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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 30, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm andrea reason. more than 200 possible witnesses could be called in the first of the freddie gray trials including reporters, baltimore's police commissioner and states attorney maryland mosdy. delia gonclaves has the latest. >> reporter: the protesters braved the cold to send out a
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clear message saying they will not accept anything less than a guilty verdict. tawanda jackson is here for freddie gray and here for her own brother, tyronne wallace. >> it's sad when one unarmed man can get brutally murdered in front of credible eye witnesses ranging from 80 years old to young kids saw my brother get murder and nobody even investigated thoroughly. >> as a judge searches for a jury of 12 impartial from baltimore a small but spirited group of protesters gather outside a courthouse. officer william porter a baltimore native and one year older than freddie gray faces manslaughter and wreckless endangerment charges. prosecutors say he failed to buckle gray into a police van and ignore the 25-year-old pleas for help. freddie gray was unresponsive at the end of that 40 minute ride. he died of a spinal cord injury a week later. >> it's not about the individual. it's about the system itself. >> because whenever we get any
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type of conviction that's a good look for all of them. it's like giving you hope. >> in baltimore, delia gonclaves, wusa 9. >> prosecutors hope to use officer porter as a material witness against the five other officers charged. the city has already paid the gray family $6.4 million in a wrongful death lawsuit. today, the mother of a 12 year old boy fate almost a shot by cleveland police will testify before a grand jury. the grand jury will decide if the shooting of tamir rice is a crime. newly released video shows the boy holding a pellet gun and being shot by police just seconds after they got to the scene. >> we see tamir's arm and shoulder lifting upwards and it's unclear whether that's in reaction to one of the shots that missed him or to the shot that struck him in the stomach. and in the very next frame, tamir is doubled over and clearly by that time has been shot. >> experts for the prosecution maintain the use of force was justified because officer
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timothy loman had no way of knowing the gun might have been fake. later today the man accused of killing three people at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs will go before a judge. 57 year old robert lewis dear is acused of killing three people friday including a police officer. the shootout lasted several hours and also left nine other people hospitalized. the suspect could face federal charges once the justice department finishes its investigation. the latest person arrested for jumping the white house fence goes to court as well today. 23-year-old joseph caputo of connecticut was arrested for allegedly jumping the fence on thanksgiving. his lawyer says he just wanted to deliver a message about the legal and education systems in the u.s.. the attorney denies secret service claims that caputo left behind a suicide note. a mess in calverton this morning that left two people critically injured when their suv collided with a tractor
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trailer hauling mail around 3:00 this morning in front of orchard shopping center on cherry hill drive. the road has been shutdown for hours. nikki berdine has been there all morning and joins us with an update. >> reporter: well the accident happened in the middle of the night but waste so loud people inside their homes nearby came out to see what happened and then tried to help. >> when we got here we saw a truck tipped over and was smoking and someone was yelling help help help, making siren noises. >> and this is what kia davis saw a mangled suv, with two people stuck inside. she says another man in a separate car was driving with the victims going somewhere together. >> i walk over and i see like side and the lady was like towards the side leaning and had blood dripping down and went to the back and he was able to pull the second door in the back and then he was shaking the man in the back. >> they did what they could until emshad arrived. >> he locks like he's stuck in between them like his foot is stuck so i help them out and a whole bunch was helping them
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out and we get a foot unstock and he looks like frightened shaken up. >> both victims had to be cut from the suv. both had life threatening injuries. police say it's not clear why but the suv and u.s. mail tractor trailer collided and the big rig landing on top of the suv. cherry hill road and calverton were closed for hours bile accident reconstruction crews tried to figure out what happened. in montgomery county nikki berdine, wusa 9. >> the location is cherry hill road at prosperity drive and plum orchard drive and still closed. the victims are life threatening condition. virginia state police say speed and wet road conditions were a factor in sunday nights bus crash in chesterfield county. medics rushed 33 people to five area hospitals. police believe the driver lost control on a curve of the ramp and overturned the bus. most of the victims are college students. >> the bus at this time was loaded with college students on the way back to several
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schools. >> the charter bus was carrying 51 people including 49 students from virginia tech, the university of virginia and ratford university on their way back from thanksgiving break. police say the bus driver who also had minor injuries has been charged with wreckless driving. the week is off to a cold rainy start and appears it's going to stay that way for awhile. allyson rae is here with the first alert forecast. >> we are heading back to work and school with a bang, yellow weather alerts today, tomorrow and wednesday. it's pretty gloomy out there but you know what? we need a little rain so we're heading back-to-school and work anyway. 40 only feels like 33. the rain the clouds and drizzle it's sticking around today. in fact it's only moving off to the north ever so slowly. it's wet along 66 and wet through the beltway 95 these showers haven't moved much and they aren't going to move much today. let me give you a sneak peak of the updated computer model and later on we'll go through the extended one through the next
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couple days and by 4:00 still pretty wet and very similar to where it is right now. by 7:00 tonight it pushes farther up to the north through baltimore and overnight between now and midnight more rain. now it starts to let up a little bit on tuesday. is that it? no of course not. we have a lot more rain and the heaviest rain is yet to come so we'll track the heaviest rain and when the sun returns coming up in a little bit. andrea over to you. >> thanks allyson. saying the stakes are too high to come away without a binding agreement president obama and nearly 150 other world leaders opened the largest ever summit on climate change today in paris. as margaret brennan reports security en the french capitol is higher than ever in the wake of this months terror attacks. >> reporter: the world's two biggest muters, china and the u.s. , kicked off the climate change summit. >> the united states of america not only recognizes our role in creating this problem. we embrace our responsibility to do something about it.
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>> a pledge made as smog climbed to dangerously high levels in china. the goal in paris is to limit global warming to 3.6 degrees fahrenheit from pre-industrial levels, but the terror threat is diverting attention. the president's first stop on french soil was to pay his respects at the theatre, site of the worst of the paris attacks. france remains on high alert, a 120,000 strong security force is stationed across the country. riot police have been deployed in unprecedented numbers. on sunday, 174 protesters were arrested for defying the government ban on demonstrations. >> president obama also discussed the fight against isis with the president's of france and china and white house officials say he will likely have a shot at another difficult chat with russians putin about his role in the battle against isis.
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margaret brennan, cbs news, paris. >> president obama will only spend two days inch paris but the conference runs until december 11 giving world leaders less than two weeks to lockdown the first ever universal climate deal. well here is another sign that climate change may be real or at least someplace has frozen over. the washington redskins are at the head of the line in first place in the nfc east. hosting the giants yesterday at fedex field the redskins jumped out to a 25th lead. new york managed to score two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to make it interesting but washington held on for the 20-14 victory. they still have a losing record at 5 & 6 with a tie breaker with the giants and they have an easier schedule to wrap up this evening. coming up just in time for the holiday season a pizza delivery man gets a special gift after a rude awakening but first find out why this man and his dog also have good reason to be thankful this holiday
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season. take a break from your online shopping and give back to the community on this cyber monday. today is a wusa 9 donor's choose classroom day. just go to with you is is a choose to see how you can easily help local teachers fund
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hundreds of un peace keepers carrying assault rifles made its way into the street as pope francis made it's last in the most dangerous leg of the african visit. the holy father visited the muslim enclave. the visit is part of his message of peace and reconciliation that christians and muslims are brothers and sisters. the country has been racked by violence for nearly two years. it forced more than 100,000 muslims to run for their lives with only 15,000 remaining.
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a sloppy wet kiss from the dog, a big hug of gratitude from his owner after the two were rescued from swift waters in texas. firefighters managed to pull edward and his dog to safety just before that, emrick says he had to swim about 1500 feet from their en campment in the woods and that's where he and his dog have been living for the last seven months and everything is now gone. >> well that was originally what started off the problem was that everybody wanted me to give duke away, and go into a shelter, but i couldn't do that. >> the rescue wasn't easy when emrick called 911 he had trouble explaining his location inside a wooded area near a creek. so firefighters had to use pingshad off his cell phone to find him. we are off to a dreary start to the work week. allyson has more on when more pleasant weather is on the way. >> the sun would be nice. we aren't going to see any sun today. not only is it raining it's a
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cold rain. i'm going to increase the temperatures the next couple days but not getting i am totally blind.
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or visit we have a health alert for parents of seriously ill children. researchers say bringing your sick child home from the hospital can overwhelm the whole family and also affect the child's recovery. the study comes from a cincinnati children's hospital. the author suggests in home visits and phone calls from nurses to lessen the emotional toll on families. also today, new information is out about the impact of a long parental absence on children. the study finds children who are deprived of direct parental care may suffer from delayed brain development. the study comes from researchers in china.
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it finds that children left in relative care for a long period of time can suffer brain tissue changes that affect memory and thought processes. if you're suffering from knee pain the solution could be losing weight. that's the finding from doctors who studied more than 500 overweight patients in california. researchers found obese people who lose a considerable amount of weight mesa void knee problems. that's because the weight loss helped direct joint cartilage. the more pounds lost, the bigger the benefit. long lines at shopping malls are out online is in. more consumers made purchases online on black friday without setting foot in a brick and mortar store. some shoppers say they used the physical stores as show rooms to see which items they want but then search for cheaper prices on websites. to stay profitable more businesses are increasing their online reach. >> the savvy retailer realize they have to have a significant presence in both in order to be
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successful. >> you reinvent yourself whether it be marketing, advertising the stores will still exist. >> online shoppers also run the risk of picking something based on the photo but not getting exactly what they wanted and you could also miss out on seeing santa. well here is dates you need to keep in mind to get your packages delivered on time. packages need to be in the mail by december 8 if you were using priority mail express international. december 15 is your deadline for standard post. have your packages on the way by december 19 if you're using first class mail or global express guarantee and if you are an extreme procrastinator you'll have to empty your wallets to use priority mail on december 21. priority mail express will get your gifts under the tree by christmas if you mail them by december 23rd. getting called in early to work is something many of us dread especially on a holiday weekend but for one pizza delivery man it turned out to be something he will likely
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never forget. reporter don kendrick explains. >> i just thought let's just tip him $100 tip. it's the holiday season. >> reporter: what came next lead lewis to tape this youtube message as soon as he got back into his car. >> the most amazing thing happened. this whole church came up and gave me over $700 for a tip. >> it was just spontaneous. it just happened. >> no way that anyone at that church could have known. >> i'm having such a hard time lately just struggling to stay clean and everything and i'm just trying to get my life
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back. >> and life point church is where lewis is pointed. no one could have scripted that. not this pastor, not this congregation, but they all believe god was leaving a life changing pattern that lead to raw emotions where real-life struggles meets overwhelming gratitude. >> it just really truly just amazes me that people that don't even know me wanted to help me out that much. >> that was dawn kendrick reporting. jeff's youtube video has been viewed more than 50,000 times. all right we've got to pay the piper right after a good november weather month? >> here it is as we start december. >> i know, we've seen better days, and here is the good thing. we were talking about this before. we had a great holiday that was sunny and mild. nothing better to do to go back to work and school when it's cloudy, we can do a little shopping online too. let's take a look how we are
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starting off on first alert doppler, yes it is gloomy out there. it is gray and drizzle diagnose y and temperatures are just not budging. we didn't think they would and they aren't. in fact they dropped a little bit now we're at 40 degrees and staying into the upper 40s, not much temperature change from this morning and not much temperature change into the overnight hours either. showers just continue to slowly slowly move off to the north and east, very dry air so this moisture has a lot to overcome as it makes its way off to the north. as it does so the beltway is pretty wet. now these are very light showers, not expecting a lot of rain today or tomorrow but the roads are going to be slick. right along 270 light sprinkles out there and the light rain will continue through this afternoon and have that futurecast in just a moment so yellow alerts today, tomorrow, and also through wednesday. by the time everything is all said and done we're talking about one to two inches of rain and the bulk comes on wednesday. i'll show you.
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we are going to be warmer for tuesday and wednesday into the mid 50s but still wet . the sun it does come back. it arrives on thursday and it sticks with us for awhile so for today through midnight tonight about a quarter of an inch of rain and then tomorrow about another quarter of an inch added on and then here it comes on wednesday. it gets worse before it gets better, we'll see an inch of rain for some areas a little farther or more to the south. here we are at 6:00 for your drive home pretty much exactly where it is right now except for it is slowly moving off to the north by 10:30 rain for everybody. it's very light and drizzle and light rain and that's the trend tomorrow morning as well through the midday. so for 7:30 it looks spotty and it is so the morning rush won't be as big of a concern as the midday, 10:00 dryer but then here comes lunch time and it's wet periods of rain. the winds are turning tomorrow and wednesday, that's why we are able to get to the 50s despite clouds and rain so for your drive home tuesday it
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looks better again. don't get your hopes up still raining come wednesday so we dry out into the overnight hours and then the second or the third batch of rain comes on wednesday. this one is with the cold front so here we go, 6:00 in the morning another yellow weather alert day so the drive in on wednesday will probably be the worst of each day. notice the yellow and orange farthesouth. lots of heavier rain if you head farther south through southern maryland and 8:30 in the morning it continues this is going to be a morning event on wednesday and it does kick out of here for wednesday evening. so time frame for the worst amount of rain is today, tonight, tomorrow midday and through parts of the morning and then wednesday morning. other than that it's just kind of spotty and cloudy. 46 today 54 for tomorrow 58 for wednesday, here comes the sun 52 on thursday and a little breezy thursday as well. we get to the mid to upper 50s it's going to be worth
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did you play candy land when you were growing up? bet it wasn't like this. this is a life size version of the game they play near cleveland, ohio called wild days of winter. on the life size game board players draw a card, move from space to space, and explore nature through the year. you can also enjoy a craft plus activity pages and scavenger hunts and it's all for free. >> kids have so much fun these days. >> really. >> just playing on the board. okay, so today cool, cloudy, drizzle diagnose y, rainy yeah all of the above. 46 degrees and tomorrow and wednesday it's still going to be wet at times we get a little bit warmer and yellow weather alert use your mobile app. track the rain right there. >> embrace it wear yellow
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tomorrow. so favorite color. that's it for wusa 9 news we'll be back at 5:00 where we are always on any time anywhere you need us on our mobile app. have a great afternoon. we'll see you tomorrow.
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>> billy: here's the feasibility study for expanding into the south asian market. >> phyllis: if you're looking for jack, he's in geneva, tracking down a hacker connected to ian ward. kevin went along for the ride, so that's nice. >> billy: and jack says my plans always backfire. >> phyllis: you made up this lead. >> billy: he was on to us, so i created a little... diversionary tactic. >> phyllis: you diverted my husband to switzerland! you sent him on some hacker chase. >> billy: well, maybe he'll bring you back some chocolate. >> phyllis: billy... this plan of yours... might give us some time to wrangle ian ward, but that does not mean i am a fan. >> billy: when we get through with victor, he's not gonna know what hit him. >> phyllis: i hope you're right, because i cannot wait for that psychopath to be caught. >> billy: which one? ma phyllis: i don't know.


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