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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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♪ breaking news to tell you about right now. a shooting near eastern senior high school. glad you are with us here at 11. i'm adam longo. >> and i'm lesli foster. what happened, ellison? >> reporter: right now we know two young females were taken to the hospital with gun shots wounds, conscious and breathing. you can see this is a very active scene. police are here investigating. right now police say there's no suspect and no lookout, and
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it's very early. they are trying to gather information. i spoke to one witness on scene, and she said everything happened at the metro stop a few blocks away. the stadium armory is not far from here. she said she saw a bunch of teens, 30 or 40 hanging out, kind of over near the subway, and thee heard yelling and then heard even or eight shots, back- to-back rapid fire, and she saw all the teens run back in this direction, and she wasn't exactly sure where the shooting occurred, but she didn't believe it happened here. we know it's right near a high school, this iseastern high school, right over here to my right, where police are searching behind me. it seems to be somewhat on school property. right now we know, police confirmed, two girls were taken to the hospital, with gun shot wounds. as of right now, from what we know, they are in stable
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condition. >> thank you, ellison. >> we will have new details for you, as soon as we get them. you can download the free wusa 9 app for the latest and important updates when you want them. new information on the shooting a philadelphia police officer. surveillance video shows the gunman approaching the officer's patrol car with his weapon drawn. another image shows the suspect reaching inside of the vehicle and firing at point-blank range, hitting the 33-year-old officer three times. the wounded officer managed to get out of the car and chase after suspect, and police say the man pledged allegiance to the islamic state group, and a local muslim leader says no one there is familiar with the suspect. as news of the isis- inspired attack spread today, the white house moved to counterrer the threat posed
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online. >> garrett haake is now live from the department of homeland security with the administration's latest strategy and their unlikely ally. garrett? >> reporter: the obama administration announced new changes to their strategy today including a new task force based here at the department of homeland security, including dozens of state and local agencies as well, they hope anything will help them change the tide. >> reporter: they flooded to the coast over the consistent problem of the rise of the islamic state online. >> the goal is to make it even harder for terrorists or criminals to find refuge in cyber space. >> reporter: the white house hoping to convince social media companies to shut down would-be
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plotters communicating online. last month a maryland man was arrested for planning islamic attacks. now vigilante groups are filling the gaps in monitoring isis online. sometimes operating in an illegal gray area. >> reporter: the leader of the ghost security group spoke to wusa 9 this week. he says he uses an alias and hides his face because of dark threats. his group scours the dark corners of the internet and turns their findings over to law enforcement, only occasionally hacking to take down websites they see as dangerous. >> we feel to truly fight the islamic state we have to work with the government. we have the data, and they have the troops on the ground to do
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something about it. >> reporter: the fbi has not commented about how they feel about the groups going after isis themselves, and they have not moved stop them. garrett haake, wusa 9. the most wanted drug lord in the world is back in custody, and he may be facing extra decision to the u.s. el chapo, believed to control half of the illegal drugs funneled into the country. he escaped from prison 6 months ago. the u.s. provided the tips that mexican marines used to find his hideout, and five of his men were killed in the fire fight. in case you have not heard, the largest jackpot in the u.s. history is getting bigger. >> tonight the jackpot stands at 80 -- $800 million. your odds are almost
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impossible. powerball is played in 44 states, dc, and the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico. the winning numbers will be announce that time tomorrow night. >> just know the jackpot will be paid out over 30 years. of course the numbers are before the federal and the state taxes which will eat up half of the cash option prize, just a little something to think about for tomorrow. in other news, a prince george's county police officer is headed to prison. >> if anything, they should be saying sorry to me because all they want is a paycheck. >> the officer said that in a phone call to his mother from jail after he was found guilty of assault and misconduct. today a judge sentenced him to 5 years in prison. he was caught on camera shoving the barrel of his gun into the mouth of william cunningham in
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2014. santiago confronted him about parking illegally in front of this bowie home, the home that cunningham owns, and today he spoke out about the officer's lack of remorse. >> i couldn't wrap my head around how a person, admittedly on video, put his service pistol to my head several times and said he didn't owe me an apology. he said i owed him an apology. that's unreal. also, in prince george's county, as a family mourns the loss of a 19-year-old, killed in laurel, elaine agoso was hit near cherry lane. the driver had a green light at the time, and she was not using the crosswalk. right now, no charges will be filed in the case. a korean american organization is speaking out
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against the new raids being conducted by federal immigration officers. they are targeting illegal immigrants for central america, but the national korean american service says they don't want those immigrants to suffer say loan. >> a lot of the folks impacted by this are fleeing violence and war. >> reporter: federal law officers have taken 100 men, women, and children into custody since the new raids began. advocacy groups say many should be given protection as refugees from the violence in their country. an unusual fire in montgomery county today. a piece of equipment known as the beast went up in flames as it was recycling christmas trees it happened today. no one was hurt, but it took dozens of firefighters to put the fire out. let's talk about playoff football. with sports, washington hosts green bay this sunday, and the mayor of those two towns made a
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friendly wager. dc smokes against the wisconsin cheese, and the loser has to wear the winning t-shirt during a public service event. the mayor said she looks toward to tasting the wisconsin cheese. she added those words, what are they adam? >> you like that? you like that? many fans who gave up their season tickets are regretting that decision. brian bender's family had season tickets for more than 40 years, but they gave them up to save money, have more family time, and they said toe avoid disappointment on sundays. >> we made the playoffs twice, the last time barely. there's something going wrong there. >> reporter: how do you feel about the redskins these days, brian? >> i'm excited. obviously they are in the playoffs. >> reporter: bender says he can always buy tickets if he really
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wants them. as for sunday's game, he predicts a win for washington. >> that's interesting. you're making plans to watch the game, you probably been watching the weather closely as well. >> that's a good thing. chief meteorologist topper shutt is tracking the time the rain gets out of the area. you details, right, stop. >> reporter: we do it's pretty much the same. what could affect the outcome of the game? we are talking half an inch to three quarters of an inch. it's natural gas. falling temperatures 50s to around 40. the main factor, the wind. gusting, and that will affect, you know, maybe last-minute or last-second field goal attempts. this planner is available on our website. we will have it on social media all weekend as well. if you go to the stadium
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early to tailgate, you are okay. 39 by 9:00 with the winds beginning to howl. dress for the 30s and 40s if you're headed out to fedex. we will come back and talk about when the heavy rain rolls in and a pattern change next week. >> we are tracking the burgundy and gold social media excitement now. you are sharing how you are getting ready for the game, and here's our favorites. >> dorothsharing this picture of bengi getting ready for the game. he looks comfy. >> and then milo says who's ready for the game this sunday? we think this guy is. >> we want you to share your pictures with us and get the content you need by downloading the wusa 9 app. you can also follow us on facebook. they are arguably the greatest redskins' fans ever. the hawkettes retired 3 years ago, but they have not lost their passion. i will sit down with the legendary band coming up.
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