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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  January 13, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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first at 7:00, we are following breaking news in prince george's county, several residents are out of their homes after the 2 alarm apartment fire in adelphi. >> sky 9 was on the scene when big flames were pouring out and firefighters rescued residents by slowly climbing down ladders. thanks for joining us, i am bruce johnson. >> i am jan jeffcoat. firefightererize monitoring the situation and one-- firefighters are monitoring the situation and one firefighter hurt his leg responding. scott broom joins us, what have you learned? >> reporter: as you saw from those pictures, this was an absolute scramble to save lives, this apartment building was filled with people in addition to the firefighter you mention ed with a leg injury, we now have a report of a firefighter who had inhalation injury and at least 2 residents injured. you can see the response, the
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fire on the 4th floor is out. lets go back to the video earlier this evening. this broke out at the presidential park condominium complex after 5:00, a 4-story building. just about everybody was home cooking dinner with kids or coming home from work. the building was full. it was the 4th floor apartment where this started and that is where the dramatic rescues occurred. at least 2 people pulled out of the building on firefighter's ladders, 2 firefighters injured trying to save those people, and possibly another person who may have been injured and being evaluated at the scene right now after, perhaps, in some way jumping or doing some kind of spider manning from the 4th floor on to a 3rd floor balcony, a short time ago i talked to a woman on the second floor with her 10-year-old child when she heard the fire alarm and smoke and her kid told her, get out. >> smoking, you know, i didn't
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realize there was fire because the alarm came in and we see what happening, smoke, i open the door and could just see the smoke. all i could do is just grab a jacket and just run. >> reporter: all right, this is a 2-alarm fire. that means there are no less than 80 different firefighters from montgomery county and prince george's county at new hampshire avenue with the intersection of metsrot road. this is a very dramatic situation, there are clearly lives saved by the firefighters willing to go in the building while on fire to get the people out of a full apartment building. reporting live at the residential park condo complex on new hampshire avenue, scott broom, wusa 9. >> i know you haven't been there for long but what about all the other residents? many who got out on their own, what happened to them tonight? >> reporter: some of those residents are now in the management building of the apartment complex and it is unclear who is going to go where. i saw a lot of people trying to
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get belongings out and presumably, hopefully have rel atives or friends they can stay with, otherwise red cross will step in with buses and make arrangements. >> scott broom live for us, thank you. of course we will continue to post breaking news updates on the fire on the free wusa 9 app. caught on camera, mix verdict for a prince george's county man accused of dragging 3 police officers, in the courtroom when that verdict came down, we have reaction from both sides. >> reporter: menace was sentenced to 1 year behind bars for alluding police, but he has already been locked up since last february. he only has 28 days to serve. >> i am happy that justice was served and that he wasn't found guilty for something he didn't do. >> reporter: not guilty for 38-year-old trumain menace accused of assaulting 3 police officers, look at the video. the officers try to handcuff menace when he jumped in the car and takes off.
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prosecutors say the officers were hurt when they were dragged, 1 broke her elbow. >> they call the video dramatic. >> it wasn't dramatic at all. what happened was the officers fell on top of one another. he didn't drag anybody at all. >> these officers put their lives on the line, when they error, we hold them accountable. >> the jury was hung on one assault charge. she is considering retrying menace on one charge but that would be the third time the case made it to court. the first case ended in a mistrial. >> reporter: outside prince george's county court house, delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> he may just have days left on the sentence. a former daycay worker is facing 41 years in prison after found guilty of abusing toddlers at a daycare in woodbridge. sarah jordan sprayed water at kids full blast and encouraged them to fight over a 8-month period at the mini land academy
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daycare, she traumatized and abused toddlers 1 and 2 years old by doing things like stepping on them. she tripped toddlers so they would get hurt. blake buckner said it was hard to sit through the trial and hear what jordan did to his son. >> the teacher was making him, you know, the class bully. >> your reaction when the prosecutor said a baby fight club? >> it really hurt y. was try-- hurt. i was trying to hold back tears the whole time, emotion, really deep. >> i can only imagine. jordan will be sentenced and may and could face 41 years in prison. her co-defendant has a trial set for next month. alexandria police arrested gang members for 2 murders at 2 different parks over the past 2 months. both are teenagers. police say the murders are not related. a 17-year-old was charged with murder in the november killing of jose perez in beverly park. an 18-year-old is being held tonight without bond for the
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murder of eduardo david chandias in 4-mile run park. detectives dedicated themselves 7 days a week to solve the murd ers. >> naturally, when we first started, given the proximity to these events, we looked to see if they are related or not. detectives quickly determined we are going in divergent paths. >> chief cook said the violence associated with the ns-13 gang has been rising, they believe the suspecterize members of that gang. -- suspects are members of the gang. he said none of the suspects were here legally. investigators in prince george's county say a man who was wounded by a burglar at 2:00 a.m. on berkeley road with a couple sleeping inside. >> they were alerted to a sound at the front door, they went to the front door when the dog was-- to the front door when the dog was barking. they could tell someone forced the way through the storm door,
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they could hear the person forcing the way into the wooden front door. one home owner got a phone and called 911. the other got a weapon and ended up firing through the front door, injuring the suspect. >> coleman said the intruder was the complete stranger, why he chose the house is a mystery. he was hospitalized in fair condition with leg wounds and charges are pending. police are investigating at least a forced attack on a metro-- 4th attack on metro train in less than a month. 2 suspects assaulted a man and got on another train. officers witnessed and were waiting at the next staegz to arrest them. ocean city, maryland, investigators are look nothing to whether a generator operating from the back of a truck started a fire that did major damage to an ocean front condo building. the truck was sitting in a parking garage on the ground floor when the fire broke out about 11:00 this morning in a complex called pelican beach.
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only construction workers were inside. nobody was hurt. some dc residents in their homes tonight after an explosive military device was discovered in somebody's back yard. the bomb squad respond to a home this afternoon on nickelson street in northwest. right by fort sloekup park. they ultimately deemed the devices safe and removed it from the neighborhood. lake effect snow buried towns from indiana to parts of the northeast. some places in new york got as much as 18 inches of snow prompting widespread business, government, and school closing and parts of up state could have up to 3 feet of snow before it is all over. >> buffalo got 2 feet of snow since yesterday but this image of a car buried in ice lit up social media. we showed you this car on monday, frozen in place by spray from lake erie and just this afternoon, workers from a garage were finally able to free that frozen car. what did they do?
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they poured salt on the mitsubishi, that is what was underneath all that, put it around the tires and started to chip away at the ice. once it was free, and, boy, it looks like it took a lot of work to get the car free-- look at that! you can see just how thick that ice was. >> yeah. >> wow. >> hopefully the car is still usable. >> i was going to say i hope so. the jackpot, the story everybody is talking about, more than $1 billion, the number of tickets sold in the millions, you might be surprised to hear the one number that could mean nobody wins tonight's power ball drawing: cold tonight but a little better tomorrow. in fact, seasonable tomorrow, 45 downtown, 46 gaithersburg, 44 frederick and 45 in fairfax, we will talk about milder weather before the weekend arrives and yes, we have snowflakes on the 7-day forecast. brand new information on the murder of student hannah gram. who was the man spot would
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this is your last chance. offer ends january 16th. get out of the past. get fios. new information in the jesse matthew murder case, unsealed court documents reveal a witness named teanna page told detectives she found gram with a black nail in downtown charlottesville the night of the disappearance. it was jesse matthew. hannah sent a mile and a half away to partially abandoned industrial area. the dog handler found a large volume of hannah's scent indicating fear or adrenaline was present. a maryland lawmaker appears to be softening his stance under pressure joe vulairio tells bruce lushan he will have a hearing for a bill for interlock devices for 6 months every
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convicted drunk driver. the sponsored named the bill noah's law after police officer noah leota killed by a suspected drunk driver last month. the 2016 general assembly has been gaveled into session in virginia, democrat governor tarry will look for compromise over his proposed budget which includes $1 billion increase in education spending. lawmakers are ecpected to tackle gun role, and whether virginia should expand medicaid. fairfax county, you might get the day off march 1, efection officials say some schooled can see up to 2,000 people show up to fight in the presidential primary, crowded parking lots, long lines and unlocked school buildings have some worried about the safety of children. schools open 2 hours late but the elections board secretary wants them close. fairfax school superintendent karen garza said there is no plans to close schools at this
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time. prince george's police department is commending an officer for saving a woman's life. she was found with no pulse. officers began performing cpr, they were able to revive her. a medical unit arrived and rushed the woman to the hospital and she has sense been released. just how hard will it be to win the big powerball money? try your luck with
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tonight is the night when one ticket could make dreams come true. $1.5 billion, and there is an 85% chance someone will match all 6 balls. if that doesn't happen there is a 15% chance it will not, the world's largest jackpot will get even bigger to estimated $2 billion. >> that is too much. >> that is too much. >> my position would be i don't know all of that. >> powerball officials are adding extra security ahead of the big drawing in tallahassee, florida. 4 machines and number balls are locked up and guarded by 1 armed police officer. probably an army. come on. 2 of the machines randomly picked and used for tonight's drawing. if you are dreaming about what you will buy, the la times create adtool to bring you-- created a tool to bring you down
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to earth. >> the powerball simulator, you get to gamble $100 in drawings. we tried it and clearly not our lucky day. after spending $100 we got back $4, and played up to $8,000 and even then, we only won about 10% of what we spent and actually, a pretty good indicator of what would happen if that is real money, quite frankly. >> the powerball drawing is 10:59 tonight, we will give you the winning numbers beginning at the top of the 11:00 p.m. newscast, plus an alert on the free wusa 9 app. play responsibly, if you buy tickets, now 2 and 300 million,
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doesn't change much. 3-degree guarantee, pretty well today. we will let you know officially how we did at 11:00, cold day. many in the berbs did not make it above freezing, we did go for 33 for a high today at national. we have been 32 the last 33 days, pretty good. you can also track us by using the app. if you don't are it, you should get it, download it is free, go to app store and search for wusa 9. live look outside, holding at 30 downtown, relative humidity 32%, there are clouds, so between the clouds and the winds turning more southwesterly t will keep temperatures up a little bit. ultherwise it-- other would it would be really cold. morning clouds tomorrow, chilly, pretty good day. bus stop temperature is 18-34 and milder friday with afternoon clouds but a dry day and temperatures should be either side of 50 on friday and rain and showers friday night into early saturday morning. kind of a cold rain at that friday night. futurecast, 10:00 tonight, 20s,
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even downtown, 28. 23 gaithersburg, and 25 in silver spring. high clouds come through and by 5:30-6:00, we are where we were at 10:00, in the 20s. temperatures fall quickly and level out. 24 at 6:00 a.m. or 5:30 a.m. in leesburg, 25 manassas and 26 indale city. by-- in dale city. by 1:00, nice, low to mid 40s with sunshine, pretty good day for january. by this time tomorrow we are looking at temperatures upper 30s and mid 40s, maybe 42 fredericksburg and 42 la plata but 44 downtown. by 11:00, only in the 30s and looking at a pretty chilly night tomorrow night, not as cold. on the day planner, 20s to start, okay, but temperatures respond. 39 by 11:00 and 44 with sunshine by 1:00. 3 days, milder on friday, 51, cloud s come in but we stay dry
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during the day and rain and showers friday night. and then looking at maybe morning showers saturday, just cool, temperatures in the upper 40s. next 7 days, arctic boundary coming sunday, a disturbance passs to the south. afternoon snow showers, 30s, in the wake of that we hold in the 20s monday and tuesday, sunshine next wednesday but still cold, highs around freezing. >> gotta step it up. >> they have been doing okay on the road, but when they come home, this team, the last couple seasons haven't had a home-court advantage. they are trying to break a 3-game losing streak at home but they had to dig deep to keep the season from spiraling out of control. the ♪
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the washington wizards have been battling the injury bug all season long, only 2 players have played in all 36 games, john wall being the only starter. somehow recently they have been
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able to find momentum. having won the last 2 games on the road thanks to the depth of the bench. several players reaching digits against chicago, the wiz look to keep it going returning home to face the milwaukee bucks, that game tipped off a bit ago and the good news is bradley returns heto t lineup for the first time since december 9. >> we was way better, we slipped, gotta put behind you, our main focus is at or above 500 and hopefully get everybody healthy and get on the road. basically everything we have played has been fully healthy except us. >> we love a good trick shot, somebody practiced a thousand times or perluck, check out the-- pure luck, check out this rec basketball team that appeared to sign up for the wrong sport. one player acts like the center of offensive line, the other quarterback, the ball is snapped, he called out audibles
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and other head down court like wide receiver, right in the bucket. it is always fun to see those. speaking of football, this weekend the divisional rounds under way which is considered by many to be one of the best weekends of football in the post season. right now the arizona cardinals are the favorite in las vegas to win it all but there is plenty of football to be played. football is on, 25 days away is super bowl 50. february 7th, remember you can watch it all right here on wusa 9. >> you like that? cardinals to win it all? >> they are, yeah, looking pretty good. >> i like the panthers. >> i like the panthers too. >> panthers. >> maybe even-- you never know. >> the team that beat us? no way. >> you never know. >> you want for them to lose. lets talk how cold it is. >> very cold tonight but temperatures tomorrow good shape mid 40s, low 50s friday and rain friday night and snow showers
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sunday afternoon. >> that is all for our news at 7:00, leslie and adam back at 7:00. >> good luck. >> good luck!
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katy perry and orlando bloom tether again after their intimate gl nobesight. all new gossip from our star-studded late night out. >> inside powerball headquarters. how hollywood is caught up in tonight's $1.5 billion jackpot frenzy. >> i'm going to play. >> are you? >> hell yes! >> incomprehensible amount of mo >> i'm in the studio where tonight's powerball drawing will happen. we'll take you behind the scenes. >> if you win -- >> w weill disappear. >> then david bowie funeral news as his former co-star opens up. >> had the time to >> plus blake, gwen and the wedding with stefani carrying the bouquet. . >> jessica simpson with her talking diet. >> where in the world did you hear that? >> and more than 40,000 people at a movie premiere to support


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