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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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firefighters injured fighting this fire have all been released according to the officials. they say this is as good as they could have expected fighting a fire this big to do. garrett haake, wusa9. >> we watched as all that drama played out. now we are joining scott broom. you just talked to one of the people rescued. >> reporter: that's right. garrett was talking about how calm that couple was. once they were there, he knew they were saved. there was nothing to do but stay as calm as possible. he told a remarkable story. said he knew that he and his wife only had five minutes before they were going to be knocked down by smoke and incinerated by fire. instead, the ladder came up to the balcony. >> i knew we were going to die. >> reporter: that is mr. kay today wearing the same flip- flops he had on when we saw he and his wife being rescued in
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dramatic fashion he and his wife were packing bags for a trip to india. they saw smoke. >> i saw burning. they said throw the bags. i threw the bags down. >> reporter: they ran to the door to escape, but boiling black smoke stood like a lethal wall. >> i close my door. >> reporter: the couple went to the balcony. >> the ladder came. and i said come on. >> reporter: flames licked from the side and below. rescuers were on their way up with the ladder. radio communications capturing some of the drama. >> receiving a report of people on the number four floor. >> oh, i told him thank america. the people you do the job so wonderful. so while you are taking me, i said thank america. i was so happy. >> reporter: noel is the couple's son. he had gone in the building to try to save them. >> they would have been injured. i would have lost them.
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>> god has given us new life. >> reporter: all right, so. he is obviously lucky and grateful. here is other part of the story. his wife was packing to go to india, she made the flight this morning. they left the house on a ladder and she is on a plane this morning headed off to india. the red cross is here by the way assisting people like mr. kate and the many other residents who are here. danny also lives in this complex, she wasn't affected by the fire. she has been here attempting to find a temporary housing for some of the folks because it will take more than several months for this building to be repaired and for people to move back in. but a remarkable story today. we hear from the the rescued about how all of this worked out and we should remind ourselves that three firefighters were injured doing all of this and two residents also suffered burns. they are still in the hospital today. reporting live at the
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presidential park condominium, scott broom, wusa9. >> another story where we are reminded there is never a routine day on the job. thank you scott. we have new information now on this mornings devastating chain reaction crash in prince george's county. nine vehicles were involved in that crash in largo. a 53-year-old woman identified as angela jefferson was killed in the pileup. it happened around 9:00 this morning at the intersection of largo and lotsford road. the driver who caused the accident, juan sanchez, did not have a license. and three other people are being treated for nonlife threatening injuries. the suspect in a bizarre murder suicide in annondale has died. 73-year-old jy hyun cho died.
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they found him and kun nguyen collapsed on the floor. the victim died of an impro impro vised electrocution. this is one of several attacks on the train in the last five months involving teens. debra alfarone has more. >> reporter: we talked to police today. we talked to metro, we talked to a lot of people. but the reason we are here is because this is actually where the man and that 15-year-old allegedly beaten. he ran off the stairs and this is where we got help from police. i want you to take a look at what she allegedly did to him. >> they were picking at me because i was handicapped and they also called me a [bleep] >> reporter: our scott broom
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talked to 23-year-old joseph cowart days after he was beaten. it started when he and his partner intervened when those teens attacked a 14-year-old. police arrested the ring leader. she called him slurs and started the beat down. >> juveniles are handed in a different process than adults. it takes significantly longer. >> reporter: surveillance video and tips led to the teen. this is the fifth case of a group of teens robbing or beating a rider. >> they should have a police officer at every station. i don't know why they don't. but they should. >> reporter: to that, metro spokesperson dan says this. >> there are nearly 500 metro police officers. sworn officers out on the system every single day. >> reporter: metro says despite these crimes, serious crimes
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have been lower the last two years than in the last eight. >> do you feel safe when you are on the metro? >> yeah. i feel safe. >> you are going to run into that in the wrong part of the street as well. it's the city. >> reporter: but this man says the crime is an indication of a much larger issue. >> when you don't have a job and you are not employed they will find other means of getting money. >> reporter: that teen has been charged with felony assault and robbery. some of these cases, just some of them, could be linked and they are trying very hard to solve each one. live in shaw, debra alfarone, wusa9. >> thank you deb. as far as prevention, metro transit police say if you see a group of teens acting increasingly disorderly, you can text the dispatch center at mymtpd. they will text you back in realtime. let's turn to the results
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in the record busting powerball drawing. clearly, the two of us did not win, but there are three winners across the nation and they have four words for lottery officials. show me the numbers. >> winning tickets sold in california, tennessee, and florida. those folks will share the $1.6 billion jackpot. now the owner of a 7/11 in suburban california became an instant celebrity when it was revealed his store sold one of the winning tickets. he also gets a million dollars cut. >> we heard the news and we will come down here to see who the winner was. it is not us. [ laughter ] >> sorry. each of the winning tickets is worth nearly $529 million before taxes. we are waiting for the latest multimillionaires to come forward. no one in our area won a piece of that, but we had a lot of
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smaller winners. bruce leshan is live in capital heights. you have been searching for these guys and gals. >> reporter: we haven't found any of them so far, but we just missed a million dollars winner at the wawa in frederick. there were also million dollars winners here at this bp in capital heights and at a 7/11. in virginia, there were million dollars winners in salem and virginia beach. general manager derek moony at the wawa in frederick talked briefly to a million dollars winner. before sending her off to collect her big prize at lottery headquarters. >> pretty speechless. you could tell she was excited but didn't have a lot to say. >> when people come in the day after a big drawing like this and they win this kind of money, they are a little shell shocked so they need to take a breath. >> reporter: the wawa gets a $2,500 bonus for selling the million dollars ticket and
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moony plans a party for employees and a little extra in the fund for workers facing hardships. >> we will set up a coffee day. >> reporter: no sign of the million dollars winner yet at the 7/11 in blatantsburg. >> give it to me. i know you got it. >> reporter: at the bp in capital heights, losers were lining up to play again. but, the winner was keeping a low profile. >> did you get the billion dollars ticket? >> no, i wish i had it. i wouldn't be here. i would be in aruba. >> reporter: debbie taylor will use her $100,000 check to pay bills and buy a nice dinner. >> tonight's jackpot is approaching $1.6 billion. >> reporter: she rarely plays but says a crack at 1.6 billion was too good to pass up.
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>> reporter: it is striking that a lot of these winners are in low income neighborhoods. lottery officials say that more people play here and that these lottery stores tend to congregate where people play. critics call it a tax on poor people, but at least a few of them are a lot ridger tonight. live in capital heights, bruce leshan, wusa9. >>g the losers bruce, everyone seemed to have fun. thank you. maryland says this power ball draw brought in more winners than ever before. three $1 million winners, one $100,000 winner, and $2,450,000 winners. well, we are just getting started for you here on wusa9 news at 5:00. metro workers accused in the scam to pocket customers fare card money. we have new details on that
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plot. topper? >> not so bad today. a little milder. here is your evening planner. temperatures not going to fall quickly. still upper 40s at 6:00. 41 by 10:00. we will come back. we will tell you when the rain and showers roll in. what that means to your friday night plans and we have a couple of snow flakes on the seven day. >> we hear from the parents of a springfield man found dead in southeast dc. >> and, remembering alan rickman. one of hollywood's most loved villains
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>> tributes are pouring in for alan rickman. the british film and stage actor died after losing a battle with cancer. rickman played many roles during his memorable career, but he was best known as the
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dark and mysterious severus snape and he was the villain hans gruber in die hard in 1988. he was 69. isis is claiming credit for the deadly attack in indonesia. surveillance video in the capital of jakarta shows explosions outside a coffee shop. elsewhere, three suicide bombers blew themselves up overnight. police believe the attackerrers imitated the recent attacks in paris. in some places there were reports of gun battles with the terrorists more than an hour. an arrest has been made in connection with the murder of a florida native in italy. 35-year-old ashley olsen was found strangled in her apartment in florence. police arrested this man for her murder. investigators say there is evidence the two had consensual
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sex and her cell phone was found in the man's possession. she came to florence about three years ago to be near her father and start a new life after her divorce. a judge in virginia ruled the gop can lose the loyalty pledge. anyone can vote in the primary. well, the republican plan requires anyone voting in the gop primary to sign a nonbinding pledge that they are in fact republicans. donald trump has called the plan a suicidal mistake. turning to campaign 2016 and tonight's republican debate. the gloves expected to come off tonight in the debate. with less than three weeks to going in the iowa caucuses, observers expect the debate in charleston to be quite an affair. >> now that we are so close to iowa and the new hampshire and
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we move south to south carolina, these debates become more critical. >> only seven candidates made the cut to appear in the main debate stage. carly fiorina, mike huckabee, and rick santorum are relegated to a smaller debate. rand paul is boycotting the event and didn't bother to go to charleston. president obama hit the road today today in baton rouge. he held a town hall meeting in a crowded high school and urged voters to stay engaged in the election this year. mr. obama praised the state's democratic governor for making louisiana the 31st state to expand medicaid. the white house says another 300,000 people without health insurance will now benefit from that program. here is a pretty big cleanup job underway at the reflecting pool on the mall. the park service is draining the water out of the pool in front of the lincoln memorial. that annual cleanup operation originally scheduled for last
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week started this morning. the reflecting pool contains 6.7 billion gallons of water and it is expected to take between 30 and 60 days. it is going up huh? >> who is in charge of taking out all the pennies and the coins? >> do they pump the 6 million gallons? >> you know, we had a three degree guarantee. most times it is full of suspense. >> maybe not today. >> not today. it was 32 yesterday. i thought 45 would be a pretty big warmup don't you think? and, the models were going anywhere from 44 to 47. a live look outside at our weather cam. boom. it is 50 right now. so i'm lost. join in, join us tonight at 11:00 to see how badly i blew it. dew point ins the upper 20s . remember yesterday they were in the single digits so it is a much different air mass. between that and the increase in humidity it will be a little
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warmer. bus stop temperatures 42. it will be dry. picking the kids up if you get them at 3:30, you will be okay. after that, all bets are off. rain and showers in the evening, also friday night. a very pleasant day. we will be back up around 50 saturday with a very nice afternoon. 10:00 tonight, 36 in manassas. 36 leesburg, 41 downtown. clear. by morning, it will be chilly. 31 in gathersburg. 31 in fairfax. by 9:00, we are 39 downtown. 38 buoy. and even 34 in hagerstown. not crazy cold at all. clouds race in at 1:00. no green blobs yet so you are dry through the morning commute and lunchtime. as we go through the evening hours by 6:00. from south to north, rain and showers will lift northward.
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further north you go. frederick, martinsburg, the rain gets there a little later. it spreads across the entire area. this might be a little overdone. a marsh like evening as opposed to a january evening. clear to partly cloudy. breezy. not as cold. a chilly start. and by afternoon, clouds roll in. showers by evening. high temperatures 50 to 55. winds continue south to southwest at 10. so, on the day planner, 30s to start. these are downtown temps, but then 45 by 11:00. pretty much cloudy by 1:00. but still dry. we are still up around 50. now on saturday, morning showers and a nice day. temperatures go back to around 50, 51 degrees.
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colder on sunday. arctic front rolls in. temperatures in the low 40s . the next seven days have not really changed much. i will hold temps in the 20s . only 32 wednesday. with sunshine. and then, back to near 40 with sunshine but still chilly next thursday. all right, fiat chrysler accused of inflating its sales report and a new list ranks the best and worst airlines. >> and panda cub beibei getting ready for her debut at the
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>> new information on a young man killed in southeast washington. we learned that sergio varastege was dropped off in the area for what turned out to be a drug deal gone bad. delia goncalves spoke to the victim's family. >> reporter: on thursday night, they drove to dc to look for their son. monday, they filed a missing person's report knowing he was dropped off in the area to buy drugs. they got the terrible news on tuesday. >> i used to love his hugs. he used to give great hugs. >> reporter: it is a pain no
5:24 pm
parent should bear and words no parent should ever have to say. >> we want to find out who murdered our son. who did such a cowardly vicious act to shoot him in the back and leave him there? it is cruel. we want him back. we just want him back. he didn't deserve that. he was a genuine good person. >> reporter: their only son, 21- year-old sergio, was shot and killed sunday. 5:45 p.m. on the 2,000 block of 32 place southeast. an unusual murder that has shaken residents in this quiet neighborhood and one that has changed the family's life forever. >> i just want to find not so much justice for sergio, but get whoever did this so no other family has to go through this. no other dad, no other mom, no other brother. cousin. nobody should lose a loved one in such a senseless, senseless
5:25 pm
act. >> reporter: now friends have rallied around the family raising more than $8,000 in just two days in a go fund me page. but more than sympathy or support, they want answers. >> i want to look the murder in the face. i want to look him in the face. i want the police to find him and bring justice for sergio. >> reporter: police are offering a $25,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. you can always text anonymous tips to 50411. in springfield, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> funeral arrangements are set for sunday. if you want to learn more or help the family, a link to their go fund me page is on our wusa9 mobile app now. a fed federal lawsuit filed against fiat lawsuit. they say the company encouraged dealers to report bogus sales to boost the numbers. the suit also alleged that fca
5:26 pm
subsidizes dealers to meet their sales targets and then removes the fake sales from the books the following month. fiat chrysler denies the allegations and says it will defend itself vigorously. it is actually a popular lip balm. now the company that makes the eos lip salve is facing a lass action lawsuit. a woman claims the product left her lips bloodied, blistered, and with rashes. lawyers say the claim is false. you know what? let me go back to this story. they say it only uses the best and most natural ingredients and they plan to fight this lawsuit. moving on. alaska airlines takes the top spot as the best air carrier. virgin second, delta, third, the most improved, american airlines was ranked in the
5:27 pm
bottom in ninth place at the worst. they are rated on baggage handling and arrival time. it is time for beibeu to meet his fans. >> the giant panda cub will be on display this saturday. friends of the zoo have checked out the cub since last friday. he has already grown from five ounces to 12.5 pounds. he's a big guy. arlington says it has put an end to veteran homelessness. we are going to hear from one he ended up open the streets. >> an 18-year-old is behind bars charged with the murder of a woman he once dated. >> a group of metro workers are out of a job tonight after a scam involving customers fare cards. details on that in [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi. melanie. maggie. living room. [dad]what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no.
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[mother] isn't it great? [agent] hey brendan,you might like this room. [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined.
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okay. so right now, everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios." but why? well, because there's never been a better time to get a great deal from fios the fastest internet and wi-fi available. only fios has speeds from 50 to 500 megs. because your devices run better on a better internet. and for just $79.99 a month online
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you can get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year. plus with a 2-year agreement fios gives you $400 back and all of the premium movie channels for a year. this is your last chance. offer ends january 16th. get out of the past. get fios. >> we are tracking metro for you now and several metro employees they have thrown away threers for a few hundred dollars. >> nine metro workers have been fired and charged with misdemeanor theft involving smart trip cards. surae chinn has more from union station. >> reporter: well adam and lesli, these are separate cases that span the entire transit system. the nine didn't all work together though there were two employees here at the union station metro stop as station manager and a custodian who schemed together to steal from
5:31 pm
the company they worked for. >> it is good that they were arrested and charged. that is stealing money. that is something you don't do. >> reporter: seven station managers and two custodians caught stealing from riders and metro. >> they were taking paper pear cards with small dollar amounts on them and trading those in onto smart cards that were resold. >> reporter: riders would be coming through and find out they don't have enough money on their fare card. so the station manager would take their card and let them exit for free. in one case, all of those pay for fares added to $100 on a smart trip card and turned around and sold it for $60. the crime spread throughout virginia, dc, and maryland, but the cases are not connected. metro says they were caught by a computer tracking system that indicated irregularities at the fare machine last summer and fall. too many fare cards entered at
5:32 pm
once leading transit police to surveillance video catching their own employees red handed. >> it is about time. so, some computers still do work. [ laughter ] >> it is obviously crafty. at the same time, there are probably bigger fish to fry if dc in terms of corruption than the metro but at the same time, it is definitely a problem. >> we employ 13,000 employees. and so, you are going to have some bad actors, our responsibility is to detect it and to take aggressive action when we do detect it. >> do everything legally. they should. >> reporter: combined, the alleged thieves stole less than $10,000 from metro. by the way, four out of the nine former employees had worked for metro more than 10 years. now, out of a job, and also charged with a misdemeanor. live here at union station, surae chinn, wusa9. >> thank you. now, this type of scam won't be
5:33 pm
an issue for much longer. you see metro is phasing out paper fare cards an not selling them anymore. police have made an arrest in saint george's county after a woman was found dead on the northwest branch trail. 18-year-old marvin vasquez huarez. will victim was -- the victim was found stabbed to death. dominion, virginia will be able to dump coal ash water into the creek. >> they approved the request in a 6-1 vote. residents we spoke to last week said they are concerned about the wildlife and the environment. but dominion says they develop stringent requirements and frequent monitoring to protect water and people and the
5:34 pm
environment. woodburn road is back open this evening after a crab overnight that brought down a power pole. sky 9 was over the scene this morning. there were wires on the road. signs were posted to help divert traffic. a new bill in dc could guarantee 16 weeks of paid family leave for people who work and live in the district. lawmakers holding a hearing today to discuss how that measure would impact the economy. some businesses have threatened to leave the city if the law is passed. now under the legislation, an employee could use the time for anything from the birth of a child, to care for a sick relative. arlington county has ended veteran homelessness. how did they do it? peggy fox joins us where one former homeless veteran used to sleep. peg? >> reporter: this is the place you might have seen ricky andrews wandering around with no place to go. if he couldn't find an abandoned car to sleep in, he might stretch out under a truck
5:35 pm
at one of these warehouses but now he doesn't have to worry about that anymore. >> just what i needed. they answered my prayers. >> reporter: 65-year-old ricky andrews has a roof over his head after being homeless for five years. he is an army veteran. it was his service in korea that taught him how to survive on the streets sleeping wherever he could find a dry place. >> i would go to an abandoned car or a condemned building or something like that. >> reporter: he knows exactly what landed him there. >> trying to get incarcerated. locked up. losing my place for not going to work. >> reporter: ayana with the nonprofit ace span which seeks to end homelessness has worked with andrews for years. because of his diabetes, they needed to move fast.
5:36 pm
>> i was really worried. because his health started failing and he started having more appointments at the va. that is when we knew it was a serious issue. >> reporter: with his declining health, no home, and an addiction problem, he was ready to give up himself. but a span turned him around. >> it has been a struggle. >> reporter: with the county's housing first model, services like substance abuse treatment wrap around the client. >> when people get a roof over their head, they want to do other things to stabilize themselves. >> reporter: ricky andrews is is now focused on living a clean, stable life. he wants to start this out very simple. he was one of 20 homeless
5:37 pm
veterans identified by arlington county at the start of 2015. all of them have been placed in housing. they since identified two new homeless veterans and they are working to find them housing as well. reporting live in sherlington, peggy fox, wusa9. >> they have a plan to end overall homelessness within ten years. the nominations are in for the 2016 academy awards. >> but critics say there is something missing from this year's selection. >> again. >> and cops slap the cuffs on backstreet boy nick carter. >> we are getting a break with the temperatures. it was only 32 yesterday. 35 downtown. 30 in gathersburg. maybe 21 in allany. we will come back. we will tell you what the lows mean to high temps tomorrow and when the rain and showers
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>> let's check out what is trending. the debates have started on social media after the release of oscar nominations. >> leonardo decaprio has 12 nominations. george miller's mad max furry road had 10 nominations and the martian with seven.
5:41 pm
the big short, bridge of spies, brooklyn, room, and spotlight are up for best picture rounded out. >> this has spawned the twitter hash tag oscars so white. michael b. jordan was snubbed and so was alba in beast of nations. adding to the controversy, the nwa straight out of compton scored a screen play, but not a best picture nomination. nick carter in some hot watt tore night. >> and in jail. cops arrested him after a fight outside of a bar in key west. police say bartenders refuse to serve him. outside the bar, he allegedly grabbed a bouncer by the throat while husband buddy head butted another employee. he set it up just in time.
5:42 pm
>> some people are calling a red hot handbag. >> this is interesting. air may, bag haves increased in value by 14% each year and 500% in the last 35 years. they cost a lot to play. the minimum price here is around 10 grand adam and they top out at $230,000. so, if you got a little extra stuff, maybe power ball winners? power ball winners. >> my brain stopped when i saw there was a fashion website called bag hunter. i didn't see anything else. >> reporter: a woman's heartwarming interaction with a service rep is spreading like wild fire on facebook. >> kelly was trying to return this winter coat to zoolily, so the rep agreed to refund her money. and she said where do i send
5:43 pm
the coat? the rep told her to give the coat to someone who needed it or a charity of her choosing. and that would make the company very happy. >> makes me happy too. >> very noble. >> i like that. on the way in sports, alex ovechkin is celebrating a career milestone. a special night there at the verizon center and our dave owens is there. >> plus, will you be driving one of these slick looking rides a few years from now? a look at the cars of to
5:44 pm
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hey_ small business owners, when you want fast internet that won't slow your business down, you need fios. but why ? well, fios is the 100% fiber optic network, with 99.9% network reliability, and the fastest wi-fi available. so your business can get things done faster. all from verizon _ ranked highest
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in customer satisfaction by jd. power. sign up for 25 meg fios internet and phone bundle for $99.99 a month. or upgrade to 50 meg internet and phone for a few dollars more and get $250 back. get out of the past. get fios. >> three american women have died in a bus crash in honduras. two of them were college students at columbia university in new york city. the third a healthcare worker t. bus was taking them back to the airport after a volunteer mission to help poor in the country. 12 other americans were injured. baltimore city police are spending big dollars to improve the safety of their van. >> this after the death of freddie gray who died of a spinal cord injury. center walls used as dividers
5:47 pm
were not there anymore giving police more access to the prisoners. seats have been turned into bucket seats to stop prisoners sliding around and a sidedoor was added for an extra entry way. a record 17.5 million vehicles were sold in this country in 2015. some of the latest cars are on display at the north american international auto show in detroit. and kris van cleave got a sneak preview of what is driving the cars of tomorrow. >> reporter: it has the feel of a fashion show. but the models are measured in tons and the designs, think metallic chic. ceo mark fields. >> we are using the lincoln continental to express what we call quiet luxury. >> ladies and gentlemen. >> reporter: lexus wasn't being quiet with this debut. volvo and mercedes are pushing safety. the e300 sedan can do much of the driving for you. concept cars like this one are
5:48 pm
fan favorites. more than 800,000 people come to this show. but also on display this year are fundamental changes going on in the auto business. >> they are seeing the writing on the wall. people are sharing more and more cars. they are going to be interacting. it will be a whole different world for them. >> reporter: gm designed its fully electric chevy bolt for that different world. kit travel more than 200 miles on a charge and costs under 30 grand. getting a slice of the $5.3 trillion transportation services means smarter cars collecting your personal data. >> we are a technology company. more and more will be coming an information company. >> are you talking about tracking where i'm going and what i'm doing? >> well, this is not about tracking individual customers. this is about customers electing to share their data with us so that we can discern patterns there. >> reporter: patterns in a business where everything is
5:49 pm
changing. kris van cleave, detroit michigan. the irs will have until april 18. three extra days. that is because friday, april 15 is emancipation day. that is a public holiday in washington. while we wait for our own snow to start falling, we will show you pictures from buffalo new york. >> some of us are not really waiting. thinking it might not happen. the western new york city broke a record. about 7.5 inches fell from midnight to midnight with the snow continuing well into the morning. we know you like that bud. >> oh yeah. that is just a daily record. they start out really slowly this year. they are catching up. live look outside. it is still 50. actually, it is a pretty nice evening. we showed you this yesterday. alex became a tropical storm yesterday. now it is a hurricane. winds are 85 miles an hour. here is the storm moving off to the north. there are hurricane warnings in
5:50 pm
effect. and, the first time since 1938. there are also some questions as to how do we know it was a hurricane? there were no satellites. no way of measuring it but the record book shows it was a hurricane. it was a cold core storm in february of 1978. that was a monster snow for new england. bus stop temperatures 28 to 42. it will be dry when you take the kids to the bus stop. when you pick them up. okay. don't pick them up late. they are on any afterschool activities, lit be raining by then. more rain and showers friday night. futurecast, 36 manassas. 37 gathersberg. still 41 downtown. by morning, not that cold. considering we are in the throes of january here. this is almost our coldest time of the year usually. 37 downtown. that's it. 31 in gathersburg. 33 in silver spring.
5:51 pm
34 buoy. by 9:00, we are still in the mid to upper 30s . a pretty nice morning actually. clouds spread very quickly by 1:00. by 6:00, we have showers and rain pushing through the metro area. it will be in fredericksburg first. work its way up 270 by 7:00 p.m. on the day planner, 30s to start. and then 45 by 11:00. and 50 by 1:00. mostly cloudy by 1:00. but dry. through the lunch hour. okay. so, saturday, morning showers, and a very nice day, 51. arctic front approaches sunday. flurries only in the low 40s . in the next seven days. 20s , monday, tuesday, maybe freezing on wednesday. sunshine continues, highs near 40 next thursday. now, wusa9 game on sports. brought to you by xfinity. >> well, alex ovechkin recently
5:52 pm
became the 43rd player in nhl history to record his 500th goal. >> tonight, the caps pay tribute. you ever had a day where you just can't say anything? today is my day. the caps pay tribute to him. our dave owens joins us now from the verizon center to take us there. >> reporter: yeah guys. you know what? on my way over here, my drive over here, i was thinking about all of the athletes we have covered here in the last decade. paul pierce, robert griffin iii. those guys could electrify a crowd. no doubt about that. but you could argue that none have has the sustained success of alex ovechkin and fewer others have done it with the flair and the excitement of him. he is one of the best that has ever done it. he is the fifth fastest in history to get to 500. and he has done it against
5:53 pm
defense that was dedicated to stopping him. some wondered whether he was slowing down. all he has done is go out and average a goal every 1.5 games the last four years. that's insane. the great eight. one of the great tests. >> he has clearly turned this franchise around. made hockey very, very exciting in washington. the best part the thing that people find the most exciting are the scoring goals and the fighting. and he has been able to score a heck of a lot of goals. that is what people have been excited about. that is an insane accomplishment of what he has had. just over 800 games. if you look at what everybody else has been able to do, no one else has been able to come close. >> reporter: the team will honor ovechkin tonight with a golden stick. lit have the dates for his
5:54 pm
100th, 200th, 300th. those dates will be on the stick. his family will be out here as well. we are 24 days away from superbowl 50. you can see it right here on wusa9 of course. it is a big night out here at the verizon center. alex ovechkin is the man of the hour. see you in a bit. >> see you soon dave. coming up at 6:00, the debate stakes getting higher for the republican presidential candidates. trying to catch the front runner donald trump. >> also at 6:00, for the second time in as many days, isis is suspected to be behind a terror attack in a major asian city. >> growing concern about a dangerous new strain of dog flu making thousands of pets sick.
5:55 pm
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>> there is a dangerous new illness. >> thousands of dogs have been inflicted with dog flu. adriana diaz reports. >> reporter: ashley lease walks dogs in the seattle area. she is paying extra close attention to her four-legged friends after warnings about the new strain of dog flu. >> they can get sick just like us. i know how much i hate being sick. >> reporter: king county public health officials say up to 90 dogs staying at this kennel outside of seattle may have been exposed to the virus. two have tested positive for
5:58 pm
through, but further tests are need to see if it is the new strain. >> none of the dogs have immunity to fight it off. when they are going to dog day cares, boarding overnight in kennels, it can spread very rapidly. >> reporter: this viral video features a chicago pup named herbert who is putting on a brave face recovering from the flu. cases showed up in chicago and spread quickly. 2,000 dogs24 states have been infected. the disease is rarely fatal, but owners should be a vet right away if their dog shows symptoms. >> so if your dog doesn't eat well, missing a meal, coughing, a fever. if you see that, give your local veterinarian a call. >> reporter: people can't contract the virus, but they
5:59 pm
can spread it to healthy dogs after interacting with a sick dog. cbs news, chicago. >> herbert, the smiling dog is recovering in foster care right now and is also up for adoption. >> for more information on dogs up for adoption, check out the pet line section. right now at 6:00, republican front runner donald trump in south carolina where the republican governor is asking him to tone it down. >> isis terrorists strike indonesia's capital in the same way as paris. >> chicago police released a video of another deadly shooting involving one of their officers. >> and good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson. >> republican presidential hopefuls are shifting their attention to south carolina, a state that could play a bigger role than iowa or new hampshire in determining the gop nominee. >> weijia jiang is in north charleston right now. site of tonight's debate. >> reporter: only seven candidates would take the main
6:00 pm
stage tonight. that is the smallest debate cast we have seen yet. we expect it will be the fiercest fight yet. republicans are taking the stage tonight. >> now that we are so close to iowa and new hampshire and move south to south carolina, these debates become more critical. >> reporter: dr. scott is a political analyst. he says the candidates should focus on one group tonight. >> in south carolina, the republican primary, about 60% of the voters are evangelical christians. >> reporter: take a look at this map. it shows the most searched candidates on google. each candidate is announced a different color. you would be right if you guessed trump's


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