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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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southbound remains open, but very, very slow. and we ask everybody to avoid the area if you can. i'm sure the traffic is affected. >> mark, we appreciate that and the efforts of your team and gettings out there and being able to make quick work of this fire. looks like they got most of the hot spots out and fortunate that all the firefighters are safe and very minor injuries if any reported as you check out the people there at the scene. stay with us here on wusa 9. the news at 9:00 starts now. breaking news from prince george's county near the montgomery county line where firefighters just put out the bulk of a two-alarm fire at a massive apartment complex. >> that fire broke out before 5:30 in the 9200 block of new hampshire avenue. several people had to be rescued from their balconies because they couldn't escape through the hallways.
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he said at this point, they are doing secondary searches. they have firefighters going to some of the apartments that are adjoining this area right here where the fire broke out just to make sure there are no other people trapped inside and he did say so far they have not found anyone else trapped inside. there was one person pons pli sustaining burn injuries and at this point nothing serious. >> we want to let you know where this is. new hampshire avenue. that means that area you want to avoid at all costs. it is a heavily traveled area. you want to avoid that area at all costs. we have been told that two people have been evaluated and possibly one suffering from burn injuries according to mark brady. and it took firefighter about a half-hour to put out
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all the flames. we have video that sky 9 captured right after they got to the scene. you can see right here firefighters helping at least two people escape the flames down that ladder, all while the fire is raging right there behind them. and again we're talking four stories right now on the very top floor. they had to rescue those people. >> and mark brady said that is because those people could not escape on their own back through the hallway so they were instructed to come out to the balcony where they reached them by ladder. we are going to assume there are a lot more people in the building because it is a multifamily structure. a lot of people got out on their own but we don't know anything about that. they are doing the secondary search and looking for other units and what they might find there. >> you can see them with their
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flashlights. we're told the calls came in around 5:20. they were telling us they were not sure if it was somebody inside or outside who saw the flames but we know again this is located just south of the capital beltway. we know that that is an area you want to avoid at this point. it took firefighters about a half-hour to put out all the flames. they did at this point, we do know they have rescued everyone inside that building as of what they know now. they are doing a secondary search to see if there is somebody who might still be in there. >> firefighters have been on the scene as you say since sometime after 5:00. the reason we stayed with this, the flames came shooting out. as scary as it might appeared on your television, can you imagine what it was like for people who live in the complex or driving by.
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i'm sure they got many comments on this. the fire started on the upper floor. it appeared as though we centered in on that one apartment where most of the flames were coming from. we don't have an exact cause for the fire. >> we do have the exact address. 9205 north hampshire avenue. firefighters clearly are confident about the structure because they were standing on the balcony as well as on the 4th floor where the flames were first as you can see fully engulfing that particular apartment complex. when you look at the live picture they are confident about the structure. it was built in the '60s because they are there and standing and still looking to take sure there are no other victims. >> while it looked dangerous, we are told all firefighters reported okay. they did evaluate one civilians at this point. i like what dave said. this is what they do. this is what they are trained
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to do. this is routine. they train constantly for this sort of the thing. >> as far as injuries, two people are being treated for injuries. we have crews on the way to the scene. we'll bring you more when we have it. at this point, there is only one person said to have perhaps some burn injuries. and good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> new video shows u.s. sailors on their knees and nine men and one woman on two boats were captured tuesday when u.s. officials say a mechanical break down caused the boats to drift into iranian waters. they were released after holding them overnight. >> all indications suggest or tell us that's our sailors were well taken care of, provided with blankets and food and assisted with their return to
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the fleet earlier today. iran's revolution guard released these photos of the ten sailors relaxing and some smiling while in their custody. the sailors were traveling and captured and held at an iranian base. the general said we concluded the passage were not hostile. they will give their version of event. u.s. navy officials are now investigating what exactly went wrong. secretary of state john kerry expressed his gratitude for iran for their "cooperation and quickly revolving this matter." they would likely be in compliance with deals within days. meanwhile, today the house passed a bill to give congress greater oversight with the deal with iran. >> republicans say yesterday's
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capture of u.s. sail lost is further evidence iran cannot be trusted. the bill could end the nuclear agreement and the president will veto it if it to his desk. ten germans were killed when a syrian national blew himself up. the five suspects being questioned tonight are believed to have ties to isis. germany has sent a team of investigators to help turkish authorities. the death of the police officer could move lawmakers to take new steps to keep drunk drivers off the roads. they are lining up behind a bill named in his honor. >> similar bills have stalled for years. bruce. >> reporter: well, that is right bruce. noah's law would require ignition interlogs for six
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months for every convicted drunk driver. now, those interlogs hook into your ignition system and if you blow into them and you have been drinking, you cannot start your car. i wanted to talk to you about noah's law. >> maryland has blocked bills because of the law. his death may finally pressure him to change his mind. >> we'll have a hearing and then after we have the hearing we'll talk about it. >> will you allow a vote? >> we'll talk about it after the hearing. >> maryland's current law requires interlocks only for first time offenders who blow more than a .15, nearly twice the legal limit for driving drunk. the new law introduced for the new legislative session would require interlocks for anyone
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convicted of driving with blood alcohol over .08. >> this is the one piece of legislation that we can say for a fact will save lives. >> you can drive wherever you want to go but you can't do it drunk. >> chairman not only controls laws on drunk driving, he works as a defense attorney representing drunk drivers, including the alleged drunk driver suspectnd in the death of the in mentionly popular morgan state university student. >> in the maryland house of delegates that is not a conflict. that is expertise. makes you want to take a shower. >>he driver suspendinged of killing them both remainen under investigation and have yet to be charged. >> he is not charged at this current time. there are no sanctions on him. >> he could be on the road.
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>> yes, he could be. now, similar ignition interrock bills have disappeared without explanation in the chairman's desk drawer in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2015. but housespeaker michael bush tells me this year could be different, so officer's death literally could save scores of lives, a fitting tribute to an officer who dedicated his life to getting drunk drivers off the road. and tonight police are awaiting toxicology tests to come back before charging the driver who allegedly killed the officer. the 2016 virginia general assembly has been gaveled into session. republicans control both chambers and terry mccuff love will look to find a compromise over his budget which including $1 billion increase in
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education spending. lawmakers expect it to tackle gun control, abortion rights. trending on facebook today in the 2016 presidential campaign, the superpolitical action committee showed to support jeb bush. >> it was called vam mose and the leader send a letter to the commission informing that it would disband. hillary clinton is defending her daughter chelsea. she said bernie sanders wanted to dismantle obamacare. hillary backed up chelsea's comment. >> they refused the claim. president barack obama is on the road. >> that is right. he is speaking at the university of nebraska in omaha touching on theme est including to narrow the divide.
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after wrapping up in omaha, the president will move on to baton rouge, louisiana for an appearance tomorrow. he is expected to highlight expanded healthcare efforts. in the coming months, they said he will spend more time talking to americans in small groups and living rooms in both red and blue states. >> following last night's state of the union address, nikki haley delivered the republican response and spoke of angry voices dominating the political landscape and today she acknowledged that one of the people she was referring to is fellow republican and presidential candidate donald trump. he contributed to irresponsible talk. haley is considered a vice president on the ticket. a man was not found guilty
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but guilty of other charges to put them in prison. he hit the officers with his car while trying to avoid getting arrested. the incident took place back in december of 2013 at a gas station in capital heights. one of those offers suffered a broken elbow. he was found guilty. he was sentenced to one year behind bars. guilty tonight for a day care provider who mistreated toddlers. sarah jordan sprayed water at scared children, tripped them, stepped on toes and even encouraged them to fight. all this took place in the day care called the miniland academy day care center. jordan will be sentenced in may. her former co-worker faces charges next month. eight parents hired lawyers and are considering a lawsuit against miniland academy day care center. the police officer talks about how she saved another
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woman's life. >> also, coming up tonight, no offseason for oc
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he is a hero. we found this he found her unresponsive op a car on donald drive. he quickly performed cpr.
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it just happens. you don't think about it while you're in the process, but when she started breathing on her own and started waking up, i'm going to tell you, it is the best feeling in the world to know that you were able to bring someone who had no pulse and was not breathing to being responsive. and we're going to tell you, because of that officer's work, her quick thinking, she was released from the hospital. >> there were 1200 likes on the department's facebook page. investigators are trying to figure out what started a fire that badly damaged an oceanfront condo building that broke out at pelican beach. some of those construction workers say the fire might have started in a generator on one of their trucks. coming up, people talk coming up, people talk about what they
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you knowit's a qr code. to find out if the food we buy is genetically engineered, big food and chemical companies want us to scan qr codes with our smart phones... but only half of rural and lower income americans -- and 64% of all americans-- even own a smart phone. only one fifth have a qr reader app, and only 2% of those people use it. the truth? these companies want to hide their genetically engineered ingredients behind qr codes. tell your senator -- label it. less than three years after the launch, al-jazeera america is shutting down in april. they have been hit with allegations of antisemitic and
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sexist behavior. he sued for defamation after he was named in a documentary about using performance enhancing drugs. it is an off shoot of al- jazeera network in cutter. new spread of its demise. >> the powerball jackpot has grown to 1 1/2 billion dollars. who could imagine? >> i don't know but i have one tuck cut here that's our floor director bought. >> i know. i need to sign it. prince george's county sales were the second busiest lottery seller in the state of maryland. andrea joins us live. how many tickets have you bought? >> reporter: i have a confession. i have never purchased a lottery ticket but there are plenty of people here with big plans for then. that jackpot makes it tempting.
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aspiring winners have big plans not for themselves but to benefit others. >> you know what i would do? i would get everybody out of the shelter and build a big, beautiful shelter. that is my dream. >> store clerks across our area are selling tickets and dreams. >> i would send a lot of money ney to saint jude hospital many said they would give a lot to children's hospitals, homeless shelters, churches and veterans organizations. >> of course. i would definitely help my veteran, i am a veteran, proudly. >> he promised something to bunts our service dog in training for a warrior. >> i would make sure he gets a piece of it because you are doing good things brother. you're doing good things. i want to bayou a lot toe bone.
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cancer sucks. it really does. >> bobby asked him to sniff his for extra luck before he bought it. >> it is going to hit. >> reporter: the children's hospitals to which he would donate, i hope he wins. reporting live, andrea mccarron, wusa 9. >> it might be a first. thank you. all day people have been posting on twitter what they would do with 1 1/2 billion dollars using the #if i won powerball. we'll have those winning numbers for you tonight at 11:00 and on our wusa 9 app. i haven't bought a ticket either but i'll hold tittedly to this one. >> he probably bought a thousand. >> let's talk about the little dusting of snow we had
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yesterday. nice picture from susan. her first snowfall of the season. that is all we got though. maybe we'll see more snow showers or flurries on sunday. in the meantime, looking at a live look outside. some kind of cold. the winds are not really a factor. it is only 30 downtown. dewpoints in the single digits making the relative humidity 32%. pretty dry air mass. clouds are coming in tonight making it warmer. morning clouds tomorrow and then chilly. bus stop temperature 18 to 34. then milder friday with afternoon clouds and dry during the day. then a cold rain friday night. showers into saturday morning and kind of cool on saturday. 10:00 tonight, in the 20s. 27 downtown. a few high clouds come in. by 5:30, 6:00, in the 20s. 26 in fredericks berg and 25 in fairfax. by 9:00, temperatures are jumping a little better than
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they did today. 34 frederiksberg. and then by 1:00, pretty nice day really. mid-40s to low 40s it metro. a little farther north and west, hagerstown 44. really a pretty seasonable day if you will. by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night, temperatures in the upper 30s to mid-40s. not too bad. dayplanner 20s to start. we jump to the 30s and then mid- 40s by 1:00. friday dry during the day. rain at night. cold rain, 39. morning showers on saturday. back in the upper 40s. next seven days. more snow showers sunday and back in the 30s. code monday and tuesday, in the 20s. low 30s next wednesday. >> >> now, wusa 9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by x-finity. welcome site this week with wizards bradley biel returning
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after missing the last 16 games. he is a game time decision for the game tonight against milwaukee. this is all good news. john wall and sessions are the only two players that have played all 36 games. the wizards missed the most games in the league because of injuries. lately their depth has helped them gain some momentum. >> we need everybody so getting brad as a piece of it, and hopefully mark here soon. getting healthy one step at a time and playing with one another and that is part of doing it. speaking of biel, he may be happy to return to the court, but there is something else bumming him out. he is originally from st. louis. we want to know how he feels about the rams heading back to los angeles. i don't want to talk about
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it. it is cool. that is where i am from so i can't be mad at them. i will stick with the rams or find a new team. i have to figure out what i am going to do. >> he can be a washington fan. >> another vacancy. jackson was being pursued by two other teams. he be combs the browns' third coach in four seasons. >> the countdown is 25 days away. you can see it right here on wusa 9 on february 7th. the 8th ranked terps will face the wolf ver reens in ann arbor. we understand that we're going to be hunted every time we step out, but we welcome that we have to be ready, that mentality and what it takes to
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be prepared. we take the responsibility. we want it and with that you have to get yourself 100% prepared each and every day. the women looking to avoid the fate of the men against michigan last night, the upset. >> >> our lead story. we have ground crews at the scene of the two alarm fire. our scott broom just arrived a short time ago and he is gathering information. he will have a live report at 7:00. the latest thus far, all firefighters are okay. one civilians being treated for injuries sustained in that two- alarm fire. >> that is our news for wusa 9 news at 6:00. the cbs evening news is next. we'll be back with more on that fire at 7:00. see you then.
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>> pelley: get rich quick dreams. americans spend a fortune for a ticket to easy street. but it's a rough ride on wall street as investors dump more stocks and prices plunge. >> we've got no running water. >> pelley: detroit teachers call in sick again to protest the conditions of their schools. >> these are our children. they deserve better. >> pelley: and jet fuel's down, profits are up, so why can't air travelers get a break? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: we're going to begin tonight with the spreading epidemic of lottery fever. americans have been buying tickets at a rate of


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