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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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guns. >> first graders, in new town. >> reporter: announcing new executive action aimed at controlling who the get their hands on guns in this country, president obama openly wept on monday as he remembered 26 victims of the sandy hook shooting. >> every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. and by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago everyday. >> reporter: the president's actions to increase money for mental health treatment and increase background checks divided the nation along the usual lines. republicans quickly moved to oppose the changes citing constitutional grounds. speaker of the house paul ryan to that. >> he has been pretty hostile to the second amendment all along. i don't think the president has a lot of respect for the second amendment. >> reporter: here is what the media won't tell you. >> reporter: and overnight the national rifle association
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released a web video criticizing the media coverage of the background check. >> they don't tell you the truth. instead, the only thing the average american has heard about background checks is the absolute fallacy. >> reporter: the nra declined cnn's invitation to participate in the town hall, but gun owners are asked to be there and ask hostile questions. outside the johnson sent tore night, only supporters of the president have gathered so far. >> i wanted to come out here because i am extraordinarily proud of our president for showing such tremendous leadership. i only wish congress would show an equal amount of leadership. >> reporter: a coalition of gun rights groups plans to be on campus counterprotesting the president. we have seen no sign of them yet. but with an issue this emotional, we expect them to be here to make their voices heard.
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garrett haake, wusa9. >> thank you garrett. that town hall meeting scheduled to start at 8:00 tonight. and garrett will have highlights tonight at 11:00. wall street chalked up another day of losses. investors around the world have been spooked by stock market turmoil in china and what it might mean for the global economy. >> reporter: the sell-off began at the opening bell and picked up momentum as the day went on. the dow jones industrial average closed down more than 390 points. it was the third triple digit loss of the week. once again, the trouble started in china where trading was automatically halted when stocks fell more than 7%. the market had been closed for just 30 minutes. >> just that sense of oh my god, what is going on. >> reporter: chinese regulators are suspending the circuits.
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what is feeding into the volatility is concern about a downturn in china's economy and whether that weakness will have a domino effect. if things slow down in china, the fear is that the rest of asia will slow down and europe slows down and the u.s. economy will also slow down. wall street is hoping to find some comfort in friday's labor report. signs point to another up tick in hiring which would indicate despite the turmoil overseas, the u.s. economy is still on track. cbs news, wall street. the nasdaq finished down and so did the nasdaq. turning now to the race for president, people are showing up in burlington vermont where donald trump will be coming. the trump campaign has handed out more than 20,000 free tickets. the problem s the venue will
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only hold about 1400 seats. once the place is full, they will turn everybody else away. a woman once accused former president bill clinton of raping her has resurfaced and she has come out in support of trump. she doesn't consider herself a republican or a democrat, trump says the things she likes to hear. back in 1999, she accused clinton of raping her in 1978 while she worked on his campaign for governor of arkansas. clinton has denied the allegations. in capitol hill, the house plan to vote as early as next week on legislation imposing new sanctions on north korea. >> the measure will have strong bipartisan support. it comes in response to north korea's claim it conducted a hydrogen bomb test. it would freeze any assets from the u.s. to north korean accused tiffties. police killed a man who tried to attack a police station. he carried a meat cleaver and
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wore what turned out to be a fake explosive belt. he had an isis flag and cried out in arabic god is greater before he was killed. it comes as france marks the one year anniversary on the attack of the newspaper charlie hebdo. still in court, the police officer who pled guilty to trying to cook meth inside the same laboratory he was supposed to be protecting. 41-year-old christopher bartley is trying to avoid going to prison. evidence in front of the judge includes shots of him leaving a target store with ingredients in the handwritten recipe. he claims he was merely working on a training exercise for other police officers. he faces up to 20 years. baltimore police officer william port ser asking an appeals court to block a ruling asking him to testify against his fellow officer. officer caesar goodson's trial is set to begin monday.
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yesterday, the judge in the case ruled porter must testify if he is called as a prosecution witness. he suffered a spinal injury and later died. he had been charged with second degree murder. the case against officer porter ended in a mistrial last month. federal prosecutors are stepping in asking the state of alabama to come ply on a ruling on same sex marriage. turns out that state supreme court never lifted the directive to judges to refuse licenses to gay couples. prosecutedders contend it is okay for government officials to disagree with the law, but they still have to obey it. the mother of the so-called affluenza teenager faces a court hearing tomorrow. tanya couch was flown from los angeles to dallas and booked into jail. she will be charged friday on
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infringing on the apprehension of a felon. a young woman from vienna is receiving a citizen's life saving award tonight. >> it is incredible what she did. 19-year-old charlotte heffelmeyer was apparently filled with super human strength when she pulled a pickup truck off her father. it started a fire in their garage. she dragged more father to safety and drove the three wheeled burning truck out of the garage and calmly walked into the home and got everybody else out safely. >> any idea how charlotte did that? >> i don't know. she a pretty amazing kid. must have been adrenaline. >> i got freaked out at the moment and had crazy strength.
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i felt like i didn't lift anything. >> in the middle of rescuing her family, charlotte was also able to call 911 very calmly. she says she is not a hero and was doing what she had to do. the incident happened when she was home from the air force academy for thanksgiving break. >> wow. coming up, a catchup with the member of the burgundy and gold superbowl teams who knows the price of winning and getting injured. >> let's talk about the forecast for the game. it gets better and better. the biggest factor will be winds. starts out mild, 52. falls in the mid 40s as the game progresses. we will come back. we will talk about showers tracking tomorrow and heavier
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>> the chance to talk to redskins veteran player darryl grant. the former star defensive end says the team has a good chance of winning against the packers sunday and grant should know. he was drafted by the burgundy and gold back in 1981. he played in three superbowls for the team winning two playing alongside the big dave. if you think today's players are tough, consider what these guys were paid back in the day and how concussions were dealt with back then. >> how much did you make your first year? >> $35,000.
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>> and you were a draft pick. >> i was a draft pick. >> that was the time you needed a job during the off season. >> absolutely. everybody had a second job. >> how many concussions have you suffered? >> too many to count. i couldn't count all the concussions that i had. >> and back then, you could suffer a concussion, come out, and go back in. >> oh, i went back in. but i didn't remember the game until i watched it. >> darryl likes the moves the league is making to protect players and he appreciates it. he will be watching sunday's playoff game and rooting for the home team from his couch in centerville, virginia. he made 35,000 when he played okay in the day. today's players will make 25,000 just for sunday's game. >> that is crazy. we have been asking to see your redskins spirit. bruceifer showed off his nfc champion hat. you like that name?
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this is of a redskins auto accessory. fancy. i like that. finish your pictures via twitter, using the hash tag skins on nine. we will share some of them on the air all week long. we have a special section dedicated to the redskins playoff run so check it out. >> it sounds like something you would call me, bruceifer. >> coming up, california continues to dry out after el niño storms. >> the power ball ja ♪
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♪ wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey.
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mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios. >> $700 million is trending on twitter. that is now the record breaking power ball jackpot. it is expected to go even higher by saturday night. the previous u.s. record was the $656 million megamillions jackpot in march of 2012. >> with relooking at a billion dollars here? >> we could. that is the kind of money you would need security for. #dietaryguidelines was also trending after the federal
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government recommended limiting the amount of sugars to 10% of our daily calories. about 12-teaspoons of sugar a day. that is a teaspoon less than the amount of sugar in one bottle of coke. a snickers bar has three teaspoons. only a quarter of the daily recommendations. it was trending on twitter in dc. prince george's county was not as busy in 2015 as 2014. the department tweeted out the end of year stats today. they responded to about 2,000 fewer incidents last year compared to 2014. the busiest station by far was the silver hill fire and emsment the department posted images on the website it got from facebook and e-mail. the cluster of storms from el niño that slammed california all week long finally winding
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down. the record breaking storms prompted high surf warnings and flooding across california. chris martinez shows us how some residents are cleaning up from the storm. >> reporter: powerful waves up to 16 feet are battering california's coast. as this weekend's el niño related storms move out, another one is brewing in the pacific. >> there is a possibility of fairly weak and fast moving system moving through over the weekend. >> reporter: four days of relentless rain have opened sink holes on the roads like this one in la jolla. here in new hall, 30 miles north of los angeles, emergency crews evacuated ten mobile homes in this neighborhood after there were mud slides. brandon was one of the residents who fled and was allowed to return thursday morning. he says mud began washing down from the burned hillside surrounding his mobile home on tuesday. >> it started rising. i told my son to pack up, let's go. got them out of here. >> reporter: crews are working around the clock to clear streets and protect homes. despite the damage, the storms
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are beginning to refill california's depleted reservoirs. la county has filled billions of gallons and they gained about a foot of water in just 24 hour. >> the good news is that the watersheds are beginning to be saturated. we are seeing more runoff. >> reporter: the storm is also giving the region snow pack a boost dumping as much as a foot of fresh powder in the mountains. chris martinez, cbs news, new hall, california. wow, big mess there. and we are hoping to delay the snow coming to area. >> you saw him shoveling the snow in short sleeves. they are getting a ton of snow in the sierra and the rockies. snow in old mexico tomorrow. for us, a little bit of a different story. thought we were in pretty good shape, though temperatures struggled to get up with the low clouds and the fog. we will let you know how we did
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tonight at 11:00, you can download our app and track us that way. live look outside. we are sitting on 43 now. that is a good sign. winds lighted. dew points above freezing. so inside the beltway and a little bit after, you will not make it below freezing tonights. the clouds will hang tough with some fog and some drizzle. bus stop temperatures 48 to 38. 38 along i-81. a little bit of drier air. cool tomorrow with some showers. primarily in the afternoon and evening. and then saturday night, wet. really wet. showers and then the game windy and dry. don't be surprised if you hear a rumble of thunder though before the game, before you get to lunch on sunday. so, here are some factors of the weather factors that could affect the game. half an inch of rain saturday night. remember, it is natural turf. falling temps, 50s to 40s . that is not crazy, but some adjustment and the winds, the biggest factor. west, southwest at 10 to 20 and gusty hawaii will be the whole game. so 10:00 tonight. clouds still in place. temps in the 30s . and then by
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6:00 a.m., we are looking at 36 downtown. and temperatures generally about 33 in silver spring. 33 in fairfax. now, on the day planner temps aren't going to move much. 36 the start. only 43 by 1:00, but with clouds hanging tough. saturday a lot of clouds. a lot of rain and showers. programs a morning thunderstorm. then we clear out and become blustery. next seven days, it gets cold, monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. maybe the coldest air of the season on thursday. some flurries are possible on wednesday. >> goat it. >> all right, hey kristin berset out at redskins park. >> reporter: hey guys, yeah, the team back to work today. really getting intense and focused. but robert griffin iii back as quarterback playing a very important role this afternoon. i'll explain
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>> welcome back. we are live at redskins park. the team back to work today. these practices getting more intense. coach jay saying the guys really starting to get excited. really started to feel what this week is all about. one of the focuses today has been on slowing down aaron rogers. remember this play against the detroit lines earlier this season? just when you thought all hope was lost for the packers. rogers does what he does best. extends plays with his legs and despite his struggles down the stretch of the season, this is what roger is capable of doing to a defense. >> a very, very important for us to continue to get after
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him. and, play with a monostop attitude. and then also, a defensive back secondary to make sure we stay on the receivers because he does buy a lot of time. but, he is excellent. that is probably what puts them above the rest of the quarterbacks in the football league. his ability to buy time and create plays that are not necessarily drawn up. >> joining me now, frank two has been out at practice this week. really the focus on slowing down rogers. >> guess who could be an x factor this week for the redskins? rg3. that's right. because in practice this week, he is mimicking aaron rogers on the scout team. what he brings athletically. he is running them ragged. they know come sunday, aaron rogers keeps the play alive basically until the whistle sound. so good to see rg3 possibly a factor in this game sunday. >> giving them that kind of real life experience as they
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prepare for a hall of famer like aaron rogers. when you look at this defense, one of the guys integral all season, integral this season is chris baker. six sacks on the season. >> cigars were all around redskins park. congratulations to baker. he was not at practice for a good reason. his wife gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter last night. so congratulations to baker and his teammates were very happy. >> did not participate with chris baker. his wife had a baker. noninjury. baby girl. congratulations to chris. hopefully, she looks like his wife. [ laughter ] >> i'm just happy for him man. i know he is full of emotion now. i will be the god father of the baby obviously. i'm looking forward to meeting her. i hope everything goes well. thank god for everything. that wife bounced back. >> you see babysitting for yourself in the future?
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>> yeah, but i don't do the overnight babysitting. i will do it for a few hours. fill them up with candy and everything and then give them back. >> oh, he will love that. just give them tobacco at tend of the day. >> right. and by the way, tomorrow, live at 2:00 out here,ly be going one on one with terrance knight. you can watch live on facebook at 2:00. it will be interactive so you can ask pot roast some questions about babysitting. >> we have much more out here from redskins park. we will be here at 7:00. thank you frank. guys we will send it back to you in the studio. >> we have half an inch of rain. winds will be the biggest factor. >> it has been a factor in the past. >> we complained about that. >> that's all for our news at
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america runs on dunkin'. >> pelley: head for the exits. stock prices plummet. what has wall street rattled. also tonight, massive gas leak in southern california. >> we call it the b.p. oil spill. >> pelley: lining up for painkillers, a landmark suit against drug distributors that allegedly got them hooked. uncle sam cooks up a menu to keep america healthy. what government research says you should and should not eat. >> if you can't pronounce it, don't eat it. >> pelley: and saturday night fever. millions of americans chase the biggest powerball jackpot in history. >> why? because i want one. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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