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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  December 22, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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right now at 7:00, the family mourning the loss of their loved ones killed by the suicide bomber while he was serving our nation in afghanistan. thanks for joining us, i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson. one of six u.s. sergeant members killed today. todd's mother is co-owner of the popular deli in dupont circle. his brother is the chef at the restaurant. he died from a suicide attacker and in to his patrol near the airfield. dan's family left a note telling patrons the restaurant will be closed until monday because of a death in the family. >> they treat you like family. for a member of their family to die. it is kind of like a part of me, you know, going as well. and i come here virtually the only place to eat lunch in dc.
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>> and now todd grew up in philadelphia his father told the tv station there today that his son did not tell the family that he was in afghanistan because he didn't want his family to worry about him. and another service member killed in that attack has also local ties. she has a graduate degree from george washington university. she also apparently lives in west virginia for several years. according to the deli she's the first female openly gay active duty service member killed in the line of service. >> right now police are trying to track down the thief that broke in to a secret service agent's car. that theft happened yesterday afternoon on g street. the agent left a bag in his car containing his gun, badge, radio, and a flash drive. he noticed that the back window had been unzipped and the bag was gone. anyone with tips on the theft should call dc police. well, it's christmas week, but don't look for a santa on
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thesleigh. topper why not? >> it is a four-wheel drive and on mud the main way to dispurse presents here on the east. we're looking at weather yellow alert -- yellow weather alert tomorrow, bruce. 57 downtown, 53 manassas and fredericksburg. by 8:00 pretty much everybody with some rain or showers. then by 9:30 notice it will be prief lent with the heavier rainfall. even west minister will be 51 and 48 and 50 towards cumberland and romney and then a little break. light showers with the temps in the lower 60s. look at that is that red in with the temperatures in the mid-60s. we will come back and talk about the prospect of breaking or smashing the record highs on
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thursday. looking ahead to the weekend forecast including up on saturday night. >> thank you for that. the mother of the dc man is now demanding anxiouses and justice. alonzo smith died last month while in the custody of the private security guards. they were responding to a report of an assault. they have released two body camera videos of officers at the scene, but his mom says that she is getting little information from mpd. >> that will give me an indication that there is a cover up with a slap on the hand. they are not prosecuted and held accountable for their action. >> they ruled that the death is a homicide and the cause is listed at sudden cardiac arrest. dc police say they are still investigating the 27-year-old's death and that they have not
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made a decision on whether charges will be filed. dc police are releasing new details about the man found dead inside the car. it went in to the water last night and police pulled it out around noon today. they have not said how the vehicle ended up in the water. they have not identified the man or said if he was dead before he entered that water. a rockville woman is recovering from a shooting that at first she didn't know she was a victim of. the woman was driving near the swim club to pick up her son from the metro station when she heard a loud noise and felt something on her leg. a short time later she realized that she had gotten hit either by a bullet or shrapnel. neighbors told us that they heard up to seven shots and they believe that the gunman might have been a hunter. >> there is deer roaming around in that area. there could be somebody shooting at a deer. >> it very well could is been a hunter. >> reporter: when she heard the loud noise she thought she heard the deer. she's still in the hospital and she will be okay. so far rockville police have
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not found any evidence, but if you have any information call police. so who would be bold enough to steal a package delivered to a police station? apparently this guy. take a look he's 53-year-old michael leonard of crofton. leonard was caught on surveillance camera walking out of the lobby of the western district police station where the package happened last friday. he then is seen walking back in to the cop shop empty handed to renew his sex offender registration. investigators say they've got a warrant and searched his property and found the package in his car. he remains behind bars tonight. charles county bus ivers are demanding better wages and benefits. some wanted to make a statement, so they took the kids to school this morning and then called out sick this afternoon. the school district was forced to use sus constitute bus driver -- substitute bus drivers. some parents had safety concerns and decided to pick up their kids instead of letting them ride the school bus today. all the kids did make it home safely. >> and we want better benefits,
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better money, and the morale around here is ridiculous. it's because of all of this that we're asking for help. >> the superintendent has talked to the bus driver in hopes of reaching a resolution. 23,000 students ride the buses in charles county. new at 7:00 tonight, two of the biggest institutions in the area are combining forces to help become a leader in biomedical research. the governor signed off on the offici partnership between george mason and inova health system today. they will work together on research for personalized medicine. mason scientists already have been working on breast cancer treatments that are taylor made for individual patients. and the partnerships for the university are very important at george mason university being right here in our
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backyard bringing together two great institutions that it is very important to do something. >> i want us to be the leader, >> the inova center will be located on what was the large exxon mobil campus. and some lucky panda lovers got an early christmas gift. >> they got a chance to see bei bei, the four-month-old panda cub. the zoo ran an instagram contest to meet the biggest star. the 25 winners had an opportunity to go inside the panda habitat. they met the zoo keepers and watched the pandas paint. one family drove all the way from michigan just to meet bei bei and they say it was a dream come true. >> we had to wait a long time and then she was so excited. jumping up and down. >> it's one of my biggest presents that i have ever gotten. >> five million people click on
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the panda cam to watch bei bei at the national zoo. if you can't get enough of the panda cub we have posted more photos and videos on the free wusa9 app. >> i've got to go seat pandas. one tail wag at a time after the break. >> and this animal is definitely not suppose to be in the airport. we're going to tell you how the coyote wandered in. >> and that i would encourage you to be very careful. christmas carolers were told they cannot sing on the public sidewalk. later we'll tell you where they were and how one local city is changing their tune.
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the u.s. star -- u.s. army sergeant pleaded in court today. bergdahl walked off his post back in 2009.
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the taliban held him captive for five years until he was released in may of 2014 in exchange for five terrorists from guantanamo bay. bergdahl could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted. a train that would help travelers get across the long concourse at miami international airport went off the tracks today. one car landed on the roof. the other tipped over. an employee was on board, but was not hurt as that train is still out of service tonight. in san francisco bad weather is keeping thousands of people getting from their holiday destinations. this affected more than 100 flights going in and out of the airport. they either had to cancel their holiday plans or sit around and wait for another flight. well, it was anything, but the -- but the normal morning.
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a coyote got in through a baggage portal. the animal control officer was able to corner and trap the coyote neither security check point on the ground floor. nobody was hurt. and it could be very stressful. and to help passengers destress before they fly. >> you're looking at what may be the popular things that they have come up with. and here at dulles airport, they are trying something new this year, bringing therapy dogs, comfort dogs, not the travel with the specific passengers, but to help destress passengers and staff here at some of the busiest flights. we've been spending the day here with their dogs and handlers, watching the interaction for them. and i've got to tell you that they may be on to something as we may have the entire story coming up tonight at 11:00 on
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wusa9. >> they are on to something as they would need to stay here to wait. that's where they would be right there. >> you could put that on any street in dc and they would stop and pet them and the whole disposition changes. >> isn't that the truth? >> tonight you just don't understand this. >> exactly. and santa sparked outrage for the high trees. now one major retailer is saying that they are sorry after the break. all right, well skip ahead now to thursday as christmas eve day with the high temperatures. we are going 75 in dc. 74 in philadelphia and records will fall across the metro area and much of the mid-atlantic region. we'll look ahead to your weekend. and as we would head to break a picture making the rounds online. can you spot that handout among all the snow men? if you need more time we've got this posted on the wusa9 facebook page. do you see it? i still don't see it.
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pro-life activists plan to go back to sing christmas carols. >> police silenced them, but as peggy fox found that police have a different explanation as to why they were silent. >> reporter: protesters say they were shut down because they were christmas caroling. the police chief disagrees, but says they would block the
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sidewalk. be very careful. that you cannot do that. >> i spoke with mary flouri who -- flori who took this video. police told her they could not sing. >> it says here on 15 that there's no singing allowed? >> yes, ma'am. >> wow. >> it's a noise ordinance. >> wow, we must be singing a lot better than we thought we were. >> reporter: they say that her officers, they did inform the protesters about the noise ordinance. >> and that the ordinance in particular is a singing of the sound and disruptive to businesses and/or neighbors and that was not case with these protesters. i think that the concern was born out of a phone call made to the police department. and in regards to them blocking the sidewalk and blocking the busiesness. >> reporter: they heard the
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singing. >> we have patience and we have a full waiting room of people. and they are very loud and disruptive and also block the sidewalk. >> i think that their motive is to disruptor deter patients from staying here, using our services. it is that choice. the protesters plan to be back here tomorrow at noon. in falls church wusa9. >> apparently they have a lot of discession in their noise ordinance that says that it will be unlawful for any person to yell, shout, talk loudly, whistle, or sing on any public street or private property. a photo of a young child with santa is going viral for all the wrong reasons. and instead of welcoming the 13- month old on to his lap, santa stood up and quickly handed him
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off. saying that he refused to sit down with caleb and also says that he has been in the hospital 11 times. all she wanted was for her child to experience sitting on santa's lap. we have been through a lot physically, mentally, financially, everything, this is basically the icing on the cake. >> and bass pro shops has since apologized for the standings for santa and offered a gift certificate and a one-on-one photo session for caleb and santa, but mom says she wanted them to donate to a charity instead. amazon making it easier for ultimate christmas shopping procrastinators. the first holiday season where the online retailer's prime customers can get items delivered in two hours or less. there are 4,000 pantry items and electronics available through christmas eve until the clock strikes midnight. the service is available in 20 cities including dc and
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baltimore. 'tis the season for shopping and hope and that is why here on wusa9 we're building a wall of wishes to share what you're hoping for. >> one viewer posted i wish to be blessed in 2016 and be successful and make better choices. i wish the best for my family and friends. maria says my wish to be healthy and strong to find a job and to live in peace and to love one another without hate or fear. god bless our country u.s.a. we want to hear your wishes no matter how big or small. you can send them our way by using the hashtag the wall of wishes on facebook, twitter, or instagram and read everyone's posts on the wusa9 app. >> and here here. why does the first full day of winter feel more like winter spring? weather is just crazy with snow- pounding parts of the western u.s. and temperatures in the 60s in the northeast. they got hit with seven feet of snow last year. today it is about 50 degrees with people going fishing, >> no one is complaining.
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>> they are in the west. and although that the ski resorts are happy, the rockies. but no complaints than these. but you get what you get. this will tell our story in the east. we've only had four days in the 40s and the 50s. we think after thursday that we could add two more to that to make it three days, just crazy. a live look outside as it is still 61. this is incredibly warm and they will be warmer tomorrow night actually with the winds out of the southwest at about 5. and tonight milder with the
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shower possible, that it will be safe to walk out of dinner. with rain showers and perhaps a thunderstorm that you could hear them tomorrow evening. the record will fall on thursday, which means to fall hard. 9:30 to 10:00, upper 50s, just a few clouds. 58 downtown. 58 in fredericksburg and 55 in gaithersburg and 56 in bowie. now by morning, we have showers across much of the area and out of la plata and the side of i- 95 and up towards frederick and leesburg with the temps in the 50s. and by mid-morning, and that it will be heavier activity on the ledges. and that they will get to work tomorrow and it may not be a bad idea. high temps by 9:00, still near 60 even downtown.
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a bit of a break by lunchtime with most of the showers lifting to the north on i-66 and route 50 and then more showers develop through the evening hours. some of these could produce the rumble of thunder and look at the temps. 56 downtown. this is now 6:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. 65 in leesburg. even 57 in cumberland and 57 in oakland. day planner looks like this with showers pretty much across the board on 9:00 it will be 59. and 64 by 1:00 p.m. here is our record shattering thursday. 75. we've got a shower or a thunderstorm, but not a washout day. christmas day warm with a few showers. kids could get out to play in the upper 60s. the next seven days, saturday some showers here. now saturday night in philly with the showers in the 50s. it's not so bad. we bounce back up to the mid- 50s on sunday and then back to 60 on monday and tuesday with some show hadders. but the folks will give up those temperatures in the 60s and the 70s for a few showers. >> thank you. and the programming reminder to see the redskins
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and the eagles game this saturday night right here on wusa9. we will get you started with the special pre-game addition of game on at 7:00. kickoff is scheduled for 8:25 at burgundy and gold that will look for their first division title in three years. go ail
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that's all for our news at 7:00. lesli and adam longo will be back at 11:00. have a good evening.
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a miss universe contestant giving us details on steve harvey's miscrowning. >> it's coming up tonight on "entertain tmentonight." i wanted to do the right thing. >> steve today, was he absent during a part of rehearsals? >> i don't know if he was truly paying attention. >> plus, what fueled the breakdown headlines? and are the beauties brutal behind the scenes? >> you could totally see the rivalry. >> then blake and gwen's pda going kissy face in camo. >> also, leo's grueling passion ojprect. >> a mad scramble. >> and 35 years of "e.t." on the biggest movie sets. >> i'm the bus driver. >> our '90s throwback goes way back. >> you talk to people. it was amazing. >> and our 80s flash back, biggest movies, biggest stars. >> that stuff sun comfortable.


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