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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 26, 2015 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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on. touchdown, philadelphia. >> trent: they've lived on those most of the night. matthews on it once again. from the pile on camera as we see matthews take it in. foot getting in across the goal line. >> ian: that's really been a nice addition, the pile on cam giving you a different perspective. and that will be a staple from here on out. well, just how big was that last washington drive to create some breathing room? philphadelia facing an uphill climb at home against the redskins. this is the best block of all.
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>> ian: tonight's sky cam is wet and it's being presented by maz mazda. here in philadelphia, time is running out. on side kick attempt and that was very easy. pierre garcon there for
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washington. 4:33 left. and for the washington redskins and their fans, unexpected. i think this season, considering all of the chatter before the season started for the quarterback position, rg 3 and kirk cousins. a win tonight, they will join the 600 club. most wins all time, including the post season, the bears, the packers, the giants and the steelers. robert gibson the third took this lead by storm in his rookie year, 2012, that's when the redskins last made the playoffs. but injuries, they decided to go in a different direction. and the superstars, the super fans, the pizza!
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ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. give yourself the gift of a better network. get up to 50% off our hottest android smartphones, like the samsung galaxy s6. only till december 27th. . thursday night football saturday edition is delivered by papa john's two large two topping pizzas for just $7.77 each. everyone will love that and by cialis. washington redskins, 4:28 away from taking the division title. got that the 49-yard line of philadelphia.
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second and 7 for the redskins. and the motion man, 129 yard, two touchdowns. a little dance from morris at the outside. brought down by alonzo, the former buffalo bill and a time out is called. that's it for timeouts. for the eagles. the run to the playoffs is on at nfl network is your home for the most playoff coverage anywhere every day all the way through super bowl 50. nfl network, your home for the nfl playoffs. well, the new york giants fans were taking a tension to this game. trent williams is taking a very
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slow limp to the washington side line. and remember, they were already banged up on the offensive line. third and fourth fr washington. morris, the single setback. they give it to morris. comes up short of the first down. needed 4, got two. >> trent: as the game winds down, how many changes are going to be made in the off season? >> you do want to resign bradford and have him here? and from bradford, has to decide if this is the team he wants to fit in. because there are teams out there that are quarterback
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needy. >> ian: there are alwaysquarter. >> ta that's the one commodity tat will always be needed in the l nfl. >> trent: and with the way cousins is playing, delay of game on the redskins. certainly he's going to have an opportunity with another team and with it pray of kirk cousins this rast nine weeks and winning the division, obviously lookings ri like that is the direction. >> ian: and it's a reminder of how quickly things can change in this league. rg 3, colin kaepernick, who would draw his team to a super bowl and he'll be looking for a new team once it off season hits. that position, it fluctuates.
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it's fluid.. >> trent: you look at bradford, he was nfl rookie of the year in 2010. robert griffen the iii, was offensive rookief t of the year 2012. so, it changes. this league is continually moving as coaches change as offensive coordinators change and bringing on free agency but quarterback is that key position and you need to find, as a quarterback, the system that works for you and as an organization, you have to find that quarterback that works for you as well. >> ian: only chance for philadelphia. they have to score quickly and get an onside kick. it's a quick hitter to jordan matthews. we're down to 3:07 remaining. philadelphia has no timeouts left. they'll have it two pminute warning to stop the clock. bradford, up in the air. incomplete. chris baker, who has been back
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in there after being shaken up earlier in the quarter. timpt redskins, defenit redskin have been able to keep everybody under 20 yards receiving. only one reception tonight has been under 20 yards and that was to matthews. >> ian: out to parosproles. down the side line. out of bounds. so, the catch and run for sproles goes for 14, 2:49 left in the fourth. >> trent: you can see the blocking going on in the outside. matthews is already going up the field. that was a set prlay. >> ian: washington backing off. allowing the short game but don't want to give up the big
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one. bradford 367 yards and a touchdown. kirk cousins, 31 of 46. 365, four touchdowns. another completion. once again, it's zack ertz. joe, defensive coordinator for the washington redskins and his first year running the "d." former defensive coordinator in detroit in 2007 and 8. from the 46. bradford, brought down. he could not break free of jason hatcher with a flag down. >> trent: a face mask call. >> ian: ahatcher had a sack las week. his first since week one. >> referee: number 97, defense, face mask. first down. >> ian: it started on the
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shoulder, eventually made its way to the face mask against it veteran, hatcher. >> trent: and now the eagles will be able to get another snatch off before the two minute warning. >> ian: eagles now have it at the washington 41. catch, brought down. ricky john-francois, sniffing that out. and that's going to take us to the two minute warning here in philly. washington trying to close it out. 38-24, the redskins in front of the eagles. two minutes to play.
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>> ian: coming up next, it's the mazda post game show and kirk cousins will be on the sit. that's coming up on the mazda post game show. philadelphia out of timeouts.
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two minutes to play. kirk cousins and sam bradford on the next pass will have combined for 100 passes tonight. right up your alley, trent. >> trent: perfect game just when you think it's late december, raining. you wouldn't think philadelphia are going to have 100 pass attempts when this was first put on the schedule but both these offens ae s are thriving in th passing game. >> ian: two minutes to go. second and 17 for philly. barn r er remains in there. and bradford will throw it to matthews. matthews gets hit at the 26-yard line. we have a 1:51 and counting .
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that's a 12-yard pick up. low snap, bradford recovers. tosses, it's dropped. barner's had a couple of them. >> trent: they still need to get into the end zone and get the on side kick. and barner looking up field before securing the ball. >> ian: and now it's fourth and five. last -- ricochet, incomplete. and it's over. the washington redskins, 1:34 away. from an nfc east title. >> trent: if you look at what the redskins have been able to
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do. they were 1-5 on the road coming into this game but that one win was their last road game. so, now back to back road wins to help clinch this division. they'll have one more wrapping it up in dallas. >> ian: and the celebration begins on that washington side line. >> trent: and as you know, you've been around this long enough and you can go into the playoffs and not have had the best season but all of a sudden you get in a rhythm and you have a team that believes in the coach and the system and the quarterback and it doesn't matter what your record is. it's getting into the playoffs and getting in with the right frame of mind and right now the redskins are heading that way. >> ian: and this is where cousins wants to take the knee, doesn't want to spike it. just take the knee. coming up, the mazda post game show. interviews, analysis. kirk cousins will be on the set.
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huge play on the fumble recovery and touchdown, deangelo hall. jay gruden, he took out the preseason predictions and showed the team that they were picked to finish as the 30th team in the league. 31st team in the league. just as a little added motivation to remind them what people thought of the team before it started and what they've accomplished this year, including their quarterback, captain kirk with a break through season for washington. >> trent: and that can be a great motivator, not only for a football team but for a quarterback. you want to prove people wraeop. >> ian: cousins itakes the knee. washington wins the nfc east. the redskins are going to back
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to the playoffs. they get it done on the road, 38-24 over the philadelphia eagles. 2015, nfc east champions. their first division title in three years. yes, it was a roller coaster ride in the nfc east this year but as the smoke is cleared, washington emerges. the redskins 8-7. philadelphia falls to 6-9. washington, champions in the nfc east. panthers still undefeated. cardinals with a fantastic season and the green bay packers
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at 10-4. and seahawks and vikings occupying the wild card spot. >> what's it mean to clench this division in a place you started your career? >> honestly, i don't know why the fans hate me so much. it wasn't my decision for them to let me go. i played my heart out on this field but there can't be no better way than to get a win here and send them home for a second year in a row. numbers, stats, i could careless as long as we get that win, that's all that matters today. >> ian: this first half ended very oddly for this offense. what does it say that you were able to respond and put this game out ahead? >> it speaks for the hard work we all put in since day one. no one ever gave us the respect and no one believed in us and
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i'm just happy my boys did it. today was a day i knew they were not going to let me take the top off. and jordan reed, he played his but off and he had over 100 yards and did his thing. so, we needed that. it's going to be great. this year, we made it to the playoffs. this is something that nobody believed in it us. they said we couldn't do it. and we like tennessee. and we're nfc champs in washington. baby, let's get it. appreciate you. >> ian: all right, evan, thank you very much. desean jackson and the washington redskins with a victory in philly. 38-24, the final. the stakes are high tonight in philadelphia. the redskins come through. the mazda post game show is coming up. so and the rest of our crew, ian
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welcome to the mazda post game show. >> the washington redskins, fans headed up i 95 to philadelphia where they get a win on the road. deion sanders, kirk cousins, the player of the game coming up next. and there he is after the game. dan snider who drafted him in 2012 in the third round, finally pays dividends as the redskins are headed to the playoffsplayo. so, the redskins are headed to the playoffs. they are 8-7. they eliminate the eagles and the giants with this 38-24 win tonight and kirk cousins was a
11:54 pm
big reason for this win. >> it's good to have you with us. >> looks much better over there. >> yeah yeah. comfortable seat, rich. >> kirk cousins is just doing it now ever since -- you like that game. only three interceptions. he's 6-3 and he had another 300 yard game. that gives him seven on the year. more than any redskins quarterback in the history of that great organization. they go ahead and win behind his two point passing and win this division and on to the playoffs they go. unbelievabl unbelievable. >> you would think if no way they won that game but he did. and i thought he played a spectacular game with the exception of -- i can't call it a brain far. that was a boo boo. that was more than just smell.
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that was brain boo boo. going out of bounds and stopping the clock. when you lose points like that, that's a number two. that's okay. you got back, you played well and you found that man, jordan reed up the middle. i talked about this a couple of years ago before he really hit the scene and i said, man, what where you doing? you're supposed to be baddest man in the league and now he's showing what i knew i saw back then. just a great day by jordan reed. and two touchdowns. but by all of their receivers, pierre setting up for eight. you know they played high over the top and not let desean jackson get the big play. >> ian: a >> some of them came off of miscues. >> trent: and kirk cousins is
11:56 pm
going to be on your shoulders. he shoaledered that. the offensive came out early. and from then on, they started to implode. turning the football over. fumbling the football. dropping passes. a lot of things happen in the game, in the game where you win or you go home. chip kelly 's offense, they just were not sharp. missing wide open passes. there were times a guy we considered very accurate in sam bradford, when he was not precered, you cannot miss throws to guys like this. you can't miss these throws. these are balls that you have to complete when you starting quarterback in the national football league and i just can't understand how he missed these throws. it baffle me in this game at this magnitude but the fumbles, missed passes, throws it was a lot. i defense played well
11:57 pm
enough to keep them in the game that if they had scored and not had the turnovers, they could have won this game. >> and sluggo, slam and go, just wide open in the end zone. it really did. i don't know what i thought going in. but i tell you what when washington scored 23 points and philadelphia came -- did what we were talk about earlier. they hand the ball to demarco had m murray. he threw a couple of passes over the middle and talts that's when he missed the slug so. and you were trying to pitch to demarco. >> the carelessness with the football. -- >> cousins did a good job of protecting the football and he's headed to the set right now. there he is.
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all thumbs up when you get the win. nfc east. >> ian: he's not kirk's cousin. he's kirk cousins. >> saturday edition is presented by mazda. driving matters and brought to you by verizon. watch live, local
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the redskins heading to the mauve. kirk cousins leads the tammy to the nfc east town. i'm deborah. happy saturday night. the redskins quarterback shined in philly tonight, toughing for a touchdown pass. we have team we have team coverage begin right here with kristin burrs set. >> it was fun. it was a great game. you never know what is going to happen with the division rivals. you throw everything outs the window. late present for the redskins. win, they are in the playoffs for the first time in three years. a place that nobody thoughts they would be at at this point. kirk cousins was 0-for-4 in prime time game but tonight,
12:02 am
like they did all season, they had the monkey off their back. big night for tight end jordan reid, two touchdowns, 7 catches. did he sean shack-on playing his former team. he is loving it. he is telling them to be quiet. hall got a late present. he was not on santa's naughty list. sam bradford fumble, hall recovers. takes it 17 yards for the score. let's get right back out to financial field. we have more on tonight's big win.
12:03 am
>> lots of happy fans, you heard people screaming "you like that", "you like that". >> we have a crew in the locker room talking to players. we'll stand right ohere, hopin we get kirk cousins as soon as he walks off talking to nfl networks, we'll hope to get him. >> kirk cousins is ten yards away from becoming the third after redskins quarterback to throw for 4000 yards in a single season. that's his third 300-yard game as well. the team will -- at 2:25 this morning, they are coming and fans, if you want to come, welcome to the party. welcome back.
12:04 am
>> let's go straight to the podium because i hear that deshawn jackson is speaking. let's hear about him. >> that's a great feeling. that's something that we have been waiting all year. >> kirk is developing. this is the first otherthat he is as a quarterback. this year, he was able to prepare, give them reps as the first team. you know, he is doing what you asked of him, asking a starting quarterback to do in this league, get the team where he needs to get to and at the same time, we are able to get the ball down the field. we are taking advantage of what defense is giving us. if they take the deep ball away, that's when you have jordan reid who makes awesome catches underneath. he gets some big yards aft catch. , too. you know, he is big. he has done a great job this
12:05 am
year. [question inaudible] . >> yeah. you know, really, when i started my career here in philly, eye done some special things. i felt, you know, in between the lines out there, you know, i put in a lot of hard work, a lot of success. i had the city behind me. starting and hearing boos from the crowd and fans, you know, that was not my decision to leave, you know. chip kelly released me. that part is frustrating, you know. does not get any better. get better than coming here and winning and -- his a coach and made the stition and i


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