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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  December 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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well. >> reporter: four of the airmen were killed from the office of special investigations. two were security force members. their deaths comes as taliban fighters overran the the strategic district in the province, some of the deadliest fighting between the taliban and u.s.-lead international forester. he was raised in the philadelphia area. his father tells them that his wife is pregnant with the couple's second child. and todd did not tell his family that he was even in afghanistan. and they only found out when soldiers would show you it on monday. >> wow, bruce. obviously it is not a loss for their families and the entire community. thank you. another service member was killed in the attack. the major according to her linkedin page, she has a graduate degree from george washington university. she also apparently lived in virginia for a number of years. according to the daily beast
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she's the first female openly gay active duty service member killed in action. major brogen was married. four others were killed in the afghanistan attack identified as joseph lim a 15- year veteran of the new york police department. chester mcbride from georgia, michael cinco of rio grande valley and also from new york. the first dc police would call it a justifiable homicide. now investigating the death of the 27-year-old man as the possible use of force death by privately contracted armed security officers. >> the family of alonzo smith family calls it murder. and when the entire incident began. >> reporter: well these are the apartments where alonzo smith died last month. where today his mother called on the united nations to open up the human rights violation
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and their investigation in to not only their son's death, but the entire u.s. judicial system. and they want charges, murder convictions. and that they want justice for her 27-year-old son alonzo smith who died on november 1 at the mulberry market northeast. >> that gives me the indication that there will be a cover up. >> they show metro pd arriving at the apartments in finding the armed security guard and not breathing. they performed cross- examination pr, but it was not enough. describing smith as a loving father and the poet that was brutally murdered. it is massive, but broken. the funeral director could not even put it up straight, but it was not reported and the
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medical report. >> reporter: now she is seeking a higher power, calling on the united nation to conduct the independent investigation. and not only in the sunset, what they would describe as the disproportionate death of african americans in the hands of the police in the u.s. and that by local police, it is not just panning out. >> all they get is a slap on the hand that they are not prosecuted and held accountable for their actions. and alonzo smith's death or any charges filed. in the meanwhile beverly smith will exhume her son's body and that will reveal it that he was unjustly beaten to death. beverly smith says that they
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would begun the process of reaching out to the united nations human rights committee. seeking an independent investigation. district police are trying to determine what caused the driver of the suv to plunge in to the river. the black humvi was pulled late last night with the man's body found inside. it appears that he drove down the dock and knocked over pilings before the vehicle flipped over and came to rest on its roof. the driver's name has not been released. rockville police officers are back out, looking for evidence right now in a bizarre shooting that left a woman driver injured. that woman was hit as she was driving through the suburban neighborhood. wusa9 bruce leshan is live for us in rockville tonight. no luck so far for police trying to track the shooter down. >> no luck at all. in fact that's the reason that they will be out here right now checking the field as they would have no evidence, no sign of the shooter at this point. now neighbors say that they have heard six or seven shots. one of those shots hit the
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woman who was driving her car right here down martin's lane towards the metro station. >> at least six to eight. >> reporter: some worried that neighbors are still too frighten to go on camera. >> over a short period. >> bang, bang, bang. >> no, it is just a little more than that. >> reporter: neighbors say that the shooting lasted for about 15 minutes. and police at first, they did not find anything. and then the woman turned up at the fire station with the bullet hole in her driver's door and a gunshot or shrapnel wound to her legs. >> how did someone get shot and explain that. >> i'll track it hour by hour. >> reporter: and no shell casings, no evidence.
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>> police are stumped as they have no idea why someone would be shooting in this neighborhood. it is the sheer speculation, but some people here wonder if it might have been an ill- informed hunter. >> there is deer roaming around in that area quite a bit with some ice shooting the deer. >> and it would be possible to explain. >> i'm very concerned. >> reporter: and now the driver heard a loud noise and they thought that at first as she was driving along the lane here that she had hit a deer and it was only when they would get down to the metro station that she realized that she had been shot in the leg. at last check she was still in the hospital, but police say that she will be okay. live in rockville bruce leshan wusa9. >> yeah, hoping that it is just an isolated incident. bruce, thank you. if you have any clues or information to help police that rockville city police are urging for you to give them a call. protesters in a falls
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church health clinic are claiming that police stopped them from christmas caroling. the pro-life activist hosted a video on youtube showing them the encounter as the police chief says that their officer would stop the protesters because they were blocking the sidewalk, not because they were singing. she says that the officers did inform them of the city ordinance prohibiting all loud disruptive noise, including singing. they are common at the falls church facility because it is an abortion provider. >> you're not taking sides? >> no, i'm not picking sides. there's no side to pick. i mean you know that they have a right to have a business there and to work peacefully in the business as the protesters have a right to express their opinion and feel safe. that's our balance to strike that balance with us and the business and the protesters. >> the woman who took the video says that she and other protesters that they will be back tomorrow at noon. and to continue their christmas caroling. peggy fox is digging deeper in to this story. we'll have much more for you
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coming up at 6:00. the showers are just about over for today, but we've got a yellow weather alert in place for tomorrow. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is out on the weather terrace. top, sounds like the morning commute will be pretty wet. >> yeah, in fact i think we're looking at two wet commutes, both to and from work tomorrow. here is future cast 6:00 a.m. dc north rockville coming down from 270 gaithersburg with some showers on route 50 and i-66. the good news is that the silver lining continues to be the temperatures. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, 57 downtown. 53 gaithersburg. 54 in silver spring and fairfax. now by 8:00, showers overspread through much of the metro area. generally expect a wet commute. maybe add 10 minutes to your alarm set earlier. little heavier activity also and the oranges and the yellows are popping up. that's temperatures in the mid- 50s with heavier rain. then we get in to the 10:00 hour with the little patches, the little flecks of orange and yellow and that indicates the destabilization in the atmosphere with heavier downpours. with these temps not
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surprising. 60 downtown, 68 at dumfries and dale city. by 11:30 almost lunchtime a little bit of the low to the south. the temperatures in the low 60s. i would still take your umbrella if you're going to work. we'll come back and talk about the possibility of the christmas eve day and break down december so far. it could be a record setting month. >> all right, top. we are just getting new information in about the homicide in fairfax county. the victim is the woman identified as 56-year-old yung found dead in the basement of the home on pennies town cord last night. the 73-year-old man also discovered there was rushed to the hospital with the life threatening condition. he is considered a suspect in the case. now police say that the victim and the suspect knew each other and there's no threat to the public. a virginia man is facing numerous charges after being accused of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy in a shower stall. the 71-year-old was arrested at
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his home yesterday in oakton. police say that the assault happened saturday afternoon at the oak mar recreational center. el hadad is being charged with three counts of aggravated sexual battery. admitted army deserter bowe bergdahl appeared in a military court today. >> he declined to enter a plea on desertion and misbehavior before the enemy charges at fort bragg. bergdahl walked off the post in afghanistan on 2009 and ended up being held by the taliban for five years that he could receive life in prison if convicted on the misbehavior charge. the next court date is january 12. grand jurors in texas are declining to indict anyone in connection with the death of sandra bland. the chicago woman was found hanged in her jail cell last summer as they had called for the charges and that they had called four charges for them during the routine traffic stop as her family has disputed the authority findings of bland's
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committed suicide. we are just getting started here on wusa9 news at 5:00. and the maryland school bus drivers, they have staged a steak out and now there are concerns of a strike that could be next. >> more on tomorrow's yellow weather alert. and for your christmas forecast. >> the contest winners will get an upclose look at dc's beloved panda cub. >> right after the break, donald trump gets vulgar in hi
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rescuers would attempt that as they are planning to do some
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tests tomorrow to determine how the whale died. qp turning to the latest now from the presidential campaign trail as attacks from donald trump and hillary clinton are making today's headlines as clinton is refusing to back off her claim that trump is a recruiter for isis. while the billionaire, they used that slang word to describe her 2008 primary loss to barack obama. >> and she got up there. >> it is playing in to the hands of the violent jihadist. >> she's a liar. >> the other presidential candidate at the campaign trail before the holidays. campaigning in new hampshire as the senator meanwhile celebrated his birthday with the rallies in tennessee. the virginia attorney general is strengthening their gun laws. the democrat says that they will no longer recognize the concealed weapons permit from 25 other states.
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that severing the out of state agreements could prevent people who may be dangerous or irresponsible from carrying the concealed weapon in virginia. after the new star wars movie, it is the other big attraction on the avenue as the star power of the new panda cub bei bei is out of this world. >> it is not until next year, but some lucky fans would get the early preview as we have now with more. >> and five million people have clicked on the panda cam to watch bei bei since he was born four months ago. so when the national zoo ran that for a chance to get upclose to the zoo's biggest stars. the response was overwhelming. >> and it was really heartening to know that we struck a cord. >> reporter: and not only do they capture people and their passion for panadas, but some also showed why saving this endangered species is so important.
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>> my husband thinks that we are obsessed. >> reporter: she went a little nuts when she found out that she won. >> freaking out. >> they have the opportunity to go inside as they would meet them and operated the panda cam to watch the paint. when they layed eyes on the main attraction. it was pandamonium. this family drove from michigan when their daughter olivia made the cut. >> we had to wait a long time. she was so excited. jumping up and down. >> it is one of the biggest christmas presents we have ever gotten. >> reporter: they hope that they will be digital ambassadors for the panda as they would expect many more to pick up the cause after making their first public appearance next month. cbs news, washington.
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>> pretty brilliant marketing move there as you can check it out if you want to see more pictures from the instagram meet up. >> i will tell you what, this december has fooled you and fooled us as we thought that it is december. >> i mean that six months ago they would have said oh my goodness that we knew it would be great. >> yeah. the first note. >> i was just saying. even when you tell us as we have been listening as it is hard to anticipate. >> it is not right, but defensive anyway. this had is crazy as they would go through this morning and here is what we would have with the highs in the 40s and the 50s and the 60s and the 70s. only four so far. nine days in the 50s. eight days in the 60s. one day in the 70s. we'll probably add one more to that on thursday and probably another day that may be in the 70s on sunday. the average high is only 45 degrees.
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we have more days in the 50s in december than the 40s as you would have a warm december on record pace right now. as far as the first full day of winter that it did not feel like that today with the three- degree guarantee as it will be tough sweatenning this one out as we would go 63. the computers were going 65, 66, but a little south wind along the water that they could be my nemesis. we'll let you know tonight at 11:00. a live look outside at the weather cam that it is only 57. they need to go up a little bit. look at the dew points in the 50s. that's crazy too with the winds out of the south at 5. it's been so warm and so wet that their hands and their skins are cracking. you have not needed to add any moisture to the house as it is there. tonight milder, maybe the shower, we wouldn't worry about that taking a walk after dinner. the bus stop temperatures, more likely wet that i would bring the umbrella to the bus stop. the yellow weather alert day on wednesday. and then the records will fall on thursday. i mean really fall with the record high of 69 as we are looking at the mid-70s that they will be shattered.
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10:00 will be 9:30 tonight on the future cast. look at the temps. 53 in fairfax and 53 in silver spring. now by morning by 6:00 a.m. here comes the showers. temperatures in the low to mid- 50s. i mean it is still a great day. that i would get the argument, that hey the showers, mid- december, late december, temps in the 50s to the near 60s. it is not bad. but if you get wet carrying your packages to your car then you will not be cursing me. so take the umbrella with the temperatures in the upper 50s at 9:00. by lunchtime a few breaks that will be east. but still leftover showers. then look what happens on the future cast as i would agree with you on this. did you see the red there? that it looks to me to be a line of showers. dare i say thunderstorms that could develop tomorrow evening. look at all the yellows and the oranges.
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but look at the temperatures. 56 downtown in leesburg and manassas and falls church and also in fairfax. so the rumble of thunder tomorrow, not out of the question for them and the second full day of winter that will be crazy. but here is the day planner. 63 with the showers by 1:00 p.m. thursday, the record warmth, 75. showers maybe a thunderstorm, but not a washout. not a washout on christmas day, just a few showers, still warm, still 68 on friday. the next seven days, 64 on saturday. some showers are possible in philadelphia for saturday night, not bad. then we go back to monday and tuesday. topper, thank you. why boeing is getting ready to pay a hefty fund. out of another job. it is not exactly landing on the moon, but the exciting
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news about the future of the private space exploration. >> as we head to the break, politifact has named the misstatements as the 2015 lie of the year. experts at the non-partisan website ranked 76% of their statements as being mostly false. false, or pants on fire. this is the best block of all. it's like candy cane lane. i know. oohhh. oh, holiday ferris wheel. i kind of love it. look at those reindeer. jeffrey, you're awfully quiet back there. i was just thinking...
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they show how they have launched in to orbit and then landed about six miles away, planned for next month, to the space station in february. they find that they would support for the legal abortion, reaching the two-year high. that is up from 51% at the beginning of the year.
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some consumer news now as boeing agrees to pay $12 million for failing to meet the deadline for the safety measures. service instructions would let airlines reduce the risk of the fuel tank explosions on hundreds of planes. the instructions were a part of an effort to address problems that would cause the 747 to explode on long island back in 1996, killing 230 people. martin shkreli is out of another job. he infamously boosted the price of a life saving drug by more than 5,000 percent and since he's been fired by the pharmaceuticals, following his arrest on security fraud. now, shkreli already resigned as the head of turing pharmaceuticals. highway managers are testing snowplows called ways. drivers would be warned as they are approaching a snowplow and those treacherous road conditions. straight ahead we'll hear
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from -- from a muslim couple escorted out of the mall for what they say no reason. a child gets out of the way accused of a creepy incident at a popular local mall. right after the break, the school bus stickout leaves the school district scrambling and some
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calling it out thick, home from school. stephanie gailhard live for us in la plata with more, stephanie? >> reporter: and despite the school bus drivers, they are not showing up for work. the school district says that the afternoon pickup went okay. and there were only a few delays. we want unity. >> reporter: marine jones wasn't behind the wheel of the bus. others called out sick. >> we've got to make a stand. >> we're not being treated fairly. >> reporter: charles county bus drivers want to unionize or become lows of the school system. >> and we want better benefits, better money, it's ridiculous around here and because of all of this that we're asking for help. >> my husband and i are going to be paying almost $1,100 a
5:30 pm
month for health insurance for both of us because i couldn't afford him to be put on here. >> reporter: the school distribute has substitute bus drivers on standby to take students home from school. still parents were concerned. 23,000 students ride these buses. >> i'm here to pick up my daughter just in case. >> i'm disappointed because the kids need to get home and sometimes they don't have a way to get home to get them from school and stuff and i think that it is bad. i really do. >> we are always trying to reach a resolution as they met with bus drivers yesterday to try to save the action off and we are always willing to talk. but i don't know when it will be resolved. >> reporter: the bus drivers, they make about $17.50 an hour as they say that is not enough to afford the high-cost of living in this county. reporting live tonight in charles county stephanie
5:31 pm
gailhard wusa9. >> stephanie, thank you. now if you want to get more information on the bus situation there in charles county check out the wusa9 news app. well the trial is underway today for a man accused of dressing like a female to peep on women in a restroom. police arresting ricardo rodriguez back in november after a creepy incident at the potomac malls there. she noticed a flash in the mirror coming from a bag at a stall right next to her. when she confronted rodriguez, he said he was dressed up like a woman. investigators say rodriguez was involved in similar incidents. a registered sex offender has a lot more to worry about now. >> the 53-year-old michael leonard was waiting to renew his status as the sex offender last week. while he waited, police say that he stole a package that had been just delivered to the police station. and of course that this is all caught on surveillance tape. so police went to leonard's home where they say that they
5:32 pm
found that stolen package and in his car. >> just brilliant. the search intensifying for the missing texas teenager who killed four people in a drunk driving crash. police say that finding this 2011 black ford pickup truck could be the key to finding the 18-year-old ethan couch. the truck belongs to his mom. they believe mother and son may be on the run together. >> there is a possibility that she or they may be in the truck. >> couch was sentenced 10 years to probation. his lawyers argued that he suffered from a controversial condition called affluenza. blaming his behavior on his wealthy and privileged upbringing. couch and his mom disappeared after this video surfaced, showing him at a party where there appeared to be alcohol, which would have been a possible violation of his probation. at least three people killed in chain reaction crashes in southwest arkansas. >> state police say troopers
5:33 pm
are investigating whether fog may have contributed to the accidents late last night. the first collision happened when a tractor trailer slowed down and rear ended. about the same time three other tractor trailers collided directly across the median. more than a dozen people were hurt. police say one of the trucks was carrying glue. only to add insult to injury that spilled on the highway. jet blue experimenting with a controversial program to get more pilots in the cockpit. they report that the airline 24 people with little to no aviation experience. and trained them to be pilots by 2020. jet blue says that they will meet the faa's mandate. and the minimum of 1,500 hours of the flight time and before they would get behind the controls. a muslim couple says that they would do nothing wrong after being escorted out of the mall in fort smith arkansas. >> they say they spotted allen and daphne crawford recording parts of the mall as they would
5:34 pm
call the cops as they violate mall policy that doesn't allow video taping without per michigan pictures of the crawfords have been circulated on social media. >> what crime i have committed, i don't know. i wasn't aware of it, that the police officer would show up five at a time to enforce their law when i volunteered happily. if you want me to leave, i will leave happily. >> reporter: pictures were immediately posted on facebook with the phrases light terrorist threat on the mall. both trending now, what kim kardashian did that has her apologizing to apple. and imagine having to pick up this ridiculous dinner bill in your first year on the job. and then this california congressman turning heads on social media with a three-word headline about vaping. topper? low temperatures tonight. again, these are lows in the 50s across the board. 55 downtown. 52 manassas. 53 in fairfax and dumfries. 52 in leesburg and silver spring.
5:35 pm
we'll come back and tell you what the low wills translate tomorrow and talk about the yell
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all right, let's talk about trending stories. kim kardashian is apologizing to apple tonight for breaking the app store. you see yesterday her emoji app
5:38 pm
was downloaded an average of 9,000 times per second. crashing the store. for $1.99 you can send your friends icon of kim, her butt, vehicles, or any other number of important items important to mrs. west. her butt. >> society is doomed. >> the butt emoji. >> what do you do when you receive one of those? i'm just questioning. all right, this is costly business for the nfl rookie. >> ravens rookie carl davis tweeted out this picture of a dinner receipt last night. see the total there? look closely. $11,561.52. now -- >> i would never make you do that. >> you and topper i'm sure that you have plans for me down the road. davis makes about $737,000 a year, so he's going to be all right. quick math though tells us that it will be the equivalent of someone making $60,000 a year getting stuck with a $935 bill. that is never good.
5:39 pm
>> i wouldn't like either scenario. >> at least they got good eats and a lot of good drinks. a congressman is hitting the headlines for this quote, "yes i vape." >> representative duncan hunter made the comment in a letter to nancy pelosi who is trying to crack down on e-cigs. hunter goes on to say he vapes to keep him from smoking the real thing and that e- cigarettes may have saved his life. >> the jury is still out. it's the annual lottery that 75% of adult residence take part in called el gordo or translated to the fat one. winners will split about $2.5 billion. well this year the winning number appeared on 1,600 tickets. >> wow. >> each of the lucky winners got about $438,000. and now a beach town high school purchased about half of those tickets where they were resold by students trying to raise money for a trip. >> did you get me one of those for christmas? >> i did not enter you in to
5:40 pm
the el gordo lottery. december 22 is short girl appreciation day. >> really? >> that is what social media tells us. and young women who wish to be, they have taller ambition as they were posting on facebook and twitter all day. tag us when you post yours and we'll share them along with you. short girl appreciation day. next one of facebook's most popular stories of the day. can you find the hidden panda in this sea of snow men? >> my daughter found it like that. >> really? >> yes. >> she's a genius because i stared at it for an hour. if you have not found it quite yet, head over to our wusa9 facebook page. we've got the picture there. to see how fast you can find it d anereith boast or be embarrassed with your friends. >> pandas have black ears. >> okay. >> and you have to look for the black ears. christmas is just three
5:41 pm
days away, which of our local sports teams are on santa's good lists andwhich one could get a lump of coal? we'll find out coming up in sports. right after the break, the family fights to have the beloved grandmother buried at arlington, why they are facing
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
elaine harmon was a group of women by enlisting in wasp. ann app ann picks up the story there live from the aviation museum there. andrea? >> reporter: adam and lesli, these women were granted the veteran status back in 1977, but they were civilians, not members of the military. so by law they are unable to be buried or taken at the arlington national cemetery. >> there is a flag flying every single day. >> reporter: she was among the elite group of women, selected to fly during the world war ii for the women air force service pilot or wasp. >> they not only freed up like
5:45 pm
in combat, but i mean that they were showing you the aircrafts from the factories, towing targets for people to practice the antiaircraft firing. >> this is the student pilot logbook that my grandmother kept track of. >> elaine harmon was a local aviation. >> she got her flight training right here at college park airport. >> reporter: her last request to be entered at arlington national cemetery. granted they awarded the congressional gold medal in 2009. harmon had no doubt that this would happen. >> i know my grandmother would be very disappointed to learn that in a way her country has let her down. >> reporter: her request recently denied. the decision now rests with the army. a spokesman told us, "the wasps were civilians, granted veteran status primarily for the purpose of health benefits.
5:46 pm
to move forward congress would have to change the law or the dod would make an exemption to policy." >> we haven't been able to place her in the final resting place. >> harmon's family launched this petition that is ignited in responses, including one from the marine core combat veteran who wrote that she belongs there, she can have my spot. >> elaine harmon passed away at the age of 95. her family still haven't held a funeral or memorial service. they are just holding out hope that somehow someday she could be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. reporting live from college park andrea mccarren wusa9. >> we know that the wheels of bureaucracies move slowly. we wish them -- we wish them the best of luck. allowing her to be laid to rest we have it posted on our wusa9 news app. a blood drive tomorrow to
5:47 pm
help honor a fallen montgomery county police officer noah leotta died earlier this month after being hit by a vehicle while on dui patrol. the blood drive is from 8:00 to 3:00 tomorrow at the montgomery county public safety headquarters on edison park drive in gaithersburg. 672,228, that's the 2015 population in the district of columbia. according to a new estimate by the census bureau. that's a nearly 2% increase from 2014. the new figures means dc is adding more than 1,000 new residence each month. nearly 500 people from 88 countries are now u.s. citizens after a naturalization ceremony. it is a life changing event for these immigrants who took the oath of allegiance at oakton high school in vienna. >> it's a great feeling. it's a bit of a delay on the type of reactions that we have been working on this process. and we're, i'm extremely happy
5:48 pm
that it is finally here. >> i got it. i'm very excited. i'm a u.s. citizen. >> how long have you been in the country? >> for 16 years. >> i'm very, very excited. and i'm good now. >> for the hundreds of people at that ceremony that it sure looks like their wish has come true. >> so what is your dream this holiday season? we are building a wall of wishes where you could share your hopes. ursalla morris says that i hope my friends and family will be happy again, forget the troubles in the past and that everyone is moving forward in a healthy and peaceful enjoyous future. don richie says i wish i could clear up my credit and start over with a clean slate. eileen mitchell aka topper writes i just wish it would snow. you can get your wish on the wall by posting on the wusa9 facebook page and then go check out the wall on
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wusa9.comcom/wish -- >> are you telegraphing your wishes on to them? >> more people like snow than what you think. and do you like the warm weather as opposed to cold weather? more people wanted cold weather at this time of the year than warm weather. >> we're not all crazy. >> we appreciate it. we just don't need a lot of it. >> exactly. just a couple of days. let's start with the live look outside. it is the live michael and son weather cam with no cold weather here. 57 still. dew points in the mid-50s, which tells you that they will not go below 55 downtown. in fact i think that they will be leaving them in the 50s tonight that they will pick it up. tonight milder, slight chance of an isolated or stray shower, that's about it. bus stop temperature 52 to 62 so mild. a couple of showers are possible. and then yellow on wednesday. if you get to the bus stop to 7:00 to 8:00 that it will be wet period with showers and rain and then the records will fall on thursday. the record high is 69. we are forecasting temperatures in the low to mid-70s on thursday.
5:50 pm
here is your future cast at 10:00 tonight, you can walk the dog. 54 in fredericksburg and downtown. even a few breaks in the clouds actually. 52 in leesburg and 51 in gaithersburg. here comes rain and showers, commuting down i-270 or in from route 70 or 50 or i-66. still looking at probably the wet commute for you folks off the weather alert. 57 downtown. but 55 in silver springs. 56 in bowie and about 55 in dale city and dumfries. the big time showers and the rain. a little more nized activity getting in by mid- morning. if you're at the bus stop, you need the umbrella no doubt. and a little bit of the orange is heavier downpours. temperatures in the upper 50s, they are not bad. that will move away. we'll get the lighter activity west of i-95 by about 1:00 around lunchtime. the temperatures in the low 60s. then look what happens by the evening about this time tomorrow. almost a line of showers and storms that will develop. notice the red to the west of
5:51 pm
culpeper. at the very least we're talking about the heavy downpours, despite the clouds and the showers, 66 downtown. 65 in manassas and fairfax and also out here. do not be surprised that you'll heart rumble of thunder driving home. right now both commutes will be wet. all right on the day planner as it looks like the temps in the 50s to start. 61 by 11:00. and 63 by 1:00 p.m. thursday christmas eve day, yes, record highs at 75. maybe even a thunderstorm. but not a washout. a couple of showers on friday and still 68 degrees. next seven days. saturday, showers 64. showers in philadelphia for the games on saturday night, but the temps in the 50s. we'll pop back up to the 60 on monday and tuesday. and with the showers. a little unsettled. but with these numbers, not too many complaints. naughty or nice? in the holiday spirit as we
5:52 pm
wanted to play santa claus with the local team. who gets presents and a big lump of coal for the way that the year is going so far for the locals. these are the teams currently in action as we'll save them for the other day. redskins, can we all just say it together? that we like that. and they would get a ton of presents under the burgundy and gold presents this year, really pretty impressive when you would think about it, the new cornerback and their new direction with that gm and the second year head coach, which has been paid off at 7-7. just one win away by winning the nfc east for the first time in three years as they would visit the eagles on saturday night for the skins with plenty of presents this holiday season. yeah that they deserve plenty of gifts. the second year head man and they have won six straight right now with the best record in the nhl. alexander ovechkin as you know that much of their success will rise on how they would do in the playoffs. right now well positioned to
5:53 pm
make a run at lord stanley cup. all right as for the wizards, sadly right now they would get a big lump of coal. 12-14 record right now with injuries. but it's a team with high expectations. right now, they are not living up whatsoever. of course, we will always say that there will be time to get it turned around, but they better get it done quickly. i mentioned the redskins with the huge matchup for philadelphia that it will be simple to win and they will be in for the playoffs with a special game on at 7:00 p.m. this saturday night. then kick off at 8:25 right here on wusa9. and all we want for christmas? it is a playoff run. >> that's right if they win it they will seal that deal. if not they need to keep it. >> let's not think about it. >> that's right if we win, the end. >> yes, thanks, ray. just ahead at 6:00 with bruce johnson and jan jeffcoat, the local police department clarifies their christmas
5:54 pm
caroling policy after protesters claim officers stopped them from singing at a falls church health clinic. also ahead it is one of the most talked about stories on social media. what donald trump said about hillary clinton's loss to president obama in the 2008 democratic presidential race. but up next the new service that promises to have your last- minute holiday gifts delivered to you within hours. ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was
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coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta and other select models.
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5:57 pm
if you are ation list, there's a new option for you. >> amazon prime members can order certain items and have them delivered in hours. morgan went inside amazon's fulfillment center to see how it's done. >> reporter: well holiday shoppers on 34th street dart in and out of retail stores. five floors above as employees bring some of the seasons yuletide joy to your door in two hours or less. >> one hour. >> reporter: using the prime now app, you can choose from over 4,000 items. amazon guarantees delivery of gifts, pantry items, and electronics on christmas eve until the clock strikes midnight. >> we're talking about one or two-hour delivery. how does it amazon and the competition? >> it changes the game for customers to get it delivered to you for an hour as a huge advantage. and also for our companies. we're adding more shopping days to the holiday season. >> the fulfillment center is now
5:58 pm
available in more than 20 cities, including places like san francisco, houston, miami, atlanta. and they are centrally located. >> there's ways for us to get to people in an hour. >> as soon as we go to arrive it is processed and bags are handed off to the delivery associate. en extra $8 will have it for you in one hour. for those willing to wait two hours, you'll get it for free. despite the family's wishes. >> and i told them that i would do work to get off when i can and that i will see them when i can. >> cbs news, new york. >> the closest fulfillment center to washington, d.c. are in baltimore and richmond. the two-hour delivery is not here yet. >> yes. but the prime members here in dc that you can place orders by noon and get the same-day delivery by 9:00 at night. right now at 6:00, the local casualties of war.
5:59 pm
we are learning that the two u.s. service men killed in the suicide bombing in afghanistan that they would have ties to this area. >> the republican presidential front runner donald trump would use the vulgar term to attack their democratic front runners. >> but first protesters would cry foul after police stop them from singing christmas carols outside the local abortion clinic. good evening i'm bruce johnson. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. pro-life activists at the falls church would help them to perform abortions as they would shut them down because they were singing christmas carols. peggy fox joins us live from that clinic with both sides. peggy? >> reporter: well the police chief says that her officers, they stopped the protesters because they were blocking this sidewalk. and the entrance way to the building where the clinic is located. here is what the officer said in their protester's video. >> that is standing on the grass area here and that i would encourage you to be very careful. right? and by the time that you cannot
6:00 pm
expect that. >> i spoke with manassas over the phone as she took this video saying that police told her that they could not sing. >> it says here on 15 that there is no singing allowed. >> yes, ma'am. >> wow. >> is this public property? >> it's a noise ordinance violation. >> wow, we must be singing a lot better than we thought we were. >> reporter: the falls police church says that her officers did inform the protesters about the the noise ordinance. >> the spirit in which that ordinance in particular about the singing is the amplified sound, disruptive to businesses and/or neighbors and that was not the case with these protesters. i think the concern was born out of a phone call made to the police department regards to them blocking the sidewalks and blocking the businesses. >> reporter: clinic workers say they heard the singing. >> we have patience


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