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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  January 4, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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we are back for the first time in three years. it is playoff week for the redskins. thanks for joining us. >> washington fans are excited for sunday's game against the green bay packer's on home turf. playing that right here. so excited. fans gobbling up tickets. >> seeds selling out in 13
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minutes after going on sale at 10:00. fans hoping to get tickets on resale sites. you will have to shell out a couple hundred bucks. according to an analyst, the average resale prices $205, making it the second-most expensive wild-card game this year. the redskins also say there are a limited number of those premium club seats still available through the ticket office. may will be pricey. >> absolutely. a maryland man is being -- claiming to be the biggest fan of the burgundy and gold. mike holmes has a home improvement business. he doesn't go to work today after a home game or a redskins game on the road. his home is a shrine to the burgundy and gold. there are pictures, furniture, memorabilia and clothing all dedicated to the home team. he became a fan as a child. he will be tailgating and then in the stands for the playoff game sunday. >> it all started when i was
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really young. my father took me to a redskins game. >> who were they playing? >> they were playing rfk. as i got older, i got more into it. now i'm here. >> how will they do saturday? >> my choice was to play the packers. i think we can beat them. >> you prefer to play the packers as opposed to the seahawks. >> yes. i want to beat them. >> celebrating the home team's win against dallas yesterday. working really hard and joining us live from the redskins park. the team is prepping for sunday. how about it, kristen? >>reporter: another week here at redskins park. which means more work. that is okay. we will braves of this freezing rain. it is playoff time. it is the exciting time of year. you can feel that in redskin nation. you can feel that at the park.
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especially because this is a team that very many had faith in to start the season. same thing with quarterback kirk cousins. what this team did was take everything that the critics said and use that as motivation week after week, throughout the season. what we have now is a very confident team heading into the playoffs. a red-hot quarterback, preparing for the next challenge. washington post green bay this sunday. a perennial playoff team. despite the hype and was at stake -- stake, coach jay gruden says they are approaching this like any other. >> not worried too much about the other outside noise, as far as the pressure and the impact and the experience and all that stuff. we will just go and play with and ourselves. protect the football. get after the ball like we have been doing. >> one fact i found -- and you will appreciate this -- is that the redskins are the only home team in the wild-card round that is favored to win. this is a far cry from what we
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thought just six months ago. we will have much more on the matchup coming up a little later in the show. at redskins park, back to you. >> amazing how fortunes changes so quickly. yes. >> absolutely. >> we want to know how excited you are about this playoff. use the hashtag #skinsonnine. we also have this on >> you will want to keep the app handy to check the forecast for sunday's big game. >> we're tracking some less-than-perfect weather. look at that. figure -- burgundy and gold tie. a little more mild over the weekend. the bad news, a wet game. a system rolling through. rain and showers. temperatures, about 46 up to 50. wind out of the southwest at 10. we're talking about kick off at 4:40 p.m. we will keep you posted. right now, i would say wet and
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chilly. for us, it is just downright cold. we're looking at temperatures right now, in the 20s. just about everywhere. twenty-eight in manassas. by five in gaithersburg. and 24 in hagerstown. those are the actual temperatures. what does it feel like? it feels like the teens. and 17. that that is a windchill downtown. nineteen in fredericksburg windchill. hagerstown, feels like 11 degrees. lows tonight, will be in the teens. just about everywhere. the coldest night so far. we will come back and talk about when the wind will die down. when we lose a windchill. and looking ahead to another storm be for the weekend storm late in the week. police are classifying a homicide. a store you saw first on wusa9 and twitter. we broke the news that the dc medical examiner's office found 74-year-old james mcbride died of severe neck injuries. he was involved in some kind of
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struggle with hospital police in late september when he tried to leave without being discharged. the officers involved no longer work for medstar. washington dc police and the u.s. attorneys office say they are still investigating and have not filed charges. let's go to the update in prince george's county. this video of precious, the pedal, protecting her owner after a house fire, drew a lot of attention on a website and facebook page. right now, that woman, april newell, is in jail charged with arson. fire investigators believe she started another fire in the very same home the day before. and still looking into what sparked the fire that destroyed the house. she is being held on a half-million dollars bond. right now, a family is out of their home after a massive fire this morning. we were on the scene when the bright orange flames were shooting through the top of that large house. prince george's county fire investigators say it is a total loss with $1.5 million in damage. the homeowner and two dogs did get out safely. nobody was hurt. because everything did collapse into the basement, it will be
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some time before firefighters can safely go into the house to figure out what started it. animal control investigators in montgomery county are trying to figure out why a resident had 66 dogs inside their home. officers took the animals on new year's day after investigators went to the house on linville road us to look into a biting case. when -- when homeowners refused to let officers inside, they got a search warrant and return. the dogs are now recovering at the montgomery county animal shelter. the owner could face neglect, abuse and cruelty charges. president barack obama will outline a series of executive actions tomorrow morning aimed at curbing gun violence. he will also call on congress to join him at pursuing tighter gun control. the plan focuses on requiring background checks for people buying a weapon at a gun show, fleamarket or online. the plan also calls for an upgrade of criminal databases and urges states to report more domestic violence convictions to the federal government. the fbi is taking the lead
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in trying to peacefully end the standoff at a national wildlife refuge in a remote part of the eastern oregon area. over the weekend am an armed militia style group took over a handful of federal buildings and vowed to stay put until local ranchers get back the land that they say the federal government seized illegally. they are also demanding a new court hearing for two ranchers convicted of setting fires on federal land. wall street started the w year with a big loss. blame that on factors foreign and domestic. asian markets took a nosedive earlier today. then came the manufacturing numbers which were more weak than expected. at the closing bell, the dow industrials were down 270 points. the sba -- s&p was down 31 points. the nasdaq was down 104 points. we have a follow-up to a brutal attack on a metro train. we will show you new photos of the suspect is released this evening. she is serving a big mac
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with a big smile. what makes this local mcdonald's worker so special, after the break on wusa9. >> this is your only local news at 7:00.
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get three payments on us and don't worry about payments until march 2016, when you lease a new 2016 xc60. look at the surveillance photos that just came into the newsroom. transit police want to question these people about a brutal attack on december 21 on a red line train approaching the station. that is where a passenger's jo -- jaw was broken. police need your help identifying the people in those pictures. we have a follow-up on efforts by a maryland man to keep is homemade backyard ice rink open. today -- officials tell us the meeting did not go well. the county told him he was in
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violation of not having enough restrooms. not having a food permits. even though folks bring their own food. they say the county says from now on, he can have no more than five visitors on the ice per day. the nation's oldest mcdonald's employee is right here in our area. >> harriet clopper is a 95 years old. she has been working at this mcdonald's in hagerstown for the past 20 years. she says she has lived this long thanks in part to being on her feet most of the day. greeting customers. >> i like meeting the people. i just like the work. i like to work. >> she has that ability to draw you in and make you feel special. >> she is sharp too. she is a hard worker. she just turned 95 on christmas day. after all these years, she is thinking about retiring finally later this year. why stop now? what do you think? >> good for her. so cute.
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plus with a 2 year agreement, fios gives you $400 back, and all the premium movie channels for a year. hurry, this offer ends soon. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. the mayor muriel bowser is slamming dc council members tonight accusing them of moving
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too slowly on the crime- fighting legislation. mayor muriel bowser is complaining that it has been 131 days since she proposed a package of bills to fight a surge in murders in the city. one proposal will allow the city to hire retired police officers without cutting into the police pensions. another with subsidized surveillance cameras at businesses and nonprofits. the package also includes a controversial plan for warrant searches without -- searches without a warrant. >> i don't want the legislation to be held up because of one controversial element. if it moves without it, we would support that. >> the chairman of the judiciary committee -- is normally on the same page as the mayor but says the criticism took him by surprise. he says he will have a package for the committee by the end of the month. he also complained that the muriel bowser administration has been slow to provide him with data or let him meet with the police chief. a first for the winter season.
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today the district activated the cold emergency alert. this means the city will open shelters and warming centers to keep residents out of the cold. dc activates the plan anytime the windchill drops to 15 degrees. our chief meteorologist is tracking how cold it will get tonight. the coldest so far. looking at temperatures in the teens. that is without the windchill. the 3 degrees guarantee. when up to 37 today. that will be all right. i will let you know how would you tonight by 11:00. you can trout -- track us by downloading the app for free. a look outside. it is down to 30 already. the dew point, five. humidity, 35%. indoor humidity, eight or 9%. look at the temperatures. twenty-five in gaithersburg. hagerstown, 24. let's factor in the wind. it is breezy out there. feeling like the teens everywhere. feeling like 19 in fredericksburg. and 18 and waldorf. also in del city. sixteen in silver spring. tonight, the coldest so far.
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generally in the teens. even some areas getting down to 19 or 20. busstop temperatures, 12 up to 26. cold tomorrow. light wind. good news there. still dry. a little more mild on thursday. maybe even near 50 by thursday. 10:00 tonight, in the 20s. these are actual temperatures. notice the arrows. that is the northwest wind -- continuing. it will stay breezy until about -- the wee hours of the morning. by 5:30 a.m. or 6:00 -- generally in the teens. eighteen in fredericksburg. eighteen, gaithersburg. by midmorning, way below freezing. only 22 downtown. and 21 in other areas. by lunch time, not at freezing. maybe 32 in manassas. maybe 33 and culpepper. most of the northern and western suburbs, at freezing or below. by 6:00, temperatures fall again quickly. in fact, less wind tomorrow night.
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temperatures falling more quickly and lower tomorrow night. and it will be 30 downtown. that is 24 hours from now. it is already 25 in gaithersburg. and in the mid-20s in manassas, fairfax and tyson. by 9:30, low 20s already under clear skies tomorrow. for the day planner, it looks like this. twentys, to start. maybe 31 by 1:00. remember those are downtown temperatures. the next three days, not quite as cold on wednesday. 40 degrees. going in the right direction. and thursday, 50. a little more mild and still dry. the next seven days, rain on friday. a break on saturday. rain for the game on sunday. temperatures, upper 40s. cold again next monday but clear. the wind is blowing out here at redskins park. i'm live. a lot of great things came out lot he season including a of broken records by kirk cousins. we will hear from him coming up. . ready for sunday's game. are you?
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we want to see how you are showing off your redskins pride. use the hashtag #skinsonnine. it
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welcome back. alongside frank. live at redskins park. all is quiet now. just the beginning. the excitement, just starting to build. as the steam begins preparations for the wild-card game sunday against green bay. really, how appropriate. it feels like lambeau field out here at redskins park. freezing cold. warmer temperatures on sunday would be nice. the redskins on a roll having won four straight. facing the packers now. despite the levity of the situation, the attitudes stay the same. >> i don't know how much it could change. obviously the hype of the game is very important. but if you start saying this is the biggest game of your life -- you don't want people to get too intense around here. you have to prepare like you have been preparing.
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we have had a lot of big games that were important. we go back to tampa -- we had to win that game. we go back to the giants game. that was big. chicago is a must win. philadelphia was a big game to win the division. we have had games that are very crucial to us moving on in the playoffs. i think our approach will be the same. >> we are here for you all week. also on game day. join us for sunday at 11:30 for game on. we will be live at fedex field, previewing the game. of course, this team being led by a red hat quarterback with kirk cousins. breaking records all season. >> this is a guy -- a year ago, with the redskins -- he is so detailed. that is why he has been so successful. he does 15 minutes increments in time scheduling -- that he color codes. if we only have that sort of organization and our lives, who knows what could happen. kirk cousins is getting it done.
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getting the redskins ready for the playoffs this sunday against the green bay packers. they have had four straight wins. they are nfc champs. now a whole new season with the playoffs starting on sunday. >> it would be very immature and very foolish to go against what you have been doing. the whole point of being successful is to stay consistent with what you have done. and maintain your rhythm and your routine. and not change. if i were to change, that would be very foolish. if anything, i want to stick to the plan even more now than ever. >> it is amazing how even keel he has been. even after he makes mistakes. this is something -- in the past -- now when he makes mistakes, he bounces back. i'm curious to see how he does against aaron rodgers a sunday afternoon. >> that has been the big thing with kirk cousins this season. he gets to start his first playoff game. we will see how he handled all that. of course there is no controversy here at redskins park regarding coaching changes. but a lot of changes being made
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today on black monday. we already know chip kelly from the eagles was fired last week. today, the head coach of the new york giants re-signed. he stepped down today. after 12 seasons and two super bowl. but the last three seasons have all been moving seasons. -- losing seasons. he took full responsibility for that. another change at the nfc east. i think we both can agree, jason garrett stays in dallas. >> yeah, i think so. >> and is amazing to think about -- the star of the season -- who was on the hot seat? the guy behind us, jay gruden. not anymore. that seat is like the weather. it is freezing. >> we are done here. back to you. >> jay gruden and kirk cousins looking pretty good. >> kirk cousins about to get paid big money. >> yes. you can feel the cold through the television. >> teens tonight. >> that is it for our news at
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seven. >> we will be back at 11:00. >> have a great night everybody. stay warm. wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please.
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ann hathaway pregnant and in a bikini. >> and new years romances. are miley and liam back together two years after they split? >> they're very affectionate. yr>> cus' surprise holiday with her ex-boyfriend down under as celebrities get racy in the caribbean. >> who is bieber getting hot and heavy with as kendall jenner is cuddling with harry >> plwhus, o is miranda lambert's new snuggler. >> from the second i started out, your right there. >> mary hart backstage at 2016 first award show with stars gearing up for oscar. >> all of the red carpets, you're going to be walking for the next few weeks. >> oh, dear. >> then remembering natalie cole. >> she's been sick for a while.


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