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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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construction foreman in failing health. sunday, at 4:00 in the afternoon, the 911 call came from 60th street northeast. jack won was having a -- jackson was having a heart attack. and one grandson was staying inside to do heroic cpr, his wife and other son were flagging down paramedics they thought were away from the firehouse a mile and a half distance but the rescuers did not come right away. >> when a couple of minutes passed we were calling back. we were getting frantic, you know. we were trying cpr. and his breath was really slow. >> my mom, it was a frantic situation, just waiting, that's all. waiting. >> the jackson family is mystified by the explanation of what happened. officials say the rescuers arrived in the vicinity and saw police attending to a man on the ground nearby, who the officers said was okay. the medics presumed they were
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in the right place. and called in to say they weren't needed. an ambulance and additional rescuers en route were canceled. it turns out the rescuers were at the wrong address. meanwhile, jackson lay dying at 405, 60th street northeast. by the time it was straightened out, the response delay was at least 20 minutes. >> they never notified us or anything. >> the dc mayor mural bowser says there will be more investigation. >> when folks call 911, they want an immediate response and it is our responsibility to deliver it. >> there had been immediate changes at the fire department. as we just reported, beginning immediately, fire ems is changing the key detail on how they communicate under orders from chief gregory dean, just as you, quote, go forward, the department will require units to repeat the address to the dispatcher, upon their arrival, at a scene. to ensure they are at the correct location. reporting live, in northeast
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dc, some groom. wusa9. >> i suspect we have not heard the last of this one. scott, thank you. officials are still considering whether or not there will be disciplinary action involved against those employees. condolences have been offered to the jackson family. dc's mayor tonight is rushing to contain a spike in robberies. mayor bowser announced a multi- agency task force to catch the bad guys and make sure they stay in jail. but even as she announced that surge, burglars broke into the car of a news crew there to cover the effort. and we are live at the metro station with more on what is going on. bruce? >> reporter: yes, leslie, 40 to 50 robberies in the city so far in just the first six days of the year. police, prosecutors, crime pattern analysts all planning to work together now, to make sure that robberies don't spiral out of control this year, like homicides did last year. for the police chief, and the
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mayor, exactly the wrong kind of photo op. just feet from where they were announcing a new crime-fighting claim. thieves broke into an abc 7 news vehicle and stole thousands of dollars of equipment. >> you didn't see them do it, did you? >> no, i didn't. >> reporter: the chief says the new task force has already taken a bunch of crooks off the street. using realtime data and communications, they have targeted spree robbers, and repeat offenders. >> the task force will respond in realtime to what looks like a robbery spree in progress. it will quickly identify patterns. >> police say robberies were up about 5% last year, over the year before. several of the highest profile crimes have involved young people on the metro system. but the mayor aggressively rebutted suggestions that her program to let students ride
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free had anything to do with this spike in crime. >> a few people, young, old, or in the middle committing crimes on metro will not disparage thousands who travel to school each and every day. >> stopping repeat offenders is a challenge. >> everywhere in the city, trying to find a job, and can't find one. how am i not to go back in prison? >> reporter: nathaniel moore, just out of prison for armed robbery, tearfully told the mayor, he cannot find work. >> family members are tired of asking for help. >> you're feeling desperate? >> yes. >> reporter: now, the mayor asked her staff to work immediately with nathaniel to try to find him a job and job training but she also told him you cannot fix 20 years in 90 seconds. live in northwest dc, bruce la
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shan, wusa9. >> despite the 5% spike in robberies, mayor bowser says the city is down from historic height, robberies in 2015 were 20% lower than 2007. but police are trying to get a handle on it before it goes higher. a suspected drunken driver is being held in connection with a fiery crash in southern maryland. police say 32-year-old vincent troy was mind the wheel of an suv that jumped the curb and crashed into this strip mall on route 44. the upper marlboro man jumped out of the vehicle just before it burst into flames. a flower shop and a dry cleaners stop was damaged. and they ended up stores the clothes in the offices of the next door tax preparation business. >> it is sad. i did 23 years in prince george's county fire service and i had delivered this on a regular basis, but when it touches you and it is close to home, you realize then, that it really means a lot to be able to help people.
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>> three firefighters did suffer some minor injuries. after escaping, before the roof came down. and troy is facing drunken driving charges. the u.n. security council is strongly condemning north korea's alleged nuclear test, and is now pledging new sanctions. meanwhile, experts are questioning whether the country's first h-bomb test actually happened. the statement on state-run tv was followed by the release of a picture allegedly showing the country's leader, kim jung un, signing off on the test. news of the test came after a 5.1 magnitude earthquake was detected near a known north korean test site. japan's military has deployed reconnaissance aircraft to try and verify north korea's claim. prince george's county police are asking all of us, including food delivery drivers, to be very cautious after a police delivery man was beaten badly this morning in the landham area. stephanie ramirez reports, that driver suffered a fractured
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jaw. >> papa john's employee at this store, not being allowed to speak on camera but i spoke to one over the phone who says this is a real threat drivers face all of the time. he also tells me the driver involved is upset, he will be out of work for a few days. at around 12:30 this morning, prince george's county police tell us a papa john's delivery man was dropping off food near the 9600 block of tuckerman street in landham, when a vehicle pulled up, a man got out, and attacked that driver. police telling us the suspect stole the delivery man's wallet and possibly broke his jaw and nose. >> it is very disconcerting for me. >> reporter: this woman lives in the area and knows firsthand about what she calls increasing crime here. thieves hit her house a couple of months ago. and stole jewelry. >> i felt very violated. i felt like my privacy was invaded. and i felt angry. >> reporter: thankfully, police caught the suspect, and the detective actually returning one of the last missing items today. christiania says she believes police are doing what they can. and after hearing about today's
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attack, she is calling on the community to do more. >> don't be afraid to jump on the phone, call your neighbor, try to get your neighbor's phone number. try to be much more friendly with your neighbor. i think we should be a brother's keeper and that way we can also help our law enforcement. >> the driver involved had to get stitches. his injuries were that bad. he was treated and released from the hospital. anyone with information is asked to contact the prince george's county police department immediately. in new carolton, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. now police don't have much of a description of the suspect. but there is a cash reward for anyone who can lead police to an arrest. firefighters are credited with rescuing people from a burning building today. in prince george's county. the flames broke out in a garden style apartment on alice avenue in austin hill. firefighters arriving on the scene found residents on their third floor balconies waiting for help. no one was hurt. and it is not clear what started the fire. we are tracking new clues tonight as to how a montgomery
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county ride-on bus killed a pedestrian. investigative reporter russ pataka is there looking for answers now. russ? >> reporter: police have not released their suspicions into what happened here. they are looking at a loss. and by talking to neighbors, and experts, we can tell you, tonight, a few things that they are likely looking at. >> the handbag of 67-year-old davik gunnasee ra was yesterday as detectives tried to unravel how that ride-on bus killed a pedestrian. >> wait. >> today, except for the investigative markings at old georgetown road at battery lane, it seems normal. but for the mystery surrounding the car. one thing police are considering, the programming of the pedestrian light across the street. we timed it at about 24 seconds. >> that is about 24 seconds to
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get across five lanes of traffic. compare that to this adjoining two-lane side street, where are you given more than a minute in additional time, which we timed out at a minute 17. >> a neighbor has his own first- hand suspicion about what that driver could see. >> i have been hit by a bus, on my bicycle, and the driver -- >> the high bus mirrors get blamed from national transit union members. >> the driver can't see no matter what they do to look around. >> police are seeking witnesses and any neighbor security video. >> we look at video, whether there is video on the bus that may have captured that collision. >> wait. wait. wait. >> you know, there are national standards for how long you should have per feet to get across the street. we timed the intersection and looked at the national standards and this seems to be
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in compliance. but it is one of many factors police in montgomery county are looking at tonight. i'm investigative reporter, in bethesda. >> russ, thank you for that. montgomery county does have an oncoming initiative to identify high risk intersections. police say old georgetown at battery lane does not have an unusual crash rate. and it didn't make the list. turning to baltimore now, and an important ruling in the case against the second officer charged in the death of freddie gray. a judge ruling today that william porter must testify against fellow officer goodson. he was behind the wheel of the police van used to transport gray before his death. it was a hung jury in porter's trial last month. goodson's trial is scheduled to begin next monday. we are justtt geing started here on wusa9 news at 5:00. the powerball jackpot, half a billion dollars for tonight's drawing. we are talking to excited contestants. >> got to buy one though to win. >> and meet a washington football fan, all tatted up.
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for his love with the burgundy and gold. >> and we are looking at a cold night. but not as cold as last night. and here is a look at the evening planner. temperatures, 36, right about now. and then 8:00, we are down to 31. and by 10:00. we are down to 30 under clear skies. we will come back and talk about who is going to see clouds tomorrow and who is seeing showers on friday. and of course, updated forecast, on the big game on sunday. >> up next, a prince george's county principal who might be the coolest kid in school. the new year means a house full of new devices. and that can slow your internet down. so you should get verizon fios - quick. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, for $79.99 a month online,
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well, this video of a prince george's county principal is red hot, on facebook. more than 300,000 people have watched william blake hanging out, in the steven decatur middle school halls on his
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hover board. now wusa9 anchor mike hydek first featured blake in cool schools, a few years ago when he was an assistant at wide high school and the clinton principal is known for connecting with students on twitter at y's. more than half of the school was following him. >> we are back. it is blayoff week. and we have been in search of all kinds of extreme fans of the burgundy and ld. >> and we found no shortage of them. diane roberts found one in frederick. and diane, you actually got a tour of his sacred den. >> that, i did. and if he has been around dc area, long time, like me, you may have heard about this fan are you about to meet. i've interviewed him twice before and never been to his house. and i was in for a real treat. >> this is my day here. >> it is easy to see. and kevin mccarthy is a huge burgundy and gold fan. >> from tchotchkes to helmets to pictures. this one time army artillery
5:16 pm
specialist has an all washington man cave. >> all of this is over time. this is 2014. doug williams. now, unfortunately, i don't have a picture of john ligget up here yet. >> it is not just on kevin's walls that proves he is a burgundy and gold fan. it is on his body. >> who better, the hall of fame, to better represent the team, the hall of fame roster, canton, ohio. >> and with a patch on his arm, too. >> mvps were added in, as well as, the full future fill-in, and first part first and then hopefully future fill-ins, kirk cousins. >> he will watch his favorite team in his favorite room, with the sound every redskins fan loves to hear. >> mccarthy has washington glasses, beer bottles and even a special reserve wine, and he is a super fan for sure. and as for the tattoo on his back, he says it took him two
5:17 pm
eight-hour sessions to complete. >> wow, you know, he is hard core. >> can't argue with that. >> thanks. >> as for the team, they were back to work, today, in ashburn. >> kristen burset joins us from redskins park and kristen, i understand you have good news. >> there is good news, guys. when you look at this team, they have dealt with a plethora of injuries all season long. just last week, the rookie, out for the year, he was a big contributor to the secondary, and they have done a good job week after week, of filling in their hole. and so the good news is when the team hit the practice field today, for the first time in eight weeks, all 53 players on the roster participated in practice. somehow. they got the center, corey lictensteiner back, which is a big deal. you look at the team, they don't have a lot of experience in the post-season, but for them it doesn't really matter. this is just another week of football. >> on the field, i don't know
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it is much different. i think it is still football. i think weeks 1 through 17, the guys on the field are playing for everything. it is their livelihood and how they field their families and i don't know that desire changes a whole lot come the playoffs and i think it is a way to feed your family yoand u will get the best from everybody that is out there. >> well, they are hoping to get the best from the fans, too. and all of the fans are getting the rally towel on sunday. the line from kirk cousins. we will see these waving at fed ex field. they need that 12th man. guys back to you. >> hopefully they don't need to wipe off the rain that they are expecting but hopefly it will move out. much more on the burgundy and gold and the player push, on the wusa9 app and they would be very happy with dry weather. that is not going to happen? >> going happen. i don't see any rain. >> good! >> the tailgaters, if you're a crazy tailgater like 9:00, 10:00 in the morning, remember it is not a sprint, it is a
5:19 pm
marathon, and you may actually have some showers to deal with. but about noon, or 1:00, i think it will be dry. >> and whenever you're done, you are saying you like that. >> exactly. >> hats off. the only potential weather factor could be wind? we are a little breezy but dry. >> let's start with the three- degree guarantee today. feeling pretty good about this. we were at 40. it seems like a reasonable number. actually a pretty nice day. very little wind and temperature around 40, which is pretty close to actually average. okay, a live look outside, at the weather cam, down to 38. and the dew point is not as low. but still a pretty dry air mass. so not quite as cold tonight. and cold enough. and no doubt about that. and clouds are going to move in to the south. southern maryland. maybe as far north as fredericksburg. maybe as far north as waldorf. and bus stop temperature, 18 to 34. that is about 10 degrees higher than it was this morning. but still kind of cold. and then a lot of clouds tomorrow. more clouds than anything,
5:20 pm
really. and chilly. and then on friday, just cool, and the temperatures keep going up, a few afternoon showers possible. but actually tomorrow and friday are not bad days. especially by january standards. to sort of keep things in context. and 10:00 tonight, 24 manassas, and 25 gaithersburg. 31 downtown. and by morning, there are clouds in fredericksburg, and la platta and st. mary's county, and st. mary's city and temperatures in the 20s. pretty much primarily. and we are sort of replacing all of the teens this morning, with 20s tomorrow morning. and 27 in la platta. and 25 in fredericksburg and 26 in humphreys and dale city. clouds either side of 95. but dry. low to mid-30s. tomorrow at 9:00. by lunchtime, not a bad day. clouds, yes but not much wind and temperatures in the low 40s, that's spot-on average. this is climatologically this coldest time of the year. 6:00 p.m., about 24 hours from now, looking at temperatures in the upper 30s.
5:21 pm
maybe 34. and frederick, maybe 35 and hagerstown, and out to the west, maybe 36, and leesburg, but 35 in round hill. and then by 10:00, walking the dog tomorrow night, and clouds to the south, and 30 but still dry. all right, for tonight, clear to partly cloudy, annot quite as cold, and more clouds off to the south, and 18 to 30, and with light winds. and now, day planner looks like this. just a few clouds here and there, and an increase in clouds as we go through the afternoon. 41 though, by 1:00. and that's not bad. and next three days, some afternoon showers on friday. 48 and afternoon showers tomorrow. and saturday looks great. but then rain at night. on saturday. and 54, the next seven days. we have upped the temperature on sunday. and 55 on sunday. clearing out. it will fall into the 40s during the game. and then in the wake of that cold front, it will be kind of chilly, cold. upper 30s on and 34 coming up, on wednesday. >> topper, thank you. checking on the headlines, from the presidential campaign
5:22 pm
trail, donald trump appears to be playing the birther card again. >> the republican front-runner now questioning whether his closest opponent senator ted cruz is even eligible to run for president. you see, cruz was born in canada. in 1970. before his family moved to the u.s., four years later. >> people are wod rriethat if he weren't born in this country, which he wasn't, he was born in canada, the problem is if the democrats bring a lawsuit, a lawsuit could take years to resolve and how do you have a candidate where will is something, you know, over the head of the party, and that individual? >> trump supported efforts to investigate the birth place of president obama in hawaii. and often suggested he was born outside of the u.s. now for the record, cruz was born to an american mother, making him a u.s. citizen. , straight ahead, a massive chicken recall at a local grocery store. and chipotle faces a new round of trouble, after food safety issues across the country.
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in tonight's consumer alert, wegman's food markets is recalling more than 1100 pounds of chicken products, sold at the east coast stores, including some in maryland and virginia.
5:26 pm
the vacuum sealed poultry did not undergo any federal inspection. so you want to look for the stamp established numbers, est, or e-7567 on the packages. the usda is urging you not to eat the chicken, and return it to the store for a full refund. more bad news for chipotle, sales tumbled 30% in december, slid by 15% in the fourth quarter, and now, the feds have come knocking. the company has been served a grand jury subpoena over that noro virus episode back in august. chipotle has been linked to a series of food-born illnesses at locations and times across the country, including maryland. volkswagen troubles continue to roll on. the german automaker is having a hard time finding a fix for the emissions defeat device that it installed in the clean diesel vehicles. according to sources, vw is struggling to agree on a remedy with the united states, because it has to create new components, and then have them tested to ensure they meet epa
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standards. today is the wusa9 donors choose classroom. >> and you have another opportunity to help teachers here in our area. wusa9 donors choose classrooms, profiles teachers in the area that posted projects on donors you can donate right now. go to, to see how easy it is for you to help teachers across our area. straight ahead, some potentially dangerous hover boards seized in northern virginia. >> i'm gary haik in northwest dc with the question of the night. what you would do with all of the powerball cash? >> after the break, three small kids spend the night alone in a northern virginia home after their parents allegedly went their parents allegedly went out drinking and crashed their wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it?
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breaking news now, on the stafford man, fighting an animal cruelty charge for euthanizing his cancer stricken dog. a lawyer confirmed moments ago the stafford county commonwealth attorney is dropping the charges and the case. an animal cruelty officer accused evans of not taking his 8-year-old lab retriever for emergency care first before taking the dog to be put down. the owners appealed the guilty charge saying they already new buxton was sick and trying to make him comfortable in the final days. the case would have been going before the jury next month but now it is over. in virginia, police say the parents of three small children spent the night in jail, after
5:31 pm
they left their kids home alone, and crashed their car while driving drunk. >> peggy fox who is at the stafford county sheriff's department with more on this story, peg, good evening. >> well, it was late at night. and the couple was driving a subaru, when it skidded off the road, into the median, in a 15- foot ditch. amazingly, the couple was unhurt, they got up, and walked away. and when deputies arrived, they found the mother and she told them she was trying to walk home, because they had gone out and left their baby and two other small children alone. >> tire tracks in the dirt, mark where a father and mother of three small children went careening off jefferson davis highway down into a ditch, just before midnight on monday. the stafford county sheriff's department says the cause was drunk driving, and what is worse, they left their children home alone. >> hey, are you crystal? >> yes. >> i'm peggy fox with channel 9. i wanted to talk with you
5:32 pm
about the accident the other day. >> crystal stevens and matthew elmore, both 27 years old, have each been charged with three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a child. elmore is also charged with dui. and stevens with public intoxication. >> she needed the tree to keep her balance. and when the officer talked to her, there was alcohol on his breath and it was on elmore's breath as well. >> the couple told the deputy they planned a short trip to the nearby gas tation to pick up some things. and the elmore's mother says it was a bad mistake and the couple regrets it. >> they were going to the gas station to get cigarettes and was a short trip. >> why they were together and not tending to the children will come up in court. >> the 10-year-old is old enough to be alone for a short time during the day and not at night and not watching the
5:33 pm
little ones. >> another car was destroyed in front of their home after it caught fire. >> the couple was arrested and jailed. with a $1,000 bond each. they have since been released and they have custody of their children. reporting live in stafford county, peggy fox, wusa9. >> it is a bizarre set of circumstances there. peg, thank you. >> the stafford sheriff's office tells us they found a neighbor to watch the couple's children temporarily while the parents were under arrest. we got the breaking news from texas, now, where a state trooper has been charged with perjury, for his conduct related to a contentious traffic stop involving sandra bland. you will recall that the dash cam video showed that traffic stop became very confrontational with the trooper hearing "i will light you up" after sandra bland refused to get out of the job. she was found dead in her jail
5:34 pm
cell. and her death was ruled a suicide. right now, a montgomery county man is out on bond, after cops arrested him for allegedly trying to solicit sex from a minor. investigators say 30-year-old daniel reed of germantown communicated with a person he thought was a 15-year-old boy. well, that person turned out to be a detective. and reed made arrangements to meet up at a mckinney's where police slapped the cuffs on him in the parking lot. caa pre ivatambulance crash using big problems in fairfax county today. the vehicle slammed into a telephone pole on gallows road in front of the nova fairfax hospital this morning. when the driver was trapped and had to be extricated from the ambulance. two people in the vehicle received attention. the road is back open again tonight. 15 hover boards with counterfeit and potentially dangerous batteries have been seized in sterling. >> they have been in the news quite a bit lately. that's new information tonight, from the u.s. customs and border protection. the seizure happened back on december 29, and hover boards
5:35 pm
had been a hot holiday gift in more ways than one. and there had been numerous reports of those boards catching fire. and some of the fires are related to counterfeit lithium ion batteries. >> let's talk about a leds up, for the new year -- heads up for the new year. some washington gas customers who pay their bills online, are saying they are having trouble with the accounts and we reached out to the utility company which confirmed they are experience can some technical problems, after making upgrades to the e service payment portle. they say they are working to resolve the issues but in the meantime, the company has posted some other options for you, on its web site. washington gas also says it will waive the late fees for e- service users. if you have a consumer problem, let us know about it. file a complaint on wusa9 .com. just click on the call for action link. no problem here, especially if you win the powerball, because it is now up to $500 million. so the question is, do you have your tickets yet? >> not yet on my part.
5:36 pm
>> garrett haake has been talking to excited players in northwest washington, and what are they talking about tonight, garrett? >> well, adam, there haven't been as many players here as there were a couple of years ago for the largest powerball jackpot ever. but still the draw of 500 million bucks, that is half a billion dollars, with a b. and it has been enough to draw a pretty steady crowd out here all day longing of and the -- the folks we talked know the odds are not good. in fact they're terrible. and you're considerably more likely to be eaten by a shark than win the jackpot but still no one can resist what they would do if someone handed them one of those giant cardboard checks. >> what would you do if you win? >> i would help a lot of people. family. >> and what is the most extravagant thing to spend the money on? >> i would want to buy a castle. >> anywhere in particular? >> yeah in california. >> what are your plan force the money when you win? >> i am quitting my job.
5:37 pm
i'm quitting my job. and going to relax somewhere. [ laughter ] >> and guys, it is only about two bucks to play. so even a lottery cynic like me got in on the action. i don't want to spoil what i would do, if and when i when the jackpot but i promise i will send the plane to pick you up from my island visit any time you want. garrett haake, wusa9. >> you just make sure you show up here tomorrow, garrett. you just make sure you show up tomorrow. >> something tells me i will be here. >> garrett, thank you. the odds of winning, about 292 million, to one. >> but you got to play to have a chance. right? bear that in mind. here are some other stats here. you can get struck by lightning. you can become the president of the united states. >> better odds. >> and garrett mentioned you could be bitten by a shark. or you could die from an asteroid. >> none of those seemed to be pleasant. >> but somebody is going to win. >> somebody's got to win. >> that's right. why not you? >> or us. >> right. >> trending now, the twitter
5:38 pm
10k. just red hot hash tag, nothing to do with the race. it is interesting. why social media is fascinated with the live stream of a puddle. >> and a driver survives a crash off the side of a mountain, and why he is sharing this dash cam video, that's next. >> wow, all i have for you is low temperatures. and not as cold tonight, but you know, cold enough, and 23 in gaithersburg, and 22 in frederick, and 22 in al ny. and 21 in manassas we will come back and talk about tracking showers later in the week and an updated forecast with the big game on sunday. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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trending tonight, we start with the craziest video of the day, the youtube video here, this man nearly died as he lost control of his car and veered off the side of the highway in california. that is what happened. he says he was simply going too fast and when he hit the brakes it was too late and he is posting this video as a reminder to all of us to be safe and pay attention on the road. >> don't be an idiot.
5:42 pm
>> don't drive fast when you're driving on a mountain cliff road. the hottest topic on twitter today, has to do with twitter itself. >> jack dorsey says the twitter may lift the 140 character limit and replace it with a 10,000 character limit. and a source familiar with the situation says the source could happen as soon as march. and dorsey says some people are already getting around the limit by taking screen shots of a bunch of words and posting them. >> we have all done that. >> i have not done that. >> no shortage of people weighing in on whether raising the character limit could be a good thing. tell us what you think. do it in 140 letters or less. >> a puddle in the u.k., has become an internet sensation. puddle. >> it is fascinating. because most of us would not be fascinated with a puddle normally, right? >> right. >> after watching people trying to maneuver this pud puddle
5:43 pm
in new castle, thousands watched walkers navigate the dreaded drummond puddle. joining from the twitter feed, productivity in the workplace across the pond may be at an all time low. >> maybe they can get somebody out there to fix it. the redskins are preparing for their first playoff game in three years. on the way, the main focus of the defense is mr. discount double check himself. aaron rogers. >> and right after the break, the consumer electronics convention opens in las vegas. the hottest new gadgets in the tech world, that is coming up next. [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like
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it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it.
5:46 pm
[agent] hi. melanie. maggie. living room. [dad]what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it great? [agent] hey brendan,you might like this room. [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. people a little less fortunate will have more to eat this winter thanks to the generosity of many of you. workers loaded food into trucks, go intoing the capital area food bank and shoppers pitched in to donate a million dollars worth of food. the consumer electronics show opened today in las vegas, unveiling the latest and greatest in technology. >> and we have been showing you a little bit of these cool gadgets day by day. thousands of electronic items are on display and high ticket items from the kitchen and the
5:47 pm
garage. and dan necessarily nottingham was there. >> the massive consumer electronics show provides a peek in the future of high- tech. and some items are for the immediate future. including the marathon laundry machine, a washer and drier in one. with a touchdown, wi-fi and can even warn you if you accidentally leave your phone in your clothes. >> in the kitchen, there is an lg fridge you can open with your foot. or tap on the door to see what is inside. >> last year, 4k tvs were all the rage. c-net's brian cooley says this year, hdr is the next big thing. >> hdr. high dynamic range. it means a television that can show really dark areas, really bright, and more of the colors your eye can see all at once. >> automakers are here, too. chevy unveiled the electric car called the volt which starts at there are 30,000. and there is this concept car. >> comfort and convenience.
5:48 pm
>> the experimental electric car can drive on its own and comes with a drone that can take selfies of you driving. >> the car is just one of the countless high-tech items, at this show that covers more than 2 million square feet of space. >> danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. >> always watching. always tracking. wusa9 first alert weather. >> a live look outside. it is cold, but not as cold as it was. the temperatures are not going to fall precipitously as they did last night. 38, dew point, 10, which is still pretty cold or low rather. and humidity, the relative humidity indoor is running about 20%. and not cold. the bus stop temperatures, 34. 10 degrees higher than this morning. a lot of clouds tomorrow. that's about it. i don't think we will see any showers. just chilly, and then cool on friday and temperatures are going up a little bit. and afternoon showers are possible on friday, and quite
5:49 pm
frankly, thursday and friday, by january standards, pretty good day. and good news for the game. temperatures, 52 to start, and then falling. and partly cloudy and breezy, chilly late. and i think the only weather factor are winds, northwesterly at 10 to 15 and maybe gusting to 20 miles an hour. and if you don't tailgate before 1:00, you will be dry. and the game looks to be dry. okay, 10:00 tonight, on future cast, 24 manassas, 25 gaithersburg. 31 downtown. and then by morning, some clouds, and especially culpepper, manassas and south of 66 in southern maryland. still pretty cold. 26 in la platta and 25 in bowie. by 9:00, we are right around 31 now in silver spring. and 34 downtown. and 32 in fairfax. and again, clouds either side of 95. notice no green blob, it will stay dry with temperatures low 40s. which is average this time of the year. the day planner looks like this. clouds returning. in and out of the sunshine.
5:50 pm
and clouds. and 38, 11:00. and 41 by 1:00 p.m. and friday, some afternoon showers, and still not a bad day, though. upper 40s. and then nice on saturday, and 54, and we want to emphasize the rain at night saturday night if you are headed out. the next seven day, sunday morning showers, should be out of here by noon or 1:00 and colder on monday, tuesday, and wednesday. and a couple of flurries possible, at night. they are preparing for the first playoff game in three years. >> redskins park, where chris ten burset is standing by with more -- kristen burset is standing by with more. hey, kb. >> this team may not have the playoff experience that the packers have. if you look at the history, packers have over 200 post season appearances but what the redskins have is a great core of veterans that have led them throughout the season and will continue to do so in the postseason. the team hit the practice field today for the first time this
5:51 pm
week. they braved those cold temperatures, and i will say, this team was focused. sometimes you see a lot of dancing and laughing during practice, but today, there were plenty of smiles to go around but this team was loose and focused on the task at home which they hope is a nice long journey through the playoffs. >> everybody has to do their parts. every has to play with great effort and great energy and do their job and not worry about anybody else or what they are doing, we just got to continue to focus on what we do as the washington redskins and make it about us and we will be fine. >> and when you think about aaron rogers, and you of course may think about the discount double check, from the commercials, but he is also a really good quarterback. with a lot of experience. and the redskins know firsthand what the challenge is that he brings. frank goes inside the red zone with more on how the red skins are pressing the packers. >> for the redskins, the question this week, focusing on the green bay packers in the opening round of playoffs, a lot of the focus will be on
5:52 pm
quarterback aaron rog ers of green bay. two time mvp. one of best in the business of keeping plays alive. so the redskins know, to beat the packers, they will have to at least contain rogers on sunday. >> he is real smart. and get a body on every guy. make sure you rush smart. don't do anything else. if you do something extra, you will find out who is doing the extra part and put the ball where it needs to be. >> aaron rogers is tough to beat. he is aaron rogers. very talented player. great quarterback. and sets the bar high for the rest of us. and he is a guy that i study and learn from. >> you got to get guys to run. and you got to get the guys around him. you got to tackle him. and you know, the weakness of this team, i don't think is a secret, is up front, you know. if we can attack him up front, like a lot of other teams have done, i think we will be successful. >> aaron is still aaron. he does a great job if people aren't there, buying time. and creating plays that aren't drawn up on the script.
5:53 pm
he can scramble. buy time for the receivers and find open windows and open runninlanes for himself. >> roger has had an offyear so to speak. the package packers are 10-6 and rogers is one those guys who steps up and steps up big in big games and the redskins have to counter him on sunday at 4:40 at fed ex field. inside the red zone, inside the bubble at redskins park, back to you. >> thank you very much, frank. >> stay with us all week long for playoff coverage and sunday morning at 11:30, for a special game, and it is game on, i will be joined by dante stallworth and christine brennan as we break down the big game. coming up in the 6:00 hour, dante will join me here at redskins park as we look closer as the redskins prepare for their playoff game. kristen burset, guys back to you. >> we can feel the excitement. we thank you. bruce johnson and jan
5:54 pm
jeffcoat are up at 6:00 and how the united nations are holding an emergency meeting in response to north korea's claim that they successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. we will take you live to new york. >> and the formatter craze director c i. a. director is being questioned. ♪ find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'.
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uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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a new survey finds americans are spenning a lot of time on devices like computers
5:57 pm
and smart phones and that is apparently causing digital eyestrain. >> marley hall has more on what this is, and what we can do to keep our eyes healthy. >> christopher coletti works in technology sales. so he spends a lot of time on his laptop and smartphone. >> i started noticing he was having headaches and eyestrains, and constantly blinking. >> he suffers from digital eyestrain, and he is not alone. a new survey from the vision council shows nearly 88 in 10 americans who suff -- suffer from digital eyestrain use two or more devices at the same time. >> the human eyes were not designed to spend 10, 12 hours a day looking up close. so it is a relatively new phenomenon. >> the survey of more than 10,000 adults also found 55% of americans suffer from symptoms such as dry irritated eyes, and blurred vision, and headaches, as well as neck and back pain from staring at screens. >> i would say it might even be higher than that. >> dr. jessy lee says you can
5:58 pm
help prevent digital eyestrain by using the 20/20/20 rule. >> for every 20 minutes that you are working up close, to take a 20 second break, to look at something 20 feet further away. that allows your eyes to reset and start back fresh. >> for coletti, new lenses made for digital eyestrain were the ultimate fresh start. >> from the moment i put on my prescription, i felt my eyes instantly relax. >> he says the screens are not going anywhere but the strain is all gone. marley hall, cbs news, brooklyn, new york. >> so 20/20/20. >> doctors say pushing your screen further back and increasing the font size on your device can also lessen the strain on your eyes. >> they also recommend yearly eye exams. whether or not you are experiencing any visual symptoms. right now at 6:00, the white house questions north korea's claim that it tested a hydrogen bomb. >>a9 wus uncovers a number of cases of guns lost by or stolen from dc police officers. >> and prince george's county considers the lasting tribute
5:59 pm
to a former county executive who lost his battle with cancer. good evening, i'm bruce johnson. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. north korea has rattled and outraged nations around the world, after testing what they claim was a hydrogen bomb. >> that's right, the communist nation claims this they reached new levels of nuclear sophistication and it could be weeks before it is confirmed. kenneth craig is live in new york with reaction to the news. >> reporter: well, bruce, despite that emergency meeting here in new york city, earlier today, at this point, it is is unclear what those sanctions might be, and some worry they won't make a difference. >> north korea claims it successfully tested a palestinian tourized hydrogen bomb. but the obama administration is not so sure. >> the initial analysis that has been conducted of the events reported overnight is not consistent with north korean claims of a successful hydrogen bomb test. >> the blast registered as a
6:00 pm
magnitude 5.1 quake. it happened near punggare, where previous nuclear tests were carried out but u.s. intelligence believes the full- sized hydrogen bomb would have been more powerful. south korea and japan condemn the test. and so did china, one of north korea's few allies. >> diplomats here at the united nations quickly scheduled an emergency closed door meeting to discuss the development. >> the members of the security council strongly condemn the test. which is a clear violation of security council resolution. >> japan mobilized reconnaissance planes to collect air samples to test for radiation. analysts say if north korea's claims are true, it could be a game changer in the arms race. >> if they are on the verge of militarization, that means they are very close to put it on a war head and potentially deploy it well beyond the korean peninsula. >> this is north korean's fourth claim of a nuclear test. >> and these new sanctions


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