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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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thundering outside. and inside the courtroom, the judge, the defendant, the attorneys and the jurors could hear those protests going on outside and the jury pool of 80 people, not a single one stood up to say that they were not very familiar with the details of the freddie gray case. [ protesters ] >> reporter: a small, but noisy protest could be heard inside the courtroom. officer william porter dressed in a blue suit and gold tie, the first of six police to be tried in the death of freddie gray. while gray's family attorney billy murphy said he is confident baltimore can deliver justice. despite rioting that paralyzed the city and protests heard in the courtroom today. >> we are the people, black people in this community have been complaining about unfair criminal justice for a long time. and it would be a hoax, a cruel joke if we could not provide that fairness ourselves. >> reporter: officer porter is charged with manslaughter and assault, accused of failing to seat belt gray in the back of a police wagon and ignoring his
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pleas for help. gray died of spinal injuries after the van ride. porter goes first, because if convicted, prosecutors are gambling the other five police defendants may fold, or porter may testify against them to get a lighter sentence. the jury pool of about 80, majority african american, nearly a quarter rose when asked if they had strong feelings about police misconduct. attorney dwight pettit says he's handled 100 such police cases and said this is a watershed moment for baltimore. >> baltimore city per capita population is probably the capital of the nation in terms of police brutality. we have handled more cases of people unarmed, shot in the back, shot in the front, beat to death, all types of atrocities, where nothing has happened. >> reporter: again, the jury selection in process is open and under way. it's not complete yet. the judge thinks it may be complete in a day or so. it continues. judge barry williams read a
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list of more than 200 potential witnesses, including 85 police officers, the former police commissioner, the states attorney maryland mosby, and some media figures, including cnn's don lemon, all on a list of potential witnesses in a case where, again, not a single one of the jurors said they were not very familiar with this case. reporting live in baltimore, scott broom, wusa 9. >> tough job ahead. a lot on the line. jury selection is expected to go no later than wednesday. judge williams told jurors to expect a trial that will last until december 17. a man accused of going on a deadly shooting spree at a planned parenthood clinic has made his first court appearance. 57-year-old robert lewis dear appeared with his attorney via video feed before a judge in colorado springs, colorado. the judge outlined the charges against dear, including first degree murder. three people were killed, nine others wounded in last friday's attack. prosecutors have not offered a
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motive for the crime. the man who jumped the white house fence on thanksgiving day appeared in court today. the 23-year-old man is charged with a federal offense involving illegal entry to restricted grounds. wusa 9 was in the courtroom this afternoon and we go live outside u.s. district court. >> reporter: adam, not guilty plea from white house fence jumper joseph caputo. he has been released until his next court appearance, but has to abide by a number of conditions. >> well, the joe caputo i know is a fun-loving kid with ideas. he has a strange way of expressing ideas, i suppose. >> reporter: his attire was a distinct departure from thanksgiving day when he jumped the white house fence. >> i think this young man is a politically conscious young man who put pen to paper and expressed some ideas in the form of a rewritten
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constitution of sorts and when he jumped over the fence, i think it's significant he had that on his person. >> was that what was in the binder? >> yes. >> reporter: caputo will be released to the district of connecticut, his home state. he will wear an electronic monitor, have a mental health evaluation in connecticut, and abide by a curfew. caputo will live with his mother and stay away from dc, except for court appearances. >> he's the kind of kid who the family calls on, expects to say grace at thanksgiving. this whole idea of him being suicidal is nonsense. in no way, shape or form did joe caputo jump the white house fence in an attempt to kill himself. >> reporter: caputo will be back in federal court on january 12 for a status hearing. then we'll learn more about whether this case is likely to go to trial or whether he could strike a plea deal. reporting live from u.s. district court, andrea mccarran, wusa 9. >> thank you. if caputo goes to trial and is convicted, he faces up to 12 months in jail and a fine of up
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to $250,000. one person has died after a crash in montgomery county this morning. two people were trapped inside of this suv when a u.s. mail tractor-trailer landed on top of it. it was the driver of the suv who was killed. it happened at 3:00 this morning in calvertton on cherry hill road in front of the orchard shopping center. both victims had to be cut from the car and were taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. the crash was so loud, people living nearby heard the noise and ran out to help. >> we got here and saw a truck tipped over and it was smoking. someone was yelling help, help, help, making siren noises. >> cherry hill drive and brood birch drive were closed for hours, but have since reopened. a judge set bail at $1.5 million for the chicago police officer charged in the shooting death of a 17-year-old. officer jason van dyke has been behind bars since last tuesday, when prosecutors charged him with first degree murder. the dash cam video of laquan
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mcdonald's death has sparked protests across chicago. meanwhile, a burger king manager claims police erased surveillance images that could have shown mcdonald's movements before his death. authorities in chicago say that tape was not erased. but mcdonald's death inspired an online threat at the university of chicago that forced that school to close for today. that's according to investigators who arrested a 21- year-old student today. police say jabari ardean threatened to kill 16 male students at the university. the number is significant because the dash cam shows the officer shooting mcdonald 16 times. christopher street's emotions are churning tonight, 15 years after someone shot his mom to death on her front porch over the $20 or so she had in her purse. >> montgomery county police just reopened the murder case and think they know who did it. bruce la chen is live with us in the studio. bruce, they are one tip away
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from the killer or killers going behind bars. >> that's right. tonight, her brother has contributed another $5000 of his own money to the reward fund, so it amounts to one more tip in the aspen hill avon lady is now up to $15,000. her son talked to me today about the case for the first time. >> reporter: it was just after thanksgiving 15 years ago that someone shot susan street to death on the front steps of her aspen hill town house. >> not a day goes by that i don't think about her. >> reporter: her son christopher is still trying to explain to his children why grandma has never been able to join them at the thanksgiving table. >> they want to know why. they don't understand. >> reporter: street's body lay undiscovered on her porch for almost 24 hours. a neighbor who heard a woman scream and a gunshot never
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called 911. police up to now have been unable to track down the two men another neighbor saw walking around in the area. >> if this person could be that cold blooded killer, what else has this person done? >> reporter: the montgomery county cold case squad thinks they know who killed street, saying they lived in the pepper tree farm apartments just behind street's home. investigators suspect they are the same people responsible for a whole series of crimes in the neighborhood including a shot fired through a neighbor's window while she was inside watching tv. >> please help. >> reporter: susan street put her two sons through college on what she earned as an accountant at the smithsonian. she never made much money selling avon products door-to- door, but she may have died because her killer or killers
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thought she did. leslie and adam? >> bruce, thank you. investigators say the people they suspect killed her are still on the streets. well, dc's office of the state superintendent of education just released test results measuring student readiness for college and careers. the report shows that 24% of public and charter school students in grades 3 through 8 exceeded expectations in math. in english, 25% met or exceeded expectations. officials say the new assessments wilber help teachers prepare students for college and the workforce. president obama joined nearly 150 other world leaders in paris for the largest-ever summit on climate change. the goal is to limit global warming to 3.6 degrees fahrenheit from preindustrial levels. the united states and china share the title of the world's two biggest polluters and it is something president obama pledges to change. >> the united states of america not only recognizes our role in
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creating this problem. we embrace our responsibility to do something about it. >> security at the summit was tight, following the deadly terror attacks in paris earlier this month. the president paid his respects at the bataclan theater, where 90 people were killed. we switch gears a little bit here. the burgundy and gold fans are feeling pretty proud of a sweet victory yesterday. >> yesterday's win against the new york giants actually puts washington at the top of the nfc east. five more games are left in the regular season, two of which are against the struggling dallas cowboys. that is their next game, next monday. >> redskins for life! we love them! they are doing better than they was! >> vision is kind of bad right now, but it's good to be number one, even amongst a weak field. >> we're going to beat dallas. >> need more confidence. need me down there to hype y'all up more! we're going to get more wins! come look for me!
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[ laughter ] >> after the press conference this afternoon, redskins coach jay gruden says the team is staying focused and taking it one game at a time. >> that's how you win. start with one, then move forward. we are just getting started on wusa 9news at 5:00. >> topper is back with the latest on tonight's messy weather, messy commute, and more rain headed our way tuesday and wednesday. >> will cyber monday live up to retailers' expectations? plus, where you can get sweet deals online. >> and justice tonight for a 16- year-old shot and killed near his northern virginia high school.
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. 16-year-old brendan wilson
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was lured to a pathway near woodbridge high school where he was shot and killed last year. peggy fox joins us from the scene of the murder with the latest details on what's unfolded today in the case. peg? >> reporter: well, five young people face charges in this murder. three of them are teenagers and three of them are siblings. the oldest of all of them, 21- year-old kwuan small pleaded guilty to first degree murder today. when this happened, smalls, 21 years old, was out on probation wearing a monitoring bracelet when he shot and killed brendan wilson on this pathway last year. >> six shots to the back. he didn't have a chance. didn't have a chance to do anything. >> reporter: vicki wilson saw the graphic pictures of her murdered son displayed in court. tuesday, his killer was to stand trial. >> that's how i knew it was brendan laying on the ground. i identified his jacket. i could see him from a distance. that's why i knew. >> reporter: 16-year-old brendan wilson was gunned down near woodbridge senior high school. he had been lured to this
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pathway behind the school known as the cut, with the prospect of a marijuana deal. >> three siblings. he had problems with the brother. that's what this is about. >> you think they lured him there to kill him? >> i do. >> reporter: the day after the november 10, 2014 murder, 20- year-old kwaun smalls gave a videotape concession to police. >> of the of after the shooting, he said he deserved it, deserved to be shot, deserved to die. you shoot somebody six times in the back, one in the side, the trunk, once behind the ear, i think you're probably trying to kill him. >> reporter: today, smalls pleaded guilty to first degree murder. prosecutors say his 16-year-old sister was the one who lured brendan there. >> the sister knew that the brother had the gun. i didn't know that. that in my eyes is premeditated. she knew there was going to be violence. why didn't one of them say
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stop? no? three siblings. why didn't somebody say somebody? >> reporter: the gun used in the killing was stolen days before the murder from a nearby home. that involves a separate defendant and of course another case. as for smalls, he'll be sentenced march 14. his attorney is recommending 25 years. the commonwealth is recommending 50. but the judge can impose life. that is what the family of brendan wilson is hoping for. reporting live in woodbridge, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> we'll see, peggy. thank you. among the four other defendants, three of them are juveniles. they include a brother and sister of smalls, who pleaded guilty today. tracking metro tonight, after an extensive search, the troubled transit agency finally has a new general manager. today is paul weedfeld's first day on the job. the system has been plagued with safety and financial troubles, so he'll have his
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hands full. he was the ceo at cwi airport previously. bernie sanders was scheduled to undergo hernia surgery in dc. his senate office called the surgery elective. no pun intended. a spokesman said the 74-year- old democrat would be back on the road later this week. and we would hope we wouldn't have to spend much time on the roads this week, because it's not going to be pretty. >> guess it's payback. how beautiful was it wednesday, thanksgiving and friday. >> we don't need payback. we could keep the good stuff going. >> that's the way the atmosphere works. it can't stay beautiful forever. i'll tell you what, the good news, the silver lining, it will get warmer. we're looking at maybe 60 by wednesday. let's start with our 3-degree guarantee. this is a tough day really, tough day. we went 46 today. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00.
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we just missed sunday. live look outside at our michael & son weather cam, 42 now. that's 4 degrees off. dewpoint's 40. temps won't go down much. temps will remain steady or maybe just rise a hair tonight. winds north-northeast at 10. in fact, here's first alert doppler over the last hour. no shortage of rain and showers anywhere. it doesn't matter whether you're headed home or to, you'll get bad roads. good news, just a little bit of moderate rain. most of it is light rain. moderate rain toward fairfax and around 66. most of it's light rain. still, going to slow you down. doesn't take much on a monday after thanksgiving weekend to slow folks down. we have rain, upper marlboro, down 301, down 5 into southern maryland, down toward waldorf and points south. rain around silver spring, georgia avenue, also 29, east- west highway. we've got rain and showers and drizzle pretty much across the board. because of that, we have yellow weather alerts right on through wednesday. yep, tomorrow and wednesday.
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bus stop temperatures, 36 to 46 and wet. in fact, kind of miserable tomorrow. it will turn milder by wednesday. that's a little silver lining, i guess. breezy and cooler, but dry on thursday. by the time we get cooler on thursday, it will be seasonable in terms of temperatures. upper 40s, near 50, that's average. 10:00 tonight, you can walk the dog, but temperatures will be in the low 40s with more rain and showers. in fact, across the board. 43 in silver spring. 42 in fairfax, with rain and showers. now, by morning, boom. we get another surge of moisture. temperatures low 40s. 41 in culpepper. see the yellow? that's heavier activity toward fredericksburg. north of dc tomorrow morning, that's probably the heaviest rainfall. by 9:00, well, it moved through right during the teeth of the rush hour and still leftover showers for prince george's county. another batch develops by lunchtime. this is now 1:00, temps around 50. still, rain and showers across the board.
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then by 6:00 p.m., 24 hours from now, we still have rain and showers on 81, moving through tomorrow night. thus yellow weather alerts. day planner, rain and showers, 50 by 11:00, 52 by 1:00. holding around 50 tomorrow. i think the high will be tomorrow night, in fact. but 59 on wednesday. that's okay, rain and showers. then breezy and cooler on thursday. high temps around 50. next seven days, low 50s on friday. then check this out. saturday and sunday, 60 on saturday. mid-60s sunday. put the lights up then. and then big game week from today. 60nshine, temperatures in the s. game time temps in the 50s. millions of americans took some time to do a little online shopping this cyber monday. how it compares to black friday and where to find the best deals, next. news reporters: it's a fish, but it's been changed.
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genetically altered by scientists. critics call the process creepy, and label it frankenfish. narrator: genetically engineered salmon was just approved by the fda - no labels required. disturbing, right? get this. if your state wants abto lel gmos, congress is trying a year-end sneak attack to block your right to label. call congress. demand clear labels, not high tech gimmicks. don't let them overturn state gmo labeling. protect our right to know.
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. online shoppers today are clicking and saving on big cyber monday deals. while the novelty of the shopping holiday is wearing
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off, it's still expected to be the biggest online shopping day of all time. danielle nottingham spoke with a professional shopper and has details. >> reporter: professional shopper and stylist allison conn gets some of her best buys on cyber monday. >> percentages are better. 30% off, free shipping. 40% off. >> reporter: this cyber monday is on track to be the biggest ecommerce sales in history. analysts expect consumers to spend a record $3 billion. >> checking my e-mail and i was getting blast after blast of just deals, deals, deals. >> reporter: heavy traffic temporarily crashed some retail websites, including target and the holiday rush is already in full swing at amazon's fulfillment centers. but the national retail federation says the number of cyber monday shoppers is slightly lower than last year, as online sales become more common throughout the holiday season. >> you need to check price histories and you need to be aware prices will probably come
5:25 pm
down in december again, too. >> reporter: an increasing number of customers are relying on tablets to track prices online. >> a third of the sales we've seen have been via mobile. >> click on the sites and it's easier, because i was drinking coffee in bed shopping. >> reporter: allison says 14 years of shopping for a living has taught her cyber monday often saves her time and money. danielle nottingham, cbs news, redondo beach, california. >> experts say the best cyber monday deals are on clothing, shoes and beauty products. more than 103 million people shopped online, while less than 102 million shopped in stores during the thanksgiving holiday. fedex is expecting to ship a record breaking 317 million packages between black friday and christmas eve. and if you're still looking for that perfect gift, go to our wusa 9 app and check out the top 20 deals. while you're there and while you're shopping, take a quick
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break and help us give back to the community. >> today is wusa 9 donors choose classrooms day. visit our website to see how you can easily help local teachers fund some of the projects they got going on in the classroom. or when you're shopping online, visit type in and search donors when you select the charity, a portion of your purchase will go to help local teachers. >> every little bit helps. straight ahead, donald trump cancels and then uncancels a meeting with african american pastors. >> we have new details for you in the police shooting death of a 12-year-old boy. >> dc's housing authority is accused of forcing people out of their homes to make room for wealthier residents. one woman talked to us, next. epic plays! epic comebacks! and now epic meatz! i love football...and pizza. get our new epic meatz pizza. with five meaty meatz. just $12 for a large.
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better ingredients. better pizza. better football.
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. a survey shows nearly 20% of peace corps volunteers experienced some type of sexual assault. more than half say they suffered repeat attacks. pressure to change a culture of victim blaming goes back years, but reporter kris van cleave shows us how some survivors still claim they are being blamed and even punished. >> reporter: today naismith had
5:30 pm
been in dominican republic eight months, when in april, two men astacked her. within a week, the agency told her she was going home. >> they also told me that my attack had occurred because i had been walking in my sight and that as a volunteer, my job was to be more proactive to prevent it from happening. >> reporter: more than 500 volunteers reported experiencing a sexual assault in over two years. we spoke with nearly a dozen who questioned how their recent cases were handled. they told us they felt criticized and threatened they would be fired. five years ago, the peace corps, a government agency, faced intense scrutiny over its response to sexual assaults. congress passed a law and the agency's then-director vowed change. >> i hired a lawyer in victims rights to be our victim's
5:31 pm
advocate. >> reporter: that lawyer was kelly green. >> i pushed the agency to do what they have the capability of doing and that's what's so frustrating because they have the ability to do this and it is a choice not to. >> reporter: earlier this month, the peace corps suspended her without pay for allegedly creating a hostile work environment, but green says she was punished for standing up for the victims she was hired to protect. >> our best indicator of volunteer with our services is our sexual assault response quality survey. 96% have said they are satisfied with their service. >> reporter: that anonymous survey was sent to 183 people. just 52 responded. kris van cleave, cbs news, washington. >> the peace corps says it has instituted more than 30 reforms regarding sexual assault and they work to retrain employees who appear to be unsympathetic towards survivors. a bus driver facing charges tonight after an accident that injured dozens of college
5:32 pm
students. the bus left richmond yesterday evening, carrying the virginia tech and radford students back to campus after the thanksgiving break. but investigators say the man behind the wheel was driving too fast on a ramp in chesterfield county and that's when the bus flipped over onto its side. the injured students were taken to area hospitals. the bus driver is charged with reckless driving. the mother of a 12-year-old boy shot and killed by police in cleveland more than a year ago is testifying before a grand jury today. newly released enhanced surveillance video breaks down the final moments of tamir rice's life, including the instant he was shot by a rookie cleveland officer. timothy lohman opened fire two seconds after he got out of his police car. >> you see tamir's arm and shoulder sort of lifting upward and it's unclear whether that's in reaction to one of the shots that missed him or to the shot that struck him in the stomach. and in the very next frame, tamir is doubled over and clearly by that time has been shot. >> the shooting happened last
5:33 pm
november, as lohman and his partner were responding to a 911 call about an armed man. the gun in question looked like a real firearm, but was indeed a pellet gun. experts for the prosecution maintain the use of force was justified, because the officers had no way of knowing that gun might have been fake. rice's family wants their own experts to testify and dispute those claims. charges tonight against the four men accused of firing shots at protesters in minneapolis last week. those protesters were demonstrating against the killing of jamar clark, who was shot and killed by police. 23-year-old alan lawrence car sell la is charged with one count of riot while armed and five counts of assault with a dangerous weapon. three other men face charges, too. witnesses say clark was in cuffs when he was shot. but police deny that allegation. an on-again/off-again day for donald trump. >> first he canceled a press conference in new york, originally billed as an
5:34 pm
endorsement event with more than 100 african american past stores, but many of the pastors backed out, saying they were not there to endorse trump. late today, we learned trump did meet with some of the pastors privately. trump described the 2 1/2-hour meeting as, quote, amazing. detectives in compton, california are still searching for the mother of a newborn baby found buried alive in a river bank. cops came across the infant on friday, responding to reports of a baby crying. the baby was under some pieces of asphalt and rubble, wrapped in a hospital-issued blanket. the infant is in stable condition at the hospital. no more bailouts for companies once called too big to fail. the federal reserve apresident dod a rule that would prohibit extending emergency loans to companies. under the new rule, the fed would not have been able to bail out aig and bear stearns during the financial crisis. now the fed can only lend money to any operation that aids at least five other firms or entities.
5:35 pm
the international association of athletics federation suspended three senior kenyan track and field officials. it's believed they tried to subvert kenya's antidoping system and even skim money from nike. one of the officials is also being investigated over the two cars he received as gifts from the country of qatar. trending now, more trouble for people stuck with the name of a notorious terror group. >> and the truth behind what made these cars levitate right off the ground. >> and the story behind one of the greatest selfies of all time. top? we have rain and showers pretty much across the metro area. in fact, we widen out first alert doppler to show you rain and showers in dc, richmond to charlottesville. we'll come back and track these around the immediate metro area, put future cast into motion and tell you how long we'll have the rain, how long the yellow weather alerts will continue as we discover the world
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. trending now, it's tough out there for people named isis. >> not happening at the right time for you. >> a woman in australia tried to buy five jars of nutella for her niece and for her nephew and have them personalized with the kids' names on the jars. it's part of nutella's make me
5:39 pm
yours campaign. the problem is, the woman's niece, her name is isis. the store manager wouldn't print the label. the parent company, they wouldn't budge either. the aunt says she's upset by all of this because she says the company is making the little girl's name sound dirty. >> no nutella. poor other isis couldn't get a facebook page. it's hard out there. this next video has been trending hard on facebook all weekend long. cars at an intersection in china, watch this, they are -- wow, look at that, levitating for no reason at all. apparently there is a reason. turns out a wire got caught up in the street cleaner and the three other cars that got tangled up in the wire, well, that's what sent them up in the air, too. of course. >> sure there's some sort of conspiracy theory about ghosts and whatever else. now you got the truth. so this next story is getting a lot of love today. >> two brothers in canada coming to the rescue of a bald eagle and when the bird got stuck in a trap, michael and neil fletcher sprang into
5:40 pm
action. first, they wrapped a jacket around the eagle tokeep it calm. then they freed its talon. next step, of course, a selfie. >> gotta do it. >> to remember the bird and the two brothers. got lucky. bird didn't use the talons to do something else. >> he's got his beak open. they got lucky. music soothes the savage beast. >> or even the loudest children, who are often savage beasts themselves. watch what happens here when mom plays adele's "hello" for her crying toddler. [ crying ] ♪ >> we're going to try that in the newsroom. >> this will add to her mojo. she already sold the most albums in one week, right? now when you find out she can quiet the crazy set? it's on. >> moms, give it a try.
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[ laughter ] it's victory monday for the burgundy and gold. the redskins sit atop the nfc east. it is a tie, but they got the tie-breaker. coming up, we'll hear from head coach jay gr udenin today's inside the red zone. >> and a look at the new drone that could soon be dropping off your stuff at the doorstep. >> plus, the most wonderful time of year may also be the most stressful. >> nbc's housing authority accused of forcing people out of their homes to make room for wealthier residents. one woman speaks out. with the help of comfort keepers, i'm keeping my mom healthy! i'm keeping dad on schedule. i'm keeping my mom happy! comfort keepers in-home professional caregivers can provide meal planning and preparation,
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. tonight, more people are accusing the dc housing authority of furthering genderfication by pushing out residents with lower income. >> one of the tenants said she was suddenly kicked out after 40 years. >> reporter: 84-year-old lavon graham asked i not show her full face on camera, but she told me her story, telling me she raised 12 children in the t street home behind me. la carry-on graham says when she moved into what's called a scattered site almost four decades ago, she was told she
5:45 pm
could buy scattered sites, single-family homes rented to public housing tenants. some are in the city's hottest neighborhoods. after 40 years in this shaw home, graham says she was suddenly rushed out last year. >> i don't know what the real purpose was. i offered to buy it several times. >> we have a housing crisis in our city precisely because of this type of action that the housing authority is engaged in. they are acting as a luxury developer. >> reporter: the competitive director of empower dc advocates for tenants like graham. >> our homes when we started were vacant like this one, scattered sites. >> reporter: she showed us another scattered site being worked on today. the city has been slowly selling 300 properties for the past decade, according to reports. some renovations are said to cost more than $300,000. the homes said to sell for just under a million. >> they are contributing to the escalation of prices in this neighborhood. >> reporter: the housing authority has said the money from purchases will go toward repairs of other housing
5:46 pm
authority buildings. she says those housing buildings are also at stake. >> the housing authority reports to a board. so this is not a policy that's coming out of my office. i want to make sure that it lines up with our goals of preserving housing in all parts of the city. >> i thought that would be a forever home for me and the kids. >> reporter: there are no for sale signs outside of graham's former home. it doesn't appear to have been renovated either. stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> we will have the housing authority's entire response for you on our wusa 9 app. let's get you caught up on consumer news today. tech toy maker v-tech says the personal information of 5 million parents and children may have been stolen by hackers earlier this month. user information like names and passwords and e-mail addresses were lifted from the company's learning lodge app store. now, v-tech says no credit card or social security numbers were stored in that database. and the toy maker also temporarily suspended some of its websites.
5:47 pm
amazon debuted its newest demo video showcasing a drone prototype that would deliver packages in under 30 minutes. the unmanned vehicle uses a sense and deploy technology to avoid objects and hopefully you. the drones can carry packages no heavier than 5 pounds. it is called the most wonderful time of the year, but a new consumer reports poll finds the holidays bring on a lot of anxiety for some of us. 64% of people surveyed said they dread the crowds and the long lines. 35% cringe at the november of gaining weight, while the remaining percentage of people point to receiving disappointing presents for the holidays. >> let's all stay happy! >> yeah, be grateful. a commuter alert to let you know about tonight that could have an impact on your drive to and from work. beginning tomorrow, two of the southbound lanes will be shut down on rockville pike near cedar lane. that's so wsse contractors can repair the road damaged by, remember this, the big water main break back on october 16.
5:48 pm
the repairs are expected to last five to 10 days, weather permitting. i don't think the weather's going to permit tomorrow. no northbound lanes will be impacted. two southbound lanes will remain open. here's other weather video. cleanup is under way right now near oklahoma city after yesterday's ice storm. residents say that ice is heavier than it looked. it brought down power poles and trees. one resident in bethany had a pecan tree that stood 80 feet tall come crashing down on his garage. he says it shook the whole house. we'll take anything but ice, any day. >> any day. >> so unpredictable. >> until a tree falls, you don't realize how heavy and dense they are, no matter what kind of tree. >> oh, yeah, it will crush anything. no trees coming down for us, but it is time to pay the piper. >> i think so. that's a reasonable -- we had beautiful weather. now we have a couple days of cloudiness. it's going to be 60 by wednesday. live look outside of our michael & son weather cam. we have fog, drizzle and rain
5:49 pm
and 42 degrees. winds northeast at 10, keeping it chilly today, which is the wind you want for a snow. instead, we got a cold november rain. radar over the past hour, rain and showers essentially across the entire metro area. even though we don't see anything, don't see anything between brockville and frederick, still have wet roads and drizzle on your way home. heaviest activity still out 66, moving essentially west to east through the beltway and along route 50 toward annapolis. we'll zoom in a bit. fairfax, tyson, oldtown, upper marlboro, laurel, going up 95 toward baltimore, you've got more rain and showers. good news, it's not crazy heavy, but it's everywhere. there's route 7 toward tyson and eventually toward great falls and also toward kettering and upper marlboro, no shortage of light to occasionally moderate rain. yellow weather alert through wednesday because we'll hold on to this pattern through wednesday. bus stop temperature, 36 to 46
5:50 pm
and wet. just a miserable morning tomorrow. but it will turn milder by wednesday. then breezy and cooler by thursday. actually temperatures will go back to average on thursday. we'll be a little spoiled on wednesday. so 10:00 tonight, temperatures low to mid-40s. there's future cast. rain and showers everywhere. can't argue with that. you can argue with the placement a little bit here and there, but essentially walking the dog or walking after dinner, expect rain and showers. then we get a brief break. by 5:30, 6:00, just in time for the rush hour, we get another round of showers and rain. 44 in gaithersburg. 45 in silver spring. 44 in fairfax. by morning, it moves through during the entire rush hour. by 9:00, a little better out to the west. you can come in later tomorrow. to the east, fairfax county and points south into southern maryland, rain and showers through 9:30, 10:00. a bit of a break. by 1:00, boom, here comes another slug of moisture, now 52 downtown. even to the north, 46 in cumberland. 49 in romney.
5:51 pm
a little bit of freezing rain tonight across the divide. warmer air will eventually win out tomorrow. then by tomorrow evening, about 24 hours from now, we're in the low to mid-50s, 40s. more showers culpepper and 81. that will move through tomorrow night. so thus the pretty easy call on yellow weather alert through wednesday. 49 at 9:00. maybe 50 at 11:00. i think closer to 50 or 51 at 1:00 p.m., but with rain and showers. so warmer, but more rain and showers on wednesday, 59. pretty nice on thursday. breezy and cooler. temperatures around 50. next seven days, friday we're in the low 50s. not too bad. check this out. 60 on saturday. 65 on sunday. mid-60s next monday for the game. game time temps next monday night will still be in the 50s. . >> with first place on the line in a roller coaster of a season
5:52 pm
they have had, some of the members of the burgundy and gold apparently had some things to get off their chests. deshaun goldson called a players-only meeting saturday night and from what we saw sunday, it appears everyone left inspired and motivated. but how long will all of that carry over now that they are in first place? can the redskins keep it up week after week? we go inside the red zone. >> reporter: we know all too well this redskins fan base and the city is starved for a winner. after yesterday's win over the new york giants, the redskins, even though the record is 5-6, they are tied for first place in the nfc east. this is the first time since 1999 the redskins enter the month of december atop of the heap in the nfc east. they would like to keep it that way and make a push for the post season. >> no way around it. that's the only way you can do it. have consistent preparation and then hold these guys to high standards out here at practice, make sure they are working hard and don't get too excited reading the paper.
5:53 pm
don't pat yourself on the back over a win or don't beat yourself too bad over a loss. for the most part, our guys have bought in and we hold them to high standards around here and they have done a good job overall. i'm proud of this team, how hard they worked, how much they have overcome. overall, we have a lot of work to do obviously and we'll continue to get better. that's our goal. >> reporter: the redskins turn their focus to something they have not done in over a year and that is win back-to-back games. here's the good thing. they are back at fedex field on monday night against nfc east rival the dallas cowboys. inside the red zone at redskins park, frank hanrahan, wusa 9 sports. >> we've seen their struggles on the road, but this is the first back-to-back game they have had since the beginning of the season. if they can get the second win, get the momentum going before they finish out the year, we could have meaningful games. >> playing the cowboys and tony romo is out for the rest of the season. maybe they will get lucky. >> dallas week got all that much more important for this
5:54 pm
team. >> cowboys twice, eagles once, you got to feel optimistic. >> got to feel good after this. keep it going. >> thanks. just ahead at 6:00 with bruce johnson and jan jeffcoat, the shooting at the planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. the shooter makes his first court appearance. >> also, the trial for the first of the police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. >> but first, stem cells used to cure
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
. severe combined immuno deficiency is more commonly called bubble baby disease. now doctors are using the patient's own stem cells to help cure them. >> reporter: days after bringing home her newborn twin daughters, alicia vaccaro sensed her sister wasn't as healthy. her mother's intuition was right. testing revealed the baby was born with severe combined immuno deficiency, also called scid, or bubble baby disorder, leaving the baby without an immune system, making infants extremely vulnerable to disease. >> we wore masks, we used hand
5:58 pm
sanitizer. >> reporter: the vaccaros turned to a clinical trial at ucla as a last hope. >> gone from a one day maybe to a real clinical reality. >> reporter: that reality, the doctor says, is an actual cure for the disease. his treatment takes bone marrow from the patient, a clone gene is added to correct what was missing at birth. >> stem cells are given back to the patient. they can go back to the bone marrow and make the blood cells for the rest of the patient's life. >> reporter: so far, the treatment has restored immune systems in all 23 patients in the most recent clinical trials, including evangeline in a. >> it is a cure. i know it's a cure. we're living the cure. >> reporter: now three years old, doctors say she is in perfect health. >> the doctor is now working with the fda to make his treatment available nationwide. >> he is also testing the same method as a cure for sickle cell disease. clinical trials for the treatment are now under way. right now at 6:00, the prosecutors say more charges are possible against a man accused of killing three people
5:59 pm
at a planned parenthood clinic. >> the first of six baltimore police officers to go on trial for the death of freddie gray watches, as a judge interviews potential jurors. >> and nearly 150 world leaders are in paris tonight, as the largest-ever summit on climate change gets under way. hello. i'm bruce johnson. >> and i'm jan jeffcoat. the man accused of killing three people and injuring nine others at a colorado springs planned parenthood clinic made his first court appearance day. robert lewis dear was held without bond. >> reporter: robert lewis dear appeared on a video monitor for his first court appearance since friday's shooting. he's accused of killing three people, injuring nine, and holding police at bay for hours inside a colorado springs planned parenthood clinic. he told a judge he understood his rights. >> no questions. >> reporter: dear is being held without bond on suspicion of first degree murder. sources tell cbs news that dear was carrying a rifle, a bag of
6:00 pm
guns and ammunition friday. killed in the rampage, university of colorado police officer garrett swasey and two civilians, 36-year-old mother of two jennifer markovsky, and iraq war veteran ke'arre stewart, who was 29. sources say dear planned to detonate propane tanks left outside his car, but surrendered after a six-hour standoff. formal charges will be filed during his next court appearance december 9. arraignment is expected in january. >> at the time he is arraigned, under colorado law, the district attorney's office has nine weeks or 63 days to decide whether we will seek the death penalty or not. >> reporter: dear's attorney asked the judge for access to physical evidence and the crime scene which was granted. chris martinez, cbs news. as for the big question of why, a motive for the killing was not discussed during the court appearance. sources say dear said "no more baby parts" when he was taken into custody, a possible


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