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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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a day comes. >> reporter: officials a isis, al qaeda and boko haram continue to plant attacks. >> i think it is really home grown terrorist that are more frightening for everyone really. it is someone that you know. >> reporter: the alert does not urge americans to cancel their travel plans but it does encourage travelers from the u.s. to be especially vigilant in public places or on any form of transportation. that travel alert will be in the fact at least until the end of next february. coming up tonight at 6:00 we will tell you what happens when we notified a couple of the state of department alert, a couple, headed to africa on their honeymoon. we want to give you a look at the incredible traffic here at the airport. it is at a crawl.
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not just in front of the airport but all along the highway so you will want to leave extra time if you are picking up a loved one at the airport. andrea mccarron, wusa9. >> that does not look like fun. officials say extremists have targeted large sporting events, open markets in aviation in the past. americans are urged to avoid large crowds. in his first visit since the attacks on terrorist that killed 130 people francois hollande landed in washington today to press the president to do more in the fight against isis. the leaders are discussing russia's what role in a coalition force. we are covering it all from the newsroom. >> the meeting covered a lot of ground but focused on how to defeat isis. the french leaders message is clear, more needs to be done.
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francois hollande has made no secret of his stance against isis. arriving today he is pushing the president to expand america's role in flooding islamic extremism. -- infighting islamic extremism. since the attacks 11 days ago france has intensified its campaign against isis. francois hollande vows to do even more. the president says the more than 8000 airstrikes have pushed isis back from territory in iraq it makes area. still, francois hollande says more needs to be done. >> we want to gather all countries, all of those who are willing to find a political solution in syria. >> he also wants greater involvement from russia. president obama says he remains skeptical of the intentions of the russians
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in the syrian war. while russian airstrikes have been happening. >> we agree that russia could play a more constructive role if it were to shift the focus of its strike to the feeding isis. >> after his visit president francois hollande heads to moscow to meet with vladimir putin in the hopes of getting all three countries on the same page in what he describes as the urgent fight against isis. back to you. saying it ignored repeated warnings turkey shot down a russian fighter jet today. the jet violated turkish airspace, according to its military and ignored ten warnings over 5 minutes. russia denies of the claim. video shows the warplane on
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fire and two crew members parachuting to the ground. russian media says one of the pilots was killed. the fate of the other is unknown. we have new information on a disturbing crash in washington dc. today a taxicab owner got his first up close look at the damage done and is demanding answers about why police were chasing through such a crowded area of the city. scott broom shows us the damage. >> reporter: as far as the cab company owner is concerned the outcome is nothing short of a miracle. >> i mean look at it, it is a miracle. >> reporter: this is what is left of his cab. the passenger side door is smashed all the way to where the driver was sitting. this happened last friday night. when two police officers in a vehicle
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hit the cab and careened into a building. in suv was involved too. here again is the taxi owner. >> it was going 80 miles per hour. >> reporter: you think this was 80 for sure? >> look at the collision. this does not happen at 20 miles per hour. i keep asking to see the report. there is no report. >> reporter: police have said two officers were pursuing a suspect but they will not comment on any aspect of the investigation. they do have a 16 page pursuit policy posted online but critical information is blacked out. he supports police in being aggressive about stopping crime but the damage to his cab and close call for the survivors is proof he says,
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that a high-speed chase on a friday night is going too far. >> i don't know, now that i see the car, i am shot. -- i am shocked. >> reporter: he told me a driver working for him, three passengers and two police officers were all injured and treated for the injuries. police have not told us what the outcome of the pursuit was. reporting live, scott broom, wusa9. >> police say the are investigating the circumstances of the accident. relief is coming to one of our biggest traffic bottlenecks on interstate 95. traffic is often at a standstill. today the governor announced the express lanes will continue another 2 miles into stafford county.
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the governor also announced the express lanes will expand north on interstate 395 into washington dc. coming up at 6:00 the governor response to calls that he would do stop syrian refugees from coming to washington dc. let's take a live look outside. the weather certainly will not be a problem but, the traffic? >> it seems like folks are treating tuesday as a travel day as much as wednesday. either way the weather will be fine. on wednesday the storm will be in the rockies so if you are going to the west coast it will be all right. heavy snow around salt lake, montana, wyoming, it will stay north of denver. a different story by thanksgiving afternoon. we are in good shape in
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the midwest. even chicago is fine. kansas city, st. louis come you are fine. some showers in dallas. it should not be a problem. in the southeast you are in good shape too. atlanta, you are fine. so, let's talk about the evening forecast. it is just spectacular. nothing as cold as last night. low 40s by 10:00 tonight. we will come back, we are still tracking a cold front for the weekend. we will tell you what that means. you might be surprised how warm it is going to get. a pedestrian was struck and killed in beltsville today. police arriving on the scene say they found a man suffering from critical injuries. you later died at the scene of the crash. the driver of the car did remain.
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hazardous materials crews were called into the scenes of an accident this morning. the driver lost control on the overpass at college park. crews were called into cedlean up 30 gallons of diesel fuel. the driver was rushed to the hospital. yesterday marked the year anniversary of his death. a proposal being considered would be to rename the high school after barry. the mayor was a big supporter of the school. >> reporter: raised money. we asked parents how they would feel about naming it after barry. >> naming the school is good but given the knowledge to the kids will be even better. those of us who are older know about the legacy and what he did for the city. >> he did a lot for the people here. >> i like my school name. i don't want it to change.
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i don't want it to change. >> other ideas to honor very include a statue at the wilson building. -- other ideas to honor barry include a statue at the wilson building. local airport workers hungry for better pay tonight. how they are making her point. that is on the way in just a bit. here is our favorite video of the day. another police officer dancing with students. they are struggling to keep up.
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a state of emergency in affected tunisia following a deadly bus bombing. the bus was carrying members of the tunisian presidential guard. the president said his country is a war against terrorism it may called for international cooperation. it is not clear who is behind the attack. a helicopter crash has claimed the lives of four soldiers at fort hood. the soldiers were found dead when they arrived on the scene last night. the helicopter was on a training mission when it crashed. a team is being assembled to investigate. a pennsylvania police officer in the hospital after a dramatic shootout in philadelphia.
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there were -- the driver was not hurt but there was an exchange of gunfire it make the trooper was shot in the shoulder. to the campaign trail now where ben carson is sliding in the polls. the former neurosurgeon slipped out of the top three for the first time since october. marco rubio drops from first to second place, ted cruz comes in at number three followed by carson it makes you have a bush. ted cruz is gaining popularity in iowa. the texas senator is the choice among 23% of voters in iowa. carson comes in third with 18%. so, it is great to see so many people helping others this time of year. >> volunteers from the mission launched their effort to provide meals to people in need. cars and trucks loaded up with thousands
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of turkeys in the parking lot of the basilica. those meals will find their way to people who would have gone hungry this thanksgiving. >> we are distributing 5300 turk is to charities and community groups. -- we are distributing 5300 turkeys to charities and community groups. they will go to very low income families in the area. >> the mission the ball from another charity group that has been handing out holiday meals for 40 years. our wall of gratitude is still growing strong. so many of you continue to share your messages, including some local police officers. if you are having a tough day go to the wall of gratitude.
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>> we all know the job of a police officer is really dangerous at times. the officer i spoke to tells us his gratitude story. >> the things i am grateful for that people take for granted are health, family, and friends, by far. i say that because i have been through a lot. >> over the summer he suffered an injury that needed surgery and things got worse, that wound ended up getting infected. >> mercer is an infection that could take your life. you don't realize everything that you take for granted. family and friends are everything. for a certain period of time i could not
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walk. for a short period of time i was on my hands it mcnees. >> yesterday he posted this online. monday was his first day back at work after being out for three months. >> a lot of people complain about their job but it is something i enjoy doing. so, i was thankful to be back to work. thank you to all of my family and friends for helping me out. i am glad to be back. >> it took four surgeries it make a huge support network to get him back on the job. later at 7:00 i have a story of in the other officer. we will have that story coming up. >> you can still submit to our wall of gratitude, just leave a comment on our facebook page or you can even e-mail us. a lot of people
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are wishing that the traffic was as good as the forecast. >> we noticed it today. >> but, it is spreading out. >> that is a good thing. >> i have relatives that make sure they get the bedroom of their choice. they came last thursday. four people arrived today. let's talk about the 3-degree guarantee. we are worried about it this time. how did we do? we will see tonight at 11:00 and you can also download our app as well. it is 51 right now. that is a good number. i think it was warm today. so, not as cold tonight bus stop
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temperatures 28-35. a wonderful wednesday, really quite -- really great. no problems anywhere all the way to chicago. milder on thanksgiving and warmer on friday. i mean, we are back in the mid-60s on friday. temperatures will fall tonight but not as well as yesterday -- temperatures will fall tonight but not as fast as yesterday. by morning i think these numbers are a little high. i think we will see some upper 20s. mid-30s downtown. by midmorning temperatures go back to the mid-40s. by lunch time 55, 53 in frederick. it is a good day. these temperatures are pretty spot on average.
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tomorrow night temperatures go back to the low 40s. 40 also in fairfax. tonight, looking to clear to partly skies. -- looking to clear to partly cloudy skies. 30s to start the day. 51 by 11:00. 55, it sunshine by 1:00 p.m. thanksgiving is milder, 60. friday will be 65. a few clouds come in. much like yesterday we have showers on friday night. we do have a couple showers on saturday and sunday. it is not a huge deal. temperatures climb again, mid- 50s on monday and low 60s on tuesday. coming up on the consumer alert we unwrapped test the results on the most popular items purchased during the holiday shopping season.
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the annual ritual of the christmas shopping season
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starts this week. our partners did some work for you about one of the most popular items people by, a new television. >> every year retailers offer discounts on new televisions. the trouble is a lot of the televisions aren't very good. that is where we come in. the approach to testing helps identify the televisions that perform well but don't cost a lot. here are a few tips for you. not all televisions are created equal. some of the cheap ones are really bad. if you want a budget that won't let you down we recommend the visio m-series. the quality outperforms televisions that cost twice as much. if you have a little more room the 55-inch
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version is our favorite television. if you can find any of these on sale this holiday season you are getting a fantastic deal. if you need to spend less than $500 you should forget about four a. instead, this sony is an outstanding alternative. it has some smart apps. >> reporter: it also outperforms its price tag. for $500 of this television is a bargain. -- and it also outperforms its price tag. for $500 this television is a bargain. with a a little extra help you too can chop like an expert. remember to head to to check out our reviews. if you want the best we are here to help. >> according to the retail federation 135 million americans
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plan to shop sometime over the thanksgiving weekend. tomorrow i will tell you what you need to do to keep your little ones safe when it comes to those big screen televisions. they are toys that pose a choking hazard and they exceed the toxic standards for chemicals. the trouble in toyland list has been released. here are some, several popular the tech pop toys are some that are dangerous. a coach is in trouble tonight accused of secretly recording her own players. a police officer behind bars accused of the deadly shooting of a black teenager.
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hundreds of airport workers are going on a hunger strike. the baggage handlers and wheelchair attendance pushing for a living wage. bruce leshan has been talking to them. >> reporter: they are passing out leaflets like this. these are workers, like this 75-year old
5:30 pm
who has been working here 53 years and he makes only $3.77 an hour plus whatever tips he can get. he is one of 300 workers who have pledged to go hungry at this time of feasting in hopes of calling attention to the struggles of the people who helped get us home for the holidays. the baggage handlers, the line attendance, the people who clean airplanes. most work for private contractors and as a bat as a baggage handler -- and as a baggage handler he makes just $8.25 an hour. >> we don't make any money. there is no time off. some people work three jobs that make never get time to spend with their family. >> reporter: last week the service employees union led to thousands of these workers at seven major
5:31 pm
airports out on a one-day strike but, this week, it is just a one day hunger strike. he says he makes about $850 a month so, going without food for a day get something he does a lot. >> i am always hungry. >> reporter: you are hungry all of the time? >> yes. >> reporter: they are getting a surprising amount of support from travelers. >> i support the unions. >> that wages too low for this area. it will not get you very far. >> it is a shame, that is not a living wage. >> reporter: there are three private contractors here that employ these workers, we tried to get a hold of all of them but have yet to hear back from any of them. bruce leshan, wusa9.
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>> union organizers say years ago a lot of these people got health benefits and sick leave but they say with the private contractors all of that has disappeared. the first in a series of officer trials in the death of freddie gray begins next week. william porter is charged with involuntary manslaughter. today a judge made some key rulings, the jury will not be sequestered but may remain anonymous. the defense team will not be limited on the number of witnesses they can call and two videos can be used. in baltimore a diving coach accused of using self home -- cell phone video to record her team. she was indicted on charges that include being a peeping tom. she had been a championship winning diving coach. she and her husband
5:33 pm
have been replaced during the investigation. a white police officer being held without bail for the shooting death of a teenager. officer jason van dyke was charged with first-degree murder today for the death of laquan mcdonald. prosecutors say jason van dyke shot fired a 16 round that 16 rounds at laquan mcdonald last year and was reloading with another officer told him to hold his fire. that shooting has the city on edge. a prosecutor in minnesota says it will be up to a grand jury to decide weather criminal charges will be filed against police in the shooting of an african-american man there. demonstrators took to the streets today to protest the death of jamar clark. they gunmen shot at least five protesters last
5:34 pm
night. a 23-year old white man is under arrest in connection with the shooting of those protesters. some important safety reminders. the cheap is urging pedestrians chief is urging pedestrians and drivers to make an extra effort to look out for each other during the busy season. it can also be one of the most dangerous. >> statistic say the last quarter of the year is the most dangerous time of the year for drivers and pedestrians. on average we have 135 pedestrians that are hit by vehicles. >> as part of its holiday safety initiative the chief says safety officers will be out cracking down on drivers. in the health alert a deadly insect known as the "kissing
5:35 pm
bug" has been found in georgia. kill you. the cdc says the bugs are typically found in the southard united states. -- in the southern united states. new video of a cop showing off her dance moves. a twitter user shared a video with us. the officer is dancing with students, she is really getting her groove on. the video looks to have come from the holiday feast last night at the bald eagle recreation center. she has come close to dying six times. she has in stage renal disease. her kidneys are failing. she has every reason to be better but she is not. tonight, this young woman's remarkable mission to find a cure.
5:36 pm
that is coming up tonight at 11:00. a growing number of white student union groups popping up on facebook. a prank within roommate ends to -- a prank on roommates ends with a call to 911. if you are going out tonight grab a jacket. these are low temperatures, 30 maybe 29 in fairfax, maybe 29 in silver spring. we will come back it not talk
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majority of users say if there are minority based groups why can't there be white groups? some students in berkeley see it differently after a white student union popped up they are too. one student says, minority unions provide support for those facing systematic oppression. >> it is not a thing for white students. what? you don't need protection. >> berkeley responded to the group saying it does not endorse this attempt to create conflict. with one tweet jeff pesos has 17,000 followers. the ceo tweeted out a link to video of the world's first reusable rocket making a spectacular landing. it a sword 63 miles into space yesterday
5:41 pm
before landing. also trending tonight, mcdonald's restaurant in japan offering up a big old bucket of chicken. >> until now japanese could only order 15 chicken nuggets at a time. now, they can get 48 at the time. >> it is for a family, right? >> may be. >> it should come with a waiver. >> or a hotline to the emergency room. >> what started out as a prank ended with a call to 911. it happened in sacramento, a woman set up to frank, she left a scare call popped up in the night. >> the house was totally pitch
5:42 pm
black. i was rubbing my eyes as i walks to posit the house. i turned the corner and i see a figure of a man standing there. >> police quickly cracked the case but only after she barricaded herself in her bedroom. she was convinced it was a home invasion. >> he is the lovable giant to terrified quarterbacks in the 1980s but he had his own share of demons. coming up dexter manley takes a look back. >> after the break it is being ll caed
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sex trafficking is big business in the united states but you might be surprised to hear where it is exploding. marley hall went to milwaukee, which has become a training ground for pimps. >> reporter: these prostitutes are working the streets of milwaukee. two others of the pins arrested in a sting two years ago were from wisconsin. we walked with this
5:46 pm
woman through the west side on a late night to rescue victims of forced prostitution. >> i feel like it is my purpose and my mission to see them out of this. >> reporter: she works with her, she used to walk the streets herself after becoming her boyfriends paycheck when she was only 17. how did you get from a point where you a point where you had a romantic interest in a guy to having sex with other people so he could get money? >> you want to please someone. you believe this is going to please him. >> reporter: police have more than 300 teams on the radar but few resources. why do you only have three police assigned to sex trafficking? >> i don't think people realize how big it is. that is why i am working as hard as i can to get more. >> reporter: this detect says milwaukee has earned the
5:47 pm
nickname "pimp school." >> we just want to help the women. >> reporter: she is breaking the cycle, she set up an organization to rex you -- to rescue victims of sex trafficking. >> i have i have to keep going. >> reporter: but it is hard to change a culture one person at a time. marley hall, cbs news, milwaukee. >> the organization also offers mentoring and jobs programs to help victims of sex trafficking. the president is honoring 17 people this evening, that is gloria stuff down receiving the presidential medal of freedom. this is a live look inside the white house where it is already
5:48 pm
underway. turning our attention to the forecast, things are getting warmer. >> if you like that sort of ring. -- if you like that sort of thing. i like the snow at thanksgiving. it does make it easier to put the christmas lights up. let's talk about the temperatures right now. it is actually about average in terms of temperatures. humidity is at 41%. it is not dry as it was yesterday. temperatures will fall pretty quickly. so, not quite as cold tonight, still some upper 20s in the suburbs. bus stop temperatures 28-43. it will be wonderful
5:49 pm
tomorrow. if yoube beautiful. milder on thanksgiving, 60 it not warmer on friday, we are talking about 65. you can play golf on friday. tonight, temperatures in the 30s. 35 in manassas. 36 in fairfax. 36 also in dale city. by morning, we have low 30s and some upper 20s, i would say 29 or 30 in silver spring. still, 36 downtown. by 9:00 a.m. we are back in the low 40s with sunshine. lunch time it is really nice. 55 in la plata. 50 in cumberland. by about this time to my temperatures will fall a
5:50 pm
little bit. by 10:00 temperatures just around 40 degrees in the suburbs it made 40s downtown. maybe 39 at 10:00 tomorrow night. tonight, clear to partly cloudy. not as cold. 28-38. by morning sunshine and cold, it will be 50 by lunchtime but it starts out cold. the wind continues at 10:00 but mostly sunny and pleasant, really gorgeous tomorrow. high temperatures around 55. it will be nice from the mountains to the coast. even our friends in oakland will be 56. martinsburg 53. maybe 56 in culpeper. mid-50s for warrenton. downtown we are looking at 55. a little cooler by the water.
5:51 pm
so, day planner, 30s to start, 43 by 9:00. it is a pretty ni thanksgiving, 60, warmer on friday, we will hit 65. we have showers on friday night. i did extend a chance for a shower on saturday. not a huge deal. we are back in the mid-50s on monday. back in the 60s next tuesday with a few showers. all week long we have been telling you the story of dexter manley, his fall to the depths of drug addiction. the former redskins battled drug addiction for over two that it's. -- over two
5:52 pm
decades. he says he had many angels help him throughout his life. last night we shared the story of this man who helped him during his darkest moments. former washington head coach joe gibbs helped him at the moment he needed in angel the most. >> i was in jail once, i had a drug charge only and i think that was in 1999. i don't know what month it was. i always wanted -- i suppose make him proud of me but, when you are dealing with addiction you have a tendency to disappoint a lot of people. so, joe gibbs came in and i did not know what was going to happen. i was in jail, you have
5:53 pm
7000 people and the majors and the captains came to my cell, the captain brought me a new uniform, they don't do that. so, it was someone special, through the door. door. -- so, it was someone special coming through the door. i remember sitting down waiting to see who was coming through the door. it was joe gibbs. i will never forget that. he came in and prayed with me. he left a profound effect on me. >> he says that was the moment where he finally decided to work towards turning his life around. he has been clean for over nine years. joe gibbs always loved his players and wanted the best for them. >> to show up at a jail in
5:54 pm
houston to do that. >> it is very clear they had a strong relationship. he decided he would not give up on him. >> it takes a while for the person dealing with problems to realize they are special. coming up at 6:00 the u.s. and france say they will step up airstrikes against isis but there is a new complication involving russia. also, in unusual family reunion right here in our area. four siblings who grew up in different families are connecting for the first time. just in time for the holidays a new type of
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
as if there weren't enough already, there is a new kind of gift card. one that you don't spend in a store but to own a piece of it in stock. but, mark albert reports it may not be that good a deal. >> reporter: at this grocery store outside of washington the freshest items on the shelf include not the products but stock in the company. this shopper was intrigued when we showed him the card.
5:58 pm
the gift card rolled out in october at major retailers. so far the card can be used to by stock in 20 big name companies. he is the founder and ceo of stock pile, a startup that created the idea. >> we are bringing wall street to america. people have never been able to own stock and get started as quickly as they can here. >> there are really more steps to the process. >> reporter: he point out the fees can be the equivalent of up to 20%. the recipient must open a brokerage account. and there is a 99-cent fee to sell the stock. >> as an investment i would say that this is a pass for the vast majority of people. >> reporter: are you a flash in
5:59 pm
the pan? >> i think it is here to stay because we are seeing growth. >> reporter: in fact, they plan to add even more retailers next year. mark albert, cbs news. >> the gift cards are sold in denominations of $25, $50 or $100. >> so far most of its customers are those over 30 years old buying for people under 30 years old. the president says russia must change its position in syria. honeymoon is heading to honeymooners heading to africa react to the travel warning they did not learn about until they arrived at the airport. virginia's governor makes it clear where he stands on the syrian refugees. the u.s. calling on its coalition countries to step up the war in isis.
6:00 pm
francois hollande says the fight is even more urgent. craig boswell reports. >> reporter: the president and francois hollande say they agree on the fight against isis. >> it must be destroyed and we must do it together. >> reporter: a visit with the president is the first stop for francois hollande. >> assistance has supported french strikes in syria and we will keep stepping up that coordination. >> reporter: the meeting comes 11 days after the attacks hit harris. francois hollande says the united states and pressure will need to work together to fight the group but the obama administration says russia must change its mission in syria to focus solely


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