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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 23, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, november 23rd, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." the capital belgium lockdown amid fears of a paris-like attack. new overnight raids fell to nab europe's most wanted terrorist. >> the manhunt in new orleans. >> a report out this morning reveals the worst traffic bottlenecks in the u.s. is your commute on the list? we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. salah abdeslam is not among
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the ones. >> they have closed the schools in belgium's capital and closed the subway. >> yesterday, 22 raids t ledo 16 arrests. >> this as french president francois holland e. and british primer david cameron. >> we will defeat this evil death count. >> theid mwest digging out from as much as 11 inches of snow. >> freeze warnings in effect ssacro the eastern half of the country. >> a man accused of killing amanda blackburn. two other people of interest are in custody. >> isis raised their head again and we have to chop off that head like they are chopping off the heads. >> because he stopped people cheering on 9/11 in jersey city. >> that would require some kind of religious czar i think isn't consistent with our freedom. >>op6 pele injure inside a shoot-out in new orleans. hundreds of people gathered at a playground when two groups began
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firing. >> nascar legend jeff gordon drove in his final race. he finished sixth as kyle busch taking home the win. >> all . that >> a boy in australia had an attack of hiccups while performing the national anthem. >> 32-yard attempt to win the game and the kick is good. >>t besen offse astgainhe t best defense and it was the best offense winning out. >> and all that matters. >> in los angeles, a night to celebrate the biggest names in music. ♪ >> one direction, won artist of the year. >> this is absolutely incredible. >> two years in a row. >> on "cbs this morning." >> a biotech company in california is considering changing its name from isis pharmaceuticals, as well as its most popular drug, boko harambian. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. ♪
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welcome to "cbs this morning." capital of belgium is on its third day of the highest possible alert for a terror attack. soldiers and police line the streets of brussels. their fears of an attack like the one in paris. >> police carried out a series of raids last night. they arrested 21 people, but missed the last remaining suspect in the paris attacks. belgium's interior minister says this morning, investigations will continue until we fix this problem. debora patta is in brussels with the country's state of emergency. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this would normally be one of brussels busiest commercial areas but today, most shops are closed and behind me the city is in shutdown on the third day of lockdown. belgian authorities are warning a paris-like attack is emmeant. drastic security measures put in place in brussels including closing schools for the first time since world war ii.
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last night, security forces were beefed up across the capital. then, in a series of coordinated strikes, 19 police raids were conducted late into the night, spanning across the city. at a press conference that followed, belgium federal prosecutor announced 16 people had been arrested in the police operations and two shots had been fired. >> until now, no firearms or explosives were found. salah abdeslam is not among the persons arrested during the searches. >> reporter: so europe's most wanted man abdeslam remains on the run. he evaded police and slipped back into belgium. his brother mohammed appealed on local television for his brother to hand himself over to police. i think at the last minute, he
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decided to change course, he said. he perhaps saw or heard something and decided not to carry out his plan. but belgian police have their hands full. not only are they searching for abdeslam but they are hunting for a number of people they believe are behind this imminent terror plot. it is believed that abdeslam was heading in the direction of germany but this has not been confirmed by authorities. gayle? >> debora patta in brussels, thank you. the belgian capital is home to several of the paris terror suspects. elizabeth palmer is in paris where france's president is winning new support this morning to strike back at isis. elizabeth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. . francois hollande has two priorities at the moment. one is try to address what turned out to be dangerous weak spots, not only in french intelligence and european intelligence, but also in border control. so that is first on the list.
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and, secondly, he is trying to marshal an international alliance to fight against the isis in syria. french president hollande and his guest prime minister david cameron visited the bataclan concert hall this morning where more than half of the victims of the paris attacks died. cameron told hollande he could count on britain. >> the united kingdom will do all of in our power to defeat this evil death count. >> cam ro will ask his parliament to approve british air strikes in syria. the aircraft carrier is repositioned in the eastern mediterranean ready to support france's own air campaign which went into high gear last week with strikes, among other targets, isis oil tankers and a training camp. here in paris, french police have appealed to the public once again, asking anyone who knows this man to get in touch.
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of the nine terrorists who were directly involved in the paris attack, three remain unidentified. outside the bataclan, the memorial is still growing. ♪ >> reporter: 89 music lovers were murdered at gunmen burst in during the first set of the california band eagles of death metal. now two of the band members have spoken to vice news. lead singer jesse hughes. >> people were playing dead. they were so scared. a great reason why so many were killed is because so many people wouldn't leave their friends. so -- and so many people put themselves in front of people. >> reporter: once francois hollande has said good-bye to david cameron he have pivot and start to travel to washington to meet with president obama at the white house tomorrow. >> elizabeth, thank you so much. americans are more vigilant this morning heading into one of the busiest travel weeks of the
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year. nearly 47 million people are expected to travel for thanksgiving. after the paris attacks, airports have tightened security with extra officers and police dogs. jeff pegues is at reagan national airport outside of washington with the new precautions. >> reporter: good morning. even though u.s. official say there is no specific or credible threat against the u.s., do not expect to breeze through security at the nation's airports. there will be tougher screening in place, even for prechecked passengers. tsa workers will be taking more time going through bags. the holiday travel season begins amid heightened security across the country. >> an incident like paris happens and people may be a little more nervous. >> reporter: following the deadly terror attacks in paris, false bomb threats diverted at least three flights and other flights disrupted after passengers voiced security concerns. on sunday, officers escorted
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three men off a southwest airlines flight for suspicious behavior. they were later cleared. >> people are a little on edge with everything going on. >> reporter: more than a week after the attacks in france, major u.s. cities remain on alert. on sunday, the new york city police department ran an active shooter drill in the city's subway system. the training, which took nearly a year to plan, involved a target in a suits vest. >> the active shooter scenario, the first command may be drop the gun and put your hands up. in the suicide belt scenario, drop the gun and put your hands up might not be enough. >> reporter: secretary of homeland security security jeh johnson. >> it's important for all americans to know that your law enforcement, national security and intelligence communities are continually on the job, working overtime to ensure that the homeland is safe. >> reporter: members of congress have been critical of tsa in
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recent months after an undercover investigation revealed major gaps in security, so this week will be a test, coming so soon after the paris attacks. but the agency says it is up to the job. >> jeff, thank you so much. a cbs news poll out this morning shows american are slit g of accepting syrian refuges. 68% say trefuges should not be allowed in the u.s. 78% of all the voters surveyed say there must be stricter screening of those refuges. nancy cordes is in washington with how donald trump is using america's worst terror attack to show why those refuges should stay out. >> reporter: good morning. that message of screening refuges was the message that was coming from the gop front-runner this weekend who also suggested ways that he would track, not just syrian refuges, but many other muslims in this country.
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he justified his plans by telling a story that fact checkers universally agreed simply isn't true. >> i want surveillance of certain mosques, okay? >> reporter: trump invoked 9/11 to explain why he is so suspicious of muslim americans. >> i watched when the world trade center came tumbling down and i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. >> reporter: politifact rated it pants on fire. they said the following. but he stuck to the tale sunday morning. >> it was a -- >> that was your own eyes? >> george, people were cheering. >> a trump presidency, he added, would imply databases to track
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syrian refuges and endorse enhanced interrogation techniques like waterboarding which is often viewed as torture. >> we want to go with watch lists. we want to go with databases. >> reporter: former florida governor jeb bush spoke out against trump's views. >> it's manipulating people's angst and their fears. >> reporter: another rival dr. bern carson said he would support increased domestic surveillance. >> we should monitor anything, mosque, church, school, you know, shopping center where there a lot of radicalization going on. >> reporter: traveling in kuala lum per on sund lumpur on sunday, president obama said. >> we should not be treating people differently because of religion, race, or background. >> reporter: but the president standing on this issue has taken a hit. in a new cbs news poll, only 7% of republicans said the
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president has a plan to deal with isis. and he didn't do that well with his own party either. only 40% of democrats, gayle, said he has a plan to take on the terror group. >> nancy, thank you. a cbs news battleground tracker poll that is out this morning shows hillary clinton leading in two key states and catching up to bernie sanders in new hampshire. the vermont senator has a 7-point lead among demratic primary voters in new hampshire and what he was last month by half. clinton 6-point edge owner sanders and martin o'malley at 5%. 72% of democrats are backing hillary clinton in iowa nearly three times the support for bernie sanders. >> the holiday week is off to a frigid starts for americans in the eastern half of the country. parts of the midwest are digging out from the thirst big storm of the season. chicago recorded its largest november snowfall in 120 years.
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hundreds of flights were cancelled. meteorologist danielle niles of our boston station wbz shows us the holiday travel forecast. >> reporter: good morning. big week ahead. thankfully, this morning, things have quieted down a bit in the radar. snow showers through the great lakes and cold has penetrated down to the gulf coast. we have got freeze warnings out from texas stretching east to the carolinas. frost advisories in the florida panhandle and southern georgia. high temperatures today only in the 30s from chicago to detroit to buffalo and here in boston as well. 50s and 60s the farther south you go. quiet travel weather, though, across the northeast this week. the southern plains, 50s, 60s, even 70s but a big trop in the west coast spin off rain and snow and may travel delays and denver to bismarck and especially on wednesday. >> danielle, thank you. we learned this morning about a big break in the investigation of the murder and
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rape of a pastor's wife in indianapolis. three people are now in custody. amanda blackburn was at home with her toddler earlier this month when she was assaulted. the 28-year-old was pregnant with her second child. larry taylor faces murder for blackburn's death and our indianapolis affiliate wttb reports that charges could also be filed today against two others who are being held. investigators say they are part of a group known as the kill gang which has been linked to other armed robberies and attacks. police in new orleans this morning are investigating what sparked a good night at a playground. 16 people were hurt last night when two groups opened fire at each other. around 500 people were in the park at the time. many had gathered to film a music video. none of the injuries are considered life-threatening and police are still looking for suspects there. the nfl and the st. louis rams are facing tough questions this morning about why they let
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an injured player stay in a game. rams quarterback case keenum suffered a concussion late in sunday's game against the ravens. you can see him grab his head after a sack. he stumbled when a teammate tried to help him up. nfl rules say if a player exhibits any sign of a head injury he must be removed from the game for evaluation, but the game never stopped. and keenum continued to play. neither the nfl nor the team have responded to our request for comment. wow. >> wow. very disturbing to look at that. >> really is. answers are coming, i'm sure, a little bit later today. many of the music's most talented artists are celebrating this morning after a very memorable night at the american music awards in los angeles. nicki minaj, one direction and the weekend are among the night's big winners. elaine quijano of our digit network cbsn is here with all of the highlights in case you stayed up late to watch. >> reporter: the fan voted waured show had something for
7:17 am
about everyone featuring a dozen live performances and while it struck a somber tone with tribute to the victims in paris it gave the fans the reason to celebrate the power of music. >> do you want to dance with me? >> hey, babe. >> reporter: jennifer hopes didn't miss a beat and kicking off the show with a high energy 7-minute dance routine to a montage to the year's most popular songs. the show was a celebration. both music hottest new stars. ♪ >> reporter: and fan favorites like one direction who took home the top award, artist of the year for the second year in a row. ♪ there were also plenty of throw backs. the 20th anniversary of alanis
7:18 am
recent album jagged hill. and "star wars" theme was performed with a full orchestra paying homage to legendary composer john williams. ♪ ♪ dah, dah, dah dah ♪ >> but the show's most emotional moment was during its somber. ♪ >> reporter: honoring the victims from the recent terror attacks in paris. >> the middle east matters. the united states matters. the entire world matters and peace is possible. >> i just want to say there is so much negative stuff happening in the world right now, so it's up to us to be as positive right now. >> reporter: first-ever ama with a collaboration with justin bieber that three-part performance ended and also stole the show. ♪
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>> reporter: in addition to bringing some much-needed rain to l.a., it's a good week for bieber. his new album "purpose" has broken the record for streaming on spotified. >> i must admit i was downloading myself this week. >> justin bieber? >> that song bieber and the new adele album. >> over 2.5. hand it to jennifer lopez, that opening montage of seven minutes, she was awesome. coming up, some refuges at the center of a heated national debate. ahead we want you to meet one syrian family in texas that is caught in the middle of this argument and
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announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by macy's. a medical student helping an alleged kidnapping victim becomes a victim himself. >> ahead this very disturbing video of his encounter with the
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gunman and how the student survived. the news is back this morning right here on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by voya. changing the way you think of retirement. ♪ most people know the four c's of a diamond. now, kay jewelers brings you... the newest c: chocolate. levian chocolate diamonds. only levian, masters of jewelry design for centuries... makes jewelry with rare chocolate diamonds. save up to 20% on select levian styles, with dazzling designs that she's sure to love. at kay, the number - one jewelry america. levian chocolate diamonds... for the sweetest thing in your life. ♪ every kiss begins with kay. ♪
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morning. tomorrow the author who wrote the story that became the mnewovie "the
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all right, guys. happy thanksgiving, everyone. >> i have a question for you. why is it that your friends keep antagonizing the police? why would you ask my boyfriend that? >> he's a guest in our house! ♪ ♪ hello it's me i was wondering to answer these ♪ ♪ hello from me i'm more important ♪ can you look at
7:31 am
the things i do ♪ >> bravo to "snl" again! how many people do you think will rush out out and get the adele video again? so clever. >> it was so clever. i noticed this with was shared thousands and thousands of times all over facebook. >> the fact that the little girl pressed the play button, saying, adults, stop talking! >> nicely done. welcome back to "cbs this morning." a story that has shaken tulane university and new orleans. a medical student shot after trying to help the alleged victim of a kidnapping. ahead, the stroke of luck that helped that student survive. also the debate over letting syrian refuges into this country intensifies. what about those already here? we will take you to texas where one migrant family is feeling the tension as it grows. "wall street journal" reports on a historic merger. a deal between pfizer and
7:32 am
allergan announced this morning. the deal is worth around $160 billion. it would create the world's biggest drugmaker and enable pfizer to move abroad to secure a lower u.s. tax rate. "the new york times" reports on an investigation into intelligence reports on isis that were allegedly altered to paint a more optimistic picture. president obama announced the investigation on sunday. supervisors are the central command are accused of revising analyst reports to hide the u.s. military's failure in beating back isis. president obama said that would go against his wishes for the troops. "the washington post" reports on one of its journalist jason rezaian receiving a prison sentence in iran. he has been held 16 months accused of spying. a court convicted him last month. iran has not revealed the length of the prison term. "the post" is calling for his e
7:33 am
mediate release. >> months ago, macri was far beyond his rival. the president-elect promises to improve the country's economy and the strained relationships with the u.s. "usa today" reports that cybermonday sales will start next sunday. the first round of bargains begin at 8:00 p.m. on sunday night and part of walmart's cyberrun. they are watching for what customers are searching for on its websites including tvsen printers and drones. intense search this morning for a gunman who shot a medical student in new orleans. tulane university student pete gold tried to help a woman being dragged away by another man. surveillance video shows the gunman shot gold. he is recovering from at a hospital. david begnaud is in new orleans. >> reporter: three days ago this
7:34 am
quiet new orleans street was scene of a violent crime. peter gold saw something and he pulled up here to help and he got out of his vehicle and ran to the aid of a woman who police say was about to be kidnapped. for trying to help, he ended up being shot, police say and it was all captured on surveillance camera. i want to warn you what you're about to see does contain violence. >> male shot in the stomach. black male and no license plate. >> reporter: police say the suspect in friday's shooting is identified as 21-year-old euric cain of new orleans and a surveillance shows a man believed to be cain. seconds later, cain is seen holding a gun to gold's head. police say cain demanded monday that shot gold in the stomach and he can be seen lying on the sidewalk as cain attempts to shoot him in the head but the gun jams and the suspect runs off. a neighbor who chose not to be
7:35 am
identified heard the events. >> i heard a man yelling outside i have no more money. he was laying on the ground and he was trying to execute him. >> reporter: on sunday officials say suv suv driven dby cain had been found. >> from the footage of this incident, it is clear that this is a dangerous individual who doesn't value the lives of others. >> reporter: gold, a fourth-year medical student at tulane university, remains hospitalized. in a statement to "cbs this morning" his family wrote peter continues to improve and remains in guarded condition. we ask again that everyone respect our family's need for privacy during this difficult time. >> this type of brazen violence will not stand in our city. enough is enough. everybody that commits a crime like this will be tracked and will be arrested and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. >> reporter: the mayor says every resource in the city of new orleans, including the resource of the u.s. marshal's office, is being utilized this
7:36 am
morning to find euric cain. $12,500 reward is being offered to anyone who leads authorities to cain. texas governor greg abbott is doubling down on his stand against accepting syrian refuges. his administration is ordering volunteer groups to stop bringing the migrants to texas. the state has taken in nearly 200 syrian refuges this year. one of those families was met by manuel bow jo questions. >> greg abbott was one of the first governors to stop accepting syrian refuges after the syrian attacks citing security concerns. as that debate rages on, syrian refuges in the united states are trying to adjust to a new life as best they can. the playground where fayez takes his family is a world away from his hometown of dara, syria.
7:37 am
he says this is what his old neighborhood looks like now. fayez and his wife asked us not to reveal their last names, fled in 2013 to jordan where they applied for refuge status in the u.s., a two-year process. this february, they moved near dallas and are now raising two daughters, an infant and a toddler. fayez works at walmart and is learning to speak english. >> i'm happy because i live in america. >> reporter: but they also feel misjudged after the paris attacks, and after texas recently ordered volunteer organizations that help resettle refuges from syria to discontinue those plans immediately. do you think the process you went through is enough to possibly root out anyone who could try to be coming in to carry out terror here? . >> translator: it's impossible that any terrorist can come to america through any refuge program, he says.
7:38 am
there are six or seven months for a background check. >> reporter: many of the attackers in paris were french nationals and lived in belgium, however one bomber had a fake syrian passport and traveled with the waves of refuges that overwhelmed europe in recent months. in texas, there is another worry. the border with mexico. three syrian families arrived there last week and surrendered to immigration officials, apparently seeking asylum. on saturday, about a dozen people, some armed with long guns, protested in front of a mosque outside of dallas. >> we are here protesting syrian refuges coming to america, protesting the islamization of america. >> reporter: the next day when we asked to spend more time with the family, they declined citing concerns over their safety. there have been rallies here in support of refuges as well. and while the governor of texas says states do have the legal authority to bar refuges from coming in, officials in washington say states cannot
7:39 am
dictate federal policy. gayle? >> thank you very much, manuel. is your commute one of the nation's worst, do you think? a new report reveals some places where the gridlock never, ever goes away. >> this is traffic trying to get into the lincoln tunnel. it links new jersey with new york city and it is one of the country's worst bottlenecks. we are going to show you some of the absolute worst that top the list and we will tell you what can be done about it. i'm kris van cleave. that is coming up on "cbs this morning." >> if you're heading to work, we understand. we ask that you set your dvr to watch "cbs this morning" any time you like. you don't want to mix our animation pixar studios celebrating a milestone. we will be right back.
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♪ nearly 47 million americans will hit the road for thanksgiving. aaa says driving remains the most popular way to go these days. but the government reports 40% of road delays are the result of
7:44 am
recurring bottlenecks and that is more than travel incidents, weather problems, or construction. kris van cleave is in weehawken, new jersey near one trouble spot. the lincoln tunnel. i've been there, and it's a doozie. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the lincoln tunnel that connects new jersey to new york city, the worst traffic bottleneck on the east coast and anyone sitting in it can tell you that. now, researchers looked at the 50 worst bottlenecks and found the amount of money lost in productivity for sitting in the traffic is more than 2.4 billion dollars a year. and when we say bottlenecks, we don't mean rush hour, we mean spots like this that always seem to be bad. drivers, it doesn't get any worse than this. a 12-mile stretch of red lights, crawling cars and pure community agony. interstate 90 around o'hare airport in chicago is the worst.
7:45 am
resulting in 16.9 million hours of wasted time and estimated $418 million of lost productivity a year according to a new report out this morning. the reason? pure volume. >> they have destroyed so many neighborhoods to build it and yet people still can't get anywhere. >> i give myself an hour and a half to get to work. >> reporter: the report identifies 50 of the worst. 6 of the top 10 are in los angeles. the south land scores 12 of the worst traffic choking points over. the new york city has nine brutal on bottlenecks and 2.6 miles around the lincoln tunnel results in 3.4 million hours of driver delay every year. >> comparing 2005 to 2015 are the bottlenecks getting worse? >> it is get worse. a lot of studies showing the traffic that was once in l.a. is worse than what l.a. was like
7:46 am
back then in dozens of cities around the country. >> reporter: greg cohen runs the users alliance that did the study. one bottle dog neck dropped off the list is the woodrow wilson bridge outside of washington, d.c. it was rebuilt and traffic improved but much more infrastructure work needs to be done. >> there is an opportunity there to do something that is good for people, it saves lives and saves the environment. >> reporter: now all 50 of these suffer from too much volume, too many cars. but one stretch of the hollywood freeway bottlenecks and another l.a. freeway has design issues and here at the lincoln tunnel, 80-year-old infrastructure that can't keep up with demand and to expand it requires a huge investment. >> that is the problem. >> you never care what is the reason is. you want it to stop. i love the story bar. wait and see. that is how you feel sitting there.
7:47 am
>> the greatest city in the world to have an 80-year-old tunnel. coming up, a legendary race car driver retires. how jeff gordon has had announcer: this portion of "cbs this mngornion" spd soreby macy's.
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>> jeff gordon! >> there the. this morning, nascar fans are celebrating the career of an all-time great driver jeff gordon. he said good-bye to racing fans on sunday in front of family, friends, and thousands of fans. the 44-year-old competed one last time. he finished sixth at florida's homestead miami speedway. winner kyle busch hugged gordon after the race.
7:52 am
gordon's 24 car dominated nascar starting in the 1990s. he won 93 races and four sprint cup championships in 23 full seasons. >> louis hamilton showed up yesterday to greet him and walk with him a little bit of the way. jeff said it was so surreal the support he got from other drivers because they are so competitive. a lot of people are wearing the number 24. we remember when he was here. >> absolutely. good guy. >> nice car. >> liked it. coming up, why is the "wall street journal" taking aim after a billionaire running for president? donald trump's feud with rupert murdoch. that is ahead.
7:53 am
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♪ good morning. it is monday, november 23rd, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including donald trump's grudge match with rupert murdoch and the media. why they cannot count him out of the presidential race. y's t, here's a look adat to "eye ope aner"t 8:00. >> brussels most shops are closed and behind me the city may throw shutdown on the third day of lockdown. >> francois holland is trying to marshal an international alliance t foight isis in syria. >> do not expect to breeze through the nation's airport. th ere will be tougher screening in place. >> he would track not syrian
8:01 am
refuges but many other muslims in this country. >> tolhe cd penetrated to the gulf coast. freeze warnings up from texas stretching east to the carolinas. the fan voted award show has something for just about everyone, featuring more than a dozen live performances. ♪ >> the mayor says every resource in the c oityf new orleans, including the u.s. marshal's office, is being utilized to find euric cain. >> researchers looked at the worst bottlenecks and found more than 2.4 billion dollars a year lost sitting in traffic. >> sorry. >> adele disguised her face to impersonate some empercent naim.
8:02 am
belgian police say another round of anti-terror raids overnight led to five more arrests. belgium's capital is under lockdown this morning for a third day. the country's prime minister says he fears a paris-style terror attack. in all, police in brussels arrested 21 people in the latest raids, but they did not find abdeslam who is wanted for pampting pampt i participating in the terror attacks and killing 130 people. security is tight across the united states as millions of americans prepare to travel for thanksgiving. police in new york city sunday held an active shooter drill in the subway system. for the first time the training included an attacker in a suicide vest. the department of homeland security says there are no credible terror threats anywhere in the u.s. nearly 47 million americans are expected to travel for the holiday. critics are blasting donald trump this morning as he tries
8:03 am
to justify tighter scrutiny of american muslims. the republican president shial front-runner said he watched people celebrate on 9/11. >> i watched people celebrate in the twin towers came down. i watched in new jersey where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. thousands of people were cheering. >> politifact says trump's claims defy basic logic. the mayor of jersey city says trump is plane wrong. he tweeted, quote, jersey city doesn't want to be part of the donald trump hate campaign. donald trump is receiving some of his toughest criticism from some news outlet who are friendly toward republicans. jan crawford is in washington with how one of the powerful media moguls is behind the attacks. >> reporter: it's trump versus the "wall street journal." trump versus fox news. we are talking about trump versus rupert murdoch and the
8:04 am
gop establishment. some call it a grudge match between two billionaires. the media tycoon versus the flame buoyant deal maker who happens to be a leading candidate for president. >> from the very beginning, rupert murdoch has been skeptical and concerned about a donald trump candidacy. >> reporter: murdoch hasn't tried to hide it. on twitter, he rails against trump. when is donald trump going to stop embarrassing his friends, let alone the whole country? but the gloves really came off when one of murdoch's premier properties targeted trump. >> this is one of the worst trade deals. >> reporter: after the most recent republican debate, "wall street journal," owned by murdoch, said in an editorial that trump's take on the trade deal was flat-out wrong. it wasn't obvious that he has any idea what the deal involves. trump and the journal's words went bananas over it. >> i'm suggesting that "wall
8:05 am
street journal" doesn't know what they are talk. >> reporter: trump said that on fox business network and which is also owned by murdoch and despite murdoch's efforts to give trump a big platform. >> you have all of these titans at the height of their game are all dancing around each other and, so far, trump seems to be, you know, no one is able to take him down. >> reporter: or to count him out. complaining he had been treated very badly, trump met last week with a journal editorial page to try to clear the air. the paper said it got the full donald. >> "wall street journal" is seen as representative of or close to business, and business is not happening with trump when it comes to trade, immigration and other issues. >> reporter: trump's numbers were slipping. but the world changed with the paris attacks. his message again is resonating with the people. the latest poll show him with a commanding lead and voters who lean republicans say they overwhelmly trust trump to deal
8:06 am
with the terrorism. he has kept the upper hand because he takes his message directly to voters on twitter. and he has found an audience with anti-establishment conservative comment tators. on a radio show, ingram gives him a warm welcome. >> where is president trump on grund troops? another american ground force in the middle east? >> president trump is knocking the hell out of isis and doing it rapidly. >> reporter: right now, those voices are striking a chord and even the journal is acknowledging trump's staying power. maybe it's time to start imagining mr. trump coming january 2017 in possession of the nuclear launch codes. >> so many people in the business community and the "wall street journal" never thought that donald trump would do as well as he's done and would be able to sustain that success. they waited too long and they may be too late. >> reporter: now the next line of attack on trump is from the
8:07 am
superpacs with millions of dollars in negative ads. as he said, the remarkable thing about trump is the more negative things people say about him, the more his supporters seem to like him. if not, well, he said over the weekend he wasn't ruling out a third-party run. gayle? >> all right, jan. it just gets more interesting, doesn't it? day-by-day. thank you, jan. donald trump doesn't get along with karl rove either. a long time republican operative is here in studio 57. how does he feel about donald trump? he joins us at the table to take a look at the presidential race. >> president mckinley is his choice. % >> why gop candidates should
8:08 am
ahead inside the birth place of buzz lightyear! >> i'm john blackstone at pixar animated studios. the company beyond a long string of blockbuster animated studios
8:09 am
and it all started 20 years ago with "toy story." we will meet the filmmakers who will show us where pixar has been and where it's going coming up on "cbs this morning." when heartburn hits
8:10 am
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♪ a new cbs news battleground tracker poll shows donald trump is back in the lead this morning in all three early voting states. senator ted cruz is second in iowa. cruz scores highest when iowa republicans are asked who is ready to be commander in chief. he earned 67%. marco rubio is next at 51% and 49% say donald trump. political strategist karl rove led both of president bush's white house bids and looking deeper into history to a possible guide for today's candidates. his new book is "the triumph of william mckinley why the election of 1896 still matters.
8:14 am
>> it is published by a division of cbs. >> thank you for having me here. americans politics leading up to the 1896 election looks like politics today. the political system is broken and we have divided government and we have five presidential elections in a row in which nobody gets 50% of the vote and acrimony in congress today makes it look like kids' play and we have divided government. the republicans during a 24-year period controlled the white house and house and senate two years and democrats two years and the other 20 years divided government. the economy that is rapidly changing, disrupting new technologies and changing demgraphy in the country and whole political system is broken and along comes william mckinley and 1896 election we have a a realignment and the next 36 years the republicans dominate the scene and one of the great elections in american history but we don't talk about much about it. we certainly don't talk about the prime actor in the drama
8:15 am
william mckinley. >> to underscore what you just said. republicans have lost the popular vote in five of the past six presidential elections. what is it that mick mckinley did differently to change the republican base? who did reach out to? >> he modernizes the republican party. a wide ankle party in the north and in the south the votes white and black republicans are being extinguished by violence and fraud by the democrats. he realizes this can't continue. what he does is he reaches out to the new changing demgraphy of american. the first republican leader to be endorsed by the hierarchy and brings minors and poring geese fishermen and ukrainian tailors. an amazing group of -- >> he is the first presidential candidate of either party to openly and actively seek the support of black voters during the primary. march of 1895 he goes to jacksonville, florida, and
8:16 am
savannah, georgia, and does something no candidate has ever done before and that is appear in front of a black audience and say i'm running for president, i need your spouupport. >> this is fascinating for me. mitt romney won 59% of the white vote and george bush won 58% of the white vote. >> if you look back in history like 1994 is when ronald reagan did winning 49 states. >> romney didn't do well among the nonwhite vote. the next republican candidate in order to win has to do better among the nonwhite vote. >> mckinley learned that elections are about addition and not subtraction. >> bring us back to the republican campaign in 2015. if you watch that debate going on in the republican party, is anybody reaching out to new demo graphics? is anybody reaching out? >> sure. lots of candidates got the capacity in a general election
8:17 am
to do well among latinos. >> who? >> bush and rubio, do particularly well. the younger candidates whether rubio or to some degree, cruz and, to some degree, kasich ensome degree, christie who can do well among the millennials. they moved from obama in 2008 and moved against him the next election was people ages 18 to 29. >> obama got less and obama didn't pick them up. >> republicans lose florida by 0.7 of 1%. if republicans got the 5% they norm have gotten in the age of obama among african-american voters to the 12% or 13% that bush got in 2004 we win florida. you don't need to get the entire
8:18 am
group in order to have significant movement. >> good question here. >> what has happened to jeb bush? >> well, he has fallen out of the lead. >> we know that, but why? >> he's been out of the lead a long time. >> yeah. >> are you talking to him? >> since july. look. we have got a very complicated pattern of voting this year. . a guy is leading but a high floor and low ceiling in my opinion. donald trump has proven capable of getting 25% to 30% and does better in the polls where it's an internet poll which is interesting to me. your new polls today, for example, you show him significantly better number in new hampshire than does a poll that uses more traditional cell phones and land lines. so where this is -- we are giving these polls a scientific precision. i'm not certain they have had and certainly don't have today, given the changing nature of how we can be connected. but the fact of the matter is that he has shown himself the ability to get big glop of the
8:19 am
republican primary voters and can't accelerate above that and looks like if you're not a trump voter now, you're not necessarily a trump voter later. >> has jeb bush reached out to you? >> i'm not -- i'm not helping anybody formally but my attitude is i'm happy to talk to anybody who wants to pick up the phone and talk to a guy who has been through it a couple times and has old-fashioned news about it and that happens. >> i'm take that as a yes, karl. >> you still control millions of dollars with the super pac crossroads. will your super pac launch a guerrilla campaign to take on donald trump? >> american crossroads is involved with primaries and raised 103 million in the last presidential cycle but not involved this time around. >> do you anticipate another pac will launch? >> i read this morning in the papers there is one. i wouldn't be surprised. again, this is an atraditional election and i'm not sure the traditional things let's get a super pac and take somebody down
8:20 am
is nel -- >> a lot of the republican party is not committed. >> i think that is right. what is interesting how many people are committed in several different places. i know people who have given a check to rush, rubio, fiorina, kasich, you name it, christie or some combination thereof. >> thank you, karl. >> thank you, karl rove. >> congrats on the book. >> thank you. i brought you each a mckinley hank hankerchief. >> a widower's task to help a stranger.
8:21 am
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♪ a great story. new jersey man is days away from donating his kidney to a total stranger years after losing his own wife to kidney failure. glenn calderbank was looking for builder materials on craigslist and stumbled upon an ad posted by nina sar ericia's husband as to help his wife who needed a kidney transplant. >> i told them i know i'm a match. they said how do you know that? >> doctors confirm they are a match.
8:25 am
surgery is scheduled for december 1st. some things are meant to be. >> wow. >> beautifully next vehicle purchase?
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fake it to stewart. throw it to stewart. touchdown, stewart. that young man showed up with his cam newton jersey and he is taking home a football. look at the look on that little guy's face. >> i love it when they do that to little kids. carolina panthers quarterback after he makes a touchdown he gives the ball to a young fan in the stands. five kids got a ball as newton threw for five touchdowns and the panthers trounced the redskins 46-14. that is nice. >> the panthers are having a great season. >> they sure are. jerry richardson has put it together. >> yes. >> cam, the man. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, you
8:31 am
may remember "toy story." the first movie by pixar. can you believe it was 20 years ago? the animated giant this week makes big history on the big screen and show how it feels like an adventure in the office. the team behind fairy god box is in our green room. that is ahead. right now time to show you some of this morning's headlines. business insider reports on falling gas prices as millions get ready to hit the road for thanksgiving. the average price is $2.14 a gallon. a ten-month low. that is 70 cents less than a year ago. prices could continue to fall into december and lower costs for crude oil. more money for turkey. >> that is always a good thing. "usa today" reports on a gift from an anonymous donor to pay down the national debt. in september somebody give $2.2
8:32 am
million to the treasury department but a long way to go. the national debt is more than $18 trillion. the gift was made to an account that receives tax deductible contributions. "the new york times" reports on a group of california girls fighting to join the boy scouts. the five girls ages 10 to 13 called themselves the unicorns and they tried the girl scouts but said it was too low key. their bid for full membership was rejected for now. the patriot news in pennsylvania reports on an amish man who finished a marathon wearing traditional amish clothing. the 22-year-old completed the race earlier this month in three hours, five minutes and 45 seconds and that is 45 seconds from the boston marathon's qualifying time for someone his age. he ran the whole way in slacks, a long-sleeved shirt and suspenders. >> good job. san francisco chronicle reports facebook cofounder mark
8:33 am
zuckerberg will take two months paternity leave once his little daughter is born. he wrote in a facebook post that studies show when both parents take time off, the outcomes are better for the newborns and the parents too. facebook offers employees up to four months of paid maternity or paternity leave. zuckerberg is one ceo who wants to give his employees more time with their families. high-tech companies like spotify and amazon announced plans to give workers more time off but not all businesses are so transparent and no guarantees for paid leave. a new website called fairy god boss lets women anonymously post information with their workplace and that includes parental leave policies and experiences positive and negative. the site is called the yelp for maternity leaves. the two are making their
8:34 am
appearance here in studio 457. >> explain this website. >> it started when i was let go from my job in a management shake-up, norah. i couldn't find information that was really important to me, such as what is a company's maternity leave policy? i was two months pregnant at the time so you can imagine that was a pretty awkward thing to talk about and i hadn't told my friends much less was i comfortable sharing it with prospect employers. >> you're trying to find a new job and you can't find out what the maternity leave policy is with these on companies. why not ask? >> maternity leave is a finite amount of time and do they treat men and women equally and would i be negativity judged. we created a site to make sure women could get better information about prospective employers. >> how do you two know each other? >> we were colleagues at dow jones. >> why are we afraid to ask the question? that we will be judged? >> a stigma to go with it.
8:35 am
if you are interviewing and ask about maternity leave the signal you're sending is i'm about to go on maternity leave soon and that is a risky hire. >> what do you hope to achieve and what are comments being placed on the website? >> our mission is to improve the workplace for women and we do that by creating transparency when is two-way street. employers, specific actions they can take parental leave policies and cultural choice they make whether face time at the company. we hope when women share this information, employers listen and, you know, make some changes when necessary. >> and who are the best companies? >> well, we would rather say who the best industries are. we actually found a resulting and education and insurance rate the highest. and then -- >> but you review companies on your site? >> we do. >> there is quite a big range of results.
8:36 am
meaning we were surprised that some companies that may have been in the news negatively for one or two incidents and being, overall, rated quite positively. we think that women -- we have been very encouraged by how balanced the feedback has been. we thought this is a review site and may be an outlet for negativity but the women who are even unhappy are giving specific reasons as to why. >> if a company wants to move to the top of the class in terms of what is offers its employees, what should it do? >> women in leadership, it needs to give equal compensation and you look at sales force, for example, you know they are doing a full review to make sure -- >> what is he doing? >> he is doing a full audit to make sure men apple women are paid equally. >> i think they have spend $3 million to level out the playing field a bit. >> he has already done that? >> yes. equal compensation. things like on-site day care and things like -- >> flexible working is very important to some parents. >> are you concerned about the
8:37 am
accuracy? because suppose you get somebody who did not have a good experience with that maternity leave and could say something very snarky and others have a great review. >> we have a few checks in place. first of all, we personally review every review before it goes up to make sure it passes a smell test. and then, also, each reviewer needs to confirm an e-mail address. the site is anonymous but we make sure it's a real person. also in signing the terms and conditions, they are attesting what they are saying is accurate. >> very interesting thing about this, too, though, the disparity in maternity leave that exists within companies. how widespread is that and do you get the sense that younger women as applying to different jobs and having a choice are trying to choose companies whose benefits are better in this regard? >> we conducted a survey and we believe that 80% of women don't ask and they just sort of assume that the policies will be okay. and, of course, sometimes they
8:38 am
find out too late that it's not the case. at least a third are disappointed -- subsequently. >> very important question to once an i never once asked it during my career. i'm glad you guys are putting it out there. >> what is your maternity leave policy. yes. >> it sends a message i'm taking time off and no boss wants to hear that. >> we see changes on the paternal leave now as well. >> yeah. what about mark zuckerberg? >> we applied what he is doing and hope that sets a new standard for a ceo to be out on this. >> sends a message. thank you both. we are going behind the scenes of pixar animations, the studio that brought us "toy story." ahead how pioneers like s
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ nearly 0 years ago, pixar introduced us to a signature desk lamp and those bouncing balls 30 years ago in its first animated movie called luxo jr. this week marks 20 years since pixar released its first feature motive "toy story." when it premiered critics
8:43 am
praised it. john blackstone visits the bay area campus to meet the minds behind the studio's biggest movies. >> i'm buzz lightedyeyear. i come in piece. >> reporter: when they were brought to life 20 years ago, they seemed moreli reastic than anything previously created in an animated movie. >> please be careful. you don't want to be in the way if my laser goes off. >> we are still doing the same thing. >> reporter: pete doctor was one of the animators changing the way movies were made. >> you come to work every day and somebody would of figured something else out that you had never seen before. >> to infinity and beyond! >> reporter: "toy story" animators went beyond what had been done before and getting closer to reality was more challenging than they expected. >> "toy story," almost every
8:44 am
se scene that is going to be hard. the clothing they wear are tight fitting so we don't have to deal with wringles and movement. i was a new kid who enjoyed figuring out how things worked. >> reporter: pixar was owned by somebody else who liked to figure things out -- steve jobs. >> how do you think of yourself? >> the things i've done in my life and the things we do at pixar, these are team sports. >> reporter: in 1986, jobs bought pixar for $5 million from filmmaker george lucas. >> there is no way "toy story" would have been made without steve. he had the belief and the passion and, frankly, the gumption to fight for us to get us the resources we needed to make the movie. >> reporter: the studio and its arsenal of films will talking fish. >> i'm coming, nemo!
8:45 am
>> robots. and a rat who likes to cook. has received massive critical acclaim and collected 12 academy awards but when mix appar had no movie ready for release in 2014, some in the industry wondered whether the studio had lost its edge. then came the release this year of "inside out." what the heck is that? >> broccoli on pizza. >> that he that's it. i'm done. >> congratulations, san francisco! you've ruined pizza! >> reporter: so far the inner workers of 11-year-old girl's mind. >> it was never a guarantee that something as bizarre and abstract as going inside an adolescent's mind or world would resonate with people and make sense to people and connect to people. who knew?
8:46 am
>> yea! >> reporter: in spite of the animation technology, pixar has pioneered, its film still start the old-fashioned way. >> it still starts with a drawing. >> reporter: kelseyman on the new movie being released this week on dinosaurs. from these drawings and the imagination of all of those working on a movie at pixar, a story takes shape. >> i can turn like arlo around and he is going to be like what is going on? huh? what? >> reporter: a hundred of those drawings for -- >> a hundred drawings just for a couple of minutes. >> reporter: the creativity of pixar animators extends to their offices. this is your office? >> yeah, this is our office. >> reporter: simon kristen's work space appears to be part of a 1930s aircraft crashed in the jungle. >> back story here is that we were to get this on board and
8:47 am
trying to find our way out of the jungle. >> reporter: strikes me around pixar, everybody is telling a story all the time. >> we certainly are trying, yeah. >> reporter: the good dinosaur marks the first time pixar is releasing two movies in one year. >> it was a hundred degrees in the shade. >> reporter: originally scheduled to be in theaters two years ago, the movie was delayed by production problems. >> the northwest was a huge inspiration for us. >> reporter: in 2013, peter zone replaced the movie's first director. the good dinosaur has had some painful moments over many years now? >> yeah, that's right. a lot of the pixar films go through these challenges to make the stories right when those problems arise, just like a good parent, if there are issues, you have to bring in help. >> reporter: the good dinosaur, in 15 years at pixar, the director has intermediate many other jobs from animation to voiceover work. >> my name is russell. >> reporter: he was the
8:48 am
inspiration for the wilderness explorer u explorer russell. >> when you're in a story room with these artists, everybody will be kraug drawing. >> we start with posing. >> reporter: three seconds of animation takes about a week to complete. >> animation in general is frame-by-framework. there is a certain type of personality that makes these things. you have to have patience and long vision and it's all about the long game. >> reporter: in the 20 years since "toy story," pixar has been playing that long game. >> to infinity and beyond! >> reporter: and winning. for "cbs this morning," john blackstone, emeryville, california. >> looks like a cool place to work. >> very cool. a week for three seconds. >> i like it. >> those boys are having fun.
8:49 am
>> i think so too. "toy story" was a game-changer for sure. a little boy's big moment runs into a few hiccups. ♪ he's got the hiccups. the kid singer who refused to be silenced but that is next on "cbs this morning."
8:50 am
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8:52 am
♪ >> that is 7-year-old australian boy powered through pickups during a baseball game. he earned high five's from all
8:53 am
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. i'm going to talk about
9:00 am
what i'm thankful for. friends were in town this weekend from florida, family, good friends, good people here at work. can you all see that? can you see that at home? >> yes. wall of gratitude. i'm grateful for good friends. >> let's do this every day. >> you can, too. use the #wallofgratitude. tweet it. go to wusa 9 and e-mail it to us, facebook, bunch of stuff. we would like to hear what you're grateful for. up next, we're going to talk about food donations. it's a big thing in this area, especially around the holidays. our life-style correspondent meghan mooney is at the capital area food bank talking about all of the great work they are doing to give back to the community. how's it going out there, meghan? >> reporter: good morning, marquette and chris. this morning i'm at the capital orea food bank, the largest


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