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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 20, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: good afternoon and thank you for joining us. a hostage standoff at a hotel in mali was called off.
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there were 3 people killed and more than 100 hostages. >> reporter: the hostages ran for safety after ten suspected islamic extremists ambushed the hotel. the group stormed the hotel and took 170 people hostage. all are now safe. witnesses say the men shouted god is great in arabic. americans were registered at the hotel, including employees of the state department and embassy. mali is a former french colony and comes one week after the terror attacks in paris. president obama was asked about the siege during a meeting in malaysia. >> we're monitoring the situation. >> reporter: the u.s. helped mali's military free the hostages. the hotel is popular with foreigners. employees with air france and turkish airlines were staying there. two terror groups, linked to al
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qaeda, are claiming responsibility for the deadly siege. craig boswell, the state department. >> extremists took over molly in 2012. hundreds of french soldiers remain in that country now. convicted spy jonathan pollard was released from a north carolina prison before dawn. pollard served nearly 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to selling u.s. secrets to israel while working as a navy intelligence analyst. terms of parole require him to stay in the united states for at least five years. it has been one week since the terrorists rocked paris with a series of deadly attacks. parissians paused to pay tribute to the dead. tina krause has the latest from paris. >> reporter: the manhunt for abdel salaam has now widened to the neitherrerlands. he slipped away from the attacks in paris and french officials admit they have no
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idea where he is. investigators used a cell phone found near the theater to track down the suspected ring leader abaaoud. they watched him and his cousin enter an apartment and launched a raid hours later, killing both of them. a third suspect also died in wednesday's shoot-out. abaaoud was reportedly caught on surveillance video in a paris suburb within an hour after the massacre. he's apparently seen jumping the security barrier to get in. >> it's incredible. it's absolutely incredible. >> reporter: this woman says, how is it possible he could slip away so quickly after that? >> everything is scary now. >> reporter: police found a get away car abandoned nearby, leading to speculation abaaoud may have helped carry out the attack. paris residents worry terrorists will hit this city
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again. >> i think it's not finished. >> reporter: it has been a week since terrorists hit. one person pounded in the attack has died. 130 people have now lost their lives. tina krause, cbs news, paris. hundreds of people are wounded and many are them are still with serious injuries. a group of about 40 people are making their way to the white house in the march for families. the group is made up mostly of immigrants walking on the one- year anniversary of president obama's announcement on immigration relief. marchers say they want relief for the millions of immigrant families, including those with children in the united states who could be deported. they call themselves dreamers. they are part of an organization based in virginia. >> having proper documentation makes a huge difference in your
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life. it makes tranquility and gives you opportunities to move on as a citizen. >> i feel like if i were ripped apart from this community, it's a reality i don't want to face. >> the woman has been here since she was 3 months old and is now able to stay in the united states for the next two years money the marchers plan to be at the white house for a rally. the man who landed a gyro copter at the u.s. capitol is expected to plead guilty. douglas hughes originally rejected it. he could spend up to three years in prison. the former fairfax cop accused of killing a man during a domestic call is due in court. lawyers are asking for a change of venue and to let him out of prison while he waits for trial. he is charged with fatally
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shooting shooting john doar who was unarmed. a driver is behind bars after crashing a car into howard university. a student at howard's spotlight video showed this video. no one inside was hurt in the incident. the person behind the wheel was charged with reckless driving. warmer weather is moving out. it's feeling more like fall and could get colder as we head toward the weekend. here's howard with a look at the forecast. howard? >> we're back to average temperatures. people say oh, it's chilly. it's november 20th. it should be on the chilly side. temperatures are pretty much running 50 to 55 out there and a degree or two warmer. one of the things that makes you feel cooler today, the winds. we've got gusts at martinsburg at 25. over 30 now, 33 at the patuxent river naval station.
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the winds will relax and allow for temperatures to fall into the 30s for most spots. today sunny, 54 and down to the 40s with 30s tonight. quick peek at the weekend forecast. saturday 55, but sunday 48. monday looks colder before we start to pick back up as we head toward thanksgiving and our seven-day forecast looking out for thanksgiving. i'll tell you what that's looking like when i see you in a few minutes. michael? talk about a trooper in trouble. coming up, why a state trooper is now off the job for what happened on the job. a crash with his cruiser. >> also ahead, federal regulators say it's fine, so why are some against genetically modified salmon and calling it a bad id
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welcome back. considering all of the sad news we've been reporting, we wanted to take some time to remember
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the good things, too. so we hope you'll join us posting to our wusa 9 wall of gratitude. we'd like you to post what you are thankful for this year. post your comments, pictures, videos. we'll post those responses on like this one that's one of our favorites. she says she's grateful that her daughter finished chemotherapy. you can share gratitude via e- mail, too. okay. if you are headed to friday night football, it's playoff time. howard said, boy, you'd better bundle up. >> we have temperatures that will drop in the 40s and 30s tonight. allergies have come in. once we get that freeze, maybe things could get better. that could happen in the seven- day forecast. today after yesterday's rain, yeah, the mold is back into the
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high category. i'm coming back in a few minutes talking about the weekend and what thanksgiving's looking like weather-wise. we'll see you in a couple.
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welcome back. tonight, dozens of students will be taking to the streets to rally their community for a safer neighborhood. we have a preview. >> i've met a lot of amazing kids but i cannot get this kid out of my head. he and his class changed the
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narrative. they were tired of the homicides. they were tired of the bad stories coming out around what's happening around. so they decided to put on this walk, the rally to be a light in the darkness on friday. it said to me, you know what, i'm excited about it. >> out of all of the people or organizations, an elementary school has to do this to make the community better. >> reporter: i'm happy to see that the fifth graders are moving and i can't wait to share the story with you. >> you can see lesli's full story. a new jersey state trooper is on the wrong side of the law now after being involved in a drunk driving crash, and he was the one who was intoxicated while he was on duty. jessica snyder has more. >> i am not drunk. >> reporter: the dash cam video
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shows the sergeant explaining that alcohol played no role in this rear end collision. >> i had plastic surgery. i'm under anesthesia right now. >> reporter: that trooper saw otherwise. according to the police report, the sergeant was staggering, smelled like alcohol and even had his uniform on inside out. >> i could tell that he wasn't right. he looked dirty and disheveled. his hair was all messed up. >> reporter: kimberly wilson was attempting to leave the rest stop around mile 100 on the garden state parkway october 26th when the sergeant slammed into her at the stop sign. >> how are you doing? >> not good. >> you okay? >> reporter: wilson says he didn't call for help. he offered her cash instead. >> he said i'll write you a check for $1,000. >> i said either you call this in or i'm calling it in, but i'm not leaving here until one
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of us calls it in. he wasn't doing anything. >> reporter: wilson asked if he was a state trooper. >> his uniform was on him but inside out. when he opened it up, something fell out and i picked it up. >> reporter: the sergeant later told police he cop assumed nine beers. his blood alcohol level testing at .16, two times the legal limit. the sergeant's gun was taken and he's now suspended without pay. >> wow. that was jessica snyder reporting. kimberly wilson, the woman allegedly rear ended by the trooper has not decided whether or not she plans to sue in the case. in today's health alert, pancreatic tumors are among the most aggressive types of cancer. less than 5% of patients have a survival rate of just 5 years.
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researchers at the mayo clinic found an inexpensive blood test used only by one in five pancreatic cancer patients nationally can predict the patient's outcome. the test is looking for elevated levels of ca199. dr. timothy cannon believes the study is significant because it could help physicians determine who would benefit from aggressive chemotherapy prior to surgery. >> traditionally, we used to do surgery for everybody first. number one, if someone has a high level, over 2400, for example, they probably shouldn't be getting surgery first. it also tells us that even if it's high, do chemotherapy first because you have a chance to not have to do surgery
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later. >> 50,000 are diagnosed each year in the united states. and the impact of taking ritalin. a new study finds children who take the drug to treat adhd are twice as likely to be bullied than others without the disorder. it also found that middle and high school students who sold or shared their medications were at an even higher risk. researchers have new insight into why diets don't work for everyone. a new study finds that it's because the same people react to foods differently. researchers in israel looked at blood sugar levels of 800 people over a week and they found that even if they all ate the same exact meal, their bodies processed it differently. critics are calling it franken-fish, others call it a new source of healthy food. we're talking about the first general met achelely modified salmon for hume -- genetically
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modified salmon for human consumption. >> genetically modified salmon is changing or altering the genetic material in a way that you couldn't do with tradition ale breeding. >> the salmon will come from a canadian company called aqua advantage. gnats fans go the to celebrate their new mvp bryce harper with custom-made stickers. we sent delia goncalves out to check it out. >> reporter: all right. if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. i was challenged to wear the stickers. how does it look? like it? good look? my next live shot with the stickers? a lit gnat-itude and time to celebrate. >> hey, you look good. >> reporter: thank you. >> it is a big deal for the whole city, you know? >> i'm going to wear my stickers at work today. i hope they don't throw me out. >> reporter: they can't.
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you are showing gnats pride. >> glad to have him in d.c. >> reporter: it was so wonderful watching bryce get his mvp award yesterday because he gave a big shout out to the fans, the city. i mean, it wasn't just his family. it was us. >> reporter: delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> congratulations to bryce harper. he put up historic numbers. the numbers he put up at 22 years old were better than babe ruth's when he did a similar feat at 25 years old. mvp. congratulates to bryce harper. >> i think he would have been happier if the gnats had gone farther. >> hopefully he sticks around. everybody's saying now that he's getting the big bucks, he may be heading up north. you have to open up the checkbook. it's going to be chilly tonight. i would bundle up. the winds should be getting lighter as the evening wears on but certainly you know the deal
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if you are out there on the bleachers with blankets. >> we've had a comfortable november so far. nice and sunny today. we'll be in the mid-50s and drove off to the upper 40s by 6:00. it was mid-40s by 8:00. that's at reagan national. the other suburbs are cooler than this. at midnight, 42 on the way to the 30s tonight. we're in the 50s. look to the west-northwest. it's only 46 in pittsburgh. there's much colder air when we get up to canada. we'll show you that in a moment. a pleasant looking day and seasonably cool. 54 with the sunshine. still gusty on the winds gusting over 23. the dew point continues to drop. this thing was, like, in the 60s yesterday with the humidity all the way down to 30% this afternoon. as far as the weather head lines, we spoke about it. a chilly night, mostly 30s but with winds getting light. i'm thinking in the upper 20s. saturday will be cool and dry
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back in the mid-50s. saturday night comes another front. only in the 40s sunday and monday. i think monday will be the colder day, and then we get a little milder. looks like a mild and dry stretch right through thanksgiving. potentially near 60. the arctic air, which was in alaska, the real core of it has moved in to north central canada. some of it is dropping down into western canada. we still have 15 below showing up in northern alberta with a 13 near hudson bay. it's 21 at international falls. the two of these tat, that's happened -- the two of these together that's happening. we'll get a piece of that as we head into sunday and monday. so we'll be a little below average, only in the 40s. you have this cool northwesterly breeze that will relax tonight. you may see a cloud passing
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especially north of town. tomorrow sunshine, but notice in the afternoon, especially south and east of d.c., a few more clouds showing up. we'll see some of the rain showers and the snow showers overnight saturday night into sunday morning. just a brisk sunday. the terps at home tomorrow. then the ravens up in baltimore. the ravens have a cold wind on sunday. highs on sunday will only be in i'm thinking mid-40s monday before we turn things back around. so today, breezy, colder 56. 38 tonight, again the 0s in the cold spot. 55 tomorrow but only 48 sunday. with the wind, we could be talking windchills only in the low 40s. monday 46. by tuesday, back to 50 and probably wednesday looks fine across much of the
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like a lot of little circular dots. itchy, burning. it's pretty much everywhere, where i have pants. define very active? then maybe yes. you know, i'm gonna have to call you back. okay bye. find and book a doctor in private with zocdoc.
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welcome back. some students at a wisconsin university are trying to go cold turkey for thanksgiving. they organized a turkey bowling event. they say it's to help students stop smoking. i'm not sure how. it's part of the great american smokeout held on the third thursday of every november. >> it's important because we know that 99% of people start to smoke before the age of 26 that do smoke. so it's important to educate our campus population. >> you hear that wisconsin accent, can't you? it's also to help students to keep from starting smoking in the first place. [ laughter ] happy friday. glad you joined us for the news at noon. we're back on tv at 5:00.
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don't forget, the wusa 9 app is free and terrific. so don't forget to download that. happy friday, everybody. take care.
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>> devon: gwen, are you really gonna be jealous of a woman who was in a coma? >> gwen: why shouldn't i be? i mean, neil is slipping away, and i knew that this was gonna happen. i knew it. when they were spending so much time together and being so close and the guilt -- all the guilt since this whole thing started. >> devon: what does neil have to be guilty for? >> gwen: nothing. [ sighs ] just he was angry that you and hilary and cheated on him, and he wanted you guys to suffer. >> devon: and he forgave us at our wedding. >> gwen: great. so let's -- let's just drop it, all right? >> devon: no. we're not gonna drop it. i want to know what you know. is there anything? i mean, you need to tell me. >> gwen: are you looking for another reason why the people we love are upstairs in a hotel


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