned about its decision to close the hospital. still to come, police are searching for a suspect in the gunning down of a california police officer. we have the latest on the manhunt. >> plus, the former subway pitchman sticks to his guilty plea. find out how long jared fogel will spend behind bars on child pornography charges. >> the phones are ringing and experts from the maryland department of aging are answering your questions about medicare open enrollment. again, no matter where you are in the dmv, call this number, 301-844-7084.
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it is sentencing day for former subway spokesman jared fogel. he pleaded guilty in federal court to child porn and sex crime charges ahead of his sentencing. he is expected to address the court in indianapolis before he is sentenced. fogel has admitted to paying for sex with girls as young as 16 and receiving child pornography. prosecutors are seeking 12 1/2 years in prison. a local dentist faces up to ten years in prison for arranging to have sex with a 12-year-old girl. he will be sentenced today in hagerstown. he was arrested in the motel near his hagerstown office where he had arranged to meet an agent posing as a child. prosecutors say he wanted to have sex in exchange for prescription painkillers and cash. right now, the hunt is on for two men police say fatally shot a california police
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officer. los angeles county authorities say officer ricardo galvez was found shot to death late wednesday. police believe he was targeted. a large perimeter has been set up as s.w.a.t. team officers sweep the area. we want you to participate in our wusa 9 wall of gratitude as we approach thanksgiving during these very troubled times, we are asking viewers to share things for which they are truly thankful. we've created this wall of gratitude and you can post your comments, pictures, videos, all of the things that you are grateful for. we'll post all of those responses on here's one from monika johnson. she is grateful that her daughter was finished chemotherapy. you can post on the wusa 9 facebook page. you can also share your gratitude via e-mail. just send that e-mail to
12:13 pm medicare open enrollment season ends december 7th. that means now is the time to get your questions answered. call 301-844-7084 now to speak to an expert about the open enrollment season. again, that number is 301-844- 7084. still to come at noon, deadly storms across the pacific northwest as residents assess the damage. we take you there next. >> we're still dealing with rain across the metro. generally light at the moment but heavier showers to our south. another several hours of wet weather as we head toward the weekend. the frost and headlines are coming up in a couple of minutes.
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controversy on the cheerleading team. where's the money in wusa 9 investigates tonight at 11:00. just days before one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year hit store shelves, parts of adele's 2012 leaked online. juno posted snippets of all 11 tracks. meanwhile tuesday, a fan posted a picture of what appeared to be the new cd. the fan said they bought it at target but the store denies the claim. the album is out tomorrow. we're talking about l.l. bean's iconic leather duck boots. they have hired 100 new employees as they scramble to
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fill the orders. the backlog stand as the nearly 100,000 pair. which means maybe by 2016 you'll get yours. forget black friday and cybermonday, amazon is kicking off its sales tomorrow. shoppers can buy items at the reduced holiday deal prices and even more items will be discounted than in previous years. people living in the pacific northwest are counting up their losses after a deadly storm rose through the region. it killed four people and cut power to more than 1 million residents. winds clocked 119 miles per hour. howard that's hurricane force winds. >> oh, yeah. >> heavy rain -- >> category three. >> that's right. causing problems in parts of western washington. more from out west, skiers can hardly wait to take to the trails. worthers spent all night grooming it.
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>> i love it. >> much beautiful. it's a much different story than this time last year. the area only got 8% of what is normal last year. it just shows you the crazy weather. we're talking about the same state. in one area, beautiful for the skiers and the other part of the state, powerful storms. >> the storms came through a few days ago in texas and other spots. >> as you said, that was category 3 at 110 miles per hour. we've got rain out there, so generally light rain showers that are going on. i still think a few more hours before it breaks here in washington. out to the west, west of the blue ridge. i know in spartansburg, doug in inwood, west virginia seeing breaks. the areas that are still into
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d.c., i guess, a little drizzle here and there. when you get farther south, we're getting into steadier rain. it doesn't look like it here in northwest. it's a steady, light, gentle drizzle rain if you will that picks up off to the south. a few light showers have managed to get up close to columbia and laurel extending through southern fairfax county. prince george's county is seeing light rain but it does pick up. down 301 over toward doll again, colonial beach, this is all lifting right up 301. it's going to head toward prince george's and moderate rain showers coming through. there's more behind it. we've got to get through this line extending beyond fredericked north. it's probably better conditions for the late afternoon and evening. right now, on the weather camera, dreary.
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that's the word i'm using to describe it outside. so we've got temperatures mid- 60s. might see a few upper 60s west where we're seeing sunny breaks. we'll see clearing this evening and clear overnight as temperatures fall into the 40s by tomorrow morning. where the sun is out, it is a little warmer. we're at 62 here in town. lots of low to mid-50here with the cloud cover with the rain. at national, 62. humidity very high as you'd expect. while we're in the 60s here, it's in the low 40s in chicago. i point that out because we've got that air coming toward us. right now, front number 1, until that sweeps through, we'll have that chance for a few showers. the second front will bring the cooler air and another front for saturday night brings even cooler air. so we'll get to 5:00. philly, northeastern maryland seeing the heavier showers and we'll see clearing as we get into the overnight. our three-day forecast, today,
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we're staying at 69. that may be wishful thinking with this lingering shower activity. we'll be in the 40s as we dry out and clear out. 57 tomorrow. tomorrow night in the 30s. saturday staying cool mid-50s. that's the better day of the weekend because sunday looks colder. upper 40s and coldest on monday. back in the 50s for monday and tuesday. give it a few more hours and we'll be drier. >> you have until december 7th. it may be holiday season, but it's also medicare open enrollment season. a time when people can change their health plans and prescription drug coverage to better meet their needs. here to talk more is bernice hutchison at the maryland department of aging and maryland department of aging is sponsoring our phone-a-thon. bernice, welcome. every operator on the two roads are busy. that says a lot about the call volume.
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tell me more. >> this is great. the phone lines are busy. we have experts standing by to lance calls with medicare. >> what do you tell them? >> questions are are like, if i have a prescription drug plan that's not meet might needs, can i change. >> do i have preventive benefits that can help me stay helmy and what if i want to know more about medicaid fraud. >> okay. we talked about preventive health care. certain screenings people weren't even aware of. >> absolutely. there is an an y'all welcome to medicare physical examination. there's diabetes and even flu shot money. >> how long will the operators be available in. >> they will be available today through 4:00. call us now if you've got any questions, no matter how simple or complex. >> bernice is with the maryland department of aging, but she is
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telling everyone no matter where you live, if you can see us and get to a phone, the number to call is 301-884-7084. make that call. the deadline will be here before you know it. you don't want to miss out. bernice, thank you. >> thank you. we'll be right back. like a lot of little circular dots.
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itchy, burning. it's pretty much everywhere, where i have pants. define very active? then maybe yes. you know, i'm gonna have to call you back. okay bye. find and book a doctor in private with zocdoc. it is thursday. that means it's time for pet live 9 from the spca. ali is a sweet, sweet girl. >> they call the bassett beagle
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a bagel. it's just spelled differently. she came in with five others. she is a very sweet, snuggley dog. she seems chill right now, but she's able to run around and is only 5 years old but very good health. she could stand to gain some poundsp. >> we have a little time. how could folks reach out to you? >> we can get an application on the no obligation web site and they can come to any of our other events. >> if you missed any of that, download the wusa 9 app and all of the information is there. >> bagel and now bae-bae from the national zoo. another panda story out of china this afternoon. the giant female panda was being set back into the wild after training in a semi wild environment. it has been trained over the
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last 28 months in preparation for going back into the wild. that's what it's all about. >> putting it back there to restore the native population. that's it for us. have a great day.
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>> chelsea: the judge could let adam out on bond while the appeal is in the works. i mean, that happens, right? >> michael: yes, it happens. but our chances aren't what they were before. >> chelsea: victor can't pull his support now. >> michael: you tell victor he can't do something, see how that works for you. >> chelsea: but, i mean, we're so close. >> michael: victor will do whatever victor wants. and since, as i understand, ian ward's remains were not found in newman tower, and victor no longer supports this -- >> chelsea: okay, stop telling me the problems, michael, and let's figure out a way to fix this. i want adam out of prison now. >> time to play with the other kiddies. can't hide behind your rich daddy here.


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