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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 31, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, december 31st, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." bill cosby once called america's dad and he faces sexual assault charges. his attorney says he will be exonerated. >> rivers rise to record levels and the floodwaters are expected to get worse. the mother of the so-called affluenza teen arrives back in the united states. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. for many of my clients, seeing him, having to face a trial is the best christmas present that they have ever seen. >> bill cosby charged with
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felony sexual assault. >> he was fingerprinted and released on bail. >> we expect for him to be fully exonerated. >> missouri governor jay nixon says the missouri river is expected to crest later today and hit all-time high levels. rivers in arkansas and kentucky are still rising and threatening to break levees. >> the so-called affluenza teen's mother comes back to the united states. her son is still in mexico. >> a plane that left 21 people . hurt >>e likyou see in the movies where they all go up to the ceiling, okay? everything went to the ceiling that wasn't anchored. >> brussels has cancelled new year's eve celebration andis par cancelling a fireworks show. >> extra security in times square for the celebration. >> dozens of check poise. enrique marques who allegedly supplied the guns to the san
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bernardino terror couples admits. >> stealing a game ball. >> all that. >> and trump has a new beef with president obama. it's the war on hairspray. >> you can't use hairspray, because hairspray is going to affect the ozone. they want me to use a pump bee causotthe her one, which i really like better than going bing, bing, bing. >> and all that matters. it is already 2016 in parts of the world like new zealand where they are celebrating as we speak. >> how many world leaders do you think are completely out of their minds? >> a pretty sizeable. at some point, your feet hurt and you're having trouble peeing. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. ♪ welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm jeff glor with kristine
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johnson of our new york station wcbs. happy new year's to you. >> same to you. >> good to see you. charlie rose and norah o'donnell and gayle king are off today. legal troubles have caught up with bill cosby. the legendary comedian is free on bail this morning in a sexual assault case and charged one month before the statute of limitations would have run out. >> the criminal charges are the first against a man once known as america's dad. this years dozens of women accused him of past sexual misconduct. jericka duncan was inside the courtroom on wednesday as cosby was arraigned and she is in elkins park, pennsylvania, just north of philadelphia. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the arraignment lasted less than ten minutes. bill cosby appeared exposed. inside the courtroom he paid the required 10% of his $1 million bail and was ordered to turn over his passport. with two attorneys at his side, bill cosby carefully stepped out of a black suv wednesday to face
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criminal charges of sexual assault. gripping a cane, the 78-year-old stumbled on the curb as he was led into this small courthouse in elkins park, pennsylvania. the accusationed that landed him here date back to 2004 when temple university employ andrea constand says cosby sexual assaulted her in her own hope p.m. con stand said within a half hour she experienced blurred vision and difficulty speaking. >> mr. cosby urged her to take pills that he provided to her and to drink wine. the effect of which rendered her unable to move or respond to his advances. >> reporter: constand said she awoke the next morning partially
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dressed. cosby gave her a muffin and opened the front door and said, all right. at the time, the district attorney said there was not enough evidence to charge cosby. in 2005 constand filed a civil suit that was settled but they decided to reopen the case in which the judge reveals dozens of depositions in which cosby admitted to giving drugs to women. constand's attorney asked the following question. cosby replied, yes. he later said he misunderstood the question. monique presley is cosby's attorney. >> it's sad for his legal team, for his family that he would be dragged through this. we are 12 years in. twelve years after an alleged assault. that was fully investigated. >> reporter: for victoria val
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valenti valentino, the charges offer vindication. >> i pretty much had given up on justice prevailing. it just means that people have been listening to us, they have been hearing us. >> reporter: cosby only shook his head at reporters as he left the courthouse wednesday. >> what do you have to say, sir? >> reporter: with helicopters and cameras following his every move, he was then taken to a local jail to be fingerprinted and booked. cosby is due back in court next month for a preliminary hearing. if he is convicted, he could face up to ten years in prison and a 25,000 dollar fine. jeff? >> cosby's attorney monique presley is with us from washington. thank you for being with us. >> good morning. >> what was your client's reaction when he heard he was being charged? >> this didn't come as any surprise to us. we have been cooperating with the montgomery county d.a.'s office since we learned of the
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charges initially. >> they are saying there is significant evidence in this testimony that was unsealed by the judge. >> well, everyone can see that testimony. your network has had it available, as well as all others. you know that this was deposition testimony that was the subject of a confidentiality agreement and was supposed to remain sealed, but, instead, not just the portions that were improperly released based on the judge's decision, but also the information that was illegally gained through the release of a court reporter to entify. >> however, he does admit to buying quaaludes to use on women, obtaining these quaaludes to use on women. how are you going to defend that in court?
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>> now, why would we have to defend that in court? that is an admission he makes about offering quaaludes to two specific individuals in the 1970s. ten years ago, quaaludes weren't even being made any more. they are are literally off the market. it's not something that could even be obtained and i'm certain even this hungry dachlt trying to keep a campaign promise isn't going to assert that cosby has somewhere hiding in his medicine cabinet quaaludes that are 30, 40, almost 50 years old and that was being offered to andrea constand many years ago. >> many women have accused were client of similar acts regarding sexual assault. >> and that is incorrect. more than 50 women have not accused my client of similar acts. it's easy for people liyour sels to say women have done that but
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that is not true. >> many are coming through the press to say mr. cosby sexually assaulted them and many of them have the exact same stories. how do you plan to defend that in court or will you try to stop that from being admissible in court? >> it certainly isn't admissible in court. 50 women have come forward and saying they did not have the same story. some of them say he rubbed against them or in front of their breasts at a party is not saying they were in an ongoing consensual relationship and affidavits saying i believe i was drugged. they aren't the same thing. what this d.a. has to do is prove the facts of this case. >> you know the prosecutors saying the judge allowed previous evidence from other cases. you have to be prepared for that. >> well, there aren't previous other cases. what you mean -- >> there are allegations as you know and a wide range of allegations as you know. >> yes. and those are all allegations
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for which is there no corroborating evidence. allegations from decades ago, allegations for women who never bothered to go in and make a complaint to police and in most instance claim they didn't tell another living soul. if a judge chooses to consider from a prosecutor such testimony, then we will deal with that at that time. >> he took a kacane with him to court. is his current health status part of your defense? >> his current health status doesn't have anything to do with the defense for this unsubstantiated charge. his current health status is that he is a 78-year-old man who they have chosen to charge. that is not a defense to a crime. that's just a fact. >> thank you. >> thank you. the mother of a texas teenager involved in a so-called affluenza says is back in the u.s. tonya couch landed at los angeles internet overnight and accused of fleeing the country with her fugitive son ethan
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couch after a deadly driving crash is still in mexico. and we have a look at the legal maneuvers delaying his return. ben tracy, good morning. >> reporter: mother and southern were separated on wednesday when tonya couch was kicked out of mexico and deported to the u.s. she arrived here at terminal 2 at lax but in a style returning from mexico. handcuffed tonya couch was escorted out of los angeles international airport early this morning. her son ethan left behind in mexico. video from cbs dallas station ktvt appears to show the 18-year-old in a dark baseball hat and quote moved to a larger immigration facility in mexico city. the two were detained on monday calling for their deportation. according to u.s. marshals the
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mother and son obtained local representation who filed an protection order for an appeal. >> it's the court to issue an order to stop the proceedings. >> reporter: mexican official deported tonya couch for being in the country illegally and ethan couch is going through a process that could keep him there for several weeks. >> the couch's have legal counsel and it seems to me if they wanted to, they could pay them as much money they want to to drag this out as long as they want to. >> reporter: earlier this week surveillance video obtained by cbs news captured the pair in puerto vallarta before they were taken into custody. couch killed four people in a drunk driving accident in 2015. his defense say he suffered from affluenza and saying it was from his privileged upbringing. he is expected to serve time in
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a juvenile facility until april when he turns 19. >> welcome to the juvenile law in texas. it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: now, tonya couch will likely face third-degree felony charges for allegedly helping her son evade authorities. if she is convicted, she could face ten years in prison. >> ben tracy, thank you. parts of the midwest are under mandatory evacuation orders this morning out of potential flooding. already the rising water is blamed for 20 deaths in missouri and illinois. many rivers are expected to crest today at record levels. more than a dozen levees are threatened and anna werner is in arnold, missouri, south of st. louis, where the major high was just closed. >> reporter: yes, a short while ago, officials introduced that interstate 55 is shut down because of flooding. if you add that with other highways that are closed, that means there is literally only one route between two counties here. hopefully, that one will be preserved.
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but take a look what we are seeing this morning. this is much higher, this water, this is the merrimack river overflow. the river is a long way that way. this water is much higher than what we saw here yesterday. the result is neighborhoods like this one where everything is flooded, people have been evacuated, as the rivers, both of them, the merrimack and mississippi rise to levels higher than they have ever been. in fenton, raging waters washed away this home. in st. louis last night, cars slogged through a crowded i-55. the merrimack to flood level traffic on the interstate backed up for miles. >> nowhere you can go. you know? it's water, but, you know, if there is enough of it, you can't do anything. >> reporter: the rising rivers are hitting levels not seen in 30 years. the flooding has killed more than a dozen people in missouri, submerging homes, bridges, and prompting dozens of rescues.
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>> they are my neighbors. we have done everything we can and we still can't beat it. >> reporter: in arnold, they are preparing for the worst flooding this area has ever seen, but their efforts may not be enough. >> we are to the point now that the sandbagging, it's not going to hold it back. we are going to lose probably anywhere from a hundred to 150 homes that will be affected by this flood, if not more. >> reporter: along the banks of the merrimack in valley park, more than 300 families were ordered to evacuate because the water could breach a levee. >> they say that the water is going down? no way! >> reporter: the severe weather has killed another five people in oklahoma. in the carolinas, floodwaters have torn through roads and forced swift water rescues and evacuations. well, some people have lost power as the flooding has continued. and guess what. for people who are going to be trying to make their way to work this morning, i heard a tale on the radio of somebody it took
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them four hours last night. our local cbs station was saying for them to get home from work last night. so it's a major mess here and the rivers continue to rise and we will see how this develops throughout the day. >> anna werner, we hope for the best. thank you. new year's celebrations are under way on the other side of the world. fireworks lit up the sky above new zealand when 2016 arrived a short time ago. one of the first countries of the world to usher in the new year. security is tight in new york city's times square. a million people or more will gather there to watch the ball drop tonight. as security is also higher than usual across europe due to fears of terrorism. brussels even called off the new year's eve fireworks show. elizabeth palmer is tracking it from london. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. things are already gearing up here in london for the big celebration tonight. but that is decidedly not the
7:17 am
case in brussels where the prosecutors have announced they have detained six people in connection with a suspected plot to attack the public new year's celebrations. workers had no sooner built the stage for the traditional fireworks display, then it was taken down again. the expected crowd of tens of thousands was judged just too big a risk. after the arrest on tuesday of two men suspected of planning a terrorist attack on the new year's eve celebrations. and, this morning, as soldiers were out and on patrol in public areas, there was news of yet another arrest in the brussels suburb of mullenbake, this linked to the paris attacks in december and they were home of these two suspected rifts. belgium stepped up security is a sign that police are still working to disrupt local extremists networks. and the capital is tense.
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but that doesn't mean people won't come together to ripping in the new. pablo skacoma manages a nightclub. >> i really believe the people from brussels need to go out and party and gather, as well as to be together. >> reporter: and ken casilla agrees. >> i think it's backing down to the threat of terrorism. i think we should stand up and make everything happen. >> reporter: in paris, where the memory of the attacks is still fresh, a planned fireworks display has been cancelled, but thousands are expected to come out any way, according to tradition to welcome in the new yea year. they will be at a here in london too, jeff. a hundred thousand people will be standing right where i am a few hours from now to welcome 2016. >> liz palmer, thank you very much. 21 air canada passengers are recovering this morning from injuries caused by heavy mid flight turbulence. flight 88 from shanghai to
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toronto diverted to calgary on wednesday after hitting that rough air. passengers say it was terrifying. >> honestly, we thought we were dying. like you see in the movies where they all go up to the ceiling, okay? everything went to the ceiling that wasn't anchored. >> like you see everything flying around. whoever didn't put the seat belt on was falling off. >> my legs were shaking when it started. i was, like, i don't know. it felt like flying, like, you were in mid air and i felt back down. >> some of the passengers were taken off the plane on stretchers. none of the injuries are considered life-threatening. >> thankfully. some of your favorite toothpastes and soaps are i for a change. ahead, the tiny ingredient that will soon become illegal in order to help the environmen
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bill cosby and his accuser appear in court in a couple of weeks.
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♪ still ahead, the elite italian food fighting fraud in your pantry. a preview of sunday's "60
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minutes." ok, we're here.
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♪ >> 5-4-3-2-1! happy new year! >> they do have to make sure this works which is why they do rehearsals. times square underwent last-minute checkup on wednesday. i wonder if people get confused when they are in that area. you don't know what time it is, whatever else. the ball weighs about six tons and put in 32,000 l.e.d. lights and millions of people are expected to gather in times square to see the ball descend at midnight tonight. it's already new year's in other parts of the world. >> it is supposed to be mild tonight. >> supposed to be great the next few days. welcome back to "cbs this morning."
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this half hour, bill cosby was charged with sexual assault nearly 12 years after an encounter with his accuser. legal expert rikki klieman is in our toyota green room. good morning. we will ask her why prosecutors took so long to file the case. a new law bans microbeads used in every from body scrubs to toothpaste. ahead, how the tiny ingredient is threatening america's waterways. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. >> iran officials say it would violate a landmark nuclear deal. it targets companies in iran and hong kong and united arab emirates. >> enrique was charged on
7:32 am
wednesday. he was also charged with marriage fraud. marquez faces up to 50 years in prison. the "new york post" reports on the funeral for the new york city detective killed by a suicide bomber in afghanistan. thousands of people in uniform lined the streets of manhattan on wednesday to say farewell to joseph lemm, he was one of six american troops killed ten days ago. lemm's 4-year-old son saluted his father's casket as it was carried into the st. patrick's cathedral. advocates say it could have prevented the amtrak crash in philadelphia that killed eight people in may. a bill signed this month extends a deadline to install the speed control system until the end of 2020. amtrak says the system is working on its tracks that it owns between washington and new york. "the washington post" says north pole temperatures reached the melting point on wednesday.
7:33 am
warm weather is blamed on the same deadly storm system that brought tornadoes and flooding to the u.s. a buoy near the top of the world recorded temperatures that peaked just under 33 degrees. that is 50 degrees above average for late december. we want to go back now to the bill cosby case. it is the first criminal charge filed against him. cosby is accused of drugging and groping a woman in 2004. the 78-year-old seemed frail as he made his way into court on wednesday. he carried a cane and stumbled on a curb. cbs news legal expert rikki klieman is with us now. she is a former prosecutor and a defense attorney. good morning. >> good morning. >> we heard his defenseton pretty much shrug off the issue about obtaining the quaaludes that he admitted in his deposition, said that she didn't need to defend that. do you agree with that? >> i think what you have in his defense lawyers are great lawyers who are really fierce
7:34 am
advocates and doing what they should be doing now. when you look at the quaalude issue, the deposition that became public in july from a civil case brought by this complaining witness, this alleged victim andrea constand, does not say that he sexually assaulted her by the use of drugs. what it does say is that he did get quaaludes to use with women for sex. now, that takes us in a whole, what the lawyers would call a frolic of their own. that is not a facetious comment but a lawyer comment. because back in the '70s and '80s, quaaludes were often used by consenting adults so that is what this lawyer is talking about. however, i think the quaaludes are least of anyone's worries when defending bill cosby today because there is so much else that the cosby lawyers have got to attempt to keep out of
7:35 am
evidence, and whatqslpj about those prospective jurors have heard 40 or 50 men allege some kind of sexual conduct. >> is that an issue? >> i think it's an issue because you have to have people who have not heard of this or people who simply say i've heard about all of this but i can cast it aside. it is very hard to cast aside the notion that there are 40 or 50 other women out there. it even came up in your interview with the lawyer, because the vast majority of the public believes that all of these other alleged victims are people who suffered exactly the same fate that this woman, andrea constand, said she suffered, even though the details may be different. and, by the way, the devil is in the details here. so you're a defense lawyer in this case. if you are the defense lawyer, what do you have to do?
7:36 am
2016 is going to be the year of motions in this case. the defense has got to be fast and furious and slow and deliberate all at the same time. every single thing that they do not want in this case, they have got to go to the court early and say keep it out. try the numbers. only what happened between andrea constand and bill cosby. >> one of the things that makes this case so interesting two cases here. the wider umbrella case with all of the allegations from all of the other women and the particulars of this case. monique presley doesn't want to talk about any other women right now. >> of course, she doesn't. >> the question is how much do they have to? >> the real question is how this judge will rule. a conservative judge would like to get a conviction that does not get reversed on appeal. so will a conservative judge say i'm keeping out what we call all of the prior bad acts and all of the other alleged victims and only let that in should mr. cosby testify, or will a more open judge say, hey, it's a
7:37 am
common scheme plan and it's all going in. >> my suspicion we may be talking to you more about this case in 2016. >> i'm keeping the file. >> rikki klieman, thank you very much. happy new year. >> happy year. >> activists are applauding a new law signed by president obama this week. it outlaws microbeads that are used in personal care products. demarco morgan shows us how the particles making us clean are making the rivers dirty. >> reporter: it is known as the microbead free water asked and passed congress by bipartisan support and to eliminate tiny plastics many of us use every day. microbeads are tiny pieces of plastics found in many health and beauty products including soap and body scrub and toothpaste and used to exfoliate or add polish. they are are a big concern for environmental scientists. they say the tiny particles are a source of ocean and lake
7:38 am
pollution. >> we know the fish from our great lakes is in their bodies and ts going back tour face and body. >> reporter: he found microbeads in the san francisco bay and in high concentrations in the great lakes. not all water treatment plants are able to filter them out. >> they are absorbing industrial chemicals, pest sides from farms and even oil drops from cars will stick to these micro plastics and microbeads. at that point, they can enter the food chain. >> reporter: a single cosmetic product can contain up to 300,000 nonbiodegradable microbeads. in september they were banned. assembly member is thrilled that congress is following california's lead. >> it's very significant, because you're going to have 50 states doing the same thing. i have no doubt that this is going to spread now to other
7:39 am
countries and the longer we have these pollutants in the environment, the harder it is to take action to effectively clean up after them. >> reporter: the law passed surprisingly quickly but not immediate. the new federal law prohibits the manufacture of products of microbeads july 1st, 2016. >> i read that microbeads can cover a tennis court daily. >> these products are all over the place. >> but i do like them. therapy great for the skin. >> something wrong with everything. let's he just put that out there. >> italy's government is fighting the mafia. "60 minutes" takes us inside the fight against fake olive oil and other products, including some that may be in your kitchen. if you're heading off the work, do set your dvr so you can wash "cbs this morning" any time. you don't want to miss president
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obama's funny ride with jerry seinfeld. it's a good one. we will be right back. quilted northern works so well people can forget
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♪ italy is known for its high quality food products including extra virgin olive oil but some bottles may not contain what is on the label. and the mafia is to blame. knockoff ofs olive oil and fine wine and cheese and bread is part of a 16 billion dollar a year food fraud industry. italian authorities call it the agro mafia. bill whitaker went to italy to meet the police who are standing up to the mob. >> reporter: leave it to the italians to fight the mafia with good taste. this panel certifies the authenticity of extra virgin olive oil. a favorite target of the agra mafia. they can tell at first sip
7:45 am
whether extra virgin has been diluted with cheap sunflower oil or canola. why do they make that sound like they are sucking in air? >> they need it to meet it on the back of the throat. >> reporter: suck it in to the back of the throat? >> they have to suck it in. >> reporter: major sergio tero is considered one of the top investigators of food fraud in europe. think eliott ness in a uniform designed by giorgio armani. >> most of it's been sdloverdis. >> reporter: their skills are to expected italian reports will accept taste results as evidence. he has 60 cops trained to do this too. and 1,100 more inspecting fraud investigations. on the day we visited headquarters, officers were monitoring wiretaps and live
7:46 am
video placed in suspected warehouse around italy. this looks like the fbi. >> yeah, we can call us the phifbi of food. >> watch "60 minutes" to see more. that is sunday right here on cbs. you want to get what you paid for, right? >> absolutely. >> some of this olive oil is very expensive. >> i've never sipped olive oil for that. >> i hear it's wonderful for your complex. >> complexion. >> it's my secret. don't tell anybody. a photographer looks back on the year that was. ahead some of his favor photos
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♪ this photo right here shows president obama walking through the rose garden in april. on his way to sign a bill into law. white house chief photographer pete sousa chose it as one of the best images he and his staff took in 2015. the photo shows the president an aid interrupting the congress. you can see his image on the photo on the right. another image shows the president not hesitating to move the oval office furniture around. he also helped pull the sofa back into place after this group photo here. in february he took this photo to highlight the size of nba legend shaquille o'neal! look at that! when he met the president! shaq is 7'1" and the president is a foot short. >> shaq is an enormous man.
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jerry seinfeld hopped in a corvette to talk with the president. >> just say i'm the president. >> daryl, can you open this up? >> sorry, i can't lie. >> that is unbelievable. >> the car is amazing, isn't it? the president failed to escape the white house after a cup of coffee with the comedian. we will have highlights ahead. i want that vehicle! e pro 4. a new screen, for new perspectives. we reinvented the surface pro, so you can reinvent everything else. i've been down that road honey jeans i'm trchild.o get into; and i don't have like a dress or some big red carpet thing i have to do. im really just looking at 2016, as the year of my best body; that's what i want for you too.
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♪ it is thursday, december 31st, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including the start of the new year. at this very moment, 2016 is arriving in sydney, australia. the fireworks are just getting started. we will show you more of that celebration. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. paid the required 10% of his 1 million dollar bail and was ordered to turn over his passport. there is nothing in that deposition where mr. cosby admits to committing any crime. >> denies it vehemently. everything is flooded and people are evacuated as the merrimack and mississippi rises to levels higher than thahey ve ever been. >> mother and son separated on
8:01 am
wednesday when tonya couch arrived here at lax. >> prosecutors announced they deband detaind detained six people in a suspected terror plot in brussels. >> heavy mid flight turbulence. >> whoever didn't put the seat belt on was flying up. >> what a pass! what a pass by pau gasol. go get it! go get it! >> oh, my! >> chicago, beep, beep, happy new year too! ♪ there it is. happy new year, everyone. happy new year in sydney, australia. >> i'm jeff glor with kristine johnson of wcbs in new york. charlie, gayle, and norah are
8:02 am
off. bill cosby's lawyers says, this morning, the comedian will be cleared of sexual assault charges. cosby is free on bail after wednesday's court hearing. his attorneys walked the entertainer into the courthouse outside philadelphia. more than 50 women have accused cosby of some kind of sexual misconduct. >> now, this case focuses on former temple university employee andrea constand. the complaint says cosby invited her to his home in 2004 to discuss her future career plans. he gave her three blue pills and within a half hour constand said her legs felt rubbery and like jael. she could not see clearly because everything had become dizzy. >> investigators reopened this case after a judge unsealed portions of depositions early this year. in them, cosby admitted to
8:03 am
obtaining drugs to give to women. we asked cosby's attorney about that earlier this morning. >> he does admit to buying quaaludes to use on women, obtaining these quaaludes to use on women. how are you going to defend that in court? >> now, why would we have to defend that in court? that is an admission that he makes about offering quaaludes to two specific individuals in the 1970s. ten years ago, quaaludes weren't even being made any more. they are literally off the market. it's not something that could even be obtained. i'm certain even this hungry d.a. trying to keep a campaign promise isn't going to assert that mr. cosby has had hiding somewhere in his medicine cabinet quaalude that with 30, 40, almost 50 years old and that is what was offered to andrea constand on the evening in question many, many years ago. >> cosby now 78 years old and faces up to ten years in prison and a 25,000 dollar fine if convicted. this morning, los angeles police are holding the mother of
8:04 am
the texas teenager involved in a so-called affluenza case. tonya couch was taken out of l.a. international airport in handcuffs by u.s. marshals overnight. she is expected to face felony charges for allegedly helping her son flee to mexico. >> earlier this week surveillance video obtained by abc news captured the pair in a puerto vallarta butcher chop before taken into custody. dallas station appears to show ethan couch who is on probation after a deadly drunk driving crash. he is still in mexico undergoing more complicated deportation process. rising rivers in the midwest this morning are reaching levels not seen for decades. flooding has killed at least 20 people in missouri and illinois. the merrimack river, south of st. louis, is more than 20 feet above flood level. it's forced interstate 55 to close this morning. more than a dozen levees could be breached. hundreds of families were ordered to evacuate in valley
8:05 am
park, missouri. emergency crews have performed dozens of water rescues there. presidential candidates are squeezing in all of the campaigning they can before the end of the year. donald trump attacked former president bill clinton again at his final rally of 2015. others in the gop field kept trading shots with each other. jan crawford in washington looks ahead at how the campaigns are preparing for 2016. jan, happy new year and good morning. >> well, thank you, jeff. happy new year to you and good morning. >> reporter: what we have here is basically every republican candidate not named donald trump is scrambling to become the trump alternative. and as for trump, i mean, he sounds like he is already in a general election battle with hillary clinton and her husband. , the former president. >> the husband is one of the great abusers of the world? give me a break! >> reporter: in south carolina, donald trump bragged about his latest dust-up with hillary clinton. >> she says he has demonstrated a pension. i demonstrated a pension for
8:06 am
sexism. can you believe it? me? nobody respects women more than donald trump. that, i can tell you. nobody. >> reporter: trump has fired back that the real sexist is clo clinton's husband bill. >> she gets up and makes a speech and doesn't mention anything with me about sexism or anything else. i wonder why. i wonder why. >> reporter: before his presidential run, trump, over the years, generally defended bill clinton. in 2008 he called the impeachment hearings in the wake of the clinton affair with white house intern monica lewinsky nonsense although he questioned the president's judge. it was his choice. it was monica he told "the new york times." terrible choice. other republican candidates stuck to more traditional attacks against one another and continuing his bus tour across iowa, marco rubio pushed back against chris christie's accusations he shirked his
8:07 am
responsibilities. christie stood up. >> it would be nice if he showed up. that's all. >> reporter: jeb bush had a bit of a rocky time yesterday. his campaign cancelled $3 million in early ads. he had a light-hearted compliment but some people says it was offensive. >> jan, thank you. seattle's space needle is an icon of the 1960s. fifty years later see how
8:08 am
president obama takes a shot at a potential second act. his comic conversation with jerry seinfeld over a cup of coffee is next on "cbs this morning."
8:09 am
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♪ the first family will ring in the new year in hawaii. but this morning, we have new insight into their life at the white house.
8:13 am
president obama headlined last night's season premiere of jerry seinfeld's online series comedians in cars getting coffee. chip reid is traveling with the president in honolulu. >> reporter: good morning. usually, jerry seinfeld only invites comedians to appear with him on the show and it was taped at the white house earlier this month. jerry seinfeld says the president has delivered just enough funny lines to qualify. ♪ >> you ready? >> i have some stuff to do. >> reporter: if you were expecting a conversation percolating with domestic and foreign policy, well, that is just not jerry seinfeld's brand. >> are these washed? >> come on. let's go. let's go get some coffee. >> reporter: not that there is anything wrong with that. >> i do really well with the zero to 8 demographic. >> oh, really? >> yeah. they love me. partly, because i think my ears
8:14 am
are big, and so i look a little like a cartoon character. >> right. >> and then little kids love saying my name. >> right. >> it's all one big name. it's barack obama. this is called the beast. >> reporter: seinfeld wasn't the only one with an american muscle car. >> i could call a nuclear submarine right here from this. i bet you don't have that. >> i don't have that. >> yeah. it's a cool feature. >> reporter: a leader of the comedy world strolled the white house grounds with the leader of the free world and, like the coffee, the conversation flowed. >> how far can you wander around up there in your underwear? how far can you get before there is like people and it's not cool? >> it's not cool generally wandering around in my underwear. first night and you're sleeping in the white house. >> right. >> not like a hotel room. >> right. >> so you're looking around and you're thinking, what the hell
8:15 am
is this, right? >> yeah. now at the museum. >> that's how it feels. probably the first week. >> reporter: the 61-year-old comedian pulled back the curtain on the 44th commander in chief with a surprisingly candid conversation. >> how many world leaders do you think are just completely out of their mind? >> pretty sizeable percentage. you know, you've made like a ridiculous amount of money. >> so much more than you. and, yet, how do i seem to you? do i seem spoiled, out of touch? p>> you have an instinct to people. >> right now, you seem like a completely normal guy. >> but i'm putting on an act like everyone else does for you. watch out, people! >> reporter: when you're at the president's house, it's only polite to let him drive. >> i like the hands hanging over the wheel. >> yeah.
8:16 am
>> you got to be good at that. you can't be doing this. >> no, no, no. >> the 12 and 2 thing. that's not cool. come on, man. i'm apressurably cooler than he was two minutes ago. >> reporter: usually when the president does quirky tv shows, he squeezes in a strong plug for his health care law but there was very little of that here. by the way, that car is a classic 1963 corvette sting ray and quite a treat for a president who usually gets to drive nothing more than a golf cart. >> not so bad, chip. thank you. so funny to see him behind the wheel. >> it is cooler. >> you can't to 10:00 and 2:00 driving a corvette. >> especially doing circles around the white house. >> i love it. one of america's most famous buildings is aiming higher than ever. >> i'm ben tracy in seattle. actually, on top of seattle on the halo of the world famous space needle. so if you want to get this view, you can now get it without doing
8:17 am
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8:20 am
♪ one more look at the midnight fireworks over sydney, australia. the first major city to start the new year. happy new year to our friends over there. the display kicks off a wave of massive pyrotechnic shows
8:21 am
around the world. seattle will present america's largest structured launched fireworks display and that structure is the world famous space needle and ben tracy shows us how the tower, built more than 50 years ago is using high tech to build a promising future. ♪ >> reporter: for more than 50 years, it has towered over seattle. a needle in a haystack of downtown buildings. the space needle was built as the centerpiece of the 1962 world's fair. ♪ ♪ see you in seattle >> reporter: millions came to marvel of the technologies of the future and touch tone dialing and satellite transmission made their debuts here. and the space needle seem to literally point towards progress. >> early '60s, they are doing the race to put a man on the
8:22 am
noon. anything is possible. >> reporter: karen olson is a marketing executive who used to work for microsoft. she was hired by the space needle to make sure this vision of the future doesn't get stuck in the past. two years ago, this onetime temple of high tech didn't even have an app. >> more and more guests come with a computer in their pocket, either a smartphone or a tablet. >> what you had with this? >> the largest ipad in seattle. >> reporter: now visitors log into a 20-foot long digital guest book. my name is there and then it shows your hometown on the map. >> it will give you a countdown. >> reporter: of course there are selfies. the regular version or the extra, extra, extra wide taken from a camera mounted on a downtown rooftop, a half a mile away. >> that is pretty cool. >> reporter: up on the needle's point is a panoramic camera that will record a time lapse of seattle for the next 50 years. but some areas are still pretty
8:23 am
low tech and off limits for a good reason. so here we are in the bowels of the space needle. it's about to open this door, which apparently is going to take us outside. only a handful of people have ever been allowed out here. i'm just kind of crawling my way out. >> yeah, yeah. >> it's called the halo walk but getting to the halo is more of a terrifying crawl. am i standing up in. >> yes. >> reporter: they use this platform to do routine maintenance. i tried to simply maintain my lunch. ♪ they call this the halo of the space needle. it's 520 feet off the ground anand it is one of the best views in all of seattle but let's be honest. most people won't be out here and won't let you out here any way. you can now have this experience and this view thanks to technology. >> we are ready. please go. >> reporter: these experts at
8:24 am
aerial and panoramic photography are capturing the thrill of the halo walk without the vertigo. michael frantz creating the space needle's virtual reality pieces and end up as an app. >> today we use array of six cameras all pointing out in a different direction. what we will do is then take all of those, put them into a software program and ditch it all together and create a unique experience. >> reporter: using one of these viewfinder, you can see the halo walk while keeping your feet on the ground. you not only get the sensation of walking around it, but you look down and it's as if you're looking down at the ground. >> yes, that is exactly it. we want to give people an experience of somewhere that they can't get. ♪ >> reporter: and trust me, this is one walk where you may prefer the virtual version to the reality. although the view is hard to beat.
8:25 am
for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, o
8:26 am
8:27 am
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8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, how can science help us keep our new year's resolutions? "the new york times" science columnist john tierney is in our toyota green room with simple strategies. box office critics in 2015 talk about "star wars" phenomenon and other stories you shouldn't miss. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "syracuse post" standard says sprint and verizon customers have a deadline today to submit a refund claim. the company settled allegations of cramming earlier this year. that refers to putting unauthorized third-party charges
8:31 am
on customers' bills. customers who beat today's deadline can get share of the 158 million dollar payout. best loved cars on the road report is released. consumers were asked to answer which are the most testifying. tesla model s is number one and followed by the corvette and caiman. the least satisfied is r re owe and sentra reason. a cat found two weeks ago with a badly damaged leg that had to be amputated and it was adopted wednesday by a couple who decided the cat would be the perfect companion for their 2-year-old daughter scarlett. scarlett's arm was amputated last year after she was diagnosed with cancer. the miami herald says the college football playoffs are taking over new year's eve. clemson plays oklahoma in the
8:32 am
orange bowl this afternoon and alabama takes on michigan state in the cotton bowl and the winners of those games meet on january 11th in the national championship game. a judge dropped charges against a woman who claimed her body is a brewery. her lawyer says his client's blow alcohol level can violate the legal limit even when she has nothing to drink. rare condition is called auto brewery syndrome and caused by high levels of yeast in her digestive system. dark lickers are more likely to cause a hangover. is that true? >> i don't know. >> eat a hardy meal before you start drinking and stop drinking a couple of hours before you go to bed or maybe don't overdrink. >> one glass is good. millions of us this morning are deciding what changes to make in the coming year.
8:33 am
but research shows that 36% of the people will break their new year's rgs esolutions by the enf january and 56% by the end of july. how do we set ourselves up for success with the odds stacked against us? "the new york times" science columnist john tierney is author of "willpower." thank you for joining us. you say we start out with the best of intentions but with the worst of strategies. how do we do this? >> people, too often, overdo it and they overestimate their own wi willpower. the first bit of advice is make one new year's resolution and focus on that and after you do that, do neighbor something else. >> maybe i don't want to lose ten pounds but maybe one pound a week? >> you should set specific goals instead of saying i want to save money or i want to lose weight, exactly say that i want to save
8:34 am
$200 a month and one pound a week. after you set that one very clear specific goal, you have to monitor yourself. that is really as important as setting the goal. so that if you want to spend less money, keep track of it every week. if you want to lose weight, get on the scale every day. that is one of the few clinically proven ways for losing weight. >> baby steps? >> exactly. >> if you overestimate your own willpower can you get help from other people? does that help? >> outsourcing and self-control and controlling your willpower is the key. science used to think willpower was a metaphor. what they found is really is this form of mental energy and it gets depleted as you exert self-control and resist temptation and gets depleted as you make decisions. there is a condition called a decision fatigue and that is we wrote about it in our book. two executives, barack obama and mark zuckerberg of facebook, they both resolve to try to --
8:35 am
try to eliminate small decisions from their lives so they both started wearing the same thing to work every day. one of them would wear a dark suit and the other would wear a gray t-shirt. >> you compartmentalize? >> exactly. by eliminating those decisions that leaves them with more energy with more willpower for the rest of the stuff in their lives. >> we can learn from people who have good self-control because they use less willpower. >> exactly. when they track people throughout the day they found the most disciplined people use less willpower than other people because they structure their lives to avoid temptations. they don't go all you can eat buffets or keep a bowl of candy under their desk. all of us can do that. instead of getting up every morning and deciding whether or not you're going to work out, you can schedule a workout with your friends and then that way you have to show up to do it and it's not a decision that leaves you with a little more willpower -- >> or go to bed in your workout clothes. you wake up and you have to go!
8:36 am
>> exactly. you talk about candy. one experiment that you mentioned that test people's willpower with a bowl of m&ms. what happened? >> some were told they couldn't have any m&ms at all and some said you can have these and just not now. a clever experiment they did the experiment and left them in the bowl afterwards and thinking the experiment was over. they found people who had told themselves i'm not going to have it now but i can have it later, those people were the best at resisting the m&ms because -- that is a strategy when the dessert cart comes around, you know? >> right. >> don't say i'm never having that again. just say not tonight, i'll have it the next time. >> maybe one bite if you can hold back, right? >> yes. >> you say that social media and online roesources can be helpfu for people. >> keeping track of yuourself i one thing but a lot of appears that will do the grunt work for you. you can post results at facebook
8:37 am
groups and people are watching what you do. you can tweet stuff. great appears on a website called the quantified self that will monitor how many steps you take and how many calories you're burning and then websites you can actually post your new year's resolution and have someone monitor it for you and there could be a financial penalty when you lapse. >> the point is that you're putting it out there. >> right. >> you're saying, okay, i'm going to do this and then you sort of feel like, boy, if i don't do it i'm disappointing a lot of people. >> have you people enforcing and they are using their willpower to make you do something and you're outsourcing that self-control. >> do you have a resolution? >> oh, please. my list is like 50. >> just one, just one! just one! >> next 15 minutes we will all come up with our resolution. >> can we meet back here next year to see how we do? >> fail. >> john tierney, thank you for joining us. block busters are packing theaters but smaller movies are generating the oscar buzz.
8:38 am
8:39 am
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♪ give it to me i'm worth it ♪ baby i'm worth it ♪ "star wars: the force awakens" is lifting hollywood to its best year in box office history. the studio has sold $11 billion
8:42 am
worth of tickets in 2015. the seventh episode of the franchise could move to number two this weekend on the list of highest domestic grossing movies of all time. as of right now the force awakens trails four films. >> but this morning's box office conversation goes beyond the block busters. the golden globe awards are less than two weeks away. carol leads the film categories with five nominations and followed by the big short and steve jobs all with four and revenant. dana stevens is with here along with matt singer who is managing editor and film critic for screen crush. 2015 is part of 2016 because sgars is still killing it at the box office. no spoilers but till lives up to the hype. >> the stars are at war, we will say that much. >> the stars are at war but as
8:43 am
george lucas pointed out yesterday it's not about spaceships but it's about family. >> "star wars" has gotten a warm reception because finally after 38 years, is that how long since the first one? rings those same bells again and i think it's nostalgic for fans who loved it back then and creates a franchise for new viewers and lets "uus forget abt the early sequels that george lucas created. >> will it go past "avi tar"? >> i think so. i was seeing a picture in seattle had a sign up we are sold out through january for "star wars." so i think it's not going to be very long before it is the all-time grocer, at least domestically. it's a huge, huge hit. >> it probably with win this weekend, right? >> by this weekend the number
8:44 am
one movie of 2015. >> does it enter the best picture conversation at all? it's a good movie. >> a good question. now they have expanded that category to try to include more popular storms like "star wars" maybe but loova lot of contenden space. >> "carol" has the no golden globe nominations. >> that was my favorite single movie of the year and i'm happy and it's getting rewards recognition but doesn't seem like oscar nomination to me because of "the force awakens." i think the golden globes have recognized that and critic groups have recognized that. >> a big year for women on screen. >> i was thinking about making this my top ten list this year. when i looked at who was making the movies, only two of them have been directed by a woman. i don't think there are any big nominees out there for the oscars that are directed by
8:45 am
women, right? >> no. >> no woman up for best director. >> presumably, yeah. that's a hurdle that still has to be cleared for sure. >> we wait on the nominations, spotlight has gotten attention and a lot of people love it. is it the front-runner for best picture? >> i would think so. to me it has the most thing voters tend to look for in a best picture winner. great ensemble and great actors and great screen play and it's about something. "star wars" is great, we love it but i think it's the kind of movie that voters can vote to and say hollywood can do more than "star wars" and do more than super heroes and make a movie that is interesting and compelling but also important and it has a story that has some real value and some substance to it and movies tend to win best picture. >> especially behind the scenes and through every step of what it takes to create the story which may be on paper doesn't sound so sexy. >> it's true. it isn't the kind of movie that is and really grabs you on paper. but then you watch it and it is so compelling.
8:46 am
you know the outcome of the story too. that is the amazing thing is that you're watching it and you know the ending and you're still so invested. >> other ones getting buzz here quinton tarantino's movie. is it out? >> i think it's just coming out now on wide release. >> that is getting a lot of attention. has gotten a lot of attention for a while as all of quinton tarantino's movies get. >> it's cinematically smashing. i suggest you see it the road version they say is old school with an intermission and overture. it's very violent and very gory. if you like tarantino you probably should see it but it's very stomach churning. >> i liked it and it is a movie. feel like in an age people are not watching theaters in the movie as much and watching them on their phones and ipads. this is an event and harkens back to a time when movies were big, right? you could see this movie on your
8:47 am
ipad but you're going to be missing a lot because it's three hours long and overture and an intermission and made twice as big and you need to see it in a theater. >> what felt that way to me is -- >> a great example of the movie that really marries kind of popular art and audience appeal with just beautiful crafts, incredible practical stunts and wonderful special effects. >> and nonstop craziness. on the subject of stomach turning, leo dicaprio. >> very little dialogue for leo. >> if you count aarrgghh dialogue, there is. but you're right. a lot of grunting and groaning! that's true. >> he grunts with the best of them! let's just say that. >> if there was an oscar for best grunting he would be a lock for the century for sure. >> can we talk about one that made my heart melt and i cried in front of my children
8:48 am
inside/out? >> i cried too. >> i'll say it. i cried. let's not -- we talk about it too much, i might start crying again. >> it was a sweet movie. do you think this one will come up at all? >> you know, i think best chances are in the best animated category and that is going to be interesting category because another wonderful movie this year named anoma lisa i loved as well and i feel those two are fighting it out in that category. >> very different movies. >> couldn't be more different. >> two or three movies you're looking forward to in 2016? >> the new cohen brothers movie hail seize you're that is a hollywood comedy. dana? >> pixar, "finding nemo" sequel called "finding dori." >> we will be crying about that one as well. >> batman, superman. thank you both. >> thanks. the new years's resolution is getting millennial makeover
8:49 am
and see how a generation is tweaking itself on twitter. it's next on "cbs this morning."
8:50 am
8:51 am
which truck brand do you think offers best in class hd towing, best v8 horsepower, and has this year's motor trend truck of the year? ram. chevy. what do you think? the ford. here's the answer. that's the chevy silverado hd, the chevy silverado, and the chevy colorado. chevy, chevy, chevy. or trade up to this silverado all star and get a total value of ten thousand dollars
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when you finance through select lenders. plus, find your tag and get twenty-five hundred bonus cash on select silverado models in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. ♪ on this last day of 2015, young adults are putting their own spin on the traditional new year's resolution. the digit generation is using the twitter #millennial resolution to poke fun about the store yo types about them. here are our favorites. work on my posture so i slouch more. feel less entitled to feel entitled. and start uber driving with my hoverboard. >> it's not a hoverboard! i'm obsessed with this. i'm sorry. that is not a hoverboard. that is my new year's resolution
8:53 am
is not to say
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
good morning. heavy new year's, everybody. it's the best of 2015. kick up your feet and stay with us all hour long because we've got everybody, including will smith and the new movie concussion. stay with us. we'll be right back after the break.
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> heavy new year's eve. >> today's show features our pick of the best "great day washington" interview and more. >> it's new year's eve, december 31, and this is "great day washington"! ♪ [ music ] >> look at this. the first memory lane moment from our friends at the
8:59 am
football tailgate party on cbs. >> that's are. we got pretty comfortable in our recliner chairs, along with our friends, the salt and pepper chefs. it's time to start small tile by belfort. >> thank you very much, megan. we'll check back with you. we're ready for the big game and the food and a drink, and a comfortable chair, and that's why we're here and spending time, the next few hours, in this thing, as far as i'm concerned. it's thursday night football and we have matt huber, a style and design expert from belfort furniture and he'll talk about how to get your homes game ready. how are you doing? >> i'm doing all right. how could you not. we have the chef here and we're
9:00 am
ready to go. >> wake me when the segment is over. >> yes. >> you may need to move around a little bit. >> i want to make an observation. these are not your dad's old recliners. they are very different. i love them. tell me about them. what is the deal with them? >> i'll get out and show this one first. a lot of times when you say "recliner," things are thinking big and not this one. this is more traditional. this could be your dad's recliner. but you could pass this one on, top-grade leather a more traditional nail head on there. believe it or not, you push it right back. >> wow! >> it goes all the way back. >> a hypothetical. you are married.


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