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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  January 11, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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it is clear outside for now, but by this time tomorrow, most of our area will be dealing with snow. thanks for joining us, i am jan jeffcoat. >> i am bruce johnson, for some of you it will be the first snow of the season and the timing could not get much worse. topper shutt is tracking wen the flakes-- when the flakes fly. >> the freak-out fact sxr the timing-- factor and timing, couldn't be much worse. first alert doppler, chicago is where the snow is now, clippers have little limited moisture, they are fast movers and it usher in arctic air. it will do all 3. 4:00 tomorrow, surface temperatures will be above freezing, mainly dealing with wet roads, that said if we get a stronger or heavier, almost like a thunder snow, you could have a
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coating on the road. low extra time getting home. by 5:00, gaithersburg, rockville, good news, 39 leesburg and 42 downtown, it can snow with surface temperature s low 40s. by 6:00, still snow showers in leesburg and cullpeller, i think by 6:00 we will be east of i hp 95. we have left over snow showers 7:00. staechls still above freezing or at freezing in gaithersburg or fredericks, if you have a problem driving tomorrow t will be gath gag north. if you go across the divide, winter weather advisories are posted there. we will talk about how cold it will be behind the front and a perfect time to download our app, you can track hour by hour with this radar, download it t is free, search for wusa 9. snow clearing machines are ready for whatever falls, mayor
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bowser said 15 plows will hit the road, focusing on bridges, overpasses and freeways and we will spread the salt if necessary. we learned details in the hannah gram murder investigation, jesse mathsue is charge would killing the uva student. a police detective testified a police bloodhound found hannah gram's scent on the door of matthew's apartment and on the passenger door of his car. the defense attorney is trying to get the evidence thrown out. he said police intentionally withheld information from the search warrant. the try is july 5. up to baltimore where a maryland appeals court has delayed the trial of caesar goodson, the officer who drove the van in the freddie gray case. jury selection was set for today but the court wants to determine whether the fellow officer, porter, can be forced to testify. you might recall he was the first of the officers to go on
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trial, it ended in a hung jury and faces a new trial later this year. george washington university taking away the honorary degree they gave to bill cosby in 1997, cosby is facing a sexual assault charge in pennsylvania, back in 2004. the campus president sent a letter saying whether he is guilty or not, it renewed pain for students and alumni who are sexual assault survivors. the first time the gw has taken away an honorary degree. the montgomery county executive are threatening local police will not be cooperating with federal immigration raids. the obama administration is targeting recent illegal immigrants, some wim sxn children that left violence in central america. many have been deported without adequate legal representation
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and the county executive worries it will keep some from cooperate wg local police. -- cooperating with local police. >> it will be counterproductive. >> they have come to my apartment, knocked on my door but i haven't opened and i know that my neighbors haven't opened either. >> the obama administration plans to continue the raids, officials hope the round up's send a message and prevent another surge in illegal border crossings. prince george's county residents, the sheriff's office says scammers are at it again calling residents pretending to be from the sheriff's office and telling them they faild to show up for dury tutti and have to pay a-- duty and have to pay a fine. they said they will never ask residents to send money on a pre-paid card. if scammers call you, call police immediately. the redskins are out of the playoff picture after loseing to the packers on home turf last night. today fans wasted no time grieving, fans said they are
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mostly optimistic about what next season will bring. >> i like the progress, and they lost to a great quarterback who eventually will be in the hall of fame. >> we want to keep kirk cousins and the rest of the team in check. it was a wonderful game. >> i agree with that. now that the season is over, big questions begin, especially concerning the men you see here, ag iii walked off the field last night possibly for the last time as a redskin. >> he didn't talk to the media today but he left behind a message to fans, kristen berset joins us live from redskins park with what rg had to say. >> reporter: he hasn't talkd to the media all season, no big surprise that didn't change today. he did leave behind a note, perhaps a goodbye letter. it is, it represents a paradix doxal xhndment encouraging forgive ntsz-- commandment encouraging
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forgiverness, none the less, he left the rocker room today, most likely for the last time. >> he grew a lot being a 3rd string quarterback here, different system, different terminology, things he was-- new to him. the skill set that he has, he learned from the shanahans and then the new stuff he learned from us i think will make him a better quarterback wherever he goes, however it works out for him. >> reporter: now, griffon will be one change, frank outlines more. >> a lot of changes, we saw robert griffin iii leave, they extend cousins to a long-time quarterback, morris set career rushers will be back? so many questions, we will find out in the next couple weeks and even months. kristen, back to you. >> reporter: all right, thanks
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so much. lots of free agents this off season, it will be a very different looking team next year. coming up, we hear more from the fans. i am kristen berset, guys, back to you in studio. >> thanks so much, rg iii's lockser trending online, you can find it on the free wusa 9 app. president barack obama is spending his day prepareing for tomorrow night's state of the union address, unlike previous years the president is not expected to present a wish list to the congress, instead he is expected to discuss using executive action on 2 topics, election reform and gun control. this is his final state of the union address, he won't be on the ballot. president obama hits the road wednesday to, the first stop is nebraska and lose yan raw. sean penn said he has nothing to apologize for and criticized for meeting with and interviewing drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman which he used to
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write an article for rolling stone. he met with him in october 6 months after escaping from prison. he was captured friday. they are working on sending him to the u.s. the process should take 6 weeks. people all over the world are mourning the loss of david bowie, a truly one of a kind musician. ♪ ♪ >> zigy stardust persona to white suited pop star, he kept changing and always stayed true to being an artist. 69-year-old passed away yesterday after battling cancer secretly for 18 months, he released a new album friday which happened to be his birthday. >> a gathering is planned 8:00 tonight at meridian hill park in northwest dc. there will be a memorial and zigy stardust listening parpty
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and fans are encouraged to dress up. we have a photo gallery with the many faces of bowie and his biggest hits. drama high in the sky today, see how firefighters rescued window washers as their scaffolding tipped toward the ground. one of these tickets looks like the one. >> this local family was so close to striking it rich. later, hear how they felt about nearly winning the power ball and whether they advil pain relievers are used by more households than any other leading brand. to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil.
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2 window washers cleaning the tallest building in texas had to be rescued when their calfleding partial-- skaflding partially-- skaflding partially collapsed. firefighters took out a window to bring those men inside. wow. 2 men had to be rescued by
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the coast guard off the coast of new jersey last night, stranded on a marsh after their boat cause disabled due to mechanical problems, the crew hoisted the men and transported them to the airport and both men, we are told, are doing okay tonight. the better chance tonight that the mother of the so-called affluenza teenager will get out of jail on bond. the judge lowered bon for tonya couch from $1 million to $75,000, charged with hindering the apprehension of a felon, her own son, ethan. authorsies say they-- authorityies say they fled to mexo after video surfaced that it appeared he violated terms of his probation following conviction in a drunk driving crash that left 4 dead. you have probably seen the picture on facebook, there is a big reason you should not join the 1 million people who shared it, that is coming up after the break.
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hello winter, needing more than an ice scraper to get back in the car. where it was parked, after the break. why are we talking snow showers? cold above, warm at the surface, 46 for a high downtown. 43 gaithersburg, 44 narfax, and 44 in silver spring, we will break it down hour by hour,
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if you can imagine the power ball is even bigger, the prize is now $1.4 billion, and that is the biggest in the world. the drawing is 2 days away. if one person wins and they take the lump sum, they get $868 million before taxes, officials are selling 262 tickets per minute. a couple is celebrating tonight. >> they weren't planning on playing. >> pretty much staring at the numbers-- >> he spent the next couple hours in denial. the ticket in his hand matching all but one number, the 32 in saturday's drawing, they didn't hit the $900 million jackpot but got to claim a $50,000 prize, which is more than they were
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expecting. >> awesome. i don't know how to explain it anymore than that. he is like no more than $5, he was like they are $2. i was like the lottery is expensive, i was think tg was $1. we normally don't buy and we did. so it is very contagious. >> if they only win this, they are still excited but thavia taste for the-- they have a taste for the jackpot. >> we are hoping it is an appetizer for the big deal. >> give it a shot agin. >> both said they won't go all out but they will be play aglittle more often now-- playing a little more often now. wusa 9. >> someone in maryland joined the millionaire's club saturday by matching all numbers ecept the power ball, berlin on the eastern shore. a power ball meme with bad
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math, take a listen, it has the power ball jackpot divided by the u.s. population, just over 300 million with the result of everybody in america getting $4.3 million. poverty solved, right? >> not so fast. >> if you do the math it comes out to $4.33, just enough to buy a cup of coffee? >> decimal place over enough. buffalo, new york, looking for the winner wake up call. here it is. take a look at the car completely coated in ice. the unlucky driver was parked near lake erie, just like that. they might have to wait until spring to get in that car again . really? >> that is just unfortunate. >> is that going to last until spring? >> yeah, you can't chip it off. >> what kind of car is he going to get after that? >> what is your car going to
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look like after that? >> bizarre. we have snow showers on the way, the good news is surface temperatures will be above freezing so it may look impress frfb a while, that is to control the freak-out factor. 3 degree guarantee, pretty good shape today. i went for a high of 39, and i will let you know how we did at 11:00. i think we are 32 the last 2 days, you can-- 32 days, you can keep track on our app. humidity 34%, winds calming north-northwest at about 12. here is the radar and the storm. the main storm is going to go through the midwest, pull through detroit and hudson river valley and new england. notice moisture drawing up a little bit in st. louis or indianapolis. that is the front and upper level disturbance and will give us the snow showers tomorrow. good enough for a yellow weather alert. tomorrow afternoon.
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not going to bring out that, not going to. bus stop, 22-36, probably wet inyou are picking them up. best chance of snow showers 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. it can stick even though it is above freezing, some of the models are thinking thunder snow tomorrow. that would certainly do a quick coating and make it a little tough getting home. so, 10:00 tonight, no worries, 20s, maybe 30 downtown but 28 leesburg, 27 fairfax, 27 silver spring. by morning, 6:00, still generally clear skies, some clouds towards hagerstown, martinsburg, only 24 in hagerstown. by 9:00, more clouds rolling in but temperatures above freezing downtown. 33 buoy, 35 in la plata. temperatures make to low 40s. winds will be howling out of the south and that will bring up moisture and also much warmer air at the surface, but up
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above, it will produce and support snow. by 6:00 p.m., snow showers, gaithersburg, leesburg, and back down towards manassas and this will roll through, i think it is a little, i think futurecast a little slow on this, it should be moving through a little quicker, certainly by 11:00 everything is gone and the arctic air starts pulling in. day planner, 20's to start, 30s, then 40. 44 at 1:00 p.m. but still dry through 1:00 p.m. in the wake of the clipper, only 33 wednesday, 43 on thursday, but that is seasonable. next 7 days, gets warmer, 52 friday, rain friday night, fib4 on saturday, and then-- 54 on saturday and then perhaps a snow flurry sunday. i am kristen berset, at redskins park, the off season means it is time for change. it has been a magical and emotional ride for a lot of people this
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redskins park where the locker room is cleaned out and shut down for the off season. players now thinking about what could have been. you know there were such high hopes going into last night's game and it stayed that way for quite a while but green bay too tough an opponent. as dianne roberts tells us, start to finish that game this season was a roller coaster. >> the team wasn't supposed to get this far, with punnetts predicting them bottom of the league but they gave fans something to cheer and cry about. >> hail to the redskins-- >> redskins nation, best out there. my name is mike sl from jackson-- michael from jacksonville, florida, i came to see the skins in the first round playoffs. >> fans were loud, proud, and passionate but washington fell short with a 35-18 loss to the
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more experienced and aaron rodgers-led packers. as the team left the field with their season over, fans were emotional, very emotional. >> they worked so hard. and i am so proud of them. >> we love them. >> i don't care, nfc champs, bad game, we like that, baby. >> some expect rg iii won't be back. >> i will be a fan of his for life. absolutely. no matter where he goes. >> fans know kirk cousins is the teachporous future. >> for everything-- team's future. >> for everything that went bad, we have cousins. >> love you, cousins, got your back. >> the fans were phenomenal and outstanding and one of my biggest reasons to be back here is play for those people and win year end and out. >> he said they will work tire
7:28 pm
ltszly to bring fans-- tirelessly to bring fans back to this moment. >> thanks, dianne. guys, it was a bummer of an ending but w
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e.t. -- >> e.t. >> it's the golden globes. >> e.t. the golden globes, we're off. we're going to nail it. >> it's the golden globes, e.t. nope, we're never going to get it. ♪ >> you guys going to celebrate together? yes. >> what j. law told us about schumer right after her win. >> shut up, just go. ladies open up about amy's man. >> yes, somebody agreed to have sex with me. >> the death of david bowie. >> does sean penn help capture a drug lord? >> we reveal things you didn't see on the globes broadcast. what did ricky gervais to mel gibson that got bleeped. >> we're going to go to the after party together. >> party madness, the flirting the falling,


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