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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  December 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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four hours, and get behind the wheel of a car.>> reporter: that driver, the least gustavo release oh, has not been charged.>> he was trying to prevent the exact crime that killed him. >> reporter: -- this county is worse because officer noah leota is not out driving his patrol car. >> reporter: the chief wants officer leota's death to be a catalyst for changing maryland's penalties for drunk driving. reporting live, stephanie gayle hard, wusa nine. when we first. chief majors remarks live, his
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passion, emotions, and anger were heard loud and clear. here is more from the chief in his own words.>> this hard- working, caring, dedicated officer was killed by drunk driver. he was killed by a man that had been arrested twice before for drunk driving. know what was out trying to prevent that crime, that crime that ended up killing him. i hope that that shines a light on this case and shines a light on the fact that the state of maryland has some of the week is penalties for drunk drivers and in fact, as we look ahead to the prosecution of this case, i can tell you that whenever it is done, there is little chance of real justice being done. because until maryland starts taking these crimes, i'm talking about the crime of the drunk driver behind the wheel of a car killing someone, until they take it seriously, there is no justice for these
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families. there is no justice for these victims. i hope these cases shines a light on that. >> stirring words from chief major. you can listen to his full statement right now. we have it on our wusa nine news app. a guilty plea from a father who allowed underage drinking in his home. four teenagers left a party june 25 were involved in a fatal crash that killed two and injured two others. we're live outside montgomery county district court tonight.>> reporter: can of salzman -- kenneth salzman pleaded guilty to two counts of underage drinking in his home, and he got the maximum penalty, which is just $5000. >> i can't believe you can walk in and write a $5000 check and i will never get my son back.>> reporter: the devastated
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victims do not believe justice was served. >> putting the lives of two dozen at risk and killing two is not enough. laws need to change.>> reporter: he pled guilty to two counts of underage drinking. he got the maximum pendleton -- penalty, a total of $25,000, $5000 for each count. >> i felt like he was just paying the parking fine, not paying for two lives.>> reporter: both victims were passengers in a car driven by sam ellis that left the salzman party minutes before slamming into a tree and offense.>> these were my first miracle sons. i couldn't get pregnant.
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he was a huge personality in our house.>> he was a great brother, and a wonderful, beautiful kid who had a lot of promise.>> reporter: police say there were more than 20 underage partygoers drinking beer and vodka at the home. according to police records, 11 teenager brought in 230 packs of beer, salzman jokingly asked if one of them was for him.>> we are devastated. this is been the hardest six months of our lives. we are working to survive as a family. >> reporter: the family plans to fight for new legislation to increase the penalties for this type of crime. the current law does not allow for any jail time and the marks believe that there needs to be more of a deterrent. >> andrea mccarren reporting.
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the driver and that crash, sam ellis, will go to trial in april, charged with two counts of negligent manslaughter and homicide under the influence. near the capital, field tests show a white powder contained in a threatening letter was not dangerous.>> garrett haake is there live. >> reporter: the fbi has taken possession of the letter to conduct additional tests to find out what exactly was inside. leaders of the nation's largest muslim civil rights organization say this is the latest example of a troubling trend. officials that care say they get hate messages almost daily.>> it is increase since paris and with the san bernardino killings and the donald trump statements. it is really peaked -- has really peaked.>> it was a white
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powdery substance, apparently came out of the envelope and was opened by our civil rights department. that is the point when they contacted authorities.>> reporter: police, fbi, fire, and ems rushed to the headquarters. hazmat teams quarantined two employees and evacuated the rest. for two hours, everyone waited for the all clear. one field tests determined the substance was not dangerous, staff went back to work, leaving reporters with the reason as to why the letter was sent.>> it has been socially and politically accepted the promoted -- and promoted by people seeking the highest office in the land. >> reporter: tonight, investigators are not saying where they think the letter might have come from. you can clearly hear the voice of that leader of care. they believe it is part of a much bigger issue that goes much further than intimidation.
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garrett haake, usa nine. another search handing in frustration today in the nearly 2 year-long hunt for alicia rudd. police found no sign of her in a massive empty lot in northeast. bruce leshan and is live. -- is live. does the search go anywhere from here?>> -- >> reporter: this is the lot where they failed to find anything. they have another location in mind. the chief is not saying where, because she does not want people tramping across it before investigators have a chance to check it methodically. dozens of police recruits searched the 15 acre site where walmart had once considered building a store. cadaver dogs sniffed the ground for any set of alicia rudd. she was just eight years old when last seen alive on this
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grainy surveillance tape.>> often children are not taken far . >> reporter: she had been with the janitor at the home -- homeless shelter where she lived. police suspect he killed his wife and then himself. >> this is the first step in probably what will be additional searches. >> reporter: the national center for missing and exploited children hit on this location not because of strong leads but simply because they have gone back over tatum's movements in the three weeks he had the girl before the school reported her missing. 21 months later, the faint hope of finding her body across the street from the fifth district police station and it and
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another disappointment.>> it's disappointing everyday, but that doesn't mean we will stop looking.>> reporter: no sign of the beautiful little girl who just loved to dance.>> tatum also bought lime, a shovel, and large garbage bags at the home depot. police suspect may have buried the girl but they also say the ground is so hard no one would want to dig in it. live in northeast dc, bruce leshan and. --.>> investigators fear he may have disposed of the body in a dumpster. brooks -- because it took three months -- three weeks for anyone to tell them she was missing, she may not be found. one man dead and another
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with serious injuries after an assault at sunoco. the clerk says three men inside the store started yelling back and forth with two older men outside the store.>> they ran out of the door and that's where it took place, at the side of the building.>> reporter: the clerk saw the victim hurt on the ground -- >> the clerk saw the victim hurt on the ground. they say -- investigations are ongoing. one has died and another is missing after flames broke out in a single family home just before 4 am. units on the scene found that the house was fully engulfed in flames. firefighters say this isn't the first time they had been called out. >> this dwelling was the scene of a fire in february, february 13. investigators have not determined the cause of the fire. it was believed to be accidental. it's too mac early to make any
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determination or presume there is a relationship between the two. >> officials say the house was being reconstructed to repair fire damage. no word on what sparked the blaze. police trying to figure out what caused the fatal crash in prince george's county. the driver's vehicle left the road and crashed into a pole. the vehicle caught fire near barlow road. the driver was dead at the scene. the road is being -- open after being closed for several hours. changes are coming to that same county. the police department says the chief will be replaced tomorrow. our editorial partners at the post report deputy chief hank zielinski will take the job and an interim basis. the chief has been in charge since 2011. we are just
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getting started. on the way, donald trump continues to dodge criticism for his comments about muslims coming into the united states. also, it is another day of unrest in chicago where there are calls escalated for the mayor to resign. out of habit, i put this jacket on. you don't need it yet. it's that mild. the evening planner, 55 at six, 51 at 8:00 and 50 at 10:00. the average high is only 49. we will come back and talk about the possibility of fog and record highs of the weekend. up next, the battle of expert witnesses in the trial of a baltimore police officer charged in the death a
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it is a battle of expert witnesses and conflicting testimony in the trial of a baltimore police officer charged in the death a eddie gray. >> bruce johnson with the latest.>> reporter: the defense is in the thick of presenting its case for william porter, accused of manslaughter and misconduct. a day after taking the stand in his trail, william porter was back in a boston courthouse. the defense called former officer timothy long bow to the stand. the 35 year law enforcement veteran says officer reporter acted reasonably in not restraining a eddie gray in the back of a police man.>> what they are doing is countering the states experts with their own. that becomes a wash.>> reporter: gray so full -- suffered a fatal spinal cord injury last fall while in
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police custody. the officer was present at five of the six stops the police then made transporting great. gray's death triggered days of unrest, protesters were outside the court again today demanding justice.>> all night, all day, we will fight for gritty gray -- a eddie gray. -- freddie gray.>> reporter: it was ultimately up to one officer to make sure gray was tilted -- belted in the car. >> one of the other officers charged, officer goodson, has a trail in january. despite criticism, donald trump called for a ban on muslims entering the united states does not appear to be
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hurting him. the republican presidential cabinet is at 20 -- 35%, his higher -- highest level of support yet. >> a lot of people agree with me. i certainly didn't do it for poll numbers. >> i'm not going to hyperventilate about poll. we had a major terrorist attack. all the talk is dominated by this plan that is never going to happen.>> reporter: while nearly every republican candidate disagrees with trump, none of them have said whether they will not support if he wins the gop nomination.>> trump announced today he canceled a trip to israel. he treated -- tweeted he will reschedule when he becomes president of the us. trump had planned to meet with
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benjamin netanyahu. dozens of syrian refugees are on their way to canada. and air force plane carrying 164 men, women, and children left from lebanon today. two privately sponsored syrian families landed last night. canadian government has agreed to take in 25,000 refugees. always watching, always tracking. wusa nines first alert weather. dc's most accurate.>> we believe today is the day we get back on track.>> we are back on track. i was nervous this morning with fog. today we're back on track. really we are on track for an unbelievable weekend. i don't care what month you want to pick, a spectacular weekend. >> we will talk about the 3 degrees guarantee. i'm sweating this a little bit. one model went 62, another went
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54. i split in favor of the highside. we shall see tonight. outside, national harbor. 58 right now. dew points in the 40s, winds calm. sort of had the same situation we have had the past couple of night. i think fog will be patchy, not as widespread. chilly with patchy fog. bust up temperatures pretty comfortable. 38-53. outdoor plans are safe this weekend. you can make outdoor plans, you can bike, take a jog. it's hard to get in the spirit with temps in the 60s. but it is comfortable. record highs could fall on sunday. i think they will be likely. 10:00 tonight, a few low clouds developing, especially to the west. 50 downtown, 45 in manassas. by 6:00, we are 43 in silver
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spring and 42 in manassas. not that cold tonight. by 9:00, almost 50. 51 downtown, 51 in the blade. we will advance again by lunchtime in the low 60s. 61 in fairfax. i 6 pm, we're still hanging in the upper 50s to near 60 downtown. a spectacular finish to the week tomorrow. a harbinger of the weekend, a really. 51 on the day planner, 64 51 on the day planner, 64 x 1 p.m. our average high is only 49. saturday, warmer, 68. sunday, record want, 62. if we hit 62, that will be a record high. next seven days gosh rain showers, storm on monday. in the wake of that cold front, it stays warm. mid-60s tuesday. still mild, upper 50s, next thursday. coming up,
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volkswagen admits it began cheating on emissions tests long before we knew about it. trying to avoid a government shutdown, next.
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paul ryan says congress will miss the deadline to meet -- meat a deal on the budget. that does not mean a shut down. ryan will move a bill to extend current federal funding for a few days to give lawmakers more time to reach a bill for 2016. president obama signed an education bill into law today, a makeover for the way schools are evaluated. schools will still take the statewide reading and math exams, but the new law encourages states to limit the time students spend on testing and diminishes the high-stakes for underperforming schools. in tonight's consumer alert, volkswagen engineers began working on cheating omissions testing as early as 2005. they admitted that.
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that came from the chairman today. he says a small number of engineers failed to come up with a solution to the us omissions standards so they came up with software that would manipulate the results. the chairman also promised the investigation will not spare top managers. a hefty fine for fiat chrysler. they were ordered to pay $70 million for failing to report legally required safety data. the company reported it had significantly underreported deaths and injury claims along with other information. fiat chrysler was also ordered to report the results of a third-party audit. chipotle's founder is apologizing and pledges to put in place new food safety practices. within the past week, 120 boston students, norovirus eating at a boston chipotle. add that to an e. coli outbreak last month and chipola --
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chipotle has a bit of a mess. the company's stock has plunged in recent weeks. is it your birthday? >> not until the 21st. we all know this song. everyone has saying it hundreds of times. >> before now, if we played that song we would have to pay a music publisher who owns the copyright. you just heard it, so not anymore.>> filmmakers and artists filed suit to get money returned to them. one of the world's most popular songs is in the public domain. don't -- be surprised if you hear everybody singing happy birthday from now on. coming up, a sergeant charged with
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desertion compares himself to jason bourne in the second season of the popular serial podcast. prosecutors going after people selling bruce springsteen tickets on secondary sites because they are not on sale to the general public yet. next, through protests and petitions, the pressure is mounting on chicago's mayor to
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another day of unrest in chicago. >> calls are growing louder for rahm emanuel to resign. >> reporter: dozens of medical students staged a diane calling for the resignation of rahm emanuel.>> get down now.>> we as physicians and future physicians are here to say all lives matter. >> reporter: protesters accuse a manual of covering up the shooting of luck lonnie mcdonald and keeping the dashcam video under wraps for year. the mayor has refused to step down but acknowledged the police treat lack residents differently.>> that is wrong. that has to change in the city. >> reporter: emmanuel's office says it's time to address accountability. a lawmaker has introduced legislation to allow recall.
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activists gathered to support that effort.>> rob emanuel has lost the ability to govern in chicago.>> reporter: activists want action against the police officers as well. some officer said donald made threatening moves towards police, which is set out to the video. >> why are -- number one, fire the police officers, number two, prosecute them.>> reporter: one officers charged with murder. investigators say a runaway train near boston appears to have been tampered with. the six car train did not have a driver and blue through four stations before it was stop by cutting power to a third rail. none of the 50 passengers on board were hurt. the governor says it is clear the train was tampered with by someone who knew what they were
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doing. funerals set to begin for the san bernardino massacre family members and friends. -- victims. one of the victims was expecting to get a health inspector bag -- badge. people whose lives shattered by gun violence today gathered on capitol hill. it was december 14, 2012, when adam landa fatally shot and killed 20 children and six adult staff members. anti-gun activists along with members of congress called for legislation to expand background checks. >> americans are getting shot and killed everywhere and anywhere in our streets, our homes, schools, colleges, mosques, movie theaters, workplaces, and places of
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worship. too many are affected by gun violence. more of us feel less safe. you have failed to keep a safe. we are sick and tired of your inaction.>> nancy pelosi says it is been more than 1000 days since the connecticut massacre. the search for suspects connected to paris terror attacks has extended to switzerland. police have increased the alert -- the alert level in geneva after receiving information that terrorists connected to the assaults are in an -- the area. security guards were seen station with machine guns outside the united nations headquarters in geneva. five people are under arrest and charged with plotting a terrorist attack in australia. the target was a government building in sydney. authorities say the arrests are connected to a plot uncovered a year ago. one of the suspects is 15 years
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old. the death toll from an attack in owl of -- afghanistan is up to 50. most victims are civilians. 11 terrorist carried out the attack. afghan forces have struggled to roll back forces since the us and nato ended their combat mission. the second season of the incredibly popular podcast serial. >> the season focuses on the controversial story of bowe bergdahl. the army charged with desertion after he walked away from his outpost in afghanistan in 2009. the podcast features his phone conversations with a filmmaker. at one point, he says he thought of himself as a jason bourne character. >> i had this fantastic idea to prove to the world that i was the real thing. i could be what it is all those
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guys out there who go to the movies and watch those movies they all want to be that. i wanted to prove that i was that. new episodes are released at 6 am on thursday. the podcast is so popular it has been trending on twitter all day. two charged in a plot to attack churches and synagogues in virginia entered not guilty pleas today. robert doyle and ronald cheney planned to rob a coin dealer and use the money to stockpile weapons and train for a race war. a jury trial for the accused white supremacist was set for next march. a third defendant is scheduled for arraignment on tuesday. the atty. gen. of new york is looking into how brokers handle ticket sales for the bruce springsteen tour. haven't gone on sale yet, but some backers -- brokers are offering tickets and hugely inflated prices. eric schneiderman says some
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tickets are going for 4000- $5800. that may constitute deceptive advertising. springsteen tickets go on sale tomorrow. coming up in our trending segment, first lady michelle obama like you have never seen her before. up next, it's widely considered the prelude to the oscars. find out who leads the way in golden globe nominations. we left the jacket inside. let's talk about high temperatures tomorrow. 65 downtown. warm up and down the eastern seaboard. 68 in charlottesville, 64 in cumberland. we will talk about the prospect of fog tonight
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the nominations are out for the golden globe awards.>> the '50s romance carol leads the way with five including one for best dramatic picture. nedd's -- mad max, fury road and others round out the categories. streaming services and shout cable for
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the most nominations. netflix was on top. hbo had seven. abc had four. the winners will be announced january 10. she is our nation's first lady. now you can add hip-hop artist to michelle obama's resume. >> she is with it with jay faro. the video is called go to college. already tens of thousands of views. it's worth going online and seeing.>> you have to watch the whole thing from start to finish. millions are logging on to facebook to check out the year in review. a two minute video highlights 2015's most talked about
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topics. facebook says from january 1 through december 1, 76 million people interacted with election content over 1 billion times. the terrorists attacks ranked second. the syrian refugee crisis was third. on the way, a deadly situation could get worse. the pacific northwest is pounded by another day of steady rain. the institute for highway safety revealed
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welcome back. i am scott broom. following up on an attack on two gay men being called a hate crime. the attack left joseph coward cut and bruise and has complicated his stroke recovery. his partner complains the train operator and police were too mac slow to respond. they were attacked by a mob of voice. coming up at six, i will bring you up to speed at the reactions to this. four dozen cars earned top marks for safety and 2016.
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from the insurance institute. cars had to have a crash prevention feature to qualify. chris martinez has the results. >> reporter: when it comes to safety, toyota is on top. the camry is one of nine models ty pick plus, the that earned insurance institute for highway safety's highest safety rating.>> honda is right behind them with eight. to earn the awards, cars had to perform better on the small overlap test, simulating what happens when a quarter of the car collides with a vehicle or tree. the incident -- institute is also testing crash prevention. >> you have to have a forward collision warning system and an effective autonomous emergency
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braking system. the maxima and the sot performed well while the avalon added auto break to earn top safety pick plus. the cyan ia is the only minicar to receive the 2016 war. -- award. the chrysler 200 is the only american car to get the honor.>> we were a little disappointed in the performance of our domestic automakers.>> reporter: ford's super crew earn the second highest level. consumers should ask for auto break and forward collision warning features when shopping for a new vehicle. chris martinez, cbs news, la. for a complete list of the top safety picks, check out our free wusa nine app. the fog is lifting in china. pollutants were used by a third during this week's red alert.
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limits were ordered on cars and factories from tuesday through today. schools were also told to close. hi winds are blamed for risk -- roof collapse in london. this video captures debris crashing down, barely missing people on the sidewalk. no one got hurt. farce of a -- parts of a florida town were evacuated for a sinkhole.>> this is estimated5 to be 40 feet wide, 20 feet deep, and it opened up in front of a home last night and oh colla. officials say it appears to have been caused by water main break. a contractor says it is growing and there's no estimate when people living in the neighborhood will be able to return home. more rain, more rescues in the pacific northwest. high water trapped a couple in their vehicle north of portland. emergency crews helped a man escaped through a sunroof. sadly, his wife drowned.
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five days of downpours have triggered -- triggered flooding and landslides across the pacific northwest. always watching, always tracking. first alert weather, dc's most accurate. on the west coast, they did this couple of months ago. it was ridiculously drive. >> it is feaster famine. they are almost up to their average rainfall. the message yesterday, it will get cold. i think it could snow in places like portland in the next 5-6 days. it's going to get warmer the next few days. we have a chance to record highs. friday, saturday and sunday, this number is the high temperature. 68 tomorrow, probably safe. 71 saturday, probably say. 71 sunday, i don't think that's particularly say. we will go 65 tomorrow, 68 saturday, 72 for a new record
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high sunday. this is a great weekend by april and may standards, much less december. on the weather cam, very comfortable outside. winds are pretty calm. sort of the same situation the past couple of nights. we will have chilly conditions with patchy fog. not as widespread as this morning. bus stop temperatures, 38-53. outdoor plans are safe this weekend. is kind of counter intuitive that you can do things this weekend. it's december. record highs could fall sunday. future cast got 10:00, -- 10:00, walking after dinner, 47. -- fairfax got 50 downtowns. in the morning, 42 in albany. the chilly start but not that cold. midmorning, approaching 50.
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upper 40s. already 50 and romley. that's a pretty good deal. by lunchtime, around 60. you could actually eat lunch outside tomorrow. it will be spectacular. the best part in addition to full sun, not much wind. sometimes we get warm-up with wins and it doesn't feel as if it were 60. with no reason 60 at 6 pm, that will feel pretty nice. 58 in leesburg. by early in the morning on saturday, we will fall into the 40s. really not a cold friday night if you have plans. for tonight, partly cloudy and chilly. some fog, low temperatures, 38- 48. in the morning, 38-58. 58 by lunchtime. by afternoon, partly cloudy and warmer. highs around 65. a record high tomorrow 68 will be knocking on the door. 51 at 9:00, 64 x 1 p.m. next three days, 68 saturday,
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72 sunday. that would be a record high. next seven days, mondays, -- monday, showers, rain. 64 on tuesday, 60 on wednesday. showers in the upper 50s next thursday. now wusa nine game on sports with dave owens, brought to you by xfinity. could the bears be what the nfl doctors ordered for washington? we hope so. we have talked about burgundy and gold's inability to get wins away from fedex field. chicago is one and five at home. so the skins stink on the road, the bears stink at home. i smell a breakthrough. i hope that is what i smell. how to the skins get it done? it will help with some spotty
5:52 pm
success. jay grunow, not deterred by commentators mocking his run game.>> you can't totally abandon it. we have to stick with it and work at it. many times we have a young offensive line working together. that excuses going to wear out quickly in these big games coming out. we have had some good runs. for the most part, the average has not been good enough the last six or seven weeks. >> that's for sure. i keep thinking what if. what if dallas had won one game without tony romo? they would probably be in first place. what if the giants had managed the clock decently? they would probably be in first place. tom coughlin has to be kicking himself. giants are mistreated yet to be unravel. a time -- at times they look
5:53 pm
like the best team in the division, and then the penultimate quarter comes. the fourth quarter, they fall apart. tom coughlin was asked how he feels about being in the three- way tie. the 69-year-old responded this way. [ laughter ] >> jumping jacks for every meeting like that. that's for sure.>> it's exciting. i have said many times before we have to take care of our own business. to a do it -- be in a circle dance like this is a good an exciting thing.>> i love him, he is 69 years young. the division is still open.>> it will be the best of the worst.>> it's stinky, man. he is disabled from a stroke, but that didn't stop a group of
5:54 pm
bad guys from beating a man to a pulp on the metro. why some are questioning where were police when this happened? strong words from tom manger over the senseless death at a montgomery county officer at the hands of the suspected drunk driver. christmas is two weeks away, but a holiday wishes come true
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it's not christmas yet, but an eight-year-old girl from new york is already getting her wish. two years ago she lost her family and was left disfigured after fire.>> don champion reports are simple christmas wish is moving people around the world. >> reporter: sapphire terry has lost so much. >> how many cards will there be? >> 20. >> reporter: thanks to generosity from around the world, she is getting her wish. weeks ago, safire said she wanted to fill her card tree this christmas. and her aunt posted the wish, it went viral. wednesday, the family got a huge shipment of cards.>> her message is out. wit that -- that is what we are happy about.>> reporter: two years ago, safire lost her father and siblings an arson
5:58 pm
fire. she lost her left foot and right hand. the cards help to make this a memorable holiday.>> today's the first day. we already have over 100 letters and cards and multiple packages and parcels coming in for her. a christmas wish delivered early. don champion, cbs news.>> that is a great story. if you would like to send safire a card, here is the address. po box 6126 in schenectady, new york, 12306. this hard-working caring dedicated police officer was killed by a drunk driver by a man that had been arrested twice before for drunk
5:59 pm
driving.>> passionate words there. even with the suspects history, police chief tom major said there is little chance of justice for the family of officer noah leota. thanks for joining us. i am jan jeffcoat.>> i am bruce johnson. the officer suffered from injuries outside his vehicle trying to stop drunk drivers. the families left to cope with how this officer was struck down by repeated drunk driver.>> reporter: heavy hearts tonight at the substation where officer leota worked. people who knew him descrid him as hard-working, caring, dedicated and tonight, take a look. black bunting covers his police cruiser. also, there is a message board honoring him.
6:00 pm
officer noah leota's processional drove by the wheaton substation thursday afternoon. people got a chance to say goodbye as his body was transported from suburban hospital to the state medical examiner's office in baltimore.>> we are all deeply saddened and hurt by the loss. we seek solace in the idea that he died protecting the community and doing what he loved to do.>> it is and energy he had. he always had a smile on his face even if there was nothing to smile about.>> reporter: officer leota was hit thursday by a driver suspected of dui. the driver, luis this dabo lose go, has not been charged. montgomery county police chief tom major expressed frustration thursday during a news conference.>> the state of maryland has some of the week is penalties for drunk drivers. as we look ahead to the prosecution of this case, i can


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