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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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good afternoon. thank you for joining us. today, the prince george's county officer convicted of shoving a gun in a man's face found out his sentence.
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catherine joseph is live in greenbelt. >> santiago got five years today for assault and misconduct in office in a shocking caught on tape crime. we heard the testimony going into the sentencing hearing that santiago was caught in a jailhouse hearing that he is not sorry for what he did. there is no question about what he did. it was caught on tape. he was convicted of pointing his gun after questioning the man for parking in front of his own house legally. back in may of 2014, cunningham joined state attorney general reacting the five-year sentence. >> five days after being con ?rictd this case, and after realizing what his sentence might be, chose to get on the phone and allowed us his mind
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set. he had no intension of apologizing in this case and even believed after this case that he was owed an apology from the victim in this case. >> i could not wrap my head around how a person admittedly on the video put his gun, his service pistol to my head several times and said that he didn't owe me an apology, that i owed him an apology. it's unreal. i mean, i don't know fell get it. hopefully the five years will allow him time to reflect. i mean, i don't know. >> this is the third high profile pros cushion of police abuse here in prince george's county. there is the from a torrent order of police president told us today that the video case does nothing to improve relations with the community but he said that there is a clear commitment post on the part of the police department and the prosecutor's office
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here to hold officers accountable and that officers will be working hard to regain and maintain the trust of the community. reporting live at the prince george's county courthouse in upper marlboro, scott broom, wusa 9 not going to be easy. police are investigating a threat at wood burn senior high school. someone threatened to carry out a violent act at the high school next week. investigators say that this threat was not credible. students said they started to notice more police on campus. >> we started noticing more police officers at the basketball games, walking around. it's edgy but at the same time, it's like whatever. >> i think it's really crazy because its happens a lot throughout our school. we had many threats. but they always turn out to be not real. >> at this point, police did not have a suspect in custody
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in this case. >> a prince george's county preacher also facing a judge today, gabriel amboro of hyattville is facing a series of charges. he beat, raped and robbed escort. investigators say that three of the attacks happened in rockville. meanwhile, the man accused of a shocking sex crime is going on trial today in fairfax county. michael edward is facing six charges, including stalking, unlawful filming and indecent exposure. edward allegedly took lewd photos of women shopping in two different stores in reston. he pleaded guilty of throwing bodily fluids on women. officer jessie hartness was
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shot three times while he was sitting in his police cruiser. that officer was caught off guard. the-of. >> this guy tried to execute a police officer. the police officer had no idea he was coming. >> the officer is mazingly expected to survive. the suspect fired about a dozen shots. federal officials say they arrested two men after an investigation revealed their connection. one even fought with them in syria beforeeturning to the united states. >> this is rekindling debate about allowing refugees into the united states. >> awa mohammed al-jayab and
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hall hard dan were arrested. al-jayab raveled to syria where wrote he wanted to work. al hardan is charged with pro moments isis which the government calls isl. al-jayab returned to the u.s. in january after crossing into syria. he told officials he had been visiting his grandmother in turkey. >> he did not led u.s. authorities where he had been and what he is doing. these are some the great challenges of the foreign fighter problems. >> federal officials say there are no signs that the men were plotting an attack in america but their investigation was cut short when news of the case was leaked. >> texas senator ted cruz heard about the arrest on the campaign trail and immediately called pop the president to suspend his plan to bring 10,000 syrianrefugees to america. >> the fact that these two have been apprehended underscores how real this danger is.
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>> in addition to the terror charges, the two men are charged with lying to the us government. >> now both men were born in palestine but were iraqy nationals when they arrived in the united states. now to something that just about everyone is wondering and talking about what the weather is going to be like for the redskins wild card game. we have first alert forecast from howard. >> first things first, little rain out well to the west. you get any showers, that's going to be late afternoon, evening. fog is still a problem. visibility a quarter to three quarters in winchester. we are dealing with the low overcast, even some drizzle out there future cast -- and i don't think that temperatures will get into the upper 40s. i think we're going to go maybe a few degrees from where we are right now. isolated showers this afternoon into the evening. tomorrow will be a quiet day during the day. other than a stray shower late. 50ish, give or take a few degrees.
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but lots of clouds once again. going to be tomorrow night when we see some rain move in. going to be moderate to heavy at times, maybe a rumble of thunder. by 6:00 a.m., most of us will have been east of us. what i'm thinking for sunday right now is that 1:00, we'll see the upper 50s maybe. can't rule out a stray shower but breezy, too. stance winds, 14, 152, 17. if you are tailgating, you have to consider the breeze, maybe a stray shower. if you are going to the game, we are talking 40s with wind. wind chill in the second half down in the 30s. but i think it's going to be dry for much of the afternoon. mike, over to you. wind chill in the second half. a field goal to win it could be affected by the weather. kids at capitol heights elementary are suited up and ready to rally for the hometown team. they have a special connection
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to the burgundy and gold. >> it's redskins spirit day at capital heights elementary school. the students here, staff and faculty members are all geared up to honor the team. ♪ hail to the redskins >> the morning announcement that capital heights elementary had some players today. >> today is washington redskins spirit day. >> the group of students set the zone for redskins spirit day by playing the fight song from the anchor desk in the brand new media center. >> i like the redskins a lot. they were my first faith -- favorite team. >> they have a special connection to the redskins. grant money was used to updade the center >> we lacked books. our children were not checking out books. by this donation and the
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renovation, we were able to is students now check out books. we have ipads where our students do research. they are recording their own void yos, retelling stories. >> my title is show compassion. >> the students say they are grateful for the help many how dot ipads help you? they give you like more information now they are supporting a team that continues to support them. from prince george's county. >> cute, cute. capital heights elementary school is one of 50 schools hosting redskins spirit day today. you can find out more about the story and check out the rest of the redskins feats ours. we'll bring you right up to game day. still ahead, more e-mails released. could it mean more trouble for hillary clinton's presidential campaign first, she is accused of helping her son flee to mexico after an alleged parole violation. coming up, we take a look at
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gliewrntley forces have now started cleaning ra ma did i almost two weeks after declaring victory over isis. their efforts are being slowed by booby traps and isis snipers still spread throughout the city. force us is round add large hospital on the banks of euphrates river on wednesday. a bomb left by militants exploded as they approached the hospital. it's estimated there are hundreds of booby traps still. the mother of the so-called affluenza teen appeared in court today. tonya crouch was charged with hindering the apprehension of a felon. police say that crouch and her 18-year-old son fled to mexico. prosecutors were investigating whether or not ethan crouch violated the probation. the pair took off for the border after the video surfaced appearing to show ethan at a drinking party. the teen is convict of killing four people in a drunk driving crash. ethan couch is still in mexico
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where he is still fighting extradition to the united states howard is up next with the forecast. >> it's cold, damp. watching rain in the ohio valley. we might see a little bit of slickness. we'll take a look at when that will get closer. more rain chance over the weekend and even a chance for snow next week. the seven-day forecast coming up in just
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welcome back. the state department released another batch of e-mails from hillary clip ton's private e- mail account that she used while she was secretary of state. the latest release came very early this morning after a
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court ordered a goal for that release. newly released e-mails contain a number that have been updated to classified. craig boswell has more from the state department >> reporter: quite department released another 2300 pages of e-mails from hillary clinton's private e-mail account she used during her time as secretary of state. the government says that portions of 66 e-mails were updated to classified status, one of them now considered secret. clinton, the front runner for the democratic presidential nomination, says she did not send or receive classified material on her personal account. the state department says that none of her emails now considered classified were labeled that way at the time. one back and forth between clinton and jake sullivan appeared to reference secure information through less secure means. sullivan, they say they have had issues sending secure faxes. if they can, turn into non-
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paper with non-identifying heading and send nonsecure. >> this was released a week after the. >> we will meet the 82% mark which was. >> republican national committee chair questions the timing of the 'em mail saying that releases in the middle of the night and holidays are an obvious attempt to hide the truth. the state department maintains that it will meet the cord ordered schedule to release the entire 55,000 pages. craig boswell, cbs news, the state department. this new release brings the total of pages of e-mail released now to more than 43,000. adolph hitler's famous manifesto went on steal for the first time since the ends of world war ii. the first copy of mein kampf, meaning my struggles, was
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reprinted amid many criticisms. there is some distressing news this afternoon for people who have received organ transplants. a new study finds those patients are more likely to die of cancer. the study comes out of canada. doctors tracked thousands of patients over a 20-year period and found transplant patients have an elevated risk of death from cancer compared to the general population. now, on a more encouraging note, the machine cancer societiy is reporting an overall drop in cancer deaths. doctors are crediting lower smoking rates and advanced in mode sin. nine out of ten adults in children are eating too much salt. that's the latest finding from the centers for disease control. most of the salt, they say, is found in processed food and restaurant meals. doctors say that cutting back on sodium is a key to reducing heart attacks and strokes. have you thought about what you might like to do when you
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retire? >> uh-huh. >> in case you win power ball saturday night. the jackpot it now over $800 million. >> we thought about it. it's up from $450 million since no one has actually gotten any winning number since the last drawing. next drawing is coming up tomorrow night. >> i'm going to play. i didn't play last time. i feel pretty good about that. >> we are talking -- >> no winner. >> save my money. >> that will be a lot of tax money where the tickets are sold. we'll explore that a little bit later today. >> weather wise, we may be exploring some sunshine over the weekend but next week, today, tomorrow, looking pretty cloudy. not to complain about this, i dislike cold rain. i love weather but i don't like cold rain. >> second -- second least
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favorite. fog, low cloud, drizzle, yeah. it's an indoor sort of day. we may see some isolated showers. temperatures not going to move much, low to mid-40s is where we are going now with areas of fog and drizzle again tonight into tomorrow morning. now, first alert doppler shows a lot of rain. ohio, west virginia and you see a little pick now shown in that mix because at the surface, we still have some of the valleys at or below freezing. in the shenandoah valley, if it reaches the ground and eastern and western pennsylvania may get isolated slick spots. these temperatures are still running, 30, in luray. east of the blue ridge, where we have the clouds overnight, right now, anywhere from the upper 30s to low 40s, haggerstown, 35. 48 down in reedville on the bay. those are some of the extremes we are dealing with on this cold day. we are stuck with the low clouds and fog. visibility still only a quarter
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mile in dulles. the clouds are really stubborn. light winds. this cold air just locked in. this is the result. the reduced visibility. 42, drizzle being reported. northeast at 25 with the humidity higher, feels even worse than that. the cold, you feel every degree of it. wider picture on the satellite and radar, storm system, you can see the little spin here in missouri, coming towards iowa and illinois. that's the area of low pressure. warm air producing the rain shower. off in the northeast, many areas that have winter weather and freezing rain advisory with this moisture coming in. it's not showing up as well here on the future cast but you get the idea that we'll get the bulk of the showers to the north and west for this afternoon and the overnight tonight. clouds are not going anywhere. tomorrow, a cloudy day. what we are looking at tomorrow, though, is rain returning tomorrow night. i think most of it does hold
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off until tomorrow night and some moderate rain. in the oop, we have to watch out if we have a stray shower popping up here especially with the big games in fed ex. cold air is going to be moving in and we do turn colder again next week after temperatures being in the 60s. we don't move much tonight. more drizzle and fog evening showers. tomorrow a late shower, rain at night. there could even be some trilz tomorrow. 52. upper 50s, windy, temperatures fall in the afternoon. we'll probably be in the 40s, winds chills in the 30s for part of the game at fed ex. monday, colder and i'm watching something tuesday night and wednesday. looks like at least flurries and we might get some snow showers and minor accumulation neighborhood,i feel like
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welcome back. wait until you see this. one father in oklahoma helped turn his son's love of star wars movies into the perfect christmas gift. take a look at the contraption. his dad calls this the bulk falcon experience. >> a little imagination and hard work, you can build just about anything. doing something a little bit crazy and a whole lot of fun. >> look at that. the father and son started the project a month ago using p v c with aluminium and plexy glass and lots of led lights. coolest dad ever. that's awesome. >> we have some drizzle there. heavy stuff saturday night into sunday morning. windy, turning colder in the afternoon. mostly dry for the game at fed
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ex but with tells falling, you said it earlier, kicking could be affected. >> bring layers. >> have a great day, everybody. happy friday.
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>> stitch: max wasn't in the bathroom. i checked with everyone. no one saw him. >> abby: how could he just disappear? he was right here. i mean, where would he go? we should have never have turned our back. we shouldn't have looked away. >> stitch: abby, it's all right. >> abby: no, it's not all right. your son is missing. >> stitch: and we're gonna find him. let's go. >> kevin: i may have discussed the project with someone else. >> jack: you just finished telling me you didn't think billy would be on board with me, his brother, funding this project in billy's name. the first sign of trouble, you go pitching this to other investors? what kind of businessman are you? >> kevin: it's not like i went to the gc buzz. >> jack: so the investor came to you? >> kevin: i was trying to keep this on the down low. >> jack: out of loyalty to billy, of course. >> kevin: jack, i wasn't looking for a bidding war. >> jack: well, you got one. so who is this other investor? >> victor: well, jack, that


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