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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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attempted rescue. a new year's eve night on the water in water that can kill in minutes. earlier today, the u.s. coast guard suspended the federal search, a search which included a helicopter. reynolds was the father of two teenage children. reporting live, scott broom, wusa9. and resource officials say reynolds was living on the boat in baltimore's harbor. a horrible scene in downtown dc. seven people who were on a sidewalk at 17th and l in northwest got hit and hurt by an alleged drunk driver. bruce leshan has been following this story and has the latest for us. >> reporter: good evening adam.
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you can only imagine the agony of the injured people here on the sidewalk as new year's parties were wrapping up. police say that 25-year-old malik lloyd was turning here when he hit a car and rolled right up onto the crowded sidewalk here where you can see the yellow tape. small signs of the mayhem all that is left. crushed hats running down the sidewalk. police say lloyd smacked into seven different people. injuring one of them critically and another seriously. witnesses say the driver was taking a right turn from 17th onto l, cut it a little too wide. jumped the curb right here, ran into the flower bed, and you can see the tire tracks right along here. there was a fence here, the car actually ran along the fence and then apparently hit two
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people who were working security right here. police say the 25-year-old northeast dc man fed the scene but they found him, arrested him, and driving under the influence with a hit and run. now, the general manager here at the bar code says his two employees were treated and released from the hospital. several other people not seriously hurt. we are still worried about the two folks who are seriously and critically injured. live in downtown dc, bruce leshan, wusa9. lloyd remains in custody, but they processed him too late to get him in front of a judge until tomorrow. dc police investigating another hit and run, this one deadly. a driver hit and killed a man in a crosswalk at minnesota
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avenue and c street in southeast. police say the victim was 36- year-old ian jerome butz of northeast. they are looking for a blue chevy equinox. two men face charges after a wild chase that ended in the white oak section of montgomery county. one of them ended up going the wrong way on new hampshire avenue and at one point, one of the drivers putted out a gun. apparently no shots were fired. now to a developing story we are following out of israel, police are searching for a gunman who stood on a sidewalk and opened fire at a crowded bar in tel aviv. he killed two people and injured seven others. surveillance video from nearby shops shows the killer pulling an assault rifle from a backpack and opening fire. >> i hid myself under the bar
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and i waited. it was like, horrible. >> israeli say the attacker has been identified as an israeli arab from northern israel. the gunman's father contacted authorities after he recognized his son from that surveillance video. the shooting follows months of frequent palestinian attacks against israeli civilians and soldiers. singer natalie cole has died. the 65-year-old was the daughter of nat king cole and she carried on her father's musical legacy. you will recall her 1991 album unforgettable with love paid tribute to her father with reworked versions of some of his songs. it included a duet version in which her voice was spliced with her dad's. she passed away last night at cedar sinai medical center in los angeles due to complications from ongoing
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health issues. news of her death made her the top trending topic today on google, facebook, and twitter. switching gears, the new year starting off pretty gold and guess what? we are not getting warmer. it is only going to get colder. >> yes it is. finally winter. meteorologist howard bernstein is here with the weekend temperatures. howard? >> we are going to be in the 40s this weekend. it is early next week we get a real shot at cold. out to the western suburbs even out here looking out to the west, got some great color in the skies. we are seeing a little bit of sun trying to slip underneath the cloud deck. it is pushing toward the east. so i'm anticipating more sunshine. looks like it will be a fairly sunny day. so we are in the low 40s here, but a lot of area ins the 30s . cleveland, toledo in the 20s . a more winter like pattern has set in. we are down in the upper 30s
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in damascus. manassas, 45. we have ran upper marlboro. i think we will see skies go spatterly cloudy. 40 by 8:00. question will fall into the 30ed. thankfully the winds won't be too strong. they will pick up as the colder air picks up. back with that chilly and even a couple of flakes on the seven- day forecast in a few minutes. adam? thanks howard. and we are ushering in the first day of 2016. and with that, of course, comes new babies born just minutes after midnight. >> moms and dads celebrating the new year in the hospital. one of the first born in our area was at prince george county center. stephanie is here to introduce a few. >> reporter: the first was born at 12:04 at sibley memorial hospital. her name is mary stout.
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then another baby boy was born. meet estrash revas. he was born ten minutes after midnight on new year's day 2016. he weighs seven pounds and 12 ounces. speaking through an interpreter, his mother says he is her first child. >> a wonderful baby. >> reporter: and dad is grateful for this bundle of joy. >> the best day of my life. >> reporter: they leave in oxen hill maryland. their son was born a week after his scheduled due date. the couple agrees their baby's birth, ten minutes after midnight on new year's day, is remarkable. [ speaking foreign language ]
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>> the translator: yeah, we count it as a big blessing. >> reporter: seven minutes after he was born, another baby was born at holy cross hospital. and we are told the moms and babies are doing well. >> great news stephanie. prince george gave the baby a gift basket and diaper cake. no you can't eat cigarette what's a diaper cake? people started healthy running in the healthy run at the metro station. people of all stages welcoming in the event to walk and run. it is part of fit dc which also has something new to boast about this year. all dc parks and recs fitness centers are now free. >> you have no excuse. because in 2016, all of our world facilities at dpr are free! >> last year was a lot of fun.
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a lot of people came out. really a good time. great energy. so, we want to do that again. and that set the tone for 2016. >> it is the first day of the year. it's the first day you can make commitments. how you want to be the rest of the year. >> the mayor herself stepping up and hitting the pavement with everybody out there. >> she looks like she is running pretty fast. this 2016 brings a whole new set of laws throughout the region. delia goncalves runs down the list of things you need to know. >> reporter: this will be, or it should be the last time you see one of these styrofoam food containers in carry outs here. they are now banned. and prince george's county, no more styrofoam starting in july. but, beginning this month, there are a number of new laws in prince george's aimed at keeping the county clean. >> it should be good. we have a lot of trash. >> reporter: anyone caught littering on county property will be slapped with a thousand
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dollar fine double the old amount. >> i hit them in the pocket you know? where it hurts. >> when they do fines, they fine people. even for the smallest trash. >> that may change their habits. >> i hope so. >> reporter: it is also illegal to smoke e-cigarettes outside public buildings now in print george's and county landlords caught illegally renting without a license fined $1,000 a month and those who don't clean up their property face tax liens. >> it depends on how badly they enforce it. if you don't have people coming to check it, what's the point? >> reporter: it is easier to vote in maryland and virginia. marylanders can register to vote and student ins the commonwealth can use their school photo id to cast ballots. virginia drivers will now be able to add emergency contacts to their records to help first responders during an emergency.
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delia goncalves, wusa9. and for a complete list of all in new laws throughout the region, you can download our wusa9 mobile app. we are just getting started here on wusa9 news at 5:00. on the way, death tolls from the midwestern flooding. the water is starting to recede finally. and an outpouring of support. >> a building in it's the holidays, which means a house full of people, who all want to get online. so hurry and get verizon fios. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available, with speeds from 50 to 500 megs.
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for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant. >> after the count down come it is big cleanup. sanitation workers and street
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sweepers busy getting new york's time square open for business again. crews removing tons of confetti and debris left behind by new year's eve party goers. about a million people came to the cross roads of the world to witness the 12,000-pound crystal ball make its descent. >> it was a great experience. everybody should do it at least once. >> i have been dreaming to come out here since i was a little kid. >> at least they were not freezing cold. revelers enjoying unseasonably warm weather. they encountered tight security though. 6,000 heavily armed uniforms and undercover new york city police officers searched and guarded the crowd. no major incidents were reported. >> there are no longer any concrete indications of a terror threat at any specific place. police in munich evacuated the
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train station after the new year. there were concerns that isis was plotting a suicide bombing attack. more than 24 hours later, fire crews are trying to put out the fire in a luxury hotel in dubai. one person died of a heart attack rushing to get out of the burning building. 14 others were injured. they are still working to determine what touched off the blaze. major flooding is swamping sections of the midwest and is now blamed in the deaths of nearly two dozen people. in southern missouri and arkansas, rivers are still cresting as people in saint louis try to regroup. reporter marlie hall now with the latest. >> reporter: new year's day finally brought some hope southwest of saint louis. high waters are receding allowing interstates to reopen but other roads are still like
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rivers and homes still submerges. some of the worst flooding was on the marameck river near the mississippi. >> the only home i have ever owned right out is gone. >> reporter: in the city of arnold, linda thorn and hundreds of others forced out by historic floods rang in the new year in shelters. >> we are all in this together. >> reporter: thorn's mobile home was submerged and this is all she has left. clothes donated blankets and this. >> this is the rain sell angel you were able to get off your tree? >> yes! it was very important to me. it was my mom's angel. >> reporter: the humane society has taken in four-legged flood victims. >> as people were leaving and people have been displaced, they have taken their animals with them and we have been able to care for a lot of the animals for them. >> reporter: the record breaking high water is moving
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through the mississippi valley. officials say the impact will be felt well into the new year. marlie hall, cbs news, arnold, missouri. members of iowa's national guard have been dispatched to missouri with equipment that can purify water at 1700 gallons per hour. you know, some of us like snow. do you ski adam? >> toy. >> and i know howard does. >> we are big skiers. >> we may get our wish. >> you know, the second week of january looks a lot better. >> potentially something. ten, 12 days. >> i have been worried about the snow some time now. my car doesn't do good in the rain. >> that's true. >> you will learn. you will learn. you are not alone. many people are fearful of wet flakes. let's get you going here. it's a lot colder than it was at this time, we are returning five, ten degrees colder than what we were on new year's eve. so certainly a chill has moved in with temperatures now in the 30s in lots of spots north and
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west of town. thankfully, it is not too breezy out there, warm spots like fredericksburg at 45. but we are in the teens and 20s in the mountains at wisp, snow shoe. they are blowing snow working hard to get open here. i'm sure the folks in the north as well are going to be open as soon as they can. 45 in east. now, a beautiful sunset. if you follow me on facebook or twitter, i posted a bunch there. and they were gorgeous, we are looking at the kennedy center this evening. skies are mostly cloudy out there. there's a little bit of clearing out for the west. that helped to give us the nice sunset. the clouds have been really stubborn. windchill, 39. slight windchill at 7 miles an hour. the weekend, it looks marely quiet weather wise. it becomes a little breezy sunday afternoon. with that cold air, i'm thinking on the afternoon and evening maybe some flurries or snow showers on monday. shouldn't be much more than conversational at this point.
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it is going to be cold. and i mean it will stay in the 30s . windchills, 20s , might get some windchill ins the teens early next week, we are watching the second week of january, there are some signs coming together that, not sure lit be 11th, 12th, 14th. things are starting to take shape here for maybe some wintery weather. cold air, you can see it spilling over the lakes in the form of all these snow showers. some into central pennsylvania while the showers well to the south. it is that back edge of the clouds has been slow to pull away. i think it is going to start to pull away overnight into the weekend. so, a chilly weekend, again, a quiet weekend. and we watch the cold air until it starts to move out late in the weekend. tonight, mid 20s to low 30s . that is becoming partly cloudy. cold, we will see the clear i skies north and west hanging onto mostly cloudy south and east. tomorrow morning, 20s and 30s on the cold side to start your
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saturday morning. so, if you like to go out for an early run, bundle up. seasonably chilly. 44. we are going to be above that. so, that 51 is the final number for december. easily the warmest december on record. monday, 39. chance for the afternoon flurries into the evening. tuesday, coldest so far at 36. we will warm back into the 40s with a chance of rain friday afternoon. back to you. >> thanks howard. coming um, ranking the top concert tours of 2015. >> but up next, what you can get for being uber's one billionth passenger. and the driver that gave him a ride.
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>> uber is celebrating its one billionth ride. the ride sharing company says it happened in london christmas eve. uber started in san francisco five-and-a-half years ago so that averages out to nearly 200 million rides a year. the one billionth rider will get a year's worth of free uber rides. good deal. and the driver gets a free vacation to any uber city of their choice. good idea.
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>> and probably free transportation once they are there. so a new survey finds a thursday of americans are making financial resolutions for 2016. >> we may not be among them. the top three are creating an emergency fund, paying off credit card debt, and budgeting. experts say the keys to keeping those resolutions is to have specific time oriented goals to help you stay on track. more good news at the gas pumps. triple a says the average price for a gallon of gas remains below $2. that is the cheapest price since 2009. the average price for gas in 2016 will be somewhere between 2.25 and 2.45. but it warns that prices are expected to jump about 50 cents next month during refinery maintenance season. >> awesome. both 2015 and 1989 were good for taylor swift. she had a star studded 1989
5:25 pm
tour, took in almost a quarter billion dollars. beating ac-dc by 7 # million dollars. one direction, u2 and foo fighters rounding out the top five. star wars the force awakens keep moving up the charts. it has taken in $1.29 billion worldwide. that is good for eighth place on the list of top grossing films of all time. can you imagine if taylor swift was in it? the animated disney film frozen has held the top spot. but we have to say it here. the force forced them to let that spot go. let it go. coming up a look back at 2015 and politic is dominated by, you guessed it. the 2016 presidential race. >> also ahead, president obama alluding to his upcoming executive action on gun control. >> but up next, a local father's battle to save the ice rink he built in honor of his late daughter.
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and other select models. it's the holidays, which means a house full of people, who all want to get online. so hurry and get verizon fios. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available, with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, for only $79.99 a month online, you get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year. plus, with a 2-year agreement, fios gives you $400 back, and all the premium movie channels for a year. so go online or call now for this great offer. get out of the past. get fios. >> we are following breaking news in prince george's county where a jogger has found a woman's body on a popular trail. let's get straight to mola lenghi live with what we know so far. >> reporter: they were called
5:29 pm
out here after a jogger found a woman's body right on the trail. this is obviously heavily wooded area. what i am told is she was not in any sort of workout gear. it did not appear she had been exercising long this trail. no workout gear is what authorities tell me now. she was fully clothed. there have been gang related incidents but authorities say while that is something they are considering at this point, there is nothing to indicate that this may have been a gang related. but again, it is something that is on their radar and they are still investigating. they are expecting a medical examiner's report here soon to be able to help in their investigation. live in prince george's county,
5:30 pm
i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. republican presidential front runner donald trump is serving notice on his gop white house rivals, trump says he has a very big lead and he intends to keep it. in a newier's eve interview on fox news channel, he will be hillary clinton's worst nightmare if she is his opponent. he wants to win the white house not because i want the job ... -- more focused on this year. it was not all about the race for the white house. >> we saw landmark deals get signed. and the supreme court handed out some rulings. craig craig boswell has a look. >> reporter: the outsiders took the early lead in the grounded gop race for president. >> i'm number one by a lot. >> reporter: donald trump held out with a slew of controversial comments
5:31 pm
including mexican immigrants and muslims. and carson and carly fiorina surged in early polls. following the death of his son beau, vice president joe biden decided against making a third run for the white house. >> i'm going to be your president too. >> reporter: hillary clinton was forced to defend against an attack from the left with senator bernie sanders running with a liberal platform. >> establishment politics is not going to work. >> reporter: clinton weathered 11 hours of congressional questioning about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi in 2012 and she came under fire for using her private e-mail. the obama administration restored diplomatic relations with cuba after 54 years. the president also signed a deal with iran that would limit its nuclear program. >> this deal is our best means of asewerring iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: senate republicans
5:32 pm
fought back saying this deal would help iran get a nuclear weapon, but democrats beat back the challenge. house speaker john boehner called it quits. >> it has been an honor to serve in this institute. >> reporter: congressman paul ryan reluctantly stepped up to take the job. the supreme court upheld a key part of the affordable care act that provides health insurance subsidies for all qualifying americans and in a historic decision, a divided court legalized same sex marriages. >> you may kiss your bride. >> reporter: craig boswell, cbs news, washington. updating you on on a story that has a lot of you riled up. montgomery county officials have a disdain for a man's ice rink. but he is getting a lot of new support and a lot of new faces are showing up just today.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: moms and dads and kids alike are begging montgomery county not to shut it down. he named it mel's after his daughter melanie who died of a respiratory disease. today, marc kohn went ahead and hosted his own winter classic. the place is packed. >> i have to give her message. i think she is looking down smiling real big going this is really cool. thanks dad. >> reporter: his daughter melanie died in july. she was 35. when marc moved to this house two months ago, he made a mick shift bedroom and work room. he started building the rink the day he moved? >> we have all kinds. all different ages, all types of skates. some people in their shoes. we have hockey coaches out here. parents. brothers. older brother. younger brothers. >> reporter: with the homemade rink, montgomery county officials are worried about public health and safety concerns and zoning issues.
5:34 pm
mark lives on about culture reserve so he can't host public events. >> how far do you have to go to play hockey? >> about 40 minutes maybe. >> reporter: it took two-and-a- half months to build. cost him $40,000 roughly. he expects to meet with county officials next week to discuss the rink's fate. at mel's, matt, wusa9. >> marc kohn will be reaching out to the county to see what is supposed to happen next. prince george's county prime solvers is upping the maximum reward paid to tipsters. effective today t amount will increase from $1,000 up to $2,500. that is the first increase since crime solvers inception in 1979. the reward for unsolved homicides, rapes, other violent crimes remains up to $25,000. and prince george's county fire and ems released its social media stats for 2015. and check this out. it was the most watched video on the department's youtube
5:35 pm
page. the video of two pieces of equipment from the stations destroyed by fire has gotten nearly 17.5000 views. pg fire also reports it had 17,000 hits on his facebook page and now has 12,500 twitter followers. as he begins his final year in office, president obama says he is looking forward to working on unfinished business. particularly when it comes to what he calls the epidemic of gun violence. >> three months ago, i said any new actions i can take to reduce gun violence. on monday,ly meet with our attorney general loretta lynch to discuss our options. because, i get too many letters from parents and teachers and kids to sit around and do nothing. >> he is considering an executive order to narrow a loophole allowing sales of guns online an gun shows.
5:36 pm
stricter rules are expected for reporting guns that are lost or stolen. and coming up, the new trailer for the upcoming disney animated film zootopia takes off on youtube. >> but up next, miss columbia has one word to describe the mix up leading to her mistakenly crowned miss universe. >> we have a chill today. looks like the chill will be around right through the weekend and the coldest air of the season is coming next week. you see to the north and west, a lot of 20s in the midwest. looks like a chilly dry weekend ahead. your forecast coming up in a few minutes. which truck brand do you think offers best in class hd towing, best v8 horsepower, and has this year's motor trend truck of the year? ram. chevy. what do you think? the ford. here's the answer. that's the chevy silverado hd, the chevy silverado,
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>> here is what is trending now. a new interview with the miss universe runner up miss columbia. >> ariana gutierrez says it was not only humiliating for her but all of columbia and all the other latinos in the auditorium. she was accidentally crowned miss universe by steve harvey who tweeted this morning happy new year 2017. he called the mix up an honest
5:40 pm
mistake. video of the gaffe has gone viral. >> she shouldn't feel embarrassed. >> had nothing to do with her. the actor who played trapper john on the hit tv sitcom mash is being remembered by fans on facebook. wayne rogers died in los angeles of complications from pneumonia. he was 32 years old. he was an army surgeon on mash. he appeared in the first three seasons of the hit show's 11 year run. the end of 2015 also means the end of motley crue. >> oh no! >> after almost 35 years of heavy metal, they gave their final concert at the staples center. the people there have been hosting their videos on youtube all day long. talking ability how yo missed the final performance, no
5:41 pm
worries. lit be released on dvd. also trending today on youtube, taylor swift's new music video for her new single out of the woods from her multiplatinum album 1989. since its release yesterday, it has gotten more than 2 million hits and counting. so for the walt disney company, it is not happy new year, it is happy z year. >> yesterday, the movie studio released a new trailer for the upcoming film zootopia. >> zootopia. a gleaming city where animals of all kinds live together in peace and harmony. >> i'm judy, your new neighbor. >> well we are loud. >> don't education expect an apology. >> the new trailer features shakira's new single try
5:42 pm
everything. it has gotten nearly a million- and-a-half hits on youtube. zootopia hits theaters march 4. >> another movie my kids can watch 10 billion times. and disney's ceo is confirming rumors that the studio will make indiana jones 5. when they purchased lucas films, they secured the rights not only to star wars but the indiana jones franchise. in an interview with yahoo last year, director steven spielburg said he would be directing. coming up, concerns about brain injuries are fueling interest in youth flag football lead. >> but first, authorities step up security for the annual tournament of roses parade in pasadena
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
>> the rose bowl parade. hundreds of people lining the route in pasadena, california for the staple of the holiday
5:46 pm
season. chewbacca there. more than a million roses were used to make the floats. but what you didn't see if you watched the parade was the heightened security along the parade route. might be unsettling for some, but for some, seeing police with semiautomatic weapons was actually reassuring. >> there's a lot of cost. a lot of security. a lot of people just roaming around but you know it is going on. >> authorities won't give exact figures on how many agents were on patrol. they will only say this is the most secure rose bowl parade yet. >> i bet it is. well today, millions are watching the college football bowl games. but, the issue of concussions continues to hit the headlines. after researchers discovered a link to long term brain injury. >> that is sparking concern among parents of future players. now families are turning to a different version. weijia jiang reports from arlington. >> reporter: ten-year-old mason and 12-year-old will couldn't wait to follow their dad's
5:47 pm
footsteps. kyle played football in college. >> what is your biggest dream? >> to play in the nfl. >> yeah. >> reporter: but, their mom worried about hard hits on the field so the family agreed to a compromise. flag football. >> it was a really nice safe option and we could put off the tackle part for a while. >> without missing the game. >> or the skills. they are learning all of the skills. >> reporter: flag football is like the traditional game, but they don't tackle. they remove flags from each over instead. >> it is intense and fun. >> reporter: no football is the best option some doctors say. the new york times printed an article saying don't let children play football. children who sustain head trauma will develop problems as adults. >> i think it is a decision, a
5:48 pm
personal decision. >> reporter: mark gray runs the flag football team in arlington, virginia. it is growing fast as stories of football related injuries are released. >> it is a big deal. parents are very concerned about concussions and tackles. and it has driven several families to be here. >> reporter: like the greens who say their boys are safer and just as happy. weijia jiang, cbs news, arlington, virginia. >> lots of players go onto play tackle in high school. they are not at a disadvantage. pope francis reminded his audience that january 1 is the world day of peace. and the theme this year is dominate indifference with peace. during his new year's mass at saint peter's basilica, he said to end what he called false neutrality regarding the injustice, persecution, wars, and misery in the world. now how is this for kicking
5:49 pm
off 2016? thousands in rome exchange their winter coats for swim suits. yes. to take a plunge in the river. this has been celebrated on the first day of the new year since 1946 and the event was started by an unemployed life guard. a similar event also takes place every new year. >> the polar plunge activities, didn't look like they were able to get out of the water. they dove in. >> the water wouldn't be heated there would it? >> no, no, no, no. let me show you what was going on, the clouds made a very dreary day, but the back edge gets close tore us.
5:50 pm
the clouds get lit from below. here is a look at the sunset. had some great color, but these clouds are eventually going to start to pull away from us and give us sunshine for the weekend. right now, it is getting chilly out there. mid 30s to low 40s across the board. we have 20s in the mountains and the ski areas, they got the snow guns going full force as much as they can. they within to get open too. 43. we are looking quiet this weekend. just on the chilly side. especially at night. lows in the 20s and 30s . monday, snow showers possible in the afternoon an evening. a shot of even colder air coming in. upper 30s . i'm watching the second week of january. some of the signs are coming together that mainly the atmosphere want to make more
5:51 pm
snow than has been around here. we have winds coming into play. the cold air coming into play. so this is still a week-and-a- half or more out, but i wanted to give you a little heads up. becoming partly cloudy tonight. cold, northwest winds 5 to 10. tomorrow if you are going out early, 20s and 30s with sunshine still out there. mid to upper 40s in the afternoon. seasonably chilly. as we head toward sunday, upper 40s to near 50. cold, 39. evening flurries. back in the 40s with a chance of rain coming here by the end of next week. now, wusa9 game on sports with dave owens. brought to you by xfinity. >> two good things about a college football playoff. one, there is a college football playoff. and two, january 1 has sort of become a relevant day for bowl games. i remember as a kid watching games from sun up until sun
5:52 pm
down. and it always seemed to culminate with the orange and the sugar bowl. i love those memories. i want january 1 college football back again. outback bowl in tampa. that's the orange crush nation right there. northwest probably felt like they were crushed or in a crush. they probably felt like they were in the clockwork orange. speaking of orange. evan berry with the pick. this was one overfrom the start. 100-yard return for the touchdown. tennessee wins. the ninth game of the season. most since 2017. onto if citrus bowl. michigan destroying florida today, 41-7. the wolverines rolling this afternoon. how about some hockey? nfl? i predicted the caps would never lose again. about a 06-game win streak? seriously, the nine game win streak ended last night.
5:53 pm
the carolina hurricanes. the win streak tied for the longest in the lead for the caps. have been a brutal week for washington. but eyth say no excuses for last night's efforts. >> it is no excuse to let to one go. i think everybody has to step up. and ... we have to make sure we get into the next one. >> finally, new year is for new year's resolutions. here is mine. number one, i will separate laundry before i do the laundry. the reason, my orange socks are now blue. [ laughter ] a few skins players have resolutions too. >> there are a few areas a work on. >> next year come back strong and better than i was this year. >> i want to stop swearing. you know, seriously. that is my resolution for myself. you sound so much more intelligent when you don't
5:54 pm
swear. >> for me going into the new year, i would love to still be playing football in february. [ laughter ] >> there you go. no more orange socks for me. >> we will pick up on the retisoluon story. >> yes we will. thanks dave. so, a gunman on the run after a deadly attack in broad daylight, we are going to tell you what israeli lease know so for about that suspected. >> plus, new at 6:00, a dangerous intersection. see what we witnessed days after a bicyclist was hit and killed in this montgomery county crosswalk. >> and oklahoma high schoolers hit the spotlight in london. but this tournament took more than a few thousand miles. that is next at 6:00.
5:55 pm
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>> a trip is more than just sightseeing. >> jonathan vigliotti tells us about one school that had tragedy and came out stronger. >> reporter: more oklahoma's south moore high school marching band has played count lesser moenys but nothing quite like today's big performance. the annual london new year's parade. thousands of performers march across the london landmarks. south moore was one of the big show closers meaning they waited a little longer to
5:58 pm
perform. no problem for a band that waited nearly two-and-a-half years an survived tragedy for this moment. >> the friends i had before the tornadoes, they weren't the same after. so, now they are back i guess. >> reporter: the tornadoes of 2013 wiped out much of moore. ian's family survived but others doesn't. this trip was organized to rally the torn town together. >> i think these kids are riding in a school bus everyday on their way baby baby homes that are bonn. >> some of the band members almost didn't make it here because of a round of tornadoes in dallas. dozens of students were grounded for days and arrived here just in time. >> reporter: it has been a long road to this point for south moore high. but when their turn finally came, the past was left behind. if only for a few songs. >> a lot of times words can't explain what happened and you
5:59 pm
sit back and close your eyes and listen to the music. it gets you every time. >> reporter: jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, london. right now at 6:00, new details on what likely throed a case and shooting that spans two counties. >> bill cosby takes to twitter to send a message to his fans. >> and we clocked drivers speeding down a busy road after a bicyclist was killed in a crosswalk. >> but first, a massive man hunt is underway for this gunman that opened fire in a bar in tel aviv israel. >> two people were killed and several more were hurt this afternoon. israeli officials believe they know who the gunman is. now they need to find him. >> reporter: closed circuit cameras show him firing on a
6:00 pm
busy tel aviv street in broad daylight. >> i hid under the bar and i wait for him to finish. it was horrible. >> reporter: another video from a security camera in a store next door shows a man placing a backpack in a shopping cart. he then pulls out a gun. walks outside and starts shooting before running off. >> it is all over the world. >> reporter: after the attack, a large police presence swarming the area with officers going door to door searching for the shooter. now, this attack comes after more than three months of frequent palestinian attacks. a defense analyst say it is gunman was an israeli arab and his father called the police after seeing him on tv. the taliban says it is behind a deadly explosion in the afghan capital of kabul. flames could be seen this


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