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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 22, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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. >> good morning. it is tuesday, december 22nd, 2015. heavy snow and rain drench the mistd-we. millions others enjoy record warmth. what is causing this crazy weather. donald trump takes on hillary clinton the lewd language on the campaign trail we never heard before. >> amazon gifts to procrastinators. we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> there's a lot of snow. >> oh my gosh, people out here don't know what they're doing, man. >> a powerful winter storm slams
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thwest. >> reporter: on this first full day of winter, rain, flash floods and snow. high temperatures across the eastern u.s. >> what's it like in december typically delivering the mail in. >> it's hard work. ep>> rr:orte hell no, hillary clinton out of it. she will not tell trump she is sorry. >> hillary clinton went after donald trump in personal terms. >> she was going to beat obama. she was favored to win. she got, she lost. >> repor ater:ve drir is accused of motion down dozens of people. she said she was stressed out living in her car. se> >> reporter: orlando aworld sky tower, refused to come down for three hours. >> investigators on more cases of e. coli linked to chipotle, five six in kansas and oklahoma. >> at the we'll a 13-year-old
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boy, riding shotgun, his 8-year-old sister. >> all that -- >>uc tohdown pass. >> matt stafford on fire. >> and the lions clinch the victory. >> president obama had a great day in hiawai hitting the links. and all that matters. >> lindsey graham left the race. >> x, x. >> this is not a game, folks. >> on "cbs this morning." >> major space travel milestone, a major rocket booster returned to land vertically for the first time. >> this morning's eye opener is presented by tobacco. let's go places. >> welcome to "cbs this morning." anthony mason is here with us. good to see you guys.
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>> great to be here. >> we're going to start with the weather. wild winter weather is affecting americans coaster-to-coast. in the east, millions face rain, unseasonably mild temperatures. in the west, storms are slamming washington, oregon and california. >> the snow is complicating mountain pass, several inches fell overnight in northern california and there are flood watches as rain drenchs the low lands, john blackstone is in mill valley, california, north of san francisco. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, well, for much of the country is having a somewhat mild winter, it's not happening here in northern california or much of the west t. mountain that sees this stream has received seven inches of rain, in fact, more than seven inches of rain since sunday. up in the portland area, they're having the wettest winter on record. mountains in the west are pull emed with snow. certainly, the winter is roaring
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in the west. powerful storm system making its way across north texas, dangerously winding snow, rain, and violent winds. strong enough to knock down power lines. >> you see the conditions, it's bad. >> several drivers were left stuck and stranded southeast of seattle when portions of interstate 90 were buried under snow. >> we went off the first intit exit. but if we would have known this, we would have turned around and went back. >> he used his truck to help drivers stuck on the side of the road. >> you don't have a guy like me that comes along, you will sit there for hours and hours an hours. if i can help you out, why not? >> the threat of an avalanche forced emergency crews to suspend the search for a skier who disappeared over the week. in oregon, win gusts of 55 miles an hour toppled trees, crushing cars, and crashing into homes. >> i heard the loud boom and then the whole house looked like it was on a trampoline, it
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almost bounced. >> the winds were strong enough to knock this trailer off the road. more than 35,000 people in the portland area were without power. up in the sierra nevada, there was no snow, last winter, we have feet of snow already this winter. anita. >> john, thank you. it's also raining east of the mississippi, but the temperatures are out of whack. they will be in the 50s and 60s today from the mid-west to the northeast. it's going to get even warmer. in central park it could be in the '70s on christmas eve. good morning. >> good morning, i know, i can't believe we are talking 70s on christmas morning right now, not wearing any hat, any gloves t. temperatures right now 50 degrees here at central park. you could almost call it an extended heat wave for the winter, having many people here in the northeast pleasantly
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surprised. >> it's slightly incredible. >> at 52 degrees in buffalo, it was beautiful enough for waders to watch in the park. in a city planned by 7 feet of lake effect snow last year, temperatures this week are more likely to inspire walks on the beach. >> looking at buffalo on wednesday, up to 61 degrees, many record highs set in the great lakes, the ohio valley the focus on christmas eve moves to the northeast, numerous record highs, talking 66 and 70s, the warmest christmas eve anywhere alive seen in that area. >> more than 2600 record high temperatures have been tied or broken across the lower 48 states this month, in washington, d.c., cherry blossoms arrive ahead of schedule. christmas shoppers wore coats. >> i'm not complaining, it's not snowing right now. it doesn't feel reich christmas
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yet. >> nowhere is this tale of two climbs this connecticut resort can't keep the fake snow from melting. while in lorado, the real snow just keeps coming. skiers there are enjoying being on the edge of a much larger cold weather ban, stretching from park city up to spokane. >> this is the tale of west versus east. is it possible the stormy conditions will come east. >> reporter: and meteorologists say the el nino factor is the main reason behind this unseasonably warm, beautiful weather. anthony. >> thanks. in the presidential race,
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. he dismissed the killing of journalists. >> i would never kill them. i would never do that. ah, let's see, no, i wouldn't. i would never kill them. but i do hate them. >> reporter: clinton's spokesperson says it thrusts
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true. >> donald trump is playing into the hands of isis and other groups. >> reportear rivals kep the focus on clinton. lub rubio comes closing to tying clinton. clinton and senator texas ted cruz are tied at 44%. these new numbers come a day after lindsey graham, a candidate who numbers didn't register, dropped out of the race, winnowing the field to 13. >> the political columnist nor yahoo news, matt, good morning. >> hey, norah. >> nice to see you. you heard trump called increasingly obnoxious. is this a new low? >> i don't even, we get a new low every week when donald trump is on. the first sketle born president, too. you know, donald trump is one thing that spans his career, spans real estate, television,
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politics. he knows how to keep the attention on him and say the thing that gets us talking about him. it's the reason he has the dominance and has been polling as high as he has. i don't know if that holds up through the voting. that's what he's great at. >> do you think it's interesting the president addressed this in that npr interview saying donald trump is exploiting the fears of blue collar men, in particular? matt. >> yeah, i'm sorry. i thought you were playing a clip there. i was a little confused. the president said, this is i think the president feels the need to address it in a sense because it has been a dominant factor that we've talked about in the race. and it's a population of the electorate that's been clearly cling e strengthened. you know, this goes back for decades if conservative
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politics. i covered ross perot, you remember that. i covered jesse ventura. there is a dissatisfied piece of the electorate. it goes back as far as george wallace. it has been activated and strengthened and he speaks to that part of the electorate. he manipulates those emotions in a way few office holders the last couple decades have been willing to do. >> matt, were you surprised jeb bush who has been critical came to his defense on this issue of him providing fodder for isis? you know, anthony, it's an interesting calculation. he wants to clash with trump. at the same time he wants to show conservative vote, he is tough enough and willing to go after hillary clinton. because that's a big issue right now for conservative voters. they tend to nominate. they want to know who will take a tour in a strong and confrontational way. i think he had to make that
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calculation there. it's late for him to turn things around. but i can see where he's gone in the last weeks attacking trump in a way that speaks to the broader republican electorate. the voters who aren't trump voters. probably what he should have been three or four months ago. >> interesting research. we appreciate your time. >> any time. >> there is fierce fighting in southern afghanistan this morning in a province where thousands of americans once fought the taliban. since sunday, seven americans have been killed in other parts of the country. we now know the identities of two of the victims. margaret brennan is at the pentagon with the dangers americans still face in afghanistan. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, the deaths of these american, six service men and one u.s. aid worker are a stark reminder that the war in afghanistan is still raging, long after president obama's declaration that the u.s. combat mission has ended. >> it was just too hard. >> reporter: it was the call that this family never wanted to
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get. >> i said let me know what is going on. i'm really sorry ogive you the bad news, your daughter's shot. >> reporter: they inform him that his daughter lisa, a 35-year-old, u.s. aid worker, warms shot from behind on sunday by a neighbor that afghan authorities say has ties to terrorists. >> it's not a safe place. this last time my dad, he, everyone was against her going. >> reporter: lisa's sister, said the former u.s. army researcher spent the past three years of her life in kabul, helping needy women and children. >> she wanted to go back. she needed to go back. she wanted to help people. that was her may have been goal. >> reporter: another fatal attack happened north of kabul when a suicide bomber drove a motorcycle packed with explosives into a group of u.s. and afghan forces on control. the taliban took credit for the ambush, which happened near
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bagram airfield the largest remaining military pace if afghanistan. one of six americans killed from the new york police department. detective joseph lentz. the pentagon recently warned isis and taliban insurgents have gained ground since the drawdown of international forces last year. national security analyst michael o'hanlan just returned. >> we have a hundred thousand fewer armed forces on patrol. >> three other americans were also injured in the blast. anthony this deepening violence is why president obama reversed course and recently decided to leave 98 countries u.s. troops in afghanistan next year to confront the taliban and isis. >> thank you, margaret. a texas grand jury refused to indict sheriffs officials or
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jailers for the jailhouse death of sandra bland. the woman was found dead in her jail cell after being arrested. the family says she didn't hang herself. the traffic stop turned into a confrontation. they will decide if the state trooper should be charged in that arrest. the oregon woman who police say deliberately drove her car on to a sidewalk, she killed one person and hurt nearly 40 more. she faces a murder charge. holloway told police she was stressed after security guards chased her from multiple parking lots. police say she was living in her car with her 3-year-old daughter. so far, there is no indication the case is linked to terrorism. spacex launched a rocket last night from cape canaveral to deploy satellites. for the first time, the boosters landed safe le on the ground after liftoff. what this means for the future
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of space exploration. good morning. >> good morning, you pay call it a high flying, high-tech cost saving move. because getting its new and improved falcon 9 rocket back to earth means that spacex can use it again, saving the company millions of dollars. the successful launch of the new falcon 9 rocket was the first obstacle for spacex to overcome. after lifting off, it put 11 satellites into space, the big challenge was getting the first stage booster back to earth in one piece. >> spacex is now clear to resume spacex cargo delivery flight put on hold since a spectacular failure last june. >> reporter: that wasn't the company's only failure. who previous attempts landed in disaster, including this one in april. but that didn't deter the defounr of spacex, elon musk, tweeted this photo of the falcon's launch and reentry
7:18 am
space trails with the caption, there and back again, jeff besos, founder of amazon and rocket company blue origin added welcome to the club. >> and liftoff. >> amazon founder jeff besos successfully recovered the rocket used to launch one of his spacecraft earlier this fall. that rocket was only going to suborbital altitude, than the falcon 9 experience going into orbit. >> reporter: but to be successful, spacex needs to be profitable. which includes being able to reuse those $66 million rockets. >> pulling off this landing was a major achievement. perhaps a historic achievement. it could be the first step towards dramatically lowering launch costs. >> musk says this is the tester. it will be studied and inspected to see how it weathered the launch and landing. spacex hopes to actually reuse the rocks next year.
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>> anna, thanks,. one of pro-football's most exciting players is appealing a one-game suspension this morning. the nfl punished new york giants receiver o'dell beckham, jr. on monday one day after he was penalized three times for mixing it up with carolina's josh norman. at one time he blindsided him with a dangerous helmet-to-helmet hit. the nfl says his actions quote placed a fellow player at up necessary risk. new leads in the hunt for the missing texas teenager who got probation after killing four people. ahead the truck that could help law
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>> ahead, conquering el gordo what's considered to be the
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not bad at all. looks like president obama has been working on his short game t. president made a nearly 40-foot chip enjoying a round of golf with friends at a country club, he's on holidays. it's a good shot. you feel food when you hit one of those. >> it's good to have someone recording in your life. >> you know, they don't let usually the pool shoot every hole. so it was a nice combination of getting the shot of the camera scene there at the same time. welcome back to "cbs this morning". the world famous lottery nicknamed the fat one, nearly $2.5 billion is up for grabs in
7:31 am
spain. how tens of millions of people dropped everything to get in on today's drawing. plus a new twist in the search for ethan couch. police believe the texan teenager could be on the run with his mother. ahead, investigators reveal what they think is the key to finding the pair. >> some of this morning's headlines, the "new york times" looks at missouri as a case study on how relaxed gun laws could impact gun violence. in 2007, the missouri repeal laws require background checks at a sheriffs office. the first six after the gun homicide rate increased 16%. during the same period, the national rate declined 11%. missouri's move supporters say bookgrounds checks are just as thorough. michigan has a update on children in flint who had a rise in blood lead levels. more evidence linking it to the city's use of the flint river and drinking water. it found children with elevated
7:32 am
lead levels nearly doubled to 5% after the city began using river water. usa today reports on a sec e. coli outbreak linked to chipotle restaurants. five people fell ill in kansas and oklahoma last month. experts aren't sure if it's linked to the nine states that sickened 53 people. 46 ate at chipotle. earlier this month, 141 students got sick. the detroit free press reports, ford and google could be planning a joint chen venture to build self driving cars. ford has been ramping up its driverless technology. last week we showed you the auto maker will begin tests on california streets next year. google has been testing a car in california since 2009. they said their goal is to get one on the market in five years. this could speed up their research. the washington post reports chelsea clinton is expecting her second child. the 35-year-old posted a picture of her daughter charlotte and
7:33 am
wrote next summer charlotte will have a big sister. feeling grateful and blessed this holiday season. her children tweeted back. it's interesting all this happens in 2002s now. they didn't tell her directly. >> the announcement. oh, back and forth, yeah. new developments in the search for a missing tex teen, marshals are looking for 18-year-old ethan couch who vanished this month. he's on probation after killing four people in a drunk driving crash. we are at the tarrant county courthouse if ft. worth with the latest clues. opar, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the tarrant county district attorney says they're follow up on hundreds of leads from across the country. couch hasn't been heard from in weeks sense he last checked in with his probation officer. now the mother has been added to the database amid this expanding investigation. lokting this 2011 black ford pickup could be the key to finding etan couch. tarrant county authorities say
7:34 am
the truck belongs to couch's mother tawnya. they believe the mother and son may be on the run together. tarrant county sheriff dee anderson. >> there is a possibility that she or they may be in that truck. we don't know that for a fact. >> over the week, a family member listed the 48ear-old as a missing person. authorities haven't listed her as a suspect in the investigation. >> i think they would have to have specific evidence that she is intentionally hindering his apprehension. >> luke williams is a criminal defense attorney in ft. worth. >> that could be a number of things, from hiding him, from purchasing tickets or physically transporting him. >> reporter: earlier this month, video emoernlged online that appears to show the 18-year-old couch at a party with drinking, probably possibly violating his probation a. few days later, he disappears. >> i think once that video was made public, they felt he was very likely going to be at some point locked up. >> a texas judge sentenced couch
7:35 am
to ten years of probation after he killed four people in a 2013 drunk driving accident. his defense argued that couch, who was 16 at the time, suffered from a controversial condition called affluenza and blamed his irresponsible behavior on his wealthy privileged upbringing. now authorities say, it's time for him to face the consequences of his actions. >> turn yourself in. >> it would be the easiest thing on him. we're not going to quit looking for him. the longer he's gone the worse it's going to be. >> reporter: the fbi is also involved in the investigation. the u.s. marshals are now offering a $5,000 reward for tips that lead to an arrest. the law firm that represents coup told "cbs news" on monday, they still have not heard from their client. anthony. >> omar, thanks,. christmas arrived early for very lucky people in spain. millions watched lottery ball spinning in what's called the world biggest lottery t. winners
7:36 am
will split about $2.5 billion. ethe national obsession dates back more than 200 years. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, post-sunts countries have their rituals, trees, presents, maybe a religious service somewhere. in spain, though, it's all about weather, christmas will change your luck. >> reporter: it's a bit hypnotic. spanish school kids sing out the numbers on lottery balls as they come out of the jingle bells, b spain, it's the sound of christmas. and the whole country seems entranced. some dressed up for the occasion. the man says he has been waiting to get into the draw since 3:00 in the morning. el gordo, the fat one, is the world's richest lottery, even if the winning ticket isn't the biggest. it will get you 400,000 euros,
7:37 am
ability $440,000. this is a democratic lottery with lots of smaller prizes, one of which was won by somebody in madrid's reale opera house this morning. the total prize money up for dprabs is over 2 billion euros. a single ticket costs about $25 bucks. it seems everybody is a part of a multibuy syndicate that lowers the odds a little. long lines form on lottery eve in a last minute rush to be a part of the action. if recent years, spain's economic stagnation and massive unemployment has turned the lottery into a ray of financial hope. usually, of course, false hope. this year the economy is seemingly on the monday, but nothing says recovery like winning the lottery and with the country now stuck in political limbo, the recent elections produced no clear winner here the lottery at least does provide an outcome as this woman
7:38 am
says, whoever wins the election won't lift me out of poverty, but the might. and here are some fund facts. the el gardo lottery has been going since 1812 and hasn't missed a year since. 25 i 75% of adult spaniards buy a share of tickets. a lot sold if a small town in the pyranese called luck. >> three out of four hit the lottery. >> amazing. that keeps people participatinp. >> mark, thank you so much. how does this sound for a help wanted ad? commercial pilots needed, experience not required. ahead, how one major airline is experimenting. hey, if you are headed off to work. set your dvr. any time, you won't want to miss our look inside amazon's one-hour delivery service. we'll be right back.
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an early christmas advise for oklahoma mom who thought she'd spend the holidays without her son, a marine away for training. at this restaurant near oklahoma city, he surprised his mother who jumped up to give her favorite marine a long, long hug. that's a great christmas. >> that's a very great christmas. i never get sick of seeing those. they find creative ways to do it. >> some 18,000 airline pilots will reach the mandatory retirement age, finding replacements is becoming a huge challenge. after the deadly 2009 crash of a commuter train near buffalo, new york, congress raised the requirements to fly, increasing the training costs to more than $100,000 per pilot. kris van cleave shows us how one major airline is enjoying a controversial solution. >> mainly they keep the airplane, keep it flying like
7:44 am
this. >> reporter: usually when someone makes it into the cockpit of one of jet blue's multi-million dollar flight simulators, he or she is already a seasoned pilot. or the occasional report. >> this looks good. >> we're not off the ground yet. >> reporter: that is about to change as the airline is experimenting with hiring pilots. calling the program growthway 7 jet blue will soon accept 24 people with little or no aviation experience and train them to be a co-pilot by 2020. >> it doesn't matter how many hours pilot's time you have or thousands or thousands or a few, the standards are the same. you have to meet the proficiency standards to be qualified and have the faa certification certificate. >> reporter: we visited the jet blue training center this year, security in training warren christy. >> it's a scientific method we use to train. we check a lot of data on pilot training performance, along with our other groups so we know
7:45 am
where additional emphasis is required. >> reporter: the airlines says these pilots will meet the minimum 1,500 satellite hours and going through an unprecedented level of screening. >> it's also like a strem training. it will attract young people into a profession possibly they have not considered before. getting them when they're just starting in the flying program i think is a good idea. >> and comes at a time when smaller airlines are already having enough trouble finding enough pilots. an aviation could you tellant and faa -- consultant, and official. is it necessary, is this pilot shortage a real deal? >> there has been a reduction in the number of young people getting into flying. there are tremendous amount of people retiring from flying at the same time. so it's kind of losing it on both end a little bit. so we need to find more innovative ways to get young people involved. >> reporter: the regional airline association, which represents smaller carriers, is hoping to create a faster path
7:46 am
to the cockpit. each proposal calls for a program to train pilots saying in a statement, it contains substantial enhancements that reach a higher level of safety than current flight training pathways and offers a meaningful and quantifiable measure of experience for pilot training. the airline pilots association is expressing concern saying the current project should not be used to undermine the current faa regulations that ensures safety is paramount for "cbs this morning," kris van cleave, washington. >> i wonder if the airlines will let you know when you get a newly trained pilot? >> i guess not. >> guess who you are flying with. amazon fulfillment center, we went there to see how last minute shoppers can get their gifts delivered in just one hour. that's only on "cbs this morning". the force is strong with this christmas display. ahead, what itself so special about this light show and what
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7:51 am
>> that's a light show. this home in tracy, california has about 70,000 lights dancing to the music of "star wars." it's the homeowners third year, it raises money for a homeless shelter. who do the neighbors think about it? homeowners say they're all good sports. he makes sure they don't shine in their windows. he runs it on weekends shutting down by 9:00 p.m. >> incredible. you can probably see from space. it's so bright. >> can you think of kids trying
7:52 am
to do home in that cause? >> all for a good cause. >> the new "star wars" "the force awakens" ahead the secrets behind this cultural phenomenon. .
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>> good morning. it is tuesday, december 22nd, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more news ahead, including the help for the last minute shoppers. only on "cbs this morning," amazon's delivery service that can bring you a gift in an hour. first, here's today's eye opener at 8:00. >> while much oef th country is having a mild winter, it's not happening here in northern california or much of the west. >> you can almost call itn a extended heat wave, having many people here in the northeast pleasantly surprised. >> donald trump would like republicans to imagine in going toe-to-toe with hillary clinton. >> i know where she .went disgusting. i don't want to talk about it. too disgusting.
8:01 am
don't say it is isn't disgusting. >> the hsdeat ofhe tse americans are a stark reminder that the war in afghanistan are still raging. >> getting its new and improved falcon 9 rocket back to earth means that spacex can use it again, saving the company millions of dollars. >> couch hasn't been heard from wein eks. now the teenager's mother has been added to the missing person's database. l>> edo gor lottery has been going since 1812 and hasn't missed a year since. 'tis the season for crying kids on santa's lap. [ music playing [ music playing ] >> i'm for ra o'donnell. charlie and gayle are enjoying time off. millions of people face a severe weather threat from a powerful storm system in the west. it is a dangerous mix of
8:02 am
blinding storm, rain, violent winds, strong enough to knock down power lines, outside a part of interstate 90 monday, stranding dozens of drivers. in oregon, wind gusts up to 55 miles an hour knocked over tree, smashing cars and crashing into homes, the winds were strong enough to blow a tractor-trailer off the road. the rest of the country, the temperature is the story. christmas week will be incredibly warm in the east. today's forecast high is 63 in new york. it's 21 degrees above average. it's 16 degrees warmer tan normal if dallas and 11 degrees warmer in chicago. >> the presidential race is heating up with donald trump lashing out at hillary clinton with a word, we can't say on tv. the republican front runner also demanded an apology monday for clinton's comments that terrorists were using his words about muslims as a recruitment tool. clinton's campaign spokesman says hillary clinton will not be
8:03 am
apologizing to donald trump for correctly pointing out his rallies interest terrorists. >> he poked fun at clinton returning late from a bathroom break during saturday's debate and using language we've never heard on the stump, trump described her 2008 presidential loss with a vulgar yiddish term. >> everything that's been involved in hillary has been loss, even a race to obama, she was going to beat obama. she was favored to win and she got [ bleep ] she lost. i'm watching the debate. she disappeared. where did she go? i know where she went. it's disguting. i don't want to talk about it. no, it's too disgusting. don't say it. it's disguting. donald trump is on video and isis is using him on the video to recruit. and it turned out to be a lie. she's a liar.
8:04 am
love to run against trump. of course, that's what they want to say. i mean, ask bush if he enjoys rung against her. seriously. we have people running this country who are stupid. i went to an ivy league school. i'm highly educated want i went to the best business school, wharton, some people said, i have like this incredible voc vocabula vocabulary, honestly, how can i describe our leaders better than the word stupid? >> trump missed his rivals who vladimir putin. the candidate said, wouldn't it be better if we got along? >> if you still need to finish your holiday shopping, amazon prime customers in several cities can order holiday essentials and get them within hours. we are inside an amazon
8:05 am
fulfillment center as the retail sclooin giant hopes to create shopping miracles. access you will see only on "cbs this morning." demarco, good morning, welcome to the cbs family. >> thank you very much. it's good to be here. good morning to you as well. the first time amazon says its prime commerce, those who pay a $99 a year shipping fees and access to amazon streaming services can now say good-bye to the standard shipping models of the past. well, holiday shoppers on 34th street dart if and out of retail stores, five floors above, they bring yule tide joy. using an app, shoppers can choose from over 4,000 items, amazon promises, gifts until the clock strikes midnight. we're talking about one hour, two hour delivery. how does this change a retailer like amazon and also the
8:06 am
competition? >> it changes the game for customers, getting stuff delivered in an hour is a huge advantage. it changes the game for our company, too. we're adding more shopping days to the season. >> urban fulfillment center, places like san francisco, houston, miami and atlanta are purposely centrally located. >> there is no way to get things to people in an hour if we weren't in the center of the city. >> reporter: it arrives, it is processed. the bag is handed off to a delivery associate. customers willing to shell out an extra $8 to have the order in an hour. those willing to wait two hours, the service is free. here in new york, deliveries are done by subway, bike or on foot. bloomberg reporter says the prime now app marks amazon's latest attempt to gain an upper hand on the competition. >> most of amazon's competitors, you are looking at five to seven days shipping. amazon is always one to two steps ahead. >> you call it procrastinator's
8:07 am
dreams, is that a signal to wait until the last minute to get your items out? >> well, we like to serve customer's needs, we don't judge. >> they will work from 6:00 a.m. on christmas eve, despite his family's wishes. >> i told him. i will do work, get off when i can, i will see them when i get home. >> the pressure to get there any time. >> on any given window, can you do four, five deliveries. >> well, not at all. that's a traditional holiday colors cooperate with a holiday cheer. >> all right. you can see the workers right now doing their jobs, they get here at 6:00 in the morning. up until the last minute again on christmas eve. in case you are wondering, what happens if i order something, it's sold out. that's impossible. the app only shows what's available. for now, we send it back to you. >> that's what i call the desperation delivery service. >> yes. we have plenty of time. right?
8:08 am
>> you yield the fedex logo, absolutely positively has to be there now. a wind of change is blowing through the green energy industry. jonathan viglioti shows us the impact. >> it's so clean people bathe in it. from geothermal to power. the company's new spin o j<
8:09 am
>> new research reveals how to dramatically increase sudden cardiac arrest. dr. karen arula is in our 14 room with warning signs that show up a month earlier. >> that is next on "cbs this morning." . 4
8:10 am
8:11 am
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8:14 am
. >> new research finds sudden cardiac arrest, long thought to be a deadly condition that strikes without warning isn't so sudden e sudden? it shows many patients miss or ignore the early warning signs, sometimes weeks earlier. the survival rate is less than 7% but with medical intervention that rate jumps to 32%. tara, good morning. >> good morning. >> 350,000 people die because of this. what did it find? >> the prognosis is dismal, less than 10% survival. it strikes people in the prime of their life around the age of 65. when they recover, many are left with neurological damage. in this study. what researchers did is find there may be key windows of intervention prior to the actual
8:15 am
arrest. they look to 839 patients who had sudden cardiac arrests and got information about the four weeks preceding the arrest. they in fact found about 51% had at least one symptom prior to the cardiac arrest. 96, 80% had symptoms at least an hour or greater before the arrest and over 90% had symptoms within the 24 hours preceding the arrest. unfortunately, only 12% sought medical help with a doctor for their s symptoms. >> symptoms? >> they were shortness of breath, in 18%, some non-specifics sim thomas, abdominal, nausea, back pain, flu-like symptoms, and passing out or palpitations? how is sudden cardiac arrest different than a heart attack? >> a heart attack is a circulation problem, the
8:16 am
arteries get blocked. >> that causes death of the heart muscle tissue or cells. many people can survive and do survive heart attacks, sudden cardiac arrest is an electrical malfunction of the heart. it stops beating. >> that shuts down the pumping function, no blood is going anywhere, to the brain, to the vital organs, so you lose your pulse, you lows conscious inside, you die relatively quickly unless you receive cpr or defibrillation. >> if you recognize have you these symptoms what can you do? >> the most important thing is not to minimize or ignore pain or shortness of breath or coronary factors, if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, those need kept in check. >> are those different? >> pen are two to three more times to have cardiac arrest. in this study, both men and women reported the same
8:17 am
frequency. symptoms differ, though, men tended to have more chest pain, women tend to have more shortness of breath. >> listen to your body. >> absolutely. >> those people that call ems, 32% were likely to survive as a posed to %. so early intervention is key. >> really important. all right. thank you so much. a break through in iceland could transform the green energy industry. how one idea could help other countries develop clean and vehicle power. you are watching "cbs this morning." the lindor truffle ...from the lindt master chocolatiers. a hard outer shell with a smooth center. welcome to the best time of your day. unwrap. unwind. experience... the melt. only the lindor truffle. for the holidays, experience our meltingly-smooth lindor white chocolate peppermint truffles.
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>> the country of iceland is becoming a little greener, they tout they have 100% renewable energy. they scientists are tapping into another resource. we pet young icelandic engineers taking advantage of how the wind blows. >> reporter: iceland is known for its question is othermal power which pulse energy from hot water reserves under ground. it's so clean, hundreds of thousands of people bathe in the thermal baths. iceland runs on 100% renewable energy, from hydro power, as windy as this country is, wind
8:22 am
power surprisingly hasn't been tapped na. but inside a former coal plant, work is under way on a new renewable energy concept. >> it's really simple. simple instruction. the more simple the fit the longer it lasts. >> simplicity entrepreneur anders explains is the key to wind power here. iceland is so windy, traditional turbines can spin out of control. he developed the cw 1,000 t. science lies in the precisely eng feared blades. >> this has taken a vertical axis. the wind comes in, let's say it's coming in from over here, this place tooks place over here, well the place on the opposite side is actually going against the wind. >> the end result is a tur bone that can slow itself down without needing expensive and fragile mechanical break, which
8:23 am
often fail in tra girl turbines in high wind like the one did in denmark. >> so there is such a thing as too fast. >> oh, yes, the spin of really high voltages and that can damage this. >> he created the company ice wind if 2012 has been timpging wi d theesign for years. from earlier versions like this one in 2007 to today's more refined model. and his product is so unique, he and his business parters placed 2nd on a national reality show pitting inventors against each other. >> is there wind energy in iceland? >> yes, we expect the winds to increase. >> he says with iceland's natural energy authority said even if the island is 100% sustainable, there is new forms of cheap green energy. >> why are there so many
8:24 am
inventors here, specifically dealing with renewable energy? >> after our financial crisis in the culture, two years back, people have to rethink. i think it strings a lot of good ideas. most ideas are gaining momentum now. it's a small process that are becoming something large. >> thinking big is something he hopes to do when he exports his green energy to the european market in the fear future. >> is iceland the ultimate test for the durability of a wind turbine? >> yes, i would say so. >> why done you come here, put it up and see how it goes. >> that's brilliant. we need more types of that energy. >> they're so sculpt churral. they're riveting. >> "star wars," "the force awakens" bridges a generation gap. the cultural impact from cinema
8:25 am
to travel through space and the south. th
8:26 am
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>> welcome back to "cbs this morning." in this half hour, 2015, juices, homemade smooth thinks. what are the wellness trends? the team behind well and good is in our green room to reveal this year's pick. smashing barriers, meet a one-handed football star proving himself play after play. see what happens when we take him to meet an nfl star known for his own one-handed catches. that's ahead. right now, the time to show you headlines from around the globe. the washington post reports, comedians and cards getting coffee. picking up president obama at
8:31 am
the white house. >> white house. >> yes, may i seek with the president, please? smr speaking. >> the president and seinfeld take turns driving a fine 63 corvette stingray on the south lawn road. president obama says seinfeld is one of his favorite comedians. the episode will be released december 30th. emma watson played the young hermine in the movies. they said she was brown eyes, frizzy hair and clever, white skin was never specified. >> and the "wall street journal" reports on walt disney stock fallig, despite the record breaking success of its new "star wars" se question him. shares traded lower after the opening of "the force awakens" disney closed down 1%.
8:32 am
investors are worried about cord cutting by cable subscribers. we showed you yesterday how the movie raked in more than a half a billion world wide this weekend. ioened the box office, michelle miller looks at how the cultural phenomenon is bringing this planet together. she's outside a theater in new york city. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, well, the demand for this film is so big the first screening today here is happening right now. it is clear that in a world where people are constantly at odds over everything from religion to politics, the excitement over the 7th installment of "star wars" is something nearly everyone can agree on. >> it's one of those tough cultural phenomenons, the beetles, elvis presley, it comes along, it's an earthquake. somehow this captured the imagination of the generation that was young and ready for it.
8:33 am
>> ever since movie-goers were first transported to a galaxy far, far awade, die hard fans lined up to see what will happen next. >> are we really going in. >> hold on. >> reporter: and "star wars," "the force awakens" is proving no different. >> i think i can handle myself. >> that's why i'm giving it to you. >> i'm excited. a group as a kid with the first three, i know last three were so terrible, hopefully, this will make up for the debacle of the last three. >> reporter: beyond a box office hit, the franchise's seventh installment has become a part of a cinematic tradition. it is being shared by generations. >> i'm very excited to see it tonight. my daughter, it's her first "star wars" movie, actually. >> it's going to be amazing. it will keep going. he will be able go with his grandkids to see a "star wars" movie. >> the chief film critic for the "new york times." >> the majority of the audience in most of america has been over 26. so it's getting also a lot of
8:34 am
people who maybe lost the harkts olding people to come back. >> there is this generation of people who have never seen any of them. >> that's right. >> can you believe it? are they going to get caught up in this generation, in this next trilogy? >> i think that they might. one of the great things, i think one of the secrets to "star wars" is that it's very accessible. it lets you in. >> the magnitude of the series has not been lost on "the force awakens" director j. sfrchj abr. he spoke to "60 minutes" earlier this month. >> it's not the movie, it's global, it's becker than all of us. it's also a religion for people. >> a phenomenon with a loyal following. >> check this out. 17 tickets, bought a month ago for christmas night showing. just to give you an idea of how
8:35 am
it transsends the ages, the generations really, got all bases covered, everyone from a ten-year-old to an 83-year-old. beat that, vladmir mir dupier. >> what about the three of us here, michelle? >> well, you know, it's a stiff competition for a, you know, being the best nerd at cbs at "star wars." >> you never know. michelle, thank you so much. >> more than 5 million people a month visit the health and fitness website well and good. it includes workout videos to health food crazes. it calls it a must read and first on "cbs this morning." founders are here to reveal their lest of wellness trends for 2016. before we get into the real list, was there one general theme you guys found in terms of how we differ from 2015 to what we want to do in 2016? >> we cover so much of the wellness spectrum. so this year, it's a little more
8:36 am
about mindfulness than in years passed, a little less about fitness. >> you say one of the food trends for 2016 is kale. >> yes, kelp is the new kale. >> it's seaweed. >> a type of seaweed, exactly. it's high on protein and has a lot of vitamins hard to get. it's not the sexiest plant, but. >> yes. >> it's not sexy, but it's really good for you. >> kale didn't start out sexy. a lot of chefs convinced us it's delicious. >> a lot of coffee bars, macha is a better trend, a lot of coffee bars have it. a lot of baked goods have it, too. it's a green tea that comes in a powder form, can you add it to a lot of things. don't be surprised next year if you order a muffin with macha in it. >> you say skin care trends been beauty products you can actually drink? >> sipable skin care.
8:37 am
yeah. >> i mean, we're all used to slathering on our moisturizer. you don't give that up. this is something can you have at your desk in powder form and add to water. it's filled with the kind of things you might have in your multivitamin or things like anti-oxidants or super foods. this is a big thing we will see in 2016, far and wide. >> why not drink or eat fruits and vegetables? those are great for your skin? >> it's to do both. these are our targeted first specifics that someone might have, anti-aging, one is focused on that, or anti-acne. it's great when you are traveling. you can keep it with you. or in your desk at work. it's practical. >> we heard so much about super foods. now you are talking about super herbs, what are they? >> a category suber herbs. they're herbs that help the body adapt to stress and change. so what they are said to do is
8:38 am
we do cortisol levels. those are speaked by stress. who doesn't have stress? they are things we will be hearing about more in the year ahead. you probably heard of ginsing. there are a few others, rodiola. oshwaganda. >> what does that do for you? >> it helps the stress and fatigue, takes the temperature of your body and figuresle out what will check in, not check in, a lot of natureopaths are excited about it. it dates back to thousands of years to china and india. >> i thought one of the other things is the shift from dieting to trying to have a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating? >> yes, yes, a big trends. >> we are seeing stalwarts like weight watchers and lean cuisine shift to moving beyond the scale. and, you know, just thinking about like exercising, focusing less on points and pounds and
8:39 am
thinking about what it means to be healthy and they're finding that's more motivating for wome >> i think so. >> definitely more motivating, yeah. >> you see a new social trend in group meditation. i found this interesting. >> right. meditation is the kind of think we think of as a solo private activity a. lot of millennials are getting together in groups to do this, their social life. you might go to a large scale event. in, no, we recently had one for more than 800 people in auditorium. for young people, it's heartening. they have stress management tools early on. they see it often as a cool part of the lifestyle. >> the new happy hour. yeah. >> then you know they're going for drinks, too. part of them, well rounded lifestyle. yeah. >> in studios, you can pop in and out of to meditate. it's like 20 minutes twice a day, it's overwhelming for people. >> they have free apps now.
8:40 am
>> thank you both so much. and to see a full list of trends go to he only has one hand. he knows how to play it to
8:41 am
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>> o'dell beckham, jr., was benched for unnecessary hits against the carolina panthers sunday. his intensity went too far this weekend, his passion for the game inspires a younger generation. >> that includes a teen that won't let his physical challenges distract him on the field. he was invited with don dahler, with pros throwing admiration his way. >> reporter: chris silbaugh, the 18-year-old, 6'3" senior runs a 4.4 second 40-yard dash and broke the all-time receiving yards and touchdown record. >> i always believed i could do whatever i put my mind to. some things may be harder than others. if i work at it, i believe i can do it. >> reporter: and he does it all,
8:45 am
with only one hand. >> you obviously are an overachieveer. you are an honor student, homecoming king. you broke school record. do you think that drive comes from trying to prove something or are you just living life? >> i'd say starting off it became trying to prove something. but as of now, i'm living life and enjoying it. >> reporter: he was born without his left hand and raised in the erie, pennsylvania foster care system. have you had a hard life? >> i'd say it's been hard, some parts of it. but it's better now. that's all that matters. >> you are sitting here with a smile on your face? >> yeah. >> three years ago, frank and mary tibbbon took him in. it strikes me for one second he doesn't think of himself as being disabled? >> oh, not at all. not at all. in fact, he's had in sports had to check off whether he had any disability at all. he checks no, which i think is awesome. we've never seen anything in him in three years he hasn't been
8:46 am
able to do. >> when i was telling my ten-year-old son about you. he wanted to meet you. do you recognize you are an inspiration to people? >> yeah, i recognize that. i have been getting like a lot of contacts, people around saying how i inspire them and stuff. >> reporter: but does that come with its own kind of responsibility? >> yeah. i definitely have to keep track of what i'm doing and make sure i'm being a good role model to all the people looking out for me. >> like he looks up to new york giants wide receiver o'dell beckham, jr. >> that may be the greatest catch i've ever seen. >> you got to be kidding me, famous for his astounding one-hand catches. >> you see the success that o'dell beckham, what's the big deal? >> no, his catches are amazing, i don't think i've made a one-handed catch like that. i do it. not as spectacular as his was.
8:47 am
>> so he was thrilled to meet beckham, recently. >> crazy, bro', all you need is one. >> the giants coach to him kaufman took it as a chance to inspire his players. >> people tell you what you can't do, millions of people tell you you're not good enough, you can't do this, you can't the that. this is why this is such a great story. this is chris silbaugh from erie, pennsylvania, he just broke the all time receiving record at his high school. [ applause ] >> let's have a team, one, two, three. >> good job. >> nice to meet you, man. >> anything is possible, man. >> when you talk to kids, what do you tell them? i mean, do you have a message that you've learned through your life? >> you can do whatever you put your mind to, so like if there is something you want to go do that, are you not sure about. if you believe in or are
8:48 am
positive, i tell them they can do anything. >> i don't know few want to say hello to the guys. go ahead. >> hi. >> reporter: he has already fielded some college offers. he'd like to continue his football career. for this scholar athlete the sky is the limit. >> wide receiver on three, one, two, three. >> wide receiver. >> for cbs this morpgs, done dahler, cbs. >> what a great guy. giants leading there, especially for o'dell beckham who had a rough week. i love what he says, all you is one. >> i love what he says, anything you put your mind on you can do. homelessness finds a voice at the most powerful home on earth. ♪ hallelujah >> celebrating the season and the future next on "cbs this
8:49 am
morning." ♪
8:50 am
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[ music playing ] >> a group of georgia singers hit the highest note of their life after an invitation to the white house. they are made up of homeless men. donations from around the world made this holiday dream a reality. the charity behind the choir says many of the performers either ver jobs or are working to find one and singing helps inspire them. >> isn't that beautiful? >> they sound great. >> that does it for us, be sure to tune into the cbs evening % news tonight with scott pelley,
8:53 am
for news anytim
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8:58 am
es. it's almost christmas and we're about to have a mexican feast on "great day." last-minute gift ideas for all the different personality types in your life. don't miss this holiday shopping and pop culture matchup coming up in a few minutes. it's tuesday, december 22 and this is "greay t da washington." es. we're getting close. good morning. my name is chris leary. i'm markette sheppard. we're your hosts of "great day washington" here in our
8:59 am
nation's capital. do you like it when politics and intr at the same time collide -- entertainment collide? >> i think everything colliding. >> the legendary funny man jerry seinfeld happened to be cruising around our area. president obama is going to be a guest on the popular online series. his episode featuring obama was shot at the white house earlier this month. it features both the president and seinfeld driving a 1963 corvette stingray split window coup. they're talking about life in the white house over coffee. guests for the new season include will ferrell and steve what do you think about the president taking time out of his busy schedule to do a comedy show? >> i like it. it's a good idea, especially with seinfeld. he's done this before.
9:00 am
he's been with big acts. is he a big act. yeah, i think it's warm and friendly and fun. american car, too, a corvette. you can't have a president in any car that's not made in this country. so i thought that was pretty cool. >> that's not just an american car but a classic. the split window, they only did it one year i believe for the corvette, the c2 model, the stingray. it's a beautiful car. i don't think they do it because it's unsafe but that's a collector's item. >> hey, if you have coffee with the president, one question, what would you ask him? >> are you buying? i don't know. i have no idea what i'd ask. >> he'd probably say you owe me $2. you're wasting your question. can i get a picture? they have the selfie ban the at the white house so i would have to ask secret service. here's something else that's going o. last night there was a big, big significant space first they call it. the california company spacex in hawtho


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