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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  January 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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we'll be done with most of the rain in the morning just a passing shower. windy upper 50s to start but 40s by half time. we've got fog this morning. some of the visibility out to the valley have been dense. a quarter mile of visibility. more low clouds and patchy drizzle so it's cool and damp. temperatures range from near 30 in the valley to 30s to around 40 here in town. looking at for your friday lots of clouds the early areas of fog and drizzle mid to upper 40s and then some late afternoon and evening showers here and there as we hold pretty steady in the low 40s this evening. larry miller tgif. >> i'm thinking $700 million. what could i do with that. have a field day at costco. >> they are calling you right now. >> they are calling right now. metro schedule for you this morning trains and buses good to go. around the capital beltway still pretty quiet on the inner
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and outer loop and no issues on 66 as you travel front royal and gains bureau. you'll need to watch out for wet roads and the fog. northbound 95 from dale city to capital beltway no major issues to slow you down northbound or southbound. weather and traffic again coming up on the 9s. for now we send it over to you. two iraqie refugees living in the united states will be in court today on terrorism charges. >> one of the men from sacramento the other from houston and the pair may have been connected in some way. court documents reveal the 23- year-old superior court meant o suspect communicated over social media back in 2013. now in one exchange the two allegedly discussed training and fighting over seas. a criminal complaint accused the sacramento man of traveling to syria from the u.s. and back again after fighting along side
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a terror organization and lied to investigators about it. >> this was an individual who was committed to going back home as an iraqie to fight what he perceives as corrupt and author contain regimes. >> law enforcement officials accuse a houston suspect of providing material support to isis. this is not a conspiracy to take away your guns. that's what president obama told gun rights advocates last night at george mason university. we have the highlights. both sides were out and make agday reclaiming their presence known--making their presence known loud and clear. >> really passionate but civil and we haven't had many civil discussions about this. from a little chicago school boy who fears getting gunned down to a rape victim who carries to keep her family safe. audience members challenged obama on his passion policy and plan to bypass congress to
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increase background checks. >> there's not a day that goes by that i don't miss my daughter. >> andy parker father of slain wdbj reporter alison parker applauds the efforts on gun control. >> i'm excited he's keeping up with this that he's continuing to speak out because we can't let this thing go away. >> as an american citizen i feel that we've all been touched by gun violence. i mean in 2015 we had a mass shooting every single day. >> i visited newtown two days after what happened so it was still very raw. it's the only time i've ever seen secret service cry on duty. >> invited to last night's town halibut they were a no show. i'll tell you what they did instead of attending coming up at 6:30. andrea back to you. approacher accused of
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beating, robbing and raping escorts will be in court this morning. me used the website to find female escorts and arrange to meet up with them. he's charged with first degree murder, armed robbery, assault and reckless endangerment. he preaches at the church of christ in riverdale. a virginia man who was convicted of bizarre sex crimes in montgomery county will go before a judge today on new charges. michael edwards was arrested last fall for an incident in fairfax county. he's facing several charges for an incident where he hit a woman with bodily fluids and then exposed himself. police have released an image of this one of a man wanted of a metro transit police and cut a man during a failed robbery attempt. the suspect approached a man and demanded the victim's personal items. when he refused the suspect
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fled empty handed. in the live zone we are hearing more from philadelphia's police commissioner richard ross about the officer ambushed overnight calling this one of the scariest things he's ever seen. according to the police commissioner his officer was shot three times while sitting in his marked car unprovoked. he was any time the arm but returned fire and hit the suspect at least three times as well. boarth e in the hospital and the officer is under going surgery at this hour but is expected to survive. still no word on a motive at this point. that's the latest from the live corner. >> thank you nick. montgomery county police have released photos of a suspect wanted in an armed robbery. a woman was armed in a parking garage near macy's in november. the man used the victim's credit cards an hour after that robbery. the robbery suspect left the shopping mall in a gray dodge avenger.
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wow. a young woman lifts a truck to rescue her father and saves the rest of her family from a raging fire. >> it's an incredible story but that's exactly what happened to 19-year-old charlotte of veiiena and that's what she did on thanksgiving her dad was working on his truck when it fell on top of him spilling gasoline and starting a fire. charlotte quickly got the truck off her dad drove it away from the home and got the rest of the family out safely. how she did this we don't know but she was honored for her courage and bravery. >> she's a pretty amazing kid but it must have been adrenaline and not wanting to see me burn to death. >> i freaked out and had this crimes strength. i felt like i didn't lift anything. it felt like a piece of paper. >> wow. >> she was definitely in the zone. it was her dad and she was going to save him. the fairfax county fire and rescue service presented charlotte with the citizen life
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saving award. >> i love that story. what a great story. still ahead live in prince georges county where student are getting ready for the big play off game this weekend. plus affluenza mom returns home to texas as she gets set to go before a judge. it's a cold and damp morning. we've had drizzle and areas of fog. temperatures in the mid 30s in places like ashburn at 36. it's 38 in owings and 40 in d.c. might need the umbrella later today and certainly at times this weekend. your friday forecast is coming up in a moment. our camera in maryland at randolph and georgia avenue showing police activity at this point but you are looking live at 50 just east of the beltway. no issues in this area as you make your way from areas like buoy in towards the capital neighborhood,i feel like
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hope you are enjoying this friday morning and good first week of january. kind of chilly this morning. 30s and 40s and the fog and drizzle. for today don't expect to see a lot of sunshine. kind of foggy out there. that is national harbor in the distance. temperatures by lunch time low to mid 40s with a few showers late in the day. over the weekend big game on sunday. most of the rain done sunday morning. can't rule out a stray shower in the afternoon but finishing on the chilly side. your detailed weekend forecast coming up at 6:19. now a look at the traffic. >> now we've got moderate conditions on the beltway, bw
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parkway, 50, 66 and 95 both on the maryland and virginia side going to consider down grading 95 on the virginia side because of the heavy volume we have as you make your way into springfield. we take a look at that in a bit but still calling it moderate right now. our camera randolph road and georgia avenue police activity. still working to confirm what exactly is going on but getting ready to head out the door it certainly will be an issue for you. fog and wet roads certainly a factor along this stretch so make sure you take it easy out there. live look at the i see hower connector making it from 95 to the capital beltway certainly still about good to go. >> still ahead will we be ready for that jelly? yes guess who is coming back to the super bowl. plus hillary clinton's campaign becomes a family affair. we'll tell you who is campaigning to show the support
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. thanks for waking up with us washington 6:14 and 40 degrees. it's sort of that cold tank raw feeling and it's not going to
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go away any time soon. ♪ [ music ] january 8 the king of rock and roll would have turned 81 today. it's elvis' birthday and well as a month long celebration at graceland. a massive box set. crowds will gather together. dozens of albums, the box set is expected to be released in march. >> can you name the song you just heard right now? >> teddy bear. >> yes good one. well played. 6:15. we are back. you recognize that music? we are feeling and seeing the spirit from die hard redskins fans all week this week as we move closer to the play off game on sunday. today 50 schools will show their pride for the team having a redskins spirit day. >> 50 appropriate since it's the 50th super bowl. live at capital heights elementary school one of those schools celebrating and everyone there is ready to party and celebrate a victory.
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>> andrea it is early but the energy is so infectious here and as you can see i've made new friends this morning all of them suited up in their gear and ready to go. joining me also this morning is dewan. he's had a chance to meet some of the players. tell me who you met and what was the experience like. >> i met doug williams and when i went down basically what happened was i did a project and this was when they designed our new library. >> right. >> he saw my project and he told me to come down. when i came down i almost cried but i didn't. >> you love the redskins so much. what was it like for you? how exciting was that? >> it was really exciting. >> amazing. and over here is gonzalez in the third grade and tell me about your helmet this morning.
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how excited are you to h'":w0ñw your redskins gear to school? >> it's a pretty like--i mean like i like the redskins a lot since my mom and my whole family is a part of it. >> so it runs in the family, sweetie. i know you are excited about it today for sure. reporting live for wusa 9. >> thank you. weekend construction work on metro is going to stop on sunday as the system gears up for the huge football crowds. metro announced normal weekend service will resume at noon on sunday before the game. it kicks off at 4: 40. just a reminder. the super bowl half time show here on cbs just got bigger. beyonce is going to perform on february 7 in santa clara california. cold play will play and of course super bowl 50 right here on wusa 9. >> he said he can't want to
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make a final statement before his execution. oscar ray bollen has been put to death in florida convicted of killing three women nearly 30 years ago. his trial was wide spread because of the endless legal processes. every one of the three separate trials were reversed at least twice by appeals courts. all along he maintained his innocence. a stand off in oregon is entering it's fifth day and the community law enforcement is sending a to protestors. the leader of an armed group occupying a federal wildlife refuge. they asked the militia to leave after residents made it clear they wanted the men to go home. >> the mother half fugitive teen who used an affluenza defense after killing four people in a drunken crash is back on american soil this
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morning and will face charges for helping her son ethan escape to mexico after he was seen on video of consuming alcohol. ethan remains in mexico where he is fighting extradition. >> always watching always tracking. d.c.'s most accurate. >> as you are getting ready for school or work this morning do we need rain gear? >> drizzly this morning and showers spots later this afternoon. so for the school kids probably not the rain gear but if you are not coming home until the evening time yeah you may want some of that with you so good question. >> okay sure. >> let's see the day planner. not expecting much in the way of sunshine. a lot of clouds out there now. low clouds in town so we don't have the fog issues here. temperatures slowly rising to the mid to upper 40s. that's it. winds light again out of the east northeast at 5 miles per hour with the better chance of a few showers into the late
6:20 am
afternoon and evening. fog really been a problem the most on the valley. visibility zero to a quarter mile with less than a mile now up in westminster so we have pockets of problems but for the most part it's not that wide spread. the one thing i am concerned about out to the west where we've got the fog, maybe drizzle. we've got temperatures which are hovering at or near freezing so that could be a problem. quick look at the future cast some of these showers and a little bit aggressive with the rain i think but there will be showers in spots into the afternoon and evening. the heaviest rain this weekend will be overnight saturday night into sunday morning. 47 today, tomorrow we'll be in the low 50s with the rain basically tomorrow night into sunday morning could be a stray shower sunday afternoon and o/ temperatures fall from the upper 50s to the 40s during the game. we'll be in the 30s monday and perhaps flurries by wednesday. larry miller take it away sir. >> thank you. 6:20 your time. train riders everything running
6:21 am
on schedule this morning with no issues for you. traveling southbound on 2895 from laural bully road working your way into northeast and 46 46th street. you are looking at a 14 minute commute. the volume really starting to pick up once you get closer to springfield you see delays there as well but you'll be good to go once you get on towards the beltway. from gordon boulevard now a nine minute commute. eastbound on i-66 you can see from the volume starting to pick up once you make your way into areas like fairfax station coming from centreville. once you leave from cambridge road to north lee highway a 17 minute commute. the majority of the volume in clarksburg. once we get more lanes things start to ease up. a 30 minute commute for youself this morning. metro continues to do well and has been all morning long. everything running on the schedule for the trains and buses. let's show you how things are shaping up here at 95 and i
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seen hour connector. weather and traffic again on the fines. we'll send it over to you. coming up next the fast and furious could be speeding into cuba for their next movie. plus winter is coming. we know when john snow
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fined $2.7 million. the government used fines for violating rules when it comes for the way they treated passengers with disabilities and excessive tarmac delays. the $2 million disability fine stem from a rising complaints and getting passengers on and off planes promptly at several airports including here at washington. the fast and furious franchise is eyeing cuba for the 8th film in the popular series. it would be the first hollywood studio film to shoot on the island since the 160s. they are known for shooting in exotic locations including dubai and japan. >> a former prince georges county police officer will today learn how long he'll spend behind bars for a gun assault. plus president obama brings his gun control message for the people. we have more on this town hall. and we've got clouds with a little bit of fog.
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the clouds were overnight. much milder. temperatures in the 30s to near 40s here. cumberland 21, clear for awhile and 16 in williams port. a closer look at the friday forecast in just a moment. just checked in with montgomery county police. that accident is on georgia avenue q+wu/@[1ayaç at this point. accident now on the shoulder but again just look out for police activity. stay with us. we are going to have much ♪
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after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. tgif this friday as we look live this morning. it's warming up for the weekend just in time for the play offs. good morning and happy friday. welcome to wake up washington. >> i'm andrea run. we just got word that warren county public schools are on a two hour delay. we start this half hour as always with a check on weather and traffic. larry miller has the duties there and first alert meteorologist has our warming up forecast and will it dry out as well howard? >> it's not going to dry up for
6:30 am
a while. we've got a lot of low clouds around and clear skies with tim pictures in the teens and low 20s. clouds moving in and showers into the late afternoon. some much the visibilities a quarter mile or less and with temperatures upper 20s to low 30s there could be isolated slick spots so watch out for that. you see the readings while we sit at 40. a lot more clouds around and that tends to keep us milder. today the clouds. temperatures slowly rising to the low to mid 40s. watch auto for late afternoon and evening showers. larry? >> metro riders have been doing really well. have been all morning long. everything running on schedule. no issues there. around the beltway no accidents starting to see the volume pick up on northbound 295 as you leave the beltway but nothing to slow you down. if anything is going to be a factor it's going to be the fog and wet roads.
6:31 am
also southbound on 295 on the maryland side as you approach the 11th street bridge you see a little bit of volume there but you'll be good to go once you make it into town. a live look how things are shaping up in maryland an earlier accident now on the shoulder just watch out for police activity. weather and traffic again on the 9s. for now we send it over to you. >> the gun debate heats up as it runs high. >> that was the town hall discussion on gun control. here to break it all down for us and you say it was a civil discussion. >> it was certainly because it was on a college campus. civil discussion, breath of fresh air, emotional one. highly emotional. we saw the president get emotional earlier this week and did get emotional again last night. newtown connecticut, december 2012, 20 children 6 adults gunned down. president obama says it continues to haunt me and one
6:32 am
of the worst days of my presidency. it is why he will take executive action to increase background checks but opponents believe that plan will not prevent similar tragedies. [singing] >> guns save lives. >> they rallied on campus. >> him taking his pen and making a law is unconstitutional and what he is doing is unamerican. >> all we are trying to do is keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. that's it. >> i think it's really important for us not to suggest that if we can't solve every crime we shouldn't try to solve any crimes. >> noticeably absent from the debate the national rifle aassociation who turned down the infire and aired the ad instead. >> when you hear about politicians who won't fix the broken system talk about expanding it, don't buy it. >> republicans vow to over turn the executive order if elected
6:33 am
to the white house. mike back to you. >> thank you deala. a prince georges county officer who was found guilty of putting his gun to a man's head is going to be sentenced today facing up to 45 years in prison. back in may 2014 he is accused of pointing his service gun at the head of a homeowner. he has been locked up pending sentencing today. also today a former senate staff member learns his fate after being charged with possessing and distributing meth. he's 49 years old and was one of the top paid staffers from mississippi republican cockrin. he could get up to 20 years in prison. a former federal officer has been sentenced to up to three years in prison for trying to make meth on the campus of the national institute of standards and technology in gathersburg.
6:34 am
in prince georges county detectives are trying to track down a d.c. man who stabbed a family member on new years day. this man that you see on the screen is who they are looking for. police say the incident happened during an argument at a home on south view drive in oxen hill. fortunately that relative is recovering from his injuries. all week long we've seen just how passionate the redskins fans truly are. and today some of the teams youngest fans get a chance to show their pride. >> turner joins us live from capital heights elementary where it's redskins spirit day. they are one of 50 schools in the county taking part in this celebration. good morning. >> good morning andrea and as you can see you met a couple of my new smaller friends during the last half hour and this morning i have parents joining me. lots of pride for the home team. and over here is a grandfather who's grandson goes here.
6:35 am
tell us your name and when your love for the skins started. >> my name is dennis williams and i've been a redskins fan since 1969. >> bow. >> down in north carolina. >> and your grandson is a big fan too. what did you think about the school putting on this event today? >> i think it's great. it let's people know what the school is doing and we appreciate what the redskins have done as far as helping the school. they have been a great source as far as helping this school out. >> absolutely. thank you so much for speaking with us. we have another dad with his son. >> my name is donnell lee. >> and what was it like to wake up this morning knowing you could wear your redskins apparel to school? >> it felt good. >> and what's your opinion as far as the school putting on this day to shop their pride. >> i really love the redskins for supporting capital heights. i think they've done a good job
6:36 am
with helping them with the library and doing a wonderful job in the community. >> thank you so much for speaking with us and the redskins have played a big role in the renovations of the library here which lacked a few resources before those upgrades last may. reporting live from prince georges county wusa 9. >> very good job and for the full fan experience download wusa 9's app. get breaking news on the team, the locker room latest and fantasy picks so check it all out and the app is free. who is making fun of adele? it's not me. i can tell you that. tommy mcfly will dish the dirt just ahead. and it's time to start dreaming big, really big. the jack pot and power ball continues to dow to record levels. --to grow to record levels. big lines at the lottery machine coming up next. damp and chilly out there and slickness out west. the travel forecast looks fine in the northeast. it will be dry but look at the
6:37 am
rain showers buffalo, pittsburgh to chicago down towards the carolinas. some rain headed our way as well in the weekend forecast. i'll have it for you in just a few minutes. and the wet roads are certainly working against our drivers this morning. this is a live look at 95, 495 at maryland 414. no major issues on the inner or outer look but the slick roads certainly a factor and a few problems for our commuters this morning. stay with us. much wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? 'sveryone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios.
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it's a chilly damp morning. we've got fog especially in port royal visibility near zero and temperatures at or below freezing with an isolated slick spot. future cast towards lunch time cloudy upper 30s low 40s and as
6:41 am
the afternoon wears on a few showers to develop and showers around this evening so if you are going out tonight keep the rain gear handy. on saturday generally dry until saturday night. upper 40s low 50s but some of the rain by saturday night could get on the heavy side. look at all of those yellows and oranges coming through. most of it should be out of here sunday morning. larry miller wet roads thanks to the drizzle overnight. >> as a result down grading to bw parkway because it's slow and seeing a few accidents around town. thankfully not on the bw parkway but we have that volume as you approach the 11th street bridge. still moderate conditions along 95 and i-65 the beltway and parts of 60. i-66 eastbound traveling from areas like centreville working your way into the capital beltway. you are good to go but expect that volume to slow you down closer to town. for those of you traveling on
6:42 am
the parkway making your way into d.c. you won't have any issues this morning. all lanes are traffic are open and a live look from the beltway shows us how things are shaping up on branch avenue and the volume shaping up on the inner and outer loop. much more news weather and traffic coming up. >> thank you larry. we are not done yet. coming up at 6 donald trump heads to bernie saunders country. and budget o's as they unvail their bare ♪ find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'.
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♪[ music ] >> james corden meghan trainor reworking her hit it's all about the bass. >> i was up watching it. you can watch the late show 12: 30 a.m. monday through friday. i didn't intend to watch it but woke up and it was a lot of fun. how about checking this out. wildlife photographers a snowy owl like the one captured by a
6:46 am
traffic camera in montreal canada. in the photos the owl appears in the corner of the frame, flys towards the camera and just passed it. the owl was searching for a good place to perch. >> that made it around facebook. everybody loved that photo. the power ball jack pot is at $700 million. >> i'm giving him $2. the new high as sales continue to sky rocket. people are selecting their numbers and working on their retirement plan. >> why do i play? i only play for $700 million. $50million i'm not interested. >> he's so honest. it translates to $428 million before taxes. the drawing is saturday night. >> wow so it could be more than that. >> yes. time now to see what our partners at cbs this morning are covering.
6:47 am
>> norah did you buy a ticket? >> i bought one earlier this week but i haven't bought one for this new round. >> yeah. >> so i got it get on that. >> how about you guys? >> yeah we did. mike is going to try this time. >> today i'm going to try. >> oh all right. well good morning to you guys. >> didn't get a single number. good morning we've got a lot of news this morning covering the philadelphia officer who was shot, the terrorists and all of the major news of the day plus major garrett visits the ted cruz bus and talks about the questions over his eligibility to run for president. also scott pelly meets a man who was sitting on death row. his tough transition back into society in a 60 minutes preview. and the lot o curse. why you may be better off not winning the biggest jack pot in u.s. history. some people say bring on the curse. take the money. >> yes! give me the chance.
6:48 am
>> it will just make you feel better when you don't win. >> we may be speaking to you on monday or not depending upon whether we win or not. have a great weekend. >> take care guys. it's all fun and games until adele thinks you are making fun of her. >> tommy mcfly has more on her near feud with ed shereen. >> good morning. ed shereen got into hot water with his buddy adele. they've been friends for awhile and they had lunch together because friends do that and he told her he was thinking about gate a flip phone. is that some kind of joke because everyone was a little rude to her about the internet about the flip phone in her video she got heat for but ed was like what are you talking about i have never seen the video which got him in even more trouble. he's off social media while he writes his new music so that
6:49 am
was the flip phone misunderstanding and then they hugged it out and are totally fine. >> back to you guys. the flip phone that's historical. winter is coming. in fact this spring when game of thrones returns for it's 6th season. while the fate of john snow is still being speculated he does figure prominently in the game of tones 6 promo. they confirmed the season 6 premier date april 24. set your dvrs for 9:00 p.m. >> no you got to stay up and watch it. >> i wish i could. [laughter] >> 6:49. howard is watching the skies and will the tailgaters be safe at the stadium on sunday? >> mostly. i would prepare for maybe a stray shower. temperatures from the upper 50s early but falling into the 40s and windy. gusts at 25 miles per hour. page and warren county this morning. dense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m. day planner looking at the weather camera visibility not
6:50 am
bad at all here in washington. we do have low clouds but nothing that seems to be ham perking air travel. climb into the mid to upper 40s light east northeast winds today. chance for showers late afternoon into the evening temperatures don't drop off all that much. visibilities down a quarter mile or even less. we've seen it down to zero at times. locally visibilities three quarters one in warrenton. a mile and three quarters in leonard town and joint base andrews. there could be an isolated slick spot with readings around freezing in the valley. low 20s in cumberland. we are sitting at 40 degrees. they had clear skies overnight. showers late this afternoon and again tonight. a break saturday in the 40s. saturday 52 until evening. in fact nighttime rain may hold off until saturday night actually into early sunday morning. most of this could be over by
6:51 am
the time you wake up. still may see a stray shower in the afternoon. that 58 would be like early afternoon. temperatures dropping off into the 40s i think by maybe second or third quarter then looking at 30s on monday and blustery wednesday. cold perhaps flurries around. larry you were complaining about flurries. >> way to throw me under the bus howard. >> that's what i'm here for. >> clearly. everything is running on schedule for you. no issues on ó8$unuñsgsl--uí÷n( want to take you to the parkway and give you a live look this morning and show you how things are shaping up here close to southern avenue. no issues in this area but just south of this which will be closer to sterling avenue we have an accident causing issues on the northbound side. so you will need to give yourself some additional time to get to your destination at that point. i would say five minutes would do you just fine. back to the maps show you how things are shaping up on 295 traveling southbound at powder
6:52 am
mill road working your way to howard road. looking at an 18 minute commute. northbound 95 up to 395 a nine minute commute for you. that volume i canning up to north glee road. a 20 minute commute. sending it over to you. she says it's a necessity her budget be fully funded. >> we are talking about school superintendant karen garza who announced her $2.7 billion based need budget. at a pep rally many parents stood behind her plan calling for teacher salary raises and no cuts to staffing. >> we need budget programming how they learn their safety and health in the classroom. >> the concurrent school system- -county school system has cut in the last two years and nearly a half billion dollars in 2008. if this budget is not fully
6:53 am
funded more cuts will have to be made. inside of three hours until the opening bell all eyes are back on wall street this morning off to it's worst four day start to a new year on record now. u.s. markets moved into correction territory for the first time in four years yesterday. we saw the dow plummet 400 points. s&p 500 fell 2.5% and nasdaq fell 3%. remember they closed yesterday just 30 minutes into trading because stocks were falling so fast. here's the encouraging news going into today's trading. not only the chinese markets stay open during business hours throughout the day, the shanghai composite closed up so we'll see if the trend ends up carrying over seas. dow futures are up 125 points so far this morning. where is the indictment for the assault? the battery?
6:54 am
the false arrests? where is that? >> that is sandra bland's mother who says a perjury charge against the state trooper who arrested her daughter is not justice. trooper brian encena turned himself into police after being indicted for lying about his confrontation with sandra bland the black woman he pulled over for a traffic stop in july died in her cell three days later. should it be a crime to film law enforcement while they are at work? an arizona law maker wants to bar the public from video taping law enforcement officers from a close range. filming police interactions are routinely endanieling officers by distracting them while they are trying to engage with suspects. in campaign 2016 president obama called for tighter gun control during a town hall meeting. donald trump called for an expansion of gun rights. the republican candidate spoke
6:55 am
before a packed house in burlington vermont. >> i will get rid of gun free zones on schools. you have to. and on military bases my first day it gets signed okay? my first day. there's no more gun free zones. >> trump refused to comment on executive action on guns and the new poll showing a majority of americans supporting the executive action. former president bill clinton is creating buzz on the campaign trail for his wife hillary. mr. clinton is in iowa where he's been meeting with voters. >> everybody enjoys seeing bill clinton. he's that kind of a personality and he engages beautifully and heal makes you think you are the only one in the room. >> the former president made his first appearance on the campaign trail earlier this week in new hampshire and his daughter will also be going out for her mother next tuesday in
6:56 am
new hampshire. >> in the news room we've been watching you up all morning on the latest gun debate. president obama answered tough questions at a town hall last night. the president assured gun advocates this is not a conspiracy to take away guns. he plans executive action to increase background checks but it will not keep america safer and vow to undo whatever is done. [singing] >> reporting live from capital heights elementary school where it's redskins spirit day here. as you can see students teacher and other staff members are going to come in their redskins apparel ready to cheer on the home team. reporting live from prince georges county wusa 9. we've got fog around in page and warren county. visibility near zero watch out for that. a cloudy day today with late showers this evening.
6:57 am
rain saturday night into sunday morning could be heavy but in decent shape by the afternoon for the big game at fedex. >> have an issue on the parkway at this point between stanton road and sterling avenue. be mindful once you get north of it you'll be good to go but you will encounter delays so expect that. show you how things are shaping up north of the accident. make sure you take it easy out there. the fog and slick roads certainly difficult. >> cbs this morning is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with another update on news weather and ♪
6:58 am
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are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, january 8th, 2016. welcome to "thcbs oris mning." a philadelphia police officer is ambushed overnight, while sitting in his patrol car. the gunman fires 13 shots at close range. two iraqi refuges in the united states arrested and accused of supporting terrorism. the powerball jackpot could hit a billion dollars! wow! but with a lotto curse steal a winner's fortune? we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. i'm shot! >> we ha aven officer down. >> a philalp


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