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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 15, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning. s the tuesday, december 15th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning" a. high stakes showdown in las vegas is just hours away. how will donald trump take on ted cruz? and taking the fight to isis. charlie d'agata is inside syria, where american forces are calling for more power. a force inside hollywood, a galaxy of stars turns out for the premier of the year and george lucas opposite up to charlie about creating "star wars" empire. but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> they don't score the debate, but i always feel good about them. >> they're all coming after me.
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so far, everyone has gone down the tubes. so that's a crap. >> republicans square off in las vegas. >> head cruz is coming on strong sand overtaking trump in iowa. >> trump had his campaign event in las vegas interrupted. >> a mardylan man is under arrest, accused of receiving money from isis to carry out an attack on u.s. soil. >> isil leaders cannot hide, our message to them is simple. you are next. >> bo bergdahl will face court marshall. >> the maximum could be life in prison there the premier of "star wars, the force awakens. >> it grossed $200 million. we are spending twice as much as "star wars" we are to save the whole world. >> bill kotz by files a
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countersuitin agast more than seven women that filed a lawsuit against him. >> a woman behind the deck jumped out of the way just in time. >> o'dell beckham, jr., you can't confirm. >> dude, where is your shirt? >> an interview with the shirtless jogger has gone viral. >> i love running in the rain and i'm also single. >> and all that matters. >> spring time in the east. >> today's forecastti sll very warm. >> hay, what itself the temperature? >> larry? >> on "cbs this morning.." >> bottom line, in 2050, we will be off oil entirely. i know hanukkah celebrates the oil lasting eight days. come 2050 the menora will look a lot different. >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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>> welcome to "cbs this morning." nine presidential candidates are set for tonight's prime time republican debate of 2015. donald trump's ramally was interrupted by protesters. one man with the black lives matter movement scuffled with security threatening him. >> let him get out. let him get out. >> trump faces a different environment tonight and back to bashing his opponent, ted cruz, could face major questioning. major, good morning. >> good morning. donald trump has been living a charmed political life, atop the polls, untouched by the mandarins of talk radio. no more. he has serious competition in
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iowa and right wing elet wonder if trump understands what it means to be a conservative. >> i think tomorrow night, i think it will be big. >> donald trump rallied in las vegas monday and early signs of political fatigue. >> who will attack trump first? will it be this one? you know, he's taken down seven now. >> reporter: trump is down, trailing texas senator ted cruz. at trump's rally here, marred by protests, person league mayhem and trumpians self satisfaction. >> i'm doing a good job for the republican party. people are able get their votes out. and people may like this one or that one. that's okay with me. >> meanwhile, conservative talk radio host, rush limbaugh and mark levin both question trump's decision on the quote, mania, helping shut down the government in 2013. >> there is no deal. >> that's a huge mistake. genuine conservative, even in
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the republic field, would not go after cruz is this way. >> reporter: he says trump understands the willingness of the gop leaders. >> i think my friend donald trump really screwed up this week. we despise the republican establishment him that's why amazingly there is so much energy behind the trump campaign. how diz he miss snit. >> cruz stayed out of the fray, saying he would avoid a debate confrontation with trump. >> if others engage in personal attack, if they go down into the gutter, i have not responded in kind. i don't intend to. >> trump released a cursory report on his health, noting blood pressure. it came with a declaration that read more like satire xeers an excerpt. >> if elected, mr. trump will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency. >> wall street columnist peggy
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noonan is with us. >> good morning, ladies and gent. >> what do you make about the surge by at the time cruz? >> yeah. >> trump getting positive numbers because of what he said about a muslim man? >> yeah. we've never had this moment before in all the ways we've discussed previously. but right now, we've got a guy who may be, according to a monmouth poll, is at 40% of the gop base. we have another guy up ten points in iowa and beating the guy on top. all unusual. i think some of it may come to a head tonight in the debate. >> we have yet to see. >> i think it's possible we have already seen what we are going to see. you got donald trump looking at ted cruz saying, here's a bad temperament. maybe he's a maniac, which is kind of blunt instrument stuff. you have ted cruz dancing. sending out this flashdance video that she's a maniac, maniac, and sort of making
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everybody chuck him. i thought it was kind of keeky and deft. so we may see some of that tonight. you have to go after this fella and cruz kind of dances around itch maybe it's funny. but he goes after cruz on serious issues, i think cruz will be serious and push back. >> why is cruz rising so quickly right now? >> i think a confluence of forces, cruz has not just everybody says evangelical support among iowa eadvantage gel ca -- evangelicals. he loves politics, ted cruz, he's pretty good at it. >> how about chris christie has jumped to number four in the national polls around surged in new hampshire. >> yeah. >> he could, you know, i kind of expect him, chris christie is a big man, but he gets a little
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terrier, like, sometimes. he sort of gets in there and knicks around in a debate. i think we might see that. new hampshire is an interesting story. i think trump, if he loses to iowa, could make an impression in new hampshire if that happens by getting a lot of independents and democrats voting in the republican primary for the first time, meaning the republican base is bigger than people think. >> that's impossible. >> it will be interesting. >> ted cruz is locking up the movement. that's a big deal. >> i'm not sure he's locking them up. certainly, they all came to his defense. when donald trump tried to rough him up. >> this koumtd could be a big night for him. his strategy has been to concentrate on nortch. it seals to be paying off for him. >> he is. norah knows coming up in the polls, he is good. he has nothing to lose. you sense there is a vibration
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with christy he is having fun, thinking, who knows? second and third lives happen in politics. you don't know. >> we'll all be watching. always good to see you. president obama's approval rating is dropping according to a new poll. 43% approve of what he's doing. 60% disapprove of the way he is handling the current situation with isis t. president said yesterday the u.s. is strengthen the strategy against the terror groups. his criticism and his strategy is soft. mark, good morning. >> good morning, with anxiety ability terrorism on the rise, the white house is on the offensive. president obama has a string of national security-related events designed tory-assure americans and rebut those critics who say that isis is winning fra winnin
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his topped a verys. >> our message is simple, you are next. >> reporter: the president insisted his military campaign is lifting. isis leaders killed, one every two days according to u.s. stills. >> they know if they match the forces, we will wipe them out. >> reporter: monday's speech was the fourth attempt to reassure the public since the san bernardino attack. >> as we squeeze it's heart, we will make it heard to pump propaganda to the rest of the world. >> polls show it is not working. >> we are at war. >> fwhashl security and fears of another attack have become leading issues for voters and popular attack lines on the campaign trail. >> it will get worse and worse. you will have more world trade centers. >> reporter: he says the
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administration is wrong. >> the brought has this now as a priority. it may be too little too late. certainly from the white house perspective, it's a way of deal, of what is a confidence in the leadership. >> the white house is trying to push back against gop rhetoric. later today. he will attend a swearing in for new citizens. he will be visiting the national counterterrorism center. >> saudi arabia this morning has formed a new islamic military alliance, the coalition will fight isis. it includes arab countries like pakistan. charlie d'agata, this morning, he crossed into syria to see how united states forces are working with rebel groups. he filed this report by phone. >> reporter: good morning. we're with soldiers from the
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syrian drath democratic force, a group made up of largely syrian kurds and arab fighters. the u.s. is working with them in the fight against isis. we spock with a commander who told us he had chatted with u.s. forces on the ground here him he says their submission to coordinate local militias and provide a quick intercession. the reason americans are working with them is they've proven themselves on the battlefieldment it's true with the help of u.s. and koelts airstrikes, they have been a able to claw back territory from isis and recapture key citieslike hassakah and kobani. we asked for what a difference a relatively small group of special operations forces could make on the battlefield. he said in addition to help direct airstrike, it shows the u.s. is committed to this fight. but he said they'll see for themselves what they're up against here. and if america in his words is serious about defeasting isis,
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he will need more than guns and bullet. artillery, armored vehicles and anti-tank weapons to match isis fire power. norah. >> charlarley d'agata, thank yo tashfeen malik sent private messages to her sister. two messages went to a group of pakistani friends before malik came to the u.s. on a fionsee visa. she expressed support for jihad and hoped to join the fight. this morning a maryland man is in federal custody accused for providing support for isis. the fbi says he received nearly $9,000 from operatives overseas and planned to launch an attack inside the u.s. investigators tracked the money through paypal and western
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union. he told them he took the payments as a part of the scam against the group, not a terror plot. there is outrage over response to a recent police shooting. prosecutors announced they will not charge an officer for firing at a man escaping from a wrecked suv. the shooting victim faces serious criminal charges. our digital network shows us why. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the officer followed the driver after notices him speed out of a parking lot with his headlights on, what followed, let one person dead, another possibly paralyzed and the officer in the crosshairs of the community. we warn you the video you see is disturbing. >> roll over, tc. >> reporter: dash cam footage from the november 25th incident shows the driver, 26-year-old andrew thomas, crashing his suv. his wife is ejected from the window and decide at the scene. the officer walks towards the car and fires one shot, hitting
7:15 am
thomas in the neck as he attempted to get out through the window. 25 seconds later, officer feaster describes thomas as being unresponsive. >> i have a man in the car refusing to get out. >> reporter: thomas had twice the legal limit. he faces vehicular manslaughter in his wife's death and may be paralyzed from the waist down. thousands of protesters in california are calling for officer neither to be removed from the force. they are outraged he won't be facing criminal charges the. >> a cop pulling guns on people in a car accident. that's insane. >> there is something wrong with that cop. he's crazy. >> reporter: prosecutors called the shooting an accident saying feaster did not intentionally fire his pistol and that he was in shock at the scened a not certain his weapon had actually discharged. but they have no explanation for why it took feaster 11 minutes to report he fired his gun. >> 11 minutes waiting to notify
7:16 am
is awful. regardless, can we prove a case of intentional discharge of that weapon beyond a reasonable doubt? we could not. >> reporter: feaster has been with the paradise police since 2010. he may face an internal investigation that is ongoing. >> thank you very much. a massive storm is dumping record snowfall from the rockies to the mid-west. drivers around denver face a snowy and icy commute this morning. in utah two feet fell. police report nearly 200 accidents there. the nationwide opening of the most anticipated premier days away. "star wars, the force awakens" shattered records. last night they saw the world premier in hollywood. they gave the film an enthusiastic thumbs up.
7:17 am
[ music playing ] >> reporter: >> reporter: even if you are not a fan, it's been impossible to escape the force that is "star wars." for die hard fans, it's a religious experience and for casual movie-goers, this is the "star wars" they have been looking for. >> it's a film i really respect. >> reporter: the latest chapter features a stable of fresh faces. and some familiar ones, too. >> we're home. >> but these kids have to gather. i'm asking them for advice. >> j.j. is a director i really admire, have for a long, long time. i am pleased to be back. >> reporter: anticipation for this movie is out of this world. the premier here in hollywood was so massive they shut down four city blocks.
7:18 am
the oscars is done on this very same street. they only shut down one. not bad for a film franchise many worried about when creator george lucas sold it to disney. disney paid lucas and then gave the keys to their newest boy to director j.j. abrams. >> this is obviously as surreal as it gets. i couldn't feel more honored or more reluctant to be here and be a part of. >> i'll show you the dark side. >> reporter: they are hoping a massive box office performance is part of this, too. the hollywood reporter says "the force awakens" is being released on a record number of screens, more than 4100. the movie has already brought in $50 million in pre-sale tickets. industry experts estimate it could rake in $220 million on opening weekend. putting the "force awakens" in a
7:19 am
galaxy of its own. for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, los angeles. >> to the "star wars" fantasy is alive and well. >> we saw a nice walk in between j.j. abrams and george lucas. >> it was nice and great. >> he was the man that started it. oyou are conversation with the new kennedy center honoree at his skywalker ranch aheadments should church members carry guns when they pray? ahead, meet the worshipers
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>> a medication by one of these pregnant women could be linked to auto imin children. >> a new study on what expectant
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>> the government is starting to
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check on recreational drones. see how new rules are running
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>> a historic climate agreement was reaped by almost 200 countries yesterday. in paris the accord hopes to limit average increase of global warming to 3.6 degrees fahrenheit. >> do i think it's about time? it was nearly 70 degrees in new york. i found out when i was out christmas shopping in flip-flops and a halter top. >> i didn't have shorts. my tank tops were all in storage. i looked like an idiot out there this weekend. >> hey, what's the temperature today in new york city? >> december 14th, almost winter. >> how does this work, larry?
7:31 am
>> weather is very confusing. even if d.c. the cherry blossoms came out early. they're so confused. >> it's the hottest year on record. >> i love it. >> i like it, too. it does mean the world is out of whack. i like it, too. welcome back. coming up in this half hour, space i faith and fire power. people worry about the attacks like the charleston shooting. how they're training to carry concealed weapons in houses of worship. plus, we look at whether pregnant women might be putting their babies at rick for autism. they show a rick from anti-depressants. ahead, whether the research goes far enough. time to show you this morning's headlines. the walk post says sergeant bo bergdahl faces court marshall. now he could get life in prison. bergdahl is charged with desertion after walking away in 2009 from his base in
7:32 am
afghanistan. he was held by the taliban until he was freed last year in a prisoner swap. usa today reports bill cosby is counter-suing several pim who accuse him of sexual assault. he filed a defamation lawsuit. he claims they lied to damage his reputation and get money from him. the comedian suffered loss of jobs and mortification. people should not be surprised by cosby's actions. the seattle times reports on seattle being the first countries to give drivers the right to bargain collectively over restrictions. the companies are expected to mount a legal challenge. >> the las vegas sun reports on the secrecy surrounding the sale of the las vegas review journal. the announcement of the sale was made lasted week. the backers of the new owners are still a mystery. reporters express concerns over the lack of transparency.
7:33 am
the review journal is the largest in nevada. pete rose's ban from baseball will stand. the reinstatement was denied by the commissioner. he was band in 1989. rose hasn't been entirely honest about his gambling and continues to bet on games. rose's attorney calls the decision disappointing. the faa is reigning in reckless drone use. in 28 cases, pilots took evasive action. kris van cleave is inside a best buy store in alexandria, virginia, with a controversy over this new policy. chris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, a new poll finds about 35% of americans want to own a drone. estimate versus as many as a million of these being given as gifts this holiday season. the faa is now saying, you have
7:34 am
to register your new toy before you fly it. >> the increasingly crowded skies and reports of airborn close calls means starting monday, he will have to register with the faa to fly any of his 11 drones. >> the technology is getting so there are not so much toys, they are a hobby that can be done safely. >> under the new rules, drones weighing 50 grams or more have to be registered. they have until february 19th. any when it goes live will have to be registered before flight. >> can a drone registration really make the skies safer? >> i think it can. i think lit help the faa directly deal with a few drone user about what they need to know when they fly that drone. >> reporter: through that education effort, the faa hopes
7:35 am
to reduce the report of reckless drone use. recreation requires a person's name, mailing address an e-mail. each operator will be given a registration owner remember while the drone industry has been largely supportive of the effort, the academy of modelary nautdics says it's disappointed with the rule says it makes the registration process an unnecessary burden for our more than 185,000 members operating safely for decades. others question the registration fee a. lawyer advocates for the drone industry. >> to suggest this doesn't create a disincentive for consumers to sign up for registry i think would be somewhat naive. >> the faa will wave that $5 fee for the first 30 days. it's the same if you register a drone or a 787. >> thank you so much. a new study is raising concerns
7:36 am
about a possible link between autism and anti-depressants. pediatrics. it finds pregnant women in the second and third trimosters face nearly double the risk of delivering a child who will be diamondback nosed with autism spectrum disorder. good morning. >> good morning, nara. >> how high is the risk? >> we know that 13% of american pregnant women take anti-depressants. in this study it was a large studied placed in canada of 145,000 infants. they followed them over about six years. they did, in fact, find an association when women who took anti-depressants in the second and third trimester and an increased relative risk of 87% of having a child with autism spectrum disorder. i want to point out relative risc. the general risk is about 1%, have you increased it to 1.87%.
7:37 am
these are small numbers overall. so people should not panic. 98% of women did not have an increased risk. >> what specific type of anti-depres savents are we talking about? >> zoloft, lexipro, prozac. they are the most frequently prescribed anti-depressants for pregnant women they cross the placenta and alter the levels of seratonin in the brain. seratonin is important. it can do cell differentiation. now the neurons migrate or move and form connections. it's not unreasonable to think we could be changing post-natal development. >> could it be something other than the development, like the chemistry of the brain? >> that's an important point. this is not a cause and effect. it
7:38 am
observational. so we look for association, but that means there is lots of other things that can confound the picture. for instance, is it just depression alone that caused this risk? we don't know what the severity of depression was of the women in the study. we know that they filled their prescriptions for anti-depressants. we don't know what else is going on in their lifestyle, were they owe bees or overweight? do i have a other medical psychiatric conditions? all of these things could have played in. >> are we learning more? >> all these things might be starting much, much earlier, prenatal, certainly that period of time is a correct am window where things may be happening to affect it. it's important to point out, this isn't a reason to panic and stop medication. untreated depression can be severe and cause problems to both the mother, the child and the whole family. it's a very difficult decision to weigh with the mother the
7:39 am
psychiatrist, the ob gyne. >> good to see you. pastors and church members are taking up arms to protect the faithful. >> i'm john blackstone in sierra foothills, where men of god are learning to use guns him we'll check in on this ministry of munitions coming up on "cbs this mornin morning". if you are headed out the door because have stuff to do. christmas shopping, work, we get it. we ask you set your dvrs. we'll be here until 9:00 and you really do not want to miss charlie's interview with george lucas. it's good. we'll be right back.
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♪ >> from paris to san bernardino, mass shootings are creating fear in northern california, some minsters and church members are signing up for firearm classes. the faithful in the state's cold
7:44 am
countries. >> reporter: god fear, gun toting. those training in the california foothills were invited by jeff peabody. who are these men here? >> these are all minsters, some are in church security. they come from different churches. >> everybody step up right about here. >> reporter: he offers the class free to any member of a church. he trained more than 500. his graduates qualify to carry concealed weapons. many do so in church. >> state and faith. so we accomplish both with the right training. >> reporter: bruce shaw serves on a security team in his church. >> does it seem to go into the sanctity of the church? >> not at all t. bible tells us to be our brother's protector. it's just another tool. >> mika anderson leads the youth ministry at his church. >> the drive behind it is so i can protect myself and my family. the fact that i also work at the
7:45 am
church and serve in that way is just an added benefit. >> many of these trainees say they've become more focused with each new mass shooting and they know churches have been targeted. most recently this past june, when nine people during a bible study were killed in south carolina. >> crazy things happen day in, day out. >> police training changed after the columbine high school in 1999. a national chorus was created to teach officers to react more rapidly. peter blair that oversees that program says even a good guy with a gun could be a danger. >> you might ends up shooting another concealed weapons holder you don't recognize, the police may shoot you. when are you shooting at the attacker. >> is everybody online ready to go? >> reporter: even gun safety training can go wrong, while jeff peabody, pastor tom smith was wounded earlier this month, taking shooting lessons near his church in moesta.
7:46 am
>> guns in church. great idea? >> 88th great idea. >> the sheriff has been an enthusiastic supporter of peabody's training for church members. >> do you feel safer the more conceal carry perms are out there? >> absolutely. these are law abiding people. the criminals are the threat. >> in eldorado county, concealed weapons permits are on the rise, as spiritual leaders and worshippers are targeting security. for "cbs this morning," john blackstone, california. >> if you want to bombedly go where no one has gone before, nasa might have a job for you. the space agency is now recruiting americans for a mission to mars. ahead, how to get a shot at this out of this world trip. plus, a pickup truck plows into a hotel lobby. why police say
7:47 am
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7:51 am
a man in northwestern oklahoma drove his pick-up truck into a hotel lobby after arguing with a police officer over a buildi billing dispute with the hotel. they narrowly avoided the pickup as it barrelled into the building last thursday. no one was hurt. the 62-year-old driver was 81 set because his credit card had been declined twice, he was forced to pay cash. >> it's understandable? >> accepting he now faces a felony. >> felony assault and other charges. >> you said the cop didn't believe he would actually do it. okay. i'll show him. >> i wonder what it's like sitting in the pokey for a few hours. george lucas has a very forceful legacy. he brought hans solo to the big screen. he created the whole "star wars"
7:52 am
movie empire. he talks about how the director wants to be remembered, his answer may surprise you. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." [ music playing ] my psoriatic arthritis i'm caused joint pain.o golfer. just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra can be a sign of existing joint damage that could only get worse. he prescribed enbrel to help relieve pain and help stop further damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common,
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it is tuesday, december 15th, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including record warmth in many areas, hurting sales of winter weather gear. try saying that three times fast. it's 51 degrees here in new york city. see how big discounts could be soon coming your way. but first, here's today's eye opener at 8:00. >> donald trump has been living a charmd political life, but no more. polls indicate trump faces serious competition in iowa. >> if trump goes after cruz on serious issues, i think cruz will be serious on pushback. >> the w hhiteouse is on the offensive. to rebut those critics who say that isis is winning. >> "cbs news" has learned that
8:01 am
tashfeen malik sent private messages on facebook to ler sister, pledging her support for violented jihad. the premier here in hollywood was so massive they shut down four city blocks. >> this is a supreme epicenter of all things stardom galore. >> estimates have as many as a million given as gifts this holiday season. the faa is now saying, you have to register your new toy before you fly it. >> who are these people here today? >> these are all minsters. >> does it seem to go against the sanctity of the church? >> not at all. not at all. >> america's most respected presidential historian dora kerrwin, goodswin. congratulations on your recent emancipation. >> this morning's eye opener at 8:00 is presented by progressive. [ music playing ] >> oh, doris. >> yes, good for doris.
8:02 am
>> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and for ra o'doll en. new polls show donald trump gaining the fifth and last debate in 2015. a monmouth university poll finds . 41% support trump. he leads ted cruz and marco rubio by 25 points. this comes after he suggested a ban on muslims in the united states. >> in iowa two out of three polls show cruz in the .lead hecklers interrupted several times. some protesters were escorted out. the republican front runner insists he is not worried about iowa or tonight's debate. >> i think we're doing great in iowa. i expect to win iowa. we think we will do great in iowa. if we win new hampshire, which we're way, way, up, south carolina has been unbelievable. be i the way, if nevada, we're
8:03 am
winning big. big. we're winning in florida. we're winning everywhere. so i just want to let you know, this is not going to be a waste of anybody's time, believe me. i backed mccain, didn't win. i backed romney, this time i'm doing it myself. we're watching television, we're hearing these announcers works will take on trump tonight, who is going to hit him hard? i would say, bring them son. who cares? >> donald trump, very confident young man. major garrett is outside the venetan hotel. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump is leading nationally. republicans don't award the nomination on a national primary. they do it state by state and for the first time date, february 1st, iowa caulk kuszs, trump is facing real trouble. ted cruz is leading in two polls. they're tied in one t. most three recent surveys show trump in trouble in iowa.
8:04 am
will trump attack cruz? maybe, maybe not. cruz made clear he is not going to attack donald trump. he doesn't need to. cruz risen in the polls saying he is the one takening on the beltway establishment, republican and democrat. if trump attacks cruz, he might finds himself crossways not only with cruz and his supporters, but some of the top conservative radio figures in this country. rush limbaugh have recently criticized trump for going after cruz on this basis. >> that will be an interesting subplot in tonight's debate. donald trump's call to pan all muslims in america. almost everyone on the debate stage criticized it sharply. some saying it's illegal. how trump deals with that issue important as well a. month ago, bern carson was leading in iowa. he looked to be a formidable challenger. his soft approach is generally incompatible is an increasingly tough debate on republican circles on how to confront it
8:05 am
generally and isis specifically. he will need a big performance on foreign policy to rebound in this race. two others to watch, marco rubio, chris christie, looking to be the alternative, to carson, should a republican want an alternative. christie is basing everything on new hampshire. rubio is looking to beat expectations in iowa and new hampshire. both will sharpen their attacks against those outsiders, trump, cruz and carson. so tonight is a big night for christie and rubio as well. gay him, nor remarks rather, sorry. >> we're both here, thank you, major. >> good report, major. >> a great wrap-up. thank you so much. and president obama says again his military company against isis is working. he spoke on manned after meeting with the national security council at the pentagon. it was his fourth attempt since the san bernardino massacre. >> this continues to be a difficult fight. as i said before, isil is dug in, including in urban areas. we are hitting isil harder than
8:06 am
ever. coalition aircraft, fighters, drones, have been increasing theirics stroo. isim have lost thousands of square miles of territory it once kromd in syria and it will lose more. >> we should note our charlie d'agata is in syria. a rebel commander there told him it is hard to stop the isil attack because they're constantly changing tactics. he says isis seems to have an unlimit supply of suicide bombers. a texas man is suing a ford dealership after his old truck ended up in the hands of isis. it was pictured here last year on social media. >> that country is going down the toilet. but for the first time, they know who to call toen clog it? >> the phones are ringing off the hook at mark one plumbing in stx city all because of this photo, posted on an islamic militant group's twitter feed. >> look at the picture. mark company logo and his phone
8:07 am
number still clear as day on the side of that truck. >> yes, a texas plummer's work truck showed up in syria. pick-up truck, desert, giant machine guns, that should still be texas. >> he claimed no one at the dealership that bought his truck told him the decal would stay on. >> he has been receiving thousands of terrorist phone calls, they contain countless threats of violence, property harm, injury and even death. he is suing the dealership for $1 million t. dealership is looking into exactly what happened. i can see why he would be upset. that's his business and live li hood. >> reputation is important. >> we know, move your details off your stuff. scary. and "sports illustrated" has unveiled serena williams as the spokes sports person of the year. just this year, she won three
8:08 am
major titles and 53 of 56 matches. horse racing fans complained on twitter that triple crown winner american pharoah was sfrub snubbed. the jockey tweeted the real winner is with a picture of the thoroughbred. the readers show most believe american pharoah deserved the award t. magazine says it is more than serena's accomplishments on the court that made her the clear winner this year. it says, we are honoring serena williams, too, for reasons that hang in the grey or less comfortable either issues such as race or femininity. >> i tell you, serena is very happy. she tweeted, it's nice to be recognized for my hard work and sheer dedication, it gives me hope to continue on and do better. >> i think it was a food move. >> she's had a good year. >> the new "star wars" opposite
8:09 am
in days. charlie talks with "star wars" creator george lucas. >> it was a while before i finally realized, no matter what happened, i will always be george "star wars"
8:10 am
>> do you have what it takes for a mission to mars? jan skraufrd at the air and space museum in washington. >> if you don't, come back. >> reporter: if you want to be an astronaut, your chances of getting accepted are .1%. we go inside nasa's rigorous search for people who have their eyes set on the red planet. that's coming up on "cbs this morning."
8:11 am
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>> and liftoff. on their way to the international space station. >> a russian space capsule carrying three astronauts blasted off this morning for the international space station. nasa has much bigger ambitions.
8:15 am
the agency is planning a human mission to mars with the 2030, already recruiting americans who may take the journey and jan crawford is at the national air and space museum in walk with the out of this world plan. good morning. >> so we're inside a model of the discovery shuttle, tourists get a feel tore what it's like to be an astronaut. if they like it, mai-mai be able apply. starting this week, nasa is opening up the application process for the next generation of space travel. >> going to mars, on journey to mars, i think is absolutely a renaissance. i think we've captivated not just the u.s. but the world. >> the mars astronauts, kind of crazy, that is going to happen. >> very real. >> nasa administrator hopes a record breaking number of qualified americans apply at nasa's astronaut class of 2017. >> what does it take to be an astronaut? >> the background is really important. how are people as leaders, how are they on a team?
8:16 am
we have a rick russ application board. >> reporter: applications must be a u.s. citizen with a bachelor's degree in engineering on biological mathematics, three years of experience and 1,000 hours piloting a jet. >> is eight combination of highly intellectual but intensely physical? >> also operating and how you make decision, how you work in teams? you with making critical decisions and human space flight, you are making life and death decisions. >> there were 338 nasa astronauts ranging in age from 26 to for example. of the 6,300 that applied for the last class, only eight, four men, four women were chosen. that's about a .1% chance. an applicant isn't discouraged. >> for a pilot and someone that has a packs for travel and adventure in aviation, i just
8:17 am
can't imagine a better job than being an astronaut. >> candidates will spend one year training for space walks, operating robotics, undergoing mission stimulation, all with a possibility of one day going to mars. >> it's like eight months to get there? it's round-trip? so just under a couple years round-trip. we'll be on the surface of mars for about 500 days searching for evidence of past life. >> they're going to be together in that environment for almost four years going to mars and back. >> it takes an extraordinary 'earn. >> while space is occuriosity for many, nasa's job is obviously not a good fit for everyone. >> you got to have a pretty good resume. >> people with lots of experience and academic background. that's who typically make it. it is a fine filter. >> it's an audacious undertaking. >> it's a big thing. hey, people are so humble and grounded and say, can you do it and dream.
8:18 am
that's a really important message. >> now, a lot of the applicant who are dreaming about being an astronaut, i mean, they had advanced degrees. they flew jets in the military, all wear one of these. if you think you got the right stuff. nasa is taking applications to february 8th. gayle. >> thanks, jan, i wonder how many applications they'll get this time. >> you want me to write you a recommendation? i'd be happy to do it. >> it must be your other friend named gayle. >> not this one. >> thank you. >> jamn, thank you again. you might be loving this warm weather. some stores are feeling a big old chill. we have more on how that is creating bargains.
8:19 am
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8:21 am
this is the one place we're not afraid to fail. some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
8:22 am
>> tens of millions of people are enjoying this warm surprise. new york is back in the 60s today. we can't believe several record temperatures were broken this past weekend. but the mild weather means some retailers are feeling the heat when it comes to selling their winter goods the managing editor joins us at the table. it was like ghost town. >> there are people just aren't
8:23 am
out shopping like a it's down 108 million the first two weeks of december. >> don't they track the temperatures? they're way overstocked. we will see 50% off in the next two weeks? >> how does weather affect foot traffic? >> i was outside, i went to the park. you'd say, let's go to the mall, see santa. people aren't going to the malls in the same way. >> last year we had record cold temperatures. did that increase sales for them? >> delaware, you will buy more food, sweaters, snow shovels, heaters, suits, all of those things in cold weather.
8:24 am
>> so how do companies change their marketing, advertising. all of that based on predictions of the weather? >> so campbells wins as temperature dips between a certain base, they'll start advertising for soup. because they know when it gets cold out, people want to eat soup. so companies are looking for those sorts of things, whether it's raining, snow, they'll turn on advertising in response. >> it's hard to learn about that. >> right. they will advertise the shampoo. >> the option is to simply put it on sale as fast as you can? >> they will try to move it as much as they can. >> it gets cold. >> a little too little too late because think about home depot or lowes. they starting to think of
8:25 am
february. >> i like a sales
8:26 am
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>> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up, george lucas talks about leaving "star wars" behind, how he is setting a new standards far behind the world of science fiction. >> he did. a 7-year-old traveling an hour to school alone? seth doane shows us how japan pushes kids right out of the nest. that's ahead. time to show you the hid lines from around the globe. britain's telegraph reports on scientists cracking the mystery of vladimir putin's distinctive walk. here you can see it. scientists say the reduced movement on his right side may be gun slinger's gate.
8:31 am
that's when you keep your right hand close to your weapon for easy access. it's consistent with put on's safety retraining. >> washington post says a person can overcome a fear of spiders in just two minutes. the treatment is described in a new report today from amsterdam. a person is first given the drug propranolol. the drug interrupts how memories of spiders are recalled and the person loses the rush of fear associated with them. okay. that's one way to go. the new york post reports on adele's emotional finish to a new york city concert. >> thank you so much. thank you. [ cheers ] >> i'll never forget it. thanks! >> we'll never forget it either, adem t. singer cries as she walks off the radio city music hall stage and breaks down inside an elevator. adele struggled with stage fright. the video aired on the nbc
8:32 am
special adele live in new york city last night. people just fell in love with her. she announced tour dates yesterday. >> that album "25" sold over 5 million copies. it is number one. i just love her. >> you can't find it on spotify? >> no, not yet. we reported early in the news the "star wars" creator george lucas walked last night on the red carpet. for the first time, he is not in control of the full movie. the saga became a part of our sulture, nearly 40 years ago. lucas' impact earned him one of this year's kennedy center honors. we met at his skywalker's ranch in california. he shares what it means to be a director. >> oh, a director is somebody who has issues with making the world the way he wants it to be. sort of narcissistic. >> that's you? >> all directors. they're vaguely like emmoroe --
8:33 am
emmore ers. which emperors. he will create a world where people can fly. >> reporter: george lucas didn't create a new society. he constructed an entire galaxy. on its surface, the "star wars" series sci-fi space odyssey with odd creatures and epic space battles. but its genius lies in the simple story beneath all of that timeless almosts like family. >> i am your father. >> is he stronger? >> no. >> and the fight between good and evil. >> i felt a great disturbance in
8:34 am
the force. >> as its creator has been called one of the most innovative film makers in history. but it is hard. he considers himself a storyteller. >> didn't you intend to in the beginning create really three movies when you started? and then you decide only to take one part of that life story? >> yeah. i took the first act. then the first act didn't really work. so i said, okay, what i'm going to have to do is take the ending of the third film and put it on the first film. it's what you do. you got a bun were of stuff sitting on your desk as you're creating. let me take that, stick that in here. i wasn't worried that much about the sequels when i was actually making it. because i have to make there the best film. so when i moved onto the other once, i said, geeze, ben kenobi's dead is dad. how am i going to fix that? and what do writers do? that's what the ending is. but part of it was simply when i
8:35 am
got down tosome 069 other movies, i was able to create an environment and a world that wasn't possible when i started the first one. so to me, getting them to do it, ied a always wanted to do, but i could never do it. it was a muppet. >> lucas became a pioneer in the world of special effects. >> the general commandship is dead ahead. >> reporter: his work forever changed the way films are made and he changed how they sound, too. ♪ one, two, 3:00, 4:00 rock"? his hit "american graffiti" he opted out of traditional composer. he nar rated the entire story with popular songs. [ music playing ] >> that's the clearest inpoint for a teenager is the music.
8:36 am
half of what a teenager is, is music. you know, the other half is trouble. with raging hormones everywhere. at the same time, that's what the movie is about. >> cars and music and raging hormones? >> yeah. i should have called it that. we were looking for a title. you finally fixed it out. the studioped to call it another slow night in mo deficito. but cars, music and raging hormones would have been. >> uber cool. >> it could have been a hit. ♪ let's go surfing now. >> the low budget film was one of the most commercially successful films of all time. before he was 40, lucas went on to make the first three "star wars" and "indiana jones, raiders of the lost arc" and then he walked away. >> i mean i gave up directing in order to become a dad. you know, for 15 years, i just
8:37 am
ran a company was an innovator. but it was not doing what i really liked to do which is make movies. >> that's because you wanted to be a dad? >> because, yeah, i -- and i never, it was one of those things you don't expect it to happen. but once i was a dad, it was like a bolt of lightning struck me. >> lucas adopted his first aughter with his wife marsha in 1991. after they divorced, he adopted two more children and raised them as a single dad. >> everybody says the following things, you are so very different. then in 2013, he married melody hobson, investment executive and "cbs news" contributor. >> the thing we discovered which is miracle is we're exactly the same. >> together they have a two-year-old daughter. >> it's a miracle. that's how i see it. it shouldn't have happened. somehow it did. >> reporter: here at sky ranch north of san francisco, george is able to once again concentrate on being a father.
8:38 am
three years ago, he sold lucas films to disney for $4 billion. >> who are you? >> let me just talk about the upcoming "star wars, the force awakens." how do you feel about it? >> well, it's, you know, i made the decision to sell the company "star wars." i made that decision. i looked at the future. i looked at the thought that i was going to have a baby. i looked at the fact that i was married. i looked at the fact that i wanted to build a museum. i looked at the fact that i wanted to make experimental films. so my life was going on a different track. so that started that ball rolling. and so, in the end, when i sold it, they hired j.j. to come in. >> are you at peace with this as much as you canb? >> yes.
8:39 am
fortunate i'm old enough to have been through this stuff before. i'm sure it will do magnificent. i'm sure they'll do a great job. you know, it will be different from what i would have done. >> everything he's done has earned him a prestige jusz kennedy center honor. >> george lucas, he's a half founder and a pioneer. >> at the awards, his good friend stephen spielberg explained the lucas legacy best. >> george lucas' "star wars" changed movies absolutely forever. >> he's making three movies every year. i said steven, when are you going to retire? he says, i'm not going to retire. my ultimate dream is to die on a set and kiel over on the middle of at shooing. i said, gee, my ambition is to die in bed watching one of your movies on television. >> but that doesn't mean he's slowing down any time soon. because you have worn all these hats, though, film maker,
8:40 am
director, storyteller, writer, technological innovator, what do you want the first line of your obituary weto say? >> i tried. >> oh, how beautifully put. >> i love seeing his process, charlie, how he thinks. >> he means it, too, fathering means everything to him. he's a parent. and yet, but he also was a storyteller and he also is one heck of a director and one heck of an innovator. all the things he did to build that great company simply because there was a problem and he solved the problem and then all of a sudden he had a company. >> do you believe he has no ping watching "star wars"? >> i have a ping, his baby, yeah in there you can see george lucas and the 38 kennedy center honors, tuesday, december 29th at 9:00, 8:00 central right here
8:41 am
on cbs. >> looking forward to that. free range parenting may be controversial in this country. but in japan, it's a way of life for family. >> it takes you 55 minutes to get to school? >> yeah. >> you will do this all alone? >> yes. >> is that strange? >> no. >> ahead, seth doane shows us how kids are expected ♪ music
8:42 am
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>> every week day morning, kids go to school usually under the watchful eye of an adult. in japan, they are expected to make the journey alone. the population tops 38 million. that trip can last up to an hour, covering several miles. seth doane visited one family to learn how students going solo are protected. >> reporter: from 5:30 to 6:00 a.m., his routine looks like any 1st grader. this being japan, breakfast is rice with fish eggs and seaweed, otherwise it feels familiar. it's what comes next that's so surprising. >> it takes you 55 minutes to get to school? >> yes. >> and you will do this all alone? >> yes. >> is that strange?
8:46 am
>> no him. >> take a look at the trip he takes solo. it's a ten minute walk to the station where he swipes his card like a veteran commuter. there are trains to catch. and russia hour crowds to contend with. then there's a transfer to a second train and another walk all alone at age 7. but before you jump to judgment, meet his mom. >> do you worry about him? >> at the beginning, yes. i was so worried. >> in japan, parents are encouraged to let their kids go to school alone. in fact, it's mandated at sato's school. >> it's krulturally indoctrinated understanding that children are supposed to be independent by the time they start grade school. that's age 6. >> a japanese american sociologist now lives in tokyo. she is also a mom about to let her own daughter commute to
8:47 am
school alone. >> in japanese it's -- a saying that children are exposed to, it means to these adored child, send them on journey. >> we've seen kids in japan serving food at school lunchtime and cleaning up afterwards. there is even a popular tv show on the subject, called "my first errand." it's been running for 25 years. she notes japan's trains are dependentable and there is a modern day tool to keep tabs on the little one. >> you can see where he is. >> reporter: a gps tracking device reports back to her phone. >> have you been to the u.s.? >> yes. >> would you let him go to school? >> no, never. >> absolutely not. >> really? why not? >> because i see a lot of guns on tv in the united states.
8:48 am
i don't feel very safe him being alone and going to school by themselves. >> in america? >> yes. >> jo pan has a relatively low crime rate and the yellow flap on santos backpack marks him as a 1st grader. the community is expected to keep close watch. >> there are newspaper stories about pedophiles, there are subway cars in tokyo that have been made for only women. so there is no groping. do these parents have a sort of false sense of security here? >> every parent has to assess what he or she is comfortable with. absolutely, there is crime in japan. there is dang early. but have you as to weigh that against giving your child freedom and being confident that you have given your child the tools to be able to navigate that. >> you made it okay? >> yes. >> returning from school, the 7-year-old seemed unfazed by any debate of his ailing journey.
8:49 am
>> why do kids go to school by thems? >> why do americans not go to school alone? >> this is something an adult does that takes a train to go all alone seems like a big deal what do you think about that? >> not only that. >> why can't kids ride trains by themself, he asks? before we left, we spotted him doing some sweeping, just like a a-year-old would anywhere in the world. for "cbs this morning," i'm seth don't in tokyo. >> boy, it's amazing. >> it works for me. >> it does. >> i'm with you as a mom. i wouldn't do it here, either. you are watching
8:50 am
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>> well that does it for us, for
8:53 am
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from buying to wrapping to giving, we've got great holiday gifts for all ages. plus, we look ahead to the new year and a new you with tips for reinventing your career. it's tuesday, december 15, and this is "great day washington." es. good morning. my friends. my name is chris leary. and i'm markette sheppard. we're your hosts of "great day washington." it's a great day because it's 58 degrees in december. >> again. >> it's not going to last according to allyson rae. >> it will. yes, it will. >> enjoy it while it lasts.
8:59 am
>> actually, it's going to dip over the weekend and then be warmer again. >> really? >> yeah. >> oh, my gosh, that's great. >> no more winter. we're going to go from here to summer. no, not the case. we're going to have a great show today. >> we're going to end the show -- stay with us all hour long with reinventing yourself and your career. have you ever reinvented yourself? time and time again. nasa is looking for astronauts. where do they want to find these people? anywhere. just go on their site. you have to have a science background. >> you have to or you don't have to? >> no, i think you have to. >> okay. >> you think okay, where do they get astronauts? they're super, super people. no, they're just looking -- if you like signs, yeah. maybe you want to go to the moon or something. i think that's amazing. that's reinventing your some of. >> you just never -- yourself. >> you just never know. when you're out there in space, somebody has got to know how to cook, right? somebody has to be the calm of
9:00 am
the personalities in the storm. i'm sure you need lots of different types of people. hey, if you can stay at the space station, that helps. >> pot belly is going to space because they need somebody to cook. >> speaking of pot belly, i'm going to suck my stomach in. i lover their sandwiches. the most famous one is the skinny on wheat. >> no, it's the rack. >> that's what it is. i was trying not to give it away. >> forget i said that we have a lot of stuff coming up. we have cool dancing coming up right now. >> yes. but also stay tuned. katie lynn is an emmy award winning tech correspondent. if' been a fan of hers -- i've been a fan of hers way before this show. she's here to tech the halls. she is wonderful. but now we have meaghan mooney, our lifestyle correspondent. she's in studio with a little music and some dancing. making handle, tell us about the great -- meaghan, tell us about the great guest you have in house. >> thank you. the unique art of tap dancing is


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