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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  January 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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blai get out the hats, coats and gloves, a chilly start. the coldest air of the season is setting in on us today. good morning, i'm andrea roane, welcome to wake up washington at 6:00 a.m. >> take a deep breath, the cold will take it away. i'm mike hydeck. larry miller has the morning commute. allyson rae starts it off with the forecast. good morning, definitely cold, arctic air moving on in. we are looking at few flurries today. a few flakes dropping from sky here, south of hagerstown, martinsburg, the trend today. a few flurries here or there. cold and blustery, snow fans, this is not going to be your day. we will track snow later on this month. a few flurry, germantown and gaithersburg and areas to the
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west. better chances off to the west, and well off to the north. we are headed to the 30s today. when you factor in the winds, staying to feel in to the 20s. larry miller, over to you. >> back to business monday. folks are heading back to school and work. we have issues popping up all over the place. two lanes blocked on the eastbound side of i-66, between 234, and the car rest area, traffic cam gives us a shot of the accident and delays associated with it. you will see a 5- mile back up, 5 minute back up i'm sorry, at this point. leave the house a few extra minutes early. taking you inside the beltway, police activity on 18th street, between k street and mass avenue, that's closed, that's been going on for an hour. working to get more information about what this police activity is. soon as we get that information, we will pass it along the you. next traffic update coming up on the 9s.
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over to you. back from vacation, president obama is going to sit down with lore lorretta lynch targeting gun control. >> reporter: the president has been frustrated working with congress and says they failed to protect americans. he will by pass congress and may take executive action, to stiffen our country's gun laws. >> a few months ago, i directed my team at the white house to reduce gun violence. >> reporter: the plan calls for stepped up reporting on lost or stolen guns. we learned the president hopes to redefine who the gun dealer, forcing sellers to conduct background checks. >> all we are talking about is keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people, the people we agree shouldn't have them.
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>> reporter: the president says he must act now, simply because here to the white house, he gets too many letters from the parents or children of murder victims, asking him to do something about gun violence. the nra calls this a political stunt. hear what else republicans had to say at 6:30. delia goncalves, wusa 9. explosion has been reported near the airport in the afghan capital of kabul. there are no immediate details on casualties or damage from the blast which occurred in an area close to where a suicide bomber killed one person and wounded 33 during an attack last week. we have breaking news, oregon, state and federal authorities preparing to establish law enforcement command post today to coordinate a response to the tense standoff there as gunmen
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and defenders of the constitution occupy refuge. the land belongs to local residents, and that the managers are trying to push out the nearby ranchers. ther posted the video on facebook. >> we got good numbers, but there is a lot to do and we will eventually get tired if we do not have help. >> the father and son ranchers are expected to turn themselves in to authorities this morning. their prison sentences have become a flash point for long held anti government sentiment that sent the armed militia members to occupy the refuge. police have their second homicide case of 2016 on their hands. a body was discovered sunday during a welfare check in clinton. police say the man was found lying next to a cat suffering from trauma to the body. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. police are continuing to search for r the killer of a woman found dead new years day.
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catherine alvarado was discovered in hyattsville. a question to a statement, you like that. the red skins fans are heading to the playoffs, nick giovanni joins us live. >> how to get tickets to game one here against the packers. we will introduce you to a remarkable lady, who despite being blind and deaf isn't letting disabilities keep her down. it feels cold, without the winds gusting too highs they will increase this afternoon, the winds north, northwest, more cold air for tomorrow, and also a few flakes out there for years off to the north and west. we will track the flurries, keep it here. we continue to keep a eye on the accident, on the eastbound side of i-66, between 234, and the car rest area. all lanes of traffic are open,
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just the shoulder is blocked. as you can see from the headlights, a mile back up at this point, leave the house sooner rather than later. we will get you around the trouble spot and activity
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welcome back, i'm allyson rae. about 6:09. time for weather and traffic on the 9s. it's cold, feels more like january as we head to work and school this morning. take a look at first alert doppler, we are tracking a few flakes falling from the sky through martinsburg, charlestown, meyersville and frederick.
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also through germantown, rockville and poolsville. a few flakes falling, off to the west. areas north and west, that's where you have a better chance of seeing the flakes. a dusting for the mountains, everybody else nothing. 32-39 today, with the winds, blustery, feeling in to the 20s. metro riders good news, everything is running on schedule. trains and buses, no problems. the major trouble spot keeping aeye on, eastbound side of i- 66, car rest area. the shoulder is blocked. we have the shoulder blocked, we are seeing a mile and a half back up. a live picture from the traffic cam. i-66, west of studly road. you will be running in to the delay, you could consider 50 as an alternate. if you stay on i-66, give yourself additional time you
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can get around the trouble spot in a fair amount of time. another weather and traffic update coming up on the 9s. over to you. south carolina man uses the can of spray point to send a message to donald trump. developments out of india, a massive earthquake is impacting more than 1 million people. a red skins victory has some fans singing. live
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curt cousins had 9 interceptions what difference by the second half. they are nfc east champions. green bay is coming to town. >> he is setting records. >> how do you like that now. right? there at the tasty diner, that's where nicky is. >> reporter: i am going to have bacon and eggs. we look for the best fans, they are here. this is the hot spot, monday morning after a night's winks especially when they beat the cowboys. marty is one of the fans. lifelong red skins fan. >> couldn't be happier today.
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it was great and exciting. wasn't as important as the week before but still exciting. >> nice to beat the cowboys. it's a bigger victory than normal. >> reporter: if i would have tell you where we would be sitting, what would you have said to me? >> to see this at the end of the year is fantastic. it's, we are on a good role for next year as well. >> reporter: next weekend? >> we look good. we are going to match up well. we got a good shot. we are playing at home. what more could you ask for? >> reporter: are you going to celebrate with me? >> absolutely. seen people using the hash tag, beat the cheese. last time we played the packers was in 2013, regular season and we lost. how do you think this is going to go? >> we are different teams. they are a different team. we are on the upswing, we are playing great now. we got a good shot. couple of rounds in the playoffs, maybe further. >> reporter: are you going to go to the game? >> i will be watching it. >> if you want to go to the
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game, you can. there is a chance, let me give you ticket information. the remaining seats not claimed will be released at 10:00, buy tickets at ticket master or calling 301-276-6050s we have the information up on the wsua9 mobile app. kick off is set for 4:40 against the packers. we will be here monday, we will be back here sell braying next week. back to you -- celebrating next week. back to you guys. you are going to feel the bite of winter. we are in the 30s. not getting out of the 30s for most places. >> we are staying in the 30s, it's going to feel in to the 20s. ski resorts are happy. it's a quick cold snap. back to average temperatures, wednesday. snow lovers, this is not going to be your day.
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a few flakes falling from the sky. look at first alert doppler. we will have a chance for good snow, not this week, though, we are looking at a few flurries today, areas west and northwest of the district, you are going to have the best chance of seeing the flakes fall from the sky. we will have a few this afternoon. here, getting returns of yellows and blues near brunswick, seeing more out there, not too much going on, as you head west, divide, that's where it's starting to be an impact. 32 gaithersburg. this is without factoring in the wind. the winds will be blustery. not there yet. we are 10 miles per hour winds for the district, look off to the north and west , the winds are starting to pick up. the gusts are up to 25 miles per hour, on average. hagerstown. that's going to be a rude awakening. today, feeling in to the 20s by tomorrow morning, in to the teens for a lot of areas.
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a little bit of a wind, we will feel in to the single digits by first thing tomorrow morning. the winds subside tomorrow. sunny and nice, to the mid 30s, back to the 40s by wednesday. milder day, near average, heading to friday, seeing temperatures back to near 50, rain showers over the weekend. everything is running on schedule, vre is running on schedule as well. sky 9 is on the scene of the accident on the eastbound side, i-66, between 234 and the car rest area. see the shoulder blocked. we still have that mile, mile and a half back up associated with that. if you give yourself 5-10 minutes to the commute, you should be able to get around the trouble spot just fine. how things are shaping up southbound on 295, here from annapoliss to east capital street, looking at a 24-minute commute. no major issues on the northbound side on the virginia
6:18 am
side. prince william parkway, up to i- 395, 11-minute commute. you are looking at a 20 minute commute, west of that we have the accident closer to 234 and the car rest area. southbound on i-270, middle brook in to bethesda, 14-minute commute. next traffic update, over to you. aerial snapshot of a new chinese airstrip on a manmade wreath in the china sea. china conducting test flights this weekend, despite vietnam rejecting. developing this morning, starting to hear reports out of india, where a 6.8 earthquake struck close to the border with
6:19 am
myanmar. 9 people killed and two others injured. the quake hit in an area of india where the population is in excess of 100 million people. in the news, right now, 6:19, tensions continue to rise between saudi arabia and iran, saudi arabia has severed relations over the execution of a prominent shiite cleric. saudi embassy following the mass execution of the cleric and 46 other people. ntsb released photos showing the el faro in the final rest resting place. it got caught in a category 4 hurricane. it will images of the sunken ship show a breech to the haul and navigation tower is missing. next half hour, grab your tea and trumpets as downtown abby heads in to the last season. marking a year since the
6:20 am
charlie ebbdo shooting. hebdo shooting. i saw two flakes out here. they are hard to see but they are there. temperatures headed to the mid to upper 30s. it's going to feel to the 20s once the winds pick up. grab the coat, it's going to be a cold one. we will track when the warmer weather returns. it's your typical monday morning rush. we got traffic all over the place. live at kennel worth at eastern a. no issues traveling from laurel, making your way in to town over the 11th street bridge. along the corridor, we are starting to see issues on i-66, this is a live look at i-270, the spur, much of the bulk of the volume for our friends from frederick in to bethesda will be in clarksburg. stay with us, more news and stay with us, more news and heweat
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. here are stories to watch. bill cosby's wife will be deposed by lawyers for several women claiming the median sexually assaulted them. the 7 accusers filed the lawsuit in november. you have a chance, the power ball jackpot will grow to $400 million. no one matched all the numbers in this past saturday's drawing. thursday, marks the one year anniversary of the attacks
6:24 am
on charlie hebdo. they will 12 people were killed in the attack. now to campaign 2016, the race for the white house starts in earnest. voters tune in and candidates get the 4-week push towards the caucuses. donald trump's hotly anticipated first television commercials will start taking to the airways in iowa and new hampshire. trump is promising to spend 2 million a week on the ads. in an interview sunday, trump said, he has 6-8 of the ads in pro production. they are under wraps until the debut today. >> the ideals behind his campaign, divide the country, they don't strengthen or unify us. we want people to make decision on who should lead. >> that man is causing controversy because of anti
6:25 am
trump graffiti he put on his family's property. he is using his family's home to make the political statement against trump. porter says this is what oh post trump america would look like. starting today, clintons will be campaigning together, hilary clinton made the announcement yesterday, former bill clinton is going to make his first appearance at a community college coming up in new hampshire. one california woman says she is refusing to let her disability to get in the way of her grabbing life by the surf board. >> she was born deaf, and blind. the 27 year old woman was also born with an amazing can-do spirit and currently learning to surf. >> i have decided to explore the question, can i learn to surf? one of the biggest barriers facing impeachment with disabilities are negative
6:26 am
attitudes, people assuming someone that is blind can't do something or assuming someone who use as wheelchair can't do something. anything is possible. >> don't tell her what she can't do. she was the first deaf-blind graduate of harvard law school. her legal work today as an advocate for people with disabilities caught the attention of president obama. he recognized her as a white house champion of change. >> she is amazing. topping the news at 6:30, not backing down. plus back to work for the workers in san bernardino after that attack. i was outside, i think i counted 5 flurries, coming down, from the sigh. it's a first ones of the district for 2016. look at first alert doppler. more heading near charlestown
6:27 am
and brunswick. a quick snow shower. flurries today. i will let you know how cold it's going to be as well. quick look at the fast 5 traffic report. things are slow on i-66, on the eastbound side, manassas, moderate conditions on the beltway, 95 on the maryland and virginia side. 50 for friends traveling from crofton and the cw parkway. the volume is starting to work against this. we will have more news, weather and traffic coming up after the break. ♪
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ahead, the latest on the militia standoff on going in oregon. >> we will start with a check of weather and traffic. larry miller has the morning commute. allyson rae says gloves today. that's right, you have to dig out the heavier coat for today and tomorrow. cold arctic air, headed our way, feels like it should. january weather is here for the next few days. also a few flurries. i was outside, we are not talking about a big deal. flakes falling from the sky. a better chance, areas north and west of a quick snow showers. you are seeing flurries, temperatures are headed to the 30s today. that's where they are now. it's not moving much, blustery wind, gusting up to near 25 miles per hour. it's going to feel in to the
6:31 am
20s. we will track the flurries and colder weather headed your way. good monday morning. good morning to our friends at home, 6:31 is your time. we have the shoulder blocked on the eastbound side of i-66, 234 and the car rest area. sky 9 has been over the scene for a half an hour. see the delays on the screen. that's the shoulder blocked, traffic is moving. be mindful, add 5-10 minutes to the commute. the water main break on duke street, wheeler avenue and fort williams parkway is going to affect the at8. the bus that's in the area. commuters will need to be mindful of that this morning. breaking news, militia members are not backing down as they begin a second day of occupying the federal building on a national wildlife refuge. the armed group took control sunday to protest decision by a
6:32 am
federal judge to resentence dwight and his son. the ranchers were convicted of arson for burning federal land and did serve time, but the judge ruled the sentences were not long enough. dc man is facing charges after barricading himself. a dispute led to this situation. the man had a gun, and made a threat, and took off when police arrived. apprehended later and taken in to custody. for the first time, workers will return to the site of the san bernardino attack. the regional center will open later today, following the december 2nd mass shooting, 14 people were killed when a county restaurant inspector and his wife opened fire on employees at a christmas party. the president is back from vacation and he is fired up for a fight on gun control. >> president obama will sit down with the attorney general as he works on executive
6:33 am
action. >> reporter: the president calls this gun control issue one piece of unfinished business as he heads in to a final year at the white house, republicans vow to undo whatever is done. >> we have sickos all over the place, that's the problem. >> reporter: donald trump says gun control should focus on mental health not increasing regulations. president obama says congress has failed to act to protect americans against gun violence. the president prepared to bypass congress to make that happen. jeb bush released this campaign ad. >> why don't you focus on keeping weapons out of the hands of islamic terrorists andless on keeping weapons out of the hands of law-abiding americans. >> reporter: president obama says he gets way too letters from victims' families asking him to do something he says he
6:34 am
quote cannot sit around and do nothing. there is a town hall schedule thursday. a virginia judge is going to hear motions in the case of a mom charged in connection to her son's death. white is charged with felony abuse and neglect. noah thomas was found dead in a septic tank not far from the family's home. her attorney says she can't get a fair trial in her county. the game didn't matter but it was nice for fans, red skins fans to see the skins man handle the cowboys yesterday. >> they are clicking, now is the time to take on green by when they come the fed ex field next week. >> reporter: plenty of comments, a few minutes ago, i was serenaded with the hail oh
6:35 am
the red skins song. that's the way this place is after every red skins game. win or lose, after they lose, it's a bit different feeling of course when they win. we got al, one of the cooks at the tasty diner. last time we were here, everybody was down, except for you. you called it. >> i did. i'm excited, team looks good. we are headed in the right direction. i think we are going a ways to the playoffs. i would like to be able to go to that game. >> reporter: how was yesterday's game? >> fantastic. i enjoyed everybody. i have always had faith in him. he can fill in for cousins any time. we got a family. it's a good thing happening right here. >> reporter: can we get a prediction for sunday? >> we are going to win that game. >> reporter: the diner is quite the place to be when the red
6:36 am
skins win. tell me what the atmosphere is going to be like? >> rowdy after we win. everybody will be excited and everybody is always in a good mood the next day after they win. eerch my wife. that's -- even my wife, that's great. >> reporter: this place erupts in cheers and they got hail to the red skins on the jukebox. >> yes, we do. yes rs we do. it gets played a lot. we are excited about it and dedicated to our team. >> reporter: you can get tickets, they will be released, those that are not used by season ticketholders, released today at 10:00 this morning, buy this on ticket master or 301-276-6050. kick off sunday 4:40. the last time the red skins played it was in the regular season of 2013. they lost, obviously hoping for a different outcome this weekend. everyone is optimistic and riding the fan ban wagon.
6:37 am
on the app, looking ahead to next week's playoff game. check that out. still ahead, one man, what he is doing for his dog in her final days. and joining charlie prose for a preview of cbs this morning. it's cold. the winds haven't picked up yet. it's going to feel 10 below the actual temperatures. temperatures are headed to the mid to upper 30s, winds gusting up to near 25. i'm tracking flurries out there as well. volume certainly starting to pick up around town, live look at i-395, volume on the northbound and southbound side. metro riders this morning, delays on the blue line, residual delays because of a train malfunction. add time to your morning commute to get to your destination on time. stay with us, more news, weather and traffic coming up
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welcome back, i'm allyson rae. bundle up today. if you forget your heavier jacket, you are going to be sorry. temperatures are not moving much today, when you factor in the winds this afternoon, it is going to feel in to the 20s. let's track flurries here on a flurry watch, first alert doppler, a few flakes falling for the areas in gray. it's the areas in white and little bit of blue near leaseburg, near south of brunswick, down 15, 287, a few more than couple of flakes out there. we are going to be tracking the passing snow flurries throughout the day. 32-39, that's it. not not different from where we are now. the winds pick up, it feels
6:42 am
cold. we will talk about how cold it will feel tomorrow. you won't believe it. let's head over to larry miller. good morning at home, time for the fast 5, we have slow traffic again on i-66, the eastbound side in manassas because of the earlier accident. things are deteriorating on the bw parkway as you make your way in to northeast dc over the 11th street bridge. that's the southbound side. moderate conditions on the beltway, i-95, both on the maryland and virginia side. from areas like crofton, buoy, mitchellville in to town this morning. a lye look, how things are shaping up along the beltway, new hampshire avenue, no issues this morning, the volume on the inner loop, for friends traveling from suit land in to town, no issues, the traffic is working in your favor this morning. more coming up after the break for you, over to you. the last season of downtown
6:43 am
abby debuts. >> tommy mc fly will tell us about red skins fans who are breaking in to song.
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6:47 am
downtown abby. 11 emmies, 3 golden globes. season five was seen by estimated 25.5 million people for public television, that's amazing. it was well received. it's already over in the uk. >> they know how it ends. we say happy new year to charlie rose. he joins us live from new york. good morning, charlie. >> reporter: good morning. happy new year to you. 25million people. incredible record for them. they are good numbers as you say for pbs. as you know, there is a conflict, we are there, arm group taken over a federal building. it's vowing indefinite stand off. we will talk to one of the leaders of the group.
6:48 am
60 minutes gets a first look at the el faro ship wreck. the major developments on the investigation and this, how stylish socks are becoming the newest trend many men's fashion. i know -- trend in men's fashion. i know you want to see my socks. >> i wish you could see these. okay. charlie. nice and the sneaks to go with it. >> there you go. have a great day, charlie. let's talk weather. it is brisk. take a deep breath. >> the temperature usually drop as few degrees before the sun comes up. i have been outside, in and out throwed the morning. my last time it was pretty rough. the winds are not that bad yet. it is cold but it's a nice crisp cold right now. later on this afternoon, it's going to be blustery. temperatures are not moving
6:49 am
much today. factoring in the wind, feeling in to the 20s. a few clouds out there from our michael and sun camera. areas to the north and west, seeing a few passing flurries. blustery today, few passing flurry, north and west, see a few more, by tomorrow morning, the temperatures drop the actual temperature drops to the teens w a breeze, doesn't take much. it will feel in to the single digits tomorrow morning. we have showers, rain showers in the forecast for the end of the week and parts of the weekend. on first alert doppler, grays and whites here indicating a little bit of snow, and brunswick, leaseburg, a little bit of a heavier flurry action, conversational snow, unless you are through the mountains, you can see a little bit more as far as maybe a dusting or accumulations, but for us, a few flurries, 34 degrees now, not moving much from there.
6:50 am
look at the feels like temperature by 4:00, feels in to the 20s. the single digits by tomorrow mornings 7:00, feels all of 8 for westminster. we will see the winds subside tomorrow afternoon, the sun hold but cold until wednesday. 36 tomorrow, 44 for wednesday. back to near 50 degrees with showers for friday and in to saturday. larry miller, over to you. thank you. 6:50 your time b metro riders nursing the delay on the blue line. largo, delays because of a train malfunction. metro got the situation if order but dealing with the delays. add 5-10 minutes to the morning commute. that will be plenty to get you to your destination on time. marked train riders doing well. vre on schedule. southbound 295, fort meade, working down to south capital, southeast, 39 minute commute. a live look, show you how
6:51 am
things are shaping up on 295, kennel worth, eastern avenue, closer to the bridge, see, this is what we normally expect on the monday morning rush, the slow going make your way in to town this morning. typical for what we would normally see today. to the maps, northbound on 95, working up from gordan, up to 395, 11-main commute. the bulk springfield, sully to northwest, eastbound, i-66, 33 minute commute. over to you. everyone is talking about the red skin victory against the cowboys. some are singing about it. >> we find tommy mc fly in the 94.7 fresh m studios, good morning. >> good morning, its such a great morning. we saw nikki talking to fans in bethesda, people are singing with super excitement about the red skins big win. whether you have been a die hard fan and coach changes and
6:52 am
quarterback changes, this is cool. either way, it all about the red skins. >> hail to the red skins. >> reporter: so pretty awesome, right? everyone is getting pumped and excited. i got to think with super bowl 50 being here, wouldn't be incredible in the washington, i'm not going to say that, i'm not going to jinx it. i don't want to get in trouble with everybody. you know. back to you.
6:53 am
one of the best parts i thought of the things he showed was the dog singing along. hail to the red skins. you know how much we love our pets. this next story is just, goes further than we have seen. how much would you do to give love to your pet. >> for a man whose dog was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he is working to make his friend's last days the best they can be. todd of pennsylvania has created a bucket list for his dog. it includes everything from eating at mcdonald's, seeing niagara falls, building a snowman and getting married. her latest accomplishment was riding in a fire truck. >> we just wanted to do something that would be special for her in her last days. >> what a cute dog. >> rayes has a way to go. they have checked off more than
6:54 am
30 things so far. just adoreel. happening today, a court appearance for massachusetts man who dragged a state trooper after a traffic stop near boston. the trooper had his arm stuck in the vehicle. the policeman got back in his cruiser and gave chase, the driver was arrested and charged. a judge in frederick will get an update on the mental health of a north korea man. the status hearing for song sue kim, is set for this afternoon, kim is charged with first degree murder. residents begin to clean up following severe flooding in missouri and illinois. many towns along the mississippi river continue to see rising waters. 31 people have died in the floods. more flooding expected in southern states along the mississippi in the coming weeks.
6:55 am
in the wake of the la quan mcdonald shooting, a shake up in the leadership team that investigates police involved shootings. it comes in response to outrage over the video showing the shooting of mcdonald, a black teen, 16 times by a white police officer. president obama is prepared to bypass congress to stiff didn't gun laws. president obama back from vacation, will meet with the tone general to discuss strategy including executive actions republicans vow to undo whatever is done. i'm nikki burdine, live at the tasty diner, the number one thing everyone is talking about , the red skins and the hot streak. they beat dallas yesterday. it didn't matter, but that was a nice win. they will head to the playoffs and play green by this sunday
6:56 am
at 4:40, it will be here fed ex field. tickets released at 10:00 today. we got the information on our wusa 9 mobile app. back to you. grab your jackets, grab the gloves, it's going to be cold today. in to the 30s, feeling in to the 20s. we have flurries on the map. tomorrow the winds subside. it's pretty cold. 36, moderating the temperatures as early as wednesday. it's something for everybody. as we close out rush hour a lot going on, an accident, blocking the right lane, shady grove at i-270, sky 9 is over the scene to give us a look at what is going on there. see police cars on the scene and the lane blocked. you will need to be mindful heading out the door. there is an accident on the southbound side of 295, traffic land cam, see delays on the southbound side, that's the right hand side of the screen, that's going to be approaching
6:57 am
pennsylvania avenue. get past that, towards the bridge, should be good to go. keeping an eye on a pedestrian struck out in kensington. cbs this morning is next with a look at the latest men's fashion trend, this man is right on trend. plus star wars is breaking box office records, not all movies did well last year. they will look at the misses, too. i will track the flurries in 25 minutes. download the mobile app for traffic, weather and updates.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, january 4th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." armed anti-government activists vow indefinite standoff after taking over federal buildings in oregon. >> we are in new hampshire where bill clinton complains for his wife today. >> president obama plans to side-step congress to take action on gun control. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. the federal government decides to use force, will you respond? >> that wo huldave to be determined at that time. >> are you prepared? >> absolutely. >> a standoff in oregon with ard activists. >> the fbi s i


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