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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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right now at 11:00, everyone talking agent the temperatures on this christmas eve from melting ice rinks to shoppers in tee shirt, it's certainly been a holiday to remember, and guess what it's only getting warmer. new record highs already been set, so now the question is what's next? let's get out to howard bernstein. >> yes, this mild pattern will be with us. we get a little bit of a step back in temperatures saturday,
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but sunday will potentially another record breaker before the cool air returns. record highs today of 71 at national, and right now low to mid-60s in and around the metro. down to 58 in some area, and thin overcast but you can see the full moon. patchy fog developing. a few showers and even thunder that's been still rumbling across the eastern shore over the last half hour. the showers in southern maryland exited to the east, but you can see the activity has moved into delaware where the thunderstorms are, quickly off to the east, northeast. tonight look for patchy fog. tomorrow clouds with some showers developing for the afternoon and evening, borderline yellow weather alert day, but the you're early traveling, you should be okay. still mild though. temperatures making a run to 70. back with a very changing seven-
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day forecast in a few minutes. >> howard, thank you. families in parts of souths are spending their christmas eve taking stock of their losses. an unusual outbreak of december tornadoes and other violent weather killing at least 11 people and damaging and destroying dozens of homes. authorities confirming 7 deaths in mississippi alone. three more died in tennessee. one person killed in arkansas. storms extending from the gulf coast to the northeast causing hundreds of flight delays for travelers trying to get home. long lines filling the concourse at atlanta international airport, and flight status boards showing multiple flight cancellations. the flight aware website shows 550 flights canceled nationwide. atlanta had the largest percentage of delay, but new york and here in the dc area also had problems. pope francis used his christmas eve message to note
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the simplicity of the birth/jesus. he said it's a call for everyone to act in a way that's simple, balanced, and consistent. he also sounded a dry right injustices around the world. christians from around the world gathered in the city of bethlehem for christmas celebrations at the traditional birth place of jesus. even with the lights and music, some visitors report tension because of recent deadly violence between israel and palestine. here in dc prayer and song filled the washington national cathedral. [ singing ] >> hundreds filling the space to sing carols by candle light, telling the ancient story. washington national cathedral is considered a spiritual home to the entire nation.
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>> another church opened its doors to faithful of all ages. the pews filled for the children's christmas pageant, including the choir and stone ridge school of the sacred heart. it's the largest roman catholic church in the country. for a lot of people christmas eve meant one last opportunity to get out and shop. a lot of people out and about in georgetown tonight, some procrastinator, but a lot of people planned to wait this long to track down the best bargains they could find. >> every year i promise myself i'm going to do it earlier, but it never comes to sparks here i am. >> right before the holidays you can really get good stuff. >> reporter: 40 percent of holiday sales happen in the ten days before christmas. >> holiday spending is expected to grow 3.7 percent this year. sales expected to top $630
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billion. and even after many of the stores closed early. a lot of really last minute shoppers were still out there. this was the seen at columbia heights as the true procrastinators shopped for gift, supplies, and maybe found a good deal or two. what made it all easier though, it's a nice night to be out and about. no need for mitten, coat, hats and the like. unless dc christmas eve -- also in dc christmas eve meant drinking with friends. a bar in shaw traded out its beer and pretzels for eggnog and cookies. ellison barber is live from what might be the most festive place in the city tonight. >> reporter: festive doesn't begin to describe it. saint nick would feel comfortable having a drink here, but he'd have to make it through the doors first, and we learned tonight doing that is a feat on its own.
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>> an hour and ten minutes. >> about an hour. >> our third attempt to get in. >> reporter: one hour seems to be the wait time at miracle on 7th street. >> it's been two and a half to three hours previously. >> we had to come. >> it's a fun experience. >> yeah, people love a novelty, and who doesn't like the christmas spirit. >> reporter: normally it's called mocking bird hill, but right now it looks nothing like it or any normal ball. >> we have puff ball, land of the lost nativity scene. a beautiful christmas tree, a candy cane wall. the hanakkuh hang out. >> reporter: the owner got the idea from another bar owner. >> a friend who own's bar in new york did it last year, and
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he told me about it and we went for it. >> reporter: it's still a bar, but the snacks, the description, the music, and the bartenders make you think maybe the north pole isn't just for kids. >> we had somebody come from north carolina that drove all day long to have our eggnog. people have come to experience a little bit of magic we have here. >> reporter: it certainly intrigued many, but can a bar really create magic? >> it's just something special. >> it's christmas eve it's a beautiful looking bar and the cocktails are be, so if that's -- be, so if that's -- good, so if that's magic then yes. >> reporter: and they'll keep the bar open until january 9th because it's been so popular. i'll try and save you a seat. >> i might actually head down there. people were waiting for three hours before the place opened
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is what i heard? >> reporter: the owner said the longest line was around the block, and people waited at least three and a half hours. many people tried to come before tonight and couldn't get in. >> i'm glad it's tame. i was worried when i heard usual going live from a bar on christmas eve. merry christmas to you, thanks. don't go anywhere without downloading the wusa 9 app first. get live traffic condition, accident report, and local airport delays. other news across the country. a mall filled with holiday shoppers is a crime scene tonight. one person died from what police in charlotte, north carolina are calling a police involved shooting. one witness at north lake mall first thought someone dropped something, but then learned it was a dispute.
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the investigation is still underway, no word on the identity of the victim. most shoppers on an upscale chicago street haven't been deterred from the protest stemming from the police shooting death of a black teen. profesters briefly blocked the entrance to a michigan avenue apple store chanting no justice, no profits. police on bikes kept the entrance safe. a truly frightening scene with a 15-year-old collapsed at school during a field day. teachers rushed to his side and now they're being called heroes after using a defibrilla to to bring him back to life. the young man wasn't breathe, and wasn't responding to their questions. >> we had him hooked up, machine came on, and said fire. my father was a doctor, and he passed away a long time ago, but in the back of my mind i was saying help me dad, make sure i do it right, and things
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worked out. >> last week the fair t school board -- school board recognized the teachers that came together to save his life. and this man, 45-year-old curtis davis charged after a rampage at a restaurant. he's accused of first exposing himself to an employee, demanding a cheaper bill and pulling out a gun. it happened last night when he threatened an employee, and ordered a cashier to lower his bill. well, they did, he paid, and then left. police arrested davis the next day. two montgomery county, and police asking for your help in finding a missing 21-year-old man. he was last scene december 16th with his girlfriend at the mcdonald's on new hampshire avenue. police and family are worried about his welfare. if you see him call the monday
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county police. influential civil rights leader from florida, roger b. hayling has died. he and three others asked to be served as a lunch countedder, and were arrested. they were released after protests led by martin luther king jr. >> reporter: it could be his last christmas ever, but this family is making sure it's his best. the diagnosis that changed their live, and the spirit they hope saves his. >. and it looks like a lot of fun, but there's a serious message behind this christmas wrapping project. why it has even more meaning here in dc. and a lot of people can't get in the spirit to deck the halls unless this stuff is out there flying around. we'll let you know how far you'd have to travel
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we want to drive our scientists, we want to drive our engineers, to never be satisfied with where we are today. because there are always better ways to do things. i'm vijay swarup, and i am a scientist at exxonmobil. ♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. a family learned their 8- year-old has a rare form of brain cancer.
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with his future uncertain they're trying to make every moment count, especially this christmas. mola lenghi has the story. >> this is going to be the best christmas ever because you don't know if he'll be here next year. >> reporter: ryan is celebrating what could be his last christmas. he has brain cancer. >> i'm optimistic and know he's going to beat it, but i also know what the tumor can do. >> reporter: the survival rate is less than 1 percent. his mother's first reaction was fight. >> okay, surgery. radiation, chemo. let's do it, let's get it started, and then you get a second dose of bad news, well your son has a rare form of brain cancer. >> reporter: the tumors are where doctors can't operate or reach with standard chemotherapy. >> he hasn't shown a lot of emotion, a lot of things don't
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make him happy. he's very cos((nfused, and als angry. it's not to think about well what if he's not here next year, or next week, or tomorrow. >> reporter: that's why tonight was so importantment the local ymca arranged for santa claus to take a fire truck and marines to come gifts in hand. ryan's favorite story, the grinch, and playing out right here in his front yard. volunteers set up christmas decorations to make it look like whoville. the grinch finds the true means of christmas, it's a miracle, exactly what ryan's mom is hoping for. >> i pray he's our miracle. >> reporter: ryan is currently taking a clinical trial pill. >> we found out december 14th, the tumor shrunk dramatically.
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yes, an early christmas present. >> reporter: still a long battle ahead. ryan knows he has brain cancer, but doesn't know he's terminal. >> we don't tell him. we feel at that point people start to give up. you need to treat him like he's going to survive because he will. >> reporter: whether it's another year or day, every moment counts. >> >. we don't dwell on the past or look to the future, but live in the moment. >> reporter: and they love this moment beating cancer. mola lenghi. >> if you'd like to help ryan and his family and the ymca program that made santa's visit possible, download the wusa9 mobile app. while some shoppers got last minute gift, some volunteers were looking to spread the message at a local mall that we need help to combat sex trafficking. fair girl, a local nonprofit were out wrapping gifts for
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support to the cash-strapped organization. they help up to 50 girls a year with a place to stay, legal issue, a job, and self-esteem. >> many of the girls in our program come to us feeling isolated and alone after years of being sold in sex traffic, and the local days bring up -- holidays bring up feelings of wanting love and warmth, and a place to be, and they have a place to go with fair girl, it's really important. >> it's one of the top 10 locations for sex trafficking in the country here, and their 24-hour hot line never take's holiday. that number is upright now on the wusa9 app. you really can't ice skate on a rink of slush. have a look. this is the washington harbor ice rink in georgetown, shut down. same for the ice skating spot at the navy's yard. temperatures in the 70s, not
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conducive to maintaining a huge block of ice. so how far would you have to travel to enjoy snow? mount rose in nevada. get in the car, head west about 1787-mile, and more snow on the way there. the greater lake tahoe area under a winter storm warning, and lit get down to two, that is two degrees tonight. and howard, you remember telling us earlier some spots in alaska to know surprise were like ridiculously -- >> oh, yeah. >> 40 below. >> yes, the arctic. and craig, colorado were 9 below, eventually some of the chill will head our way. we will have a winter at some point. but even next week there's a
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little hint of something monday night tuesday morning. first where is santa right now? kids if you're up, you better get to sleep. santa shortly will be toward lakewood new york. south of the through way trying to get to the southern tier. we'll watch it carefully. and the 3 degree guarantee. the forecast high was 74. a lot of clouds, but we made it, 71. 14 in a row. three off is okay, within the three-degree guarantee. showers just bothersome, especially south. heavier rains this morning. and even tonight had another batch of showers, and all of that really, over the last two to three hours, now exiting east and into delaware, and even southern new jersey with a little bit of lightning and thunder. few areas of low clouds and fog
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trying to develop, and we're looking at that with the temperature almost the same as the dewpoint. light winds, a very thin overcast, so perhaps you've seen the moon. the halo with temperatures from the mid-50s to still 72, and the fog, especially quantico. that cold, here it is, 42 below in arctic village, and it's starting to move south due to the fact that the jet stream, big deep here. allowing the cold 20 head here. in the meantime several chances of showers. tonight, isolated showers are pretty much over. patchy fog, low 50s to low 60, tomorrow morning, can't rule out the isolated shower. mainly rising through the 60s to the upper 60, even a couple of spots over 70 with a better chance of showers later on in
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the afternoon and evening. saturday, cooler, 58. spotty showers, back in the 70, more record warmth sunday. get ready, saturday night, low 50s with showers up in philadelphia for the redskins eagles game, and then next week cooler weather return, and monday night and tuesday morning maybe a little sleet or freezing rain for a few hours. yeah, winter is not over. >> hasn't started. >> and clearly not over. and now we have to wonder what's happening in philadelphia. >> yes, the division is on the line for the match up between the skins and eagles. last time out kirk cousins led the team on a last-minute win at fedex field. this time around the team knows what
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now wusa9 game on sports. counting is how long until washington and philadelphia have to wait for the nfc east battle. if the the burgundy and gold wins the game they win the
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division. >> reporter: we continue to count down to the redskins and eagles saturday night in a pivotal nfc east show down. the eagles are seven and seven -- redskins are seven and seven right now. the eagles have had some issue, but all they care about this week is knocking off the redskins. >> they can play football, and we're not looking past that at all. we're expecting a dog fight, and expecting to play our game, and that 60 minutes of football, being pros on and off the field, and playing for each other. >> we definitely know the last couple of years have been rough for us. my first year, last year was rough, and i really don't like to lose, and neither do the other guys in the locker room, so we're in a position where we know what's at stake. >> it's very easy for us to stay motivated and understanding the importance of each rep and play in the game, these guys understand it, nobody is looking ahead, we're looking at philadelphia, we've
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done a good job of that all year. >> reporter: the redskins will have a light walk through noristmas day, and then head up rth for philadelphia saturday. >> stay with wusa9, we'll have acro in philadelphia saturday plus watch the game right here with a special edition of game on. the nationals have been counting brandon phillips, but when talks broke down, they liked elsewhere, and reportedly landed daniel murphy for a three-year deal. he earned mvp honors this year. washington gives up a first round pick in exchange for the 30-year-old. it's the holiday, and teams are sharing their holiday wishes with you. we showed you frosty the
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snowman yesterday, but tonight it's blooper time. [ singing ] >> no, you're going to be in the bloopers again aren't you? >> can i get a pitch? >> play the musics over it. >> you sing over it. >> oh [ singing ] [ laughter ] >> they were many more, i wish you could have seen them all. >> they did know the words right? >> well, i think they had some ♪
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nice day to enjoy christmas. >> yes, morning a chance of fog, showers later in the
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afternoon. leading the charge. >> i'm all about the holidays. >> very mild tomorrow. spotty showers, cooler saturday, more record warmth sunday, then cold, and potentially a messy start tuesday morning. >> kind of up and down and all over the place. and this is incredibly festive. >> yes, it's called alpine snow. it's the closest to snow i could get. what can i say? i love the holidays? tune in tomorrow for something even better. >> well, more ridiculously -- christmas to all -- merry christ
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