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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 3, 2016 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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to talk to you, man. about an hour ago, he called me. sam called me. i think i know where he is. after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious.
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♪ ♪
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sam had this bag stashed at our place. he wanted me to grab it, then wait for his call. he said he's got money in it, and whatever the hell that stuff is. i read about that thing that he's building and it says that the people who put it together and who set it off that they get worse poison than anybody. i mean he's gonna die. sam's gonna kill a bunch of people, and he's gonna die. what happened to my brother? why's he doing this? i don't know, chris. i think usually people that join groups like that they're looking for some kind of purpose. i sort of feel like i did this to him, you know? what do you mean? sam dropped out so i could go to school. i got the diploma, and he got... what? look, i know you already know this, but whatever sam did for you it doesn't make what he's doing now okay. you
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understand i take that call let you guys follow me i'm turning in my brother. you got brothers. how would that make you feel? can't even imagine. look, i need to know what you can do for sam. he's done bad things. he's got to go to jail. but he's not a terrorist yet. is there, like, a program that you can get him in? maybe he can get his diploma while he does time. i don't think so but i'll check. naz: what exactly does he expect from us? i don't know. but i do know that we're asking him to turn in his own brother. so there has to be something we can give. do you know what's in that backpack that sam garper wants? beryllium powder. he needs it to finish the bomb he's building that will render some chunk of this city uninhabitable. people will die, others will get sick and it will all be to advance the cause of hate and nihilism. there
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are no reform schools for people planning what sam garper is planning. there's no second chance for people who rig trip wires to kill my agents. i don't know how chris will react to that. well, we can't give him the chance to react to it. so you want me to lie to him. he has to get to that meeting with his brother and i want you to think about what will happen if he doesn't. you can think of it as a math problem if you have to. however you get there, you have to tell chris garper what he needs to hear. okay. if i have to do this i want my pill first. i'm better at crunching numbers when i'm on nzt. to the benefits of being a badass. hey, bud. so what'd you find out? can you help sam? as a matter of fact, we can help sam. did i pull it off? yeah, i'm afraid so. i made federal
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prison sound like a california vacation. ♪ ♪ in my head, i made mike and ike the prison guards. you get the metaphor. anyway, they were all gonna have so much fun. and sam wasn't just gonna get a high school diploma, he was being set up for a life of success. (paparazzi clamoring) did i lay it on a little thick? maybe. but whatever i had to say, whatever lies i had to tell, they worked. he believed me. ♪ ♪ chris just got the call-- sam wants him to pass the bag off at east river park, 4:00 p.m. cool. you okay? i've had to manipulate informants before, and... you want to take a silkwood shower when it's done but it does get easier.
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it gets easier to manipulate your informants? what about your consultants? that's different. i think you know that. oh, yeah, i get it. it's all in the game. you never saw that show? ♪ ♪ chris wasn't handing the bag off until 6:00 so i went straight into my training session with casey. but this time would be different. i'm sure casey wasn't expecting me to get the upper hand that fast, or even at all. but i knew he would try after that. i mean, really try. he got me a bunch of times i got him a few times. but it was pretty clear i'd know what to do if i got in another fight. casey: okay, so... why'd you hustle everybody? i mean, you've obviously trained before. no one learns that much technique in a day. i'm a quick study.
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boyle: our people aren't gonna move in until you walk away from your brother. now, we expect everything's gonna be just fine, but we want you clear of the arrest for your own safety. try not to spend too much time talking to sam. just give him the bag and say good-bye. all right. kid's there waiting. tunnel is secure. good by the south pathway. we got it surrounded. you've got two people coming from the tunnel. casey: that's sam garper. he's got
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his buddy with him. that's norris allen. what's he doing here? two-for-one special's on. sam. hey, bud. you look awful, man. sam: looks like you found my bag. listen, kid, this is... this is all gonna get straightened out, all right? i'm gonna be back home you know. i don't know when it's gonna be, but... we'll see each other again, all right? why are you doing this, man? doing what? what is he doing? chris: hey, i'm sorry. this is gonna be a good thing. he brought the cops. let's get the hell out of here. sam, don't run! don't run! don't! stop! move, move, move. sam! hey!
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i'm going out. no, we're the eyes. we stay here. cover left. go! casey: who has eyes on norris allen? stay down. good? yeah. what happened to allen? don't move! (gunshots) we've got sam garper in cuffs. norris allen doubled back, pulled a gun on chris. who fired? boyle hit allen with three shots. thank god. finch. uh, allen did get a shot off.
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i'll call you if there's anything, too. thank you. we just got a call from bellevue. chris garper was in hydrostatic shock when they loaded him into the ambulance. they opened him up to operate, but... there was too much hemorrhaging. he didn't make it. i'm sorry. (sighs quietly) so i told him whatever he needed to hear to get him to that meeting, and... he got killed. i understand how you're feeling. it's awful.
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his brother sam is gonna be okay. his radiation burns were the worst of his injuries. there's a bomb that won't go off because of what we did today. you saved lives. yep. but not him. (exhales) there had to be way to do both; i just didn't think it through not even on nzt. this is the worst part of what we do, brian. working a c.i. gets really complicated really fast. we try to avoid it but sometimes... what's best for the case... what's best for the world turns out to be a very different thing than what's best for the person. yeah, but that's how we get through it, right? i mean, we limit morality... (sniffles) draw boundaries, compartmentalize-- like you and casey. what? you say it gets easier to manipulate people
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to lie. how can you have an honest relationship? uh, sorry... how do you know about me and casey? his cologne, it lingers on you. your reaction when naz suggested he train me. the way he shows up at your desk every morning. to lie, that was a lie. but you find a way to live with it. can i give you a lift? no, i could use the walk. hey. you heading home? yeah. you? oh, maybe. you doing okay? rough day out there. yeah. our guy finch is a wreck. (breathes deeply) i'm sorry,
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i got to ask. what are you guys doing with him? i mean, you remember when you and me started training? it took you at least two weeks just get a handle on the breathing. you said i was gifted. yeah, you were. brian-- he's already doing joint locks and chokes that i didn't learn till my fifth year on the mat. it's like he absorbed a decade's worth of technique in a night. so either he's hiding the fact that he had training, or there's something else going on. he's a fast learner. mm. that's what everyone keeps saying. yeah. he learned about us. oh. so i guess we should sign that hr form. no. (elevator bell dings) i trust him. good night, casey. night, rebecca. brian: if you're watching this that means you're me-- me on the pill. guy who's been telling me what to do. (sighs) and i know you remember
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all this but i'm gonna say it anyway. just because you remember everything doesn't mean you know everything. we are not omniscient, or today would have gone very differently. and if putting myself first means being okay with what happened to chris garper, then i'm not playing. you tell me i've got to be ruthless to survive. but if that means killing the part of myself that makes being alive worthwhile that is not how i'm getting through this. that isn't how we're getting through this. so deal with it. you don't have a choice, really, because by the time i take my next pill, the damage is already going to be done. you okay? i made a copy of this file.
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i can't tell you exactly how i got it but i do think you should know what's inside. you deserve to know what's inside. it's about your father, rebecca. can i come in? yeah. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh does a freshly printed presentation fill you with optimism? then you might be gearcentric. right now, it's like paying just $9.99 after rewards for this case of paper! office depot officemax. gear up for great. red 97! set! red 97! did you say 97?
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a beloved family's dog gets sick and has to be put to
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sleep. sad enough. why is the dog's owner facing charges? it's the controversy that you'll see only on 9. bring on the packers, the redskins will face green bay on wild card weekend. hello i'm debra alfarone. those top stories in a moment, but first winter has arrived finally . let's go straight to first alert meteorologist howard bernstein. what are we expecting? >> a lot of cold air. now we're in the 30s and there will be a lot of snow activity in ohio, pennsylvania, new york state, drifting in to parts of western maryland and west virginia as you can see them in to garrett county here and some approaching, winchester and hagerstown now. this stuff is pretty light as we are just talking about flurries, a lot more than what you have seen really. notice a couple of the flurries
11:57 pm
coming out towards hancock and hagerstown and it is starting to feel more like it with the light winds and temperatures that have fallen in to the upper 20s in white oak and bowie and manassas, still holding on to the mid to upper 30s, north and west with the clouds starting to creep in. as far as future cast, we'll wake up. temperatures tomorrow, 20s and the lower 30s. by 10:30 low to mid-30s with the snow in the mountains, a cloud here and there with a few flurries. nothing too widespread with a few flurries flying at times. temperatures won't move too much. mid to upper 30s. by tuesday morning debra, we'll have temperatures, which will be down in the teens in most areas, thinking windchills that could be mainly in the single digits tuesday morning. after that things will look better. as far as the warm up, we'll tell you about that in a few minutes. >> thank you so much, howard. we now know everyone who the redskins will play next sunday and no better person than dave owens right here to break it all down. >> wow just found out the sunday night football game is
11:58 pm
ending, which impacted who the skins are going to play. in terms of today, that it is a meaningless game and one team dallas. they would play like it was a meaningless game. watch it as they decided to play their players to maintain as much momentum as possible heading in to the playoffs. if you need it as proof that the skins were ready for the playoffs, then you got it. check it out. jay gruden and company in dallas today. jay will be cool, calm, collected on the sidelines as they quarterback was fantastic. kirk cousins carving up dallas' defense that, it wasn't thanksgiving, but he was carving, only playing a quarter and a half. but he was sharp, 12-15. with a record setting day as well. washington blitzes dallas to win their fourth straight and end the year at 9-7. >> i think that it is worth something. i would rather do that than lose a couple of games, but regardless of your winning
11:59 pm
streak or losing streak come saturday and sunday next week, we'll have to come together and play a great football game against a quality team. we'll see how to respond. >> yeah no doubt they will have to come together. it was a record setting day. cousins setting a franchise single-season record for passing yards. 4,000 dead, 166 yards passing. breaking the total set by jay schrader and they will play green bay next sunday at 4:40. green bay just losing a minute ago on sunday night football. green bay comes here on sunday. >> what do you think? >> i think the skins will be favored in that game, but boy aaron rodgers is not looking good. aaron rodgers is one of the best in the business, always dangerous. i think that it will be a shootout in the 30s and the 40s. i like the skins in that game, i really do. >> we'll see. dave owens knows. >> sometimes. well that's okay. we'll see what the fans had to say about the game today. >> all right. >> any time you get to beat the
12:00 am
cowboys it's a great day. even though we're already in the playoffs, we love taking them down. >> we've had a great season, excited we're going to the playoffs. >> this team has shown a lot. for a lot of redskins fans, i have no idea that they were going to make this kind of run when they got started. if you look under the hood things are looking pretty good. >> this is huge, man. i got to come down to my favorite bar. it's kind of like having a nice sunday off. we knew we were locked. we got to enjoy the game. it is always a great thing. >> i think that some people thought that they were going to play backup and that it's been great to see kirk cousins with a great record. >> kirk cousins ready to lead us to the playoffs. >> kirk cousins and the michigan state fans. >> they will play next week, but to see them continue to build. they will create the atmosphere down to the early 90s. go skins, man, go skins. >> by the way they are voting in the wusa9 pole as they were hoping they would face the redskins in the opening round.
12:01 am
all right switching gears now. is this a case of the government overreach or the dog owners. who just allowed their sick dog to suffer. the stafford virginia couple who put their dog down after a battle with cancer. they are now battling their county over the criminal charge. stephanie ramirez has a story that you'll see only on 9. >> what is the best plan? >> reporter: jocelyn, dressing him up. >> reporter: for about eight years, travis and aaron evans tell us that buxton was a part of their family, even a volunteer dress up friend for their 5-year-old daughter. now the stafford county couple are living a nightmare that will be argued again next month in court. >> i can't have a misdemeanor in my record and keep a career and support my family. it could destroy my family. >> a criminal misdemeanor is what the stafford county animal control officer charged him right after he took buxton to a shelter to be put down. the two tell us that their lab had been fighting cancer. >> and that it was removed. by the time they called us, we had seen another spot come on his toe. >> reporter: on july 2 buxton
12:02 am
had a seizure, but appeared to bounce back, so they didn't take him to an emergency appointment. two days later the 8-year-old lab was too weak and time for euthanizization. they claimed that the dog was seizing and soon after charged evans with not getting buxton emergency care. this is where travis evans took buxton to be euthanized. i called the county for a statement, but told their animal control offices are closed on sunday. depriving any animals emergency, that they are considered cruelty to animals, but the couple says the shelter never told them to go to andrea roane -- an animal hospital first and lied to the courts. >> in the first trial they were making us out to be a monster. he had cancer. that's what happens. it's awful for this to be happening to us afterwards. it's awful. >> reporter: in virginia stephanie ramirez wusa9.
12:03 am
>> now the couple has since hired an attorney to fight those charges. the attorney accuses the county courts of overstepping their boundary. he tells us that travis evans will go before a jury on february 23. charges could come as early as tomorrow for the owner of the rockville, maryland home where 66 dogs were seized last night. animal services offices received this dog from the 13000 block of glendale road as they had gone in to estimate the dog bite cases. they were taken to the animal services center in durwood where they are currently being quarantined and valuated. many of the dogs need medical evaluation. dc police shut down several blocks of traffic in northwest sunday night as they dealt with an armed man barricaded inside a home. and garrett haake was the first reporter on the scene near the intersection of windale street and western avenue. >> reporter: debra, police packed up quickly after the suspect surrendered tonight. but for a while this street
12:04 am
behind me looked like a parking lot for the emergency vehicles and tactical teams. police began arriving around 7:00 p.m. to a wealthy quiet neighborhood that doesn't see much crime like this at all. ura sothe investigation told me that the standoff began with an angry confrontation between an adult family member. police tell us that they lented someone with a firearm and then fled and barricaded themselves inside a home on windale. but they didn't say barricaded long and police were able to make an arrest without injury to themselves or to the suspects around 8:30 p.m. from a distance our camera captured one handcuffed person taken away in an ambulance. but tonight they are not saying how that person was involved with tonight's events. tonight one neighbor told me she moved here from texas about a year ago and almost never sees police in their neighborhood and tonight she looked out their back door and saw a swat team running through the backyard. in northwest dc garrett haake wusa9. a murdering clinton has
12:05 am
prince george's county searching for a killer tonight. the victim was found in the 3900 block of kilborne drive just before 5:00 this morning. the man suffered some sort of trauma to the body, pronounced dead at the scene. the murder rattled neighbors who say nothing like this has ever happened in their normally quiet community. >> it bothers me a lot. yes, it does. >> there was a body on the ground. i did hear some noise. but i thought nothing of it. in fact i thought it was my heater going out. >> police haven't released the victim's name victim's -- victim's name yet. the first family returned to the white house sunday afternoon from a two-week vacation in hawaii. the president is expected to meet with attorney general loretta lynch later today to discuss using executive action to tighten gun control. mr. obama is expected to im


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