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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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tonight president obama vows to destroy what he calls the cult of death that is isis. >> we will destroy isil and any other organization that tries to harm us. >> good evening, i'm debra alfarone. the president addressed the american people tonight from the oval office in response to last week's deadly terrorist attacks at the southern
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california office party. we'll start you off tonight with a break down of their key points, garrett? >> reporter: debra, tonight's 13-minute speech was president obama's third prime time address from the oval office. a sign of how important that he considered tonight's message about fighting terrorism at home and abroad. he opened by addressing that deadly shooting last week in california, which he called terrorism. >> so far we have no evidence that the killers were directed by the terrorist organizations overseas or a part of a broader conspiracy here at home. but it is clear that the two of them had gone down that dark path. >> reporter: president obama said that the attack on the san bernardino office complex had applauded the u.s. to applause their anti-terrorist prodigy. >> reporter: to review the visa waiver program under which the female terrorist in san bernardino originally came to this country. >> reporter: standing behind the oval office for its first prime time address for major
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since 2010. he looked to reassure a nervous public that his administration can and will destroy the isis terror network. >> the strategy that we are using now, air strikes, special forces, and working with local forces who are fighting to regain control of their own country. that is how we will achieve the sustainable victory. >> reporter: and in to tonight's address where he argued that making powerful assault weapons less accessible to the wood-be terrorist is a matter of national security. >> congress should act to make sure that no one on the no fly list is able to buy a gun. what could possibly be the argument for allowing a terrorist suspect to buy a semiautomatic weapon? >> reporter: and finally they would call on americans of all faith to reject their discrimination against muslims because of the act of a few. >> reporter: they do not speak for islam. that they are thugs and killers. a part of a cult of death as they account for a tiny fraction.
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of a more than a billion muslims around the world. >> reporter: in a new cnn poll out tonight, they show that 60% of those americans disagree with their strategy that it is not working. for the first time since they have existed, a majority of people are saying it is time to put boots on the ground as they say it is still a long way to go. >> absolutely. but here is the question. how difficult is it going to be for them to get any of this done? >> reporter: on the gun control stuff it could be impossible unless they do it with the executive action. of banning them from being able to buy guns if you're on the watch list. that's not going to change because of this speech. >> a lot of people are talking about this tonight. of course, skyrocketing to the top trending subject on twitter with the opinions all over the map. we'll take a look as they said, "this obama speech may have been an advertisement for
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donald trump with how weak it was. trump looks great." someone else is more supportive saying that obama's speech is really needed with a lot of hate towards muslims in this country. another person tweeted, "i think obama could be the most spineless president we've ever had." americans died on u.s.a. soils and he talks about gun control. finally someone posted that it would be a nice change of peace to hear republicans voice what they agree with instead of instant criticism. air strikes against isis continue today in syria leaving 32 fighters dead and more than 40 others wounded. >> they shook the outskirt of rocca. right now it is not clear whether that u.s. carried out the attacks. investigators are trying to figure out if the wife accused of that attack is the driving force behind the plot. while they look in to several
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theories, they report on how loved ones would gather to mourn those 14 victims killed. a message of peace and tolerance on sunday as family and friends remembered the victims of the shootings. >> we have to remember that even those muslim people are our brothers and sisters. >> reporter: one of the 14 members killed in this nearby area. >> it is like a stab in the heart. >> reporter: while the community here in san bernardino try to heal from their loss, investigators are piecing together more information about the shooters. that they are trying to figure out whether malik radicalized her american husband. they told the italian newspaper that my son said he shared ideology and supported the creation of the islamic state. he was also obsessed with israel. the fbi seized several items from this river side home over the weekend. the house belongs to enrique
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marquez a friend of farooq's. >> they were good friends for at least seven years. was a former security guard that purchased the rifles used in the attack. checking himself in to a hospital shortly after wednesday's shooting. danielle nottingham, cbs news, san bernardino, california. >> they tell cbs news that they are confident that only farooq and marquez purchased the guns legally in california and recon figured them to be more powerful as they are also reviewing the video from the gun store owners. who called saying that they saw the two together. marquez is not under arrest and is not considered a suspect. well prince george's county police are hoping that you can help them track down a murder suspect. christopher crawford is wanted for first-degree murder in the killing of his friend tony
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proctor. they found proctor dead with gunshot wounds. police believe that he and crawford had gotten in to a fight escalating in to a deadly shooting. new video of a house fire in southeast dc on our street near minnesota avenue. obviously those flames, the smoke pouring out of the second story window while they climb on the roof to attack the fire. they say that they have not said if anyone home at the time could determine how much that fire started at this point. this video went viral as they are accused of groping the man at the dc gas station convenience store. and if they are scheduled to be sentenced on monday. of sexual abuse after the incident. now, groping the victim as the second woman in the video, the
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one doing the twirking is not located. facing a maximum of six months in jail. much like the investigation, the justice department is expected to launch the civil rights investigation in to the chicago police department. the announcement is expected some time this week, in response to the white police officer shooting them 16 times, killing him. and it happened last year, but the video was just released last month ea. long with the first-degree murder charge. the shooting forced the top cop to resign. today residence would call for the chicago mayor to step down as well. they gathered with community and religious political leaders, including reverend jesse jackson. acting -- asking why it took so
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long to be released. in the teenager's shooting death. well here in dc they shut down streets for hours after a person brought the grenade to the fourth district police headquarters at 10:30 this morning. they had to be shut down, reopened four hours later. no one hurt, but they took them out as an abundance of caution. >> it's looking to be a cool start to the week, but some people may need to keep that handy. tracking the showers and where they are headed on doppler. where are they? >> reporter: it looks like they won't need to worry about that shower tomorrow. but early though on monday, we've got to worry about the fog potentially, just west and north of dc. where they will be in effect,
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including montgomery and prince williams, you've got to watch out for the possibility of the patchy dense fog on monday morning. the temperatures are down to the 30sin most spots. and also here in washington. we've got the light winds, but one thing with a little bit of the cloud deck. a better chance for some fog to form, which looks like it could be happening overnight tonight and these are the showers here over towards indianapolis that we're going to have to track for the slight chance well to the west. so some early fog or the partly sunny day with those highs once again in the low to mid-50s. next weekend looks really warm for this time of the year. seven-day forecast in just a few. >> thank you, howard. students will notice the security changes tomorrow morning. officials at wilson high school are stepping up measures after
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a student brought a gun to school last week and carried it around undetecting most of the day. under the new rule, they will not be allowed inside that school unattended before 8:00 a.m. a similar rule in effect after school. and they will be on duty, plus more security officials will be on hand. crews will spend this week retesting 28 locations that previously showed elevated levels of radon. school officials say that if they show levels that are higher than what is allowed by the epa, they will begin remediating the locations right away. they issued a statement that said that he regrets the retesting that should have been done based on the protocols, but wasn't. then the school system, they will post the results on their website. well, only on 9 tonight. the oldest known world war ii veteran is in dc right now for the very first time. and that 110-year-old flew in
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this morning on the honor flight. and wusa9 stephanie galehard was the only reporter there when dozens welcomed him to the capital. >> reporter: and the water canyon salute and their welcome for frank levingston who is 110 years old. >> congratulations. and welcome to dc. god bless you. >> reporter: he is the nation's oldest known world war ii vet who was an army private and served in italy during world war ii. after receiving the honorable discharge, he became a union worker specializing in the cement finishings. >> are you ready for all your activity? >> reporter: today he lives in louisiana, never been to dc and says that the trip is a dream come true. >> and that is just horrible. enjoy it. i appreciate it. >> reporter: and these people, they appreciate what he did for our country. >> we have the lunch. no, this is more important because i too deserve and what
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an honor. >> it is amazing to meet a man that has lived that long. >> reporter: he'll be in dc through tuesday with a packed schedule, including being the guest of honor at the pearl harbor day ceremony. >> i understand that he may also happen to lay one of the wreaths. becoming a part of the celebration and just visit some of the other monuments, the lincoln monument and of course that he has been invited to the white house. we are excited about that. >> reporter: the excitement is just beginning. thanks to the honor flight often, that made this trip possible. at reagan national airport, wusa9. >> and this is the first time that they often have given an out of state resident a trip like this. and at 110 years old they would get them and that they thought they deserved it. >> some fantastic news for the former president jimmy carter what he said about the cancer diagnosis. that's after the break. and why are these security guards tackling these fans?
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was it warranted? the
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the university of houston
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is dropping their contracts with the security company after watching these cell phone videos of the guards that are hitting, kicking, and tackling the fans. the university of houston cougars had just beaten temple. they rushed the field, but some of them didn't get far as the security guards would use all sorts of violent tactics some say to stop them as officials with their athletic department say that they are extremely disappointed and angry of how those dogs would treat sam. >> reporter: he is now cancer free. making the announcement today at church in the hometown of georgia. >> jimmy carter broke the news on sunday's bible study. when he went in this week, they didn't find anything at all. carter announced last saturday that melanoma spread from his liver to four spots in his
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brain in the fate of god. >> when they said that they wanted to go ahead and trace them, i'm at ease with that and whatever comes. >> reporter: the 91-year-old would continue volunteer work building homes for the habitat for humanity after they began in august. an mri test shows that the cancer was responding to treatment. and on sunday, carter confirmed in a statement that the most recent brain scan did not reveal any signs of the original cancer spots, nor any new ones. that the former president said that they would continue to receive the regular doses of a new treatment that would help the body's immune system fight cancer. >> reporter: when carter announced the new diagnosis to his bible study groups that they erupted in applause. >> three, two, one. lift off. >> the unmanned rocket, packed with food supplies and christmas presents. now on its way to the international space station. this was the fourth attempt to
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launch that rocket that the others were called off because of windy weather that they will help the american astronauts stationed in space and that they have not gotten that shipment in the u.s. for several months. well, the stars gathered in dc tonight for the annual kennedy centers honor performance. george lucas the man behind the star wars franchise is one of several guests to walk the red carpet here tonight. one of five award winners being honored for their lifetime achievement in the arts. he was a little late to the event. of course addressed from the white house this evening. the late show host stephen colbert mced the event. you'll be able to catch it right here on wusa9 december 29. i always look forward to seeing that every year. it's a lot of fun. >> you know what else is a great show? >> the three-degree guarantee is a great show.
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>> exactly, but i'm going to start with something else because it will explain the three-degree guarantee. that if you were checking out the sunsets this evening that it was spectacular. just one of the bunch of pictures that i put on twitter and facebook feed. >> that's why we need to follow this guy because of the pictures like this. >> that it gave us the beautiful sunset, eliminating the amount of sunshine today and because of that, hello camera. because of that, the three- degree guarantee, we'll let them reset that while we step out. but it was out by 1:00. we missed it. 1:56, but we stopped at 52. but we had a beautiful sunset. and that was on the wrong side. all right, let's show you what's happening with a dense fog advisory in effect from 3:00 to 9:00. currently generally west of i- 95. not including dc, but they will be areas in southern maryland and that they will also have a little bit of fog that we'll need to watch out for that. if we don't have the fog, for those of you that will be fortunate enough tomorrow morning at 6:00. venus and the moon will be real close to each other in the
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southeast skies. hopefully that we'll be able to see that conjunction. temperatures now, they are down in the 30s in most spots. in the upper 20s. but we are still holding on to the town in indianapolis and look at the lower 30s with the fog and the temperatures below freezing with the freezing fog with the fog there when it touches, surfaces, that they could freeze on contacting with that glaze. we'll have to watch to see if we would get any of that to have isolated slick spots on monday morning. 40 currently with the clouds and the winds are calm. and as long as we would hold on to the clouds that the temperatures and the fog will have a tough time developing. but that we may get some breaks overnight and that's the problem. we're going to have a cool start to the week with the temperatures starting out in the low to mid-50s the next few days for the highs. stray shower tomorrow afternoon, i'm talking about mainly in the mountains of the valleys. it is going to warm up significantly here for the end of the week and the weekend and with the 60 degrees of at least that i'm thinking of friday, saturday, and that we may be in
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the mid to upper 60s by sunday before we finally get a rainstorm around here. most of the action is out west. like the fire hose of the jet stream. you see those clouds when they go on shore and that they could only go so far offshore that all the moisture for northern california and the pacific northwest with the rains and the mountain snows. meanwhile that weak system is bringing in a few showers towards indiana. that's what we're tracking because tomorrow, that with that system that will get towards the ohio valley in the morning with a few showers near ohio and eastern kentucky and a few clouds that will be thrown our way with a few well south of us. maybe harrissonburg or further south the way it is looking right now where that will pass and to get brisk there on tuesday behind it. the lower 50s with the other system throwing in clouds our way. mixing in with the sunshine on wednesday. maybe wednesday night that they could see a shower generally north of us. so the forecast breaks down like this. for tonight, you've got to
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watch out for some areas of fog late and from the mid-20s to the mid-30s. even that stray slick spot with some of the freezing fog. the 30s and the 40s tomorrow morning after the early fog. partly sunny and chilly and a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow with a chance for the stray shower in the mountains. the low to mid-50s. tomorrow night, cowboys and the skins of fedex will be partly to mostly cloudy with the temperatures in the 40s. i'm looking up the three-day forecast on tuesday. 52. and wednesday 55. then this is what you'll want to see the second half of the week those temperatures as we stay dry well in to the 60s. december? >> december what? >> exactly. >> did you say the word december? it really doesn't feel like it. i'm fine with that. a message of hope tonight as they shine brighter on the first night of hanukkah as we
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at sunset tonight the jewish holiday, hanukkah begins. the festival of life because of the one day of oil staying lit for eight days. the jews gathered downtown dc tonight to light the national lights. the rabbi spoke before the
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lighting ceremony, emphasizing after the recent terrorist attacks. the importance of fighting darkness with light. >> even though we are sad about the occurrences that we just mentioned that our answer to darkness must always be light. light and enjoy. light and joy and unity. >> reporter: they attended tonight's ceremony while president obama prepared for his oval office address. >> the peoples pope getting in to the christmas spirit. today the officials flipped the lights on the christmas tree at the st. francis basilica. he watched from the vatican as the children sang and celebrated at the event. praying for the migrants that lost their lives trying to reach europe. coming up in sports. watching the giants game, hoping they lose to you can't predict the market.
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redskins getting it tomorrow night, but they are watching them, hoping that the jets could knock them off to get the skins even more of a handle for them on the nfc east. eli manning, j-e-t-s. i think i know where howard grew up. but look at beckham who goes the distance. that is a tough sell for him. leading most of the way, but thejets made it interesting as they would make the redskins nation happy as we'll tell you why. game on overtime. all right, now the football for maryland need a spark. they needed a new direction after the start as they hope that he is the guy to do it.
11:31 pm
this past week, the 37-year-old is officially named the new head man for the terps, name them five years. about $12.5 million, getting them going in the big ten. we'll talk to him one on one coming up with the game on overtime in about four minutes that you won't want to miss it as they are always what they say the best, right? >> yes, now he needs to wait. >> thank you everyone for watching. of course, game on overtime is next and you don't want to miss
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it is dallas week. redskins, cowboys tomorrow night at fedex field. redskins fans, paying attention to the giants today, clearing the hurdle against the jets. a shocker as they are all, but determined. can the man that goes by d.j. awaken it? meet the new head terp. game on tioverme starts now. >> empire state of mind in new york city with the blue for the gian


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