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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  December 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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this is great weather for us. >> the record breaker record actually would catch them off guards. >> i was expecting a lot of snow and i packed for a lot of snow. it is very hard. they are a little bit cold. >> yeah, yeah, a little bit. >> it should be a good shape for them tonight and a shower here and there and if it is coming from the north, i would post on it in that arctic village. it is named 45 degrees below zero. i'll tell you that it is nice and warm out there, it felt great. we make it a little taste for it as early as monday morning. i'll be back with a few moments. weather has been pretty severe, at least 10 people are dead after powerful winds and several tornadoes. this tornado in clarks dale, mississippi was one of several
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that draped across the southeast in wednesday. flipping a tractor trailer on its side in polk county, arkansas. an 18-year-old was killed when the tree crashed in to her bedroom as they say that they will be grateful for what they still have. >> and there are people that will not go home. a live look outside, hoping that the weather from the violent storms in the south will not snag in their travel plans. the flights are not affected. thousands to be reunited with their families. >> and they got canceled, then i kept going over and over
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again to the other delay, delay, delay. >> reporter: arriving here about 1:00 a.m. and found a little spot on the side of the floor here, giving me a new perspective. >> poor guy. >> at least he was smiling. >> yeah. >> reporter: they suggest of course if you are going there that you would call ahead. across the country, hundreds of flights have been canceled. the long lines are trying their patients. it was smooth sailing. >> the airport is kind of quiet today, which is nice. we would beat the rush of travelers. >> the others with the collecting flights are taking it in stride. breaking news out of north carolina where there is a deadly shooting. police now confirming that one
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person has died. that the off-duty police officer shot and killed the man following the altercation. the officer was there to help provide security inside that side. then quickly ran for cover. >> and it seems like they were coming from that lower part of the mall as we could see just volumes of people running after hearing the shot. >> even now three hours later people are still hiding inside the mall. they stress that this was an isolated incident, not an active shooter situation. one was treated for a leg wound and one for the asthma attack. the third person went in to labor. more shoppers would flock to the internet. all in search of the perfect
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gift. they are at westfield montgomery to check out the scene there. what is it looking like, andrea? >> reporter: well debra and adam, parking lots are packed and procrastinators are actually finding some very deep discounts here. but some families are here to make memories. >> reporter: a gift because it is the first christmas for the 11-month-old blake. and back to the kids toys. >> being an aunt is wonderful. people tell you how wonderful it is, but it's not my child, but it is actually something that you cannot describe. >> it feels like christmas again. we are back to hallmark movies and floor time. >> and also braving the crowds.
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>> they are all like real close with our moms. >> we can really spoil her now. >> they would pull their money to surprise their mom with an array of gifts. >> we got her all the stocking stuff that she likes. she is going to cry. the goal is to make her cry. >> she works all the time. >> she's an angel. >> yeah. >> reporter: they say that their mom never asks for anything. >> so it is like one day where we could say thank you. the presents aside, i think that they just did. >> i'm sure that you would agree if you are planning to head to the mall that you better move quickly as they
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would close at 6:00 p.m. and closed all day tomorrow for christmas. and coming up tonight, live at 6:00, we will bring you the holiday wish for the washington redskins. reporting live from bethesda wusa9. some stores are staying open for you last-minute shoppers. be sure to check the store hours before you head out the door. no one was hurt in that early hit and run in wheaton. >> the big rig was involved in this crash because they took down a bunch of live wires between their road here this morning. the driver made that mess and kept on going, no one hurt. and they closed for a water main break, back open to traffic. they busted it this morning causing traffic near the quaker
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lane area. teachers are being hailed as heros to save the student's life. >> she brings us this inspirational story of survival. what happened here? >> reporter: hey guys, good evening. thanks to the quick-witted teachers here, christopher is alive today. able to celebrate christmas with his family. today he is happy and healthy. >> i can't explain how thankful i am to be here. >> reporter: he collapsed during the field day at cooper middle field. we were saying come on, come talk to us. we were not getting any response. >> reporter: they sprung in to action, grabbing the
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defibrillator. >> my father was a doctor and he has passed away, make sure that i'm doing this right and things worked out. they brought everyone involved, closer together. >> we feel so bless today have them with us this christmas. to all the teachers that came together to save his life. they are our heros, we will never forget them. >> we see each other. that hug is one that is very heartfelt between us. she'll always be very special to me, all the team that worked hard that day. this is the first time that
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they ever used it to revive the student. reporting live, wusa9. >> i'm sure they were counting their blessings, thank you, what a wonderful story there. they would commend the eight teachers who would help to revive, christopher? they are getting ready to deport hundreds of immigrant families, who crossed in illegally. they may begin as soon as january. and the secretary approval says that there will be an emphasis placed on individuals who would pose a threat to national security and public safety and border security. misare tightening up security after possible threats. a dozen of them patrolling in areas with the big name stores
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and the embassies. so from that to this, santa is trading in the sleigh for a speedboat and water skis this afternoon. >> reporter: as you do, they will turn out to watch them. as the helpers, the elfs are all skiing and wake boarding by. they made an appearance too, but not even he could spoil them with temps in the 70s. on the potomac and certainly the warmth. >> this is fantastic, we'll take it like this. >> they would still be doing that. we'll head to tyson's corner
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where a group is wrapping presents to bring awareness to the important cause. >> how this woman is using her own two hands to make sure they stay warm this winter. >> howard is back with more on the ridiculously warm temperatures, when we might see a cool down. right after the break, robert downey jr.'s
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an early christmas gift. the governor pardoned the iron man actor for the 1996 drug conviction that sent him to prison. dough knee is one of 91 people pardoned by governor jerry brown. that pardon is a public proclamation that a person has
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demonstrated, "exemplary behavior." millions of people are traveling home this weekend. one woman is using her hobby to help them stay warm this winter as they begin their new lives. >> reporter: anna learned to knit when she was 14, making presents for family and friends. but the aspiring theater director would use her needle middles. >> and being help to do something, even just a little thing is important to me. >> reporter: she read about a >> -- group to face the harshest winters of their lives as they would make it to germany this year. >> i would click on the blog post and read the rules and picked up the needles and started going. >> reporter: in six weeks she would knit 11 brightly colored hats and scarves. >> and so it felt like a pretty
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natural thing for me to do. >> and the other knitters in the u.s. and canada made almost 1,000 hats and scarves. it began two months ago when they put out the call to her fellow hobbyist. soon went viral on knitting websites. one caught anna's eyes. >> that boy has my hat. and so it was a totally amazing moment on christmas break now. >> reporter: she is knitting more hats for those that need it most. while much of the world will continue to debate the politics of the refugee crisis. these busy hands are working to spread a little warmth. cbs news, new york. >> and their project is drawing to a close now since they are now involved in coordinating closer to home.
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all to pick up their favorite holiday treats. >> jen grey the owner's daughter tells us that they are about to turn 50 years young. many have stopped by. it doesn't get any better than this. no shortage of the holiday cheer. >> my family is in the neighborhood and so i come here so i don't have to do any baking myself. >> and to come here since i've been a child. >> such a neighborhood gem. and that anybody that knows about it. and that they would hope that will be soon. >> as they just eluded to that they did not receive some
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treats, instead of sharing just to put them on the way back. >> with a lot of traffic. with a word with them. >> i've been in that bakery, they have real nice folks in there too. tomorrow will be a couple of degrees there in the 70s, before they start to drop out. with signs of january. winter is going to make their presence around here. a couple of showers, the south of town. and these other showers, they're quick hi scooting off the east to head towards tuskarora if they survive the
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trip east. ten had the showers are tracking towards the baltimore area south of town. our friends are down in reidsville. but boy look at these showers, heavy rain down there and just getting in towards ridge and scotland and the friends here at the marina too. but hey how is it going down there? temps in the mid-60s as they were at dulles and baltimore. 69 in dc. all of them fell with 71 degrees. burlington, vermont got the 68. that is the warmest december record ever. and they've got the temperatures, even in boston at 69 today. mid-60s to the 70s. any 50s right on the bay with the water temps cooler there out in western maryland. 64 in oakland. i don't see how they would do it with the forecast. 66 in town and the dew points
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in the 60s a lot of really cold air from alaska as i would point this out to tell you about them lurking, that there will be a lot of snow as we've got all the warmth down here. 82 today and incredible. still heavy rainmaking storms across parts of louisiana and alabama, then towards the atlantic area. just clipping the southwesterly flow. they will not be pushed out too soon. christmas day especially in the afternoon. at nighttime the front will slip through with a few showers. saturday looks cooler to keep the temperatures in the 50s to the 60s. then they will lift on sunday. sunday back in the 70s.
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that's a crazy one. a couple of showers with a patch of fog. an isolated shower. warm temps, 70sish. spotty showers, 68 just a spray shower 74. next week and monday night and tuesday morning, it will be good to have a little wintery mix. then back in the 50s on wednesday. a whole new generation of the music fans that would have access to their incredible selection. >> over the possible fire hazard, a warning to people shopping online at work. discover the world
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animals, seen those before but sometimes they do it on their own mmm foot wow food for giants
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oooo no wonder no one has eaten this sandwich kids discover the world with their mouths detergent is harmful if swallowed, so keep laundry pacs up and away from children brought to you by tide washington taking on the eagles. we've got pre-game coverage on the special extended version beginning at 7:00 followed by the game itself. skins, eagles, right here.
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let's get you caught up on consumer news. recalling nearly 450,000 suvs worldwide. in two separate recalls, including the jeep grand cherokee. the suvs with the model years of 2011 and 2012 are being recalled because wiring in the vanity mirror may overheat and create the fire hazard. and the patriot suv, with the model year of 2015. the out of position clamp could create the fire hazard with a lot of information on the wusa9 news app. asking whether they are trying to fly in from another one.
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they have spent more than an hour total shopping this holiday season. but you better be careful because according to the survey, one in eight managers say that they have fired someone for shopping online this year. i don't know anybody here that would ever do that. >> i didn't really. >> just wait. >> that's right. >> until you go home. [ laughter ] >> it's time to check up on santa's progress as they make their way around the globe. they've got lots of presents that you'll need to deliver to all the kids out there. >> you'll need to do it. norad keeps us all safe. the north american air defense system. they track everything that is flying around there. and i cannot really see where they are right now. he's over germany right now.
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and so santa making his way through there. and the oldest is five. the different times and the different places, learning the time zones. santa starts over here. he'll make his way to us eventually. santa at that point had delivered in the neighborhood of 123 trillion gifts. >> you know stuff adam longo. >> i'm in to it. and so you go home tonight, later on this evening to sit down and you can see where they are. >> i hope they have school stuff for me. straight ahead an entire country that will put it on christmas. and a gofundme page backfires on a mom struggling to help her daughter with cancer. and right after the break, wrapping gifts this holiday
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season, to fight the sex trafficking. we'll be right back. ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta and other select models.
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a bunch of volunteers working to not only spread cheers, but the message to all help combat sex trafficking because it is thriving here in
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the district. they're wrapping high-end presents at tyson's galleria and the irony is that they could help people that likely won't be getting any presents at all. >> many in our program will come to us, feeling isolated. the holidays brings up the feelings of wanting love and a warm place to be and feeling like they have a place to go. >> reporter: he has dedicated her life to helping victims of sex trafficking become survivors. she helps them thrive. >> that people are very generous because they both give $200, $500, $1,000. they know that the money goes straight to support survivors of sex trafficking right here
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in the local community, particularly the safe e.hous >> reporter: fair girl helps 150 women a year to escape the life, gives them a place to stay, legal issues, jobs, self- esteem. if you think that this is something that happens in other places other peoples children, powell's says this. >> dc has one of the top ten locations for child sex trafficking in the country. people travel to dc from other parts of the world to buy children in the district, a very serious problem. >> reporter: and the crimes happen in hotels you've probably walked past. and parents that they say the average age sold in to the life is just 12 years old. but for now they're spreading the word one wrapped present at a time. that their 24-hour hotline never takes a holiday. and we've got that number on
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our wusa9 app. right now dc police are on the hunt for a man who robbed and tried to sexually assault a victim. it happened on the place northwest on tuesday night just before 7:30. that is near rhode island and florida avenues. the victim is recovering. >> former new england patriots, wide receiver, and convicted murderer, aaron hernandez is getting a lot of attention today all because of some new tattoos. >> appearing in court on tuesday ahead of the other murder trial, he wore a t-shirt revealing the tattoo he had gotten done earlier this year. it reads lifetime loyalty and the five pointed star is a symbol commonly associated with the bloods gang. hernandez is serving a lifetime prison sentence for the murder of odon lloyd. yahoo announced that they will warn users if they think that your account has been hit by the government sponsors hackers. facebook, google, and twitter are all taking similar actions.
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yahoo's chief security officer says that if you receive the notification that it does not necessarily mean that your information has been compromised, it only means that you should take steps to secure your online presents. christmas is canceled in somalia. the muslim-majority government is worried that the new year's celebrations could provoke an attack from the islamic extremists, dispatching security teams to break up any holiday-related gatherings. a desperate mother with a daughter battling a disease went to avoid homelessness. it should have been a happy ending. >> this is my room. >> reporter: this is where gilmore and her daughter sleep just a few blankets on the floor in section 8 housing. but she is not complaining. >> i'm glad i'm not in the car freezing. >> reporter: the family was homeless and had been for the better part of the past two
5:34 pm
months. they have no furniture and very little else. not even a christmas tree. one of the few possessions that they would keep close, the picture of her grandmother. >> and then i would remember how strong she was. never hearing them complain about anything. >> reporter: she leaves heavily on the memory. in addition to everything else going on, the 15-year-old daughter has bone cancer. >> i kept trying to hold on as long as i could. >> reporter: she created a gofundme page to get back on her feet. >> she was diagnosed at 12 1/2 years old and the community responded. 341 people most complete strangers donating more than $15,000. >> i was crying, like in shock. >> reporter: but when she cheeked the post office box, those had tears of joy turned to tears of agony. >> and your benefits from the following program will end on
5:35 pm
12/31/2015. >> reporter: they both considered that money income. now telling her if she keeps the cash she'll lose her food and medical benefits, including the chemo therapy. >> trying to provide for my daughter. >> reporter: she could pay for everything out of pocket until it is all gone and reapply for benefits, but feels it defeats the purpose of people's generosity. that would go a long way towards feeling your coverage getting the out of the state subsidized housing back in the work force. >> it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: she worries that she is slipping in to a deep depression. the sparkle is fading from her eyes. all she can do is hold her daughter's hands and be grateful. and to keep looking to the grandmother for guidance. >> she tells me that everything will be okay.
5:36 pm
>> and that the local church is taking in donations this week. well trending now, if santa doesn't showup tonight, a lot of people have the reasons why. and the reindeers, they are tuckered out. >> and making sure they do not steal anyone's christmas this year. >> yeah, it is so weird to be outside without a jacket. it is warm and muggy and temps in the mid to upper 60s. but we have a mild night ahead with more records possible this weekend. but winter is lurking. your seven-day forecast is coming up in a
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the video has more than 1.5 million youtube calls. we made some phone calls.
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no plans on retiring any time soon. >> you need to be moving a little faster than that. >> exactly. >> no need to worry about that grinch stealing christmas. police slapped the cuffs on the green menace and a cop's parody video. turns out that he is busted, trying to break in to the house and doing what he is notorious for doing. stealing christmas. officers say that is not going to happen on their watch. the little green man is headed off to that christmas. >> bye. >> see you later. >> and one of today's most trending hash tags on twitter is santa no show excuses. >> well how awful would it be if he didn't show up? >> you will know that you didn't behave, right? >> exactly. andrew writes steve harvey announced it is actually easter. >> he could not listen to steve harvey. and then this one, the elf on
5:41 pm
the shelf tieing santa up so he could at least laugh to realize the dream of becoming the big boss. couldn't do it. it might not be up to snuff on the way in sports, we'll meet the man charged like santa as he has a list. the beatles join the new era of modern music with a little help from their friends. see what i did there?
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a christmas gift overnight from the beatles to you. at 12:01 this morning, they became available worldwide on streaming services. that move will come just days after signing the major deals. >> and they have more on the latest change for the industry. >> they call it beatle mania, seizing the teenage population. >> and their music is defined a
5:45 pm
decade. and a generation. now they are again embracing resolution. allowing millions of fans to stream their catchy hooks. and to give them a ticket for one of the greatest catalogs in history. >> it is important because it is the beatles. and they would change everything about their popular music. while millions of fans will benefit t is a -- benefits, it is a huge revenue benefit.
5:46 pm
and in 2014. >> we are passed the tipping point. it's about music access. if you want to keep up with the listeners who would feel that way as they tend to be younger, you need to be on streaming services. and that with their lone royalty. and their new album, selling at least six million copies, barred from the streaming platforms. and still the beatles, they would slow down to go digital, now seem ready to ride the wave. in some sense it's about retaining the reel -- their relevency as they were making it to be emortal.
5:47 pm
the music fans got their wish. and what are your hopes this holiday season? >> we are building a wall of wishes, where you can share your dreams. let's take a look at a few of them here as they would write, "i wish for the world to always remember the true meaning of christmas. something we could wrap our arms around. you can tweet and instagram on #wallofwishes. then go check out the wall on thanks for this wish. >> the weather is unbelievably warm.
5:48 pm
showers and storms are now moving towards salisbury as they will pull away. they'll be done for quite a while with the showers. temperatures needed to make it in to the 60s. and all three got to 71 today for the new record highs. that is their warmest december temperature on record. 66 currently in town. still 70 in manassas. water will be chillier there and a pretty quiet night, but the comfortable night here on the christmas eve where we would hit at 6 -- sit at 66 with the patchy fog developing. there is some cold air minus 40-
5:49 pm
degree reading. while we're enjoying the warm weather as they will continue for another couple of days. next week things will change. and that winter is actually going to make themselves known. maybe a couple of showers, the upper 60s or 70s. on saturday, that they will change. you cannot see it here, but more easterly. the cloud cover and a spotty shower. that it will keep the temps in the 50s to the 60s. for the big football game as it seems like the lower 50s with the chance for showers.
5:50 pm
62 in town and that you'll see a couple of showers here and there and the patchy fog tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy and mild and isolated showers. we won't go with any weather alerts. then mostly cloudy, still warm in a couple of spots. yet again on friday. now, saturday, you'll need the light jacket for sure. staying with the spotty showers. the warm surge will be back for one last time i believe in 2015. next week you'll meet them to be chilly with the showers developing on monday night and tuesday morning. cold enough with a wintery mix believe it or not and well back in to the 50s by wednesday. you don't need to look far.
5:51 pm
let's check in on the man doing the checking out. they range from marshawn lynch's skittle shoes to the serious like cam hayward's eye black. the nfl has strict rules on how to dress. >> he's keeping an eye on the football fashion for the burgundy and gold for 21 years. that's a close up look at them. that it is not how you look, but how you play. >> reporter: this uniform cop looks for t-shirts and the jerseys to be tucked in.
5:52 pm
it's the ladder that caught our attention against dallas. plenty of footwear to go around. including desean jackson's blinding tweet. often with the camera in hand. and you would see them looking at it, trying to hide. he remembers sean taylor all throughout the november 2011 game against the eagles. >> he'll be going old school with the socks tonight. >> you'll want to come out and make a statement and make sure that it shows. you go back to look at their
5:53 pm
stats and we won the game. so we would perform, you know. but what we've got from it, it was not worth it. >> reporter: he got popped for $20,000 for multiple violations. >> do you try to ease in to it. it wasn't because i would look good in that uniform. they would like to see them steer clear if favor of trends. diane roberts wusa9 sports. >> and they will be in the city of brotherly love this weekend. with a chance to clinch them as wusa9 will be there for the huge game. you can watch the game right here. tony won't be there inspecting thinking that they will be at the home game.
5:54 pm
>> they better be. coming up at 6:00, mississippi's governor will tour the damage of the deadly spring-like tornado outbreak in the midwest. a woman is fighting to keep the pair of frozen embryos, but her ex-husband and the father of the embryos is refusing to let it happen. i'm tell you how that story is
5:55 pm
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distracted walking. >> you'll see it all the time. leading more people to get injured when they walk. >> reporter: it's a familiar sight on streets across america. and instead of the road. and with a word for it. almost everybody that i would see. >> reporter: we spotted jordan video chatting while on the streets. >> i know you shouldn't, but i still do it. but some could be more serious like this man falling on the train tracks. no train falling at the time. injuries are becoming so common that they including them in
5:58 pm
their injury report for the first time. from less than 515 years ago to more in 2011. >> it is come to fall on the sidewalks. but they found 52% actually happen at home. some could be on stairs where they have a bad fall. kenneth craig cbs news, new york. right now at 6:00, many people are cleaning up this christmas eve. gunshots ring out on the busy last minute before
5:59 pm
christmas. a divorced couple battling over what to do with the frozen embryos, i'm debra alfarone. >> i'm adam longo. at least 11 people are dead after several tornadoes tore through the south. the mississippi governor has declared a state of emergency. >> reporter: many in the south are spending christmas eve cleaning up. dozens of homes destroyed. thousands left without power. declaring it a state of new jersey. >> it is difficult to see the damage. >> this twister is believed to have been on the ground for more than 100 miles. they survived the storm in their bathroom. >> the roof was blowing off. i would say hold on.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: in polk county, arkansas an 18-year-old killed when a tree crashed in to her bedroom. >> and there will be a risk of tornadoes, with these clusters that will continue. >> reporter: in most of the east, the only frozen precipitation was hail. f it was in the lower 70s, normal for may. and then playing outside meant barrel bows and knees instead of snowboards and skis. >> that bad weather could have implications on christmas morning across the country. you see fedex has delays in the air traffic, causing them to adjust deliveries. some packages might end up being delivered on christmas day. in alabama in the


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