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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  December 23, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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right now at 7:00, rain on and off all day has led to a number of delays on area roads. it did taper off this afternoon but has since returned. >> the weather has been one of the main stories all day long. >> we remain under a yellow alert warning. >> that yellow weather alert -- some of it heavy off the south of washington right now. let's zoom in on live first alert doppler. you see the areas of yellow in montgomery. and then it gets orange and red. that indicates heavier showers off to the south. now they're tracking in toward west of rockville. want to take you south where the heavy rain is coming in.
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there's been a little bit of lightning not far from fair view beach. there's a little more rain to .g another couple hours and we'll dry out a little overnight. tomorrow, going to be in the 70s on christmas eve. a shooting at a computer repair store in the alex andria area has put a man in the hospital tonight. it happened in the portion of fairfax county. a man wearing a mask entered the store, flashed a gun and grabbed a laptop. >> it appears the victim was shot. he was transported to fairfax hospital with non-life- threatening conditions. >> the owner was shot in the hand, but appears to be okay. also tonight, a metro rider is in surgery just days after being attacked by a group of young people on the red line at
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the height of rush hour this. all happened monday evening the male victim suffered a concussion, broken teeth. >> it's terrible. >> reporter: has there been a time you didn't get on the train because you didn't like the surroundings? >> yeah. i've seen shady characters and i'll change cars or something. >> metro cops say they stopped three teenagers at that station employ the investigation is ongoing tonight. police are reviewing surveillance video. the montgomery chief of police and dozens of others turned out for a blood drive
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today. this year when they announced it would be in honor of a fallen officer, a hundred slots booked in just moments. >> we can change the future, so we're going to move forward and continue to give life and have the spirit of officer liotta live on. >> they were able to donate 98 98-pints of blood today. their goal was 80. his closest rival, ted cruz, is trying to turn a cartoon featuring his daughters into a fundraising opportunity. the post has since retracting the cartoon depicting his girls
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as monkeys. >>s bigotry, bluster, bullying have become his campaign. >> that was hillary clinton reacting to donald trump's use of a crude word to discuss her 2008 loss to president obama. for the first time ever, more than a hundred million americans are expected to travel between today and january third. >> a few of those passengers -- >> reporter: i'm and ria. a pretty smooth travel day by air and by train. some how far spots though on the road. heavy traffic and steady rain brought the beltway to a crawl. >> it's not bad. it could be a lot worse. >> reporter: gas prices are now below $2 a gallon for unleaded. that inspired more travelers to go by car this season. at the airport, 4 year old mia was among the family members anxiously waiting for a loved
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one to come home. >> grandpa. grandpa. >> reporter: her grandpa has been in iraq for 4 months. >> i want to cry and i'm just happy. there's a lot of people who don't have their dad or spouse or anything here for the holidays. it's a lot of different emotions. >> this means a lot. he made it before christmas. i think that's one of the best gifts we're going have this year. >> there he is. there's grandpa. come this way. come this way. whooo! >> reporter: their reunion was worth the day. andrea mccarren, wusa 9. according to flight aware, there were more than 4,000 delays. 800 cancellations of flights within to or from the united states. lot of people missing their flights right now. >> while he may be serving a 30
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year prison term
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the remains of 6 american service members killed in a suicide bombing in afghanistan are back here in the u.s. the dignified transfer took place in new castle air base this evening in delaware. the 6 soldiers were killed when a taliban suicide bomber attacked their patrol on monday. it is one of the dead liest attacks in afghanistan since 2013. among the dead are two with [ indiscernible ] ties. one was an openly gay soldier
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who fought for the don't ask don't tell presidency -- jerry sandusky is about to get a huge check from the state of pennsylvania. the state pension system stopped his retirement benefit when is he was charged with child molestation. last month, the court ordered the pension system ordered them to fork over $200,000. he's serving at least 30 years in prison for sexually molesting 10 obese. today a new jersey garage indicted a driver who was in the crash that injured actor tracy morgan. a federal investigation revealed that roper had not slept for 28 hours before the crash however his attorney is disputing the claim and says
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walmart's settlement with morgan affects ropery chances for a fair trial. protesters upset about the deaths of black men nationwide by police shut down the mall for two hours. they men marched to minneapolis saint paul airport. the national highway traffic safety administration spokesman gordon trobridge says a teen driver died a few days after being injured in a july crash in pittsburgh. ntsa learned of the crash last week. about 20 millionaire bag inflaters have been recalled in the u.s. more changes are coming to chipotle. they concern the way food is prepared at the popular fast food chain. from now on, onions will be dipped in boiling water to kill
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germs. raw chicken will be marinated in resealable plastic bags rather than bowls. cilantro will be added to rice so the heat gets rid of [ indiscernible ] in the garnish. the change come after an e. coli outbreak. people walking with their eyes on this instead of the road. the urban dictionary has a road for it: pedextrian. sounds funny, but texting and walking can be dangerous. experts say most of the injuries happen at home. >> when you think about the home environment, some of the most dangerous situations can be on stairs where people could have a really bad fall. >> the group says the numbers have jumped with the growth of cell use from less than 500 in
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the year 2000 to more than 2,000 in 2011. last night, thousands thought it was a ufo. tonight we know better. >> the mysterious streak in the sky was nothing more than russian space debris returning to earth. the object was the remnants of a used russian rocket. it may have been connected to the supply vehicle that launched monday to the international space station. >> every day, hundreds and hundreds of materials crash into the earth. but we can control to some extent what their characteristics are going to be when they come back to earth. >> many thought the fire ball was part of a meteor shower, which was also scheduled to appear last night. reference while most of us dream of holiday cheer and
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wrapped gifts under the christmas tree -- >> we're wishing for a win over the eagles. >> 60s now, we have lightning east of laplata. coming up with your weather
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we're building a wall of wishes where you can share what you're wishing for. >> here's a few from our all. here's nicole johnson. i wish for the world to always remember the true meaning of christmas. >> and aj wishes he got all a's on his midterm. >> and for the dallas cowboys -- no we don't -- to have a better season. >> you can wish with the #wallofwishes. >> who screens this stuff? >> you can talk to the producer about that. >> will do. most eagle fans hoping for a playoff team this holiday season. >> that's what we're wishing for this season. all the redskins have to do is win in philadelphia and we're in. >> pretty excited for it actually.
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i think we'll do pretty well. >> go redskins. >> we have a lot of family from lyphil. so it's going to be a little bit of rivalry in the house. >> i got so excited -- division title with a win over the eagles on saturday. you can watch the action here. kickoff set for 8:25. always watching, always tracking. wusa 9's first alert weather, dr's most accurate. >> what's the weather going to be like there? >> going to be in the 60s saturday evening. there will be a chance for a couple of showers. for a december game in the 60s -- >> can't beat that. >> lot of showers this evening. southern maryland may hold on past the 9:00 hour.
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that's where we're seeing the heaviest rain right now. out in the shown an doa valley, we have a little bit of rain. this is some very heavy rainfall. moderate showers now across from rockville to silver spring, right through dc and in toward fairfax, especially along and east of 95. but it's southern maryland and prince george's county. see the red? that's the torrential downpours. maybe toward benedict. eventually it's going to head toward cal vert county. this is all the way down to the -- east of richmond area. lightning and thunder over the next couple of hours. our friends on the eastern shore will watch that as well. right now the first batch of heavy rain and going to head
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toward annapolis. and queens town just after the 8:00 hour. very warm too. we're sitting in the mid-60s in the town. in the 50s and the fog in the shenandoah valley. down to a quarter mile visibility in well rain. i don't think it's going to be as bad as last night. records by the way tomorrow, 69 in dc. 65 baltimore. these could be broken during the morning hours. on our way to the 70s tomorrow. low to mid-60s tomorrow. south winds 10 to 15, although the winds are fairly light at the moment. 60s in the morning. couple of showers, even a rumble of thunder in the morning. i'm thinking the rain threat is in the morning more than the afternoon. look at the highs. 68 to 76. on friday, we're still going to have a couple of showers
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christmas day. 70? saturday account be a yellow alert day. but upper 50s, low 60s. sunday, more record heat for the ravens home game. 74 and a cool damp start to the coming week. now wusa 9 game on sports. brought to you by xfinity. >> players in washington's football team are even-keeled. they say they haven't won anything yet, but they're just the division since 2012. ing they'll be in philadelphia. the stakes are high for both teams, but the burgundy and gold have the momentum. much of the credit goes to kirk cousins. number 8 has been solid lately moving the team down the field to the end zone. he's coming off a 5-touchdown, 300-yard game sunday. more from the practice facility
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on the maturing quarterback, kirk cousins. >> reporter: skins quarterback saying it's hard for him to go throughout the day without hearing the phrase "you like that? "intentionally or not. 7 and 7 record atop the nfc east. one win away from a playoff bid. >> we're not 12 and 2. we're 7 and 7. but we do have a great chance, a great opportunity in front of us to play for a division title. and we've done a lot of good things to get to this point. and i would credit jay and our entire coaching staff for building that foundation. >> every rep that he gets, it's just fuel for him. tools in his tool kit and he's using every one to his advantage. >> reporter: a lot of tuck about kirk cousins' future, it likely will be here in dc. he's a free agent after this season. he still has two important games in front of him. none bigger than the eagles on
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saturday night. get up to speed before the game, tune into wusa 9 at 7 for a special hour-long edition. for all the post-game you can handle as well. as we were saying, it's just a matter of maybe how much -- how many years and how much. i think kirk's going to stay. >> they're not going to let him get away. >> he earned it. >> we were saying in the sports office, not enough body of work yet to say he's an elite quarterback or the guy. >> but progressing nice least. >> absolutely. >> it has to do at the market. he's going to get top dollar, don't you think? >> i think so. you can call him a modern day santa claus who lives by the phrase one man's trash is another man's treasure. >> a local teacher brings
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christmas to families in needs thanks to refurbished goods. comi
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a teacher found a good way to put his own truck and trailer to good use. >> he recently fixed up an old bike and found a new home with a 6 year old boy whose family could not afford to give him one for christmas. >> the parents are fantastic and supportive. they really rally behind doing stuff like this. so i'm just a product of my environment. i do it because -- not because i can, but because i have the ability to. so why not. >> there should be more people like him around. >> he teaches 6th grade at stone middle school in ashburn. he's expecting his first child. congrats. that's it. we'll be back at 11:00.
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>> have a great night, everybody. since we won't see you, merry christmas. >> merry christmas everybody. fact.
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teresa made sure she was camera readday toy. >> the jersey housewife free from federal pr her pre-christmas homecoming. that's what's coming up right >> on "entertainment tonight." >> if she comes home and the tree's not up, the first thing she'll say is where's the tree. >> joe decorated the house and bravo cameras were there. >> on house arrest while filming her show. her expensive welcome home gift. the big family hug inside. >> it's going to be emotional. >> plus miscrowned miss colombia breaks her silence. and why s harvey is returning to miss universe. and have you had otunprected sex? >> 2015's biggest scandals. charlie sheen's hiv. the ex suing him. 19 kids and counting cheater josh duggar. his holiday in rehab. is


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