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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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breaking news tonight, terrorism related arrests, have been made in two states. thanks for joining us, i'm adam. >> and i'm leslie foster. two people have been arrested on terrorism related charges in california and texas, a refugee from iraq who was charged with lying to federal investigators about his travels to syria, he was arrested in sacramento and there are no other details on the second arrest. which was made in houston. this is a developing story, we'll continue to follow with the information and bring you the latest as soon as we learn
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it. right now, at 11:00, president barack obama visits fairfax county to take on the issue of gun control. and he says the idea that he wants to con fi skate weapons is a -- con fi kate weapons is a conspiracy. >> tonight, the president says guns are a shared response blg. the nra headquarter down the street, declined the invitation to attend. >> it did not stop them from tweeting about it. >> garrett. >>reporter: adam, tonight, the president and the protesters who came out to greet him, have all gone home for the night, but not before engaging in a spirited debate about perhaps the most deviceive issues in american politics today. [ singing ] . >>reporter: gun rights and gun control protesters squared off tonight in the lead up to president barack obama's town hall. >> i'm here to just advocate that you know, guns don't kill
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people, guns actually save lives. >> we have to do something. this carnage is un-american. it's unpatriotic. >>reporter: exchanges outside. those touched by gun violence, like andy parker, father of alison parker, filed inside to hear from president barack obama. >> the fact a is i'm excited that he's keeping up with this, that he's continuing to speak out, because we can't let this thing go away. >>reporter: the president fielded questions from supporters and opponents of hi new measures and pushed back at the executive actions had took wouldn't have stopped any of this year's high profile mass shooting. >> i think it's really important furs not to -- for us not to suggest that if we can't solve every crime, we shouldn't try to solve any crimes. >>reporter: he also showed climers of the same emotional peyton manning pain
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display. >> i visited new town, two days after, what happened, so it was still very raw. it's the oonl time ever ever seen secret service cry. >>reporter: the nra, who declined an offer to participate. a web video released overnight. >> when you hear politicians talk about expanding it, don't buy it. >>reporter: it's hard to see tonight's discussion really moving anyone who has completely dug in on either side of this issue, but with the issue of guns becoming so deviceive in american politic, simply has to be a good thing that the president of the united states could sit down and discuss this topic, with people who disagree with him for more than an hour. reporting live, wusa 9. >> a very different venue. well, during the president's
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event, donald trump had a few things to say about guns in a speech to supporters in burlington, vermont, trump telling the crowd if elected, he would take action to lift restrictions on guns. just as soon as he took office. >> i will get rid of gun-free zones on schools, and -- you have to. and on military bases, my first day, it gets signed. okay? my first day. there's no more gun-free zones. [ applause ] i mean, think of it. a gun-free zone, a gun-free zone on a military base with sop of the best soldiers we -- some of the best soldiers, we have, sitting there, relaxing, watching television, no gun, guy walks in, kills all of them, okay? that ends immediately. >>reporter: the trump campaign claims more than 20,000 invited people showed up for just 1400 spots at the event space
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tonight. it is the largest school system in the d.c. area and the 10th largest in the nation. >> fairfax county schools had warned that drastic cuts were coming. but tonight, superintendent karen garza surprised a lot of people with her proposed 2.7 billion dollar budget. wusa 9 live after tonight's school board meeting and parent pep rally in support of this the budget. >>reporter: adam, a lot of parents supported this budget because it's -- it got no cuts to staff, no cuts to classroom programs. this is the first budget, actually, without cuts that doctor garza has proposed as school superintendent. and the parents who showed up here tonight are supporting her and standing by her. [ applause ] . >>reporter: fairfax county school superintendent karen garza's proposed budget is pretty simple. >> no programs cuts. >>reporter: okay. actually, it only sounds simple. but it's not. despite facing an 80 million dollar deficit, garza is requesting a 7% increase in the
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next budget. >> it's a bare-bones budget and it only reflects our most pressing needs. it is not a true need based budget. >>reporter: parents rallied behind her, this pep rally before thursday night board meeting, rally was organized by imspc, a parent-led movement encouraging county and state leaders. >> kids like sports and drama, when i went to school, those were important activities. >> it wasn't a good idea, it would have been cut in the first that was cut. >>reporter: 165 million dollars from budgets over the last two years and nearly half a billion since 2008. >> we have been cutting, and i just feel like this next round of cuts would completely change the face of our school system. >> our kids need robust academic programming, programming that suits today's generation of how they learn, their health and safety in the clam room. >>reporter: parents say if any
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county can do it, it's in county. >> to not fund this budget would weaken p the reputation of this community. >> i feel like it's an absolute necessity, that is fully funded. >>reporter: if it's not, and it becomes simple again. cut nearly 70 million dollars. again, only simple to say, not to do. well, no one is saying lit be easy, most of the folks here tonight admit it will be a challenge, but the parents i spoke with, say that they really see this as an opportunity for county and state leaders to come together and finally create a long-term strategy, a long-term plan. as far as a county finances, and education are concerned. live in fairfax, wusa 9. thank you. doctor sgar says they have 90 today, and she blames teacher salaries, that lag behind neighboring counties, her budget includes more than $40 million for teacher raises. new tonight, a former police
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officer has been sentenced to prison time. a judge gave 41 months to 41 -year-old christopher bartley. last summer, bartley pleaded guilty to trying to cook meth inside of a government building at the national institutes of standards and technology in gaithersburg, where he worked. well, that concoction triggered an explosion that blew out the windowss of the lab. a better check for cracks in your next egg after the drop. fell 392 points and nasdaq losing 146. investors are worried about a slow down in china's economy and a worldwide domino effect. looking for good news tomorrow in the latest u.s. labor report. an uptick in higherring. >> a lottery jackpot unlike any other in the united states, the prize for this weekend's powerball drawing, has grown to about 700 million. and lottery officials say it could get even bigger. the jackpot has been growing all
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day, after no one matched the numbers in last night's 500 million dollar drawing. tonight, detectives tgryin to track down a d.c. man who stabbed a family member on new year's day. he's anthony joseph keys, of 50th street in northeast and police say the whole incident happened during an argument at a home on south view drive in austin hills, fortunately, that relative recovering from his injuries. to the district now, metro transit police are trying to identify and find a robbery suspect they say this man is wanted for a robbery tuesday night, on a green line train at u street. if you can help pin a name to that face, you're asked to contact metro transit police. to montgomery county, police are v released surveillance videos of suspects wanted in an armed robbery on november 27th. a woman was robbed in a parking garage in bethesda. police say a man and woman used the woman's credit cards about
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an hour after the robbery, the robbery suspects left the shopping mall in a gray dodge a avenger. redskins football. our colleague bruce johnson had a chance to talk with one of the greatest players. >> darrell grant. he played in 3 super bowl, one o two of them, and today, he reflected on those glory days and he assessed today's team as it heads towards sunday's playoff game against green bay. >> we really didn't believe that it would happen earlier in the season, maybe even, you know, going into the season, but they really gel, they've come together, they seem like a force and a united team, that's what you need. >> grant is picking washington to beat the packers this weekend. he better. well, cbs and wusa 9 will be televising the super bowl, the national congress of american
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indians and the indian nation have sent a letter to the network, cbs, asking them not to use the word redskins. it's a -- if the team lays in the game. by making this commitment, now, cbs will be standing with a broad and growing coalition that believes that the team's continued efforts to slur people of color with the chosen name, is inappropriate and unacceptable. well, whether you're making plans to watch the game at home, or at fedex field, there are a few things that you need to know. >> yeah, it may not be raining, but weather could have an impact on the game and let's get right to xheement topper shutt with -- chief meteorologist topper shutt with all of the details. >> saturday night will be wet, that will be one of the factors we'll be watching, maybe a half inch of rain, it is natural grass, so that could be a factor. falling temperatures, 50s to 40s, so don't be fooled if you're going to the game. it will be pretty mild when you get there, it will be very cold when you leave. the wind, that's the big factor, west- southwest 10-10, that could impact a late game field
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goal. 52-42. 52 to start the game. 42 when exiting fedex. partly cloudy, there are your gusty winds. we'll talk about the fog and drizzle and we'll track the showers for tomorrow evening and the 3 degree guarantee. thank you, we'll see you then. closer to sunday's big game, social media is packed right now, cramed with images of how fans are getting pumped up. taking a look at awesome photos that you've shared with us. >> we've gotten so many great ones. amy shared this photo of this little guy who has been a fan since birth. >> cute one there. >> here's a tweet of a four-legged fan, his owner says is die-hard. >> shared this tweet with us, prov tinghat fans do really come in all sizes. >> so we want you to share your fan pics with us and get the redskins content you need, whenever you want it by downloading the wusa 9 app. you can follow us on facebook.
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can you prove your redskins fand m with a farm animal? one family says yes. i'm allison barber, that story in a minute. >> we are back phrase could apply to these guys, guess who is coming back to the national zoo? >> and if you're still looking for a new year's diet plan, here's one that you can really wrap your arms around. they're calling it the taco cleanse, it's my n ♪
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♪ beyonce will be back, she and cold play collaborated on the song, for the weekend. beyonce headlined the half time game three years ago, the last time that washington won in the playoffs. >> there are so many fans hoping that their team will make it all the way to the super bowl game with beyonce. you've seen a lot of them on wusa 9 in the past few days. >> we promise you that you have not seen fans like the ones
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you're about to meet. the story of a family who loved their team so much, elson, they kept a 1,000 pound pig in their house. that doesn't make a lot of sense, but i think you're about to clear it up for us. >>reporter: i hope so. so originally that pig was an easter present for grand kids, the rabbits were sold out at the farm, they got this pig instead. the family that owned charlotte, she became more than a family pet. >> we used to walk miss charlotte up and down the road, 202, nearby, and wave to the fans. >>reporter: in 2011, floyd rich bought a pig, she's a lifelong redskins fan, she knew the pig had to be one, too. >> i thought about the redskins because of the hogs, what they represent, and what they've done for the team. >>reporter: each time the redskins played a at home, they took her by fedex field. it made them happy and got a lot of attention from the other fans. >> the fans and the morale, it boosts the energy for the fans,
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whether we won or lost the game, it still gave us energy. . >> i feel like we've -- [ inaudible ] you know, embrace your team, embrace your home. >> my daddy brought the pig to d. c. redskins all the way, baby. ♪ [ music ] ♪ . >>reporter: that pig connected with enough people that it inspired two local film makers to feature the family if a documentary called sweaty betty. ♪ [ music ] ♪ . >> go out there and see a lot of different stories, and it's kind of good for things on camera, that's what we thought about when bemade a movie -- we made a movie. >> she ain't going with them. >>reporter: before filming finished, charlotte was taken away. the rich family says the county took her because having a farm animal where they live violates zoning laws. >> a lot of people out there really love miss charlotte. >>reporter: but even without her, they're ready to cheer on
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the redskins. >> we're going to go to the super bowl, that's a must. >>reporter: if they make it, the rich family knows exactly who they'll thank. >> charlotte on their shoulders. >>reporter: the family tells us they're trying to figure out exactly where miss charlotte is, they heard she was on a farm, now, they don't know. we're working on getting those questions answered by the county right now. reporting live, wusa 9. >> you have done it. that is the strangest fan story i've seen yet. but got to love it. thank you. the movie that featured the rich family is getting a lot of attention outside of the area, it premiered at south by southwest last year in austin, won best feature form at a new york film festival and picked up by a production company, breaking glass pictures bought the right in september. >> we hope that miss charlotte isn't bacon now. for the past two year, there have been no red pandas at the
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zoo. two of the critters are back. a male named t-usa and a female named asa, they're both now one. and you can catch them at the small mammal house, but this summer, the zoo hopes to move them to a larger red panda exhibit that is being upgraded. how does this snound lose weight and get healthy eating tacos, but here's the catch. they have to be vegen tacos. >> come on, man. >> no meat. the taco cleanse, listen, they give you the taco, you've got to give up something. and four self-proclaimed taco scientists in texas have published the companion book. >> that's a thing. >> you have to buy the book. i was online trying to get the recipes. >> i'm going to tender my resignation now and go to taco science. >> black beans and rice, and some guac. >> black means are good for you, and guac is a good protein.
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>> yeah, see, that's vegen. >> give the girls an avocado. >> i raised yesterday's number from 42 to 43. yes, sit is. but -- it is. but it was a wise decision. we went 43 and it was 43. another bulls eye, now, i just raised tomorrow's number from 46 to 47. small thing. but when you're trying to do a 3 degree guarantee, it all adds up. right now, it's 40. dew points well above freezing, we're not going to get anywhere near freezing in the metro area. if you have clouds now, you're going to stay above freezing, along 81, 28 in winchester, most folks are going to hold above freezing. morning drizzle, afternoon showers, bus stop temperatures, 48-28. 42 downtown. some showers friday night and mild, and then on saturday, really wet saturday night, we get rain and showers, beat the
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band on saturday night. but drive for the game, but windy for the game, and again, don't be deceived by the warm temperatures. temps will fall into the day and night. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, 37 downtown. 35 by 9:00 o'clock in gaithersburg. 37 in fairfax and also dale city. now by 1:00 o'clock, back in the low to mid 40s, notice just clouds. but by the time we get to 5:00 o'clock, #k 6 o'clock, here comes the showers, through leesburg. colder out to the west. so day plan e clouds across the board. 44 by 1:00 p.m. the next three days, well, mainly rain and showers at night. saturday is okay. only about 52. and then 58 on sunday. yes, maybe a morning thunderstorm on sunday. then we're clearing out for the game. and then really cold monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. and i do have a flake there on wednesday, maybe snow flurries. >> you nailed it. >> welcome. . >> thank you. thank you, well, you look at the way the season was at the
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redskins, there are doubters. >> got to hate. >> but inside the locker room, that doubt seems to be all gone. coming up, our interview with deshaun jackson on all of that. and alex, skating closer ♪ find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'.
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now, wusa 9 game on sports, with kristen berset, brought to you by xfinity. the redskins doubters r were out in full force, and for very good reason, they had won just 7 games in the past two seasons, the first round draft pick of a quarterback was struggling and they didn't know who their starting quarterback was going to be. there were lockers in their own locker room, desean saying he had no clue how this team would be this year. so to end up as division champ, surprise, well, most people. our dontae stallworth asked about this and how his mind set has changed. >> night and day, you know, just kind of getting the feel for our team, you know, last year. or in the off season, you know, a lot of new additions and
11:26 pm
things like that, right now, we're at the point where, you know, we geled together throughout the season, we won games that we weren't supposed to win. people in the offers and things like that. they didn't give us no chance, we sat back and listened and heard all of that. a lot of great players in there, that came from other teams that have a lot of experience in leadership. we're feeding off each other's energy. >> how about this, washington fans, one of the former hogs, joe jacoby is one of the finalists for the hall of fame. jacoby one 3 super bowl titles among many other accolades, inductees will be announced the day before the super bowl. he is the honorary captain for this sunday's game against the packers. well, we are still on 500 watch, heavy into tonight's game, ovechkin, four away from reaching the 500th career goal. his team won tuesday, ovechkin
11:27 pm
came up event, tonight, another chance. taking on the islander, here we go, ovechkin, closer to 500. n,ores the 22nd of the seaso 497. caps roll over the islanders tonight, 4-1. maryland women looking to bounce back after the first-ever big ten loss, and yeah, that really wasn't going to be a problem. howrd what led all scores, 15. and finally, the nationals today, announcing their newest member of their team, second base. daniel murphy. murphy comes from the new york mets. he's wearing the number 20 jersey, which fans may know was worn by desmond, who was a free agent this year, of course, not expected to sign back, maybe that's a sign. >> not anymore. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> yeah, so he's wearing number. that's the right price! it's that low.
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are you ready, 47 tomorrow, showers in the afternoon, a dreary start to the modern, saturday is okay, saturday night will be a mess, if you have date night, rain and shower, and an early thunderstorm sunday, but -- you've done your pardon. >> saturday, stay in, watch the game on wusa 9 and check out the news cast. >> fantastic. >> that's it for us tonight on 9. >> that's
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