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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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busy tel aviv street in broad daylight. >> i hid under the bar and i wait for him to finish. it was horrible. >> reporter: another video from a security camera in a store next door shows a man placing a backpack in a shopping cart. he then pulls out a gun. walks outside and starts shooting before running off. >> it is all over the world. >> reporter: after the attack, a large police presence swarming the area with officers going door to door searching for the shooter. now, this attack comes after more than three months of frequent palestinian attacks. a defense analyst say it is gunman was an israeli arab and his father called the police after seeing him on tv. the taliban says it is behind a deadly explosion in the afghan capital of kabul. flames could be seen this morning in the residential area
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of the city. a suicide bomber targeted a restaurant that belonged to foreigners. that blast killed one person, wounded 11 others. the taliban has stepped up attacks in afghanistan over the past year after foreign combat forces withdrew from the country. in brussels, investigators have released all six people taken into custody yesterday for suspected extremist attacks. police questioned them about a plot that reportedly was going to target police. soldiers, famous locations in belgium's capital. two other people including the suspected leader are still in custody. the threat forced brussels city officials to call off new year's eve celebrations. we have new information on the new york man arrested for trying to support isis. a rochester bar owner described the suspect as an aggressive panhandler who caused more trouble than good. the fbi says 25-year-old emanuel lushman planned to attack the bar when it was
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filled with new year's eve revelers. he was going to use a machete and knives given to him by an fbi informant. he wanted to prove he was worthy to join the group. firefighters in dubai spent the day trying to cool down a high-rise after a fire broke out there. flames and heavy smoke could be seen pouring out of the 63 story building. the fire started a couple of hours before midnight blocks from the world's tallest skyscraper where thousands gather today watch the new year's eve fireworks disapply. investigators are still trying to track down what sparked the fire. we have an update on a breaking news story. there are now criminal charges against one of the people involved in a car chase that spans prince george's and montgomery counties. cam has more on what happened before the chase. >> reporter: that's right, we
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are in montgomery county where things came to a head and the chase ended but it began about five miles away with what police say was a drug deal gone wrong. police have charged 30-year-old thompson of silver springs with first degree assault for his role in this two car chase. they say it started as an apparent drug deal in this wendy's parking lot in prince george's county. after the cash and drugs were exchanged, thompson got in his car. a black honda accord, and began chasing 27-year-old tyrell owens driving a black dodge charger. it ended up on new hampshire avenue. >> witnesses told investigators that traffic was stopped on new hampshire avenue. mr. thompson got out of his car and pointed a handgun at the driver of the black dodge charger. >> reporter: police say owens went north on the southbound lane at one point hitting three
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cars. >> there were no serious injuries. >> reporter: it ended here in this office depot parking lot where both drivers had stopped. owens was given a traffic citation and released while thompson was arrested and charged for pointing the gun. >> thankfully, this could have turned out a lot worse than it did. there were no serious injuried involved in the collision for the one driver who chose to go to t wrong way. >> reporter: now, a part of this initial call, police were told about a possibility of shots fired but so far have not been able to confirm if any shots were fired. for that matter, haven't recovered a gun. and while a drug deal was the apparent start of all this, detectives have not recovered any drugs. reporting live from white oak, cameron thompson, wusa9. >> thanks cam for that update. and police say they are still investigating and more charges could be filed. they are asking any witnesses to give them a call. we have a phone number listed on our wusa9 news app. an alleged drunk driver rolled his car onto the sidewalk in downtown dc early this morning and hit seven
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people. he critically injured one victim and seriously injured another. crushed new year's hats and tire tracks all that is left of the scene now at 17th and l streets in northwest. 25-year-old malik lloyd is locked up charged with driving under the influence and hit and run. just days after a teenage bicyclist was struck and killed by a car in a montgomery county crosswalk, we returned to the scene of that tragedy to see if anything had changed. the crosswalk is at the bottom of a hill on beers mill road at turkey branch parkway. it connects a popular trail on both sides of the street. and this time, we brought a speed gun. >> this is really dangerous. >> reporter: they have to cross five lanes of pearl to get to the other side. >> there are people stopping. and they just go. >> reporter: heart-stopping moments like this happened multiple times everyday at this crosswalk. compounding the danger, the fact that when you press this
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button, it flashes lights at the top of the hill. about 100 yards away. >> it is way up there. i think people don't notice. >> 54. 54. 63. that blue car. >> reporter: the speed limit here is 45 miles an hour. but our speed gun clocked one driver at 63. another at 59. many slowed down when they saw us. >> drivers, you have to look out for pedestrians. if you see people stopped at crosswalks, you have to stop. >> reporter: maryland law is clear. drivers must stop at crosswalks if anyone is waiting to cross. but police say it is safer if everyone looks out for each other. >> pedestrians, you can't assume the driver can't see you. bicyclists too. >> reporter: this safety measure could save your life.
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>> wear something bright. the people need to see you. >> reporter: montgomery county police have done several sting operations at this very crosswalk. and ticketed drivers who didn't stop. the captain contacted the state highway administration right after that bicyclist was killed. and, once again, he urged the agency to put flashing lights or something at this crosswalk to prevent another tragedy. >> hopefully, that story will help. a changing of the guard today. in prince george's county, hank stewinski has taken over as the interim police chief. the former chief stepped astyed to take on a higher position working for county executive in a public safety role. and a post on facebook yesterday, he called stewinski a good man and a strong leader. a new year, and a new reminder that yes. it is in fact winter. >> we knew we weren't going to escape it. it is just a matter of when,
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meteorologist howard bernstein tracking a chill down. get ready for some snow as well? >> yeah, we might see a few flakes by monday afternoon. we are talking flurries, snow showers. not a big deal. it is the second week of january have has the potential to do more than that. finally, late this afternoon, you can see on the satellite and radar here, north and west of dc, we saw some clearing so we have the pretty cool sunset for many. snow showers a sign of the cold air going on across new york state. parts of pennsylvania. we are certainly feeling that cold. yesterday, we were in the ooze, now, we are in the mid 40s . we are down to 41 in nashville. it is in the 20s near the great lakes and the colder air is going to be reenforced here by monday and tuesday. headed out this evening, we are in the 30s and the 40s now. we will drop a few more degrees. lit be dry. i will be back with the seven day forecast in a few minutes. >> look forward to it howard. and the political mud slinging is not reserved for the campaign trail or even
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between the candidates. we will show you one pilot's high flying message to donald trump written above today's parade of the roses. >> and we say good-bye to a voice that is simply unforgettable. the latest on the passing of natalie ok, we're here.
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here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta and other select models. >> bill cosby has reached out to his supportedders for the first time since prosecutors charged him with sexual assault earlier this week. he posted a simple message on twitter last night.
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it says friends and fans, thank you. the five word tweet has about 2,000 likes and half as many retweets. the 78-year-old comedian is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman inside his home in philly back in 2004. cosby is free on a $1 million bond. this year's rose parade didn't just include a show on the ground. take a look at what a pilot spelled out in the air. the messages called out republican presidential candidate donald trump. the sky writer clearly not a fan. spelled out trump is a fascist dictator and america is great. trump is disgusting. the pilot made his mee ssag known as the last rose parade float left the gate. the top story online is a tragic one. singer song writer natalie cole has died from congestive heart failure. ♪ i am unforgettable too >> cole known for the song you heard and being the daughter of
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the iconic crooner nat king cole. but she had her own success getting nine grammies. another big story online right now. could put a smile on your face. we will explain why this wall of sandbags is getting a lot of high fives. >> and starting 2016 by hitting the ground running. straight into a cold river. why these folks took a plunge into the potomac. that's after the wow, you changed my old bedroom.
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>> a fruitless search is wrapped up for the day in the deadly cold waters of the chesapeake bay. rescuers were out looking for 48-year-old steven reynolds who went overboard from his 30-foot sailboat 9:00 last night. he is well known in maryland where he once ran for county commissioner. he had been living on the boat recently and was with a female companion when he went overboard. >> a lot of new laws are now on the books offering striking examples of how some states lean left and overs right. for instance, texas now lets licensed gun owners carry their weapons openly in public but california is making it easier
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to take guns away from people believed to pose a threat. how about voting? north carolina joins the list of states requiring photo ids at polling places. while california and oregon become the first states to automaticically register voters when they get a new drivers license. the new year bringing good news for metro riders starting today. the federal benefits for taking transportation doubles to $255 a month. now folks to ride the rails will have the same tax benefits as those riding in the park. the jump to $255 should cover most of their monthly costs. now, there are plenty more policy changes and new laws taking effect across the washington region. you can find those on our free wusa9 app. staying dry is normally good for the liquor industry except in this case. workers at the dirt cheap liquor store in west alton
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missouri sure know how to sandbag. look at the wall may built to keep the missouri river o. that craftsmanship is getting a lot of appreciation. photos and video of the store have been shared more than 10,000 times on facebook. and, while we are all plunging into 2016, a few dozen hearty folks were plunging into the potomac river. >> and then jumping right out. >> photojournalist james hash introduces us. >> reporter: a lot of tattoos, a few bikinis, one rubber horse mask and no one wearing a speedo. this is how you start the year in williamsport, maryland. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: jumping in on new year's day is nothing new for these folks. >> this is my fourth year doing this. >> 1st year in a row. >> reporter: the tradition goes back 20 years. >> every time it is for a
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charity. >> reporter: it is part hangover cure, part hypothermia. >> i want to be really cold. >> it is good to gather with a bunch of crazy individuals. >> reporter: while it is fun for all, for a few, it is also a spiritual experience. jessica brown was among a group being baptized today. >> you feel like a whole new person. feeling like you have a special moment with your church and your family, and it just, it is something specially never forget. >> reporter: in williamsport, maryland, james hash, wusa9. >> this year, the potomac was relatively warm. 49 degrees. in the past, they have had to cut through the ice to do it. temperatures are much warmer than usual. >> i'm very disappointed that james hash did not take the plunge him and i know. >> how did you not know he was going to? >> i know howard would have
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done it. had he not had to be here. i think he would have. >> i done know. >> it is a enough that i goaded you into it. >> maybe, maybe, maybe. >> i would do it if you would. i really would. >> that's a big maybe. >> for charity maybe? >> is that a challenge? >> there's still time. >> next year. >> i'll consider that, sure. if we are raising enough money, you got it. >> american heart association. done. >> all right. weather wise, let's talk about a beautiful ianing here. you know, we have a lot of clouds all day long. i know folks out in southern maryland. i heard we didn't see any sun. what are you talking about? this is what i'm talking about. we suggested enough of a hole in the clouds right after sunset to get a gorgeous sky here across northwest washington. many areas saw this. not everybody did. but i'm optimistic that we are going to see even more sun as we get to the next couple of days. it has gotten chilly yesterday. yesterday was cool, today is cold. temperatures running 5, 10, 13 degrees colder than 24 hours ago. we are now down in the 30s in many areas. barely above 40 in town.
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one of our warm spots. lots of areas are in the mid 30s and they continue to drop off. another ten degrees by tomorrow morning. right now, 41. mostly cloudy. winds are calm. that's a good thing. so yeah. that is a very good thing. we had a little bit of a windchill earlier. it is the same as the temperature. look at the snow showers going on. a lot of cold air going across new york state. these are heavy. south of buffalo. some lighter snow showers in central pennsylvania. on the back edge of the clouds, slowly moving toward the east and the southeast. and i think overnigh, we will be able to say good-bye to some of them. this cold flow, this is going to continue for several days. and while we will have a chilly weekend, nothing significant is headed our way just tomorrow. of course we get into sunday, we should see a good deal of sunday saturday. a good saturday night back in the 20s and 30s . sunday starts out sunday, we will be sunny most of the day. winds will pick up a little bit
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out of the northwest, a shot of colder air. a little upper level disturbance, see the snow showers? i would not be surprised if we had a couple of snow showers or flurries monday afternoon. monday night as the colder air moves in. monday and tuesday, it will be cold. it will be heavy coat, jackets, hats cold. mid 20s to low 30s tonight. tomorrow morning, brighter. 20s and 30s . not bad for january. mid to upper 40s . as we head to the three day, you will see on sunday, 49. a little bit of a breeze in the afternoon. 39 monday. a chance of an afternoon and evening flurries and snow showers. cold on tuesday. and looks like some rain is going to be possible by the end of the week. >> sounds good howard. all right, jay still trying to answer the question who to play and who not to play. we will also check in with a few of our local hoops teams. maryland and georgetown both learning some hard lessons in this early
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there's a place online where you always get more than you pay for. brands you love, at prices that work for you... anytime. maxx life! shop >> now, wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> maryland basketball's comeback win on wednesday was thrilling to watch. now that the thrill is gone, it has subsided. one wonders can a team get too complacent believing it is so good it can always overcomcast sportsnet play overcome complacency. you have to play hard. you have to play hard every night and they did not do that
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against penn state. the lions were hammering e th terps. mark turgen believes his troops got a wakeup call and expects th to respond a little better on the road against north western. >> i think each time we step away from home, we will be a little bit better. maybe we play more relaxed because it is on the road. >> we don't want to have a game where we struggle to shoot the ball. we want to go in knowing we tipracced the offense. a better team than we were. >> georgetown had a little work too. marquette against la jolla. keeping their poise has been important. all right, football, skins running back matt jones still not able to practice due to a hip pointer. he is just one of many question
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marks jay has leading into sunday's meaningless game against dallas. reporters asking him how he will balance maintaining momentum and his team's health. take a look. >> it is important for us to be healthy at playoff time. but it is also to have some momentum. going in, i like to end on a four game winning streak. >> we need them for a playoff game. you know. at the same time, you want to go out there, compete your tail off. try to win a game. we are all about winning that is what we do. >> we have ha lot to play for. to beat the dallas team. you don't want those guys sweeping us on the series. >> much more coming up later. >> thanks dave. see you then. >> that's it for us for wusa9 anies at 6:00. the evening news is next. >> have a good night. see you at 7:00.
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>> quijano: a new year ask a new push by the president to enact new gun restrictions without congress. also tonight, we'll look back at the life of natalie cole, whose talent was unforgettable. ♪ in every way >> quijano: resolutions-- what's the right amount of exercise to stay healthy? and steve hartman goes on the road to learn the failt of the world's saddest christmas tree. >> i think charlie brown's got a better tree than we do. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> quijano: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm elaine quijano. president obama is beginning his final 12 months in office with a renewed effort to reduce gun violence following a year


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