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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> reporter: only seven candidates would take the main stage tonight. that is the smallest debate cast we have seen yet. we expect it will be the fiercest fight yet. republicans are taking the stage tonight. >> now that we are so close to iowa and new hampshire and we move south to south carolina, these debates become more critical. >> reporter: dr. scott is a political analyst. he says the candidates should focus on one group tonight. >> in south carolina, the republican primary, about 60% of the voters are evangelical christians. >> reporter: take a look at this map. it shows the most searched candidates on google. each candidate is announced a different color. you would be right if you guessed trump's color is red.
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katrina pearson says the south carolina governor nikki haley was wrong when she called him out. >> when you are looking around not angry, something is wrong. there are several things going on in the country that are just astonishing many people including new people which is why you see mr. trump's rally's grow. >> reporter: this is the smallest debate cast yet with jeb bush, chris christie, ben carson trying to catch up to the front runner. they will be able to debate once more before voting begin ins iowa. weijia jiang, wusa9 news. well, the latest poll shows donald trump with a big lead at south carolina with 38% followed by ted cruz with 23% and marco rubio at 12%. trending on facebook, a new democratic poll has hillary
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clinton leading bernie sanders by only two points in iowa. clinton has 42% and sanders with 40%. she led the same poll by nine points last month. isis is claiming responsibility for a deadly attack in indonesia's capital today. they targeted a tourist area. seven people are dead including five gunmen. eyewitness video captured the moments two suicide bombers struck outside a starbucks in central jakarta. sources tell cbs news one terrorist accidentally set off his vest and a third attacker walked in to starbucks blowing himself up and injuring a dutch citizen. the explosion went off. i saw people running away and two people lying on the ground bleeding. police say they rode motorbikes and used guns. security forces hid behind a bar and waged a gun battle
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against the suspects. the first major attack in jakarta since islamic terrorists bombed two hotels in 2009. the islamic state is claiming responsibility. the president is calling the assault an act of terror. police believe an indonesian militant in syria plotted the attack. indonesia has one of the world's largest muslim populations. they have battled islamic extremism for years. they identified a suicide bomber from paris. 25-year-old was identified by comparing dna from his mother. two other suspects with ties to isis were killed in the same raid that happened one day after the november paris massacre that you will recall left 130 people dead. federal grand jury has indicted a man from edgewood, maryland on charges of
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supporting isis. prosecutors say 34-year-old moe 34-year-old mohammed ashenowe helped operatives. he was arrested before an attack happened. federal authorities have been atracking his movement for the past several months. the actress who arranged el chapo's interview with sean penn is speaking out. she says people have chosen to make up items that are not truthful. i look forward to sharing my story with you. text messages obtained by a mexican newspaper indicate the drug lord had an infatration with the actress. italian police arrested a man in connection with the killing of a florida native. ashley olsen was found dead last weekend. olsen and the suspect met in a
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nightclub and that the two had consensual sex before there was a struggle and he strangled her. olsen was alive when he left he says. there is heightened concern over the vans baltimore police are using to transport prisoners after the death of freddie gray. they are going to outfit the vans with new safety equipment. he died of a broken neck during a ride in the police van. six police officers charged and facing trial in his death. chicago police just released a video of a police officer shooting and coupling a teenage car -- killing a teenage carjacking suspect three years ago. the video is just being released now after the mayor dropped objections to the video going public. the officer says he fired after seeing 17-year-old cederic chatham turn to officers with a dark object. it was a box for an iphone.
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it is prison time for two bank robbers. michael herd and earl kenny robbed a bank in rockville last march. they thought they got away with a bag of cash, but hidden in the bag was a tracking device. police arrested the men on i- 270 and today, a judge sentenced herd to 15 years in prison, kenny, 12 years. no bond for a pair of suspected jewel thieves near atlanta. it is believed they carried out a string of heists in at least five southern states. authorities estimate the company netted more than $4 million worth of jewelry before they were arrested near atlanta last friday. three lucky power ball ticketholders will share the record shattering $1.6 billion jackpot. the tickets were sold at a chino hills california 7/11, a melbourne beach florida
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supermarket and a mumford tennessee supermarket. all three states have laws requiring the winner to have their names released. while no one in our area won the share of the biggest prize, we had a bunch of million dollars winner. >> who wouldn't want that? >> there was a million dollars winner among the players at the bp in capital heights. a million dollars winner at the 7/11. and another at the wawa in frederick. the million dollars winner came in this morning to check her ticket and found out how to collect her fortune. >> pretty speechless. didn't have a lot to say. she wanted to verify the ticket. >> the winner there. debbie taylor in stafford collected her prize and there were million dollars winner ins virginia beach and salem.
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>> fun. coming up next, another iconic british entertainer loses the battle with cancer. >> all right, pretty mild today, pretty mild tomorrow. in fact, 51 tomorrow for a high temperature downtown. 50 in gathersberg. 51 in fairfax. we will come back. clouds will be on the increase. we will tell you when the rain and showers arrive.
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>> british film an stage actor
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alan rickman is being remembered tonight. he died last night at the age of 69. he is remembered as professor snape in the harry potter films and the bad guy in the die hard movie. daniel radcliffe says he is one of the greatest actors he worked with and author jk rowling is devastated. a private funeral is being planned for david bowie. the family says they are overwhelmed and grateful for the love and support shown throughout the world. doe bee died sunday at the age of 69 after an 18 month battle with cancer. today, president obama took a union road tour to baton rouge, louisiana. >> he said he would like to get immigration reform passed and raise the minimum wage, but he acknowledged that would be an uphill battle in congress. mr. obama took questions from the audience and someone wanted
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to know whether the first lady might one day run for president. >> there are three thing that's are certain in life. death, taxes, and michelle is not running for president. >> save that tape okay? the president ended the town hall meeting with a verbal slip. as he turned to leave he said to the audience, thank you new orleans. who hasn't done that? >> sure. why not? trending on facebook, the head of the nra is challenging president obama to a debate on gun control. wayne la pierre posted a video on the nra website. he will debate the president one on one with a moderator agreed to on both sides. no response from the white house. this is in response to what the president said last week when he said the nra declined an opportunity to speak face to face on cnn during a town hall meeting. coming up, police make an arrest in one of five recent
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cases on metro. >> but first
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>> okay, if you were here last
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night with us, you watched live as prince george's county and montgomery county firefighters teamed up to rescue people from a burning condo complex. >> a short time ago, we found one of the rescued people who was alive today because of that dramatic effort. scott broom is standing by with this exclusive story. scott? >> reporter: it is a dramatic story this evening as residents who come here to try to salvage belongings pretty much wrapped up and left. one of those residents we talked to was samuel david kate. he and his wife were very thankful. today mr. kate is wearing the same flip-flops he had oncoming down the ladder last night and he could care less what is on his feet. >> i thought we were going to die. >> receiving a report of people on the number four floor. >> reporter: rescuers could be heard on the floor looking for
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survivors. his front door was blocked by flames and lethal smoke. the couple went to the balcony. firefighters extended the ladder to them. >> i was so thankful. the people you do the job. it is so wonderful. while you are taking me, i said thank america. i was so happy those residents were hospitalized. >> we are trying to set up a go fund me account because these families are going to need some temporary housing. i'm in the process of getting in contact with some of the property management companies to see if they can provide some kind of housing assistance. >> it looks very small from outside. but when you actually, you know, appear to the unit, it was flames coming from the door. >> reporter: residents badly shaken and being comforted by the american red cross. >> it was pretty scary and emotional. >> i just want togo in and see
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what is there. >> reporter: a few people have been able to come here. be escorted in to get things like medications and essentials but otherwise, these apartments are locked down. we talk to some security guys who said they had to shoe away some people who have appeared to be potential looters. i want to remind you council member taveras says the two residents hospitalized suffered burns last night. reporting live from new hampshire avenue, scott broom, wusa9. >> thank you scott. we are told some residents might be able to begin assessing a building to salvage belongings tomorrow. metro police have arrested a teenage girl for a violent beating of a man aboard a metro train back in november. it was on november 27 when a 43- year-old man and his partner tried to intervene teenagers attacking a 14-year-old.
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tips led police to the suspect. >> it defies logic that anyone would commit a crime on metro. every metro bus has at least five, nine cameras on board. they are always recording. rail cars now, the new rail cards have them on board. every single station has cameras. to, if you commit an act on metro, you are going to be on camera. >> the teen is charged with tellny assault and robbery. metro police say this is just one of five similar cases they are trying to solve. you will have a few extra days to file your 2016 tax returns. the irs commissioner today announced this year's tax deadline nationwide will be monday, april 18, three days later than usual. the reason for this, friday, april 15, is emancipation day. it is a public holiday here in washington. turning to weather right now. we are seeing a little bit of a warmup. >> a little bit of a break. one for tomorrow night. a little cold accused tick front sunday. a lot of times, most of the
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times our three degree guarantee has some suspense. i only went 45 today. the highest number i could find for a computer model is 47. lowest 43. how did we do? we will talk about that tonight at 11:00. live look outside. 46 now. that is nice. a dew pin, way up there. remember, they were in the single digits last night. the humidity is much higher. i will take you out to the tropical satellite again. hurricane alex. it is a warm core storm. and, we actually have hurricane warnings in effect. it is maximum sustained winds 85 miles an hour. it has not happened since 1938. we had a cold core storm off the coast of new england in 1978. okay. quiet tonight. bus stop temperatures 28 to 42 and dry. the kids have afterschool activities tomorrow. you will get wet picking them
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up. morning showers pleasant. so, 10:00 tonight, you can walk the dog. in the 30s . 36 in leesburg. 37 in fairfax. then by morning, not that cold. 31 in gathersburg. we are looking at 33 also in fairfax. by 9:00, still clear. 1:00, clouds roll in. by evening here come it is rain and showers from the south to the north. so, on the day planner it is dry. gets cloudy by 1:00. still dry through lunchtime. there is your nice saturday afternoon. 51. and then, afternoon snow showers, or flurries on sunday. 41. in the wake of that, some kind of cold. upper 20s monday, tuesday, wednesday, 32. near 40 with sunshine still on thursday. caps in town tonight. that is where we find our own dave owens. dave?
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>> reporter: it's about about
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that is the opinion of many. alex ovechkin. he became the league's first $100 million man in the nhl back in 2008. some would say he has extended those numbers. tonight, applause will rain down in the building as the team honoring him for goal number 500. >> it is awesome. i mean, it's such a big milestone. it is fun to see him achieving the goal. i think he is going to put that behind him just worry about it. >> reporter: he is leading the league in goal scoring. he is arriving at the verizon center. the team has won four straight. so the caps, hot, hot, hot. and more hot. >> this is just a really, really excited bunch of guys in
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the room. regardless of if we won a game or lost a game. i think it is special. and what we need going forward. >> reporter: let's move onto the nfl and tell the truth, we thought the coaching carousel would involve lawsuits in football right? wrong. it is all quiet in ash burn. that's a good thing. san francisco, not so much. that is certainly a different story. chip kelly has made his way back into the nfl. san francisco needed a new coach and they got one. chip kelly burned every bridge conceivable in the city of brotherly love has found a home in the bay. 49ers fired jim tomsula after a season. kelly's eagles were 7-0. and finally, we are 24 days to superbowl 50. you can see it right here on wusa9 sports. we will have great coverage of that as we get closer and
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closer. february 8. back here live, it is all alex ovechkin. the signs are all over the place. alex ovechkin, goal number 500. they will celebrate him tonight. guys, back to you. we will have a full wrapup coming up tonight at 11:00. >> it is great giving the caps some love. they are doing so well. they have been overshadowed. >> the best team in the league. >> when you look at alex ovechkin's stats, they are crazy,. >> they are. warm tomorrow. dry until about evening. get ready for rain and showers tomorrow. tomorrow night. early on saturday, arctic air. boom in the 20s monday and tuesday. >> that is refreshing. >> today is pretty sweet. >> that is wusa9 news at 6:00. the cbs evening news is next. >> we will be back at 7:
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>> pelley: round six for seven republicans. >> i don't think harry truman could be picked for president in this format. >> pelley: also tonight, gas is on sale, but falling energy prices are causing pain. the winning powerball numbers include 7-eleven. >> crowd: chino hills, chino hills! >> pelley: with so many great performances by black actor, where were the oscar nominations? and we'll say good-bye to alan rickman. >> i'm the half-blood prince. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the candidates for the republican presidential nomination go at it in south carolina tonight. it is round


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