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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  November 30, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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right now at 7:00 rain is coming down in much of the viewing area making for a wet start to the week. this is just the start of a rainy pattern. thank you for joining us. i'm bruce johnson. >> we're under a yellow weather alert for today, tomorrow and wednesday. todd is tracking where all the rain is headed on first alert doppler. >> no one is escaping the rain tonight. we have rain and shower across the entire metro area. a pretty good chunk now has moved into montgomery county and frederick county north on 275. we have rain from tyson across the river to potomac, silver spring, col-ge park. that includes connecticut avenue and the george avenue exits as well as 95 and 50. it's really not going to go anywhere.
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you're going to walk the dog tonight, take an umbrella. the only good thing about tonigt is temperatures aren't going to fall. they're going to be steady or raise. at 9:00, 42 in gaithersburg and also silver spring, 46 downtown. by 10:00, again, still rain and showers across most of the metro area. 42 in gaithersburg, 42 silver springs. we will come back and track that. baltimore is tense as the first trial of the six officers involved in the death of freddie gray gets underway. the city erupted in a violent protest earlier this year after the 25-year-old died while in police custody. >> craig boswell covered those protests. he's in baltimore tonight as jury selection begins today. >> baltimore police officer william porter was quickly escorted into the courthouse where he'll stand trial for his
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alleged involvement in the death of freddie gray. just steps away protestors are a reminder of the tension surrounding gray's death. he died of spinal injuries while in police custody last april. >> william porter's trial is the first of six baltimore police officers charged in gray's death. >> i want those guys to have a fair trial. i do. let justice prevail. let there be justice. >> the prosecution said port er should have gotten medical attention for gray and alleges gray was illegally transported in the back of a police van without a seat belt. >> until you hear the witnesses testify and eventually hear the entire time you don't know this case. >> officer porter is expected to testify in his defense. the judge is hoping to seat a jury by mid-week. >> we're waiting to hear the truth, we're waiting to hear what happened to freddie gray and what evidence the prosecution will present. >> inside the courtroom
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potential jurors could see demonstrators outside. when asked if they were familiar with the case all indicated to have some knowledge of the events that took place. porter's attorney arguing an impartial jury will be impossible to find. >> porter is charged with murdered and assault. they hope that other guilty jury injuries will unfold. a county police officer goes on trial today. jenchesky santiago held a gun against a man's head pointed it at his mouth police say. it started when he confronted two men in a car and accused them of parking illegally in front of a home in boyd. one of the men lived in the house. new at 7:00, a maryland mother charged with leaving her newborn daughter on the side of the road will not spend anymore
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time behind bars. sandra mcclary was put on probation for 5 years. the 27-year-old will also go through a drug treatment program and complete a parenting class. a resident in pasadena found mcclary's 6-week-old daughter just before midnight on the 4th of july. a guilty plea in the murder of a 16-year-old woodbridge, virginia high school student. kawanye smalls has a lengthy criminal record and was out of jail on a monitoring bracelet when he shot and killed mike wilson. two of those involved were small's siblings. >> the little sister knew that the brother had the gun. i didn't know that. that in my eyes is premedicated. she knew there was going to be violence.
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why would you let your brother that's on probation with a monitor say stop. stop, no. >> wilson will be sentence d in march. his attorney recommended 25 years behind bars. the commonwealth wants 50 years. wilson's family is hoping the judge gives him life. the man who jumped the white house fence on thanksgiving will be back in a dc courtroom in january. today 22-year-old joseph caputo pleaded not guilty to a charge of illegally entering restricted rounds. he must live with his mom with a electronic monitor, follow a curfew and undergo another mental health evaluation. virginia state police say speed was a factor in a crash last night that injured 36 people, most of them college students returning to school. police say the bus overturned on the parkway exit ramp just south of richmond. they charged the driver with reckless driving. most of the passengers were
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students picked up at richmond returning to the university of virginia, virginia tech and radford university. 60,000 dc residents have criminal records and say they're at the bottom when it comes to finding job. the manager of the courtyard marriott believes that returning felons make the best employees. he hired dwayne morgan who spent 22 years in prison and never had a full time job until he was hired at the marriott. his boss, thomas fenney, said he hired 25 returning citizens in the past . >> many of the returns citizens that i've hired have been more serious, committed, willing to work whenever we needed them, day, night, weekends. it's not about me making up a law, i just want to do better, give them an opportunity. >> according to him he gave me an opportunity but i earned it.
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>> dc and 14 other jurisdictions have laws that say employers cannot ask applicants to check a box and reveal if they have a criminal background if the applicant is offered that job that research is enlisted. lots of smiles around redskins nation today. the redskins sit on top of the nfc east after their big win against the giants. >> big it was. now as they turn their attention to the dallas cowboys can they finally put together a win streak. >> they're on top of the division without having a when streak all season. that's crazy. a couple things did happen this week that could push the redskins forward. deshaun goldston held a player's only meeting on saturday. several members of the defense were upset they didn't get the shut out on sunday. can they keep that going on the national stage on monday night. frank hammerhand has more from redskins park.
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>> we've seen this redskins act before. they won a big game at home and followed it up with a did on the road. the redskins will follow it up at home against dallas on monday night. redskins are now 5-6, tied for first in the division with the team they just beat yesterday in the giants. dallas comes to town with no tony romo. it's another game where they hopefully make a charge towards the playoffs. >> we have to stay consistent. >> no major injuries and that's a good one for the redskins after the giants victory. let's see if they can get back to the playoffs for the first time since 2012. frank hammerhand wusa sports. >> one giants player admits they may have over looked the redskins. now let's hope the redskins don't over look the 3-8
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cowboys. >> they can't over look anybody but it's nice to have back to back home games finally. >> my husband is a life-long redskins fan. he had a little pep in his step yesterday. we talked to several redskins fans to do to gauge how excited they are. >> i love the redskins. we're going to the playoffs. >> the redskins are kind of bad right now but it's good to be number one even amongst the weak field. >> we can give them more wins so look for me down there. >> even in a weak field we're still number one . >> that's all they need next to their name is number one. >> we're building. nobody expected us to be giant killers this year. >> they expected them to be worse than they are. >> number one, that's all that matters. if you were planning on doing some cyber monday shopping tonight, which four categories have the best deals right after
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the break. >> and bullets were not the only items plucked out of the tsa security line. later see what else showed up on the scanners at bwi this weekend. >> you're watching wusa 9. this is your only local news at 7:00. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services.
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depends on who's in the sidecar. it's pretty comfortable in there.
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monday deals are on clothing, jewelry, shoes and beauty protects. amazon is a step closer to delivering packages using drones. today it released this video showing the model of the drone they plan to use to fly boxes from warehouses straight to a customer's house. the drones are unmanned, fly below 500 feet and use a sensor to avoid hitting anything. can you imagine? >> what can go wrong? >> amazon said they can carry up to 5 pounds. they are waiting for government regulations. we partnered with donor's choose to help with classroom projects in your neighborhood. if you buy something on amazon today part of the purchase can go to the project of your choice. head to and type in
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donor's choose. you can click shop and shop as usual. we have those posted on our website, you can pick one to fund. >> the greatest thing is it's specific to each school. high temperatures tomorrow 52 downtown, 51 in gaithersburg. we'll come back and talk about why the numbers are deceiving and explain how many days are yellow alert weather days. >> investigators are on the verge of solving a 15-year-old murder case. the clues they may already have in the
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a decade and a half after his mother's murder christopher street are talking to us for the first time. new developments in the murder investigation of the aspen hill avon lady. >> cold case detectives have just reopened the 15-year-old susan street murder investigation and they think they may already know who killed her. >> it was just after thanksgiving 15 years ago that someone shot susan street to death on the front steps of her aspen hill townhouse. >> not a day goes by that i don't think about her. >> her son, christopher, is
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still trying to explain to his children why grandma has never been able to join them at the thanksgiving table. >> they want to know why. they don't understand. >> deck tective mark janney from the montgomery county police cold case squad now thinks he knows who killed street. he said they lived in the pepper tree farm apartments just behind street's home. investigators suspect that they are the same people responsible for a whole series of crimes in the neighborhood including a shot fired through a neighbor's window while she was inside watching tv. >> detectives have witnesses, ballistics and motive. they say they just need a little bit more to arrest street's killers. >> bruce lesshan. >> susan street's brother just
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contributed another $5,000 bringing the total award for information to $15,000. on this day in 2010 sandra long was found murdered in her car. state police believes someone has information on who killed long and there's $1,000 to help convince them to come forward. holiday travels got frustrating at bwi. tsa agents spotted a bag with 49 bullets inside and yesterday agents spotted a woman with a knife, stun gun and expandable baton all of those items not allowed on flights. commuter alert for someone who living on russville pike. crews have been shutting down two southbound lanes near the cedar lane intersection. they will fix up the road, gutter and water main that broke in october. they said the project is only dealing with the road and no customers will be out of service during that repair.
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it's expected to take 5 to 10 days. of course weather depending. today is a yellow weather alert day. now here's wusa 9's first alert weather. >> good news, it's not going to freeze. >> yes, this rain is not going to freeze. it's cold. it's a cold rain. >> it's a cold november rain right now. temperatures will be steady tonight and they're going to creep up now. by the time we get to wednesday maybe 60. let's start with our 3 degree guarantee. we're worried about this one. we kind of got robbed yesterday. we went 46 for a high. i'll let you know how we did tonight on wusa 9 news at 11:00. download or app and you can track us via the app too. live look outside at the county center, 44. that's good. we went to 46. that's a good thing. temperatures are going up now. winds are still north, northeast at 10. i don't think temperatures will fall much at all if you're in the upper 30s now you might crawl up to 40, if you're in the mid 40s you're probably going to stay there. here's a look at first alert
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doppler. over the last 2 hours no one is escaping any of this rain. it's not heavy but it sure is tough to get home. this is a busy commute day after thanksgiving. this is not helping. we have some heavier rain out 66 and now most of the west side of 270 in montgomery county has so much patches of moderate rain. germantown, rockville going up 270 all kinds of rain. going out 50 and 7 all kinds of rain. going east around the beltway to 95 and 50 you have a pretty good at least consistent light rain or drizzle. there's a couple of patches. in fact, just to the south of dc down towards u.s. 1, towards mount vernon, it's kind of quiet but everybody else has at least some rain. even here where the radar is not showing anything there's still some drizzle out there. yellow weather alerts through wednesday. we're sort of in this pattern through wednesday. bus stop temperatures tomorrow 36 to 46. wet and miserable. turning milder on wednesday, may
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see 60. breezy and cooler but dry on thursday and friday. by cooler we just mean relative to wednesday it will be average by the time we get to thursday. at 10:00 tonight showers primarily on the west side of 95. if you're going to walk the doug count on showers. by morning, this is 5:30, 6:00 here comes another good slug of moisture, which is what the commute does not need. 44 in silver spring with rain across the board. by 9:00 this moves through the metro area still hamering portions of prince george's county in southern maryland. commute tomorrow may be worse than it was this morning in terms of heavier rainfall. so day planner, 40s to start, 52 by 1:00 p.m. showers on wednesday and 59. cooler on thursday, sunshine and temperatures around 50. the next 7 days, gorgeous. on friday the low 50s, bet ter on the weekend. 60 on saturday, 65 sunday. 60s next monday for the
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.game game time temperatures in the 50s. >> thank you. pictures with santa don't ao as planned. one baby's snapshot is scream ig ing season greetings for all the right reasons. that's after the break on wusa 9, your only local news at 7:00.
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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit > so if you're not in the holiday spirit just yet these pictures might do the trick. a dad in indiana posted pictures of his 6-month-old son snuggled up with santa. he fell asleep but santa insisted he not wake the baby and this is the out come. his parents grew up in stafford, virginia and the proud grandparents live around here. good evening and hopefully you're watching. >> we shared this on the wusa 9 facebook page so this prompted viewers to share their pictures. stephanie shared a picture with her little sleeper last year. wendy said she had a sleepy baby as well and it was her
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7-week-old's first outing. >> my daughter's first picture she was pulling on his beard. that's the picture that we always show. >> was it fake? >> it was real. he didn't like it. that's all for our news i don't want to live with
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gwenca ught fies timing blake. hollywood's hollywood weekend hookups. who got married, who's pregnant. why is amy schumer legttin it all hang out? >> it's what's coming up right now on "entertainment tonight." everything's about to drop. so -- let's get a shot of it, let your stomach out. >> is schumer the new pinup? we have the making of the 2016 calendar which amy calls sexy and disgusting. >> i was the one who didn't get the memo. exclusive sofia and joe's caribbean honeymoon. the jets, the dockside villa. mary kate olson's secret manhattan marriage. which ex-costar didn't attend? >> i sent a mazel tov text. first shot of anne hathaway pregnant. also -- >> what is g oingon with your face right now? >> there's a little bit of bruising action. >> j.


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