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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 28, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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[male announcer] idon't let thems that pass you by.ived. jump into them. immerse yourself in them. ♪ because it's the nows that make the journey worthwhile. the wild atlantic way. 1500 miles of extraordinary nows. jump into ireland. visit to find out more. thank you for joining us for the news at noon. some wild and deadly weather crashed through a wide section of the country over the weekend. at least 40 people were killed. 9 twisters swept through the dallas area alone.
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that same storm system is now bringing blizzard conditions to the panhandle of texas and oklahoma. in hard hit texas. >> many residents are retrieving what little they have left following the tornadoes. >> compared to our neighbors, i think we got pretty lucky. the house is still standing. the walls are standing. >> more than 100 homes in the garland area were reduced to rubble when winds of up to 200 miles per hour tore through the area. said it was a scariest night of her life. >> there were clouds all night long. >> a 24 hour curfew remains in effect after an ef3 tornado caused significant damage. you could see the tornado knocked over this van and behind me it ripped the roof off this home. >> on sunday authorities evacuated residents near this
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damaged water tower over fears of flooding. >> at this point we have had an engineer assess it. based on the damage that he saw, he was concerned enough to ask us to drain the water tower. >> the unusual weather pattern is now blanketing parts of the texas panhandle, oklahoma and new mexico with heavy snow. snow drifts led officials to shut down almost all of interstate 40 as dozens of vehicles slided off roads. forecasters expect more than 15 inches of snow in some places before the storm moves to the northeast. >> now we have learned new mexico has declared a state of emergency. the national weather service also issuing a flash flood warning for missouri, including st. louis. fortunately we are not having any dangerous weather here.
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things are changing back to winter, though. >> we have that yellow weather alert for tomorrow. so back to cloudy and chilly temperatures for today's. it really feels like it should. 44 degrees we started off this morning at 58. temperatures are going to stay very consistent today, not much temperature change. notice the feels like temperature, into the upper 30s. that's going to stick around for the afternoon as well. 40 for hager and 45 for man as a. we've got a couple of areas of light showers. that's going to trim before the bulk of the rain arrives tonight. we'll time out that rain coming up but once you head up to the north it's a little bit of a mess and through our higher he elevations we could see a mix of sleet. but a lot of old fashioned
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rain. severe weather today expected for alabama and parts of tennessee and winter weather for them is behind it. that's pushing off through parts of the midwest. we'll detail out when the rain arrives tonight and when the mild temperatures arrive, too. emotions are running high in chicago after saturday's police shooting of 2 people in a home. a woman was accidently shot and killed while police were responding to a domestic abuse. jamie with more. >> family and friends mourned a chicago teenager and a neighbor, the day after police shot the two. their deaths are underinvestigation. pack police say -- chicago police say 55-year-old betty jones was shot accidently. 2 of her daughters talked about their loss to reporters.
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>> they shot her. >> i seen my mom on the floor and i got to crying. i was afraid he was going to shoot at me, too. >> a college student was also shot, visiting his father for the holiday. he was the initial reason for the 911 call. >> bonn their arrival they were confronted by a combative individual, resulting in an officer firing shots. >> said her son suffered from mental illness but should not have been killed. >> i use to do watch the news daily and i would grieve for other mothers and now today i'm grieving myself. >> the shooting is bringing more scrutiny to the chicago police department. both victims were black. they want rahm emanuel's office to respond. they worry shirts that say rahm failed us. >> the chicago police department is the subject right now of a federal civil rights
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investigation which came after the release of video showing a white officer shooting a black teenager 16 times. trying to determine what sparked this fire in southeast washington this morning in southeast. it took crews only a few minutes to put out the flames and no one was hurt in this. we are working to find out the identity of a man killed at the intersection of walker mill road and water ford drive in capital heights. police believe the driver was trying to take a left turn when it ran into that all terrain vehicle throwing the man and his daughter from the atv. he is one of the most popular players of the washington nationals and now he is fending off accusations of a possible doping zimmerman's att
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it an outright lie. the report claims he used -- drugs. they all have denied the claims and the source of the al jazeera investigation has since recounted his story. sad news from the entertainment world, mad owe lark died at his home. this is footage very recently earlier this year he was in great day washington. he performed with that all black all star team from the 1950s all the way through the 1970s, meadow lark lemon was 84. all abuzz this weekend after beating philadelphia. mania was everywhere and it all started at the tc diner in bethesda.
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they were over the moon for their team. >> monday morning after christmas is usually pretty quiet but not today and it's all thanks to the burgundy and gold. >> they are actually playing with a little heart and i like that. >> and so did other fans who welcomed the team home monday by chanting, you like that. back at the kasey diner redskins talk is as common as bacon and eggs. the last time we were here it was after the loss to dallas. today, though, it's a completely different story. >> you can just see the progress progression of the team. >> after beating philly and officially putting them in the playoffs, redskins nation is abuzz again. >> it's exciting. i mean, we've been waiting a long time for this to happen again. >> and it couldn't have come at a better time.
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a nice little christmas present. >> i'm happy. >> and even the nonfootball fans were on board. >> when the redskins win, everybody is gub hasn't around here. >> believe it or not we found a dallas fan who is happy with the win. >> i am a dallas fan but my better half is a die hard redskins fan. >> these fans are content and cautiously optimistic. >> this is huge. regardless of what happens from this point on, this is awesome. >> in bethesda. >> and they certainly seem to be going in the right direction. the redskins play dallas this sunday. still ahead, new warning labels for common anti inflammatory drugs and a new study could lead to changes in blood pressure.
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but first see how iraqi forces manage to gain control
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welcome back. iraqi military forces retook a strategic government complex in the city of ram addy from isis militants who have occupied it since may. the province has been quote, fully liberated. however, iraq said that only the government complex is secure. he said parts of the city remain under isis control. efforts have been hampered by booby traps. wounded nearly a hundred more. a car loaded with about 3 pounds of explosives blew up near a gas tank near a row of
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shops. the attacks come days after rebels had started leaving the area as part of a cease fire agreement. crews had to get creative at a ski resort over the weekend because the chair lift stopped. riders had to be lowered by a rope. sunshine resorts said we are going to get parts for that lift but could take a few days. a return to more winter like temperatures. allison is next with the forecast. sal son. >> it definitely feels like december today, unlike yesterday. but we have some rain for tonight through tomorrow morning but believe it or not we're not done with the warm temperatures. i'll let you know how mild it will
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welcome back. from the landmark study on blood pressure to the growing heroin epidemic, it's been a big year in health news. marley hall has a look back. >> heroin deaths nearly quadrupled in the last decade to more than 8200 a year. reported use of the highly addict iive narcotic that skyrocketed. >> i picked up the needle and heroin when i was 15. >> also found the use of electronic cigarettes tripled over the last year. the fda announced new warning labels for drugs such as advil and aleave saying they carry a risk for heart attack and stroke. a landmark study could lead to
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-- in blood pressure. 120 for people over 50 significantly lowered their chance of death. hit the market in october, it's for women who have no sex drive. >> it's kinds of like eating your favorite food and not having any taste buds, you can't taste it. >> the american cancer society changed it breath cancer screening guides, recommending women get annual mammograms at 45 instead of 40 and every two years starting at 55. the new recommendations are closer to the u.s. task force. a gene test seems to accurately identify many early stage hormone driven breast cancer patients who can safely skip chemotherapy. former president jimmy carter announced he was battling
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melanoma. 3 1/2 months after starting treatment he said he was cancer free. the world health organization classified processed meat including bacon and hot dogs as carcinojen i can. a study found introducing babies to hay nuts -- peanuts dramatically reduced their risk of peanut allergy. and found 1 in 45 kids is on the -- spectrum. talk about a cool fishing trip. an up close personal encounter with a great white shark is getting a lot of play on youtube. he has been posting other trips but nothing looked like this one. see that in the water there. saturday he was taking
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customers in the water when a great white shark decided to mess with their fishing bait. >> he just took a chunk out of the fish and killed it and everybody was going crazy. >> he said the 12-foot shark actually circled his body for about 30 minutes and every time they put more bait in the water the shark took it. he said he has only seen one other great white shark in the last ten years. sending troops into northern england to fight back the rising river waters. the fighting comes after weeks of heavy rains and he's vowing to do everything possible to protect people and their property from the water. a wild fire that forced evacuations of dozens of homes in coastal california is now 75% contained. say their new worry is
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landslides. if rain hits the charred hills. the fire that erupted friday night was caused by an arcing power line. at one point the fire covered 1230 acres. that's a lot of land. we had tons of rain. our front yard was a mudslide a few days ago. >> it's going to rain again. i think topper was hoping this was going to be snow. but it's going to be the worst kinds of rain. we are tracking rain at times. i wouldn't be surprised if some areas go under the flash flood watch again. and without the vegetation, there's nowhere for the rain to go and we are pretty saturated. we're starting off at 44. this morning we're at 58. it's so hard to believe the
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temperature dropped this much. but it's breezy. we're at 44. temperatures staying very consistent, very steady right through the afternoon. feels about 37. it's going to stay feeling into the upper 30s as the rain showers arrive. we had a a little drizzle through the morning hours and this is another round of light rain but this is not the bulk of rain. we are going to see the bulk after dinner time. headed to man as as at 1:10. we have a lot more of that heavier rain to go through. today for this system places through alabama are seeing the brunt of the storm. we're not expecting either of those. we're going to see just a cold rain late tonight and then first thing tomorrow morning. those of you that are with us you are going to see some of this heavy rain push on through. 4:30 today, light showers kind
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of hang around the area. if you are headed to annapolis, it's going to be cloudy and cool and you might see a little bit of drizzle here and there. as we head through 9:00 here comes some of the heavier rain. the maryland panhandle and parts of the blue ridge. that's where you can see a little bit of wintery mix. by midnight tonight, that's some good sleeping weather here. notice the temperatures still haven't moved much. into the 40s, so the heavy rain will push on through and first thing tomorrow morning it continues. we're looking at scattered rain and if you are taking a few days off, just sleep through it. the rain continues until 7:30. we are going to see heavy pockets so if you are getting up on the roads. short lived yellow alert. by 11:30 we are already
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clearing things out. partial clearing for the afternoon. we're still going to hang out with partly cloudy skies but those temperatures are right back to the 60s on tuesday. on wednesday we will see a few areas of clouds in the morning. we'll head back to the upper 50s but more so for areas well to the south and southeast of the district. most areas north and west don't see a bit of rain. so there's your mild days, tuesday and wednesday. we're going to bring in the new year just as we should, into the 40s. we'll be right cg
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welcome back.
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some tampa area firefighters are definitely on santa's nice list for next christmas. they were called out to a burning car and they came face to face with saint nicolas himself. santa said his reindeer worry out so he had to drop off some gifts with his car. next thing you knew his car broke down and burst into flames. he started walking down the road and guess what, he found it. >> they are away from their families, there are soldiers and police officers and other people on christmas morning but they were there for me. not to save my car. but to save me. >> santa said in all of his cars in bringing christmas cheer, this was the best christmas he had ever had. what a neat response there. >> and an exclusive interview with santa. >> okay, that will do it for
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the news at noon. you can track the rain on the wsa9 app. have a great day everybody. wow, you changed my old bedroom. with a little help from a havertys designer.
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>> dylan: hey, hey! how was the movie? >> faith: awesome. >> dylan: yeah? >> mariah: well, technically, the jujubes and the popcorn were awesome. >> faith: and the goobers and the licorice and the root beer. >> dylan: okay. no more sugar for you. oh, no! no candy! >> mariah: [ chuckles ] catch me later. >> faith: you're the best. >> mariah: this is what big sisters do. >> faith: [ chuckles ] i'm gonna be just as good a sister to sully. >> dylan: you're already a phenomenal big sister. >> mariah: speaking of, where is my godson? >> dylan: uh, he's, uh, with the sitter. sharon's talking with dr. anderson right now. >> sharon: faith diving into her presents and dylan, my husband, holding sully like the little gift that he is... >> dr. anderson: wow. it must have been so wonderful to start your new life together as husband and wife wi


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