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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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guns and ammunition friday. killed in the rampage, university of colorado police officer garrett swasey and two civilians, 36-year-old mother of two jennifer markovsky, and iraq war veteran ke'arre stewart, who was 29. sources say dear planned to detonate propane tanks left outside his car, but surrendered after a six-hour standoff. formal charges will be filed during his next court appearance december 9. arraignment is expected in january. >> at the time he is arraigned, under colorado law, the district attorney's office has nine weeks or 63 days to decide whether we will seek the death penalty or not. >> reporter: dear's attorney asked the judge for access to physical evidence and the crime scene which was granted. chris martinez, cbs news. as for the big question of why, a motive for the killing was not discussed during the court appearance. sources say dear said "no more baby parts" when he was taken into custody, a possible reference to a pro life video
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in which officials allegedly discussed the sale of fetal tissue. the first of six baltimore police officers charged in the death that sparked riots in that city is about to go on trial. tonight, court haslet out for the day without seating the jury in the freddie gray case. scott broom is live in baltimore with the latest. will there be a problem finding a jury for this case, scott? >> reporter: well, the observers don't think so, but it might take time. outside today, booming protests. inside, so much at stake for baltimore. officer porter in a blue suit entering the courthouse today. [ protesters ] >> reporter: as a small group of protesters staged a demonstration so loud, potential jurors could hear it inside the courtroom. >> we're continuing our fight for not only indictment, but conviction and jail time for the police responsible. >> reporter: baltimore, acutely aware of the stakes in this case. officer william porter, the first of six to go on trial,
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accused of failing to seat belt suspect freddie gray in a police wagon and ignoring his cries for help during stops while being transported around the city. gray died of a spinal cord injury. the city exploding in violence for obvious reasons, according to attorney dwight pettit, who specializes in police brutality cases. >> baltimore city per capita population is probably the capital of the nation in terms of police brutality. >> reporter: pettit said porter goes on trial first because if convicted, prosecutors are gambling the others may fold or porter may testify against them for a lighter sentence. the 80-person jury pool, majority african american, a quarter stood when asked if they had strong feelings about police misconduct. gray family attorney billy murphy, a former judge here, said baltimore is capable of delivering justice peacefully. >> we are the people, black people in this community, have been complaining about unfair criminal justice for a long time. it would be a hoax, a cruel joke if we could not provide
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that fairness ourselves. >> reporter: you talk about pretrial publicity. not a single one of the 80 potential jurors stood up and said they had not heard much about the freddie gray case. all of them said they are even familiar with the civil settlement here, where freddie gray's family was paid $6.5 million by the city. judge barry williams began meeting individually with jurors this afternoon to get through this panel. he said he expects to have a jury seated and to get going with the trial at least by wednesday. reporting live in baltimore, scott broom, wusa 9. >> scott, thanks for that. that trial could go until at least december 17. if you thought today's weather was ugly, well, the next couple of days will only get uglier. >> chief meteorologist topper shut is tracking the weather. >> a chilly november rain. we're paying the piper for the weekend. radar over the last hour shows
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rain and showers essentially everywhere across the metro area. even if you're not seeing anything in montgomery county, roads are still wet, still have drizzle. heaviest activity is west of town, past mcclain and fairfax, heading out route 7 and route 50. even around the beltway, toward silver spring and around toward bouie, rain and showers. good news, there's no flood watches or anything like that. it's going to be with us for a while. 8:30 tonight, more rain and showers off to the west with temperatures essentially holding steady tonight. i don't think we'll see temps drop. by 10:00, walking the dog, you'll need one of these things. temperatures in the low 40s to mid-40s. we'll come back and take you through tomorrow and explain why we issued a yellow weather alert for tomorrow an wednesday. a not guilty plea in federal court today, this from the man who jumped the white house fence on thanksgiving day wearing an american flag and holding a binder between his teeth. >> 22-year-old joseph caputo of stanford, connecticut is charged with a federal offense involving illegal entry to
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restricted grounds. after he entered his plea, caputo was released to live with his mom in connecticut. he must abide by a number of conditions, including electronic monitoring, a curfew and another mental health evaluation. >> i think this young man is a politically conscious young man who put pen to paper and expressed some ideas in the form of a rewritten constitution of sorts and when he jumped over the fence, i think it's significant he had that on his person. >> was that what was in the binder? >> yes. >> caputo will be back in court january 12, if he goes to trial and convicted, facing up to a year in prison and a $250,000 fine. tonight, the state department is warning of an attack in afghanistan. u.s. embassy in kabul says it has received credible threats of an attack there within the next 48 hours. however, there were no details on the target, timing or method of the planned attacks. americans in afghanistan tonight are being urged to travel with extreme caution.
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french intelligence believe paris bomb suspect -- those attacks which killed some 130 people. a man who picked abdelsalam is being held in connection with the attacks. the program known as visa waiver allows people from some 38 countries to visit the u.s. for up to 90 days without the need of a visa. that policy has come under criticism following the terror attacks in paris since a number of the terrorists were from some of those 38 countries. tonight, president obama is in paris with nearly 150 other world leaders for the largest- ever summit on climate change. the conference runs until december 11, giving world leaders less than two weeks to lock down a global climate deal. the united states and china kicked off the summit. >> the united states of america not only recognizes our role in
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creating this problem. embrace our responsibility to do something about it. >> but one of president obama's first stops in paris was to pay respects at the concert venue where dozens of people were shot to death in the terror attacks. france remains on high alert. a security force of 120,000 is stationed across the country. coming up, bond is set for a chicago police officer accused of murdering a black teenager. >> also ahead, the burgundy and gold start dallas week sitting on top of the nfc east. reaction from redskins park. >> but up next, he didn't get the endorsement, but donald trump is getting positive feedback following a me
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. donald trump met privately today with dozens of african american pastors. it was a meeting that almost didn't happen. trump canceled a press conference with the pastors after they said they were not there to endorse him. but today trump said the meeting was amazing. >> these are deep seeded difficulties communities have. we'll address them. certainly if i'm put in a position where i could do something about him, which in this case happens to be president, we will be working very, very closely with everybody and we'll be solving a lot of problems. >> one pastor told cbs news 90% of the room supported trump by the end of the meeting. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders underwent hernia surgery today. the elective outpatient procedure was performed at
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george washington university hospital right here in the district. sanders is expected to resume his normal schedule tomorrow. a judge in chicago has set bail at $1.5 million for a police officer charged with murdering a black teenager. >> officer jason van dyke has been jailed since tuesday, when prosecutors charged him with last year's shooting of 17-year- old laquan mcdonald. van dyke must post $150,000 in cash in order to be released. his attorney said he expected van dyke to post bail sometime today. a threat involving that shooting led the university of chicago to cancel classes today. prosecutors say a student at the university of illinois at chicago posted the threat online. they say jabari dean vowed to kill 16 white male students or staff at the university of chicago, one victim for each bullet fired at laquan mcdonald. police arrested dean and charged him with transmitting a threat. now to minneapolis, where prosecutors have charged four men in connection with the
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shooting that targeted demonstrators protesting the killing of a black man by minneapolis police. that shooting happened last monday near the police station where dozens of protesters have been camped out since the deadly police shooting of jamar clark earlier this month. five of the protesters were hit by gunfire, all of them expected to recover. coming up, some of the city's elderly residents are crying foul after they were suddenly kicked out of their low income homes. >> also coming up, exoffenders say they are at the bottom when it comes to hiring, even in the city. coming up, a report with a downtown business man who
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. some 60,000 dc residents have a criminal history. that's roughly 10% of the population. many say they can't find work or job training because of their records. but we recently learned about a downtown businessman who says he would prefer returning citizens over some other job applicants. >> no problem at all. >> reporter: he's the first person business travelers and tourists meet when they arrive at the marriott courtyard convention hotel. it's at 9th and f streets in downtown washington. >> i'm the face of the hotel. people see me all the time. >> so you got to be smiling all the time. >> yes. >> even when you're having a bad day?
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>> yes. >> reporter: duane tony is the doorman, first shift. >> it could have been any job. coming home from prison, it could have been mcdonald's. i got the opportunity. >> reporter: at 41, tony says it's his first real job ever. he spent 22 years in prison before his release, roughly a year ago. >> 19 years i was immature, a product of my environment then. but now i don't want my past to reflect on my future. >> you were in the streets back then? >> i was in the streets back then, yes. >> does it matter he's a returning citizen? >> it didn't, because at the end of the day, i want someone who can create a memorable experience for my guests. >> reporter: thomas penny is general manager of the courtyard marriott convention center hotel. >> in this case, there was a gentleman who was a returning citizen who has done an amazing job for us here at the hotel. >> reporter: he figures he's hired more than 25 returning citizens. >> and what i have seen is many of the returning citizens that i've hired have been much more
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serious, have been much more committed, have been willing to work whenever we needed them, day, night, weekends. >> reporter: tony says he's looking to move up at marriott. thomas penny says he's looking to promote his doorman. >> it's not going to be making up, i just want to do better. i need the opportunity. and mr. penny gave me the opportunity, according to him, he gave me the opportunity, but i earned it. >> dc and 14 other jurisdictions now have laws that say employers cannot require a job applicant to first check the box that asks if they have ever been arrested or convicted. that information can be obtained and considered after an offer of employment has been made. in the district, reports say the dc housing authority has been flipping houses in up and coming neighborhoods and kicking those lower income tenants out. an 84-year-old public housing tenant said she was suddenly kicked out of her rental home in the shaw neighborhood. she lived there for nearly 40 years. the mother of 12 tells us she offered to buy the home
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multiple times. groups advocating for tenants like graham say the displacement is also happening in housing buildings like barry farms in southeast. >> i think they put a lot of residents out of place that would have been wanting to buy, like i was. they probably got put out just like i did. you don't have to lie about stuff. just tell people the truth, you know, why i want you out of here. but nobody could give me an answer why i had to move. >> other housing authority properties have been renovated and sold at a significant cost. dc's housing authority says those who have been moved out have been relocated. firefighters searching for a 76-year-old woman in north texas found a submerged car with a body inside. the car was found a mile downstream where flood waters swept jenkins' vehicle off a bridge. a deputy tried to rescue her and survived by clinging to a
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tree. flooding from storms over the thanksgiving weekend in texas are now blamed for eight deaths. . wet out there. >> a little bit. it's a little nasty. cold november rain, cold december rain tomorrow. but there's good news. maybe 60 on wednesday. >> absolutely. bring it on! >> sun not till thursday, though. let's start with a look at the temperature. 3-degree guarantee. we thought we were in good shape. 46. northeast wind is tricky. that keeps the cold air in place, which is what you want if you're a snow lover. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. live look outside, good news, it's 43 now. we're within 3 degrees right now. relative humidity, 93%. winds north-northeast at 8. with humidity this high, it's not going to fall right now. looking at kind of steady or falling temperatures overnight. a chilly night, but not cold. no worry about refreezing or
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anything. this is the radar over the last hour. you can see everything pushing off to the north, east- northeast. nothing heavy. no yellow or red, but it's awfully widespread. all the roads are wet. heaviest activity, still west of town and on the west side of 270. out 66 past fairfax, route 7 in louden county, also now up 270 and on the west side of rockville, heavier rain. nothing crazy heavy, but heavier than the light activity between leesburg and germantown. the beltway is a mess, silver spring to 50, back toward oldtown, back up through tyson's corner, looking at light to occasionally moderate rain. so yellow weather alert through wednesday. same pattern will essentially hold through wednesday. bus stop temperature, 36 to 46, wet. kind of miserable quite frankly. turning milder by wednesday, but still wet. then breezy and cooler, but dry by friday. so 10:00 tonight, 42
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gaithersburg. 43 silver spring. 42 in dale city. rain and showers pretty much everywhere. then we get to the 5:30, 6:00 hour tomorrow morning, look at the activity toward culpepper. all of this moved through during the teeth. rush hour. there will be periods of moderate rain tomorrow during the rush hour. by 9:00, only 49 downtown. 46 in leesburg. 45 in manassas. 46 in fairfax and rain and showers on and off all day. in fact, here's the day planner. 50 by 11:00. 52 by 1:00 p.m. yellow weather alert on wednesday, but at least it's going to be 59. we dry out on thursday. temperatures around 50, which is average. look at this. low 50s friday. hope i'm not overselling this. weekend looks great. 65 on sunday. that's the time to put the lights up. i've put them off, cold and wet right now. 66 on monday. game time temps next monday, in the 50s. >> thank you, topper. redskins post season? can we say that in the same sentence? >> it's looking more and more like it. >> isn't that crazy? >> i know, it's a division,
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everybody under .500, crazy to think that. but if they can get over the road woes, they have a good chance. burgundy and gold haven't had a chance to play at home two weeks in a row, since the beginning of the season. now they have a chance to string together two wins back- to-back. a look ahead to dallas week, coming up next in sports. how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control.
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. if yesterday's game is any indication, the redskins may be posed to get back to the post
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season. frank hanrahan has more from redskins park. >> reporter: they forced three picks yesterday, redskins offense also solid as well, holding off the giants 20-14. now comes the hard part for the redskins. that's winning back-to-back games for the first time in over a year. it's another big one monday night against nfc east foe dallas cowboys. >> we have to put this game behind us. it was great to see us bounce back from a loss like carolina. it's going to be equally as important how we bounce back from a big win against the giants, playing a game against dallas on monday night. >> reporter: we heard the word "accountability" at jay gruden's press conference, calling a players-only meeting saturday night after the victory over the giants. let's see if that will pay dividends this week as they try to get a win going and make a push for the playoffs. frank hanrahan, wusa sports. as the maryland terrapins enter the eighth week of their coaching search, it will ramp
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up now that the regular season is over. the interim head coach had an interview for the job today. no word on where he stands among other candidates. we have heard the terps would like to keep him on the staff in some aspect one way or e th other. virginia, the hokies officially introduced their new head football coach. he'll take over the spot held by frank beamer who retired after 29 seasons. fuente comes from the university of memphis tigers. he says he's not worried about filling the shoes of a legend, but building on what beamer built. >> i've admired this program from a far for many years. on television, the way the players have played, the way the fans have cheered, the traditions, the wins, the losses, the facilities, the support, the league changes, and i've always edwant to be a part of something like that. >> there is a lot to celebrate for maryland basketball this
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week. both the men and the women are ranked in the top five in the country this week. brenda friess' team is ranked 5th. mark turgeon's crew is ranked 2nd. playing north carolina tomorrow night, renewing the acc rivalry. big test for the terps. >> they have looked strong, both teams. >> they looked strong, but they keep the inferior opponents hanging around a little too long. >> you heard her. work on it. recap for us? >> yellow weather alert tomorrow and wednesday. rain and showers, prepare for slow commutes. we'll clear it out on thursday and cool down a bit. then i point out the -weekend. noise. >> does look nice. we're seeing a warming trend as well. >> stupid el nino winter. >> hey, that's . good
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>> pelley: the president warns it will soon be too late to stop climate change. we find evidence in china's pollution emergency and in the melting arctic. >> scientists say what happens up here is what's going to happen to all of us. >> pelley: also tonight, deadly storms in the southern plains and upper midwest. a court appearance for the suspect in the planned parenthood attack. and after black friday, a new take on the holiday calendar. >> giving tuesday kind of opened up a world of people the start celebrate how we give as good as we get. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: in paris today, president obama warned that the world is fast approaching the hour when it will be too late to save the planet from


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