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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  December 16, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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geech, the jury could not agree on the charges against officer porter. within a moment we will exam with an attorney what it means for the case moving forward. first t did not take long for protesters to gather downtown. we have been following their marches and we go live, allison what are you seeing and hearing? >> reporter: bruce, the recent march were following started at city hall at 5:30. now we have seen the group of protesters go around city hall and courthouse and lop back around. they are back here right now. i want you to take a look at
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the video that we have from earlier why you can hear them chanting and walking through the streets. they are clearly expressing their displeasure with the mistrial that was declared today. you can see the police blocked the intersections going through the streets. they told people to stay on the sidewalk. the only confrontation, really, we have seen between the police and protesters is just the police asking them to stay up on the sidewalk ask they are being verbal exchange but other than that the protest and marching we have seen have been very peaceful. back here right now where we are there is a fairly heavy police presence and there are still a bunch of protesters down here in front of city hall. the group that we first saw right after the verdict was released right after the jury became -- came out declaring a mistrial. 15 or 20 protesters since then. the group has grown. while marching around the streets there were about 50 people, oftentimes it seems like the media outweighed the
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protesters, now, they are shrinking, now, they are still here, it is quieter right now. reporting live, back to you. >> all right, allison, thank you. they are not angry with the mistrial,ed the gray family, they are putting their trust in the judicial system. >> this family only wants justice, not guilty or not guilty they want a just verdict. they are willing to wait for the retrial. >> the attorneys are expected back in court tomorrow to discuss is and do a retrial date. >> it leaves a big question now, scott broom has been following the case and joins us live with what is next for the prosecution, scott? >> you were using the words
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retrial they have noted if she mansa a retile tomorrow. we don't know -- retrial tomorrow. we don't know the cases of the next 5 officers who are charged in the death of freddie gray. >> no justice, no peace. >> reporter: disappointment, here is the naacp president,es ita hill. >> this officered i did not give freddie what he asked for. we have to look forward to other officers. >> the best possible thing that should come out of this is drastically more for the police department. the thing that upsets me the most is to hear that it is common practice. we are talking about placing a seat belt on someone placed in the back of a metal box on wheels. >> reporter: the 8 woman, 4
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man african-american jury in the william porter case hopefully dead liked trial. porter, accused of failing the seat belt freddie gray in a police wagon after his arrest and failing to call a medic for him. the jury unable to unanimously agree that was the actual cause of gray's death from a spinal cord injury. the protest outside of the courthouse began immediately. >> all of us, if we believe in justice must have respect for the outcome of the judicial process. >> reporter: the attorney for freddie gray's family tried to sound hopeful about all of this. he described the mistrial as quote a bump in the road on the way to justice. but we are just up clear where that road is going to lead tomorrow. tomorrow, the judge takes it up with the prosecutor, a scheduling hearing to talk about whether or not there will be a retrial. reporting live in baltimore.
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scott broom, back to you. >> thank you very much. you can get breaking news developments by downloading the new app. we will also let you know wherever this are any live news conferences to watch. turning now to the dc police who are looking for the gunman that shot a police officer. the 30-year-old was a member of the agency's uniform division. he was a member of the secret service for the white house. they say his murder appears to on have started with a robbery. >> wherever someone loses their life and they are the victim of a robbery it is tragic. secret service expressed their condolences. >> right now, tracking down a man who suspected of sexually assaulting a child. take a close look, the investigators say he had inappropriate contact with a 7-
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year-old child. the alleged case happened last month. he was taking care of the child at the time. the detectives say he goes by dre. does not have a car. stays in several places. there is a reward if you can help the police track him down. >> tonight, the red cross is working to find homes for 15 people who lost theirs when their complex caught fire overnight in video video. we learned that two firefighters put their own lives at risk to look for a resident thought to be missing. the firefighters ran into the burning home and looked for her. then, flames engulfed the first floor. they had to go to the second story window, broke it out and one firefighter climbed out and dropped to the ground. >> the other firefighter straddled the window cell and waited for a lotter to be placed to come down. >> turns out the missing woman was safe. she called the firefighters an gels for hooking for her. she is trying to department
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what happened to that fire. -- angels for looking for her. the department is trying to find out what happened in that fire. . homegrown inspired terrorists may want to hit public events or places. also today, the fbi's director revealed the suspects in the san bernardino attack did not publicly post about jihad on social meadeia. the husband and wife team sent private messages to each other before they met in person and got matter. president barack obama is planning to make a detour so he can meet with the families. >> first haepl -- first family is heading to hawaii for al hol
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their way they are going to stop at san bernardino and meet with loved ones. >> a big change for the university of maryland football stadium. bird stadium letters over the door. sky 9 flew over the scene this afternoon and showed a blank space above the door where the stadium name was. last week you might recall that the board of regents voted to remove the name of the former school's president because the students say he was a known racist. already a super star. >> today, the national zoo panda made the media debut. we were there for the big adorable moment. >> definitely a special moment to be, you know, there are less than 2,000 in the whole world. to carry this really unique and critically endangered species is special. >> reporter: yet to make a public debut he has fans on-
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line thanks to the zoo's cameras. seen the first exam and wobbly steps. >> the first three months are the most critical for a giant pandaa to make sure they are growing, training health and he is about at the 4 month mark now. >> reporter: like all, baba will move to china to mate to preserve the population. >> working together we will be able to make a positive change for this spaoess. >> reporter: but for now his days are low key like a newborn human he gets tired easily. he spends most of his time napping and hanging out with mom. >> he might be a little mama boy, that is great. they hope to have another baby coming by the time he leaves for china. his moment is set to have another one in 2017. the panda house reopens to the public one month from today. i like what she said.
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how do they get so big eating bamboo. >> yes, his legs not strong enough but he is getting there. >> yes. a big boy. >> yes. santa trades in a sleigh for holly. how they are helping kids, later. here is the future cast, 9:00, we have showers and rain across the metro area. down to fredericks,burg, we will take you through hour pie hour and let you know when we get a blast of the coldest air we have seep so far. after the break, more on the our coverage of today's mistrial in baltimore. we are going to hear from an attorney who he experience cold case and brutality case. this is your
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we are continuing following breaking news in baltimore tonight where some protesters are gathering tonight after a judge declared the mistrial for officer porter. he is the first police officer to go on trial in the freddie gray case. jurors said they can not reach a verdict. they had the same message for the judge today and mistrial declared after 15 hours of deliberations. >> what is next in the case of the other officers involved in the freddie gray case? >> we are joined now by an expert, mark, you said all along the prosecution overcharged him. there was really no way to get this manslaughter charge conviction. >> i think the manslaughter charge was an overcharge. the murder charge against the driver is an overcharge. i think that is what prosecutor's do. i see it a lot. maybe they will reach a little further and hope if the jurors get into a case like this deadlocked they will doll horse trading in the back kpwroupbd and get the lesser charge.
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>> everyone is asking how close or far apart was the jury stphe we may never know but the prosecutors will want to know this. >> they both want to know. this will be discussions tonight and tomorrow. 11-wore in favor of a conviction, the government might say now is the chance, want to take the lesser charge? we will retry you. >> okay. tomorrow, the attorneys will go there. setting a new trial date for the retrial. the prosecution has the opportunity to not to retry him? >> sure. >> or offer him immunity, correct? >> they could. the big issue is the january 6th trial set for the driver. the driver with the most serious charges. he is going january 6th. they wanted porter out of the way so they can use him as a material witness compet his testimony against the driver. now they are stuck. >> i was going to say you don't have that now, what is the move for the prosecution? >> a couple moves, one is they can ask the judge to continue
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the driver, to continue that trial to fit in a retrial here in january. we have a january 6th date, let's try this case january 6th again. or, they go to mr. porter and immunize you because it is more important for us to charge him and you can not vote. >> you said that would not look good for the state's opportunity. for her to give immunity and having those charges and hung juriy. how would it look mechanically? >> i am not a political expert -- jury. how would it look politically? >> i am not a political person. he is now faces jail time. if. >> the fact that there is this mistrial how does it effect the rest? will it have an impapact and if
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so how much? the prosecution did not work. sort of a boring prosecution, brought in someone say the e- mail went out to everyone about the seat belts. it seems a little rote. they may have to scrap it and start over. >> yes. thank you. good information. interest rates are on the way up. how it can effect your bills and bank accounts, after
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raising interests for the first time in 9 years.
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they increased short term by a quarter of a point to range between a quarter and a 1/2%. for the average american it is likely meaning higher rates on credit cards, auto loans and adjustable rate mortgages, however, it means interest on savings accounts will edge higher. interest rates stayed at a record low while the u.s. economy recovered from the recession. santa traded in his sleigh for a harley today. >> all part of a police tradition to bring gifts and donations to the families at the children's inn. santa and his elves stopped at 10 locations across the county. surprising shoppers and spreading good cheer. not just kids caught up in all of the excitement. >> the way we saw the traffic, police coming, what is happening? >> we arrive and we take a self- -ie with santaa. it was really, really nice. >> the children provide a home away from home for seriously
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sick kids and their family. they rely on private donations, no family pays to stay there. always watching, always tracking, wusa9 first alert weather. dc's most accurate. beginning to feel more like weupbter out there, a little bit. >> just a little bit. >> i said a little bit. >> wait until side. saturday, you will be going. >> colder in l.a. than it was here, colder in phoenix. >> yes, when the jet stream is down to the southwest it gets warm here. keep the pattern,december. a little bounce of cold air here and there. let's start with the 3 degree guarantee. i think we did okay. high for 56. just so you know, oned model was going 52 today. one was going 59. i sort of am favoring the one that is warmer. see how we did at 11:00. >> all right. it is still 51.
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clouds will roll in tonight, we will stay dry and just remain chilly. in fact, everybody holds in the 40s. that is where we should be for highs this time of the year. bus stop temperatures, 40 to 50, if you are at the bus stop after 8:00 or so, certainly 9:00, showers, take the umbrella. yellow alert for rain. heaviest rain, we had to pick a window 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. nais the most concentrated area of rain and showers. -- on that is the most concentrated area of rain and showers. no worry. 48 downtown, 46. now on morning, everyone cloudy, temperatures those now, 44 at 6:00 in the morning it is a steal. 44 in fairfax. now, by nine clock we have rain and showers across most of the -- 9:00 we have rain and showers across most of the
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area. now, along i-95, too. most of us will have a wet commute if you get to work at 8:00, 9:00. if you are an early bird you might beat the showers. 5:00, 6:00, most of the showers will be anyone. a couple stragglers back to the west. look at the temperatures, 53 down town, 49. and still 51 in fredericksburg. a good deal despite the fact we are having rain and showers. 50, 9:00, we get rain. 52, at 11:00, and 53 by 1:00 p.m. so, three-day outlook looks like this. still 51, above average. it has been so warm we will call it chilly. blustery. cold on side. 42 for a high. partly sunny. next 7 days.
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gets milder. middle 50s, monday, showers on tuesday and showers on wednesday. not bad, though. we are back in the middle 60s next wednesday. >> i wish this warm weather would last. [ laughter ] that is how everyone wishes. what is your wish the holiday season. building a wall of wishing. >> yes. we will share some of them on the air. >> colleen posted i wish my dear sister and niece will be happy again, they lost their head and father a few months ago. >> jo ann posted i just wish love. add your wish. you can see what everyone else is saying by visiting this story on
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an early birthday present. a woman gave him a decorated cake and card while meeting people outside of the vatican. >> the crowd sang happy
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isn't it wild? >> the "star wars" blitz goes global. we're the only u.s. entertainment show at today's london premiere. >> plus gwen and blake's outing after "the voice." is the finale the end of their romance? >> bye, gwen. the after-party together. what's next after their love storayy pled out on tv? >> there's a new report that claims that gwen very recently met blake's mom and step-dad in oklaho >> what mr. and mrs. levine are now saying. >> it's really quite beautiful. >> then "star wars" speed in london. the jet. >> pinch me time. >> the new reviews as they bank on the next generation to awaken a franchise. any pressure for you? >> there's $5 billion at stake. >> also, did kelly clarkson just reveal she's having twins? the exclusive new interview. >> once i get these kids popped out and done. >> t


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