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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630 PM  CBS  January 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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[ lost connection ] . good evening, everybody. it was raining it this morning for lottery tickets. >> this man going big, spend
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two una -- 200 a game. >> someone is going to get it around here. >> reporter: we asked james here from the southeast about the odds. . [lost audio connection ] >> i am not worried about that.
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they are talking showers. showers in the mountains, the west-facing mountains there will be accumulation there. showers, hail, but that last line of showers that came through 3:00, power clock it is almost to atlantic city. now, west virginia, look at this, colder air moving in. we are still at 49 after getting to 62 it is 29 in toledo. there is a ton of cold air coming in. strong winds, gusting at 40 in
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baltimore. wind advisory has been canceled but gusting in the middle 30s right now. 36, so, very windy evening coming our way. and, for tomorrow it is going to be a breezy start. winds will die off late in the day. now, look for a cold start to the week. it is going to feel like 40 degrees colder with the windchills in the 40s and the teens and the 20s, starting in the 20s, only lunchtime temperatures lower to middle 30s. 30s tomorrow, if you are lucky you will get back to 40 degrees. a little bit of a break on wednesday, wednesday looks colder. i will have the forecast in a few minutes. >> you know, i don't like that, thank you, howard. a multicar crash on capitol beltway caused major back up this afternoon. maryland state police say four cars were involved in the crash after 4:30 this afternoon. no one was hurt. that crash shutdown three lanes of the outer loop for an hour. you can see it there. the teen has been since cleared. all lanes now open. and earlier today a woman and two children were hurt when their car crashed and flipped
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ov. this happened on the beltway of connecticut and georgia avenue. the family were taken to the hospital. the children were seriously hurt and the woman is expected to be okay. people may of worn shorts when it was earlier but all part of the annual no pants subway ride going on around the world today. wusa9 is live right now outside of the metro with more. tell me about it this, stephanie? >> reporter: debra, the key is participants have to pretend liking mothing unusual is going on -- nothing unusual is going on. they have to keep a straight face even though they have no pants on. >> i forget my pants at home today. and i don't know, a bunch of people also did the same thing. i am just standing here. >> reporter: today it is not
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an ordinary day on the metro. these rides and others have no pants on. >> it is nice. everyone is having a good time, laughing, everyone is wondering what is going on. >> a good thing metro personnel are in on the joke. >> part art, part celebration of life. it is a way to kind of express ourselves in a funny quirky way. >> last year it was pleasing and it detoured a lot of people from -- it was freezing and it detoured a lot of people from doing it. now, today it is mild. we are comfortable. >> reporter: the ride began in 2002 when an improv group pranked the transit. it caught on twebg and now it takes place here and all over the world. >> in our day to day lives we get stuck in our ruts. every day it is precious. we should find ways on sell pwraeut and remind people it is good to laugh and have fun. >> reporter: as you can
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imagine those participants got pretty odd looks from other riders on on the metro today. reporting live in dc, back to you. >> i can imagine, thank you, stephanie. switching gears to recapture of one of the world's netterious drug lords as taken a holly wood twist. sean penn had a secret interview with him and it led them to the man in mexico. penn describes taking security measures ahead of the secret meeting and says that he was interested in having a movie made about his life. coming up, the weekend violence in the nation's capitol claimed another life. we will have details on that. coming up later tonight, we will meet one of the biggest
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it is the kick off of the hollywood awards season. "star wars" is absent from the movie list. okay. a lot of redskins fans out there, super fans, diehard fans but they do not always stand the test of time. but, we report someone who certainly does is 85-year-old george turner. >> reporter: he has everything under the sun burgundy and gold somewhat this is my favorite here. >> okay. >> you know, i like haone. you know. it is hard to choose. >> reporter: that is because he has dozens of hats, current and vintage, dating back to the
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'60s. >> i like this one. this was well worn. >> you would get a hat and you would look at it and still go back on this one? >> that is right. >> reporter: george turner lived if in middleberg. over the decades his love for the redskins has taken over his basement. >> is this every game you have been to? >> just about. >> reporter: in 1980 you spent $10 to go to a giant's game. >> yes. $10 to the new york guy -- new york giants game. >> you may have the jackets, the hats, maybe not dating back to the '60s but i bet you don't have "hail to the redskins" on 45? >> okay. so maybe you do have the 45. but i bet you cone have the
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helmet umbrella? >> reporter: as if the umbrella was not enough he has the cape, too. >> so this ticket is 5 years old? >> yes. 5 years old. been going ever since. i went who my granddad. >> reporter: in middleberg, virginia, back to you. [ laughter ] >> that is great. >> if that cake gets cut we need to invite him to cut the cake right here. >> yes. or go to his house. >> yes. take a show there. >> sure. it would be worth it. >> my goodness. we had two different days, one yes. >> spring is over, we have the 62 this afternoon. 62 before the front won't through went through with the showers and now the cold is pouring in getting the heavy coats ready for for wednesday.
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wednesday will be the coldest days of the week. the rays left after coming through, now, debra, snow showers in the mountains, making snow at the ski areas for the ski season. a slow start. it is getting better and better now you that the cold is there. the winds, howling this evening, behind the front. still gusting over 40 in baltimore. now, a lot gusts over 30. now, gusting over close to 50 near hagars town. right now we are guessing thrive. and the temperatures, they are dropping quickly. now, that 49, feels like 41 in washington. but, you got 30s in the valley, 20s even upper teens and the highestel vagues and still, middle 50s down -- highest elevations and still middle 50s down there. 49, feeling like 41, with the winds, northwest, sustained at 26. but it could be going out at fedex. humidity, down at 44%, watch the dew point, drier air moving in. when you get the architect air, single digits tomorrow and again on wednesday.
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all of the rain we had. we had an inch of rain for the day. they got up to 59 the record for the day. areas having an inch and a half or 2. the cold air pouring in. the lake snow machine is kicking in big time. what can you expect this week? start, cold. that is especially tomorrow anded -- tomorrow and wednesday. for most of us, 30s, a few may make it. propb, 42, that is it. windchills in the teens and the 20s, low 30sin the afternoon. tomorrow night, high pressure is going to sort of settle in. the winds will be lighter. tuesday, another clipper system is coming through the lake. the thing about them is unless they pass to our south we generally do not get a lot of snow with them. flurries or snow showers but could put down coloring, getting accumulations, this one is tracking way to the north. this is approaching us getting into tuesday afternoon. ahead of it, southwesterly
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winds. middle 40s, then, tuesday evening, look flurries and snow showers coming through with mountain snow showers, then, the arctic air returns on wednesday. then wednesday, not getting warmer, 20s there on wednesday. lake snow showers and going on. it will be rather cold. now, look at the feels like temperatures. now, any way they will be in the teens and 20s in the morning. even by tuesday the windchills will be back in the singel digits behaoupbd that shut coming in for tuesday and friday. now, forecast, -- single digits behind that storm come coming in for tuesday and friday.
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now, forecast numbers, on tuesday, mild middle 40s but with that arctic boundary going to the north late afternoon and evening flurries, snow showers, some areas got a minor coating. it is possible out of this. i don't see a big amount. on wednesday, quite cold, 20s to 30. we are back in the 40s for thursday and friday. the coming weekend could be a shower. rain and snow showers on sunday the way it looks now. >> wow, wednesday will be cold. >> yes. >> 20s. >> yes. the coat, the hats, everything. >> one thing that is amazing today, redskins. >> 1817. right now, the skins just took the lead in the 3rd quarter. updating you throughout the evening. talking hockey. alex ovechkin sitting on the edge of history. how about that? could be a smart sportsnite in the dmv. hockey weather outside in minnesota. 60 degrees below 0. wait until
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three weeks ago seattle blasted the vikes who at the time were 8-3 and 1st place. it was a powerful message to the league, we're back! now, they are one of the scariest teams in the tournament. check out the video today. the rematch, 88-year-old bud grant. obviously the internal heating system is working there. 6 degrees minus 6 degrees, shortsleeves. mow problem. now, watch russell wilson, a genie in a bottle. hits it up, hits locket, rocketed it down the 3-yard line. seattle in business. wilson found baldwin. he has 12 touchdowns since
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december. so, it is 9-7. >> busy guy. >> yes, now, they give it to their best player. peterson, now, that is a good decision but seattle's chancellor is seattle's best tackler. now, seattle has that one. seahawks take advantage. steven from 46 yards to make it 10-9. we have ourselves a ball game coming down the stretch. vikings, under 2 minutes to go. they go to bridgewater. boy, kyle rudolph, a bridge over troubled waters. nice run after the catch, inside of the 20 yard line. it sets up the game-winning field goal by walsh. >> does it. wow! hooks it. >> that is a chimp shot. look at the reaction by his coach. seattle escaping 10-9. playing caro, linanext week. that is all you can say. >> wow! they play carolina next week. all right, we are the afc
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station, divisional games can be seen right here on wusa9 next weekend. it gets started with chiefs/patriots, kick off at 4:45. we wrap up the weekend on sunday, 4:40 in denver as the broncos host the steelers. >> all right, hockey. now, everything alex ovechkin does is fast, right? skates fast, shoots fast, scores fast, too. the on the cusp of 500 career goals trying to be the 5th fastest in history to do so. a great season for the cavses, including history, will it be tonight? he is sitting there -- cavs, including history will it be tonight? he is sitting at 499. now, it could have been 1 on 3. ov not just 499, about to get
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to 500 you when they play in minutes. now, pen and women in the heartland in iowa, watching walker from 3. yes. no problem. 40-30 terps. now, 76-56. so, there you go. >> exciting.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> whitaker: this was the first face we saw after landing. that's syrian president bashar al-assad. this once was a syrian airport. since the summer, the russians have built barracks, brought in 4,000 personnel, paved roads, rolled in truckloads of equipment and munitions, erecting a bit of russia in the heart of assad-controlled syria. but the relationship between russia and syria is far from perfect, as we found out when the russian admiral we interviewed used a derogatory term to describe president assad. >> ( speaking russian ) >> pelley: ray hinton stepped out of prison after nearly 30 years on death row, a free man.


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