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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  January 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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able to give you a live shot shortly. an accident between benning road and east capitol street causing delays to eastern avenue on 295. best bet is to take an alternate route because the delays are only expected to get worse. weather and traffic comes back again on the 9s. now over to you. good morning washington. >> right now at 6:00 a.m., have you checked your power ball tickets? three people have matched all the numbers in the record breaking drawing. >> breaking overnight, seven people are dead after a series of explosions in jakarta. we have the latest on this deadly blast. >> reporter: dozens of people are out of their homes after a huge fire at an apartment complex in prince george's county. i'm nikki burdine with an update on that story. good morning. i'm andrea roane. welcome to wake up washington. check those tickets. i'm mike hydeck.
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weather and traffic at 6:09. we start this morning with power ball. >> there are at least three winning tickets in the record $1.5 billion power ball jackpot. they were sold in florida, tennessee and california. >> reporter: crowds of california residents december sended on the 7--- descended on the 7-eleven store in chino hills, california overnight. >> i live down the street. what are the odds? i could have won. >> reporter: california lottery officials poad the big news on twit -- posted the big news on twitter minutes after the winning numbers were drawn. those who didn't win still came to the store to celebrate, even congratulating the store clerk who admitted he has no idea who the winner is. >> it's my pleasure and i'm pretty proud and i'm really excited, too. >> we're going to have the winner here tonight. >> reporter: many wait for hours in long lines in the hopes of becoming a billion their. these two created a whopping
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$70,000 private facebook pool for a buy-in of $500. >> no matter how many people we got in, it didn't really matter. three million, four million, five million is still enough money for everyone. >> reporter: jackpot tickets were also sold in florida and tennessee meaning the big payoff will be split at least three ways. california state lottery officials plan to head to the 7- eleven in chino hills today hoping that state's winner comes forward. now we have breaking news overnight. suicide bombers have attacked a busy shopping area in the indonesian capital of jakarta. two civilians were killed when the bombs exploded inside a starbucks. two suicide bombers were also killed. three more assail yanlts died in gun battles with police. dozens of people are without a place to stay this morning after a fire ripped through condos in prince george's county. >> montgomery county
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firefighters were helping with a big blaze. nikki burdine has more. >> reporter: we expect some of those people who were displaced from the fire to start coming back here to this condo complex in adelphi trying to salvage their things. let's get you to the video of the massive flames. it happened on new hampshire avenue in adelphi. flames started in the fourth floor condo. 100 people were forced to rush out into the cold. some had to be rescued. one man even upped out of a balcony before firefighters arrived. three firefighters and one resident were treated for burns. all expected to be okay. it was a difficult night for all involved in the -- involved and the cold only made matters worse. >> not only does it freeze the ladders but the firefighters take a beating. they did a great job getting the ladders in place, getting up and rescuing these people. >> reporter: we talked about
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how cold it was last night and how cold it is still this morning and all those issues for firefighters. take a look at the ground. there is so much salt on the ground throughout the parking lot. that's because firefighters placed that down so when they had all of this water trying to douse those flames, so that the water would not freeze in this parking lot. the cause of this fire still under investigation and the red cross is assisting all those who have been displaced. that's the latest from adelphi, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. >> reporter: at the live desk we're getting a closer look at the damage done to a condo in ocean city by a massive fire. it broke out yesterday on this waterfront building at 140th street if you know the area. it was under construction. workers tell wboc-tv they believe this may have all started with a generator on a pickup truck in the building's parking garage. you see the end result. significant to severe damage. fortunately everyone made it out okay. that's the latest from the live desk. it was a potentially
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explosive situation in northwest d.c. the bomb squad had to be called in wednesday to a home on 3rd place after the discovery of a million 'taker explosive device in the guard -- military explosive device in the garden. the device was deemed safe and removed from the home. just weeks after al jazeera accused peyton manning of doping, the n.f.l. star reacts to the demise of the 24-hour news network. howard? >> we're not in the teens this morning anywhere. we're in the 20s and while still cold, it's not as cold. that warming trend will be with us the next couple of days for another arctic shot next week. your forecast in just a couple of minutes. >> right now we're getting a live look at i-395 northbound this morning as you approach the 14th street bridge. this is at glebe road. you can see how things are rocking and rolling on the northbound side. no issues as you make your way into town but we are keeping a close eye on an accident on
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d.c. 295. we'll give you the work around coming up on the other
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i think you're going to enjoy the forecast. i know we have clouds and 20s for most of us. still not warm but certainly we're doing better. as i show you the futurecast, we'll clear out. should be pretty quickly here. by mid-morning mid-30s. then in the afternoon mid-to upper 40s. you'll be down toward fredricksburg, harrisonburg, tappahannock you may touch the 50-degree mark into the lower 50s. quiet night tonight. then on friday we're going to watch the clouds increase during the day. in'll still see temperatures up to the low 50s but looks like
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any rain is going to hold off till friday night. some of the rain overnight could be in the moderate to heavy side once again pulling out early saturday morning. let's go to larry with timesaver traffic. hey, howard. good morning to you at home. we're calling for moderate conditions right now on the beltway, bw parkway, 95, i-66 and 50. this primarily due to volume. getting ready to downgrade actually the bw parkway a little further, primarily because of the accident on 295. that's the d.c. side once you make your way past eastern avenue. so just be mindful of that this morning. here's a live look right now at the suitland parkway making your way into town from suitland toward d.c. you won't have any issues this morning. things are doing fairly well. along the beltway at 414, for issues either on the inner or outer loop. the beltway around the whole stretch doing quite well. we have a live shot coming up shortly of the situation on gallows road where the wires and poles are down. for now over to you. coming up, ice breaker.
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the now famous car comes off the ice. we'll show you the moments crews were actually able to get this free. chipotle planning its comeback after an e. coli outbreak. find out
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thank you for waking up with us, washington. there's the capitol wheel. a brink start. 28 degrees in northwest but it will get warmer. maryland governor larry hogan last year said no but supporters after bill that would restore voting rights for convicted felons hope to change that around this time. supporters of the vetoed measure are pushing for change. mikea turner joins us live from annapolis. governor hogan will have to make a decision about this one again. >> reporter: he sure will good morning to you guys. it's round two for this voting bill. joining you live this morning outside of the maryland state house. this is where legislators will convene later this morning and as you mentioned, last year governor hogan vetoed a bill that would allow former felons to vote before they finish their parole or probation.
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the complete sentencing process. now, if the bill passed, former felons would get the chance to vote for new leadership after being released from prison n. a letter to legislators last year, the governor said, quote, making fens wait until they complete all aspects of their sentencing. getting that includes parole and probation. supporters of the measure say those who are released from prison need their voice before the full process is over. last year advocates vowed to override the vetoed bill to give governor hogan another chance to reconsider and pass it. so this morning, guys, the question remains will maryland governor larry hogan have a change of heart this year or will the current bill stay the same? reporting live this morning from annapolis, mikea turner, wusa9. >> thank you, mikea. in richmond, the 2016 virginia general assembly has been gaveled into session
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there. republicans control both chambers. the democratic governor terry mcauliffe is looking to find a compromise over his proposed budget which includes a billion dollar increase in education spending. lawmakers are also expected to tackle gun control, abortion rights and whether or not virginia should be expanding medicaid. have you seen this yet? caught on camera. rescue efforts after a deadly avalanche in france. three people were killed, including two students on a ski trip. the avalanche was triggered after a group ventured into the closed area of the slopes. a restaurant targeted by isis in the november 2015 paris attacks has reopened. the carillon cafe reopened its doors for the first time wednesday. the french capital is trying to revive tour itch and commerce after the a-- tourism and commerce after the attacks that cast a shadow of fear over the city and cost the lives 130. three students from new york columbia university has been helping the pour and were killed when a bus taking them
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to the airport for a flight home crashed. 39 were injured after kurdish rebels department natured a car bomb at a police station in turkey. police say the same rebels first attacked with rocket launchers and firearms. civilians are thought to be among the victims. >> reporter: we're looking at the bottom here at the live desk. let's just say not exactly a feel good story. what's unfolding on wall street or this year for that matter. three hours till the opening bell investors are coming off yet another down day. all three u.s. averages closed in correction territory yesterday. the s&p 500 dipping 2.5% which moved it below the -- [ inaudible ] the dow also dropped 365 points thanks to large part lower oil prices and concerns about a global economic slowdown. looking at premarket trading, dow futures are down nine points at last check. the s&p and nasdaq also in the
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red. these numbers we're going to be watching throughout the day. that's the latest from the live desk. if you like chipotle, you might see some offers in your mailbox soon. the company is announcing they're going to start a campaign next month in an effort to regain customer's trust after several health scares with the restaurant chain. the sales have plummeted in the last year after an e. coli and norovirus outbreak. the campaign is going to include some direct mail offers so look out in your mailbox for those. the board of supervisors in fairfax have approved plans for a major new development in the tysons area. it's a giant complex that includes the region's largest whole foods store. when it's finished it will call for a six-story multiplex cinema, office flex. it's going up near the green borrow metro station and construction starts this summer. again electric is moving -- general electric is moving its headquarters to boston from connecticut. it comes several months after the firm complained about the
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taxes in connecticut. [ stand by for captions ] you're going to neats as yo
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stop. >> it's not going to be as comentd. today we'll get -- cold. today we'll get up to the 40s. it will feel a whole lot better. it's always golfable if the course is not frozen. weather wise, we are talking about sunshine moving in here for the day. temperatures are going to climb into the 40s. even lunch time looks comfortable. highs mid- to upper 40s and not that windy. south, southwesterly winds 5 to 10 miles an hour so we'll take that. the only teens i'm finding is in culpeper at 19. even in the 20s in the mountains. cumberland 34 which is our warm spot. excuse me, petersburg, west virginia 37. leesburg 27. but you get the idea. it's a whole lot milder than it was this time yesterday. 29 now, very light winds so no windchill and the dew points
6:20 am
are coming up. really dry at 14. yesterday closer to zero. what we're looking at the next couple of days is a quiet thursday. the clouds are going to increase friday. so tonight won't be as cold as the arctic air pulls away. lows in the 30s and some upper 20s. then tomorrow the clouds increase in the afternoon. here comes some moderate to heavy rain for friday night into early saturday morning. this pulls away. we should have a decent saturday before the cold air starts to return later saturday and sunday. so for today 47. tomorrow 52 with the rain at night. 50 on saturday. it will turn colder late. sunday some flurries or snow showers. then look at monday and tuesday. highs only in the 20s. ouch. larry? 6:20 is your time. marc train riders everything is running on schedule for you right now. sky 9 did make its way to gallows road to get a look at the accident involving the power poles as well as the wire down. wasn't much to see. really no delays so i don't think it's anything to worry about at this point.
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sky 9 is over i-66 eastbound at nutley so we can see the volume there on the eastbound side. we had an earlier accident that's now blocking the shoulder but with the traffic still fairly light along this stretch of i-66 it's really not going to do much to the volume or cause any major delays. we'll give you the all clear there. back to the maps traveling southbound on 295, you won't find any major issues at this point as you make your way into town. you will see a little bit of a slowdown as you get past eastern avenue but as you make your way toward the 11th street bridge, you'll be good to go. you're looking at a 21-minute commute from powder mill road to east capitol street. northbound on 95 on the virginia side, the bulk of the volume really once you get into springfield past newington. starting at dale boulevard to i- 395 now a 14-minute commute. and eastbound on i-66 from sully road to north lee highway now a 24-minute commute. weather and traffic comes up again on the 9s. for now over to you. coming up in our next half-
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hour, donald trump mad. find out why he's so angry. >> that never happens. i'm so curious about that. plus, the latest on a deadly ♪
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♪ wake up washington. it is 6:24. good morning. there's the washington monument. if you did not have that winning power ball ticket, go
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on, get up, get ready. head on out. we'll get you through the rest of the day. a parked car that was encased in ice on the banks of lake erie has finally been freed. crews went to work wednesday breaking the vehicle free. the car will be defrosted, given a wash and likely returned to its owner with little to no damage. it's a drink that redskins fans may choke on. >> you got that right. a dairy in wisconsin released green milk to celebrate the packers post-season run so far. they beat the redskins last week in the n.f.l. wild card round. topping our 6:30 news, a massive fire in prince george's county. there's a high-rise there that caught fire and now it's under investigation. we'll go live to the scene. >> we're following new developments in the death of an american living in italy. we'll have the latest just coming into our newsroom at 6:30. >> it's still co this morning but it's a lot milder than yesterday with most temperatures in the 20s. but the nice thing is, look at the 24-hour trend.
6:26 am
we're looking at temperatures which are up 7 degrees in d.c. and over 20 out toward garrett county. so milder days ahead. larry? >> sky 9 giving us a bird's eye sue of i-66 at -- view of i-66 at the vienna metro station. we're doing well. traffic flowing freely on both the inbound and outbound lanes with traffic starting to pick up as we get closer to fairfax. we'll get you around any and
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good morning. there are some $1 million winners locally in the power ball jackpot so don't toss away those tickets just yet. you're looking at a live look at the washington skyline. it's below freezing. we'll add 10 to 15 degrees. howard will have the timeline coming up. >> if you don't win the million dollars, there might be a free day at the gym for you so definitely hold on to those tickets. i'm andrea roane. we start this half-hour with a check on weather and traffic. larry miller is covering your commute and first alert meteorologist howard bernstein is here with your forecast. it's cold but not as cold as yesterday when we had lots of teens, windchills in the single digits. light winds. look at the readings.
6:30 am
temperatures in the 20s right now to a couple of low 30s. 21 manassas. so much warmer than we were this time yesterday. we're looking at early clouds. we'll become sunny. it really doesn't look like a bad day at all. winds not too strong. lunch time temps in the low 40s. this is 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. we'll top out in the mid- to upper 40s. looks like rain friday night. i'll have more on that in a few minutes. let's check in with larry with timesaver traffic. we have delays on metro. blue line to largo town center because of an earlier train malfunction so give yourself extra time. buses are running on schedule at this point. want to take you right now to the gw parkway where we're keeping a close eye there this morning on a disabled vehicle that's blocking the right lane. this is southbound between 123 and spout run parkway. be mindful as you head out you there see a bit of a slowdown. once you get passed that disabled vehicle, you'll be good to go. 295 southbound it benning road and east capital street, this is d.c. 295 still seeing delays
6:31 am
as a result of an accident that blocked both shoulders. looks like that delay now growing to about a mile, mile and a half which is certainly going to slow you down particularly for commuters traveling southbound on -- from laurel. weather and traffic returns again on the 9s. for now over to you. we start 6:30 with breaking news. italian authorities have released the autopsy results of a murder on an american living in florence, italy. ashley olsen died after suffering to fractures to her skull before she was strangled. police have arrested a senegalese immigrant. she was found in her apartment by her boyfriend last weekend. investigators had narrowed in on the suspect using video surveillance cameras and d.n.a. evidence. four people have died at a fiery crash after their vehicle drove off the interstate near phoenix. it occurred early this morning on interstate 10 there. police say the car left the highway, dropped on to the roadway below and burst into
6:32 am
flames. 6:32 now. it was a bitter cold night last night for about a hundred people who had to leave their condominums in prince george's county after a large fire erupted in adelphi. this morning many of those respect departmentses are still without a place to stay. nikki burdine is there with the latest now. nikki, good morning. >> reporter: mike, a bitter cold night last night and now a bitter cold morning as residents will no doubt start coming back and try to salvage some of their things. the building is closed and will for some time as dozens of residents are displaced and some are recovering. let's get you right to -- right to some of the dramatic video. the fire broke out on the fourth floor. all 100 people had to leave their homes. some had to be rescued. we're told three firefighters and one resident were treated for burns and one man jumped out of his balcony before crews got here. everyone is expected to be okay. the cause of the fire is not yet known but red cross is helping those involved. >> i didn't realize there was fire because the alarm came in
6:33 am
and we -- [indiscernible] there was smoke. i opened the door. i could see the smoke. all i could do is just grab a jacket and just run. >> reporter: prince george's county fire chief tells us the county actually rolled out a brand new ems dispatch system just this week and it was used here last night to respond to this fire. by all accounts they say everything worked properly and everything went smoothly. that's the latest in adelphi, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. in pennsylvania an investigation is under way after a police officer shot and killed a 12-year-old girl while serving an eviction at her family's apartment. this happened near harrisburg. police say constable clark steele was met at the door by the girl's father. the father pointed a rifle at steele's chest. the constable grabbed his gun and shot the father. the bullet passed through the man's arp and hit the girl killing -- arm and hit the girl killing her. we're taking a look at some
6:34 am
of the day's national headlines starting in alabama where a junk has thrown out a civil rights case against an alabama police officer. eric parker was accused of using excessive force on a 58- year-old man who says he doesn't understand english and therefore couldn't understand the officer's orders. the two previously trials against parker ended in hung juries. in our neighborhood alexandria police have arrested several suspects in connection with two murders at two different parks. in november 24-year-old jose perez was killed in beverly park. then in december a man was found dead in four-mile run parng. investigators believe -- park. investigators believe everyone arrested had connections to the ms13 gang. that's the latest from the live desk. today is the first full day of the 2016 maryland legislative session. the list of priorities for legislators is already growing. >> mikea turner joins us live this morning at the maryland state house in annapolis. mikea, we know a crackdown on drunk drivers is already under
6:35 am
discussion among legislators. >> reporter: that's right, andrea. the last half-hour i spoke a little bit about an override for supporters who would like to see the voting rights restored for former felons. a crackdown on drunk drivers is under way. advocates for the installation of ignition interlocks are really pushing for that again this year. yesterday legislators introduced noah's law. that bill is named after 24- year-old noah leotta, a montgomery county police officer who was struck and killed by a suspected drunk driver last month. noah was part of his department's alcohol task force. he was in the middle of a traffic stop when he was hit on rockville pike. he died a week later. no ya's law would -- noah's law would require ignition interlocks for all convicted drunk drivers. the interlocks wprill event anyone under the influence of alcohol from starting their cars. if this were already the case, some police say that crash that killed noah would not have
6:36 am
happened and noah would still be alive today. ignition interlock bills have been introduced before but never survived out of committee. so certainly supporters do hope this year will be much different. reporting live from annapolis, mikea turner, wusa9. 6:36 now. a former virginia day care worker has been found guilty of abusing children and encouraging them to fight. sarah jordan was convicted after prosecutors say she abused and neglected toddlers who were in her care at the minnieland academy day care in woodbridge. a second worker will go on trial in february for her role in the abuse. still to come, he was just there to work on justin bieber's private jet but he inned up having a private -- he ended up having a private audience. >> he may be down but not out. we're on the campaign trail with jeb bush. >> we had clouds overnight but i do see stars overhead so the clouds are clearing out. temperatures mainly in the 20s now but with sunshine and milder air moving in, looks
6:37 am
like a much nicer afternoon. i'll be back with your thursday forecast in just a moment. >> traffic starting to pick up on the southbound side of 295 as you make your way toward the 11th street bridge. this is a live look from sky 9. it's actually moving to another location right now. we take a look at our trafficland cam. we can see the volume on the southbound side of 295 there. there we go. again no major issues as you approach the 11th street bridge. much more news, weather and
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[ stand by for captions ] slow on the bw parkway. we have an earlier issue south of eastern avenue that's causing some issues for our commuters. we're going to go ahead and downgrade i-66 for an issue at 50. but right now moderate conditions along the beltway, 95 and parts of 50 at this point. if we can take sky 9, we can show you significant delays on the eastbound side approaching i-66 at 50. that's because of an accident that has closed all lanes of traffic at this point. sky 9 just made it to the the scene within the last 10 seconds so we're getting a live look at how things are shaping
6:42 am
up. you might want to take 50 as an alternate at this point but 50 sees its own fair share of volume as well. we'll get you around these trouble spots and others shortly. for now over to you. a facebook appeal that has people lining up to cuddle with a goat. we'll tell you what it is and where it's at. >> former first daughter chelsea clinton is not showing a lot of love for bernie sanders on the campaign trail. we'll have that for you.
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6:45 am
a little bit of sun. wow, what a sunrise. the plane taking off. a little bit of sun and warmer temperatures today. >> it is 29 degrees right now but as mike said earlier and howard is telling us, you'll be able to shed some of those layers later today. now here's colbert. >> a guy in a wheelchair make as half court basketball shot. an elderly cat finds a forever home. america adds a second christmas. he is a tough nut. oh, i know, the first time we see the millennium falcon in the new star wars. yeah. that one gets everybody right
6:46 am
here. >> they were talking about how stern he was trying not to laugh at something funny. >> i'm sure everybody watches him. is he going to applaud, going to smile. joe biden got him to smile. >> of course. time to check with our partners at cbs this morning. >> norah o'donnell is in new york with a preview. good morning, norah. >> good morning you to, mike and andrea. we're at one of the stores that sold a winning power ball ticket. they're having a good time. bob schieffer is in studio 57 as our newest political contributor and how the government is cracking down on high end real estate deals and we'll bring you the oscar nominations live. see you at 7:00. >> please give our best to bob schieffer. we look forward to him contributing his political thoughts. have a great day, norah. >> will do. working on justin bieber's private jet could have turned into a life changing event for a man. >> he was a runway worker in
6:47 am
new york. he was working this week when one of bieber's buddies on board told the pop star he had to hear his voice. bieber called him on board and he liked it so much, he posted it on instagram. listen. ♪ i've lived a life that's full ♪ i've traveled each and every highway more, much more than this ♪ i did it my way ♪ >> wow. >> channeling one of the greatest crooners, kelly was so confident of his skills, he gave justin a copy of his cd and asked to join him on stage some time. >> what a neat story. i automatically assumed it was a young kid doing that. that's a neat story. >> norah says we're hours away from the oscar nominations and they'll be announced at8:30 a.m. eastern time. "the revenant" star leonardo
6:48 am
dicaprio is considered best actor. campaign 2016 now, the day of president barack obama's state of the union address, republican presidential candidate donald trump went on the attack wednesday night in florida. he caused the president's speech boring. he also addressed south carolina governor's nikki haley's rebuttal speech in which she criticized trump as being angry. >> one of the commentators says nikki haley, a very nice woman said i'm an angry person. they said to me, they said you are an angry person. i said, i am. i'm very angry because i hate what's happening to our country. i am angry. >> now despite polling in single digits, republican presidential candidate jeb bush has vowed to stay the course. he tess the ap that he is still a viable candidate for the bomb nomination. the latest polls, though, have jeb bush in seventh place. chelsea clinton out in new
6:49 am
hampshire trying to drum up support for her mother, hillary clinton and the bid for president. she took some verbal swipes at fellow democrat bernie sanders. >> i never thought that we would be arguing about the affordable care act or obama care in the democratic primary. senator sanders wants to dismantle obama care, dismantle medicare. >> and clinton said sanders used on obama -- [indiscernible] -- to attack the affordable care act. it 16:49. how -- it is 6:49. howard is here with a warm-up and we have rain in store. you a kinds of things in the forecast. >> what a waste of cold air. for snow lovers this is a waste of cold air. we had a bit of snow the other night and we have another arctic shot next week. maybe a flurry or snow shower. if you're hoping for the big storm, i don't see it happening any time soon. >> maybe february. >> some folks are very happy about that. we don't need the headache. weather wise, let's show you a
6:50 am
beautiful sunrise this morning. presunrise. the sunrise will be coming up in another half-hour or so. temperatures with partly to mostly sunny skies will climb into the low to mid-40s by lunch time. mid- to upper 40s by the time the day is over. this morning we're down to the 20s except annapolis is 30. pax river 32. and even in some of our western valley areas like cumberland 34 already. winchester only 21 but it's a more comfortable 21 or 29. light winds this morning. so barely any windchill out there. humidity at 54%. quiet today. we'll have sunshine, temperatures back in the mid- to upper 40s. quiet tonight. 30s and a few upper 20s. tomorrow clouds are going to increase in the afternoon. i think we'll be dry for most of the day. then in the evening as the evening wears on, here comes the rain into friday night. could be locally heavy before pulling away quickly saturday morning with snow maybe in upstate pennsylvania and parts of new york state. as far as our forecast for today look for highs around 47. tomorrow 52 with the rain
6:51 am
tomorrow night. 50 saturday. it will turn colder late in the day. sunday some flurries or snow showers 36. then much colder, mid-20s with some flurries by monday. larry, 6:51. you're not smiling. it tells me you have some issues to discuss with us. we have quite a few. things are getting better on metro. blue line running on schedule. everything running on schedule as well as the buses. sky 9 still over 66. this is at 50. you can see traffic getting by with just one left-hand lane at this point. based on the information that we have thus far, it is two accidents in the same location and then -- the backup stretching at two miles and growing. 50 might work in your favor in some cases but you want to stay off i-66 at least this section as you make your way toward the capital beltway. from our trafficland cam this is 295 making your way toward the 11th street bridge. still have delays going on in this area. also with some volume, residual
6:52 am
delays going to be slow going as you make your way toward the 11th street bridge so give yourself extra time. taking you to the maps, i want to show you how things are shaping up. starting from laurel bowie road traveling southbound on 295 we just talked about t. you're looking at a -- about it. you're looking at a 41-minute commute as you approach the southeast-southwest freeway better known as 695. we typically get into that conversation in the newsroom about what we call it. northbound on the virginia side starting at dumfries road to 395, you're looking at now an 1- minute commute. we'll -- 18-minute commute. we'll send it over to you. adele has written many songs about relationships, but for not very many times she hasn't really talked about them the first time she was heart broken, at least until now. >> tommy mcfly is in the 94.7 fresh fm studios about when she talked about it and who she talked about it to. >> they was on the late late show with james corden right here on wusa9. she talked about being heart broken for the very first time
6:53 am
when jerry left the band the spice girl. check it out. >> that was the first time i was truly heart broken. >> when she left? >> yes [ inaudible ] >> tell me what you want, what you really, really want. i'll tell you what i want, what i really, really want ♪ if you want my future ♪ >> she's incredible. >> are you ready to admit she is the best on the planet? >> the planet, i'm not so sure but i love the car pool karoke and she was having a great time with james. the harmony was beautiful. thumbs up, both of them, for adele. >> all right. >> being such a talent, she doesn't take herself too seriously which is really nice. >> really good. i'm a convert. just to make tommy happy.
6:54 am
it is 6:53. virginia farm's request for a goat scud letter has gone -- scud letter has gone -- cuddler has gone viral. >> they put out an appeal on facebook for volunteers to snuggle with newborn baby goats. the post has met with so much demand, all the spots are filled. they will not only cuddle with the goats but bottle feed them and clean up after them. a chase that ended with a standoff and arrest was apparently the result of a driver going rogue. the man behind the wheel, 60- year-old david arnold of virginia was supposed to be driving the produce-filled truck from california to maryland. instead he wound up in an hour's long police pursuit and standoff which ended when police fired tear gas into the cab. >> the truck's owners are out of california and they were monitoring the vehicle with electronic tracking because it has been overdue for 30 hours. the driver hadn't reported in. >> arnold faces charges on
6:55 am
evading arrest and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. happening today hearing resumes for one of the suspects in the murder of an american university grad student. 19-year-old andre dudley of northeast is charged with second degree murder after allegedly shooting matthew shlonsky outside the shaw me toe station. mar -- metro station. marcus king who is also 19 is facing charges as well. police are still looking for other suspects in this case. shlonsky was on his way to meet some friends when he was caught in the cross-fire. a prince george's county person has not been found guilty of assaulting three county pliferls. investigators say -- police officers. investigators say tremaine minnis hit officers with his car while trying to avoid getting arrested. it took place december 2013 at a gas station in capitol heights. one of the officers suffered a broken jaw. minnis was found guilty of eluding police, though. he was sentenced to one year behind bars. >> reporter: i'm nikki burdine
6:56 am
live in adelphi outside the condo complex where last night dozens of people were displaced from this home after a fire erupted here. several people were hurt. i'm told three firefighters suffered burns. one resident suffered a burn. then another person who tried to escape by jumping out of a balcony was hurt. they are all expected to be okay. the cause of the fire still under investigation. crews are out here now starting to assess the damage. that's the latest from adelphi. back to you. >> reporter: imma key use -- i'm mikea turner outside the maryland state house. the big question remains for governor hogan. will he restore voting rights for former felons? last year he vetoed a bill that would allow the ex-felons to vote before completion of their parole or probation. a few supporters of that bill vow to override his decision and that's what's going to happen starting today. reporting live from annapolis,
6:57 am
mikea turner, wusa9. we're looking better today with highs in the mid- to upper 40s. clouds increase tomorrow, 52 with rain tomorrow night. pulling out early saturday morning. saturday 50. the colder, much -- then colder, much colder monday. we'll only be in the 20s monday. delays southbound 295 as you approach the 11th street bridge. even parts of 50 once you get inside the beltway we'll see some delays there as well as you travel westbound. sky 9 still over 66. the delay now at three miles, the backup there, because of an accident involving -- actually to separate accidents together in the the same location. cbs this morning is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes with another local upda
6:58 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, january 14th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." dreams come true for at least three powerball players! responsible tynious celebrations erupt at a california store that sold the winning ticket. we are there live. isis suicide bombers target foreigners near a starbucks in indonesia. >> are they trying to take donald trump down? ahead of tonight's debate, bob schieffer returns to cbs as our newest political contributor. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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