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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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we begin with breaking news, from prince george's county, about a bone-jarring crash there. right now, at least one person is fighting for their lives. and several more are rushed to the hospital after a collision involving nine vehicles this morning. medics rushed to largo road at locksford road to help.
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we have more from prince george's county from mikia on what we know so far. >> reporter: good afternoon, mike. so far what we know, four people at this horrific crash scene, i will step out of the way so you can see it here, they were all transported to prince george's county hospital. i am told that three people were taken. they have nonlife-threatening injuries. again, one in critical condition. and now, police have not confirmed, but witnesses who arrived on the scene shortly after this crash, they say that the woman now in critical condition was actually in this vehicle you are looking at now. it is the burgundy suv that is toppled over on its side. you can see parts of the vehicle on the street. there is also a lot of debris out here that crews have been working to clean up. now, if you look past this suv here, you can see where a tow truck, it arrived probably about an hour ago, and slowly, one by one, they have been removing vehicles, from the scene. and you can see a truck mashed up on top of the bed, there, on that tow truck. we spoke to several people
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actually who arrived to the scene. some of them were taking belongings out of their cars. many of them too uncomfortable to speak with us. many of them shaken by what happened. i even spoke with a woman who says that her sister was involved in this crash. but her sister is okay. which is good news. at this point in time, police have not confirmed exactly how this crash even started. but witnesses say they believe that one person ran a red light, and that caused some of the trouble here, at this intersection. but for now, those are all of the details we have. once we learn more, we will bring it to you. reporting live from prince george's county, mikia turner, wusa 9. >> thank you. and now to a much happier story out of prince george's county. where two winning powerball tickets were sold. in all, three tickets worth $1 million each were sold in the state of maryland at these locations. one, the 711 at 4907 annapolis road in bladensburg. and the walkerville amoco at 6701 walkerville road in capital heights and the third
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ticket sold at the wa wa, 5440 your banna park in frederick. these three maryland tickets were among 81 tickets from around the country that watched five winning numbers in the drawing to capture the $1 million second tier prize. danielle nottingham has more on where the tickets were sold when the $1.6 billion was the prize. >> chino hills, this 711, they sold a winning powerball ticket. we heard the news and so we came down here to see who the winner was. it is not us. >> the winner has not yet come forward. but that didn't stop the celebration. >> maybe next year. >> this morning, it was back to business as usual. some customers were already buying tickets for saturday's drawing. >> if you think this is now a lucky spot for buying tickets? >> i think so. now that i know where to go, yes. >> the owner of this store also has good reason to celebrate. he takes home a $1 million cut.
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>> amazing. it feels so good. [ station audio trouble ] worth almost $529 million before taxes. danielle nottingham, cbs news, chino hill, california. now california, tennessee, and florida, all have state laws that require the winner's names to be released. so we will eventually find out who these new multimillionaire winners are. and if you don't know if you have won or lost, even a smaller sum, you can look up the winning combination on our wusa 9 app. other news now, isis fighters have claimed responsibility for an attack in the capital of indonesia today. the attack targeted foreigners at a starbucks, you see an explosion there, and police say seven people, including four attackers have been killed. surveillance video aired on indonesian television, it showed one of the deadly
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explosions outside that starbucks in jakarta. some places, there were reports of gun battles. with the attackers, for more than an hour. and now, as a precaution, starbucks has closed all of its stores in jar jakarta for the rest of the day. the attacks happened after police warned that slam in militants might be planning something. italian police have arrested a man in connection with the florida native who was killed, ashley olsen, found dead in her apartment in florence italy last week. the murder suspect is an illegal im grant from sen gal. prosecutors say who met olessen in the nightclub and the two had consensual sex before the murder and olsen had two fractures. the safety of police vans in baltimore is now becoming a priority in the wake of freddie gray's death there. baltimore officials have now approved spending $200,000 for equipment to improve safety in those vans. the safety issue gained nationwide attention, after
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gray's death. his neck was broken during a van ride in one of those police vans. cutting taxes, but not cutting education. those are promises from maryland governor larry hogan, as he welcomed back the general assembly. hogan a republican is facing a chamber dominated by democrats. but he made it clear he is looking forward to a spirit of bipartisanship. two of the governor's four plans to cut taxes were first proposed by democrats in the legislature. dozens of residents are without a place to go today, after a fire ripped through the presidential court condominiums last night in the delphi. as investigators look for the cause, all the residents can do is wait. nikki burdine caught up with some of them. >> reporter: the people in the condos can't go inside, because contractors are doing stress tests on the gas line and assessing the damage and making sure the electrical works so it is safe for anyone to go inside. they are looking at what is left of the home, after a fire ripped through the condos
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wednesday night. this man was there when the fire broke out. >> i just grabbed my coat. just go out. and just immediately see a huge fire. >> reporter: he is not sure if anything can be salvaged and he is not alone. dozens of people are without a place to go today. >> it makes me feel obviously. these are people i care about. these are people that i know. >> jenny, head of the condo association, and a prince george's council woman heard about the fire and rushed out to help her neighbors. >> a lot of the residents stood out there for four or five hours, just looking at their belongings, just, you know, go up in smoke. >> three firefighters and one resident were treated for burns, and one man was hurt when he jumped from a balcony, before firefighters arrived. they are all expected to be okay. and for their homes and belongings, that is still unknown. they have until today at 6:00, displaced residents can stop by fire station 34 on delphi rigs road. >> i want to make sure that we really come out to assist these
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residents. >> reporter: one of the families most affected was out of the country at the time and will likely come home to nothing at all. contractors say tenants will likely not be allowed inside the building until tomorrow. in delphi, nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> you heard her say it, but it is worth repeating, if you know residents who need help, they can go to fire station 34 until 6:00 tonight. that's the fire station that is right across from the tick tock. and if you would like to make a donation, you can do so by calling 301-434-7123. and there is more on how you can help on the wusa 9 mobile app today. and the nominees are, coming up, the rundown of the nominations for the 88th academy awards. plus we are just months away from picking our next president. straight ahead, we
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three questions for the us senate. congress just voted to label genetically engineered salmon; why not other foods? gmo crops are doused with heavy doses of an herbicide the world health organization says probably causes cancer. isn't that reason enough to label? 64 other countries label gmos. why don't american shoppers have the same information? tell your senator, high tech gimmicks like qr codes aren't the answer.
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we need clear on-package labeling. welcome back. campaign 2016 now, trump, cruz, rubio, and bush, very familiar names by now, they are all
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headed back to the debate stage tonight in charleston, south carolina. nick giovanni has the preview. >> the stage is set in south carolina. but the backdrop is iowa tonight. now that we're inside of three weeks from the iowa caucuses, that stage is shrinking. only room for seven podiums tonight, which leaves carly fiorina and rand paul saying hello from the outside. carly signed up, and paul passed on it. the others, they get at least one more shot to make their case to a national audience in prime time. fewer candidates means more face time for each. so it will be interesting to see how they utilize it. will this be the day we see cruz and trump go toe to toe? who will separate themselves as the establishment candidate? those are just a few questions waiting to be answered potentially tonight. debate set for tonight at the fox business network. >> and for all things campaign 2016, make sure you check the wusa 9 mobile app.
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we will have complete coverage of tonight's debate on the 11:00 news and of course on the app. howard says we are in for a nice week. but get ready for a chilly and wet start to the weekend. the forecast is coming up. howard? >> yes, mike, we are already 10 degrees warmer than we were yesterday for the high. and we still have several hours to go this afternoon. everybody is in the 40s now. some may actually tickle 50 this afternoon. but i am tracking a rain system before we get to the weekend. i will have the forecast, coming up on the other side of the break. neighborhood,i feel like
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it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks good.
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[brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it. [agent] hey brendan,you might like this room. [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. welcome back. veteran actor alan rickman has died of cancer at 69 years old. best known to modern audiences as professor snape in the harry potter films, and the bad guy
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hans gruber in the original die- hard movie. rickman had a large body of work, including tony award winning stage work. again, actor alan rickman, dead at 69. oscar nominations were announced this morning. and the revenant leads the way with 12. sylvester stallone, best supporting actor for rocky balboa and suzanne marquez has a look at the surprises and the snubs. >> the revenant, leads the oscar race, with 12 nominations. including best picture. best actor for leonardo dicaprio. and best director for alejandro, going for the second win in a row. >> the action epic mad max fury road had 10 nominations. >> abort procedure? >> let's wait it out. >> and the martian, a best actor nod for matt damon but not for director ridley scott.
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rounding out the big picture, bridge of spies, and spotlight. and room. and brian cranston surprised some with the best actor nominations. and rounding out the category, michael fasbender and eddie red maine. >> would you like to visit me? >> the critically acclaimed carroll was shut out of best picture but rudy mara had a supporting actress nod and cate blanchett scored in the best actress and goes up against brie larsen and others. >> sylvester stallone is anything but the underdog in the best supporting actor category. his two nominations for playing the iconic rocky balboa come nearly 40 years apart. but the academy snubbed his co- star michael b. jordan. that, along with the absence of al ba, for beast of no nation, have already sparked a backlash. as all of the acting nominations went to white
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performers. suzanne marquez, cbs news, hollywood. >> now, adding to the controversy, the nwa bio pick out of compton failed to score a best picture nomination, although it did score a screen play nomination. in health news, at noon, do all sugary drinks need warning labels? a new study out of the university of pennsylvania suggests that would be a good idea. researchers found with labels warn of obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay, parents are much less likely to buy these sugary drinks. similar warnings when it comes to health risks on tobacco, changed the way that product is used as well. >> and now findings how to look at erectile dysfunction and foods with high amounts of flavinoid, blueberry, citrus fruit and red wine may help. researchers show men who eat flavinoid rich foods a few times a week and combined it with exercise and reduced the risk of 20%. the latest findings on the hpv vaccine. a new study finds that girls
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who live in high poverty hispanic communities, are more likely to get the vaccine compared to others. hpv causes most cases of cervical cancer. and now the centers for disease control has been recommending that girls and boys ages 11 and 12, get three doses of that vaccine. >> researchers say the appearance of another yellow- bellied sea make on the california coastline is because of el nino. >> it was spotted on the sand in huntington beach and it was reported to lifeguards. that's what scientists want you to doe do because the snakes are highly venomous. normally the waters off of california are too cold but they have washed ashore this season. >> we take measurements and take tissue samples and see why it is washing up due to el nino. >> even though the sea snakes have died that have washed ashore, the history museum in san diego is studying them careful, because until recently the last time one showed up in
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california, the 1970s. three skiers have one heck of a story to tell after getting caught in an avalanche. this happened along the continental divide, in the mountains, along the idaho/montana border . [ station audio trouble ] that hear has been posted this -- that area has been posted this afternoon. you are looking at a car borne. have you seen this video, on facebook recently? it is a tourist attraction in the buffalo area recently. high winds whipped up the lake erie surf and drenched this mitsubishi sedan and it froze under a massive layer of ice that you see there. megan rowe actually watched the crew break it free. >> it was amazing. you never have seen anything like it. once in a lifetime, you got to come check it out. and i just happened to be here when they are taking it out. >> now, after getting a call from the owner's insurance company, a lake erie towing company came up with the plan,
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to melt the ice with some powdered calcium chloride, and they got to remove the car. that melting calcium chloride, it turns into a liquid and it continued to melt, and i think it took about 15, 20 minutes. >> pretty amazing. >> i bet it was going to be an all day job. but it seems like the ice must have been so thick. it is hard to tell but pretty wild. >> don't park your car near a body of water with wind and below freezing temperatures. note to self. as you said earlier today. a nice afternoon. we are in the 40s now. 50 down in the readsville area . the temperatures are sitting in the 40s. and i do want to show you what is going on, though. pretty amazing what is happening in the tropics at this hour. we have, for boy, the first time in a very long time, we are talking about tropical weather in january. normally, tropical season doesn't start until june 1. but you know, that is just normal.
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it has been anything but normle with el nino this year. and right there, that is just not just a tropical storm. that has become hurricane alex. when we do get to the tropical system, the "a" storm, already done. this is the azores here. portugal. and spain. and we hardly every see this. but it is so unusual. i just wanted to share it with you. this storm is forecast to be category one hurricane, when it makes land fall on the central azores. friday morning. and then going into the atlantic and hit the colder waters of the north atlantic and just transition. but wow, that is crazy. hey, look at this. we have sunshine today. we are going to be in the upper 40s. a nice afternoon. not too breezy. and tonight, southwesterly winds. a miles an hour. 39 by midnight. mid-30s overnight. to a few 20s out there. but we have a lot warmer temperatures than warmer. 30 degrees warmer almost in western maryland and west virginia. we are up 15 to 20 from this time, with actual readings now, mostly in the mid to upper 40s. like manassas at 48. gaithersburg 45. and wind off the water, at
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national. they are a little bit colder at 42. but it is a really gorgeous day. and the weather camera here, with a dew point of 23. that is creeping up, on the southerly wind. that is bringing the milder temperatures. a lot of sunshine now. after a few clouds early. some snow showers last night in pennsylvania. and they are all gone. and we will see the cold continue to retreat. so we won't be nearly as chilly tonight. most of us stay above freezing. and tomorrow starts out sunny. and clouds will be increasing as we get into the afternoon. and rain, some of it could be arriving by the end of the day, especially in southern maryland and the northern neck. but it looks like the bum bulk of the rain is after dark. the heaviest passes through friday night and saturday morning. and breezy late in the day as the front comes through. dropping temperatures once again sunday. and even more so. monday and tuesday look bitterly cold around here. enjoy this. 47 today. tonight, 35. and clear to partly cloudy.
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and again, a few upper 20s. and tomorrow, 50/50, it depends how quickly the clouds thicken up. and most of this though is out of here by day break saturday. saturday, 50-ish. temperatures drop late. much colder for sunday. mid-30s. with some flurries and snow showers. and the arctic express returns monday and tuesday. highs in the 20s. it could be a few flurries on monday. and just a little bit milder. back to the 30s on wednesday. we've got more coming up in just a moment. wow, you changed my old bedroom.
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it is amazing how the nfl affects so many things. check this out. there is a midwestern pickup dealer having a difficult time selling a special pickup.
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you see it is a loaded ram qaids quad cab and it is tough to sell because the rams are getting ready to move to southern california. >> we were hoping kroenke could right out a check for the truck and sell it for us. and maybe sell a sledgehammer. so many dollars per swing. >> you have to be creative. he is also thinking about reaching out to what he calls the loyal local teams, the ones who are staying, like the blues, and maybe give them that pick-up truck and a new paint job. hysterical. >> and st. louis, and l.a. black sharpie. >> that's right. and pretty nice weather- wise. today. rain late tomorrow night. the weekend starts tomorrow. but much colder sunday. back in the deep freeze monday and tuesday. >> so any appreciable snow, not for a while. >> except for the western mountains. not around here.
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nope. not seeing it. >> rough go for skiing. >> yes. >> that will do it fors news at noon. we are back on tv at 5:00. don't forget the app, 24/7, he is howard bernstein. >> i'm mike hydeck,
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>> nikki: would, um, anybody like some coffee or water, something? victoria, i think maybe i should take the children home. >> victoria: yeah. go with grandma. >> nikki: yeah. come on, johnny. [ gasps ] you're gonna go home with me and sissy. let's get sissy. we're gonna have lots of -- >> jill: nikki, wait. johnny, give grandma a hug.


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