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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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right now at 11, we are learning more about two of the six american service members killed by a bomb in afghanistan. peter and adrianna each it had ties to the dmv. >> i'm adam longo. >> and i'm lesli foster.
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mola lenghi is live. >> reporter: one had ties to the district and the other to northern virginia. military service members are well aware of the risk, but it doesn't make this part of the job easier. >> it's a tragic story that you never get used to. >> reporter: it's a mother losing her son, and a son losing his father. a suicide bomber attacked in afghanistan. todd's mother describes her 33- year-old son as a sweet guy, good father, problem, and son. his family didn't know he was in afghanistan until the air force notified him of his death on monday. he said he was in the united
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arab emrants so they would not worry. he was due to return just before his wife gave birth to their second child. >> they treat you like for family, so for a member of their family to pass, it feels like your own. those who new brubabergen said she was a great athlete and an even greater mother. she lived for her family. >> she was my friend. >> peter's family expect his
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body to arrive tomorrow. >> another price of the sign of freedom. three service members were also injured in the attack in addition to those killed p. a yellow weather alert just in time for form. topper shutt, maybe thunderstorms we are hearing about. >> reporter: i would say both commutes are going to be wet at this point. 6:00a.m. in the morning, showers just about everywhere. the orange and yellow is heavier activity. 57 downtown, and 55 in fairfax and silver spring, and by 8:00, showers to fredericksburg, and essentially northbound and you're going to have showers, and it will be a wet commute. 9:30, 10:00, we still have showers up to 70, and we will
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come back, taking you through the evening commute with futurecast, and we will go through the weekend. we will have the 3-degree guarantee. a developing story, a suspect shot by an offduty baltimore officer has been relieved of his duties. the suspect stabbed a woman and ran a into the station with a knife. the officer shot when he asked him to drop the knife and and he did not. imagine you're riding the -- shaw metro stop with the story on this, ellison?
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>> reporter: 2 week the later the passenger said she is too nervous to ride the metro. >> i was totally coated, my legs and shoes were completely coated in a light gray or white dust. >> reporter: just after 11:00 a.m., michael craft -- noticed a man crouched behind her seat. >> i kind of assumed he was picking up a metro paper or something, and then i started to hear some clicking. >> reporter: moment later the entire car filled with smoke, and according to craft, every passenger jumped to their feet. >> everybody on the train started to run. we didn't know if it was a bomb or if we were going to get shot. >> reporter: a spokesperson told wusa they were aware of the incident but it was nothing
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more than juveniles discharging the fire extinguisher. whoever did this left the scene before officers arrived. in an e-mail the spokesperson wrote "unfortunately juveniles acting in a disorderly manner is something that occasionally happens despite our efforts to work with parents and schools to have the kids respect their ride. >> he like rushed over to do it i don't see how it could just be like a prank, you know, with every single person on the metro train, genuinely afraid for their life. it's not just really disorderly. >> she tried to look for an emergency lever, but it didn't work. when she got off the station, she couldn't find anyone.
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>> transit officers were notified at 8:18, and they arrived 4 minutes later. i'm ellison barber, wusa 9. metro transit police are investigating an assault on the red line. according to our editorial partner, the man was assaulted by several -- took off. the victim does not want to be identified, but a witness says she saw blood everywhere after the rush hour attack. >> the mother of a man who skyed in the custody of special police wants another investigation into her son's death. alonso smith died when police responded to an assault in southeast dc.
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body video cameras showed him unconscious. beverly smith will exhume her son's body for a second time to examine the body. >> the funeral director could not sit his head up straight, but it was not reported in the medical exam report. >> smith is also calling for an investigation by the united nations or an independent investigation not just into her son's death but the entire system. no word on the name of the man found dead inside of this vehicle. it was on the 1900 block of anacostia drive. we have been told the investigation continues. cadaver dogs searching a community guarden in northeast dc for signs of a body, and they were back at it again today. two sources telling wusa 9 that
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investigators received an anonymous tip that someone robbed and killed a man and then buried the body outside of an elementary school in clay terrace. sources telling wusa 9 they are waiting for an excavator. the police and the fbi confirm they are conducting an investigation in the area, but right now a spokesperson for the p.d. said no additional information is available. an agent had his gun, portable handcuffs, radio, and badge stolen from his vehicle. he parked his car and returned a few minutes later to find his window open and his stuff gone. the secret service would not comment on his incident. in a strange shooting in rockville a woman driving towards the metro station on
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martin's lane was hit by a stray bullet, and police have not been able to find a suspect or shell casings. the woman showed up at the hospital with a bullet hole in her car and injuries to her leg. big news out of fairfax ty. a man charged with shooting two juveniles at fricederk high school in february landon earl tyler was among two men accused of shooting. part of the sentence includes 12 years behind bars. in fairfax county a man is accused of assaulting a 10-year- old boy in oakland. mussah l. hadad is facing charges. a witness called police after witnesses suspicious activity in the men's locker room.
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christmas came early yi for an alexandria teen who was born without a hand. >> for 13 years it held her back, but now she can do more thanks to a big gift from big- hearted strangers. >> that will push on her palm so she can actually close her hand. >> reporter: at mary mount university, a good gesture from an alumni member and her family. 13-year-old rebecca jensen, give an brand new prosthetic hand. it's part of a lesson for her little girls. >> we wanted to teach them what it means to give and not receive this christmas. >> i was very surprised what it was. >> i was getting phone calls and e-mails, and she was aware something was happening, but i
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manned to deflect, divert, distract. >> reporter: it's easy to take for granted, holding an apple, cup, bottle of water. >> that was the first time i have seen her grab something with her right hand. that was emotional for me. >> reporter: once the professor makes the right fit, the sky limit. >> it's really cool. >> rebecca is looking forward to seeing what she can do now in her tae kwan do classes. >> they have been presenting hands for people in need through an organization they call enabling the future. the future is very bright for her. it's a hallmark of donald trump's campaign, shocking
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people. instead of seeing star wars, one guy is 234 jail after someone teased
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a feud between the democratic and republican front runners is getting a lot of attention on presidential campaign trail today. >> and so is donald trump's crude attack on hillary clinton. >> reporter: hillary clinton fired back at gop front runner donald trump during her 20th campaign visit to iowa tuesday night. >> rhetoric has been hateful towards so many people, we are better than that, and we need to stand up and demonstrate it all the way. >> reporter: trump launched his latest attacks towards clinton in grand rapids michigan on monday night.
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first he debated her weekend arappeance when she dashed away during a commercial break to use the restroom. >> i'm watching the debate, and she disappeared. i know where she went. it's disgusting. i don't want to talk about . it >> reporter: and then he used a vulgar yiddish expression. shy -- she was going to beat obama, and then she lost. >> he's great at being a victimizer status. >> reporter: and then at trump. >> trump is not going to be president because he says these things that turn people off. >> candidates will soon find out if the vulgar language matters to voters. the iowa caucus is is a little -- is a little more than a
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month away. a man is accused of threatening to shoot a little boy about spilling information about the star wars plot. that's how angry 18-year-old charles arthur roy became when he heard details about the star wars movie from a young facebook friend. there's no need for spoiler alerts at all. he is still behind bars tonight. some 55,000 passengers just today rolling through dulles. >> it's massive, and flying during this time of the year can stress even the most seasoned travelers. garrett haake. >> reporter: the hassles of holiday travel. the run aring, but at dulles
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today, one airline found a simple formula to turn frustration into faces like hers [ laughter ] four feet, furry tail, and wet noses. >> i think my heart is melting. >> this is fantastic. >> reporter: meet the comfort dogs of united paw. deployed to keep passengers calm as they sit and stay in terminal c and d. >> it gets rid of all the holiday travel stress. >> i will take her with me. >> reporter: united tested the program out with dogs like barney when they realized they stumbled upon something as popular as free first-class upgreats. more dogs in more airports. >> reporter: handlers and their trained therapy dogs volunteer, from daisy, the 10-year-old great dane to minnie. >> she is very much a people's
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dog, and in her mind they are all here to see her. >> reporter: it was based on actual science including the power of man's best friend. >> they were really nice. >> reporter: providing the departure from the typical trials of travel, courtesy of a few good dogs. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: at dulles airport, garrett haake. >> the smiles when the dogs are nearby. the comfort dog program will continue at dulles and six other airports for one more day. if you plan to fly through there tomorrow, relaxation. >> everyone was lapping it up, dogs, too. >> i think someone said the best idea the airlines have had for awhile. >> it's free. >> they are not charging for it, not yet. >> exactly. 3-degree guarantee. i was really worried because of 6:00 p.m., it was only in the
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50s, it went to 61 and then 62. i went with 63. official high 62. i did back down tomorrow. original 68, but i'm going with 65 tomorrow it will cap the temperatures a bit with the rain. dose breakdown, highs in the 40s. number of day in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, and 9 days in the 60s already, including today, and we are going to probably have one or two or three days in the 70s before the weekend is out, and again only four days in the 40s for the average high. oh, yeah, it's 45. we are on pace for record warmth. 58 right now, due point in the 50s, we will hold in the 50s. tomorrow night will be crazier. wet morning commute for most, and i would allow extra time. bus stop temperatures, 52 to 62. take an umbrella and walk them to the bus stop. yellow weather alert for all of
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send, okay? and then record hypes shattered on christmas day. record high of 69, forecasting 65. rain and showers across the metro area, mid-50s, and maybe even 9:00. we get to 1:00. leesburg, 61. 63 also in fairfax, anden this a line of showers and storms trying to develop, almost like summertime. the rumble of thunder looking more and more likely. the orange and yellow, that's heavy stuff. driving home, 5:30. coming down southbound to dc or up fredericksburg, northbound, it's slow going. slow going up to 70 as well. good news, it's warm, bad news, yellow weather alert all day. 63 by 1:00 p.m., and look at this, 75 on christmas eve day, are you kidding me? some showers, mainly in the afternoon a few showers on christmas day, and we bump the
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temperatures up to 71. crazy, crazy. the next 7 days, it's warm over the weekend. look into saturday, 64, and 74 on sunday, and some showers are possible saturday night in philly, and in the 50s, not bad. >> looking a lot like spring. >> yes, and i will probably cut my grass. >> uh-uh. >> the redskins fighting for a spot in the playoffs, and are the players going to find out if they made the probowl or not? some redskins could arguably be some redskins could arguably be going to hawaii in ♪ ♪
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how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. hurry, offers end january 4th! best of the best in the nfl, getting the nod with probowl selections tonight, and the redskins got, one, one player named, and fourth straight year as offensive tackle, trent williams, she's deservant. i think jordan reid should have be there.
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he and kerrigan named as alternates. the big week with the eagles on saturday night, and it's very simple, the redskins win, and they are into the playoffs with champions of the nfc east, but it's not that easy. back in october, the record is 7-7. they are looking for another road win, so how did they do that coach? >> as long as we can maintain our balance, i think you will have good success, and it's when we get behind, we will become one dimensional like on the road against new england like against the jets in the 3rd and 4th quarter, that's where we have had troubles. special game at 7:00 this saturday night, and kickoff right here on wusa 9. could be a big right for the redskins. what's up with georgetown? the hoyas on the road at
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charlotte tonight in a game they had to win. the hoyas taking on the 49ers. mark price the head coach at charlotte. rivera with the hoop and the harm. he had 11 points, and the hoyas continue to have problems, and braxton with the trip toll give charlotte the 1-point lead late, and georgetown hangs on, and that's the 3-ball, and the hoyas would win. they win 62-59 improving to 77- 5. g.w. is number 7 in the country. that's for the colonials, and there's an early 10-0 lead, forcing the g.w. timeout. anthony slaw with the triple. that would prove to be too much. derek wood burying the 3, and the blue demons upset the key
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loanals. a thriller for tony bennett and virginia hosting california. tied late in regulation. the cavaliers, and darius thompson with the jam. forcing overtime, and london with u.v. down by 2, and that's the 3, hanging on to win it 63-62 ♪
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