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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  January 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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. good morning. it's thursday. i'm andrea roane. glad you're with us. i'm mike hydeck. larry miller has the morning commute. howard bernstein has the forecast. a big warm-up since yesterday. temperatures are up. some cases 15, almost 20 degrees from this time yesterday morning especially east of the blue ridge. not as much of a warm-up west of the blue ridge where we had a lot more in the way of clear skies. temperatures were able to fall off in the upper teens. many areas in the shenandoah valley upper dos, low 30s. -- 20s, low 30s. we're 37 in washington. some peeks of sunshine. temperatures by lunch time around 40. getting up to 43, 44 in that neighborhood. larry miller, we're getting into the volume hour. >> volume and issues on metro this morning. don't fall, howard. we need you arch. 6:00 is your time. delays on the red line right now to shady grove because of an earlier train malfunction.
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keeping a close eye on a house fire that shut down bowie mill road between willow knoll drive and muncaster mill road. no issues on route 4, route 5 or 301 as you make your way toward the capital beltway. let's show you how things are shaping up along the beltway where we're issue and problem free around the whole 63-mile stretch. volume picking up on the inner and outer loop but nothing to slow you down if you're getting ready to head out the door. weather and traffic together on the 9s. now over to you. she's been worried about this since she took the job. how will fairfax county public schools make up a deficit of $80 million. we'll find out soon. karen garza, the superintendent, is expected to announce how the county is planning to cover that $80 million. the fairfax county school board meets tonight to formally discuss the 2017 budget. also in the news, students are returning to their prince george's county school this
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morning after a bomb threat. parkdale high school had to be evacuated wednesday after the threat was made. turned out it was a false alarm. a pizza delivery driver is nursing serious wounds after being attacked in lanham. he was making a delivery on tuckerman street. police say a man drove up to the driver, beat:and stole his wallet -- beat him and stole his wallet. the driver suffered a broken nose and jaw. police are now looking for the attacker. for the police chief and mayor, not exactly the photo opthey had in -- op they had in mind. just a few feet where they were announcing a new crime fighting plan, thieves introinto an abc news vehicle and stole several thousand in equipment. the mayor and plies chief were sharing details on the plan to target street gangs and repeat offenders. all eyes are on wall street this morning to see how it
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responds to the shortest trading day in the 25-year history of china's stock market. developing this morning, trading came to a screeching halt just 30 minutes after the markets opened. the csi index dropped more than 7% for one. consequently this is the second time china's stock market has closed prematurely this week alone. analysts point to worries over china's economy and north korea's reported hydrogen bomb test as sources of the problem. japan's nikkei also fell. a down day overall in the asian markets. this follows a rough day on wall street. the dow jones just loggeddity worst three-day stretch in a new year since the financial crisis of 2008 and the dow futures this morning were down 409 points. you have a br chance of being hit -- better chance of being hit by an asteroid but there's still a chance to be a multimillion dollar millionaire. no one matched the numbers in
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the power ball jackpot. >> that means the jackpot is a record $675 million but our delia goncalves is in northwest d.c. telling us it could go even higher than that hi, delia. >> reporter: hi. $675 million. how does that sound? and that's just an estimate right now. saturday's jackpot could be even larger by the time the drawing comes around but tina, we're having fun out here in farragut north. we're pulling people aside and you're camera ready. i wanted to ask you, did you play power ball? >> of course. >> reporter: no one won so $675 million. what do you think? >> i'm playing -- planning on playing again and again and win. >> reporter: what's your strategy? >> i just use the same numbers, birthdays, favorite dates, that's it. >> reporter: what would you get if you won the big ticket? the oddses are one in 299 million. >> no more student loans and just do some good for the community. >> reporter: got to dream big, right? got to have faithk you. >> reporter: have a great day
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and good luck. >> thank you. >> reporter: you don't win if you don't play, right? so a lot of folks say they've got to play because you never know. back to you in the studio. >> thanks, delia. in montgomery county the police department's vice unit is broadeningits investigation of daniel reed. reeled was arrested last month in a sting operation charged with going online to solicit sex from a cop posing as a 15- year-old boy. detectives are now trying to determine whether reed has approached any other children. he's one of the favorite principals i've ever met and he's making news again. one prince george's county principal has found a quicker way to make his rounds this morning. >> at a time when schools and universities are banning them, dr. william blake at dekate tur school in clinton, maryland is riding around the hallways on a
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hoverboard. youtube video shows him riding around at the start of the day to pump up his students. >> i like to capture their attention, get them motivated so we can get them into the classroom to do their work. >> he may have to hang up the hoverboard, though. the school is discussing banning the boards in school buildings. he dances in the hallways with kids. he is just fantastic. good morning, dr. blake. good to see you again. donald trump heads into hostile territory as the g.o.p. presidential candidate heads to bern any country. -- >> bernie country. >> under a state of emergency as california governor says a gas leak there could be one of the biggest environmental disasters in u.s. history. >> it's cold but the arctic cold isn't arnie more. we're 37 in -- around anymore. we're 37 in town. a slow warming trend is in our future headed toward the weekend. i'll have your forecast in a few minutes. >> volume starting to pick up on the northbound side of i-395 as you approach the 14th street bridge but we have an issue in
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camp springs along branch avenue between allentown road and the beltway. three-car accident causing some delays this morning. we're going to get you around that trouble spot and a look at how things are shaping up
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you'll still need the winter coats. winds still going to be and are fairly light. so we're not dealing with the horrible windchills. temps across the metro region range from 19 in love lovett -- lovettsville. dumfries is at 32.
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look for partly to mostly cloudy skies today with highs in the lower 40s. some 50s in that seven-day forecast. join me at 6:19 for that. larry, what's going on? keeping a close eye again on an accident right now on route 5. we have a disabled vehicle northbound between allentown road and the capital beltway this morning causing some issues for those of you going to be traveling from brandywine making your way northbound toward the capital beltway, you will see what was again a three-car accident now just a disabled vehicle at this point. we should see the road closures starting to clear up or lane closures rather start to clear up and it shouldn't slow you down that much. but you will encounter it if you are getting ready to head out the door. 95 at the prince william parkway an earlier accident causing residual delays but you'll be good to go once you get north of that. over to you. still to come marking one year since the attacks on charlie hebdo. >> do you like that? kirk cousins much talked about enthusiastic statement and how
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the team is using it as a rallying call. >> all it takes is one dad who knows how to both whip and then nae nae to be a viral se
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we have breaking news out of montgomery county. dozens of firefighters are on the scene of a house fire just
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off bowie mill road in derwood. this is the scene just blocks from sacoya elementary and magruder high schools. investigators are trying to determine the cause of the fire. i think it's fun. i think it's fun to give the fan base something to cheer about. i feel like the last couple of years they were dying to cheer for us and we didn't give them enough to get behind. i love the thought gives our fans something to cheer about. >> that's kirk cousins talking about the "you like that" comment. there will be towels with that slogan handed out to fans this weekend. it is going to be a great time as the packers come to town. almost time for the skins to take on the packers. they play their first playoff game -- i'm saying their first playoff game because there will be more -- sunday and fans are overwhelmed with excitement. >> we're live this morning with
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one of the biggest fans we've met so far. his name is russell. he uses his own kind of luck every time the team plays. can't wait to hear about this one. >> reporter: good morning you to, mike. that's right. for rusty here, his friends call him rusty, it's simple. rusty and his wife laurie are joining me this morning. every time they watch the game they actually watch it on this television screen here. as you can see they're watching wusa9 this morning. when the game is on and they're doing good, you like to stand up a lot. describe a little bit about what goes on? >> i'll stand up a lot. i'll hoot and holler and carry on like any other redskin fan does. >> if the team mys something, your wife laurie steps in. tell you what you demand him to do? >> it's superstition. if you goes to the other room to get a drink or something, if they start doing really good, he has to stay out there. he can't come back in. >> if you take a look over
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here, you can see their christmas tree dressed in redskins ornaments still up. they're not going to take it down until the day after super bowl when the season ends. reporting live in charles county, wusa9. right now california has deedclar a state of emergency following a gas leak that's been spewing noxious methane fumes into the air for more than two months. governor jerry brown placed the town under a state of emergency. it could be one of the biggest environmental disasters in u.s. history. residents have fallen ill and around 2500 people have evacuated their homes since the leak. the officer who stopped sandra bland has been fired after being indicted by a grand jury for perjury. officer encinia is accused about lying about how he removed bland from her vehicle during a contentious stop in texas. bland died in jail three days
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after her arrest for allegedly making an improper lane change. today marks the one-year anniversary of the attacks on charlie hebdo. the magazine released this early edition with the text "one year on." 12 people were killed in the attack. if you use time warner cable, you might want to change your passwords very soon. that's a look at your money. the company is warning 32,000 customers that their e-mail addresses and account passwords may have been compromised. time warner says there's no evidence of a breach in the system but the fbi is investigating this. macy's going to cut 4800 jobs after weak holiday sales. the department store chain says sales fell 5.2% in november and december at their existing stores. warm weather and lower spending by international tourists they say hurt sales. 36 stores, including the hagueesttown location will also -- hagerstown location will also close. this wasn't supposed to
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happen. a reporter in israel was accidentally stabbed while demonstrating a protective vest. as you can see the vest works for the first couple of times. then the knife actually ripped through it. the reporter said on twitter he did get stitches and was discharged from the hospital. >> ouch. actor steve carell had a great supporting cast including his family and famous friends as he got his star on the hollywood walk of on wednesday. will ferrell got to introduce his anchorman costar as he received the star on that walk. >> a couple more awards could be in the offing. his character in "the big short" really good. >> that was a good movie. any awards for our forecast? >> it's not arctic air anymore.
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weather wise, let's talk about this thursday because it's not as cold for the vast majority of us. in fact significantly warmer. what we're looking at on the day planner is a partly to mostly cloudy day. a plane taking off there from reagan national. still we have lots of clouds out here in the metro. there is a little bit of thinness in the clouds so i think we'll see some sunshine but a mostly -- partly to mostly cloudy day. highs in the lower 40s. potentially 43, 44, somewhere in that neighborhood. right now we're sitting at 37 at national. big difference, though. west of the blue ridge you don't have the low clouds or temperatures in the upper teens to low 20s there. same in cumberland. around here, we've got the clouds. you can see the cloud cover there. temperature in town, 37 with no wind. that's going to be one of the other keys for this afternoon, the light wind.
6:20 am
as far as today, 43. tomorrow another partly to mostly cloudy day with a late shower possible, 46. showers tomorrow night. on saturday maybe a shower but the better chance of showers and even some rain will be saturday night into sunday morning. with sunday early showers, afternoon breeze and clearing, 55 and colder by monday. 6:20. let's bring in larry miller with timesaver traffic. we're keeping a close eye on metro right now. we have delays on the red line and the blue line. delays to shady grove at this point because of an ea train malfunction and causing residual delays to largo. so you need to be mindful of that as you get ready to head out the door this morning. traveling southbound on 295 starting at powder mill road working your way into northeast at benning road, you're looking at a 14-minute commute. we've been seeing volume kick up on the northbound side of 95 in virginia. in dale city we had ankerrier issue. that's -- had an earlier issue. that's resolved. starting at dale boulevard working your way up to i-395 a
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14-minute commute. eastbound on i-66 the volume really gets heavy as you get closer to fairfax. from fairfax county parkway to 27th street northwest now a 26- minute commute. southbound on i-270 from buckeystown pike, you'll see major volume as you head into clarksburg. once we get that additional lane it starts to ease up just a bit. from buckeystown pike to the capital beltway now a 51-minute commute. let's take our trafficland cam and show you how things are shaping up outside. this is 95 at the prince william parkway. heavy volume on the northbound side but you will be able to make it to springfield. just expect a little bit of delays this morning. weather and traffic coming up again on the 9s. for now over to you. >> thanks, larry. from the prek prince to his father the potty mouth prince. the roys are making some news this morning -- the royals are making some news this morning. >> donald trump heads to the green mountains and to ♪ ♪ find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together
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x1 voice remote is here. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. 6:24. campaign 2016. donald trump is heading into bernie sanders country. he'll speak tonight in burlington, vermont. >> i'm not a trump fan. i'm not in support of trump but it would be great to hear him if i could get to see him. >> i think it's amazing he's picking burlington to come here inknowg us the' a bernie state and we're definitely democratic. i think it's kind of ballsy. >> i think we need to have an embargo for allowing him. it's everything wrong with politics. >> it's going to be a fun
6:25 am
night. >> sanders who represents the green mountains in the senate was the mayor of burlington during the 1980s. it could be the beginning of the end for martin o'malley's presidential campaign. he has failed to qualify as a write-in candidate for ohio's presidential primary after falling short of getting the signatures he needed to appear on the ballot in the key swing state. the deadline was this past monday and opally has no -- o'mally has no way -- o'malley has no way under state law to appeal. lottery fever heats up as the jackpot goes unclaimed yet again. >> plus, president obama brings his gun control message to fairfax county tonight. howard? >> the arctic air losing its grip not only here across much of the east but as we look at the travel forecast, you don't see anything terribly cold. chicago cloudy, 3. new york sunny, 45. atlanta, clouds and 56. a closer look at our warming trend in just a few minutes. >> the suitland parkway is free and clear of any issues this morning but we certainly have volume picking up in some of
6:26 am
our other areas this morning. let's take another look at 50 just east of the beltway there. you can see that volume starting to pick up on the inbound lanes. still doing really well for our commuters traveling from areas like crofton, bowie, parts of
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well, good this morning. thursday's here. a live look at 6:30 at the u.s. capitol building with the scaf foastledding on it this morning -- scaffolding on it this morning. much warmer than yesterday. >> we'll start our news with a check on weather and traffic. larry miller is covering the commute and first alert meteorologist howard bernstein has the warmer details. we've warmed up significantly since yesterday. it's still cold out there but we're not talking single digits and teens. we're talking upper teens to 30s. clouds around east of the blue ridge. it's tough to see the low clouds. west of the blue ridge a lot more in the way of breaks. himp was over us yesterday -- high pressure was over us yesterday starting to pull away. the clouds are not in lovettsville at 19 or philomount at 20 but south and east, low to mid-30s across much of the region. what we're looking at the next three days, today 43, maybe
6:30 am
even 45. tomorrow mid-40s with a late shower and then saturday showers mainly after dark and at night into the low 50s. larry miller, thursday, almost friday. almost. >> almost friday. i'm ready for the weekend. got lots planned. if you're going to be heading out on metro -- [ inaudible ] >> we have a rough crowd in the studio. if you're going to be hopping on the metro, you'll need to add additional time to the commute. delays on both the red and blue lines because of an earlier train malfunction so be aware of that this morning. taking you right now to derwood where we have a house fire that's closed bowie mill road. this is between willow knoll drive and muncaster mill road. you'll hear more about that in a bit. a fresh accident on the 3rd street tunnel northbound between mass avenue and 3rd street. it's going to cause some delays for commuters traveling from 395 trying to make your way to new york avenue. be mindful of that as you head out the door this morning. a live look shows you how
6:31 am
things are shaping up along the beltway north of the american legion bridge. no issues on either the inner or outer loop but have volume on the northbound side of virginia. we'll bring that so you shortly. for now over to you. 6:31. rise and shine. get up, get ready for work and school because you didn't win power ball. neither did we. in fact no one matched all the numbers to win last night's jackpot although there were two $1 million winners. >> that means the lottery prize up to $675 million ahead of saturday's drawing. delia goncalves has been talking to some real characters this morning as they get ready to buy tickets. good morning, delia. >> reporter: we're having a lot of fun at farragut north. this 7-eleven very busy. folks getting their morning cup of joe before they hit the road and the metro and head to work this morning but at 7:00 a.m. the tide will turn. folks will start selling -- they'll start selling tickets. people will come and buy their lottery tickets. $675 million is just an
6:32 am
estimate. it could go even higher by saturday. who knowings. -- who knows. the odds are amazing. why not take your chances. we talked to a lot of folks. here's what they had to say. >> my strategy is being the dream. power ball was born and raised in d.c. i think it's time for it to come back to d.c. >> reporter: all right. so a the love of folks say they may sleep in, may not come to work the next day, but i know all of you, including myself, we love what we do so we will be here regardless. i know our producers who handed me all these losing tickets, yeah, they're in the booth today clocking in and hopefully buying a ticket later tonight or another drawing on saturday. we'll see. you can't win unless you play. so i'll take your orders. anyone back at the station if you want me to get some tickets at 7:00 when they start
6:33 am
selling, give me a call. back to you. >> everybody has said we'll give you a list by text. 6:33 now. an arrest has been made in breaking news we brought you wednesday morning. 32-year-old vincent troy was drunk when he smashed his car into that strip mall in country dirk. the crash led to a fire that heavily damaged that mall. president obama is going to take his gun control message to the people. the president will join cnn's anderson cooper tonight for a town hall meeting at george mason university in fairfax. this week the white house announced that they'll expand background checks for buyers now now. >> reporter: it appears south korea is preparing to retaliate against north korea in its claim it tested a hydrogen bomb. it's a war of words. the ap reported south korea's presidential office has announced plans to resume cross borldzer propaganda -- border
6:34 am
propaganda broadcasts effective friday. some skepticism disremain over north korea's announcement and whether the test was actually conducted. some experts believe the seismic viactity generated by the blast wasn't large enough to have actually been a full explosion. the white house is working to collect more evidence on this and working with other countries in the region to do so. that's the latest from the life zone. you could soon start getting around with a d.c. streetcar. wamu reports the district department of transportation is targeting february 20 to start passenger service. the cars run just over two miles along the h street corridor. a former term security officer will be sentenced today for attempting to make meth in a government lab. christopher bartley of gaithersburg faces up to 20 years behind bars. he has pleaded guilty to attempting to make the meth at the national institutes of
6:35 am
standards and technology in greenbelt, maryland. the meth explosion blew out windows at the facility in gaithersburg. still to come, wild weather lashing the west coast. we're going to head to california for the latest. >> plus, how much would you pay for a donut? if you won the lottery you wouldn't care. we'll tell you just how much this tasty treat is going for today. >> it's cold but it's all in varying degrees. the arctic chill is leaving. look at these temperatures in the 30s now. west teens and 20s. a slight warming trend is in our future. i'll have your forecast in just a few minutes. >> volume certainly in a few places right now but again no accidents and/or incidents to slow you down throughout much of our major interstates this morning. this is a live look at 95 just south of route 7900. you can see how things are picking up on the northbound side for our friends in prince george's county, here's a live look at maryland 214 at richie
6:36 am
road. we're off to a great start. stay with
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6:39. clouds east of the blue ridge. lunch time temperatures will be in the low 40s in most spots. a few upper 30s north and west. as the afternoon wears on the clouds are going to try to move to the northwest a little bit. we'll finish the day again in the low 40s. a few spots will get up to 45 or so then it looks like we have some 50s headed our way for the weekend. i'll have that seven-day forecast coming up at 6:49. right now larry and timesaver traffic. right now time for the fast five. we have slow traffic on 95 both on the maryland and virginia side. i-66 as you get closer to fairfax going through areas
6:40 am
like centreville, you will see a little bit after slowdown because of volume. bw parkway seeing some heavy volume as you get closer toward the 11th street bridge. moderate conditions on the beltway and part of 50. a live look right now shows us how things are shaping up at maryland 214 and ritchie road. we're doing well in both directions but you can see the volume starting to kick up as we get closer toward the 7:00 hour at this point. taking you right now to the bw parkway, traveling toward the 11th street bridge, you can see the volume on the inbound lanes. again no accidents and/or incidents just your volume as you make your way into town. you will see a bit of a slowdown this morning. we're still doing really well along parts of i-66 once you get inside of the boamentway. it's out-- beltway. it's outside of the beltway we have problems. a live look over the key bridge, no issues as you make your way into georgetown. weather and traffic again coming up on the 9s. over to you. still to come, remember
6:41 am
ralph? what the canadian politician is planning now. who were the big winners at the people's choice awards? we'll recap
6:42 am
6:43 am
how cute is this little boy. this is prek prince george. he started nursery school and his proud parents released two pictures to mark the occasion like parents do. the pictures were taken by duchess kate which seems to be the norm for them which is kind
6:44 am
of nice. 2-year-old george heads to the school near royal -- [indiscernible] thank you, andrea. she's a royal watcher and knows how to pronounce that. and now the potty mouth prince. prince william has caused an outrage after squaring -- swearing during a documentary airing on british television. >> we -- [indiscernible] just in case [bleep] we didn't know that. >> appearing in a documentary with his brother harry who's usually the one in trouble, prince william dropped the word. if you watch pbs and the british dramas you heard it before but twitter mediately went into a meltdown. the word is a little rude in the u.k. it roughly means nonsense or a crude reference it refers to a part of male anatomy. we won't go into that. >> oh, my.
6:45 am
do you like donuts? how about a 24 carat gold flaked crystal champagne donut. >> nah. >> a restaurant in brooklyn is offering that donut for a whopping $100. some new yorkers apparently have been spending $1200 for a dozen of them. >> maybe they're scraping off the gold flakes and putting it together to make a bar or something. too much money. >> way too much like the dude with the -- okay. award show season kicks into high gear. >> there was unexpected drama when a stage crasher interrupted the ladies of the talk. they were accepting their award for favorite daytime tv host team when an awed crens member grabbed the microphone. cheryl underwood shut him down and sharon osborne helped him on his way out with a kick. >> don't mess with mrs. o.
6:46 am
star wars, "the force awakens" is the highest grossing film of all time in the until. the seventh film has surpassed the lifetime gross in just 20 days after the release. >> nick? >> reporter: [ no audio ] back in the life zone, we have an update on the breaking news out of lansing new york we first reported at 5:30. progress for the 17 miners trapped in a salt mine there. a crane has arrived on the scene. we have a picture of it that was just posted. it was actually brought in to help in the rescue efforts of the salt man not far from ithaca. the miners were trapped 900 feet underground. the ithaca fire department is saying no one has been injured and based on one 911 call, it appears an elevator malfunctioned. that was the reason behind how this happened. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning
6:47 am
are covering. >> belated birthday wishes to charlie. happy birthday i tweeted to you that night. i hope you had a great time on your day. >> it was fantastic, andrea. thank you so much. good morning, mike. we're covering the trapped miners in new york. stock market concerns and all the news of the day. from coffee to sugar, we'll break down the new federal dietary guidelines coming up this morning and don daly hits the slopes to find out how some ski resorts are preventing a financial meltdown. that's after a late start to the season. and gyms counting on you not to use your membership. how to decide if a contract is worth t. all that and -- worth it. all that and more at 7:00. >> some can be convinced not to use their gym membership. >> forget the contract. >> i was just thinking about that. that's my first thing after my new birthday. >> there it is. have a great day. the bill cosby has escaped criminal charges on two rape
6:48 am
cases. los angeles prosecutors announced the decision after considering sex abuse allegations stemming from 2008 and 1965 at the playboy mansion. cosby was charged with sexual assault last week in pennsylvania, the first criminal charge filed against the comedian. a judge says a police officer facing charges in the freddie gray case must testify against a fellow officer. baltimore judge barry williams has ruled william porter whose trial ended in a mistrial last month can be compelled to take the stand in the trial of caesar goodson. porter has invoked his fifth amendment and even if the judge forces him to take the stand, he still doesn't have to testify. goodson who drove the van where freddie gray died is facing the most serious charge of the six officers in the case. two 911 dispatch centers in our area are being recognized for their outstanding work. they're the fairfax county department of public safety communications and the prince
6:49 am
george's county public safety communications 911 center. they're listed as among the nation's top ten 911 call centers by the website 911 dispatcher edu. if you're born and raised in d.c., this story might not be too impressive to you but check it out. drug use, public intoxication, threatening murder might be the kind of behavior that could end any politician's career but not for this guy. rob ford is making a comeback. the former mayor of toronto tweeted out he's going to run for mayor once again coming up in 2018. ford withdrew in a reelection race after entering rehab and dealing with several health problems, too. playoff time, it's almost here. time to put up and shut up has fans across the -- as fans across the area are bracing for game day when the redskins hit the gridiron against the packers. we're live in charles county with a long-time fan who has been collecting precious times for years. aim not so sure i would say the hot dog is precious but
6:50 am
definitely interesting. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. joining me live this morning actually is the lon time fan you're talk -- long time fan you're talking about, rusty. we've been talking with him all morning. you are wearing some cool apparel i've been meaning to point out. check out the socks. he had the redskins gear on, his ring and this watch. how cool is that. certainly great. you have a lot of jerseys, too. which one do you wear the most? >> chris cooley the most but i'm looking for a kirk cousins jersey. >> reporter: i hear that. over here is laurie. this is rusty's wife. she has a couple of nice things for the ladies. tell us what you've got over here. >> i've got my high heel shoe wine bottle holder. the wine glass for the wine to go in which is big enough to almost hold the bottle and my crock pot. >> reporter: what's rusty's favorite meal on game day you were talking earlier? >> he loves my homemade chili and my homemade stuffed green
6:51 am
peppers. >> reporter: a the lot of tasty treats for game day. do you plan on making any of that this sunday? >> chili. >> reporter: sounds good. so you all are certainly prepared. again, i've shown you parts of this room all morning. rusty has been collecting a lot of memorabilia. you can see autographed pictures here in this room. if you take a look around, you can also see some of the items including this christmas tree that i mentioned. it's dressed in redskins ornaments and he tells me that tree is not coming down till the day after super bowl. also if you take a look here, you can see some of the ornaments, more ornaments and collectibles that he has here and just across the room, you'll see a redskins rocking chair, food items, and games. he has so much more in here, including a mini grill down here. reporting live this morning from charles county, wusa9. >> 25 more boxes he hasn't unpacked. wow. >> i like the gum ball dispenser i saw there. and the boarder on the wall.
6:52 am
lots going on. weather wise we're in good shape. a few more clouds around but it's milder than it was. it's still cold but it's not the arctic chill. your day planner on this thursday, you see some of the clouds over town this morning. and sunrise is about 7:27. it will set after 5:00 this morning -- this morning? this evening. it's early. we'll be in the low to mid-40s in a few spots this afternoon under partly to mostly cloudy skies but it's a lot warmer. temperatures in some cases in fredricksburg 22 degrees warmer than yesterday. west of the blue ridge a few degrees warmer because we have clear skies there so temperatures able to drop off more. in the upper teens now in a lot of areas while we're sitting at 37 in the district. so cold weather is with us but the arctic chair, that has left. what we're looking at is some clouds especially south and east of washington. we'll be partly to mostly cloudy through the afternoon, even into the evening hours but we stay dry today. a little bit different story on friday.
6:53 am
some of the moisture coming out of the deep south will get here likely after dark. i think we're okay through much of the day but tomorrow night, i just want to point out a couple of showers coming through here in towards saturday morning. take will leave and then a better chance of rain will be moving in as we get into saturday, late in the afternoon saturday night early sunday. 43 today. late shower possible friday, 46. best chance of showers will be and rain will be saturday night into sunday morning. saturday 52. it should be done by midday sunday so in the afternoon especially if you're going out toward fedex, in the 50s into the 40s. it will be dry and breezy. monday colder, highs near 40 degrees. all right, larry. every time you've been coming up this hour, it's been getting worse and worse and worse. i hate to be the bearer of bad news but i have to tell you the truth. traveling from brandywine toward the capital beltway traveling northbound on route 5 branch avenue, you will see an accident that's closed two lanes. this is between allentown road and the capital beltway.
6:54 am
heavy delays indicated here by the red as you approach the capital beltway this morning. for those of you that are going to get on marc, everything is running on schedule for you this morning. vre also running on schedule. traveling southbound on 295 starting at fort meade road working your way down to kenilworth avenue, you're looking at a 25-minute commute. northbound on 95 on the virginia side starting at the prince william parkway working your way up to 395, a 12-minute commute. eastbound on i-66 you still have the heavy volume. starting at chain bridge road working your way to north glebe road a 15-minute commute and old hundred road to the capital beltway a 33-minute commute. a live look shows you how things are shaping up here in town. this is 3rd street at m street. again, still doing really well in town this morning. over to you. >> thank you, larry grz for teenage girls -- larry. >> for teenage girls, dads can be so especial baring. how about if your dad did
6:55 am
something mortifying 17 million times. what's this? >> good morning. especially when he tries to dance. but what happened next is a little surprising that this dad actually could whip and nae nae. check it out. >> his wife was recording. he saw the thing going on. he decided to jump in the background. the girls had no idea what was happening till it was far too late. those embarrassing moments, it has been viewed online 17 million times and counting which makes me wonder, hydeck, you're a dad. can you whip or nae na ?e. >> we have seen him bust his news. is he traffic. >> thank you. i thought i was going to be embarrassed. >> your partner wouldn't do that. >> i can dance.
6:56 am
i can dance. i need to practice. suit and tie, justin timer lake, i can take care of that now. thanks, tommy. the making of a -- making a -- [indiscernible] >> scott walker's office says he will not pardon the convicted killer at the center of the netflix documentary that is so popular right now. steven avery and his nephew were convicted in march 2007 of the murder of a photographer and they've been in prison ever since. we're looking at mostly cloudy today. 40 to 45. tomorrow could be a late shower. better chance at night. saturday showers more likely after dark and sunday morning. but 50s this weekend. for the game in the afternoon cooling into the 40s with a breeze and then a chilly start to the upcoming week. >> we have a lane blocked on i- 66 eastbound between 234 and 29. here's a live look from our trafficland cam so you should be able to see the lights on the right-hand side of your
6:57 am
screen. looks like now possibly just the shoulder blocked at this point but we are seeing residual delays as a result of that accident. i subject you give yourself a few extra minutes. you can consider 29 as an alternate at this point as well. this morning is next. >> they'll be talking about the chipotle issues. now there's an investigation involved. >> and in the next 25 minutes we'll be back with updates. >> you got it. >> weather and traffic. >> you got it. don't forget to download the new wusa9 app for all the latest. it's where it's ♪ ♪ find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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