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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 16, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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we begin with breaking news involving a secret service officer. thank you for joining us, i'm mike hydeck. the agency confirms officer
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author baldwin was shot to death. details on baldwin's death are still coming in. download the wusa9 app and we'll have more on tv starting at 5:00 he pounded on doors in the middle of the night and saved his neighbors. they watched as smoke flames poured out of their homes but they made it out alive. nick talking to the hero -- talked to the heroes reporter: fifteen people are without a home here in manassas, had. their town homes burned to the ground early is this morning. the story could have been worse. jerry revis tells us he was up when he smelled smoke. he went to his roof top and saw a fire next door. he went door to door alerting families inside the fire spread from one town home to another. >> everyone came out safe thanks to jerry.
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he woke everybody up. if it wasn't for him, i don't think it would have gone as good as it did. >> somebody tried to get something out off the door, and i told him to get out. as soon as he opened the door, the flames came can in and -- came in and everyone got out safely. reporter: you can see this is a chaotic scene early this morning. the good news is no one was injured in this incident and neighbors have been stepping up to the plate. since we've been here, i can tell you one has offered up a spare bedroom as a place to stay. . >> we have learned that a family's cat was killed in the fire. the cause of the fire is under investigation at this point. for the third straight day, a baltimore jury is deliberating the fate of police officer william porter. he is the first of six baltimore officers to be tried in the death of freddie gray. jurors deadlocked yesterday. they're trying to work through their disagreements right now. porter is facing manslaughter and other charges connected
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to gray's death in april. 2016 campaign time. analyst say jeb bush delivered a stand outdebate performance as the candidates took to the stage last night for their final debate of 2015. mile marco rubio and ted cruz sparred over immigration, bush and donald trump clashed over character. >> he's a chaos candidate and he'd been a chaos president. >> jeb doesn't really believe i'm unhinged. he said that because he's failed in this campaign. its been a total disaster. nobody cares. reporter: meanwhile, chris christie said the candidates should spend more time figuring out how to beat hillary clinton. how to take on isis, that is one of the biggest issues facing our next president. defense secretary ash carter is in iraq. he's
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talking about obama's plan to take outisis. he will be -- takeout isis. >>the terror alert system is about to change. homeland security secretary jay johnson says the alerts need to be available to people more quickly. he detailed that new system within the last hour. the current system replaced the old color coded system in 2011 but has never been activated because it requires specific and credible threats. these changes are meant to reflect when the public needs to be more aware even if a specific and credible threat doesn't exist. here's a live look at capitol hill. leaders have reached a tentative dill deal on a budget. the deal would end the threat of a government shut down through the end of the year. paul ryan told gop
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leaders that a deal was reached. will your adjustable rate mortgages and credit cards be going up? we should know by 2:00 p.m. if the fed will be raising short-term interest rates. economist leave they will go up a -- believe they will go up a quarter of a point. . pandemonium, it is real in d.c. baybay is set to make his public debut in one month but, you don't have to wait. reporter: until january 16th, this is the only view that's available of baybay but today, we got a special up close and personal preview into the life of the panda. the 17 and a half pound panda bear held court for his first press conference and he handled it like a pro. then, like a true diva, when he
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had enough, he took a nap. >> it's exciting,. reporter: like most babies his age, he's really interested in a few things. >> he either wantses more food, milk or to be on his own. reporter: his mom and dad not too far away. his zoo keeper says he's already proving to be special. >> he's actually walking a lot sooner than his older sister did. he's actually four or so pounds heavier than his sister at this age. reporter: the handlers are documenting everything about him because this little guy is part of something very important, conservation. >> he's a giant panda that is very endanger sod people need -- endangered so people need to remember we need to protect the pandas. reporter: in case you were wondering like i was, no, you cannot spoon baybay. >> only his mom can. reporter: it was would recall ever worth a shot. you can -- worth a shot. you can see him january 16th at the zoo.
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>> nikki is an animal lover like you've never met. if you're a zoo member, you can get with a peek january 8th through 15th. we're finally getting december like weather for a change. a yellow alert is looming for tomorrow. howard bernstein is tracking what's next. reporter: it's been a warm december. we're running 8 degrees above average for the month so far. looks like saturday will be a cold day relative to where we've been. had some clouds this morning. you can see how they've been lifting up to the north here. parts of western montgomery still dealing with cloud cover but a good deal of sunshine now and temperatures are responding. into the mid-50s in many areas. still 40s to the west where the cloud cover is thicker. sun and clouds for the afternoon. no problem this afternoon. then, as we get into tonight, clouds will thicken up. with luck, we get through the morning rush hour dry but rain
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will be breaking outment you request see even though -- you can see, even though temperatures are mid to low 50s, we'll have a lot of showers through the latter part of the afternoon. maybe by 5:00 this will start pulling away. it will be wet tomorrow and then that cold shot moves in saturday. i'll tell you how long it will be around but oldwife you a hint, i've got 60s -- a hint, i've got 60s on the forecast. could a streetcar service be back on track along eighth street in the district. that's the question many are asking as the transportation department relaunched simulated service today. that's the critical last step for service begins. last year, there were a series of fires and collisions during the test runs. that's when the project came to a halt. but again, it is back on now. coming up at noon, how a smart phone and a new device could replace
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a medical tool that's been around for nearly 200 years. >> first, how the sole survivor of a medical helicopter crash could help investigators determine
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. the sole survivor of a med- evac helicopter in arizona is now in critical condition. air methods owns the chopper. they say a pilot, paramedic and nurse were on board. this was a fast moving train in poland. that cyclist survived. a deputy in houston is being called a hero this afternoon. that's because jason mosley risked his own life to stop a drunk driver. the deputy was atthe wheel of another
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car that plowed into him. authorities believe the woman was drunk. in fact, they found a bottle of wine in her purse. . howard is up next with the forecast. tomorrow, a yellow alert heading our way. reporter: very nice this afternoon. you'll notice temperatures in the 50s. you're right, yellow weather alert tomorrow. i know we haven't needed the heavy coats much, but you'll need them this weekend. i'll have the seven-day forecast on the other side of the
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. welcome back. the stethoscope has been around since 1816.
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it's played a major role for nearly two centuries but may be on its way out. doctors have come up with a new take on an old medical tool. reporter: while most of us couldn't imagine a trip to the doctor without seeing a stethoscope, dr. bellow has a hard time seeing it with them. he had a patient with a flutter in their heart. as he listened to what they said, he was frustrated by with what they said. >> [inaudible] so now we have a way to do it. reporter: the way to do it is with this. it's called heart buds. using this device, an app and a smart phone, sounds can be recorded, stored and shared. researchers at orlando health put it to the test. >> we examined four different stethoscope
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models and used them on 50 different patients. reporter: they found heart buds picked up sounds just as well as the top stethoscopes on the market and better than disposable models. compared to heart buds, disposable stethoscopes missed up to 44% of heart murmur s. >> so with this electronic stethoscope that no longer has this portion, there will be no transmitting this between patients. reporter: it also allows patients with chronic diseases to manage their condition from home. they can record their own sounds and send file directly to their doctor. >> within a few minutes, have it listened to, analyzed and have a report back from their doctor's office. that's exciting. that's the future of medicine. >> now, cost is another
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advantage. traditional stethoscope cost up to $400. heart buds, $10. a warning about a viral infection that could increase your risk of stroke. researchers found a 50% increased risk of stroke in the first three months after developing shingles. people over the age of 50 face the greatest risk in this. the increased risk disappeared after the first 90 days >>a new link between smoking and early men pause. a new -- menopause. a new study found that menopause arrived a year and a half early for women who smoked at least 25 cigarettes a day. investigators are trying to figure out why a southwest flight rolled off a taxi way and got stuck in the grass after landing in nashville. it was a frightening landing
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for 133 passengers on board. . reporter: passenger on board the plane say it caught them off guard. >> all i do know is that we landed, and the next thing you know, we're skidding off the g at the swing it looks like we're going to topple over. >> you realize you were on the run way, so there's no smoke, you're probably not going die but you're wondering what happened. reporter: the flight arrived in nashville just before 5:30 the faa says after landing the plane rolled off the taxi way and got stuck before reaching the gate. metro nashville airport authority and fire officials all responded to the scene. 133 passengers and 5 crew members were on board. passengers were told to evacuate quickly through emergency exits. nashville fire department says eight
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people were taken to a local hospital with minor injuries. all passengers are expected to be okay. its unknown what caused the plane to go off the run way. . crews in colorado are working around the clock to clear the roads after another huge snowstorm the city of denver broke a snow fall record for december 15th with more than 7 inches of snow by 7:00 p.m. last night. the line seemed to go on forever at denver international airport. more than 400 flights were canceled. reporter: you have cute suitcases, where are you going? >> i'm staying here. i was going to miss his but my flights canceled. >> commuters are trying to get to work. they had some difficulty getting up steep hills, but the news was great for the ski resorts. up to 24 inches of snow fell in the colorado mountains. what's your wish this holiday season? we are building a wall of wishes where you can share your hope.
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your wish might get on tv. we like this one, i wish every hungry child is fed and clothed. if we were all a little less selfish, we could achieve this. you can get your wish on the wall by using trash tag wall of wish -- hashtag wall of wishes. . nine days before christmas, its really nice outside. reporter: yeah, its in the 50s now. it's still golfable, we get a little cold saturday. it's going to feel like it should. nice, sunny shot of the jefferson memorial there looking good on this nice afternoon. we're seeing temperatures in
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the mid to upper 50s today. one key about today, the winds. much lighter than yesterday. notice the speed, 7, 5, 4. we're not talking about a lot of wind. late tonight, we'll see the clouds thicken up. tomorrow, yellow weather alert for the rain developing in the morning. 56 now. no wind to speak of. the dew point at 40 so the humidity at 55%. not much of a spread in temperatures across the region. we with do have a 49 still in manassas. even on the bay, 53. just about everybody enjoying a nice wednesday. not so nice tomorrow. all courtesy of a storm system. low pressure in the northern mississippi valley moving into the lakes with some snow the trailing front will probably develop low pressure on it. it will tap into gulf moisture that will feed into the system. the showers extending from louisiana, look at the wins developing in
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southern alabama. this is novembering our direction -- moving our direction. it looks like we'll have a battle between clouds and sunshine with more sun especially for d.c. south. that's why i'm expecting a good day today. look at tomorrow, pittsburgh, roanoke, all of this moving to the northeast so by 8:00, 9:00, i expect it moving into d.c. with us for the lunch hour and for much of the afternoon, probably going be wet. if it works out, we'll get rid of the bulk of it perhaps by 5:00 or 6:00 tomorrow evening. the cold will follow. we'll be chilly on friday. friday's highs around 50 but the coldst air is coming in friday night. saturday's highs will hold in the low 40s. you can track the cold air. these are the pressure levels about a mile up. we track the cold air
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here. this purple blob is on top of us saturday. the key is, it doesn't hang out long. it's going to lift north even by sunday morning. the green k is milder air, which -- which is milder air, works its way back to us on tuesday. as we head toward christmas, things get mild again. today, 58, cool but nice. tomorrow, 55, a yellow weather alert day with the rain. friday blustery, 45 to 50 and cold saturday. i'm thinking some suburbs don't get out of the 30s saturday and then we're back in the 50s on sunday. enjoy the cold for the day that we have. we'll be back with more in
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>>a bunch of santa's helpers traded in sleighs for surf boards in australia. they were trying to break a world record for the largest surf lesson ever. guinness confirms, they succeeded, they had 320 people dressed as santa taking to the waves. >> pretty neat. >> we've got 50s today, tomorrow, rain, 55, chilly on saturday with some 60s as we head into next week. >> this is our good friend joy henry. she's leaving after five years here at wusa9. great sense of humor, a beautiful singing voice, and often times [inaudible] we love her and wish her luck. you are going back to school.
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>> yes, back to school. >> how much time do we have. >> ten seconds. >> that will do it for the news at noon. >> we're going to miss you joy. >> we're going miss joy henry.
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>> john: ashley. my beauty. >> ashley: daddy. >> jack: billy's a grown man. he brought this on himself. >> phyllis: billy just lost his wife. you just yanked his job from him. i don't know is this is the time for tough love. >> jack: this is exactly the time for tough love. he just put in jeopardy everything my father built. you mess with this company there are repercussion, even when you're family. >> phyllis: oh, jack. he went after victor. so did i. i gunned just as hard for him as billy did. so, what? does that mean you're gonna boot me from the company, too? >> jack: [ sighs ] [ cork pops ] >> adam: whoo! >> chelsea: ooh! >> adam: all right.


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